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System Parent CompanyWebsiteAsychronous or SynchronousModerated or unmoderated testingRemote or in-personPriceParticipant approachWhat designer providesHow it worksWhat analysis is providedNotes & Misc.
ChalkmarkOptimal Workshophttp://www.optimalworkshop.comasynchronousunmoderatedremoteFree because it's in beta now (April 2009)Send an email to whomever you want to participateUpload image & define a task for that imageSystem records click locationsHeatmap image analyzing where people clicked on that image, with numerical wrap-ups (e.g. "4 out of 7", including ability to adjust scope of heatmap analysis to group & ungroup closely-located clicks)
Concept FeedbackConcept Feedback (?) (Oct 2009)"Upload and share your website,
advertisement, logo and more;
Receive quick, actionable feedback from a professional community; Improve your concept and get
better results!"
Upload materialsCommunity provides feedbackWhatever the "professional community" provides
FiveSecondTestAngry Monkeys Pty Ltd"Free to use: While you need to purchase tokens to unlock some premium test features, you can create and run as many tests as you like for free."Post materials and get people to visit the materials to provide their "five second" insightsUpload materialsVisitors are given 5 seconds to review the materials, and then they are asked to list the five things they remember about themWhatever the visitor cares to mention
LEOtraceSirValUse Consulting GmbH company for quotesUsing their consulting service, they can recruit a panel for a study; using a licensed version, you can find your own participantsWorking website; also has a format for handling A-B testing"We capture the data stream between the client and the server.

* No download required for the user
* We just need to implement the invitation layer on the website operator's server.

It is necessary to customise LEOtrace® to match the website you will be testing.
This can slightly reduce user-facing performance. "
"Plugin: The user installs a plugin in their browser.
* The plugin is available for IE and Firefox. "
"Cockpit: During the test phases with LEOtrace® the system records and provides up-to-date data, such as log files, user feedback, silent movies, profiles, heat maps and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
Scorecard: The automated online reporting develops individually to your website customised KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as socio-demography, internet usage or reasons to visit your website. The online reporting will be customised to your specific requirements." Experience report provides: "The data that is recorded from each user includes logfiles of accessed URLs, click points, mouse positions (every 0.1 second), scroll position on the site, viewable size of the screen and screenshots/visualised mouse movements.

These results are then analysed and delivered in a report which is comprised of:

* PowerPoint Report:
Present and interpret the results in detail. Log files edited in graphics.
* Table collection:
Showing the quantitative results in detail and derived from the important variables.
* Excel File:
Lists all comments about the User Experience individually and in detail with priority and optimisation recommendations.
* Profiles:
Individual profiles of users' movements on your website.
* Management Summary:
Presents the most important results and recommendations."
Liz Bacon: This one is principally offered as a consulting service from SirValUse, where they run a study & deliver a report, but LEOtrace can also be licensed.
Loop11Loop11 be "affordably priced"; Free because it's in beta now (April 2009, still free trial Feb 2010 and $350/test; they also have discount codes for UPA membership, maybe others)"Send your user test to your contact lists or place a link on your website" Also "Create a pop-up invitation for your own website" Maximum of 999 participants"Test with any interface that can be displayed in html (websites, intranets, mobile phones, software, wireframes, etc)."Live interactive environment where users are asked to complete a series of tasks and questions on your website or interface. All interactions are captured, processed and made available in real-time reports. (Took demo; task presented at top of page with "task complete" or "abandon task" buttons.) Questions are written by the test designer, can be used for screening. Note that for some test flows, in Loop11 you need unique URLs to guide users through the test protocol (and so AJAX-y interactions may require inserting custom code to generate those unique URLs for the test). * Task completion rate
* Time per task
* Most common success page
* Most common fail page
* Most common first click
* Most common navigation path
* Detailed participant path analysis
* Number of page views to complete tasks
Liz Bacon: In "Private beta" now; took 2 days to respond to request; the initial process to create a test protocol using their online wizard seems fairly smooth
OpenHallwayOpenHallway LLC Free trial;
$49/month: Unlimited projects and test scenarios (within your storage limit of 3hrs of recordings)
$99/month: Unlimited projects and test scenarios (within your storage limit of 10hrs of recordings)
$199/month: Unlimited Tests Within Your Storage Limit (with 30 Hours of Recording Storage) plus Download test result videos! (mp4 format)

"* Send the OpenHallway test link to others.
* The User follows your instructions, their screen and voice are recorded, and the recording is uploaded to your account.
* You are notified by email when the user test is complete, and you can watch videos of users testing your website or application."
Materials to be tested;
"Create a user scenario with your instructions and a link to what your want to test."
"* Completely web-based. No software for you or testers to install.
* Create a user scenario with your instructions and a link to what your want to test.
* Send the OpenHallway test link to others.
* The User follows your instructions, their screen and voice are recorded, and the recording is uploaded to your account.
* You are notified by email when the user test is complete, and you can watch videos of users testing your website or application."
" * Record users remotely - create your own virtual usability lab.
* Share video results with your clients or team members.
RevelationRevelation Inchttp://www.revelationglobal.comasynchronousmoderatedremoteContact company for quotes; depends on scope of research (# of participant hours)Invite desired participants for ethnographic or market research (more longitudinal, qualitative)Code a research protocol inside their tool to present various stimuli to participants, such as images for participants to respond to or questions that participants can discuss individually or as a group"Create diaries, assign photo exercises, ask questions, present stimuli, probe for more information"Tag clouds, visual overviews of responses, search/sort/filter capabilities, add comments, export reportsLiz Bacon: This is a special tool because it's asynchronous but moderated. It's also designed for more immersive, qualitative research studies (versus typical usability testing activities) but can be used for directional testing as well as more longitudinal usability testing in terms of garnering people's perceptions, ideas, etc.
SilverbackClearleft Ltd. & remote (remote if you use in concert with a web conference tool)Free for 1st 30 days; $49.95 to purchase (and 10% of profits go to save gorillas!)Whomever is using the system where Silverback is installedTo do remote testing, this tool would be used in concert with a web conferencing tool like Acrobat Connect/Vyew/WebEx etc. in order to present test materials to participants; Silverback captures all screen actions along with video & audio of their reactionsUsing Mac's native software/hardware, it captures screen shots of activity on the host computer & records video + audio then combines them to export a Quicktime movie " * Capture screen activity
* Video the participant’s reactions
* Record the participant’s voice
* Add chapter markers on the fly
* Control recording with the remote
* Export to Quicktime"
MAC only
Usability Ltd T/A Usability Exchange (UK-based)http://www.usabilityexchange.comasynchronousunmoderatedremoteFixed price for "starter" test (unknown): "A starter test consists of four simple tasks and is sent to five different users with a range of disabilities - for example 1 blind user, 1 dyslexic user, etc. At least one question is presented to testers after each task."
Fixed price for "Intermediate" test (unknown): "An intermediate test consists of seven tasks and is sent to ten different users with a range of disabilities. At least one question is presented to testers after each task. The process of creating an intermediate test is similar to that for creating a starter test - you will, however, have more flexibility to tailor the tasks to reflect the function of your website."
DISABLED user pool managed by them. "Organisations set up their tests online and submit them directly to disabled testers in our database. Testers are then free to complete these tests in their own time, earning money for each test they complete."Fill out a series of forms to ask users your questions/tasks associated with web pagesDistributed to user pool, people who complete test on their own time"organisations can view test results, web page logs and other information in real time."
UsabillaUsabilla BV because it's in beta now (April 2009)Invite your ownProvide images which need testing"1) Create Test: Create a new experiment.
2) Select Pages: Select the pages or images to test.
3) Add Tasks: Add basic questions or tasks.
4) Invite Subjects: Invite your users to share their opinion.
5) Browse Results: Use your users' input to improve. "
"Datapoints; heatmaps; cluster clouds; notes" although it's not clear that all are implemented yet as I haven't gotten my sample test data to display; also export as PNG or CSV Liz Bacon: First launched on April 16 as a beta user; set-up is easy overall; Post-release as of January 2010, they claim to have addressed usability issues identified earlier
UserFlyUserFly can try it for free, but you’re limited to 10 captures per month. Basic plans start at $10 per month."Userfly gives you the ability to watch videos of real users on your website. By adding a single line of JavaScript to your code, you can see every mouse movement and click your visitors make."Add JavaScript to your site to enable UserFly to capture video of user movementsJavaScript enables "video" capture of user movementsRecording of user movements on website provided as a "video"
UserTesting.comUsertesting.comhttp://www.usertesting.comasynchronousunmoderatedremote$29/user (price increased May 2009)2 approaches as communicated by UserTesting:
"-- Pre-approved users: Our pre-approved users are normal people who clearly articulate their experiences while performing tasks on a website. When clients place an order using our pre-approved users, they can select options for the five demographics we collect: gender, age, country, income, and computer/web expertise. View our sign up page:
-- Own users: We do offer clients the option to use their own users with our service. Since there are technical requirements involved (users must download our software for recording which requires at least 200MB of available RAM, use a Windows XP or higher computer, have a microphone for recording audio, etc.), clients must pre-screen their users prior to setting up tests. Tests will only be set up for users who have agreed to complete one. Our staff will set up the tests for clients after they provide the following information: the email addresses of the users; and the test details (URL, scenario, tasks). The cost per test is the same as our standard pricing - $29 per user, of which $10 is compensation to the user. If a client has never used our service before, we highly recommend running at least one test with a user from our pre-approved base. It gives the client an idea of how to structure their test and what to expect from the results."
URL of website, tasks to be accomplished; website does not have have to be fully-functional but it has to render in a browservideo & audio capture of users interacting with website & articulating their actions while they attempt to do assigned tasksAudio + video of each participant's experience which can be annotated & bookmarkedLiz Bacon: April 2009: Company responded to say that the functionality to use your own participants has been temporarily removed while they work on improvements
Chad Mortensen: "their ability to screen specific users is rather limited right now. There seems to be a lot of self proclaimed web experts acting as users"
UserVueTechSmith Corporation$149/month; $1495/year. Each subscription includes unlimited sessions along with unlimited phone use in the U.S. and Canada.Email desired participants" * Schedule sessions - Tell UserVue about your session. The time, date, title and the website being studied (if applicable) will be sent in an automated email to your observers and participant.
* Invite Participants - Enter the email address of your customer, the participant. UserVue will automatically send an email with all the details they need to connect to the study.
* Invite Observers - Enter the email addresses of up to 10 people you want to observe the session. They will also receive an automated email from UserVue with a link to the study as well as date and time information.
* View - You and the observers can see exactly what is happening on the participants screen as it is being recorded. UserVue employs the latest in encryption technology so you can rest assured it's a secure connection.
* Communicate - Talk with the participant using integrated VoIP phone and chat. Observers can view the chat and listen on their computer speakers. Plus, the audio is automatically recorded.
Mark important moments - You and the observers can flag moments like quotes, webpage changes, and mouse clicks. Markers are totally customizable so you decide what you want to track."
"UserVue records everything as you watch real customers interact with your website or application on their own computer, in their own environment. With UserVue's integrated phone and chat, you can ask the study participant questions and give them tasks throughout the session."" Markers and notes - UserVue produces a CSV file containing all your markers along with any associated notes.
Video - Review everything the participant did during the sessions as well as all your markers, which are indexed in the WMV video.
Analyze with Morae Manager - Import your UserVue study into Morae. Edit and create highlight videos, calculate time on task and other common measurements"
UserZoomUserZoom company for quotes; depends on scope of research (# of participants)

"We offer access to UZ Self-Serve Edition under a yearly subscription fee that includes the following.

* 1 main administrator account
* Training sessions
* Maintenance and ugrades
* Support

The subscription pricing varies according to your research needs (such as number of users that you want to have complete a study, number of administration accounts, etc). Realizing the different needs from large to small organizations, we offer flexible pricing options. Please contact us for more details."
"With UZ Self-Serve Edition, you have 3 options to find your users:

* Recruit from a panel: We have signed strategic partnership agreements with professional panel companies. Our first choice in Survey Sampling International, one of the world's leading firms. Thanks to these agreements, you can recruit large volumes of users from 37 countries, you have quality control, screening criteria and segmentation capabilities. Basically, we take very user recruitment VERY seriously and, therefore, have partnered with a specialist to do the best possible job.
* Intercept real visitors: Another recommended way to find users is to invite real visitors to participate in the study when they arrive to the homepage (or any other page). The advantages of this method is that these are 'real' visitors that have come to the site, with all the benefits this means. In order to do this, we insert 1 line of javascript code in the page where you'd like to 'intercept' users.
* Mailing list: Finally, you can use a private mailing list. You can invite them directly to participate by just sending them a URL UserZoom provides."
"UserZoom allows 2 different options to collect user experience data:

* Non-install data collector: Users do not need to install anything. UserZoom's data collection technology (UZ Browser Bar) will collect usability and user experience data, except for click-streams or click-paths
* Non-install data collector + page tagging: Users do not need to install anything. In order to track navigation paths and clicks, we simply need to add 1 line of code to all the pages that need to be tracked (while we realize this option may be difficult to achieve, it's a great option when testing small-scale websites, prototypes, or similar). UserZoom's data collection technology will collect usability and user experience data, including click-streams or click-paths
* Active X for IE or extension for Firefox plug-in: Users do need to install a small plug-in that can easily be uninstalled after the study. In this case, the amount of details UserZoom captures is simply unmatched: from effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction ratios, navigation paths, click-maps, etc. And, very important, everything can be filtered by task, user, time, etc."
"UZ Self-Serve Edition

An on-demand, web-based software solution that empowers user experience professionals to easily manage their own online research projects.

It's the perfect tool to cost-effectively quantify and measure usability and user experience. Researchers can conduct many types of research, such as:

* website usability testing
* online card sorting exercises
* benchmarking studies
* and much more!

video demo
UZ Self-Serve Edition Video Demo

Study design

An easy-to-use application, called UZ Manager, is used to create, edit, preview, launch & monitor projects. It offers advanced study design capabilities, such as:

* High-Level of flexibility to customize studies
* Advanced task validation criteria
* Advanced questionnaires tool
* Manage advanced logic/branching
* Randomization and piping capabilities
* Support multi-lingual studies
Time-out options"

Watched demo- users have "success" & "abandon" buttons for each task, positioned at bottom of browser
"Our sophisticated technology is capable of capturing user's behavior like no other tool in the market. It includes very accurate event-tracking technology to collect all the information generated during the user's interaction. Its highly accurate technology tracks and collects:

* Pages (Urls, page titles, parameters, etc.)
* All possible clicks (links, non-links, buttons, drop-downs, check-boxes, right-button)
* Inserted information (on search engines, forms, fields, etc.)
* Time on page and on each task
* High accuracy with javascript, frames, dynamic pages, ajax, etc.
* Compatible with trackable Flash objects & and HTTPS

Data analysis

UZ Analyzer is an application within UZ Self-Serve Edition for advanced data analysis, including:

* Real-time online results
* Effectiveness & efficiency indicators
* Questionnaires data tables and graphs
* Advanced data filtering options
* Copy & paste capabilities
* Export raw data
* Allow external users/clients to see results online."

Liz Bacon: Got a quick return call from co-founder Alfonso to discuss pricing; offers to run a half-hour WebEx demo with me to see it in action and explore the customization options.
UTE (Usability Testing Environment)Mind Design Systemshttp://www.utetool.comasynchronous OR synchronousunmoderated OR moderatedin person OR remote"A single UTE license allows for installation of the UTEmanager on a single machine. UTErunner can be installed on an unlimited number of computers allowing participants to take the test wherever you would like them to. Purchase of a UTE license also includes one year of UTE Maintenance and Support which entitles the licensee to any major or minor product update as well as premium UTE support and access to UTE custom reporting.

The Usability Testing Environment is revolutionizing usability testing and evaluation of web-based content and applications.

Contact us by phone (801-782-5544) or email for more information or to order.
Cost per license: $2,999"
Not sure; "* No limit on number of tests that can be run * No limit on number of participants""* Step-by-step test creation
* Scenario-based testing model
* Numerous scenario options
o Rich text formatting for scenario text
o Multiple ways to end scenarios
o Sequential and random scenario display
o Practice scenarios
* Customizable demographic and survey questions
o Pre and post test
o Pre and post scenario group
o Pre and post scenario
o Rich text formatting for question text
o Built-in SUS questionnaire and scoring
"The UTE consists of two tightly-integrated applications. The first is the UTEmanager which helps a tester set up test scenarios (tasks) as well as survey and demographic questions. The UTEmanager also compiles the test results and produces customized reports and summary data which can be used as quantitative measures of usability observations and recommendations.

The second UTE application is the UTErunner. The UTErunner presents the test participants with the test scenarios (tasks) as well as any demographic and survey questions. In addition, the UTErunner tracks the actions of the subject throughout the test including clicks, keystrokes, and scrolling."

* First click testing and reporting
* Remote testing capable
* Useful for both automated (unmoderated) and moderated testing
* Steps participants through all aspects of a usability test"
"* Captures valuable performance, satisfaction, and demographic data
* Provides metrics to show quantitative improvements resulting from changes to the website
* Compares test results with usability objectives and prior test data/results* Test plan interface and reporting
Custom reporting available
* Integrates with TechSmith’s® Morae® to facilitate recording of usability tests
o Automatically starts and stops the Morae® Recorder
o Tags testing events so they are easily found in the Morae® Manager
* Quantitative analysis and reporting
o Automatic test report generation
o Reports export in multiple formats (.pdf, .xls, etc.)
o Disqualify participants and/or scenarios with a single mouse click"
WebEffectiveKeynote Systems online with their sales staff gives a ballpark quote in 5 figures for ~12 participants"One of the most representative panels of over 160,000 real online users from a cross-section of demographics, languages, and broadband and dial-up connections. With WebEffective you also have the flexibility to use other user panels of your choosing or to intercept visitors to your site."Unclear, maybe a website.UnclearProvides data segmentation for side-by-side comparison and correlation of groups and the ability to export data to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and SPSS.Liz Bacon: Very corporate offering, selling a suite of tools.
WebnographerFeraLabs"Currently our pricing is based on the time it needs for us to setup and analysis. On average the time taken is about 1.5 days, but this can range from 1 day to 5 depending on the complexity of both the test and the website been tested, and number of participants. Our day rate is $1,200 per day. Later in the year we will be launching a Self Service module. Pricing to be announced.""Send a link via email, via a email list. Intercept users from your site. Use our panel. Costs of participants are extra."A link to a web address.

"No code needs to be modified on the site being tested. Webnographer collects all usability and user experience data, including click-streams and click-paths without the participant having to download any extension or plugin. Works on all common browsers including Safria, IE6 to 8, Firefox, and on all OS's including Mac and PC"
"The Webnographer browser bar tracks the users click stream. This captures all the user interactions with the site. The software also allows questionnaires to be inserted into the test.

Currently we do the setup of the test, but we are developing a self service module. "
"Reports that can be generated from the data include :-
Task completion rate
Time per task
First clicks on page
Missed Opportunities
Click stream timeline
Qualitative feedback with tagging ability
Templates for standardised questionnaires, such as SUS
Expectation Metric Learnability
And many more
Currently Analysis is provided in either PowerPoint or Excell. But a web interface will be shortly available. "
Liz Bacon: Product now available as a service; later they will provide a "Self Service" module
remote"Standard" (non-"Pro") is $39/month; $395/year; run as many meetings as desired with up to 15 participantsInvite desired participants to an online meeting; record meeting"Hosts can expand the viewing area for shared applications, documents, and whiteboards to fill the entire screen of participants. Hosts can choose to synchronize the view of all participants.
Share presentations, videos, or applications in full-screen mode.
Meeting hosts can control attendee permissions either before the meeting or from within the meeting room. Rights can be assigned either by using predefined roles or by using the participant's rights feature.
Annotate over screen sharing using standard whiteboarding tools and shapes."
" Acrobat Connect Online Personal Meeting Rooms provide:
* Easy-to-use screen sharing, whiteboard, chat, video and audio conferencing
* Personalized, easy-to-remember URL for instant meeting access"
None except recording, which is really ANNOTATING static screen captures of the shared workspace.Liz Bacon: See ConnectNow for a free alternative; 10 minutes into using a free 15-day trial of this product, the annotation tools simply disappeared and I cannot figure out how to get them back
ConnectNOWAdobe; NOT TESTING per se--SCREEN SHARING & ANNOTATINGremoteFree"Use any platform and any browser with no special downloads necessary to join the meeting--all you need is the free Adobe¨ Flash¨ Player runtime.""Use screen sharing, chat, notes, audio, and video to conduct meetings online that can be as interactive and productive as in-person meetings with up to three (3) participants." includes VoIPDoes NOT have recording capability; "Use familiar tools to mark up what's being shared onscreen. Draw lines and shapes, drag and reshape them, add text, and save the Whiteboard as a PNG file."Liz Bacon: Adobe "ConnectNow" is a new product still in beta that appears identical to "Connect" but with fewer participants allowed (3 vs 15)
EthnioBolt Peters TESTING--INTERCEPT RECRUITMENTremoteFirst 20 recruits are free; 200 recruits: $400; 2,000 recruits: $800. "You can take as long as you want to use up your recruits - there is no time limit on your purchase."Intercepts visitors to whatever web pages to which you add a special JavaScript that presents a pop-upAdd JavaScript to whatever web pages you want to intercept on"Ethnio works by displaying a survey-like screener to your site visitors. Create your screener, place 1 line of JavaScript on any of your web pages, and watch the responses come in. Find a user with interesting responses to your interesting questions and give them a ring. ""Ethnio doesn't mind which screen sharing application you use. UserVue, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Co-pilot - they're all good. Simply take a response from Ethnio, contact your potential users, and start up your whichever screen sharing app you fancy."
GoToMeetingCitrix Online; NOT TESTING per se--SCREEN SHARING & Windows-only Recordingremote$49/month to conduct conferences with up to 15 people; unlimited usageInvite desired participants; also provides telephone conference bridgeUpload materials to system for reviewWeb-based meeting space, including shared desktop and audio; has VoIPNone except recording. "Meeting recording is not currently available for Mac users. However, since Mac users can view meetings recorded by PC users, you can invite a PC user to your meeting and ask them to record the meeting for you. Just promote the PC user to organizer in-session, tell them to click Start Recording and then make you the presenter. They can then email you the recording after the sessionn"RECORDING is WINDOWS only
MikogoImprint; NOT TESTING per se--DOCUMENT SHARINGremoteFreeInvite desired participants (up to 10); also provides telephone conference bridgeUpload materials to system for reviewFeatures for Mac:
# Screen Sharing
# Switch Presenters
# Participant Pointer
# Remote Control - NEW!!
# Pause Transmission
# Copy/Paste/Email Meeting Info
# Voice Conferencing Service
# Instant Screen Buildup
# 256-Bit AES Encryption //

Features for PC:
# Screen Sharing
# Switch Presenters
# Participant Pointer
# Remote Control
# Pause Transmission
# Application Selection
# File Transfer
# Meeting Scheduler
# Recording & Playback
# Whiteboard
# Back Monitor
# Copy/Paste/Email Meeting Info
# Voice Conferencing Service
# Instant Screen Buildup
# 256-Bit AES Encryption
None; only Windows version has a whiteboard feature; no annotation tools mentioned in feature set.
VyewVyewhttp://www.vyew.comSynchronousmoderated; NOT TESTING per se--DOCUMENT SHARING & Windows-only Recording in "pre-release"remoteFree for up to 50 uploads/month of no more than 50 pgs ea and run meetings with up to 20 participants; $6.95/month next step up to more docs; extra costs to exclude showing adsEmail desired participants or create URL (Supports up to 100 participants in a meeting); also provides free conference call bridge # (U.S. only, long-distance)Upload materials to Vyew to examine (upload formats limited to PDF, Doc, more office-style content) Web-based (no download), collaboration platform, includes VoIP and chat "Give presentations, host webinars, or conduct team meetings. Leave content available for access over time." None except annotated documents; as of April 2009, recording capability only available as "pre-release" "Vyew Accelerator" executable for Windows only at
WebExCiscohttp://www.webex.comSynchronousmoderated; NOT TESTING per se--DOCUMENT SHARING & ANNOTATING & RECORDING remote$69/month (or $59/month if purchase whole year) for unlimited meetingsUp to 25 participants per meeting; 10,000 minutes/month for use of toll numberUpload materials to WebEx to examine with participants; designer has to make participant a "presenter" for them to annotate content" * Integrated phone conferencing
* Multimedia support for PowerPoint, Flash™ animations, audio, and video
* One-click meeting access from your taskbar, as well as popular desktop, scheduling, and IM applications
* PC, Mac, and iPhone compatibility
* Secure communications
* Integrated phone conferencing and VoIP capabilities"
* Meeting recording and playback; can be streamed or downloaded
* Annotation tools include pencil, pen, circle, etc
Liz Bacon: I did not succeed in viewing the annotated document that I exported to my Mac computer (it's a UCF format that is supposed to open in MeetingCenter); however, I can see the document & annotations in the meeting recording
Liz Bacon: A "Cisco WebEx Training Center" is available for training "up to 1000 people" which offers "LMS integration; Online scheduling; Q&A; testing; polling; Hands-on lab" that may be more fully-featured for usability test activity; exact price upon request but would be several hundred $/month
MoraeTechSmith Corporation$1495 for Morae bundle of Manager; Recorder & Observer."Send Morae into the field on a laptop, or record on the customer's own computer."Test with any interface that can be displayed in ... (not sure what formats supported)"Recorder captures audio, video, on-screen activity, and keyboard/mouse input during a research session. Depending on the research methods you're using, you might record camera video only (no screen recording). Purchase additional Recorder licenses to enable multiple, simultaneous sessions.
Observer enables team members to watch the customer's experience, make notes, and flag tasks in real time. Observer connects to the computer running Recorder via your network (LAN/WAN/VPN). Multiple Observers can be connected to a single Recorder. Purchase additional Observer licenses to give more people on your team a chance to observe sessions or to support multiple, simultaneous sessions.
Use Manager to view and analyze Morae recordings, automatically calculate metrics, generate graphs, and create highlight videos to share with stakeholders. Manager is used after the session; not during."
"Morae captures every nuance of your testing session, providing you with hard data and vivid, undeniable examples of usability problems. Stakeholders can observe the session live over the network. Your notes and theirs are indexed to the video, making it easy to work with the data later.

Save time on analysis and reporting! Morae automatically calculates and graphs standard metrics. Find all comments on the same task across all your recordings, instantly. Drag charts and tables into your report. Export video clips directly to your presentation. "
Different from others because entirely for in-person testing
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