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Fall Programming 2017
The Show TitleThe DescriptionDirector or ProducerThe VenueThe Dates
Studio A: Fridays at 11pm | Studio B: Staurdays at 11 | Studio C: Saturdays at 7
1000 Ways to See ThingsEver wondered how another person might interpret YOUR experience? In this show, improvisers will showcase how each of us can interpret the same thing in so many ways. Using audience suggestions of phrases and emotions - and the peppering of various formats (i.e., layons, games), Ghost Logic will uncover and discover the many layers of the human experience and show YOU just how weird and different life can be if you used a different set of eyes.Mike MorrellComedy Lab
5 Years of SummerLast 5 Years of Summer is a musical improv duo group created by Lauren Chapman. 5YoS gets audience suggestions of two characters, how they met, and how they broke up, and then weaves a sad, beautiful and hilarious love story of the combination. Using the formats of the musical The Last 5 Years and 500 days of Summer, the 5YoS is great is you love either one, music, improv, or have just been in and out of love before.Joe Gels, Lauren ChapmanComedy Lab
Agent Superball Presents: Build-a-Boy WorkshopPurple hair, a deathly fear of sponges and a compulsion to dance whenever he hears the word "today"? Sure, why not? It's all up to you to create the main character in Agent Superball's build-a-boy workshop. Then, see what an average day of your creation looks like--as a musical!Britt MitchelComedy Lab
Allston Christmas Comes Again (working title)Allston Christmas is a special time of year for college kids. This musical celebration of the season will make you laugh, cry, and look at your furniture in a whole new way.Jenn HagenbuchStudio A 8/25
Studio B 8/26
Studio C8/26
Comedy Lab
BAIT Night of ChampionsThe three top finishers of the 2017 Boston Annual Improv Tournament (BAIT) have proven their skills in long-form, short-form, and line games. Come see what made them champs.Jeff BrisbinStudio C 9/30
Bear TrappedYou choose the location you want to explore with Bear Skin Rug. We will seal ourselves in and meet and greet whose lucky enough to be stuck there with us. Will we find a forbidden rondevous or foil a bank hiest? Probably not, but we sure will have fun as we do our best to get along with the residentsMike DevineComedy Lab
Best of Boston SketchShowcase9/29-10/13
Biding HottiesWhat happens when a diverse group of improvising women get together and play? You get the wonderful weird world of Biding Hotties!Lauren TurnerComedy Lab
Bistany's MysteriesGo inside the mind of mystery novelist Matthew Bistany as he writes he newest novel. You become his co-author as you help make decisions on the spot as the cast bends and breaks during this whodunnit of comedic spectacle. Who is the killer? Follow the hints and motives of the wild characters and make the decision for yourself.Matt BistanyShowcase10/20-10/27
Blown CoverBooks are great, but who has the time? We turn books into bite-sized portions of characters, themes, and settings you can consume in a single sitting.Sara BenesiComedy Lab
Boston Comedy ProjectLaugh til you cry with a night of comedy featuring some of New Englands best female comics. Boston Comedy Project hosts this stellar line up of top-notch comics from Boston and beyond. These seasoned comedians are here to rock your world and send you on your way with a smile on your face and kick in your step. The world is NOT going to hell in a handbasket if these women have anything to do with it!!Martha RollinsStudio C11/14
Brunch LadiesA cast of characters comes together each week to share their lives with you! Is Linda finally ready to leave Steve? Will Bridget ever enjoy gardening again after last year? When the ladies brunch, we learn all about the good and the terrible they have going on. Over drinks and waffles, the world's problems can be solved! Michelle BoncekComedy Lab
Cambridge RepThe acclaimed actors of the Cambridge Repertory Players bring to life a vibrant drama filled with simmering tension as they perform a different play every night with help from the audience. Sumeet SarinComedy Lab
Carry On BaggageWhen you travel by plane, you are bound to sit next to at least one "interesting" person. But what happens when you are surrounded by them? In this improvised journey, please keep your seatbelt buckled and your tray table up, because we are expecting plenty of turbulence. Sara BurnsComedy Lab
Cast of CharactersCast of Characters is ImprovBoston's only character show. Some of Boston's finest comedians perform stand up, sketch, improv, you name it, the catch is that they must be in character!Amy FrizziStudio B 8/19, 9/16
ComedyCaziComedyCazi has been performing for over five years In the greater Boston area, and this [date or month] we are proud to return to ImprovBoston! Born of a love for comic books, Saturday-morning cartoons and live theatre, ComedyCazi features original comedies, recurring characters, and action-packed improv that all pay tribute to that unforgettable, violent children's programming that totally had no lasting effects!Caitlin DonnellyStudio A10/13
Date Night. Improvisers and real-life lovers go on a series of dates to showcase the different ways people can experience love. Through a series of different locations, different relationships, and different forms of audience-participation suggested from the audience these experienced improvisers will make light of dating, flirting, lust and while doing solid scene and crowd work.Katie GreenmanCagematch
Dealbreaker: The MusicalWhat's your dealbreaker? Every night we interview two strangers in the audience and improvise the musical story of their would-be relationship. Will these two strangers turn out to be soulmates? Fat chance. Let's watch their relationship crash and burn together.Sarah Leary and Romey SklarComedy Lab
Dear Improv...How do you know what to say to someone who's facing a serious dilemma? How do the professionals do it? I mean the real professionals. Advice columnists. Dear Improv brings a special guest columnist to the stage to show you where the best advice comes from.Chase FerreeComedy Lab
Dibs! Musical DuoYour favorite coffeeshop duet has some serious underlying issues they really should work out. Come watch as they take your suggestions, discard them, and play their own passive-aggressive hipster garbage instead.Lauren ChapmanComedy Lab
Doctor MandoBoston has been the #1 city for research for decades, but the discoveries rarely leave the lab or the ivory tower... Until now. Research is putting on its fancy clothes, its make up, and squeezing into its high heels, as it lets loose and gets silly!

Each show features a local researcher presenting their work in all of its technical glory. After a brief traditional Q&A with the audience, the improvisers bring the ideas to life, and explore their beauty and weirdness.
Maya Bialik Studio A 8/18, 9/15
Doctor's Don't Die! A variety show! Doctor's Don't Die bring you a sketch and Improv Revue! We aren't Doctors, and we probably won't play ones on stage either. The Doctors Don't Die show promises nothing but big characters and big laughs. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, the Doctors will see you now.Amanda SousaSketchHaus
Battle Royale
FloodwardTwo women writing and performing physical sketch comedy. Smart, innovative, and absurd, Floodward brings character and five boobs to every show. Taylor Flood and Meggy Ward ARE Floodward.Megan WardStudio B10/14
Friendship Basement Presents: What Did You DoSarah Benesi and Evan Hatten are old friends and disasters. Join them in their Friendship Basement as they welcome their equally disastrous friends to share stories about screwing up. Sarah BenesiComedy Lab
HorizontoHorizonto builds a comedic world inspired by improvised group dance. Music and movement will spark a 25 minute long form performance with wide range of characters and hilarity that heighten and crash together. Anit DasComedy Lab
Hot Mouth StuffBoston has long been known a hotbed for standup comedy. But what if we took that literally? We're putting our comedians to the test when we have them eat the world's hottest peppers before taking the stage! Can they handle the heat? Can you handle the laughs? Jere PilapilComedy Lab
How Time WorksQuantum physicists have predicted that there are an infinite number of universes. Each universe is slightly different from the rest, resulting in worlds where you realize one moment can change everything. This show explores those moments and those changes. Oh, and it’s funny. Desiree DavisonComedy Lab
Studio A10/6
Improvised Goosebumps: Create Your Own Scare!Improvised Goosebumps takes all of the things you love from the Goosebumps books and let's you make the decisions. Do you go to the graveyard or the haunted carnival? Do you bring your best friend or your dog along with you? Do you eat the mysterious gluten free cupcake? YOU DECIDE!Lauren ChapmanComedy Lab
In the Conservatory With the CandlestickChildhood and murder are brought to life through an improvised enactment of Clue by the team Tooth. Who killed Mr. Boddy? And with what weapon and where? Come solve the mystery alongside the suspects!Sara BenesiComedy Lab
In The Living Room Comedy ShowcaseA zippy little show full of galloping giggles & fierce firsts! In The Living Room showcases Boston's best newbie comics in an intimate setting so it feels just like you're at home in...our living room. Pull up a chair and put on a SMILE!Sarah Francisemail Mike
Just DelightfulThese two are just…they're just so…these guys! Come and join Quarry teammates and bespectackled improv duo Emily and Michael as they take the stage for a delightful evening of comedy.Shiyanbade AnimashaunComedy Lab
Kids Roast SarahKids roast improviser Sarah Benesi and offer her advice on how to be a better person, get a boyfriend, and become a billionaire. Come watch children verbally destroy an adult! Sarah BenesiComedy Lab
Mike and His Friends Save the WorldMike makes an outlandish powerpoint. The audience chooses some of Mike's friends, that have never seen it, to give the powerpoint. The audience also chooses the topic of said powerpoint. Awesomeness ensues.Katie GeenmanCagematch
Studio B9/30
Moon Bounce CommandMoon Bounce Command is an improv group that follows the fun to wherever it may lead. We explore every detail of the setting, characters and relationship. Plus, we support each other so hard we are always surprised with where we end up. Kristina SmarzCagematch
Moon Bounce in SpaceEvery good story has a distinct setting. Friends had Central Perk, Seinfeld had Jerry's apartment, The Office had...the office. Follow everyone's favorite cosmonauts as they build a world rooted in four distinct spaces. The first space comes from the minds of the audience, the following from the minds of these improvisers. You'll never see the same world twice, but with the compelling characters, gripping plot and playful details... you'll want to.Jane OttensmeyerComedy Lab
No Bad DaysMy dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2014, died in 2015 and we’ve just left 2016. This show takes you through the impossibly painful journey of saying goodbye while introducing you to his magical, eccentric spirit that never left. We will cry. But my dad once sent me to school with fake poop to “spice things up in algebra” so we will take breaks from crying as well. The solo show’s foundation is stand up material that I have worked on since my dad was first diagnosed. Not surprisingly, through the longest, loneliest, darkest stretch of my life, I wrote the jokes I most enjoy telling. Laughter became a necessary part of our bleak journey and this show highlights the light in those unbearable moments. Alyssa LimperisStudio C10/14
On My Own - Solo Adventures in Group GamesImprov is usually a team thing. Especially when playing short-form games like those on Whose Line is it Anyway. This show takes those group games, and makes individual performers play them solo. Experience improv comedy like you've never seen before. Mike CoxComedy Lab
Studio A9/29
Our Fair CityRome wasn't built in a day but this city will. Starting with some of the citizens of our (possibly) fair city, we learn of the day to day goings ons and what makes this city tick. The hardware store, the bakery, the secret underground robot fights everything that a normal city should have. We will discover corruption, love, unhealthy obsessions with blue jays, and a love of the city you live in.Mike DevineComedy Lab
Party Quirks 3: Fate of Quirks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The third (and final?) installment of the epic saga comes to the stage once again. Laura Clarkemail Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Porcelain HorsesPorcelain Horses presents a show that borders the line between improv comedy, and theater. Taking a single suggestion and running with it, this duo group isn't afraid to get weird and real, and often real weird.Michelle McNultyComedy Lab
PoseidonExplore the deep ocean of comedy ruled over by Poseidon! Join Priya, Devin and Max as they weave together worlds of characters, each seeded from a shared point of view. Whether they be three sea captains yearning for a life of adventure or three mice waiting to die in a cruelty-free mousetrap, this intrepid trio find the common ground that brings us all together, and the personal touch that makes us special.Devin QuinlanComedy Lab
Prime MinisterPrime Minister- administering prime improv to the people since March 2017. High-paced, proper fun!Chloe ZwiacherCagematch
Sam Ike: Film School Applicant Sam Ike watches way too many movies. Listen to him talk about it. Laura Clark Comedy Lab
So That Happened: A Talk Show So That Happened is ImprovBoston's only improvised late night talk show hosted by Sam Ike Come hang out with Sam and the gang as she chats with a variety of people from different backgrounds We'll also be treated to the lovely tunes of a different musical guest every month! As always, Sam will be joined by Anthony Scibelli and the James Lindsay 9, and surprise special guests. Excited to join us? You're welcome.Rachel Jane Andelman Studio C9/2, 10/7
SomewherevilleSomewhereville takes the audience into the world after the apocalypse, seen through the surviving residents of a small seaside town. The audience-created disaster has ended society as we know it, and our improvisers are there to show you how to pick up and move on. Will they band together and survive? Or will they tear each other apart? Join the residents of Somewhereville and find out.David ThomasComedy Lab
Sorry that your dead!Sorry That Your Dead takes one interview and generates an entire improvised play on that persons life. Laugh at the awkward teen years, first loves, jerk bosses and yes! even death! How they “die” will be determined by audience suggestion. Check out this highly reverent and slightly off comedy before it’s too late.
Kai OlearyComedy Lab
SoundscapeInspired by a single suggestion from the audience, Milk Money creates an aural collage composed of words, acapella sound effects, and a backbone of vocal percussion. In this dynamic performance, Milk Money seamlessly blends Improv comedy and Hip Hop music to leave you bobbing your head and singing along. Ben ChangStudio C9/23
Spider House PresentsSpider House hatched out of the ImprovBoston Comedy School and have been roaming the land doing shows ever since. They combine their confidence in one another with a comfortable weirdness to create a show that entertains and surprises. Join them and special guests each month for pure comedic delight and celebration of the human spirit.Caroline McCallumComedy Lab
Studio A 9/22
Step Into My OfficeStep Into My Office was forged in the fires of Mt. Vesuvius to crush it on the regular. Sara TeagueComedy Lab
SUZZY presents: Love, Ache & HeartbreakEveryone has a story of love, longing or loss. Everyone knows the excitement of a first date, or the pain of a break-up. With this show, we want to find the hilarity in both those scenarios. Kelly RizoliStudio A9/1
The Boston Sketch CompanyDirected by The Second City Chicago alum, Matt Pina, and inspired by that theater’s improv-to-sketch development process, The Boston Sketch Company (BSC) unites some of Boston’s best comedians to create this wholly original sketch revue.Andrew Barlow, Laura Rose MontorioStudio C8/19, 9/16
The Con Men THE CON MEN is improv anarchy at its best. They take to improv like it owes them money. There might be airhorns, you don't know. Be there for the greatest fucking improv group of all time.Luke Bruneaux Studio B9/2, 10/7
The CriticsHave you ever felt strongly about something and wanted to tell someone about it? Well these critics want to shout it from the rooftops! You give them a TV show, movie, food group, or any topic and they won't shut up about it. Ghost Logic brings these critics to the stage, so come see who these outlandish critics are and get a glimpse into their lives. Natalie WadiaComedy Lab
The Darlings Present: Night of the Trivial Pub Quiz Ever play pub trivia and wish you could just make up the right answer? At Night of the Trivial Pub Quiz, everything from the team names to the head-scratching questions are all made up on the spot! Trivial Pub Quiz emcee Professor Quizzington will try to stump the 3 onstage teams with creatively-concocted cockamie questions. Watch as the teams dream up their best guesses and then pick your favorite with uproarious applause! Sprinkle in some scenes inspired by the action, and you have all the fun of a pub quiz with even more laughs. Come to Night of the Trivial Pub Quiz: A Trivia Night Where Everybody Wins!Kevin J. HarringtonComedy Lab
The intrudersThe Intruders, an incredible an indie harold team from Boston. With one suggestion they unleashes a cacophony of improvised longform harold to audiences that is so good it will melt your entire face off into a satisified comedy puddle that you will never see coming.Rob MulliganComedy Lab
The Joke-Off!The Joke Off! is a live interactive comedy game show experience. Every episode will be released as a podcast!Justin P. DrewStudio B9/23
The LibraryIn The Library, reading is the real adventure! In this improvised show, we sort through a stack of children's books, and the audience tells us the book and the page to stop on. We read the page out loud, and the magic begins!Sara BurnsComedy Lab
The Quarry RantsWith just a suggestion, audiences will meet an opinionated cast of characters all thrown in the same room together. This will inspire The Quarry to explore a world full of characters. Maybe it's a new planet or an office building, an aquarium or a football stadium. Wherever it is, we'll only see it once. Kristina StaplefieldComedy Lab
The Volcano Never done stand-up comedy? Never been on stage before? Pop that comedy cherry and STEP INTO THE VOLCANO! We will sacrifice one or more comedy virgins each show while the audience cheers them on and praises the comedy Gods. This stand-up comedy show celebrates the wonder and excitement of being on stage for the first time. The audience will experience firsthand the nervous energy of the "first set" as they watch their co-workers, friends and family sacrifice themselves at the hands of the VOLCANO! Kelly and Dan email Mike
This Changes Everything: An Improvised Journey Through TimeTHIS CHANGES EVERYTHING is a show about unintended consequences. Our characters will travel back in time to solve a problem in the present, and then return to confront the new reality they've created. Time travel is a risky business, and every small disturbance can ripple out into disastrous--and hilarious--consequences. Our characters and our reality will never be the same after THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!Lauren ChapmanComedy Lab
Trapped in an ElevatorWhat happens when a group of coworkers are just trying to get home after work on a Friday afternoon, only to end up stuck in an elevator?Holly TarnowerComedy Lab
Two Headed TherapistThe world famous two headed therapist will be providing therapy/relationship advice/ or answering the tough questions you have in life. Then a team of improvisers will act out scenes based on the answers provided by the two heade therapist.Sara BurnsComedy Lab
Weirder StuffWho is "52" and why is she hanging around with a bunch of tabletop gaming nerds? Why does Bill Wyers's mom talk to every inanimate object she sees? And what's going on at the top secret government lab down the street (that pretty much everyone knows about)? Find out in this improvised parody of Netflix's Stranger Things, Weirder Stuff!Lauren TurnerComedy Lab
WheelhouseWheelhouse performs the Spokane! Come to the show to see fun characters and explore their backgrounds and history.Laura ScafatiComedy Lab
Zonfrelli & (No) FriendsSelf-reflective, Self-conscious, Self-indulgent. This one man show is a creative journey inside the frenetic yet well-meaning mind of Anthony Zonfrelli. Witness comedy like you've never seen before, and see if Zonfrelli can make some friends.Francesca VillaComedy Lab
Battle Royale
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