Principles of Health Science Semester At A Glance
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Semester At A Glance
Principles of Health Science Technology
1st /4th Grading Period2nd5th Grading Period3rd/6th Grading Period
Unit of Study:
History of Health Care, Future of Health Care, Available Health Care, Organizational Structure of Hospital, Health Care Systems, Careers in Health Care, Personal Qualities of a Health Care Worker, Role of a team,and Student Organization (HOSA)
Unit of Study:
Medical Terminology Review, Introductions to Advance Medical Terminology, Introduction to Vital Signs and Documentation/Graphing
Unit of Study:
Basic Math, Military Time, Unit measurements, conversion, Dosage Calulations and continue Vital Signs and Documentation/Graphing
TEKS:130.221-222 (b) 1-7, (c) (2) M-Q, (7) A-B, (8) A-B, (9) A-E TEKS:130.222 (c) (2) B,C,D, F,G, (3) D, (10) A-B, (11) CTEKS:130.222 (c) (2) A-H
Unit of Study:
Interpersonal Dynamics and Communication, Legal and Ethical Principles, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Self Awareness and Leadership
Unit of Study:
Human Growth, Autonomy, Wellness and Prevention, Cultural Diversity, Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs
Unit of Study:
Career Clusters, Employability Skills, Career Planning,and Career Interest Research
TEKS:130.222 (c) (2) E, L, (3) A-D (4) A-C, (9) A-ETEKS:
130.222 (C) (2), G, I-L (10) A-E, P-Q
TEKS:130.222 (a) (b) 1-7 and (c) 1 A-C, (5) A-B, (6) (7)A-B
Unit of Study:
Safety Practices, Disease Transmission, Infection Control, OBRA and OSHA Regulations, Identifying and Reporting Hazards
Unit of Study:
Professional Advancement, Academic Requirements,Going To College and Technology in Health Care
Unit of Study:
Career Planning, Application and Resume,Interview, Job Satisfaction and Resignation
TEKS:130.222 (C) (11) A-C, (2) HTEKS:130.222(a) (b) 1-7 and (c) 1 A-C, (5) A-B, (6) (7)A-B130.222 (C) (12) A-CTEKS:130.222 (a) (b) 1-7 and (c) 1 A-C, (5) A-B, (6) (7)A-B