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UTC TitleTHEMATICSRESULTS ORIENTATIONRegionCity/CountryDatesOrganizer / WUC Partner or want to joinOther Partner OrganizersMedia Partners
1Strengthening and Expansion of "The Safety of Women and the Right to Full Coexistence in Livingston and Guatemala City Neighborhoods, A Priority of the New Urban Agenda"
-“Developing of Women´s Agenda for Disaster Risk Reduction and Safety” zone 7 Guatemala City
gender and womenPolicy change Latin America and the CaribbeanLivingston
Izabal, Guatemala

Zone 7 Neighborhood
Guatemala City, Guatemala
-Women coexistance meetings (March-December)
-Neighborhood leaders capacitations (Starting April)
- Women's Agenda Developing (April-December)
Huairou Commission / Fundacion GUatemala Fundación Guatemala

Huairou News www.huairou.org
- Radio “Voces de Mujeres”, Radio Universidad. Facebook: Voces de Mujeres Radio CONRED, www.conred.gt.org
- Boletín América Latina Genera, www.americalatina.org
2“Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Academy” faith and cultureAdvocacy and CampaigningMultiple RegionsWorld Evangelical Alliance (WEA)Africa – April 8-9
Europe – June 28-30
Oceania – May 5-6
North America– 24-26 August
South & Central America: – TBA
Asia: Vietnam – TBA
World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)1, Name and URL: Green Faith https://greenfaith.org
2. Name and URL: UNEP’s Faiths for Earth https://www.unenvironment.org/about-un-environment/faith-earth-initiative
3. Name and URL: Congress for the New Urbanism Members Christian Caucus http://center4eleadership.org/cnu-members-christian-caucus/
4. Name and URL: Alliance of Religions for Conservation http://www.arcworld.org
5. Name and URL: FaithInvest & FaithCities, which is the urban investment division of FaithInvest: http://www.arcworld.org/projects.asp?projectID=660
5. Name and URL: R400 https://r4hundred.com
First+Main Films http://www.firstmainfilms.com
3UTC for Innovative approaches towards SDG innovationProject implementationAsia PacificPakistan15 April 2019
10 July 2019
15 September 2019
Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan Memorial Trust (AHKMT)
4Collaborative Urban Designurban planning and designAdvocacy and CampaigningArab States/AfricaLaayoune MoroccoFirst week of May Union of African Architects1. Daniels School of Architecture Landscape and Design, University of Toronto , http://www.daniels.utoronto.ca 2. Ecole Nationale d’Architecture Rabat, http://www.archi.ac.ma 3.Fondation Phosboucraa, http://www.phosboucraa.ma/phosboucraafoundation/about-phosboucraa-foundation1. Hit Radio (waiting for final confirmation) 2. 2M TV Channel (waiting for final confirmation)
5New Territories Tomorrow: Challenges and OpportunitiesTerritorial development and planningPolicy changeAsia PacificHong Kong/ChinaMay1. Urban Studies Programme, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) 2. Designing Hong Kong 1. Institute of Future Cities, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 2. Liber Research Community
6Sound Development: Utilising Music as a Tool to Delivering on our Global Goals MonitoringProject implementationEuropeLondon/UKMid JuneSound Diplomacy1. Found in Music -> ​www.foundinmusic.com 2. Produce -> ​www.produceuk.com

UN Global Communications
7The Future of Doha – A resilient Healthy City ResilienceProject implementationArab StatesDoha/Qatar18 JuneQatar Green Building CouncilMAIN Partners – Confirmed (Leading Sessions Moderating & Reporting) 1. Ministry of Public Health 2. Qatar Foundation; Livable Cities Action Group 3. Hamad Bin Khalifa University 4. Qatar University – Department of Architecture & Urban Planning Supporting Partners (suggested list – TBC) 1- International organizations a. World Green Building Council b. World Urban Campaign c. Foundation for Environmental Education d. UN Organizations (UNESCO, UNDP, UNEP,…)

2- Local Organizations a. Ministry of Municipality & Environment b. Qatar General Water & Electricity Corporation Kahramaa c. Msheireb Properties d. Qatar Rail e. ABDULLA Bin Hamad Al Attiyah International Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development
Local and international partners
8Countless Cities, the biennial of the Cities of the World Sustainable urban developmentKnowledgeEuropeFavara/Italy28-29-30 JuneFARM CULTURAL PARK1. PUSH: https://www.wepush.org
2. Parco della Valle dei Templi: https://www.parcovalledeitempli.it
3 SOU: http://www.sou-school.com
Wired: https://www.wired.it/
2. Radio Startme UP: http://www.radiostartmeup.it/
9A New Legal Paradigm: Regional Agreement in Urban Matters for Latin America governancePolicy changeLatin America and the Caribbeana) SMART CITY EXPO LATAM CONGRESS. Puebla, Mexico


c) CITY HALL – LAGUNA DE TERMINOS Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico

d) FIRA BARCELONA Barcelona, España
a) Puebla, Mexico July 2 & 3, 2019

b) Mexico City, Mexico July 18 & 19, 2019

c) Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico July 25 & 26, 2019

d) Barcelona, España November 20, 2019
Association of Urbanistic Jurisprudence, CJUR International 1. FIRA BARCELONA MEXICO http://firabarcelonamexico.com/

2. SMART CITY EXPO LATAM CONGRESS https://smartcityexpolatam.com/

3. ALIANZA SMART LATAM https://alianzasmartlatam.org/

1. ROLIG ESPAÑA https://rolig.es/

2. FIRA BARCELONA MÉXICO http://firabarcelonamexico.com/

3. ALIANZA SMART LATAM https://alianzasmartlatam.org/ 4. CJUR INTERNATIONAL http://www.urban.cnjur.org/ http://www.cnjur.org/
10City & Mobility CampusMobilityProject implementationEuropeCatania/Italy4-5-6 JulyTree s.r.l. 1. TIM WCAP (https://www.wcap.tim.it/it) 2. Enel Innovation Hub&Lab (https://startup.enel.com/it/innovation-hub/catania.html) 3. Impact Hub Siracusa (https://siracusa.impacthub.net/) 4. Comune di Catania (https://www.comune.catania.it/) 5. Università di Catania (https://www.unict.it/) 6. Junior Achievement Italia (https://www.jaitalia.org) 7. Confindustria Catania (http://www.confindustriact.it/) 8. Motus-E (https://www.motus-e.org/) 1. Live Sicilia (https://livesicilia.it) 2. I Love Sicilia (offline magazine) 3. Sicilian Post (http://www.sicilianpost.it/)
11Affordable Metropolis Series: How to finance affordable housing, develop communities fostering mobility, inclusion, health, wellness and how to use public space to the benefit of allMobility, HealthProject implementation & Policy changeNorth America New York/USA15 JulyFIABCI1. General Assembly of Partners (http://generalassemblyofpartners.org) 2. Huairou Commission ( https://huairou.org) 3. Habitat for Humanity (https://www.habitat.org) 4. Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization (CSU) (https://consortiumforsustainableurbanization.org) 5. United Nations Committee on Human Settlements (https://www.ngocongo.org/ngosubstantive-committees/new-york-committees-on/human-settlements
12Environmentally Sustainable and Resilient Urban Development sustainable urban developmentPolicy changeAsia PacificIslamabad/PakistanJuly COMSIAN CONSULTING, COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan Organizations:
1. Name Department of Architecture and Design COMSATS University Islamabad URL http://ww3.comsats.edu.pk/arch/ 2. Name CITE Architecture and Planning Group URL http://cite.com.pk/ 3. Name Institute of Architects Pakistan, Islamabad Chapter URL https://iap.com.pk/index.php/iap-chapters/islamabad-chapter/ 4. Name Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners PCATP
COMSATS University media section Satrang Art Gallery, Islamaabad
13Cartagena Territorio Urbano Inclusivo – Cartagena Space Inclusive Urban Sustainable urban developmentKnowledgeLatin America and the CaribbeanCartagena/Colombia from July at NovemberObservatorio para el Desarrollo Sostenible de CartagenaOrganizations:
1. Name and URL: University: www.colmayorbolivar.edu.co 2. Name and URL: University: www.utadeo.edu.co 3. Name and URL: University: www.uan.edu.co 4. Name and URL: Government of City: www.cartagena.gov.co 5. Name and URL: Fundation “Tu Cultura - Ong”: www.tucultura.co 6. Name and URL: Camara de Comercio de Cartagena: www.cccartagena.org.co 7. Name and URL: Insituto Al Gore para el Desarrollo Sostenible: www.insitutogore.org 8. Fundación Universitaria Antonio de Arévalo (Tecnar): www.tecnar.edu.co 9. Others 5
Print Media/Newspaper: www.eluniversal.com.co 2. Print Media: www.noticartagena.org 3. Print Media: www.revistametro.com 4. Allied Portal: www.cideu.org 5. Allied Portal: www.ocartagena.org 6
Gender and womenPolicy changeLatin America and the CaribbeanMEXICO/PERUJuly 2019 July 2020 Bufete de Estudios Interdisciplinarios AC, MIRA, Mujeres Iberoamericanas in Network and FEMUM-ALC Federación de Mujeres Municipalistas of Latin America and the Caribbean Under the auspices of the Huairou Commission Bufete de Estudios Interdisciplinarios A. C. / http://www.bufetedeestudios.org 2. MIRA Mujeres Iberoamericanas en Red por la Igualdad Presupuestal entre Mujeres y Hombres y MIRA Pensadoras Urbanas https://sites.google.com/view/pensadorasurbanasacandidatasos/fundamentos 3. La Federación de Mujeres Municipalistas de América Latina y El Caribe (FEMUM /ALC) Perú

MEXICO ORGANIZATIONS Aguascalientes 4. Red para el seguimiento de la agenda de género. A.C. Baja California 5. Pensadoras Urbanas Hábitat Tijuana Baja California Sur 6. OSC Centro Cultural Esperanza Rodríguez, A.C. Chiapas 7. Mujeres y Punto A. C. coordinación Chiapas Chihuahua 8. Centro de Atención a la Mujer Trabajadora de Chihuahua A.C. / Facebook Centro de Atención a la Mujer Trabajadora 9. Difusión Norte Media Consultores 10. CRAS Internacional, A.C. 11. COBIME, A.C.

Application form to host an Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC 4.0) World Urban Campaign Secretariat Page 5

Ciudad de México 12. Colectiva Mujeres Siglo XXI Colima 13. Ollin Espacio Feminista Colima A.C. Jalisco 14. Colectivo Latinoamericano Emma Goldman, A. C. Querétaro 15. Consultoría para el Desarrollo del Potencial Humano S. C. Quintana Roo 16. Observatorio de Violencia Social y de Género Tamaulipas 17. AMPROTAC-Asociación de mujeres profesionistas de Tamaulipas-capítulo Reynosa, AC. 18. Instituto de Investigación Formación e Innovación Samar IIFISAMAR AC. 19. RCPU-Reynosa con Pensadoras Urbanas, AC. 20. Mesa Redonda Panamericana Reynosa AC. 21. AUPRAC, Asociación de Universitarias y Profesionistas Reynosa, AC. 22. CHILAC, Cívicas, Humanas, Iguales y Libres, AC. 23. Construyendo Tejido Social A.C. / www.construyendotejidosocial.org 24. MAC+Red de Pensadoras Urbanas de Matamoros, Tamaulipas Yucatán 25. Redinsafe, S.A de C.V. Zacatecas 26. Observatorio Ciudadano de Agenda de Género A.C. 27. Red Estatal de Trabajo Social de Zacatecas (RETSZAC)

UNIVERSIDADES MEXICANAS Ciudad de México 28. Cátedra UNESCO de Derechos Humanos, FCPyS, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM. Aguascalientes 29. Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes Baja California Sur 30. Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur. Observatorio de Violencia Social y de Género, UABCS. Chihuahua 31. Escuela de Enfermería de Delicias, A.C. Incorporada a la UACH Estado de México 32. Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, www.chapingo.mx Tamaulipas 33. Universidad Tamaulipeca Zacatecas 34. Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas: Maestría en Historia Eje Medio Ambiente y Paisaje

PERÚ Lima City FEMUM and local partners NGOs Grassroots women's organizations Business sector Neighborhood leaders, indigenous people, youth, children and adolescents
DN Consultores http://consultores.cdifusionnorte.com 2. CIIMAC, A.C. / http://www.ciimac.org
15Sustainable Small Urban Centers: Revitalizing small urban centers along transit connections Territorial development and planningAdvocacy and CampaigningAsia PacificFukuoka/Japan 2 August, 4 August and 10 August Faculty of Human Environment Studies, Kyushu University1. City of Itoshima http://www.city.itoshima.lg.jp 2. Peninsular development urban Research group 3. Institute of urban landscape design 4. Local residents committee 1. Kyushu University Media Unit http://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/en/ 2. Social media for the event
16Youth of TomorrowyouthProject implementationArab States/Africa First stage : Talents Center of Benghazi \ Libya Second stage : Tourist resort at The Green Mountain \ Libya OR Tourist resort at Kumis \ Libya AugustUnited Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UNMGCY)
Hya Shabab NGO Ayadena NGO Sadana Media
17City we need towards and sustainable Urban development sustainable urban developmentPolicy changeAfrica Kano ,Lagos ,Ondo, Ekiti Gombe Enugu and Akwa Ibom/ NigeriaAugust to DecemberIWCC/ Huaiarou Commission1,Slum Development International ( SDI, )
2. Women inform Economy (WEIGO), Town planning
3. and local. Government Authority
National Television Authority ( NTA)
18Youth Participation through ArtYouth / ArtProject implementationEuropeWeimar Thuringia/Germany 1-4 SeptemberBauhaus University of WeimarWeimar Municipality/UN-Habitat.International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges/ United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth Radio Lotte Weimar
19Collaborative Housing Partnerships: Opportunities and challenges in the provision of adequate and affordable housing in urban contexts HousingPolicy changeAsia Pacific Bangkok / Thailand Week of September 16, 2019 Habitat for Humanity 1. Government partners 2. Civil society partners 3. Partners from UN entities 4. Private sector partners
20 The Safe, Resilient and Economically viable City of Harare Women Want ResilienceProject implementation& Policy changeAfrica Harare / Zimbabwe 16-17-18 September Huairou Commission - Zimbabwe Parents of the handicapped Children Association (ZPHCA)Organizations:
1. Study Cycles Alliance of Zimbabwe 2. ROKPA Trust: https://www.rokpa.org/zw_EN/who-we-are/rokpa-zimbabwe.html
1. The Herald, Zimbabwe: www.herald.co.zw/ 2. Star FM, Zimbabwe: www.starfm.co.zw/ 3. Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation TV: www.zbc.co.zw/
21WAMAMA TUNAUWEZO 4 (WOMEN HAVE THE POWER)gender and womenKnowledgeAfricaKisumu/Kenya 19-20-21 SeptemberHuairou Commission1. RURAL WOMEN INITIATIVE
22The Greater Bay We Need: Towards Climate Resilient and Sustainable Communities sustainable urban developmentPolicy changeAsia PacificPonte 9 Creative Platform Rua das Lorchas, Ponte No.9 3rd floor, Macau, China 20-21 September 2019 CURB – Center for Architecture and Urbanism 1. Faculty of Creative Industries, University of Saint Joseph www.usj.edu.mo/en/faculties/creative-industries/ 2. Ponte 9 — Creative Platform www.ponte9.com/ 3. MSc in Urban Design, School of Architecture, CUHK web5.arch.cuhk.edu.hk/urbandesign/ 51. Ponto Final pontofinalmacau.wordpress.com/ 2. Macau News Agency www.macaubusiness.com/mna-home/
23Achieving The Equitable City: Achieving the SDGs and the NUA in AustraliaEconomy and LivelihoodsProject implementationAsia PacificRMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaSeptemberCompass Housing Services LtdGlobal Compact Cities Programme
2. Place Leaders Asia Pacific
3. Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University
4. College of Design and Social Context, RMIT University
24The Resilient City We NeedResilient citiesKnowledgeAsia PacificNew Delhi, India SeptemberNational Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) 100 Resilient Cities (https://www.100resilientcities.org/) 2. UN Habitat – India (https://unhabitat.org/india/) 3. The Energy and Resource Institute (http://www.teriin.org/) – Thematic Partner for the sessions on ‘Mainstreaming urban resilience strategies’ 4. Centre of Excellence for Governance, Ethics and Transparency (CEGET) at Global Compact Network India (https://www.ceget.in ; https://www.globalcompact.in ) – Thematic Partner for the sessions on ‘Data-driven governance for Resilient Cities’ 5. International Urban Cooperation – India (http://www.iuc.eu/) – Thematic Partner for the sessions on ‘Fostering Engagement and Partnerships’
Hindustan Times (HT)* - for coverage of the UTC event and publication of related stories/ opinion pieces in the print and digital version of HT in the run-up and after the event. *tentative/ under discussion
25THINKING HYBRID, SUSTAINABLE AND SHARING URBAN SPACES MobilityProject implementationEuropeCasale di San Pio V Rome, Italy September-October 2019 Link Campus University 1. PUSH (www.wepush.org) 2. OPEN CITY ROMA (www.openhouseroma.org) 3. ESRI ITALIA (www.esriitalia.itThe campus will use all the communication channels and social media of Link Campus University and of the other partner organizations
26Systems for Livable citiessustainable urban developmentPolicy changeAsia PacificXavier University,
City Campus, Harirajpur,
Dist. Puri, Odisha, India
SeptemberXavier Center for Urban Management and Governance, Xavier University Bhubaneswar1. Taru Leading Edge, http://www.taru.co.in/
2. Vastukar Foundation, www.vastukarfoundation.org
3. NIUA, https://www.niua.org/# (yet to be finalized)
1. Prasar Bharati
2. The Hindu
3. Times of India
27Title In progress Policy changeArab States/AfricaWaraQ art foundation HQ Tripoli, Libya SeptemberWaraQ Art Foundation 1. ADN design school adnschool.ly 2. UNMGCY www.unmgcy.org 3. AUDI (Arab urban development institute) ​https://www.araburban.org/ 51. Khayal production www.khayal.ly 2. Funoon Enterprise www.Funoon.ly
28Being Urban: an exploration of new urbanities for a resilient future Resilience Policy changeAsia PacificCountry Brisbane, Australia 1-4 October 2019 School of Design, Queensland University of Technology 1. QUT Design Lab | https://research.qut.edu.au/designlab/ 2. Logan City Council | https://www.logan.qld.gov.au/ 3. Design Institute of Australia, QLD Branch | https://www.design.org.au/qldbranchoverview/qld-branch-overview/qld 4. Urban Design Alliance | https://www.facebook.com/udalqld/ 5. Trotter Folton Architects | http://fultontrotter.com.au/ 6. Australian Association of Gerontology Qld | https://www.aag.asn.au/qld-division 7. Brisbane Place Invaders collective | https://www.facebook.com/groups/brisbaneplaceinvaders/ QUT Media | https://www.qut.edu.au/news Urban October
29Inovation and inclusion for territories we need Planning and DesignPolicy changeEuropeParis/France3 octoberFNAUPFVT - French Partnership for cities and territoriesUrbanisme.fr
30Accelerating the SDGs in Cities sustainable urban developmentKnowledgeNorth America New York/USA9-11 OctoberCenter  for Sustainable Urban Development (CSUD)1.
 https://www.arch.columbia.edu/programs/9-­‐m-­‐s-­‐architecture-­‐ and-­‐urban-­‐design
State  of the Planet: https://blogs.ei.columbia.edu
31Social Cities: Indicators, Ideation, Implementation MonitoringKnowledgeEuropeLocation: E-Hub [exact venue to be confirmed] Sundkaj Nordhavn Copenhagen, Denmark 9-10-11 OctoberInternational Federation for Housing and Planning [IFHP] Following are partners on the IFHP Social Cities initiative www.ifhpsocialcities.org 1. Ramboll www.ramboll.org 2. Gehl Institute www.gehlinstitute.org & Gehl www.gehlpeople.com 3. Realdania www.realdania.dk Explicit event UTC partnership TBC

Other potential event UTC partners - Urban Creators - E-Hub Said partnerships TBC
32To Sustainable Citiessustainable urban developmentProject implementationArab States Aleppo/Syria4-5-6 OctoberASAS Team (Portico)UNDP Syria, Mobaderoon, Diocese of Syriac Orthodox UNDP Syria (Official Facebook Page) 2. ENSAN Platform ( www.ensan.online
33“Mannheim 2030” – Creating the Future TogetherSustainable urban developmentPolicy change & Project implementationEuropeMannheim, Germany 17-19 OctoberCity of Mannheim ( http://www.mannheim.de) STIRN – Studieninstitut Rhein Neckar (Study Institute Rhein Neckar http://www.studieninstitut-rhein-neckar.de/) 1.) Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development https://www.bmz.de/en/ 2.) Engagement Global https://www.engagement-global.de/ with its SKEW https://skew.engagement-global.de/ 3.) Future Cities Festival Bristol https://www.futurecityfestival.co.uk/ 4.) University of Mannheim Corporate Social Responsibility https://www.bwl.unimannheim.de/en/schons/ 5.) United Cities and Local Governments https://www.uclg.org/ 6.) Global Parliament of Mayors https://globalparliamentofmayors.org/ 5
34Real estate industry role in creating more sustainable and smarter cities
Roadmap to future cities
housingPolicy changeArab StatesDubai/UAE22-23 OctoberInternational Real estate Federation(FIABCI) – Arabic Countries Chapter and Middle East Sustainable development institute(MESDI)1. Middle East Sustainable development institute http://www.mesdi.ae/

2. UN Global Compact UAE http://ungcuae.org/

3. Property Finder https://www.propertyfinder.ae/

4. Federal Competitiveness & Statistics Authority http://fcsa.gov.ae/en-us
5. American University in Dubai www.aud.edu
1. PLAN3media http://www.plan3media.com/
2. Dubai Media http://www.dmi.gov.ae/content/corporate/ar-ae/home.html
3. Forbes Middle East https://www.forbesmiddleeast.com/
35Building more dense and inclusive cities in Latin America” lessons from Policy and Practice
sustainable urban developmentPolicy changeLatin America and the CaribbeanMexico City/Mexico23-26 OctoberCities Alliance LAC region 1. Urban Housing Practitioners Hub (UHPH; https://www.uhph.org) 2. St.Gallen Institute of Management in Latin America (GIMLA; www.gimla.unisg.ch) 3. Habitat for Humanity – LAC (https://www.habitat.org/lac-en) 4. Red de Investigadores en Vivienda y Hábitat en las Américas (RIHVA; https://www.facebook.com/RIVHA-Red-de-Investigadores-de-Vivienda-y-Hábitat-en-las-Américas147557979287879/) 5. Unión Interamericana para la Vivienda (UNIAPRAVI; http://www.uniapravi.org)
36Open an free innovation for Territories - Collaborative Urbanism, a New Paradigm (Merida)innovationProject implementationLatin America and the CaribbeanMerida/MexicoOctober7 Billion UrbanistsFree it foundation, DigitalCivix City Blockchain Labs, Clam Mag, Whole, Cymantiks, Unlimited CitiesContribuons!
37Maceió 2030: Proposals to an inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable citysustainable urban developmentPolicy changeLatin America and the CaribbeanCentro Cultural e de Exposições Ruth Cardoso Rua Celso Piatti - Jaraguá, Maceió - AL, 57022-210 Brazil

Centro Universitário Tiradentes Av. Comendador Gustavo Paiva, 5017 - Cruz das Almas, Maceió - AL, 57038-000 Brazil
OctoberDepartamento Estadual de Trânsito de Alagoas (DETRAN-AL) 1. UN-Habitat (Alagoas Office) 2. Centro Universitário Tiradentes (UNIT-AL) 3. Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil (IAB-AL) 1. DETRAN-AL - https://www.detran.al.gov.br/ 2. UNIT-AL - https://al.unit.br/ 3. IAB-AL - http://www.iabal.com.br/
38Open an free innovation for Territories - Collaborative Urbanism, a New Paradigm (Merida)innovationProject implementationLatin America and the CaribbeanQuito/EquadorOctober7 Billion UrbanistsFree it foundation, DigitalCivix City Blockchain Labs, Clam Mag, Whole, Cymantiks, Unlimited CitiesContribuons!
39Open an free innovation for Territories - Collaborative Urbanism, a New Paradigm (Asia1)innovationProject implementationAsia PacificWuhan/China October7 Billion UrbanistsFree it foundation, DigitalCivix City Blockchain Labs, Clam Mag, Whole, Cymantiks, Unlimited CitiesContribuons!
40Developing the Sustainable City with Startups and Innovatorssustainable urban developmentProject ImplementationEuropeThe Hague Tech, The Hague, The Netherlands4 November World Startup Factory
41Healthy and Happy City in Tropical Environment - HHCTE EnvironmentPolicy changeEurope

ENSAM : http://www.montpellier.archi.fr/ http://www.lareunion-archi.fr/fr/
4- 5 November ENSAM School of Architecture of Reunion Island Griffith Gold Coast University* : https://www.griffith.edu.au James Cook University* : https://www.jcu.edu.au HHCTE : https://healthy-happy-cities-in-a-tropical-environment-66.webself.net/fr IONAS ( Indian Ocean Network of Architecture School)* Ville du Port : http://ville-port.re Ville de Saint Denis : http://ville-saint-denis.frLe quotidien : http://www.lequotidien.re Reunion La première : https://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/reunion/
42Urbanidad vibrante e inclusiva (Vibrant and Inclusive Urban Life)sustainable urban developmentPolicy changeLatin America and the Caribbean

Mexico City, Mexico
Between the 4th and 15th of NovemberSmartly, Social Entrepreneurship on the SDGs 1. Fundación Esquipulas, Guatemala- ​http://www.fundaesq.org/ 2. Parlamentario 2030, CIECODE, España- ​http://www.parlamento2030.es/ 3. Jóvenes Iberoamericanos- ​https://oij.org/jovenes-iberoamericanos/ 4. Programa de Embajadores Juveniles, México- https://www.gob.mx/sre/acciones-y-programas/delegados-juveniles-onu 5. Consejos Deliberantes de la Red Parlamentos Locales en ODS- http://www.parlamentosods.org/ 6. Municipalidad de Salta, Argentina- ​http://municipalidadsalta.gob.ar/ 7. Ejecutivo de La Rioja, San Antonio de Areco con sus Concejos Deliberantes, Argentina- http://www.sanantoniodeareco.com/concejo-deliberante 8. Concejales de Las Palmas de la Gran Canaria, España- ​https://www.laspalmasgc.es/es/ 9. Alcalde de Sevilla, España- ​https://www.sevilla.org/ayuntamiento/el-alcalde 10. Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador- ​https://www.utpl.edu.ec/ 11. Universidad Católica de La Plata, Sede Bernal, Buenos Aires- https://www.ucalp.edu.ar/sede/bernal/ 12. Universidad de Guayaquil, Ecuador- ​http://www.ug.edu.ec/ 13. Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP)- ​https://unlp.edu.ar/ 14. Universidad Tecnológica Nacional de La Plata (UTN)- ​https://www.frlp.utn.edu.ar/ 15. Red Federal de Bancos de Alimentos de Argentina- ​https://www.redbda.org.ar/ 16. Asociación Los Patojos, Guatemala- https://www.justworldinternational.org/project-partners/los-patojos/

Application form to host an Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC 4.0) World Urban Campaign Secretariat Page 1

17. The Great African Caravan- ​https://www.thegreatafricancaravan.com/ 18. Lance d’Afrique International 19. Project 1948, NGO, Estados Unidos- ​http://www.project1948.ngo/ 20. International Council for Small Business (ICSB)- ​https://icsb.org/ 21. Cumbre Mundial de Políticas Públicas (CMPP)-​ ​https://cumbrepoliticaspublicas.com/ 22. Consejo Nacional de Políticas Sociales de Presidencia de la Nación Argentina- https://www.argentina.gob.ar/politicassociales 23. Asociación de Periodistas de Tránsito y Transporte de Argentina (APTTA)- http://aptta.com.ar/ 24. Federación Internacional del Automóvil (FIA)- ​https://www.fia.com/ 25. Crisis Text Line, NGO, Estados Unidos- ​https://www.crisistextline.org/ 26. Colegio de Abogados del Departamento Judicial La Plata- ​http://www.calp.org.ar/ 27. Municipalidad de San Luis, Argentina- ​https://www.ciudaddesanluis.gov.ar/ 28. Diputados Provincia de Buenos Aires- ​https://www.hcdiputados-ba.gov.ar/ 29. Presidencia del Honorable Concejo Deliberante de la Municipalidad de San Miguel del Monte, Argentina- ​http://monte.gov.ar/hcd/ 30. Ambiente, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires- https://www.buenosaires.gob.ar/node/desarrollo-urbano-y-transporte 31. Instituto Universitario de Cooperación y Desarrollo, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España- ​https://www.ucm.es/iudesarrolloycooperacion 32. Universidad de Salamanca, España- ​https://www.usal.es/
1. Asociación de Periodistas de Tránsito y Transporte de Argentina (APTTA)-​http://aptta.com.ar/ 2. Parlamentario - ​http://parlamentario.com/
43Implementation of SDG through New Urban Agenda : Grassroots voice”sustainable urban developmentPolicy changeAsia PacificBangladesh6 NovemberParticipatory Development Action Program (PDAP)Bangladesh Urban Forum (BUF) bufsecretariat@gmail.com1. The Asian Age mainahmed19@gmail.com
2. The Daily ittefaq tasmimah@gmail.com rabeyababy@gmail.com

Human Flows: integrated mobility perspectives
MobilityProject implementationEuropeParlemo/Italy7-8-9 NovemberPUSH1. Comune di Palermo: https://www.comune.palermo.it/ 2. Palermo Airport (GESAP): https://www.gesap.it/ 3. Trenitalia: https://www.trenitalia.com/ 4. AMAT: http://amat.pa.it/ 5. Autorità Portuale di Palermo e Termini Imerese: http://www.portpalermo.it/ 6. CarSharing Palermo: https://www.carsharingpalermo.it/ 1. Balarm: https://www.balarm.it/ 2. Mobilita Palermo: http://palermo.mobilita.org/ 3. Repubblica Palermo: https://palermo.repubblica.it/
45Water Future in Chennai Water and sanitationProject implementationAsia PacificChennai/India8-9 NovemberMadras Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI),
1. Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, Chennai: https://www.iitm.ac.in/ 2. Anna University Chennai: https://www.annauniv.edu/
Business Line: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/ 2. Dinamalar : https://www.dinamalar.com/
46Collaborative and Sustainable Metropolises 2030: accompanying shared sustainable development at the local and metropolitan level.
(Metrópolis Colaborativas y Sostenibles 2030: acompañar la sostenibilidad compartida del desarrollo local y metropolitano)
sustainable urban developmentKnowledgeLatin America and the CaribbeanCiudad de Guatemala, Guatemala12 – 14 NovemberFederación Iberoamericana de Urbanistas (FIU) (WUC Lead Partner)
• Apoyo Urbano and Fab’Lab Metrópolis Colaborativas América Central 2050. (www.apoyourbano.org)

The other partner organizations are the member associations of MCC-Guatemala 2050:
1. URBANÍSTICA – Workshop for public space and Metropolitan Agency for housing and urban development www.urbanistica.gob.gt
2. INCYT - Instituto de Investigación y Proyección sobre Ciencia y Tecnología (Universidad Rafael Landívar- URL) / www.url.edu.gt
3. FUNDAECO - Fundación para el Ecodesarrollo y la Conservación / www.fundaeco.org.gt
4. Creamos Guate – Asociación de Planificadores Urbano Territoriales de Guatemala (member of FIU)/ www.creamosguate.wordpress.com
In addition:
5. Mancomunidad Gran Ciudad del Sur / www.mancogranciudaddelsur.org

In addition to the web pages and social networks of the UTC partners, the platform MCC-Guatemala 2050 already has a “Wiki Metropolitano” (virtual discussion forum)

We are also exploring the possibilities of agreements with the following media outlets:
• “Plaza Pública” (www.plazapublica.com.gt)
• “Nomada” ( https://nomada.gt/category/identidades/guatemala-urbana/)

We will also seek to involve the following university media/journalism faculties to publicize the event:
• Universidad del Istmo de Guatemala;
• Escuela de Ciencias de la Comunicación de la Universidad de San Carlos; Escuela Centroamericana de Periodismo /ECAP
47Collaborative Exploration and Sustainable Development of Underground Space: NUA, Drivers of Change and Geosciences sustainable urban developmentKnowledgeAsia Pacific
14 -18 November ACUUS1.IRSM-CAS – Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (http://english.whrsm.cas.cn/) 2.SKLGME – State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (http://english.whrsm.cas.cn/rh/rd/200908/t20090829_34771.html) 3.Nanjing University (https://www.nju.edu.cn/EN/) 4.Shandong University (http://www.en.sdu.edu.cn/) 4.ACUUS Youth Group Asia 5.SinoProbe Center – China Deep Exploration Center (http://www.sinoprobe.org/index.aspx) 1.ACUUS website: www.acuus.org 2.EUUS 2019 website: www.euus2019.com 3.NJU (Nanjing University) website: www.nju.edu.cn 4.SDU (Shandong University): www.en.sdu.edu.cn
48Education for the City We Need 2,0 Youth & EducationPolicy changeEuropeDelft/The Netherlands18-19-20-21-22 NovemberDelf University of Technology (TU Delft)Dlft/ Global Urban Lab/ DDfv/ARCADIS..Atlantis / Bk Nieuws
49The New Urban Agenda as instrument of governance governancePolicy changeLatin America and the CaribbeanMexico City / Mexico21-22-23 November Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Plataforma Urbana http://www.plataformaurbana.cl/
50“URBAN DESIGN, ECONOMIC GROWTH, AND JOBS OF THE FUTURE, IN THE TROPICS” Economy and LivelihoodsKnowledgeEuropeJames Cook University (JCU) 1/14-88 McGregor Rd, Smithfield QLD 4878, Cairns, Australia 25-27 NovemberCentre for International Trade and Business in Asia (CITBA), College of Business, Law, and Governance, James Cook University- Australia 1- James Cook University- Singapore www.jcu.edu.sg 2- The Cairns Chamber of Commerce* https://www.cairnschamber.com.au/ 3- Cairns Regional Council* https://www.cairns.qld.gov.au/ 4- Regional Development Australia*-Far North Queensland https://rdafnqts.org.au/ *: participation is being negotiated1- JCU News: https://www.jcu.edu.au/news 2- CITBA Media and News: https://www.jcu.edu.sg/citba/media-and-news 3- JCU Linked-in and Twitter Accounts 4- Cairns Post*: https://www.cairnspost.com.au/ 5- ABC Radio*: https://radio.abc.net.au/ Cairns Post and the ABC radio will be contacted closer to the event’s dates
51Our favorite city: Gorgan
گرگانِ دلخواه ما
sustainable urban developmentKnowledgeAsia PacificGorgan/Islamic Republic of IranNovember Municipality of Gorgan1. Golestan Province Governance
2. Golestan Administration of Cultural Heritage and Tourism
3. Golestan Administration of Road and Urbanism
4. University of Gorgan
5, University of Medical Science
6, Administration of Culture and Islamic Guidance
7, Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults
8, Other organizations if possible
4, Other media if possible
52Open an free innovation for Territories - Collaborative Urbanism, a New Paradigm (Asia 2)innovationProject implementationAsia PacificTapei/ChinaNovember 7 Billion UrbanistsFree it foundation, DigitalCivix City Blockchain Labs, Clam Mag, Whole, Cymantiks, Unlimited CitiesContribuons!
53Open an free innovation for Territories - Collaborative Urbanism, a New Paradigm (Brussel)innovationKnowledgeEuropeBrussel/BelgiumNovember 7 Billion UrbanistsFree it foundation, DigitalCivix City Blockchain Labs, Clam Mag, Whole, Cymantiks, Unlimited CitiesContribuons!
54Open an free innovation for Territories - Collaborative Urbanism, a New Paradigm (Geneval)innovationProject implementationEuropeGeneva/SwitzerlandNovember 7 Billion UrbanistsFree it foundation, DigitalCivix City Blockchain Labs, Clam Mag, Whole, Cymantiks, Unlimited CitiesContribuons!
55Open an free innovation for Territories - Collaborative Urbanism, a New Paradigm (Africa)innovationPolicy changeAfricaLagos/NigeriaNovember 7 Billion UrbanistsFree it foundation, DigitalCivix City Blockchain Labs, Clam Mag, Whole, Cymantiks, Unlimited CitiesContribuons!
56Approach to Inter-scalar Resilience-Settlement Linkages.ResiliencePolicy changeAsia PacificDhaka/Bangladesh6-7-8 December Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)1. Ministry of Housing & Public Works, Gob, http://www.mohpw.gov.bd/
2.Ministry of Local Governemnt & Rural Development, GoB, http://www.lgd.gov.bd
3. Dhaka South City Corporation (DCC) GoB, http://www.dhakasouthcity.gov.bd/
4. Dhaka North City Corporation (DCC) GoB, http://www.dncc.gov.bd/
5.Urban Development Directorate (UDD), GoB, http://www.udd.gov.bd/
6.Rajdhani Unnayan Kartipakkhaya (RAJUK), http://www.rajukdhaka.gov.bd/rajuk/
7. Institute of Architects, Bangladesh (IAB), http://www.iab.com.bd/
8. Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP), http://www.bip.org.bd/
9. Khulna University (KU), Bangladesh, http://www.ku.ac.bd/
10. Jahangirnagar University (JU), Bangladesh, http://www.juniv.edu/
11. SREDA, IEB Building (9 & 10th floor), Ramna, Dhaka
12. IDCOL, UTC Building, Level-16, 8 Panthapath, Dhaka
1. The Daily Star, Bangladesh, http://www.thedailystar.net/
2. The daily Prothom Alo, Bangladesh, http://en.prothom-alo.com/
3. NTV, Bangladesh, http://www.ntvbd.com/
4. Channel I, Bangladesh, http://bdlivezone.com/Live-TV-Channels/Bangla/channel-i-Bangla-live.html
5. ABC Radio, Bangladesh, http://tunein.com/radio/ABC-Radio-892-s136372/√4.
57Combating the Urban Climate Change in South-East Asia: Towards Implementation of New Urban AgendaClimate changeProject implementationAsia PacificKuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), 50088 Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia7-8-9 DecemberInstitute of Climate Change, The National University of Malaysia (UKM) 1. Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) / http://www.dbkl.gov.my

2. URBANICE Malaysia / http://www.urbanicemalaysia.com.my

3. Institute for Environment & Development (LESTARI), The National University of Malaysia (UKM) / http://www.ukm.my/lestari/en/
4. Centre for Innovative Architecture and Built Environment, The National University of Malaysia (UKM) / http://www.ukm.my/jurutera/

5. Resilience Urban Planning + Development (RUPD) GbR / https://www.rupd.de
1. Deutsche Welle / https://www.dw.com 2. BNC, Malaysian National News Agency / http://bernama.com/en/ 3. New Straits Times / https://www.nst.com.my 4. Center for Corporate Communications UKM / http://www.ukm.my/pkk/units/ 5. Majalah Sains (Science Magazine) UKM / https://www.majalahsains.com/
58Sustainable Innovation Zones: Lessons from Porto Alegre, Santo Angelo, Panama City, Oakland, London, and Freiburg innovationKnowledgeLatin America and the Caribbean

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Centenario Building, Praca Argentina 9, Porto Alegre, RS, 90040-020, Brazil
12-13-14 DecemberGlobal Urban Development1. Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) 2. Porto Alegre Sustainable Innovation Zone (ZISPOA) 3. Santo Angelo Sustainable Innovation and Creativity Zone (ZISSAN) 4. Panama City Sustainable Innovation Zone (ACTA) 5. Innovation Pact (Pacto Alegre) 6. Porto Alegre Inquieta 7. Virada Sustentavel 8. Porto Alegre City Government 6. Rio Grande do Sul State Government
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