CountryDescriptionLinkFurther contacts for the initiative
Austria In light of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the threat the war poses on civilians, including academics, the Field of Excellence “Dimensions of Europeanization”, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Graz are supporting three fellows from the Ukraine to spend one semester (4 months) in Graz to conduct and present research and collaborate with other researchers. further questions, please contact europeanization(at)
Austria The Austrian Student Union has gathered on a website all the essential information for Ukrainian students in Austria, in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
Austria Opportunities for students, perspective students, researchers at University of Vienna. Psychosocial support also in Ukrainian. Website in German.
BelgiumInformation on staying in Belgium by UNHCR, in English, French, Dutch and Ukrainian
BelgiumInformation for Belgians staying in Ukraine or Russia, and for Ukrainian and displaced persons in Belgium
BulgariaBulgarian citizens/students who are on the territory of Ukraine and want to be evacuated can also contact the Situation Center Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria via e-mailcrisis@mfa.bgUpdate 25.02 13h - 20 busses are on its way to Ukraine
BulgariaNational portal for the people affected by the war in Ukraine
BulgariaBG4UA page is run by a group of Bulgaria-based entrepreneurs, tech community members, and friends of Ukraine. They are part of the Bulgarian evacuation, relocation, and accommodation efforts for Ukrainians who wish to leave Ukraine for Bulgaria, or who have found themselves in Bulgaria and would like to stay.
BulgariaUkrainian citizens who are seeking shelter in Bulgaria can sign up in our Embassy in Kiev and consulate in OdessaBulgarian Embassy in Kiev +380 44 235 4389; +380 44 235 2202 -; Consulate General in Odessa +380 48 7466 554; +380 48 746 65 58; +380 48 746 63 75 - Consulate.Odessa@mfa.bgCitizens are advised to enter Bulgaria from Danube bridge (RUSE)
BulgariaUkrainian students studying in Bulgaria under the intergovernmental agreement are advised to travel to Bulgaria immediately. Contact centers Ministry of Education and Science - as well as
BulgariaGovernment issued official portal for Ukrainians seeking shelter in Bulfaria
Czech RepublicScholarship for students in risk at Charles University
Czech RepublicAdmissions and assistance for (prospective) students from Ukraine at University of West Bohemia;1.0/
Czech RepublicMasaryk University providing accomodation for Ukrainian citizens at B&B HOTEL UNIVERSITY BRNO and dormitories, financial assistance for Ukraine
Czech RepublicAdmittance and assistance to refugee students at University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Czech RepublicCentralised web made by nonprofit organizations to gather all help for Ukraine from the Czech Republic.
Czech RepublicDatabase with all the initiatives Czech Universities are doing for Ukrainian students
Czech RepublicGeneral webpage of nonprofit organization uniting all requests and posibilities in the Czech Republic (from the material help to courses of Czech language)
Czech RepublicList of doctors in the Czech Republic who accept Ukrainien citizens Ukrainian
Czech RepublicFor students who want to study in the Czec Republic, expains how to apply to
Egypt Egypt set up an e-platform for returning Egyptian students from Ukraine to register their academic and educational data to examine the available alternatives through their possible inclusion in Egyptian universities.
EgyptEquivalence of Ukrainian degrees with Egyptian ones (in Arabic)
EstoniaUkrainians with expiring Estonian residency permits may stay for time being
EstoniaThe University of Tartu has established a scholarship fund to collect and channel donations to support the studies of Ukrainian students at the University of
EstoniaSome Estonian universities have indicated that they are willing to take in Ukrainian students and if necessery house them (and if that is not workable then together with other refugees).
EstoniaEÜL is willing to coordinate the arrival and allocation of Ukrainian students and we are in contact with relevant government offices and NGO-s. Arriving student-refugees will receive a free ISIC card.
EuropeList of multiple funds/aids, events, organisations etc.
EuropeThe European Youth Forum has assembled a list of safety/security tips, including border crossings
EuropeThe European Youth Forum has assembled useful links for the population still in Ukraine, which also includes transport links, at the border and outside Ukraine
EuropeList of help for BIPoC , LGBTQIA , Disabled/Chronically ill refugees in different countries
EuropeHelp for Black People / BIPoC in the Ukraine
EuropeMatching Ukrainian refugees with hosts
A map listing several hosting initiatives for people fleeing Ukraine, and beyond
The European University Foundation and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki have created a browser to find emergency shelters, access to health and psychological support, fast track application procedure for studies and special scholarships for studies in several Higher Education Institutions across Europe. It is constantly updated, and , you can browse through institution, city or country
Platform where to find voluntary host places for Ukrainians in Europe
The Council of Europe has compiled a list of dedicated actions from its Member States in support of Ukrainian students{%22121882535%22:[]}
Comprehensive website with info for people in Ukraine, refugees, educational opportunities etc. also divided by country
UNESCO compiled a website with the educational response to the Ukrainian crisis in several European countries, including Higher Education
Academic opportunities for refugees and people at risk
The Ukrainian Global University is an initiative supported by the Ukrainian government to match Ukrainian students with supporting Universities around the world, to offer scholarships for those students that commit to come back to Ukraine after their studies to rebuild the country.
The Educational Equality Institute provides free language courses for Ukrianian students in English, Lithuanina, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Polish, as well as the free online university for Ukrainians, where students can start new university studies or continue existing studies via TEEI and undertake exams at partner universities for full accreditation. Registration is open for students to enrol for next semester.
FinlandInstructions on arriving in Finland from Ukraine
FinlandMentalhealth support on chat in English
FinlandIn response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, the University of Eastern Finland will make it possible for Ukrainian degree students to apply for admission to the University of Eastern Finland under a separate right to study, and to apply for a grant.
For International studentsContacts of embassies in neighbouring countries and contacts in Germany
For international studentsThe Ukrainian Foreign Minister announced the establishment of an emergency hotline for African, Asian and other students wishing to leave Ukraine because of Russia’s invasion.
For international studentsHelp for displaced African students to be connected with universities, including full/partial tuition aid, and extended international transfer application deadlines.
FranceThe association af ukrainian students in France organizes the reception and accomodation of ukrainian students who arrive in France
FranceProgramme for hosting researchers from risk areas. Held by the ministry of HE & Collège de France.

All the informations to apply are on that page
FranceThe Presidential Council for Africa and the Cooperation of African Associations for Education have created a personal, educational and academic e-platform for registering Africans who have been studying in Ukraine and whose studies have been disrupted. The platform aims to enable them to follow the same course they were enrolled in in Ukraine at French universities participating in the initiative. Questionnaire in French
FranceOn 22 March, the Ministry of Higher Education issued a circular outlining all the actions that universities and student welfare services should take. Here is the summary:
- Temporary protection
- Registration in a higher education institution
- Accommodation
- Social protection
- Psychological support
- Financial assistance
GermanyThird country students from Ukraine: they will be able to apply for a Fictional Certificate in the state of Berlin which allows them to stay in Berlin for 6 months (to sort out their studies in Berlin) - Information regarding the fictional certificate:
- TU Berlin student union counselling for international students:
- FU Berlin student union counselling for international students:
- HU Berlin student union counselling for international students:
- refugee law clinic that can help with legal matters for free:
GermanyPrivately organized offers for Ukrainians to stay as well as information on translators, help services etc. in Germany list, telegram contacts in the list
GermanyShelter placement platform for germany (Elianor Network)
GermanyTranslator against war - help with translations (German, English, Ukrainian, Russian)
GermanyHelp in Berlin
GermanyMission Lifeline - rescue ship which has so far mainly rescued refugees from the mediterranean sea is raising money to evacuate UkraininiasFundraiser: website (+ contact details):
GermanyLeaveNoOneBehind are collecting donations. They are also collecting initiatives which help regarding Ukraine
GermanyDGO - they have a scholarship programm for belarusian students and are currently working on scholarships for Ukrainians.
GermanyGFPS - they have an extensive information padlet where german and english information is mixed. Initiatives which help with translation, scholarship initiatives, shelter in Germany, etc.
GermanyInformation for Ukrainan students and PhD canddiates at the University of Potsdam, information on residence and visas as well as psychological counselling. Selected information also in Ukrainian.
GermanyA1 German language courses for African students that were studying in Ukraine and would like to continue their studies in Germany
GermanyThe German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has created a centralised website as a first orientation in Germany and especially in the German higher education and research system, including support measures and opportunities for students and researchers from Ukraine.
Germany/ SwitzerlandLibereco - fundraiser evacuate families, organise medical aid, make makeshift repairs to houses and protect the civilian population Link
HungaryInformation for students in upper education about studying in Hungary
HungaryUkrainian speaking call center to aid refugees hosted by Hungarian studentsCall 1818 in Hungary
HungaryUkrainian speaking medical call center to aid refugees hosted by Hungarian students. Ideal to get help in the adjustment of medicines in Hungary.Call 1812 in Hungary
Ireland Removal of visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens seeking asylum in Ireland
Department of Foreign Affairs at +353 1 6131700.
Israel Tel Aviv University – Emergency Scholarship for Research Students from Ukraine
Call for Applications
In the name of academic freedom and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, Tel Aviv University
(TAU) established an emergency fund to support research students from Ukraine. TAU is offering to
host up to 20 research students from Ukrainian universities in all disciplines for a full semester at TAU. During their stay at TAU, scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to further their research through collaboration with TAU’s leading scholars and scientists.

Program Outline

The program is intended for Postdoctoral students, PhD students, and research-track MAMSc students currently enrolled in a university in Ukraine in any discipline.
Students must be Ukrainian citizens to apply.
Students must be able to communicate effectively in English.
Scholarship recipients will be invited to come to TAU soon after notification of acceptance and to remain for up to six months.
The university will match each scholarship recipient with a TAU faculty member who will serve as the student’s mentor while at TAU.
The scholarship will cover full tuition and a stipend.
Please email the following material to Ms. Michal Linder at TAU International -

1-page (up to 500 words) statement describing research.
Letter of recommendation from advisor.
Document showing active status at home university in Ukraine.
Interested applicants can also contact Nurit Shnabel -
and he will connect you to relevant researchers at TAU.
Italy UNICAM- University of Camerino is offering Ukranian students to come and study at UNICAM for a Mastr's programme, duration- 1 year, with a scholarship application form
Italy In collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Authority, the Universities of Trieste (, Udine ( and SISSA ( are preparing to welcome Ukrainian students and researchers and support them through scholarships. In particular, regional universities make available up to 18 semesters for doctoral students or master degrees for thesis preparation. Additional mobility grants for visiting faculty are available at SISSA. The University of Tuscia - UNITUS ( promotes supporting initiatives for students, teaching and technical-administrative staff from Ukraine by activating scholarships for students, controbutions for Ukrainian researchers, professors, lecturers, teachers, and technical-administrative staff; in addition the University is committed to provide Erasmus+ grants to 22 students and 20 staff coming from the following Universities: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Lviv Polytechnic National University. All info and contacts at this link

Contacts: ,
LatviaThe centralised site for refugees from Ukrain. Includes additional support contacts, useful links, etc. Everything from getting housing to legal assitance for working permits and visas.
Latvia All information necessary as well as contacts are available on a centralised webpage.
LithuaniaAn NGO that has been active since 2014 supporting freedom fighters and civils in Ukraine. They are gathering money to send supplies
LithuaniaNational Volunteer Support Coordination Center - accommodation in Lithuania for war refugees.
LithuaniaLithuanian Governmental information for Ukraine refugees: registration, accommodation, relevant contacts
LithuaniaVytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania is ready to accommodate 50 teachers and 500 students from Ukraine in its dormitories and guest
MoroccoStudents who have returned from Ukraine to Morocco are asked to register their personal and academic data, including their specialisations and university levels on an e-platform for allowing them to continue their studies.
NorwayInfo for residence permits/ asylum in Norway for Ukrainians and the current situation, including helplines
NorwayInfo about ayslum for any nationality
PolandSafe place for UAS representatives at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. There is place to live and work.-Joanna Maruszczak, 0048 601784704 via Telegram/ Signal
PolandFree mental health and psychological support at the HEIs.Also PSRP project: Students' Councils at Universities or write at
Poland24-hour hotline for Ukrainian citizens (with the Card of Pole).0048 22 523 88 80
Poland24-hour hotline for Ukrainian citizens.0048 47 721 75 75
Polandfacebook group for announcing / receiving transports on UA / PL border.
PolandMedical students from Ukraine can continue their studies in Poland
PolandFree textbook for learning Polish
PolandFacebook group with Ukrainian citizens seeking legal aid and Polish lawyers willing to provide it pro bono
PolandDedicated website for Ukrainian citizens
PolandFree travel for Ukrainian citizens. Class 2 cars with seats on TLK and IC trains. On the website are also informations in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
PolandInformation for students and researchers coming from Ukraine (in Ukrainian and Polish).
PolandPolish student union PSRP has prepared a special site, where you can find all necessary information regarding government announcements for Ukrainian students; Polish, nation-wide help initiatives; helpful links,
and many more
PolandList of cost-free doctors (of various specialisations) for citizens from Ukraine. (Лікарі для України).
Poland Reception points. There, refugees from war-stricken Ukraine can get warm and satisfy their basic needs. Necessary hygiene products are waiting, and there are psychologists offering assistance.

They can also declare whether they want to stay in Poland. If they do, they will be informed about the places where they can be temporarily housed.
There are QR codes with more info about reception points:
Poland - Dedicated website for refugees.CROSSING THE BORDER: Ukrainians are not required to have a covid test and are not quarantined. Procedures are reduced to a minimum.
PortugalIn light of recent events in the Ukraine and the forced displacement of millions of civilians, ISCSP of the Universidade de Lisboa will be organising a free of charge Portuguese language course (beginner's level A1) for ukrainian refugees.
RomaniaGeneral help-info webpage in
Romaniaa FB group for the people that are looking for help
RomaniaAlso, here is a list with other options in case someone is coming in Romania and needs help, there are also places ready to help pets.