incident idcountrysuspect-namedate-of-arrestplace-of-arrest-or-seizureitems-seizednumber-seizedcourt-appearanceschargessentence
1BelgiumNot available1-3-2000BelgiumIvoryn/a8kg worth of ivory carvings seized in Belgium (exact location not reported). n/a
2NetherlandsNot available1-1-2001NetherlandsIvory44 pieces of ivory seized in the Netherlands (exact location not reported). n/a
3SwitzerlandNot available15-03-2001Zurich AirportIvoryn/a10kg worth of ivory carvings seized at Zurich Airport. n/a
4BelgiumNot available8-6-2001Brussels AirportIvory3333 ivory carvings seized at Brussels Airport, totaling 150kg. n/a
5UKNot available7-1-2001Gatwick AirportIvory5858 elephant tusks seized at Gatwick Airport, totaling 445kg. n/a
6SwitzerlandNot available9-1-2001Zurich AirportIvory8383 ivory pieces seized at Zurich Airport (exact weight not reported). n/a
7SwitzerlandNot available24-09-2001Zurich AirportIvory2020 ivory pieces and tusks seized at Zurich Airport, totaling 77kg. n/a
8NetherlandsNot available1-10-2001Schiphol AirportIvory22 ivory carvings seized at Schiphol Airport (exact weight not reported). n/a
9SwitzerlandNot available22-02-2002SwitzerlandIvory2020 elephant ivory tusks seized in Switzerland (exact location not reported), totaling 307kg. n/a
10BelgiumNot available14-06-2002Brussels AirportIvoryn/a9.5kg worth of elephant ivory tusks seized at Brussels Airport (exact number not reported). n/a
11GermanyNot available10-1-2008Zurich AirportIvory2424 pieces of worked ivory (exact weight not reported) seized at Zurich Airport. n/a
12NetherlandsNot available3-1-2015Pays-BasIvory22 elephant ivory tusks seized at Pays-Bas, totaling 6.7kg. n/a
13GermanyNot available4-10-2016WurzburgIvory77 elephant ivory tusks seized at Wurzburg, totaling 70kg. n/a
14PortugalNot available6-1-2015LisbonIvory131129 pieces of ivory and 2 elephant ivory tusks seized in Lisbon, totaling 28kg. n/a
15FranceNot available3-3-2016Alpes-MaritimesIvory33 elephant ivory tusks seized at Alpes-Maritimes, totaling 10.05kg. n/a
16FranceNot available12-7-2015Charles de Gaulle AirportIvoryn/a95.1kg of ivory seized at Charles de Gaulle Airport (exact number not reported). n/a
17FranceNot available26-06-2015AlsaceIvory250250 pieces of worked ivory, seized at Alsace, totaling 25kg. n/a
18FranceNot available27-05-2015Charles de Gaulle AirportIvory39136 pieces of ivory seized at Charles de Gaulle Airport, totaling 136kg. n/a
19ItalyNot available4-1-2003Rome AirportIvory130130 pieces of worked ivory seized at Rome Airport (exact weight not reported). n/a
20UKNot available15-09-2016Spitalfields Market Ivory232232 pieces of worked ivory seized from Spitalfields Market (exact weight not reported). n/a
21UKNot available17-02-2016PortsmouthIvory5555 pieces of ivory seized in Portsmouth (exact location and weight not reported). n/a
22UKNot available18-04-2016ThornabyIvory2Illegal ivory was discovered in a 56-year-old Thornaby woman’s home. She received a police caution for buying and selling products from endangered species, including tiger claws. The woman, who lives at Roseberry View was found to have claws, whale teeth and elephant tusks in her home. She admitted she knew the sales of claws was illegal, but said she did not fully understand the laws surrounding the trade of animal artifacts.

23SwitzerlandNot available7-6-2015Zurich AirportIvoryn/aCustoms officials seized nearly 600 pounds of smuggled ivory with an estimated black market value of €350,000 at Zurich Airport in July 2015. The ivory was being transported in 8 suitcases by 3 Chinese nationals, from Tanzania to China. Not availble
24FranceNot availablen/aFranceIvoryn/aNo further details provided. n/a
25BelgiumNot available20-4-2017Zaventem AirportSeahorses and ivory2065Three un-named Chinese traffickers attempted to fraudulently pass through the Brussels Zaventem Airport with 2, 063 seahorses, an ivory bracelet and a dragon carved in ivory. The three men, aged 30, 48, and 52, came from Freetown, Sierra Leone and were in transit to Beijing. A sum of $6350 US was found on them, also taken by the court who considered it a profit from illegal commerce.Sentenced by a Brussels correctional court to 15 months in prison, half of which as a suspended jail sentence.
26SwitzerlandNot available6-7-2015Zurich AirportIvoryn/aSwiss custom officials seized 262kg of ivory, including lion teeth and claws. The items were being transported in 8 suitcases, by 3 Chinese passengers, aged 21-37 years old. They were travelling from Dar es Salaam to Beijing. They were unable to pay the bail of US$102, 000 each, but were allowed to continue their journey after handing over all of the cash they had available (the amount was not revealed). n/a
27FranceNot available7-9-2015FranceIvory, elephant tusk, European goldfinch, Hermann's tortoise71Customs, the National Office for Hunting and Wildlife (ONCFS), the Gendarmerie Nationale (Central Office for the Fight against Harm to the Environment and Public Health - OCLAESP) conducted a joint operation in the ports of Marseille, Toulon, Bastia and Porto Vecchio in Corsica and the airports of Marseille-Marignane, Nice, Roissy and Ajaccio in Corsica. Toll for one week: 35 ivory items and 4 elephant tusks, 17 live European goldfinches and 15 live Hermann’s tortoises.n/a
28FranceNot available7-12-2015Charles de Gaulle AirportIvory3 tusks, 1500 blocks of raw ivory, bracelets and sticksThree tusk sections, 1500 blocks of raw ivory, bracelets and sticks (95.1kg in all) were seized from the luggage of a Vietnamese couple released after a brief customs restraint. The duo from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, were going to Hanoi, via Paris. The ivory originated from Angola. They were released after 5 hours of police custody, despite being liable to 7 years imprisonment and €150, 000 fine (according to the law). According to French customs, they were part of a well organized criminal network. n/a
29UKNot available31-10-2011Cheltenham IvoryNot availablePolice in the UK and New Zealand swooped on a suspected global ivory smuggling ring after parcels containing carved African Elephant ivory were intercepted at Auckland Mail Centre. Dozens of pieces of ivory, including two raw tusks, were recovered in the UK by Gloucestershire Police. Two men were arrested and documents confiscated when police officers raided a house in Cheltenham after receiving intelligence on the illegal trading of elephant ivory. n/a
30UKNot available14-1-2012Cardiff AirportHippo foot, ivory11The foot of a hippopotamus and 10 carved ivory ornaments were seized from a passenger at Cardiff Airport. Officials searched the bags of a 58-year-old woman arriving from Zambia via Amsterdam. When questioned the woman said she had cleared a relative's house in Zambia and was unaware that she needed a license to bring the items into the UK. The items were seized by the agency and the woman was allowed to leave the airport after questioning.n/a
31GermanyNot available1-9-2012GermanyIvory190190 pieces (approximately 10kg) of unworked African elephant ivory were seized during a random check at the airport. The case involved a controlled delivery and also resulted in an additional seizure of 17kg of ivory on a premisis in Turkey. n/a
32UKShane David Ball17-7-2015WorkingtonElephant ivoryNot availableCarlisle Crown CourtShane David Ball, a 26 year old antiques dealer was sentenced to 7 months imprisonment for trading illegally in elephant ivory. Ball stood trial in January 2016 and pled guilty at Carlisle Crown Courton 13 September 2016.7 months imprisonment
33NetherlandsNot available1-9-2018Netherlandscacti, coral, monkeys, ivoryNot availableSome 75,000 cacti, monkeys, coral and kilos of ivory are among the items seized by Dutch officials in a major drive against wildlife trafficking, which took place between September and mid-November [2018]. Operation Toucan was a national campaign in support of the CITES endangered species treaty, which also aims to build up a better picture of smuggling routes and boost public awareness about the illegal trade in plants and animals. In 2018, officials, police and customs experts were involved in raids across the country and on the Dutch Caribbean islands. In total, there were 217 separate investigations. The haul of illegal goods ranged from Korean face creams containing endangered types of the Aloe plant, a parcel containing six live snakes from the US and two dead toucans which had been sent from Uruguay to the Netherlands. Officials also picked up two live monkeys which were being kept as pets.n/a
34NetherlandsNot available17-08-2016Rotterdamsnake skin, lizard skin, coral, turtle skull, monkey, ivoryNot availablePolice and Customs under the direction of a Rotterdam court raided the premises of a business [in the province Brabant] and found skins, coral, etc. 2000 coral, skins of snakes and lizards (Varanidae), skulls of turtles and monkeys and ivory jewelry. Everything was displayed in a showroom. They also found half a million euros in cash. The company - as well as its owner, are held responsible. The police found a trail after the seizure of 345kg coral by Customs in the port of Rotterdam [17/08/2016]. In the same container they found also sea turtles parts, monkey parts, parts of bats and crocodiles. They will do further investigation.n/a
35UKPandelis Filosidis25-2-2016Whitchapelelephant ivory224A market trader caught selling jewellery carved from elephant ivory at one of London’s busiest markets escaped jail. Pandelis Filosidis, 57, was seen by police flogging hundreds of items of jewellery at his stall at Spitalfields Market in Whitchapel, east London. Among the goods seized were 109 rings, 78 bangles, 11 pairs of earrings, seven broaches, seven bangles, 12 Chinese puzzle balls and five miniature elephants.n/a
36UKChao Xi1-1-2016Portsmouthivory102Portsmouth Magistrate's CourtA trader with an interest in ‘unusual ornamental jewellery items’ was caught selling ivory online. Chao Xi used two accounts on eBay to trade more than £9,000 of elephant ivory overseas, mostly to China, over a period of five years. The 32-year-old, of Kingston Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, sold the ‘trinkets’, necklaces and bracelets despite being warned by UK Border Force which seized some items in transit. Xi, who had no previous convictions, traded 102 items worth £9,981 between 2011 and 2016. Xi received a six-month prison sentence on each of two charges, suspended for two years with 150 hours of unpaid work
37UKGuy Buckle and SIk Hung24-9-2019Champion HillIvory136Inner London Crown CourtTwo men have been jailed for using eBay to export ivory fans worth £145,000 from their flat on a south London estate. Guy Buckle, 62, and Sik Hung Or, 72, exported more than 100 prohibited items to China, Hong Kong and the US. 28 months jail sentence
38BelgiumNot available31-12-2018Brussels, Antwerp and GhentIvory152Throughout 2018, inspections were carried out in 34 antique shops and three auction houses in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. 152 pieces of ivory were seized of voluntarily handed over to authorities when their origin and manufacturing dates were not available. n/a
39FranceNot available27-11-2018GrasseIvory tusk2Two second hand goods dealers and a restorer specialising in ivory objects were convicted for attempting to sell two tusks through an auction house in Cannes. The tusks weighed a total of 110kg and had an estimated value of between €150, 000 and €300, 000. They were accompanied by phony certificates of historic origin from the Belgian Congo. Search warrants led to the seizure of carved ivories and three other tusks.One year in prison and a fine of €30, 000 + an accomplice received one year in prison and a fine of €10, 000
40ItalyNot available1-11-2018CataniaIvory14Fourteen ivory figurines measuring between 13 and 30cm, representing unicorns, animals and deities (all of unknown origin and manufacturing dates) were seized from an antique shop in Catania, in the Sicily Region of Italy. No further details provided. n/a
41RussiaNot available15-11-2018BryanskIvory, shark teeth255255 illegal objects were discovered in the baggage of a Russian passenger leaving Moscow for Ukraine. They included mammoth tusk sections, ivory figurines and sharks' teeth. No further details provided. n/a
42UKSlawomir Kazmierczak17-10-2019SpaldingIvory200Lincoln Crown CourtSlawomir Kazmierczak, 55, of Redthorne Close, Spalding previously pleaded guilty to nine charges relating to the Control of Trade in Endangered Species (Enforcement) Regulations 1997. The nine charges relate to offences between May 2013 and April 2017. Five of the charges related to trading prohibited items (ivory) and the other four to fraudulent evasion of prohibitions. The National Wildlife Crime Unit seized two parcels in February 2017 sent by Kazmierczak, of Redthorne Close, Spalding in Lincolnshire, to Hong Kong and China. The packages contained an ivory necklace, pendant and bangle. Kazmierczak was warned but continued to trade and the Border Force intercepted two more parcels sent by him in April 2017.

9 months in jail
43UKPeter Maw17-1-2020Gloucestershireelephant ivory, walrus2Gloucester Crown CourtPeter Maw, 65, of Duke Street, Cheltenham was charged in October 2019 following a lengthy investigation by Gloucestershire Police and the National Wildlife Crime Unit beginning in 2017. He admitted all five offences relating to laws restricting the sale of ivory items. Maw admitted five counts of fraudulently evading any duty, prohibition, restriction or provision, four of which related to elephant ivory and the fifth to walrus.Three months jailtime, 500EUR fine
44SpainNot available16-3-2020Spain, Portugalivory357The Spanish Civil Guard and the Portuguese Civil Guard have broken up a criminal network trafficking ivory online. The investigation led to the seizure of 355 ivory figurines and 2 tusks in Spain and Portugal, all worth about €120 000 on the black market. The operation, which was supported by Europol, resulted in the arrest of eight individuals suspected of crimes against wildlife. The ivory was sold online and at auction. The checks carried out during the investigation detected several companies involved and numerous invoices showing transactions from auctions.n/a