08 December, 2022HallA - F
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7:309:00Registration & BreakfastAS0101
9:0010:00Plenary ThemeBhishagvar Dada Vaidya Hall Plenary 1 : Expanding Scope of AyurvedaPoster HallP
Chair: Prof. Bhushan Patwardhan
National Research Professor-AYUSH, former Vice Chairman, University Grants Commission
TopicExpanding Scope of Ayurveda: Newer dimensionsSessionS01-S99
SpeakerDr. Bala PesalaPoster01-99
AffiliationCoE IIT JodhpurPS0101
TopicExpanding Scope of Ayurveda: Global Perspective
SpeakerDr. Geetha Krishnan
AffiliationTechnical Officer , Traditional Medicine, WHO, Geneva
TopicExpanding Scope of Ayurveda: Strides in Education sector
SpeakerChair: Dr. Shekhar Mande
AffiliationFormer Director General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
ModeratorDr. Ram Manohar, Head, Centre for Advanced Research In Ayurveda (ACARA), Amrita University, Kollam
RapporteurDr. Geeta Patki, Goa/ Dr. Ganesh Kolhe, Dhule
10:3012:30Inaugural function of 9th world Ayurveda Congress & AROGYA Expo, 2022 at Kala Academy Campus - Panjim, Goa
Vd. Anil Panse HallDr. SN Ojha HallVd. Deepak Ghume HallVd. Anant Bakhale HallVd.Rohidas Nagvenkar HallVd. Vithal Sukhthankar Hall
13:3013:50Lead SpeakerProf. Suman Kundu, GoaDr. Mukund Sabnis, AurangabadDr SN GuptaVd. Kartar Singh Dhiman, BHU, VaranasiVd. Gopakumar Nair, ThiruvanantapuramDr. Palaniyamma Durairaj, Amway, Bangalore
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Session ThemeAyurveda Heals: Success StoriesAyurcosmetologyAyurveda - Data Science and OmicsAyurveda BiologyAyurveda for Public HealthHealth and Environment
ChairpersonVd. Bhrigupati PandeyDr. Santosh Chavan, PuneDr. Harsha HegdeDr Sheela KaralamDr Lalita SavardekarDr. Vidya Narayan, Mysore
Co-ChairpersonDr. Vikas DigheVd. Vaibhav Ajitrao Bapat, JaipurDr. Udai Raj Saroj, NIA, JaipurDr. Mohar Pal Meena, Jaipur Dr Sandhya Wagh, NagpurDr. Aishwarya Mandar Ranade, Pune
Theme CoordinatorVd. Mrityunjay SharmaDr. Kalpana Dhuri ShahDr. Saketh Ram ThrigullaDr. Banappa UngerDr. Shivkumar Harti, New DelhiDr. Sarita Kapgate
Hall Coordinator
Scientific Paper CodeAS01011471Supriya Amrutrao BankaTHE STUDY OF EFFECT OF PUNARNAVSAVA IN THE MANAGEMENT OF UCCARAKTACPABS02013172Aditi BatraAyurvedic remedies for hair relaxers induced hair fallCS03013368Aswathy Y SEFFECT OF NIRUHA VASTI MEDICATED ENEMA ON PREVOTELLA SPECIES OF GUT MICROBIOTA IN RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS PATIENTSDS04012207Prathiban RengarajanA Study of Vascular Endothelial Function in Dominant Prakriti Healthy Individuals GroupES05011256Aakriti GuptaA unique polyherbal formulation for the management of PyrexiaFS06013963Abhishek SharmaStudy of impact of Environmental pollution in causing health related issues and effectiveness of classical ayurvedic remedies in detoxification of environment-a critical review
AS01022817Suvarna MhatreRole of Bhramari Pranayama in HTN management along with HTN therapyBS02022494Dhananjay V PatelA single arm open clinical trial on the role of Ayurvedic hair care regimen Moordhataila by Nilibhringadi Taila on the quality of hair in the patients of KhalityaCS03023494Ravisha NDiscovering bhaa action pattern using molecular dataDS04022043Anjana TIn vitro and in silico analysis proving DPP4 inhibition and diabetes associated gene network modulation by a polyherbal formulation Nisakathakadi KashayaES05022127AkankshaTo assess the correlation between age of menarche and Prakriti-A cross sectional studyFS06021067Ramesh Chandra TiwariEffect of Katak Seeds in The Purification of Polluted Water
AS01031388Dr.Shraddha MaliTo Study The Effect Of Sampurna Hruday Shuddhikaran SHS Therapy on EDVBS02031094Surjeet Kaur BavaA Comparative Study of Neelibhringadi Taila Shirobhyanga and Yashtimadhu Taila Shirobhyanga with Yashtimadhu Taila Nasya in Exogenous Trichological Toxins-Induced KhalityaCS03031884Swapnali Bhalchandra MahadikThe use of technology in the form of Electronic consenting Electronic data capturing Remote monitoring and analysis for clinical studies with reference to a large community based clinical studyDS04032267Ms. Ashwini ThakareNishamalaki A golden drug for an effective prevention control and management of diabetesES05031326ALOK D. SINGHEffect of madhumeha kusumakar rasa in high fat diet and streptozotocin induced type 2 diabetes in ratsFS0603
AS01041640ANSHU SHARMAManagement of Coronary artery disease through Ayurvedic drug Pushkar ghan vati- seven case seriesBS02041495HaripriyaEFFECT OF IRO ABHYANGA WITH AKSHA TAILA ON SCALP HAIR GROWTH A CLINICAL STUDYCS03043439Geethu BalakrishnanAn open labelled randomised control trial to assess the effect of an Ayurveda gut therapy protocol for managing dysbiosis in children with Autism spectrum disordersDS04042385Bhargavi PEffect of Brahmi Ghrita on cognitive function in breast cancer patients on adjuvant chemotherapyES05043407Amrutha AEffect of Ayurvedic therapeutic interventions in the Management of perimenopausal syndrome A case seriesFS06041950Ismath ShameemEffect of murr makki Commiphora myrrha Linn in abnormal vaginal discharge -A pre and post interventional analytical study
AS01052098Dr.PayalA Randomized Clinical Study of the effect of Prabhakarvati and modified Kataphaladi Kwath in the management of Kaphaja Hridroga with special reference to Left Ventricular Systolic functionBS02052568Dr. Dulani KaushalyaA Review on Pharmacodynamic Analysis of a Keshaya Hair tonic yoga wsr to Caraka SamhitaCS03052208Dr. Jackulin PerairaIdentification of Potential Cardiovascular Disease Targets with special emphasis on Katu Rasa Karma- An in-silico approachDS04053260ANITAAn Open Randomised Clinical Trial on Functionality of Pittadhara kala with 8-16 yrs Age GroupES05052431Anjali Baijnath PrasadImmunomodulatory activity of polyherbal drugs-bhrigrajasava and guduchi satva A clinical comparisonFS06051508AGATHIYAR MPhealth economic study on the impact of environment in promoting human health
AS01061692Charan sonareIs there a role of Polyherb Medicine in Heart Failure with Low Ejection fractionBS02062707Pratima PaudelTrichology and hair cosmetology in Alopecia through AyurvedaCS03062617Karthik K PSystematic Utilization of Vaidyas and Artificial Intelligence for Diagnosis and Management SUVAIDIAM A software solution guiding clinical decision making in AyurvedaDS04062090Prashant S. DurapheMetabolomics analysis revealed chronotypes associated metabolic alterations in healthy human adults-a pilot clinical trialES05061076Zishan Ahmad Ansarimanagement of parikartika wsr to acute fissure in ano by ayuheal suppositoryFS06061392Vikrant N PatilRole of Ayurveda based novel Thyroid reactivation and detoxification programme TRDP in treating symptoms of hypothyroid patients
AS01073334Prafull YashwantraoImpact of Ayurveda Based Ischemia Reversal Program on Reduction of Resting Myocardial Ischemia Studied with Speckle Tracking Global Longitudinal Strain ImagingBS02071533RenuManagement of Hair Disease through Ayurvedic cosmetology- A Case seriesCS03073777Manish Dayashankar YadavThe role of DATA Science in the field of Ayurveda Dravyaguna VigyanDS04073041Deep Shikha PuneraElucidating inter-individual variability in hypoxic response among healthy individuals using Ayurgenomics approachES05073887AsmitaIron deficiency anaemia Baseline survey study of school going children at Mulashi Block Pune District Maharashtra for Ayush Sponsored Project of PHI schemeFS06073098Subash SahuPharmacological activity of Gojihva Elephantopus scaber Linn- A Review
AS01083287Rashmi DhamneRole of Vyayam and Panchkarma therapy to Improve Cardiac Function in Chronic Heart failure patientsBS02081202SAVITA S ANGADIEvaluation of TruHair oil in the management of Different Hair disorders An open labelled Randomized Control Clinical TrialCS03081121Nisha P ShettyEvaluation of predisposing factors of Diabetes Mellitus post-Gestational Diabetes Mellitus using Machine Learning TechniquesDS04084088Archana RadhakrishnanAn Experimental and Analytical Study of Yashtimadhu choorna Glycyrrhiza glabra with Ksheera on histopathological and behavioural changes of Brain Dr Archana Radhakrishnan kmct Ayurveda college kozhikode IndiaES05081550Dr. BarkhaRole of Keshanjana and Triphala Churna in Shushkakshipaka Evaporative Dry eye syndromeFS06083485VINAYAK GIRISH GALATAGEAntipyretic effect of amritottar kashay ghan vati in wistar albino rats-an experimental study
AS01091827Noushad Ali ThachaparambanCardioprotective effect of Ayurvedic treatment in the management of acute myocardial infarction a case studyBS0209CS03093559Rijuta PatilAlternative methods for shodhanarth snehapanDS04093174Dr Anurag PandeyKlaibya Male infertility An update on the phenotypic spectrum Clinico-etiopathology and molecular genetic association correlative studyES05092942Dr. Prof. Pradip Kumar PandaFS06092110PRITY KUMARIWomens Environment and Their Awareness Towards Government Programmes Study in Varanasi City
AS0110BS0210CS0310DS04103063Dr. Swami PranakaSahaj Nadi ParikshaES0510FS0610
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Ayurveda Heals: Success StoriesAyurcosmetologyAyurveda - Data Science and OmicsAyurveda BiologyAyurveda for Public HealthHealth and Environment
ChairpersonVd. Eknath Ganesh KulkarniDr. Basavaraj R Tubaki, BelgaviDr Venkata Joshi, LondonProf. Nilesh Korde, GoaVd. Mahesh Verlekar, GoaDr. Nagaraja Samaga, Goa
Co-ChairpersonDr. Yogesh Anant KulkarniDr. Thakur Rakesh Singh, JaipurDr. Santosh Govindrao Girbide, MumbaiDr. Vijay Kumar SrivastavaVd. Rahul Gandhi, jamnagarDr. Poonam Choudhary, Jaipur
Theme CoordinatorVd. Mrityunjay SharmaDr. Kalpana Dhuri ShahDr. Saketh Ram ThrigullaDr. Banappa UngerDr. Shivkumar Harti, New DelhiDr. Sarita Kapgate
Hall Coordinator
Scientific Paper CodeAS07011475Laxminarayan SarbereTo study efficacy of Ischaemia Reversal Programme IRP in stable Ischaemic Heart Disease IHD coronary artery disease CAD patients to improve quality of lifeBS08011428BhawnaEffect of different ayurvedic oils in the management of Darunaka DandruffCS09012258Poonam Birari-GawandeDeficit awareness and practicing concerns related to Ayurved OncologyDS10013819C N VishnuprasadAn Ayurveda-Biology platform for Integrative Diabetes ManagementES11012780BodhiniStudy the effect of the Ayurvedic preventive measures on covid 19 among the first contactsFS12014111Mr. Devansh DevaniComparative studies of antimicrobial activity of kamdhenu hand wash against various bacterial strains
AS07023271A.M.SIDDIQUIEffect of Ayurveda therapies in the chronic heart failure patients with LV dysfunctionBS08024000Rita Rahul BaviskarAn Open Single Group Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Khuskhus Beej Papaver somniferum Linn Lepa in Darunaka DandruffCS09023712Ritu RaniUnraveling the inter-individual variability in healthy individuals at the transcriptomic level through Ayurveda PrakritiDS10021656Sridar GA geometrical approach towards an ideal ayurvedic Cellular Model with reference to Sroto Vimana of Charaka Samhita a software Programming Language StructureES11022943MOHAMAD SALEEMA COMPARATIVE CLINICAL STUDY TO EVALUATE THE EFFICACY OF ELADHI CHURNA AND NARIKELA KHANDA IN AMLAPITTAFS12024120Patil Kampan AnilbhaiEffectiveness of Sulphur-Ghee Ointment on Skin disorders
AS07031448Asha shabraniRole of Panchkarma in improvement of NLR Ratio in Ischemic Heart Disease patientsBS08031833SarangaThe effects of yashti gairika vidalaka for under eye darknessCS09033671RakeshEvaluation of Agnikarma Therapy for Pain management Dr Rakesh Kumar Jaiswal Assistant Professor Deptt of Sangyaharan Faculty of Ayurveda Institute of Medical Sciences Banaras Hindu University Varanasi India Email-rkj41abhucoin Mob-91-9415624830DS10033409Yashwanth BALT alanine transaminase and AST aspartate aminotransferase as markers of Vyayamajanita shrama muscular exercise an analysis with special reference to deha prakriti Author- Yashwanth B Co-author- Dr Amarnath B V B UG Research Project funded by RGUHSBengaluruES11034035BHAIRAV BHIMRAO TAWSHIKAR KULKARNIObservational Analytical Study To Assess Asthikshaya In Walkers And In Non-Walkers With Special Reference To Osteoporosis By Evaluating Bone Mineral Density And Serum CalciumFS12034019Kisundeo MehtaDoes Intermittent Fasting Control the Diabesity epidemic
AS07042833Rupali KawareA Retrospective Cohort to study the Effectiveness of Panchakarma Therapy and Reverse diet Box on Plaque Reduction in patients with CADBS08042121Vandana YadavInnovative Ayurcosmetology - Preparation Evaluation of effect of Varnya Cream in MelasmaCS09043243Sangeetha KAn Ayurgenomics approach to evaluate the efficacy of Basti at transcriptomic level in CVA patientsDS10043376JahnaviAn observational study to establish relation between deha prakriti vis a vis tear content using Schirmers test Author -Jahnavi Girish Honnali Co author - DrAmarnath BVB UG Research Project Funded by - RGUHS BengaluruES11041146DRAKSHYA DIPANITA DASEfficacy of Yashtimadhu Ghrita in enhancement of IQ in school going childrenFS12041143VIJAYKUMAR S KOTRANNAVAREfficacy of Jeevaniya ghrita nasya and Anu taila nasya in the management of Shushkakshipaka with special reference to Dry eye syndrome
AS07051449Parvez ShikalgarImpact of Tribulus Terrestris on NT-proBNP in Stable Ischemic Heart Disease IHD Chronic Heart Failure patientsBS08051758Vandana Milind AloniPanchamrit Facial as a beauty treatmentCS09052329SurendraMachine and Deep learning driven accurate assessment of Ayurveda Prakriti and Vikriti using Conversational AI and Digital Nadi ParikshaDS10052263Mayoori SEffect of Ayurvedic Intervention in the control of Biomarker IL-10 as well as PASI score in PsoriasisES11052778Rupesh AmaleA STUDY TO EVALUATE THE EFFICACY OF NATUROPATHIC MASSAGE IN THE MANAGEMENT OF NIDRANASHA IN MENFS12054103Manju PSthe impact of environmental pollution on stanyabreast milk and its management-a conceptual study
AS07061440Prajakta AsnodkarEfficacy of Ayurvedic Panchkarma therapy and Langhan Chikitsa in patient with CHF having raised NT-proBNP levelsBS08062995Dr. SOMYA WATTSClinical efficacy of BalamkhiraKigelia pinnataJacqsynKigelia africanaBenthin the management of Vyanga wsr to Facial blemishesCS09061385Tejaswini BhaleA multicenter retrospective observational study to show co relations between Nadi vikruti and manas bhav like stress and thoughts using Nadi Tarangini by capturing of nadi signals and analyzing through artificial intelligence and machine learningDS10063340TAMBOLI MUNAF AYUBIn vitro Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities and In silico Studies of Vyoshadi Guggulu an Ayurvedic FormulationES11061444Dr Anil KumarA comparative study of 7 Ayurveda interventions to control dyslipidemia using meta dataFS12064112Vivekkumar AdaljaComparative study of antimicrobial activity of Kamdhenu tiles cleaner against various bacterial strain
AS07072907Priti WanjariEfficacy of Ischemia Reversal Treatment in Post Angioplasty AnginaBS08072963Suratna BanerjeeA clinical study of kumkumadi tailam nasya in yuvan pidaka w S R to acne vulgarisCS09072418TRIPURA SAHUInsilico analysis of Bioactive Phyto-constituents of Vacha Acorus calamus Linn- An Ayurvedic medicinal herb in Ischemic Heart Disease IHDDS10072690Neethi RajanEffect of snehapana and virechana in the proinflammatory biomarker TNF in psoriasisES11073429Anil MangalClinical evaluation of Ayurvedic intervention in the management of Osteopenia Osteoporosis-An Open level studyFS12073374naliniAnti-microbial effect of vessel material on contaminated water Results of a pilot culture study
AS07083247Sadik KhanRole of Ayurveda in the management of Chronic Heart Failure patients Cohort studyBS08082405Santosh ChoudharyROLE OF KAPARDA DHURTI SUDHA PARPATI IN YUVANPIDIKA WITH SPECIAL REFERANCE OF ACNE VULGARISCS09081952RESMI B GAyurinformatics A Review on its applications and Recent StudiesDS10083961Nilambari S GuravEthnological validation of Ashwagandha ghrita as Vajikarana Rasayana in-silico in-vitro and in-vivo studiesES11081654Dr. Anjali SanjeevAgnivardhaka effect of murvadi agad in agnimandya caused by tobacco chewingFS12081100Vinod GuravDetermining Geo-Ecological Parameters for Designing Desha wise map of Belgaum District And Assessment of Desha wise Prakriti predominance - A Cross sectional Study
AS07092520Shilpa DongaAyurvedic Management of Infertility wsr to Low AMH- A Case SeriesBS08091078Avani MainkarOvercoming oxidative stress A mechanistic pathway for the efficacy of Ayurvedic herbs beneficial in hair careCS0909DS10092854Sanjeev K UpadhyaySida cordifolia exerts its pharmacological effects by modulating ER stress pathway in Huntingtons disease model of C elegansES11091812Ankita MishraSTUDY OF EFFECT OF MADHUYASHTI CHURNA ON PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS IN ADOLESCENT GIRLS A RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALFS12092152Karuna DeshmukhSTUDY ON EFFECT OF KATU AMLA GUNADHIKYA IN PITTA PREDOMINANT PRAKRITI WOMEN WSR TO pH OF VAGINAL SECRETION
AS07103322Bipin GondCan Ayurveda chikitsa help to improve Quality and Quantity of Life in known Chronic Heart Failure PatientsBS0810CS0910DS1010ES1110FS1210
16:3017:30Hall Ref | Session No.A S13B S14C S15D S16E S17F S18
Ayurveda Heals: Success StoriesAyurcosmetologyAyurveda Heals: Success StoriesAyurveda BiologyAyurveda for Public HealthIntegration with Indian Traditional Sciences
ChairpersonProf. HML Meena, NIA JaipurDr Mandip GoyalDr M.P JoshiDr. C N Vishnuprasad, BengaluruDr R Govind Reddy, Mumbai Prof. Mahesh Vyas, AIIA, New Delhi
Co-ChairpersonVd. Raman Ranjan, PatnaDr. Nomita Baishya, GuwahatiDr. Satish Shriram ChapadgaonkarDr Mukesh Naria, JamnagarDr. Amit Santosh Mishra, MumbaiProf. Kavita Indapurkar, Pune
Theme CoordinatorVd. Mrityunjay SharmaDr. Kalpana Dhuri ShahProf. Rahul SherkhaneDr. Banappa UngerDr. Shivkumar Harti, New DelhiDr. Satyanarayana Dornala, New Delhi
Scientific Paper CodeAS13012908Suvarna PolAyurveda based Panchkarma therapy in the Management of chronic heart failure with respect to Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathyBS14011973Kishor GavaliAyurvedic treatment of Vitiligo A report of 6 casesCS15011467Smita KarpeRole of Dietary Modification in patients with DyslipidemiaDS16013087Pallavi JamadaganiImpact of Shodhana an ayurvedic purification process on cytotoxicity of Datura metel in CHO cell lineES17013646Anop SinghTherapeutic effect of Sharpunkha Kshara in PleehodaraFS18013341J.AathithyaAntibiotic induced microbiota depletion and its management with Siddha polyherbal drug Sundaivatral Chooranam
AS13021536Swati AmbulkarImprovement in Dukes treadmill score and VO2max using Ischemic Reversal therapyBS14021376Bhakti Manoj TolamattiA CLINICAL STUDY TO EVALUATE THE EFFICACY OF KOTTAMCHUKKADI LEPA IN BREAST FIBROADENOMACS15022819Vaibhavi WakchourePositive Impact of Telemedicine in Managing NCDs Disease Relapse at Patients HomeDS16022361Prasanna K SimhaSida cordifolia Exerts its Pharmacological Effects by Modulating ER Stress Pathway in Huntingtons Disease Model of C elegansES17021160Deepthi. M. SAn Open Label Randomised Clinical Study To Compare The Efficacy Of Lekhaniyagana Mahakashaya And Musthadi Kashaya In ObesityFS18021525P.H.Amila Nishani PiyasingheA clinical study on the efficacy of new herbal formulation derived from Ola leaves manuscript in the management of osteoarthritis
AS13033123Gaurav ShelkeTo Study the effect of Raktmokshan in case of Chronic Heart Failure associated with LA ClotBS14034086RasanthikaA Review on Pharmaceutical Analysis of a novel herbal deodorant from Sveda daurgandhya nashana churnaCS15033796DR.SANDEEP SHANKARRAO KAMBLETo study the efficacy of kanchanar guggulu in the management of galaganda wsr to hypothyroisismDS16032108Priyanka Gladys PintoDelineating the Kinetics of Alpha-Glucosidase inhibition by Ayurvedic poly-herbal Anti-diabetic formulationsES17032709Jagriti SharmaEvaluation of Health Seeking Behaviour and its various determinents for Ayurveda in Jaipur Rajasthan- A Survey StudyFS18032004Amruthavalli G.VPsorolin B treatment protection and post management of psoriasis
AS13042993Harshada MekhaleIschemia Reversal treatment on Duke Treadmill ScoreBS14041726Karunanidhi SharmaExploration of Ayurvedic Saundya Prasadaka as cosmetic skin care in US market A Regulatory ReviewCS15042255Jinal ThakkarRole of Ayurveda based Thyroid Management Program TMP in prevention of HypothyroidismDS16044047Dr. Gornour Vishnuvardhan ReddyA comparative Clinical Evaluation of Rasona Taila in the form Matrabasti and TailaPaana in GridhrasiES17041245KAMINI BALASAHEB BHINGARDIVEEffect of Udvartana followed by Shamana therapy in the management of obese PCOS patients -case seriesFS18042779Anagha SivanandanScope of Indian classical music as a complimentary intervention in Ayurvedic management of menopausal syndrome
AS13052855Minal NaikEfficacy of Ischemia Reversal Program IRP and diet modification in stable ischemic heart disease IHD patients having time of ischemia TOI less than 10 minutesBS14051187Vaidya Sneha kandampully surendranAyurvedic Cosmeceutical products in the market Myth and RealityCS15051193Dr. Geetha Kumari SAyurvedic management of leukodystrophy A case reportDS16053453Shital Ashok GiramkarEffect of Triphala on Palmitic acid induced lipotoxicity in neuronal cellsES17052197Kuldip Singh PanwarP4 Medicine O4 Medicine AyurvedaFS18051095Dr. Anju Aravind TCOMPARATIVE STUDY TO ASSESS THE GATING MECHANISM OF PAIN RESPONSE BY ADD ON EFFECT OF VARMA CHIKITSA PRESSURE APPLICATION TECHNIQUE IN THE PATIENTS OF KATIGRAHA WITH GANDHARVAHASTHADI KASHAYAM
AS13063466Pradnya DeshpandeTo evaluate the efficacy of Panchkarma therapy in patients with Chronic Heart FailureBS14062341Dr.Bhagyashri AhirePreparation And analysis of Manjishtasariva GelCS15061304Vaidya Pooja AbhaniEfficacy of Vardhamana Pippali Rasayana in the management of Post Covid syndrome A case seriesDS16063767SHWETA YARAGATTIAn experimental evaluation of anti-obesity effect of Musta Rhizome and Ashoka Bark in progesterone induced obesityES17062567DR MANJUSHA PExploration of treatment protocol for idiopathic Parkinsons disease based on Dosha and agni based vyadhi avasthaFS18061748Dipali Mukesh NandavePretreatment of Dhanyaka seeds with mahisha dugdha yields superior quality seeds and exhibit better nidrajanana karma validation of Vrikshayurveda concepts
AS13073667Priyanka BhargavaTo evaluate the efficacy of Panchakarma therapy in improving VO2 max in Chronic Heart FailureBS14073726Pranjali Pradeep DhawalBiological photoprotectives from Garcinia indica fruit rinds An approach beyond SPFCS15072042Chandreshwar Prasad SinhaRole of Guduchi Ghanvati and Kiratatikta Ghanvati in the management of Sickle Cell AnaemiaDS16073209Om Prakash SinghRole of Gut Flora in Pathogenesis of Diseases with Special Reference to Rheumatoid ArthritisES17073907DR MYTHRI H SKnowledge attitude and practices about Rasayana Chikitsa among elderly diabetic population during the covid -19 pandemic A cross-sectional pilot studyFS18073999Prof. Dornala SnehalathaSadyo vamana karma as an acute remedial measure in different health conditions of children
AS13083319Ranjit NarangTo evaluate the efficacy of Panchakarma therapy in improving VO2 max in Chronic Heart FailureBS14083727ManjushreeSPF boosting potential UVA protection antioxidant and skin rejuvenating multifunctional formulation of Garcinia extract fortified with Kokum butterCS15084116Arjun MManagement of Appendicitis through Ayurvedic MedicinesDS16083345Sudhir D. MatteIn-vitro Anti-Oxidant Activity of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Terminalia Citrina FruitES17081159Neha PandyaEffect of Sarivadi Vati on Asrugdara Excessive and irregular uterine bleeding A clinical studyFS18082104Deepika PandeyPharmacological Evaluation of Cardioprotective activity of Madhavprash formulation in Experimental Model of Myocardial Infarction in Rats
AS13091207Rajeshwari P NClinical evaluation of Vardhamna Pippali on Reticulo-Endothelial System - A case seriesBS1409CS1509DS16091930Vyshna RavindranCan chronic maladaptive functional regression in autophagy serve as a candidate marker for differentiating Santrapana Apatarpana and Avarana Janya Apatarpana spectrum of disordersES17093284Jayakrishnan KAYURVEDA BASED MULTI-MODAL APPROACH FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF RECURRENT UPPER RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTION AMONG SCHOOL CHILDREN OF MALAPPURAM DISTRICT KERALAFS1809
AS13102911Priyanka ChoubeyRole of Panchakarma and Diet in Lifestyle DisorderBS1410CS1510DS1610ES17102744SANDEEP SAGARECreating sustainable solutions to address anemia in school children of rural area Schools coming under PHC Hudali of Belgaum District Karnataka through AyurvedaFS1810
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Scientific Paper CodeAS1901BS2001CS2101DS2201ES2301FS2401