Stearns Farm Seedling Sale 2019
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CategoryPlantVarietyContainer typeDescriptionAnnual or PerennialGood for containersPlant after danger of frost has passedSpacing
Flower Sold Out AgeratumBlue Horizon6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Tall, upright, sturdy stems. This classic filler adds texture and interest to bouquets and also attracts bees and butterflies to the garden. The tight blue flower clusters are 1 1/2-3" across and are long-lasting for bouquets. Ageratum is also known as flossflower or blue mink.Annual YesYes9"-12"
FlowerAmaranthHopi Red Dye6-pack(From Fedco Seeds) 'A stately 6' plant, Hopi was the best of the nine amaranths we compared, displaying 1–2' deep burgundy inflorescences. Leaves may be green or burgundy or some variation. Eat the young leaves in salads or slightly steamed, admire them young or old. The Hopis make a scarlet food dye from the flower bracts to color their ceremonial piki bread. Yanna Fishman of Union Mills, NC, suggests using Hopi in your floral arrangements. “When added to a flower bouquet it makes an ordinary clear jar look like an elegant purple-tinted vase as it colors the water.” 'AnnualNoYes12"-16"
Flower Limited YarrowColorado Mix6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds)Long-lasting perennial. 2-4", flat-topped flower heads in shades of red, rust, beige, rose, yellow, apricot, and white on 24" stems. Use Colorado fresh as a cut flower, adding drama to bouquets with the added benefit of a long vase life. Decorative, fern-like foliage. When dried, the color is retained. Low-maintenance. Attracts and supports beneficial insects such as damsel bugs, lacewings, lady beetles, and parasitic wasps.PerennialNo12"-24"
FlowerAsclepiasPleurisy Root6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) 'Showy orange flowers. Attracts butterflies and bees. Grows well in arid soils. Also known as milkweed, butterfly weed, butterfly milkweed, and butterfly-weed. Medicinal: Roots are a respiratory expectorant and diaphoretic. Perennial in Zones 4-9. Ht. 12-24". 'PerennialNo12"-24"
Flower Sold Out SweetpeaMammoth Choice Mix6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Large flowers on long stems. This early-flowering variety can withstand heat and drought unusually well. Mix of deep rose, rose pink, salmon, scarlet, white, lavender, medium blue, and deep burgundy produces well into the summer. Can be spelled either as sweet pea or sweetpea. Attracts hummingbirds.
FlowerZinniaOklahoma Formula Mix6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Bright colors, excellent vase life, and low susceptibility to powdery mildew. This improved mix is an essential component of any cut-flower offering. Prolific, 1 1/2-2 1/2" double and semidouble blooms.
FlowerZinniaSunbow Mix6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) 1-2" bright blooms light up bouquets. High yields of fully-double 1-2" blossoms of rose, purple, golden yellow, scarlet, orange, pink, and white. Long, wiry stems.AnnualNo9"-12"
FlowerCalendulaAlpha6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) 'Clear bright-orange blooms are reminiscent of gerberas. High resin content for medicinal use. 2 - 3 1/2" blooms. Also known as pot marigold, common, marigold.and Scotch marigold. Edible Flowers: Petals of the flowers can be used fresh or dried in "flower confetti," soups, soufflés, rice dishes, baked goods, and to garnish desserts. Calendula is a popular choice for brightening up salad mix. Flavor is tangy and slightly bitter. Remove the petals from the flower base before consuming as the base can be quite bitter. Ht. 24-30".'AnnualYesYes6"-12"
FlowerCelosiaDwarf Coral Cockscomb6-pack(From Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) 'Beautiful color on short, plants; these can produce large heads that sometimes reach 8” across, although they vary. A perfect bedding plant that adds vibrant colors to any garden; even the smallest can fit in a few of these.'AnnualYesYes6"-12"
FlowerCosmosDouble Click Mix6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Unusual double blooms in a range of colors. Tall plants with large, fully-double and semidouble blooms. Shades of carmine, pink, and white make this a great cut flower and garden addition. Cosmos are also known as garden cosmos.Tender PerennialNoYes8"-12"
Flower LimitedCosmosVersailles6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Early blooming and vigorous. Produces under short days and is also suitable for greenhouse culture during the winter. Strong stems can withstand considerable handling. Blooms are 2 1/2" across in shades of blush pink, pure white, carmine red, and pink with a deep pink eye. Cosmos are also known as garden cosmos.Tender PerennialNoYes8"-12"
Flower Sold OutDianthusChabaud Picotee Double Mix6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Scented, French garden heirloom. Vintage carnations present the sweet and spicy fragrance of clove. Frilly 1 1/2-2" double blooms with a small percentage of singles. Striped, flaked, and picotee types in shades of rose, pink, wine, salmon, cream, and white. Grass-like, gray or blue-green foliage. Blooms late July through August in our trials and is best grown as an annual for cut-flower production. Chabaud is an old-fashioned type dating back to as early as 1904. D. caryophyllus is native to the Mediterranean, where emotional attachment to this flower first took root. Also known as annual carnation.Tender PerennialNoYes6"
Flower LimitedDianthusChabaud Orange Sherbet6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Scented, French garden heirloom. Vintage carnations present the sweet and spicy fragrance of clove. Frilly, 1 1/2-2" double blooms with a small percentage of singles. Orange creamsicle-colored petals striped and flaked with tangerine. Grass-like, gray or blue-green foliage. Blooms late July through August in our trials and is best grown as an annual for cut-flower production. Chabaud is an old-fashioned type dating back to as early as 1904. D. caryophyllus is native to the Mediterranean, where emotional attachment to this flower first took root.Tender PerennialNoYes6"
FlowerMarigoldGiant Orange6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) ‘Tall, strong stems for cut flowers. Large flower heads, avg. 3", sit atop sturdy plants. These Giant marigolds are prolific producers for cuts as well as excellent garden performers. Sturdy, uniform flower heads are also useful for marigold garlands. Also known as African marigold, American marigold, and Aztec marigold. Edible Flowers: Use the flowers to dress up salads and desserts or cooked in egg or rice dishes. Flavor is floral with hints of citrus and spice, and slightly bitter. Remove the petals from the flower base before consuming as the base can be quite bitter.’AnnualYesYes8"-18"
Flower LimitedMarigoldTangerine Gem6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) 'Bite-size for use as edible garnish. Hundreds of petite flowers cover neat, low mounds of lacy foliage with a citrusy scent. Long-blooming for beds, borders and containers where it attracts beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, hoverflies, butterflies, predatory bugs, and parasitic wasps. Leaves of the plant are edible and are used as flavorful salad greens and garnish. Also known as signet marigold. Edible Flowers: Use the flowers to dress up salads and desserts or cooked in egg or rice dishes. Flavor is floral with hints of citrus and spice, and slightly bitter. Remove the petals from the flower base before consuming as the base can be quite bitter.'AnnualYesYes12"
Flower LimitedNasturtiumEmpress of India6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) ‘Victorian era heirloom. Scarlet flowers stand out amid the dark, blue-green foliage of this old-fashioned favorite. The compact, mounded plant habit makes it especially suitable for containers or as an edging plant. Also known as garden nasturtium and Indian cress. Edible Flower: Use the flowers as garnishes, or stuff with soft cheese. The flowers can be minced and added to butters and the immature seed heads can be pickled. Nasturtiums are a popular choice for adding color to salad mix. Peppery-flavored foliage is also edible.’AnnualYesYes8"-12"
Flower LimitedNasturtiumTip Top Alaska Salmon6-pack(From Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) A favorite edible flower in a soft, salmon color. Compact plants reach just 8 inches tall. The variegated leaves are also edible and make a spicy green in salads. The romantic blush toned petals are perfect for fine edible flower designs.AnnualNoYes8"-12"
Flower LimitedNasturtiumJewel Peach Melba6-pack(From Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) 'This jewel of nasturtium breeding produces blossoms in a lovely shade of primrose-cream with pearly-red spots. Dwarf plants are great for pots and superb in salads.'AnnualYesYes8"-12"
FlowerPansySorbet Formula Mix6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) 'Early, profuse bloomers. Upright stems with petite, 1-1 1/2" flowers. Tolerates temperature extremes and will bloom through winter in the South when planted in fall. A formula blend of blackberry, blueberry, coconut, French vanilla, lemon chiffon, lavender ice and more. Also known as pansy, Johnny jump-up, European field pansy, and horned violet. Edible Flowers: Decorative and edible garnish for salads and desserts with slight wintergreen flavor. While a popular choice for brightening up salad mix, the flowers are also good for candying. Ht. 8-9".'Hardy AnnualYes6"-9"
FlowerPansyMagestic Giants6-pack‘Extra-large pansies. 3-4" blooms are more numerous and two weeks earlier than other varieties under the low-light and short-day conditions of winter and early spring. Also known as pansy, Johnny jump-up, European field pansy, heart's ease, and hybrid violet. Edible Flowers: Decorative and edible garnish for salads and desserts with slight wintergreen flavor. While a popular choice for brightening up salad mix, the flowers are also good for candying. Ht. 6-8".’Hardy AnnualYes6"-9"
FlowerPansyPenny All Season6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Blooms all season long. Mounding habit with large, 1 1/2-2", uniquely colored blooms. Adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions. Stems do not become leggy in warm conditions. Also known as pansy, Johnny jump-up, European field pansy, and horned violet. Edible Flowers: Decorative and edible garnish for salads and desserts with slight wintergreen flavor. While a popular choice for brightening up salad mix, the flowers are also good for candying.Hardy AnnualYes6"-9"
FlowerPansyBlack King6-pack(From Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) 'A truly royal flower, this rich, large pansy has gorgeous petals, a satiny, deep black—like crushed velvet, with a small yellow eye. Very unique, these create an amazing contrast in the flower bed; they also make quite the statement in a mass planting.' (Our own research into reviews says it's aactually a deep purple rather than black)Hardy AnnualYes6"-9"
FlowerCentaureaFlorist Blue Boy6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Classic cornflowers. Deep blue. Upright plants produce abundant double and semidouble, 1–1 1/2" blooms. Prefers cool temperatures. Also known as cornflower, garden cornflower, and bachelor's buttons. Edible Flowers: Use the petals of this great edible flower for decorating desserts. Centaurea is also a popular choice for brightening up salad mix.AnnualYes6"-9"
FlowerPoppyShirley Mother of Pearl6-pack(From Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) 'A lovely mixture of misty and subtle shades. The late Sir Cedric Morris, painter and gardener, presumably years ago selected and named this mixture of pale and smoky colors as grey, lilac, mauve, pink, soft orange and white. Various flowers have flecking in the same tones and some delightful picotees. This refined mixture has a good balance of pastel colors. It is one of the most subtle poppy mixtures to grow in the garden. Easy, direct seeding on almost any soil, in full sun or partial shade. Stunning!'AnnualNo9"-12"
FlowerRudbeckiaIndian Summer6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) 'Gigantic golden flowers. Still a favorite. Semidouble and single blooms measure 4-7". Sturdy stems, vigorous branching. Requires no staking. Also known as blackeyed Susan and gloriosa daisy. Tender perennial in Zones 9-10. Ht. 36-42".’
FlowerGypsophilaBaby's Breath6-pack(From Baker Creek) Standard filler for arrangements. Small, 1/2- 3/4", white flowers make an airy cut-flower filler for bouquets. Multi stems per plant. Succession plant for continuous harvest through the summer. Also known as baby's breath, "gyp," and showy baby's-breath.AnnualNo12"-18"
Flower LimitedSalviaVictoria Blue6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Dense 5-8", deep blue spikes bloom summer to frost. A bit shorter, a week later to flower, and a deeper blue than Gruppenblau. Uniform plants tolerate heat, humidity, and poor soils. Well-suited for mass plantings. Strong, thin stems are harvested fresh or dried when bottom 3-4 flowers open. Zones 8-10. Also known as mealycup sage and mealy-cup sage.AnnualYesYes12"
FlowerEucalyptusSilver Drop6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Best variety for bouquets. Small, silvery green leaves on well-branched stems are ideal for fresh or dried bouquets.AnnualYesYes12"-24"
FlowerScabiosaPincushion Mix6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) 'Elegant cut flower on strong, slender stems. Sturdy, uniform, annual scabiosa mix in a wide range of colors. 1 1/2-2 1/2" blooms. Formula mix of black, blue, creamy yellow, pink, bright red, deep blue, salmon rose, and pure white. Also known as mourningbride. Ht. 24-36".'AnnualNo12"
Flower LimitedSnapdragonCosta Mix6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Early mix for spring and summer production. Exceptionally robust stems, high yield, and uniform growth in the field or greenhouse. Bred for performance under short days and low temperatures; considered a group 2. In our trials, Costa did equally well for long day or summer production. This mix includes rose, silver (very light pink), white, velvet (burgundy), and apricot. Colors are subject to change depending upon availability. Edible Flowers: The flowers are a colorful garnish for use in salads, desserts, and drinks. The flavor is floral and slightly bitter, so use sparingly. Ht. 28-36".’AnnualNo4"-12"
FlowerStrawflowerApricot Peach6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Profuse bloomers for fresh or dried arrangements. Tall, well-branched plants produce double flowers 2-2 1/2" across. Also known as bracted strawflower. Ht. 36-40".’AnnualNo10"-12"
FlowerStrawflowerFireball6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Profuse bloomers for fresh or dried arrangements. Tall, well-branched plants produce dark-wine (almost black) flowers 2-2 1/2" across. Fully-open blooms reveal contrasting fiery-orange center. Also known as bracted strawflower. Ht. 36-40".’AnnualNo10"-12"
FlowerStrawflowerSilvery Rose6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Profuse bloomers for fresh or dried arrangements. Tall, well-branched plants produce double flowers 2-2 1/2" across. Blooms are pure to creamy-white and frosted with rose at the petal tips. Rose coloring is subtler on young blooms and darkens as they mature and open. Also known as bracted strawflower. Ht. 36-40".’AnnualNo10"-12"
FlowerSunflowerPro-cut Orange6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Orange petals and a dark disc. Tall, with strong stems. 3-4" blooms. Also known as common sunflower and annual sunflower. Pollenless. Single stem. Ht. 60-72".’Annual NoYes4"-24"
FlowerSunflowerPro-cut Gold6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) Petals are a rich gold around a golden center. Tall, with strong stems. 4–6" blooms. Also known as common sunflower and annual sunflower.Annual NoYes4"-24"
Flower LimitedBorage2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Edible flower with mild cucumber flavor. Large plants bear hundreds of small edible flowers, mostly blue and some pink. Long harvest period. Borage flowers attract bees and butterflies. Borage readily self sows.’AnnualNoYes12"
HerbBasilTuscany4-pack, 2" pots(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Attractive and uniform lettuce-leaf type. Very large 3-5" long, ruffled and puckered bright-green leaves. Mild basil flavor with hints of licorice. Upright habit. Has shown better than average downy mildew tolerance in our field trials.’AnnualYesYes8"-12"
HerbBasilEleonora4-pack, 2" pots(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Slightly cupped to flat, 3" leaves with a somewhat spicier flavor than traditional pesto types. The leaf shape and more open habit make this variety less susceptible to basil downy mildew pressure than typical pesto types. ’AnnualYesYes8"-12"
HerbChives2" potPerennialYes8"-12"
HerbCilantro2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Slowest to bolt. Full, bulky plants. In our trials, Calypso was 3 weeks slower to bolt than Santo.’AnnualYes6"-8"
HerbBronze Fennel2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) Gorgeous reddish-bronze color. Vigorous and uniform strain is slow to bolt. Nonbulbing type. Leaves are a nice addition to salads, cole slaws, and dressings. Flavor in fennel develops and intensifies as plants mature. Very young plants (baby-leaf stage) will have a mild flavor, while mature plants (8-12" tall) will have a fuller fennel flavor. Edible Flowers: The florets are used to garnish savory dishes, and pair well with fish, potato, tomato, and beef dishes. Flavor is of sweet anise.AnnualYesyes4"-6"
HerbChamomile2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) Standard variety. Good yields of small, sweet smelling, daisy-like flowers. Tea made from flowers aids digestion and acts as a gentle sleep inducer.AnnualYesyes6"-8"
HerbMintCommon2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) A zesty, versatile herb. Use to flavor salad mix, main dishes, ice cream, and drinks.PerennialYes6"-8"
HerbSorrel6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) Bright lemon flavor. Produces some of the earliest greens of spring and the latest of fall. The tender, fresh green leaves grow to about 8" long and have an intense lemony flavor. Use sparingly in salads or generously in soups and sauces, especially with fish. PerennialYes6"-8"
HerbDill2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Edible seeds and greens flavor many foods. Popular addition to sauces and a must for making pickles. Foliage known as dill weed.’AnnualYesYes8"
HerbLavenderEllagance2" pots(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘An excellent alternative to vegetative varieties. Deep-purple flowers the first year on large, dense spikes. Plants are bushy, uniform, and well-branched.’PerennialNo12"
HerbParsleyGiant of Italy2" pots(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘The preferred culinary variety. Huge dark-green leaves with great flavor. Strong, upright stems make Giant of Italy one of the best parsleys for fresh market sales. Very high yielding.’Hardy AnnualYes12"
HerbRosemary2" potsAnnualYesYes12"
HerbOregano2" potsPerennialYesYes12"
HerbCatnip2" pots(From Johnny's Seeds) Vigorous, high-yielding plants. Cat-attracting perennial with gray-green leaves and white flowers. Markets for catnip include cat toy crafters, herbal tea companies, and retail plant sales. Flowers are very attractive to bees.PerennialYesYes12"-18"
HerbThai Basil2" pots(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Authentic Thai basil flavor. Try it as a flavorful garnish for sweet dishes. Green, 2" long leaves have a spicy, anise-clove flavor. Attractive purple stems and blooms. Called "Horapha" in its mother country, "Hun Que" in Vietnam.’
HerbLemon BasilMrs. Burns' Lemon2" pots(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Sweet and tangy lemon basil. Very bright green, 2 1/2" long leaves with white blooms make this basil both attractive and intensely flavorful.
Ornamental LimitedDusty MillerNew Look6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Large, deeply-lobed, flat leaves. The silvery foliage has become very popular as an elegant cut-flower filler in bouquets. Plants produce yellow flowers the second year from seeding primarily in the southern states. Flowers are commonly removed to encourage foliage growth.’AnnualYesYes8"-12"
VegetableLeekMegaton6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Upright plants with beautiful blue-green foliage. Long, thick shanks have very high yield potential. Less bulbing and splitting, and easier to peel than open-pollinated varieties. Vigorous and uniform.AnnualNo6"
VegetableOnionsRedwing6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Superior red color, long storage. Uniform, large onions with deep red color. Thick skin, very hard bulbs. Good red color in the rings. ***keep clumps of 2-3 plants when planting***AnnualNo6"
VegetableOnionsPontiac6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Disease-resistant, yellow storage type. Pontiac has very large size potential and strong, bronze-colored skins that protect the bulb well in storage. Thin necks dry down quickly. Very long storage potential. ***keep clumps of 2-3 plants when planting***AnnualNo6"
VegetableLeekKing Richard6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Beautiful full-sized leeks. In favorable soil and culture, the white shanks are over a foot long to the first leaf. Medium-green leaves with full habit. While not hardy enough for overwintering, they will withstand medium-heavy frost (32° to 20°F/0° to -7°C) without losing their healthy appearance.AnnualNo6"
VegetableBeanProvider6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Earliest to market. Provider can be planted earlier than other beans because it germinates well in cool soils. Compact plants are easy to grow and adaptable to diverse soil and climate conditions.AnnualNoYes6"
VegetableBeanDragon Langerie6-pack(From Fedco) Also known as Dragon’s Tongue. Tasty attractive 19th-century heirloom hails from the Netherlands. Compact stocky bushes bear abundant purple-violet flowers followed by flat 6" creamy yellow pods mottled with purple tiger stripes. Sunlight helps the colors become vivid, so plant farther apart in the row than normal bean spacing so interior sets develop good color. Crisp, stringless and amazingly juicy when eaten fresh. Cook or market promptly after picking; turns rubbery and loses snap when stored. Not recommended for freezing. Loses purple coloration in cooking. Seed purplish brown with blue stripes.AnnualNoYes6"
VegetableBeetRed Ace6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Workhorse standard red beet. Reliable, adaptable, and fast-maturing beet with strong tops. Sweet and tender, even when older. Medium-tall, red-veined greens for bunching. ***keep clumps of 2-3 plants when planting***AnnualNo5"
VegetableBeetTouchstone Gold6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Striking golden-fleshed beet. Smooth golden roots with bright yellow flesh retain their color when cooked. Excellent, sweet flavor. Leaves and petioles are green. Very good germination for a golden beet. ***keep clumps of 2-3 plants when planting***AnnualNo5"
VegetableBeetChioggia Gaurdsmark 6-pack(From Johnny's Seeds) Improved strain of Chioggia. The highest quality Chioggia strain available. Medium-height tops are green with pink-striped stems. Excellent flavor. ***keep clumps of 2-3 plants when planting***AnnualNo5"
Vegetable LimitedBok ChoiJoi Choi4-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Heavy, vigorous white-stem pac choi. Joi Choi forms a 12-15" tall, broad, heavy plant with dark-green leaves and thick, flattened white petioles. Tolerant to heat and cold.’Treated as an AnnualYes10"-12"
VegetableBroccoliGreen Super4-packF-1 hybrid. At PEAS Farm in Missoula, Montana, in 2014, farm caretaker Ellie Costello deemed this midseason broccoli “phenomenal.” Despite challenging weather fluctuations, Green Super came through with beautiful long-holding 7" wide and 3" deep domes. Has also looked good in midsummer both in Massachusetts and Maine. Sharon Hopkins in Zone 4 Ripley, Maine, was really pleased with it. Holds its deep green pound-plus tight-beaded heads above splayed leaves for easy one-chop harvest. After the primary cut, the second growth creates vigorous side heads, not ho-hum shoots. Super’s very healthy, very compact form begs to be snugly planted in efficient successions. Costello loved “Super Broc” roasted, and we enjoyed its excellent flavor and texture raw. Good eating combined with exemplary performance and space saving.Treated as an AnnualNo18"-24"
VegetableCabbageTendersweet4-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Great flavor for fresh use or light cooking. Midsize, flat heads stand well without splitting. Tender leaves are very thin, sweet, and crisp - perfect for coleslaw or stir-fries. The leaves, used whole or cut into squares, are also suitable for wraps. Widely adapted for spring, summer, and early fall harvest.’Treated as an AnnualNo12"-24"
VegetableCabbageFarao4-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) Delicious early cabbage. Attractive deep green, 3-lb. heads are filled with tender, thin, crisp, peppery-sweet leaves. Holds well in the field and is slow to split.Treated as an AnnualNo12"-24"
VegetableChardBright Lights6-pack, 2" pots(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘The gold standard for multicolored Swiss chard. Lightly savoyed, green or bronze leaves with stems of gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white with bright and pastel variations. Consistent growth rate and strong bolt resistance across all colors makes this a superior mix. Direct seed or transplant to allow separating out the individual colors. Suitable for production year round, but somewhat less frost hardy than normal for chard. The late New Zealand amateur breeder John Eaton developed Bright Lights; Johnny's selects and maintains the different color stocks and produces the seeds. AAS winner.’Treated as an AnnualYes4"-18"
VegetableCucumberLittle Leaf (pickling size)2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Broad disease resistance and stress tolerance. Blocky, medium-length (3-5") fruits are good for fresh eating. They pickle well and have a distinctive, bright emerald green color. Vines are compact, multibranching, and yield well even under stress. Half normal-sized leaves provide easy visibility and harvesting. White spines. Parthenocarpic. High resistance to anthracnose, angular leaf spot, bacterial wilt, and scab; and intermediate resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, downy mildew, and powdery mildew.’AnnualNoYes12"
VegetableCucumberSV4719CS2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Improved downy mildew resistance. Straight, dark green, slicing cucumber has good vigor and broad disease resistance. 8" long cukes are attractive and uniform with good flavor. Enough downy mildew resistance to extend the harvest by 1-3 pickings. Gynoecious. High resistance to anthracnose, angular leaf spot, downy mildew, scab, and zucchini yellow mosaic virus; and intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.’AnnualNoYes12"
VegetableCucumberOlympian2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Improved downy mildew resistance. Straight, dark green, slicing cucumber has good vigor and broad disease resistance. 8" long cukes are attractive and uniform with good flavor. Enough downy mildew resistance to extend the harvest by 1-3 pickings. Gynoecious. High resistance to anthracnose, angular leaf spot, downy mildew, scab, and zucchini yellow mosaic virus; and intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.’AnnualNoYes12"
VegetableEggplantPatio Baby4" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘The best container variety. Bright-purple flowers add beauty to this compact, edible ornamental. Well-suited for balconies, patios, and gardens; also ideal for pack sales and urban farming operations. Patio Baby is a true mini, maintaining proper proportions of fruit to calyx as it grows. Thin-skinned 2-3" long by 2-3" diameter fruit with tender flavor, perfect for grilling or roasting. Continuous set. Spineless fruits make harvest pain free and child-friendly. AAS Regional (Northeast) Winner. Purple calyx.’AnnualYesYes18"
VegetableEggplantFairytale4" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Purple-and-white mini eggplant. Attractive, 2-4" long by 3/4-1 1/4" diameter, fruits are borne abundantly on compact 18-24" plants. Wonderful flavor with no bitterness and very few seeds. Some fruits may be harvested in clusters. Green calyx. AAS winner.’AnnualYesYes18"
VegetableEggplantNadia4" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Traditional black Italian type. Uniform, 7-8" long by 3-4" diameter, dark purple fruits are glossy and blemish free. Tall, sturdy plants can set fruit under cool conditions. Green calyx.’AnnualNoYes18"-24"
VegetableEggplantDancer4" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) Deep-pink Italian type. Semi-cylindrical fruits are mid-sized (7-8" long by 3-4" diameter), mild, and nonbitter. Plants are strong and high yielding. Popular in Puerto Rico.AnnualNoYes18"-24"
VegetableKaleMix4-packA selection of our favorites.Treat as an annual.Yes.12"-18"
VegetableKaleToscano4-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Italian heirloom. Lacinato or "dinosaur" type. Unique leaf type: extra-dark green, noncurled but heavily blistered (savoyed). Rich, tender leaves have a softer texture than curly green kales. Tolerant of hot and cold weather. Tested for Black Rot.’Treat as an annual.Yes12"-18"
VegetableCollardFlash4-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) Vates-type hybrid. Very slow to bolt. Flash offers repeated harvests of dark green, smooth leaves. Very high yielding. Treat as an annual.Yes12"-18"
VegetableKaleWinterbor4-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Standard green, curled kale. The plants are tall, growing up to 2-3', with excellent yield and better cold hardiness. Leaves are well-curled, blue-green, and ruffled. Vigorous plants will continue growing to produce leaves for successive harvests as the lower leaves are harvested.’Treat as an annual.Yes12"-18"
VegetableArugulaAstro6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) Early, heat tolerant. A selection of standard arugula with a more strap-leaf shape and a slightly milder flavor. ***keep clumps of plants when planting***Treat as an annual.YesYes6"
VegetableLettuceMix6-packA selection of our favorite head lettuce.Treat as an annual.YesYes12"
VegetablePea, SnapSugar Ann6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) Earliest snap pea. Sweet, crisp pods mature extra early. 24" vines may be grown with or without support. Remove string from pods before cooking. AAS winnerAnnualNo3"-5"
VegetablePea, SnowOregon Giant6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) Large-podded snow pea. Sweet berries inside big sweet pods combine for a delicious flavor treat. High yields of large, 4½" x 1", medium green, flat pods. The 30", white-flowered vines grow with or without support.AnnualNo3"-5"
VegetablePea, ShellingMaxigolt6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) Best flavor. Outstanding late variety with large, very sweet, dark green berries. Attractive, broad, 3 1/2" pods. The vines avg. 3 1/2-4' (5' in fertile soil). Can be grown with or without support. AnnualNo3"-5"
VegetablePepper, green or sweetEros2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Early, mini golden-yellow bell. The perfect partner to Cupid, Eros's slightly tapered fruits are the same snack size, avg. 2" x 1 3/4", with a sweet and slightly fruity flavor. The large, sturdy, and leafy plants protect the fruits from sunscald.’AnnualYesYes24"
VegetablePepper, green or sweetRevolution2" pot(From Fedco Seeds) 'Those of us who still “feel the Bern” now know that the political revolution is going to take a lot longer to mature than the pepper Revolution. Not at all hot, this fancy quality sweet bell pepper allows CR to have a red September and Donna, a zone farther north, a red October. Juicy and delicious, it boasts the stoutest square walls imaginable. Superb yields of “nice hefty thick-walled fruits,” says Maine farmer Jason Kafka, some in excess of l lb. Customer Elaine Carlson relates, “I finally had success growing good sweet peppers 12–14 oz each thanks to Kafka’s recommendation. No more thin-walled peppers for me.” 'AnnualNoYes24"
VegetablePepper, ItalianCornito Rosso2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) A new class of peppers, cornitos are 1-1 1/2" wide at the shoulders and 5" long. They are very early, sweet, and attractive smaller versions of Carmen and Escamillo, with similar maturity. Perfect for grilling and roasting, like their full-size counterparts.AnnualNoYes24"
VegetablePepper, ItalianEscamillo2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) Bred by Johnny's, Escamillo has attractively shaped golden fruit with similar lobed shoulders and a flavor that rivals Carmen's. The name comes from the French opera in which the gypsy Carmen falls in love with the bull-fighter Escamillo. AnnualNoYes24"
VegetablePepper, Sweet BellAce2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) Extra-early, highly productive standard. Huge yields of medium sized 3-4 lobed fruits. Has apparent tolerance to blossom drop as nearly every flower produces a pepper. Widely adapted but performs particularly well in cool climates where bell peppers are difficult to grow successfully.AnnualNoYes24"
VegetablePepper, Sweet BellRed Knight2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) King Arthur type with better disease resistance and a more compact, open plant. Get a jump on the season with a large, early, green-to-red pepper. Big, blocky, thick-walled bell pepper turns red early. Fruity and sweet.AnnualNoYes24"
VegetablePepper, orange lunchboxGlow2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Tapered, thick-walled, 2-3 lobed fruits are 4-5" long and are deliciously sweet and fruity. Medium-size plants yield well. Early and easy to grow in diverse climates.’AnnualNoYes24"
VegetablePepper, ShishitoMellow Star2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) ‘Japanese shishito pepper for cooking or salads. Avg. 3 1/2-4" heavily wrinkled fruits are thin walled, mild (no heat) when green and slightly sweet when red. Popular in Japan where its thin walls make it particularly suitable for tempura. Also very good in stir fries or sautés. In Asia, fruits are always cooked green but they also may be used red. Thinly sliced, the red fruits are excellent in salads and coleslaw. Large, upright plants produce good yields over an extended harvest period.’AnnualYesYes24"
VegetablePepper, CayenneRed Ember2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) Dual use, fresh or dry. Thick enough for a bit of crunch when eaten fresh, but thin enough to dry easily. The fruits are sweet with moderately warm heat for a cayenne. "Pepper heads" can eat Red Ember fruits whole, while others craving a touch of heat can slice it thinly for salads. Makes excellent powder or flakes; also nice for hot sauce. Bred by Johnny's plant breeder Janika Eckert. AAS winner. AnnualNoYes24"
VegetablePepper, Hot PepperHungarian Hot Wax2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) Widely adapted and productive, even in cool weather. Yellow hot pepper with 5 1/2" x 1 1/2" smooth, waxy fruits tapering to a point. Easy to stuff and to peel after roasting; thick-fleshed for frying. Its sunset-ripening peppers change from yellow to orange to red, and make the prettiest pickled peppers.AnnualNoYes24"
VegetablePepper, Hot PepperHot Paper Lantern2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) Earlier and more productive than regular habaneros. Magnificent, elongated and wrinkled, red, lantern-shaped fruits are 3-4" long. Early maturing for a habanero. Tall plants. AnnualYesYes24"
VegetablePepper, SerranoHot Rod2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) High-yielding serrano. Hot Rod is a traditional serrano with avg 3" fruits borne on big plants over a long harvest period. The dark green fruits are traditionally eaten green but also make fine chipotles if allowed to ripen to red. A couple of days later, but much higher yielding, than Serrano Del Sol, which it replaced.AnnualYesYes24"
VegetablePepper, JalepenoEl Jefe2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) Best combination of earliness and yield in a jalapeno. Fruits avg. 3 1/2-4", a bit longer and thinner with less checking (small cracks in skin) than Conchos. Large plants. High resistance to bacterial leaf spot races 1-3, 7, 8 and potato virus Y; and intermediate resistance to tobacco etch virus. AnnualNoYes24"
VegetablePepper, AnchoBaron2" pot(From Johnny’s Seeds) Highly adaptable, large-fruited Ancho pepper. Baron has proven to produce better than other anchos under challenging and favorable conditions. The fruits are very large, avg. 5" x 3", and are typically two-lobed which makes them easy to stuff and cook in their signature dish, chile rellenos. More consistent than Tiburon, which it replaces, and has ranked at the top of our trials year after year. Baron was one of our most exciting new product additions for 2017. AnnualNoYes24"
VegetableScallionsEvergreen Hardy White4-pack, 2" pots(From Johnny's Seeds) The most winter-hardy bunching onion. Exceptionally cold-hardy scallions. Sow early spring through early fall for harvest well into winter. Little or no bulbing, though overwintering may result in bolting in springTreat as an annualYes4"-6"
VegetableSpinachBloomsdale6-pack(From Johnny’s Seeds) Open-pollinated savoy for spring and fall. Medium dark green leaves on upright plants make Bloomsdale easy to harvest. Heavily savoyed. Suited for early spring and fall plantings as it is fast growing. Also suitable for winter harvest. For full size and bunching. Great flavor.Treat as an annualYes6"-9"