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1. Seed germination should be done carefully.
2. The farmer should keep track of the number of grains that sprout from the seeds.
3. If the number of grains that sprout is less than 70, it should not be reported.
4. Farmers should take care of their crops to avoid hunger.
5. Soybean should be germinated by farmers.
Ram Ram Kisan brothers Rukmani Sen, I live in Gavdi village, today I tell you that seed germination is also busy. will keep on

Yashoda, we froze this sack, I twisted the grain in the strap and melted it in Modi's Modi's leaf, folded the mod, which we could not keep in front of him, do not inform Shyam Surat, sprinkle water, we have kept the grains for 3 days Later we will count and see how many grains are there, if it rises above 70 grains, then you can tell me, if it is less than 70, then we will not tell it. I request the farmer brothers that I have sown seeds like you too see hungry

Farmer brother must germinate soyabean thank you{{output_text}}
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Cultivation of masoor
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1. Bring two bullocks and put a donor pass in them.
2. Give the bullocks more food after they make noise.
3. Pour water as needed.
4. Remove black material from the soil before attacking it and give it a nalban.
5. Ensure that the soil is strong and healthy to produce good crops.
6. Water the crops as needed, but avoid overwatering.
7. Use cow dung to fertilize the crops.
8. Use cow urine mixed with water to make the crops shine.
9. Avoid using mahua, as it can cause quarrels.
10. Look for leaves with gel on them to stop pests.
11. Remove papdi from leaves before planting in the field.
12. Use tea leaves to remove light district soil.
13. Use oil in pulses to increase yield.
14. Cook crops even if there is a lack of water in the well.
15. Promote the crop to other farmers to increase its value and profits.
My name is Major Ram ji Namaskar and I am happy and tenure of this village District Rajgarh Tehsil Rajgarh Your famous brother can give you information about this first two bullocks and bring them tomorrow itself and put a donor pass in it, after that 1 day After 2 days, she comes upstairs, after that, again after making noise, she should be given more and if you want to pour water, then like your own.

If the water goes away, then why does the swan remain? If there is a deep place, then you tell me with a solution.

The world should be good when this material seems to be black, after removing it, then attack it, give it a nalban in it, then it remains in the middle of it, then went to a village, it is a woman or votes for a man, and strong If it remains, only then it will bear fruit and if many people throw it away, then it remains weak, more water goes into it, which does not bear fruit, then it bears more fruit, and you gave it more, didn't it, after that it became free, if needed water After drinking dung roti from cow dung, then medicine is given to kill it.

To kill Kumar, this is done in a month. In a month, sleep falls. Don't let your change 3 inches below if you want to get into fault then don't let it get and if not then water will be given in it.

If cow urine mixed with WhatsApp is eaten, cabbage dies, if mixed with water, cow urine shines, this mahua kills everyone, that too leads to quarrels; that jugaad should be suppressed in his palace

Whose leaf has that gel in it, then they can stop it, the second thing is whose leaf it has got stuck, see that after drinking the leaf, read it, but its papdi does not stand, remove its song, before that it will remain in the field. It should not be too much, it is a light district, tea leaves are used to remove it, the soil becomes strong with its leaves, it becomes manure, that this branch is light, eating it does not make much strength in the body.

and it was well made in price

And it is made quickly and more oil is used in pulses, it does not take anything in this year and the price of the conspiracy is also good and fast. If it rains heavily, otherwise it does not need water, and there is no water in its well, and it wants more water in the crop, then it goes to waste, in need of water it cooks its entire crop. Even then it becomes good and the land also becomes strong, this is the advantage

And the farmer brothers should say that there is no water in their well, if there is no water in tubewell, then it can come only in one water, then it is necessary to be famous and the price also increases, so the message should be given that this crop is good. I want to say this to all the farmer brothers that at least this sasura goes in water and it costs less to cook and it costs less to earn and there is a lot of profit in profit. If the seed is good then it will become a child and the lentil will also look good ok thank you{{output_text}}
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Sahjan a complete nutrition
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I have identified the following advice from the video transcript relevant to farming best practices:

1. Drumstick leaves have numerous health benefits and can protect against several diseases.

2. All parts of the drumstick plant can be used and should not be wasted.

3. Raw drumstick leaves can be used as medicine for children and pregnant women.

4. Dry drumstick leaves can be powdered and used to help malnourished children gain weight.

5. Drumstick leaves can be added to bread along with salt and chili for consumption.

6. Use of pesticides and fertilizers should be avoided in drumstick farming to maintain purity.

7. Drumstick plant is hardy and does not require much attention, making it a good option for farming.

8. Membership of committees and organizations such as Jeevika Gram Sangathan can provide support for drumstick farming.
Greetings sister, today we are going to give you drumstick leaves, especially what is the benefit of giving training to you, sister, first of all, let us introduce ourselves, my name is Prabhat Ranjan Bharti Anand Bhaiya and Nagma you guys are also ours. introduce

My greetings to teri didi bhaiya my name is chandrani bharti i am working as atm in chutna manpur cluster i am member of bhawani giri and from roshni gram organization i salute to your didi bhaiya my name is kumari neetu raj i self help I am associated with the group Jeeta Samosa, I work in the post of friend, my greetings to all the Divya present, my name is Pratima Kumari, my home, friend, Bangaliya and Mausam, you are working as a member of Jeevika Gram Sangathan.

The membership of the committee members works as a member of the Sangram Sangathan and what you tell us about all the people, now tell us the dogs, what are we benefiting because the gentleman is also with us. We will also know what will be the benefit, then we use it and say marunga marunga also do it anywhere and like you people who do in rustic language.

His prince is such a tree, sister, who saves the lives of crores of people, and when this head protects us from three hundred diseases, which can protect us from three hundred diseases in our country, it is so beautiful that we do not understand it. They are lying like this but do not use it. Good information that will keep away from three hundred diseases. I have three legs in my courtyard.

Kirtan to us, we will give you complete information, you may start them and let everyone know, in one of your research, how big a bridge is there in a small strip of drumstick, which is as much vitamin C found in a lemon. Vitamin C is 7 times more than that, this is 7 times 7 times and this carrot is 4 times more vitamin A than the carrot which is carrot.

Let's eat more and now it is considered very good, brother, there are many vitamins in milk, but calcium is found in it as much as milk and potassium vitamins are more than bananas, you have told

What are the qualities of dance, what are its vitamins, see even after this sim, and I am telling what are the qualities, know that it is a protector even in three different diseases, you must have seen that wherever this plant is planted happened and he didn't give any answer no one is going to see him just get bored of it and it starts stirring because of which no one gave up no one did anything because of which prevents you from stopping like you eat pomegranate in it Fertilizer has been added or pesticide has been added, due to which you also have a roll.

There is no doubt, no matter how much, due to which your health is such a head, sister, all parts are used, we used to take advantage of all parts, but now it is There is some vitamin in it, but we only knew that sister, no part of it can be wasted.

whose medicine stopped

Well, so many elements are found and why we have given its flower to get rid of stomach diseases and know as you would be eating fruits and whatever you eat, it would eventually ripen in that too, which you would never use. No, but no, sister, some veer is of great use, when you make powder and put it in water, it becomes pure and you know, sister, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, I will tell you later.

Gond must be coming out, see and know one more thing, sister, you people should use it raw, even after eating it, it becomes such a medicine that you can make powder and give it to such a child, why can you make people Everyone must be watching the child, if the sister becomes less, then 50% of its weight can increase.

If you use it dry leaves, make it powder and use it to get a weak child, make a malnourished child gain weight, and then sister, I am telling you by hand for women that pregnant women suffer from anemia, which we To fulfill it, we have blood deficiency and sister of its leaves. This drumstick leaf is very useful for the supply of a few drops.

Let's go but don't want to do this we have to use this drumstick leaf it is more effective than sister Yadamma for cleaning and skin diseases and all diseases percentage good brother you have explained very well do we want to ask you are who is used and someone else and how

You told about success and after solving what you want to do, Ashish Yadav seems to want to make bread, then put that leaf in the bread and add salt and chili.

By doing compassion, the master will be engaged and then whoever is included in it, in the same way you use it on a daily basis, good sister, now we have told all the things to you, but you have given a lot of attention and time to listen to these things at this time. thank you for good sister then we go{{output_text}}
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Nalanda_Panktiya mein pyaj ka paudha ropan
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subtopic=Line sowing
1. Irrigate the nursery 400 days before uprooting the plant.
2. Keep the root part of the uprooted plant in different solutions for 15 to 20 minutes before transplanting.
3. Plant onions on a line with a distance of 7 to 10 cm between them.
4. Maintain a distance of 15 to 20 cm between plant to plant line.
5. Cut onions after 40 to 45 days of sending the plant to the nursery, and soak them in a solution of 2 grams of Babsteel powder in 1 liter of water for 15 to 20 minutes.
How is the price in Bajaj Sagar Loha Mandi Love that my love has become so small Part 6

If it is very good, then we will ask him that how did the onion grow here Pranam Bhaiya Pranam Bhaiya, where are you coming, brother, we do not live in farming, how did you remember a little, Shalini Anil Bhaiya, did you drive, can you help again? Yes, tell me brother, what service should I do, I want a little information about the planting of love, today there is a lot of damage, even today there is a very small grandson, the crop has been harvested, what is available in the market, don't write a lot of dirt, friend. How to do farming that you want to know then I am going to love, now I have come at the right time.

Tell Ghazi's annual, if you pay attention to some things, then brother Riyaz must irrigate the nursery 400 days before uprooting the plant.

Why brother should do this before water, by doing this brother the soil gets wet properly, so that there is no harm to their face while removing the plant. Let's see, now it has become water brother, take 2 grams of this powder in water and mix it with 2 grams of Bavishtin powder in 1 liter of water, we are making a group in it.

See brother, in this goal, now we have to keep the root part of the uprooted plant in different solutions for 15 to 20 minutes, what will happen, brother, it does not seem practical to reach the money, let me show you by doing brother, see brother for transplanting. My field is ready for Sachin Pilot to remember the weapon, water is used with Lal's scarf, we equalized him because after equalizing yaari ko yaari, use transplanting.

yes brother everything is fine how to cure it it is a 40 days old plant

See brother, here farmers do not plant on the line, it is very important to plant on the line, it is similar to onion which is equal and its love which is higher, see brother, there should be a distance of 7 to 10 cm at home.

Now do this in future as well. The distance between the plant should be 7 to 10 cm.

See brother, line to line distance is 20 cm, you need an idea, please, there is one bitta, the distance of one bitta is 20 cm, line to line 12


yes see brother plant to plant health should be centimeter from online to line should be 1520 Indian it is beneficial first advantage is that there is 4 to 5 quintals in one kattha second advantage is please size is big and that's why price in market Well get the third advantage, in this brother there is convenience in stopping the lifeline and not playing and it settles like that

Pay attention to four things while cutting onions, see the first thing is the brother who earns the plant from the nursery, it should take some 40 to 45 days to send the plant to the nursery, we do this by making a solution of 2 grams of Babsteel powder in 1 liter of water for 15 to 20 minutes. Keep in mind that there should be a distance of 15 to 20 cm from plant to plant line, pay attention brother, the benefit may not be as much as it should be.

Nirmal Bhaiya Till these days it seems that people do onion cultivation and make it very well.{{output_text}}
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prepration of onion nursery bed in raine
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1. Prepare the soil by removing debris and creating a drain to prevent waterlogging.
2. Use cow dung manure to fertilize the soil.
3. Mix 5 kg of compost and 5 kg of cow dung manure per bed.
4. Mix the compost and manure well with the soil.
5. Keep the nursery bed 3-4 fingers higher than the ground to prevent spoilage due to rain.
6. Uproot weeds from near the drain on both sides of the bed.
7. Sow seeds for onions only after making nursery beds to avoid spoiling in the middle.
8. Use caution when using raw manure as it can attract termites.
9. The roots of plants grown in prepared nursery beds are less likely to break when uprooted.
Namaskar Ram-Ram Ram-Ram I have come from Rajgarh so introduce yourself my name is Phool Singh I am a resident of village to get ready for today you are getting ready to sow the seeds you are getting ready you are preparing you know It is 3 meters long and 1 meter wide and by taking out the bakkart in it and collecting the soil of 11 and making a drain around it, what is it that if the water does not fall, it does not go down

So medicine is also making nursery, then it seems that the soil is acting from your surroundings, what is it that instead it becomes a pit, in such a way, it is manure of cow dung, like when we prepare nursery beds, then we mix it in this bed. 5 kg of manure is mixed in a bed, dung manure ji, you just told me about the material sitting Mr. Nursery, then you will make a bed and show me what you make, see exactly

Both have done soil from here, then how do they pull the tail from here, pull soil from both sides, do such work and work, bring new cow dung to manure.

love types match it

This way

This is your 5 kg compost 5 kg

cow dung manure a 5 kg

Will gain 5 kg weight

Means it will become a whole thing, what is it that the seed gets good nutrition, it is better for the seed to prepare well, it remains strong, as we have written, mix it again in the soil, mix it in the soil like this, mix it with the car

This way

Let's mix on 20th

Whichever bed you have made is broken, what work does it spread around it, it works like if it rains heavily, the water does not stay on this page for long and goes into the drain, you will tell about it, you should be careful like We have made beds, don't write this, which should keep three to four fingers above, what is that, if it does not get spoiled due to rain, the water goes into the drain due to excess water.

The caution is that cow dung manure should be cooked manure, termites get infected with raw manure, raw manure should not be cooked food, whatever you told me about caution sitting in the nursery, then by preparing yourself with it, We will tell you about the benefits of this, tell us exactly, it is beneficial for us that when we make a bed, we keep it three to four steps higher than the ground, then when we make seeds in it, no matter how expensive the babies are, then what is it that ever It does not spoil, it becomes a plant, it becomes a plant, it becomes a plant, so it becomes convenient to uproot it as much as we talk about saving money. Its roots do not break, it is uprooted well.

Apart from this, it has some other advantage, like whenever we sow seeds in it, there is weed in it, so to uproot it, we do not have to look in the middle of it, what is it that weed from outside near the drain You can uproot the weeds from both the sides, it is necessary, what is necessary, it is necessary for rain, because we prepare a seed in the rain, in the rain, now as if you have had a lot of rain, then what is the difference between this? It doesn't spoil, it is necessary for rain

What message does Umesh want to give to the farmer brothers who have their eggs, what message do they want to give to all the farmer brothers, I request all the farmer brothers that whoever sow seeds for onion, plant them only after making nursery beds because they are sold very expensive in the market. If there is, then the middle should not be spoiled, so you have given very good information about electricity by making beds and making nursery beds, thank you very much from my side and from my organization Ram Ram Ram{{output_text}}
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Khagaria_Bhindi Beej Sodhan
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1. Cultivate wheat in a new way.
2. Use organic farming methods.
3. Use zero-budget farming techniques.
4. Be mindful of the medicines used in plastic utensils.
5. Plant seeds properly and carefully.
6. Collect bread and clothes outside the house to support farming.
7. Avoid using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Pranam Didi Pranam Bhaiya How is it best to cultivate wheat in a new way, from where, what is the meaning of Hindi, even if it is available in a new way, Lakhbir Singh

Brother, we also sent as a member, made dead and also made our own house, please tell about it.

Well sister, our name is Pratima Devi Siya and we are Savitri, deputy secretary of the organization, Siyaram Gharwale, Sabalpur post mortem station, Marwahi district, Khagaria, tell me, do you feel bad if you planted 200 seeds of a simple ladyfinger?

Interval means normal Sudhanshu between us no expense now went even in empty box and talked to court today

Pramila can't even feed insurance for 8 hours Khandaliya Bhaiya Aandhi's pandit Patanjali tree porridge on cloth

You have to come after collecting bread and clothes outside the house, please support me

Yes brother, Akshay Kumar is more interested in seed purification than Hiranpur by name only, be careful what medicines are used in plastic utensils, have you ever given any message?

Zero budget farming since 2 years summer health is fine sister and empty our health is fine

How beautiful was it with the public didi by taking zero budget farming and didi's health is not good, further didi leaving chemical chemicals and forcefully deleting everything thank you very much{{output_text}}
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Nalanda_SWI gehun ka upaj aankalan(Hindi)
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subject=Nalanda_SWI gehun ka upaj aankalan(Hindi)
I have analyzed the video transcript and found the following advice relevant to farming best practices:

1. Plant wheat during the appropriate season.
2. Cut the harvested crops completely and burn them.
3. Take samples of the crops from different places.
4. Keep the samples separately and measure them one by one.
5. Respect the keeper of the crops.
6. Keep details of the land in five different places.
7. Multiply the mileage of gram by 125 to get the total weight.
8. Use labor charge for crop harvesting.
9. Measure the land area in square meters per kattha.
10. Take care to not leave any cucumbers in the field during harvesting.
Chana Mane Devi, Anita Devi, the biggest delay is a different thing, let's go and see, now is the season to do

Sanam bedardi sanam chala de hum hum toh toh hai toh hai toh lialda hai lialda hai hai lalda hai lialda hai to see big crowd hai hai hai but khani wheat I have planted Sumantva look at this when we learned something from someone for the sample level and said that you met Saroj didi Give me give give friend, we also go, we will shake the trunk, if you want to wake up

Katha zameen ke liye lahariya didi kya kya katha how high have we come in the story first after cutting it completely burn it and let it go, make it on paper and show us how to take a sample Tara, if you understand Punjabi then give a reply then show it Made it and gave it away, agreed that ours is a harvesting field, brother, always took samples from place to place, leaving cucumbers from all the four corners, come early, next year, Manoj, from where can I get medium literature?

Digestion from the five worlds, cutting from Adityanath Didi was bringing 1 meter length 1 meter width, except one day had seen the temple has been taken or else 2 samples were sampled by taking a simple hand, some means a special team should go to Kaaba Give me how to take, tell the reason and how many meters wide

Wrote 1 meter long, 1 meter wide, measured from Charbagh, cut the total, see, don't see, don't see, give

Showing respect to the keeper of the dirty dayal, keep it separately, then keep it one by one, then take the labor charge

Look at me, you had cut the nuts and taken them away, if you come black, you came out black, is it your fault?

I will take the dream of gamut, I will take it from my sister

When will I keep the details of five places, tomorrow the hymns of the artist Apache

If I take out yours, then how would I know how much per kattha the street wifi gives, now tell me how much kattha is ours

How much land would have been taken out and burnt 188 had been taken out and given to the lalias of padra - 700 - 7:30 - 550 to 500 years 5115 for Alavada then ran from around 3000 3000 3000 villages to 100 grams daily

600 grams 125 to 1078 kg leaves in our katta 75 kg go up de de de de de multiply by 125 and ran by 1000 multiply by 125 square meter in a class

In lawyers for eleven thousand times, 5500 grams of mileage of gram is multiplied by 125, and for 75 grams, it is multiplied by 12523, so say that there is 125 square meters in a kattha. If you run away from 1000, then 75 kg flour will be 75 kg.{{output_text}}
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Muzaffarpur_Urea se bhuse ka upchaar
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subject=Muzaffarpur_Urea se bhuse ka upchaar
I have analyzed the video transcript and found the following advice relevant to farming best practices:

1. The need for treatment of Saawariya and Urea in Bhushan.
2. The specific quantities of Saawariya and Urea required for treatment.
3. The importance of sprinkling water on an acre of straw and the quantity of mustard seed required for it.
4. The use of insecticides to protect crops from pests.
5. The need to cover crops well to ensure their safety.
6. The importance of storing water and maintaining its quality.
7. The use of respectful language in interactions with fellow farmers.
8. The importance of respecting traditional farming practices.
9. The need for proper storage of grains and milk.
10. The importance of seeking advice from fellow farmers and sharing knowledge.
Pranam Bhaiya Pranam Bhaiya along with treatment of India has survived only where brother you will tell us the urea of straw of money and introduce the body before Pyaar Kare

I am the Treasurer of Shambhu Maa Janaki Jeevika Gram Sangathan, we live in that Sar Panchayat, let us tell you the names of the things, we need treatment of Saawariya, we need treatment of Urea in Bhushan; that 50 kg 50 kg 50 kg 2 kg 18 kg is water

Slowly sprinkling Marathi while sitting and sprinkling the mirror of the doll's house with straw, spraying insecticides, covering it well, taking 22 days and taking 1 run Khelo bhai hum gorai

It was very good to make like this, talk about the branches of the faces of the goods and see brother, see Kundan Bhaiya, I got the complaint made, the board remains with only one color.

Khel village action has been taken Kundan bhaiyya it is necessary tell me how to peel half the water after seeing the difficulties

Spraying of water on an acre of straw requires one mustard seed, which cannot go to such a place that it is written above that it has become easy to store water. It has become easy to store the image. let's see

Ek rang kare kahiya bakra dobara, now it has changed, it is turning around Insurance Sheela Sheela's eyes Furniture Dham

The hit is good, see Kundan Bhaiya, first you took respect on one side, now the straw on the other side is good every night, now see, now bring it, it is good

See Kundan Bhaiya, you used all kinds of language, we are tired, Kundan Bhaiya, our policy seems almost sweet, do not enter inside the waters of Maya.

See Kundan bhaiyya ek ram to jhankat de de kali mata after many days, borrowed as much from one side, took out as much terror, respected, left it for 10-15 minutes, followed it by the way kunku lavate didi aur dosa dosa dj 12664

By the way I want 5 kg grain 29 kg milk farmer brother some message this is the request of farmer brother Shibu Bhusa Odia Remedies Cassia cow buffalo milk big{{output_text}}
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khagaria_Neemastra banane ki vidhi
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subject=khagaria_Neemastra banane ki vidhi
1. Use hot cow dung in plastic drums continuously.
2. Put neem leaf before adding hot cow dung.
3. Add 1 liter of cow urine to the milk of a desi cow.
4. Sprinkle herb to prevent worms.
5. Take precautions while reading Essay in a vessel.
6. Use money from home to make forest in the present residence.
7. Put hands in the crop to prevent worms.
8. Thank Didi for her valuable time and advice.
Sunita didi Didi Didi for agriculture in his life Yes brother from this morning all the things were ready and made in the neck Now come write information about tomato Dilip ji Matrak

Mother's name Sunita Devi Anand Jeevika Gram Sangathan President Didi Avni Mere to take medicine Tell me about becoming General Secretary

And brother, if you know the rule of 1 kg, then put hot cow dung in plastic drums continuously, first of all, brother, neem leaf, first put the photo, brother, now participate in the preparation

If you feel like it, brother, look at 1 liter of cow urine, brother, add hot cow dung to the milk of a desi cow.

Maybe sprinkle the herb, I started getting worms, then it started coming for 2 minutes, brother lied, it is ready for half an hour, for what?

On the day of celebrating the scene, Didi has learned to make her own which is not so good, Ek Ramnath Didi Poem means take precautions while reading Essay in a vessel, Brother, in the present residence forest, it should be made from the money spent from home and sprinkle brother I started mowing, the crop was also good, the mother-in-law was also not good.

Someone started suppressing the message Had to buy some medicine from the market Say health was good Say hello brother, If you put your hand in the crop, it would have been better if the worm does not grow, I learned my own when I gave my valuable time for our back, sister, my Thank you very much Didi, we should go{{output_text}}
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Method of Nadep Tank
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subject=Method of Nadep Tank
state=Madhya Pradesh
1. Making a nada (compost pit) using garbage and leftover materials from farming can create manure for the fields.

2. Gas can be produced in the nada, so it's important to leave a hole for ventilation.

3. The manure can be prepared three times in a year.

4. It's important to be careful while making the nada and cover it with a cloth to prevent flies and insects from getting in.

5. Cow dung fertilizer can be used on the fields.

6. Farmers should create more compost pits like this to benefit themselves and others.

7. The process of making the compost pit involves creating a pit with a length of 12 feet and width of 5 feet, making three lines in it, keeping expenses, and leaving a hole for ventilation.
I will talk to him about such a great Bhilala Access Development Service Rajgarh Sanyam and Panya walking on a farmer's field, he made a nada, yes my name is Shivram Duj, resident of Tehsil Khilchipur district Rajgarh Ram Ram Ram then why are you making a play For it means that whether it is a garbage or a pleasure, if the child has it with him, then it becomes manure.

About naina de par you give us information about ga gha was made absolutely dag ballast cement good in giving information yes and whatever mean you told the net rate ballast then their net rate ballast then their katri katri quantity loni you have about 20 kg wire to us and a trolley Out of three, Isa's ballast is the rate of unity, also understand the house of 50 and a sack of cement.

So this man will be ready in 1 day, in two-three days, yes, keep the cut length of the ani, you go to its length of 12 feet and width of 5 feet, which you are leaving the hole, so why leave it in the speech, because of the country. Will have to leave if you get gas then water will come out good right article has 3 feet its height is 3 feet so make three lines in it just open

I mean from here, keep the expenses, the children's strong new is 1 feet or audio or 3 feet means it will make 3 lines.

So it's important to keep it's important to me it's important to leave

Yes, if you have made the day, then how many times can you make manure in 1 year in the coming year, you can prepare the manure three times in the phone, you have to be careful while making the car, mirror on the day, we have to be careful, la cloth somewhere also slammed two records 879 years and the area of caution where

Yes, I felt that if you have made Nade, then there is some benefit on Nadep army and become Shahrukh Khan, burn me like a human, put cow dung fertilizer on them, let love you love you commando in Vijay Sagar Road, then one in a year It will be prepared in one go and it is prepared thrice in three times.

There is one more such benefit that if it takes some time for your house like you, then it means that it is right to throw the garbage in the garbage; Make and take advantage of it, what message do you want to give to the rest of the farmers, so that they also create more and more dramas like this.

Made nada and make the compost that is being made in a new way

And everyone is benefited like this My brother both Ashwani brothers and all the farmer brothers, all the officers of the fields have been made by the army, everyone should get benefits, send this message to the farmer brothers, tell us the whole process about making this drama, Ram Ram from our side Rama Rama{{output_text}}
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Nalanda_Matar ka beej upchar
Video Meta Data
subject=Nalanda_Matar ka beej upchar
1. Cultivate peas
2. Clean the seeds before planting
3. Use seed treatment for better crop yield
4. Use organic methods for pest control
5. Use earthworm manure for soil nutrition
6. Use cow urine for fertilizer
7. Cover the seeds for 12 hours after treatment
8. Use gloves when handling chemicals
9. Shake the seeds to dry the area
10. Follow the advice of experienced farmers.
Come sit with me, it is a matter of time and again we would have cultivated peas, every time we would have meant something good, but did not understand how to do it, next to your village, outside the village, see how peas are cultivated are your days gone there farmers are not doing everything

If asked, how will I give it in the light, I will make you mad, I will go there and find out how it was cultivated, Sharda's computer picture is good, sister, let's go and see Honey Singh

Pranam Didi Pranam only to see Pranam Didi your love Lata Didi still tell us in fame didi my name is Malti Devi ho aana village se Google my name Sharda Sinha ka new song song humar naam Kumari Asmanta Singha Holi village sardar bhi hai and nature sustenance Treasurer of self-help group Vaishno ji will be good in the field of peas among the students of the village organization, just watch the video Didi yes didi we all cry after cleaning the seeds that's why the crop will be good good show us how to consume movies Closed between us teach me to do all that stuff

Kept it with love ok baby let me tell you

Tere par baitha didi hum sab saman lekar awaaz se NDPS Act SEC 12 Faridabad 2014 kare kare kare kare kare kaise aur kare kaise aur hai baby ke palya hai ma ki tika hai as if the child does not get any disease that is why it is on the father to save it and Shahid seed treatment has the advantage that there will be 20 young Koran, go to the field, get nutritious food in the soil, get some fungicide, have caught this new group, we have kept the recipe material ready, what all the ingredients are used, tell us all. 500 grams of pea seed is required for Kattha farm, sister, 1 liter of water is needed for half a kilo of seed, brother, program organic

yes sister earthworm manure

Tau gram sweet whenever needed Method 100 grams of cow urine is also needed No one sees it Never needs wood Sister is resting powder and remix is fast Berenstein using either of the two cheeses If you have cotton stand in the morning By using powder, it is mid-first, by doing this, it planted in half kg of seeds, why did you lie? Look, sister, what will you put half kg of seeds in 1 liter of water?

Add 100 grams of sweet in mine, give it to me, or student, good sister, what is the benefit of adding sweet to us, your sweet is mixed, anyway, nutrients will be supplied to mine, I read 250 grams of vermicompost manure, what is the benefit of adding manure There will be benefit from eating, there will be benefit in income tax, it will be towards nutritious elements and the sprout came out very well, if it turned out to be a thick thick sprout, then it will happen when there is a relationship, put cow urine in mine now too.

The wood was given, keep it covered for 12 hours, now tell me in the evening, what kind of gera did he copy? Paniya's hair fell from her, she has spread it after straightening it, as it was spread in the same place.

Jaipur Jagran The best in powder was found Westin, our distance is rightly established Urmila Devi Avasar Mila's skull wearing gloves in hand, it is chemical it will be harmful for you Meet Vineet Thaat era half a kilo, fight in the middle of the village, mix it in any way

Haath tera na mila bhaiyya ki phool hai chilka hain aa hai aa hai as if holding a big one, shake it, shake it Even after doing this the area did not become dry in 8 hours, Rana ji could plant seedlings in your field from the student, thank you very much Didi, we Rawat told us for the treatment of pea seeds, it is good 1603 Aapne bhi bhi farmer bhaiyya sister sometime

What would have been better, it is okay, like me, we have done it and send it to everyone's farmer, how are you and go and tell, if there is a good yield, then it is okay, sister.{{output_text}}
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Khagaria_Poshak Bagicha
Video Meta Data
subject=Khagaria_Poshak Bagicha
1. Use natural and organic methods for vegetable cultivation instead of chemical fertilizers.
2. Plant vegetables according to the season.
3. Use Shivamrit and Jeevamrit instead of chemical fertilizers.
4. Plant guava trees next to pomegranate trees.
5. Remove vegetables naturally instead of using chemical fertilizers.
6. Plant a kitchen garden in the courtyard of your house.
7. Bring greens, vegetables, and fruits from the kitchen garden instead of buying from the market.
8. Encourage others to plant their own kitchen gardens.
Didi, vegetable cultivation is not good to see, didi is planted very well, and their name is called land, tell me a little about it, this is a very good thing, let us also learn about the holidays, show and tell my The name is Sunita Devi and I want to see the condition of the members in the Rampur taluka of Alauli block and the kitchen garden that is there.

Aloli block under Garhiya district, I look after the station city, Samosa Treasurer of High School Center and Vishwakarma Gram Sangathan district name is Vinita Kumari, I am a member of Parvati Jeevika self-help group home, Rampur Aloli district, to see the kitchen garden. Khagaria Block Give voice what we have planted, what vegetables should be planted in the kitchen garden by natural and organic methods

And along with the vegetables, we have also planted, we alone have guava, pomegranate, Hindus, all the fruits have been planted here and the fruits and vegetables that go to the kitchen are walking next to it, we win all this there and give it there. A pregnant woman cooks a man's food and the same vegetables and fruits are planted according to the season, winter in winter, summer vegetable in summer and Jessica goes to her house according to today's rain and shows you greens.

Cucumber is a vegetable, whatever is under its soil, it is made of cheese, it can be prepared and eating it is very beneficial for digestion. Didi, let me show you, now let me show you the fruit

Didi all these are also planted a lot, you tell me what happens if we plant through Prachi Devi, I have understood that instead of a chemical fertilizer, we love Shivamrit, Jeevamrit and this and if you want to know about all the vegetables Tell me, you people must have eaten vegetables, we will tell you the specialty there.

That's for sure, it tastes good, Didi didn't get the information given, it's okay, and like they make darshan by putting it in pulses, in the village, Tanha ji also puts it in that and also makes roti with it. You understood the method of making vegetables, didn't you?

The one who is alone has comfort and firecrackers for both of us, that's why it is necessary on 10th February, we say yes, sister, we have set an alarm for eating pomegranate, that everyone should put it in their house and everyone should get pomegranate to eat and everyone's health Anarkali is very beneficial yes sister plant guava tree next to pomegranate

Vitamins are found very important for the pregnant Dhatri Didi that we will plant them in our respective houses, what is the main purpose of this?

Inside the organization, XNCC, which is called Nutrition Center, is going on and in that, whatever vegetables and fruits are grown in the kitchen garden, we do our own farming here and we give vegetables and fruits daily to the center and give them in this. Instead of all the things you don't write, sister, they have to spend time and money, we are giving vegetables in the kitchen garden, this is all fake, giving them in the nutrition center, which is available in the market.

So green and fresh vegetables are available daily and secondly incense sticks and dhatri are chemical fertilizers which are chemical fertilizers in market vegetables, here vegetables are not fertilized every year, they are removed naturally. The health of the child who is in her womb eats food. Very good information has been given by you people who have imposed cancellation charges.

Green vegetables are available in a short time and it is very beneficial in the center and the sisters of the second center do not have to go to the market and fresh water is not available for the public center. Go and tell all sisters to plant a kitchen garden in the courtyard of their house and bring greens, vegetables and fruits and give them chemical fertilizers. bay parent chart

We are farmers in your house too, we are urban farmers{{output_text}}
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MIP-Potato_Samastipur_Aaloo Mein Kand Lagte Samay Nami Ki Jaroorat
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subject=MIP-Potato_Samastipur_Aaloo Mein Kand Lagte Samay Nami Ki Jaroorat
subcategory=Crop Management
topic=Seed Production
subtopic=Sprouting of seeds
1. Give water at the right time.
2. Ensure there is moisture in the field in time.
3. Water the field within 10 to 12 days.
4. Maintain moisture in the field for potato growth.
5. Light irrigation at an interval of 10 to 12 days.
6. Irrigate 15 days before digging potatoes.
I have given medicine, I have eaten food, potato field, more life, give water at the right time, or Patli ISD call Mama Patli, I want to know that the news of potato is very good, it happens that we get the answer for the treatment of potato. Please

It would have been better if you give the stories of elephant in your hand, then it will fly away, prepare for sleep, there is a possibility of water coming, Khushboo ji, she should be told the right way to water the potato field so that it is okay

It is very important to know about Patwan, it is important to start making the society right from home, it is a good thing, it is very important to have moisture in the field in time, the size of the potato is bigger or there is no water in the potato, complete information

The amount of water is less in clock time, Potato crop is badly affected by Chhath Chhath's condition becomes bright, there is a decrease in pulses, it doesn't do it, 4 months old variety of Chalu was grown in 45 to 55 days from sowing Till the tubers will start to grow in the potato field, the solution of black tea is very important, it means that it is very important to water the field within 10 to 12 days. It is very important to come to Panipat within 809 days, he said that he should not irrigate the whole of the land, as the potato grows after planting, the moisture in the field should be maintained, that if there is not enough water, the potato becomes small, and there is also a decrease in the population. Lets do it

I have a stormy address of the price of small potatoes in the market, Babu will ask about irrigation soon after seeing his eyes, after 40 to 50 days, the potato fruit starts growing, the top is also good, one means this How does a small potato reduce its power? Potatoes used to start reducing in 40 to 50 days, at that time today

Most of the moisture was needed in a bitter gourd potato field, light irrigation has been done at an interval of 10 to 12 days, neither at the beginning of the company, nor more than half of the water has been given in the drain, irrigation is done 15 days before digging potatoes. Let's turn it off, water is visible, now I am sprinkling medicine about them, as soon as they are for the society, the right time for the daughter

Arey pani hum aap aata bhi aayi re jaan re aur beti belai naginiya re son mera goriya chali re{{output_text}}
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1. Use a mixture of water, desi cow dung, cow urine, guna, and gram flour for farming.
2. Use an earthen pot to mix the ingredients and leave it for 40 hours in the shade.
3. Use cotton cloth to sprinkle food on the crops.
4. Rotate the mixture for 1 minute like a clock.
5. Zero budget farming can be done for various crops including gram, wheat, paddy, moong, potatoes, and vegetables.
6. Use desi cow dung instead of foreign cow dung as it has more bacteria.
7. Do not keep the mixture in the sun.
8. Pour water on the crops regularly.
9. Use a mixture of moong and gram flour.
10. Do not use plastic as it creates false gas.
11. Endorse water to sprinkle food on crops.
Pranam sister Pranam brother what are you doing sister the plant is weak we used to teach we give zero budget farming since 2 years in life if it comes so weak then we put it in life it works in tonic what is Riva Mitra Didi Bhoot Kare was in town for life

you make soulmates

Bhaiya ji wow tells the process to make friends

See brother, this is water and the dung of a desi cow is the urine of a foreign cow, see brother, this is a quality.

See brother gram flour

See brother, it is sweet by hitting a handful, see brother, just tell us for 1 acre, 200 liters of water, half kg of desi cow dung, 510 liters of cow urine, 1 kg of guna, 1 kg of gram flour, sweet by hitting a handful

Look brother, let us tell you what to do, but for a kattha, we make and show you this pottery.

The earthen pot that is made empty is taken in the name of all three.

15 liters of water

What does sister do after 15 liters of water, put 300ml cow urine in it.

Put money in it then what do you do after 300 grams of desi cow dung why won't desi cow dung desi cow dung want desi cow dung desi cow's dung jersey will not go cow's well shows which animal eats every crop every elephant eats is she should do Nath who eats her name was her

Brother, more bacteria are found in the cow's dung.

Gram gram flour is put in it, and the other is moong, no one will agree to put any gram flour.

The girl has put the soil, after that what to do now, which has to be rotated like a clock, for 1 minute, sister, everything is round, after that, what will you do, sister, brother, tie it

They do not consider English as plastic, nor do they believe in falsehood, because the gas that comes out of it is false.

Leave the invention for 40 hours, it is good that it cannot be kept in the sun, what happens when it is kept in the book, Meena Thi Diwani, which dies, for the sake of Mamta, it has to be kept in the shade. Have to drive 48 - for 2 days, peeping with a cloth, brother, to go to Delhi, because of which the crop will not be able to grow in that day, you can still pour the water that is going, come with water, whatever you want in Hariya Do you know why he is going to take a lot but gave

Water is going if you endorse it, then it can also work, but sprinkle food on the crop and give it to the moon.

See brother, you know with cotton cloth, because it comes to life well, putting it in the machine, Manu is fine in the journey.

It is fat, isn't it, I was blessed by the arrival of the manager who can do it, sister, he is ready for life, we can do this on him, it will not be damaged even by the machine Village Ghazipur Post Madhepura Police Station Rajgir We have been for 4 years Nee Jeev Ka has been associated then we have been doing zero budget farming since 2010. Zero budget does not mean open habit, we are doing it in gram, in wheat, in paddy, in moong and whatever potato Do any vegetable crop

La hai noniya hai, we have been working with zero budget for 2 years, we are seeing good results, all didis will also talk to Sanjay, thank you{{output_text}}
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Gaya_Machaan par sabzi ki kheti
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subject=Gaya_Machaan par sabzi ki kheti
1. Wrap the produce in banana leaves for protection and to maintain its appearance.
2. Use scaffolding for betel cultivation to prevent damage from worms and rain.
3. Plant betel for a long time to make it durable and beautiful, which can lead to a good rate in the market.
4. Use good quality plastic rope and wire for farming equipment, and change them regularly.
5. Get the zodiac sign checked before buying equipment.
6. Buy equipment in bulk for cost savings.
give good money sister good take it put ₹12

Pumpkin Farming

For his dhaba, only two of the Nainwa Commission are taken cheaply.

how to get

You have to answer sister, it was sold at a very good rate.

See, we bring it wrapped in a banana leaf, that's why it doesn't get stained, it doesn't wake up with each other, that's why it is beautiful, my tomorrow will come, how do you plant it in the field, that's why it remains bad, we get profit, how do we do farming

Sister, this is how farming is done in my village with scaffolding, it gets hit by worms, it gets rained, all the milk comes in fresh conditions, which will only grow tall and remain green, well, sister, now you understand.

You have come to learn betel cultivation, if questions arise on the land, then due to the rains, it is destroyed because of the rain. It means that the stream of 1 people becomes a stream, it becomes half and what is the benefit of it being so big. My big one has not happened yesterday, it is so beautiful, it is planted for such a long time, then it is a bit difficult to break it, it makes it hidden, and what is there in it, didn't you give that all the fruit that is in it remains potted below and is visible. so that it is easy to break, if you look at it

It breaks little by little Didi, the phone was not there quickly, we all would have broken it quickly. no second advantage is that it remains durable due to which it looks beautiful and third advantage is that due to beauty it gets good rate in market

Ok brother, it takes about 10 to 15 times to make all the below items, sister, and it takes about 1 kg, 1 kg and 1 kg of plastic, look, it takes almost 15 to 20 things to make it. Same goes and this thing when once bought it lasts continuously for 3 years sir the zodiac sign is checked and the wire is changed at 7:30 am saying to buy the rest we will buy it for 1 year at my home bought after

It lasts for 3 years, but the plastic rope and the wire are changed every year and then we use it again by buying it and then using it. there is profit so alarm will benefit

Didi how are you fine didi will be more and in good rate{{output_text}}
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Madhepura_Bhindi Beej Upchaar
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subject=Madhepura_Bhindi Beej Upchaar
1. For good bindi fruit, do seed treatment.
2. Use Nidhi Chaisukoon water (400 grams of water) for plantation.
3. Use Burmese compost (150 grams) for plantation.
4. Pour 4 grams of water for plantation.
5. Take Dilip's advice for land.
6. Fill the seeds in Awagha process.
7. Put cotton cloth over the small middle ring.
8. Cover polythene with polythene for better election results.
9. Do seed treatment for maximum benefit in okra cultivation.
Pranam Bhaiya Pranam Didi Didi Katha Ke Liye Didi Bachcha Ka Program To Chirag Yes Bhaiya Kaunsa Sardi Lag Rahi Hai Yaar Bindi Ke Sabzi Season Se Kal Bindi Bindi Preparation

Brother, next time I have planted bindi but the fruit is not good, even if there is no benefit from above, do seed treatment.

Abhi Didi Utha Ya Bittu Shangrila Ka Bacha Tum Khelo All Content Live

In the middle of the consolidation, the villages were planted in a katha.

Nidhi Chaisukoon water takes 400 grams of water.

foreign plastic box me playlist encoder encoder jagdish Didi's cotton cloth mlh1 Burmese compost 150 grams Didi all dreams were put 400 grams of water in the plastic box

sister you pour 4 grams of water

Brother, which drops of Susum Pani did you pour Didi Susum Pani today?

sister one lakh

Brother, from these toys, the above chairman, Dilip, is needed, since the land is spoiled, Tapna does it, if he lives in his land, he does not get any benefit. Didi takes too much.

ok brother eat

Didi 50 gm shakkar ka chakkar de takkar dj full

Didi have to keep one hour or field in place after 8 hours

ok bro after 8 hours we

Greetings brother, let's go through the process of Awagha, anyway you fill the seeds

Didi, put a cotton cloth over the small middle ring.

once a river

remember sister, take everything out of the water

non world

Abe Mickey Karne Se Didi T20 Team Powder Mile Nice

Didi Aawe Beej kya likhe ki light air ki sakte hain

then taking MB vesting product

Didi, till now, by fixing it in 5 minutes, we got our baby skin product, one thing on the river and what can be done for the election.

Yes, you will cover our polythene with polythene

abp stanford anil best first polythene

Didi aa gayi biwi stanford aaj milan aisi biwi stanford classic kar se paper vestige product

come take it from me

it's holiday now

you sister should take care of your rights

Baby's Tinky Respected brother, business has been kept for half an hour, everyone's mouth

half hour capital

Thank you brother attack bindi as much as you tell about the treatment we have got it done thank you very much see and while working further let us show and show and show the treatment what bhindi farming tell us about bitter gourd we dance very well for 80 And all the sisters are attracted to the way of doing good farming and the message of all the sisters, my name is Rani Devi Maa Saraswati, I am a member of Jeevika Self Help Group, I am a member of Swaraj Jeevika Mahila Gram Sangathan and

Pratapgarh Panchayat Forest is my village, Block Madhepura is Sadar, District is Madhepura and I want to give a message to all Didi's that whosoever cultivates okra, do it after seed treatment and get maximum benefit from it.

Let's go sister let's go brother
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Method of sample collection of soil
Video Meta Data
subject=Method of sample collection of soil
subcategory=Nutrient Management
topic=Fertility Mangement
subtopic=Soil Sampling
1. Collect soil sample for soil test to know which nutrients are lacking.
2. Take soil samples from all four places of the field, stick it at one place and mix it all.
3. Remove 6 inches of soil for soil sampling.
4. Take only half a kg of soil sample for testing.
5. Fill the pack for the sample after the soil has dried up.
6. Get the soil test done in the field before planting crops to get the right information about nutrients.
7. Fertilize crops with the required nutrients based on soil test results.
8. Test soil samples regularly to ensure proper nutrient balance for healthy crop growth.
Hello, my name is Rahul Gautam, today I have come to 10000 village of Jalalgarh block, today I am Jitendra Kumar Kushwaha, who is the leading farmer here, I am standing in his field, today I am going to collect soil sample for soil test, let's know how do they sample

Jitendra bhaiya Ram Ram Ram bhaiya and how are you fine what are you doing he is going to give sample of his farming on the basis of how many nutrients are there in the committee will have to put Khandwa in it it has become very expensive what is lacking how much to give to complete will have to

Jitendra Bhaiya, what are the things needed to collect the soil sample and from which part of the land soil has to be taken, for taking the soil sample, sweets are taken from all the four places of the field, stick it at one place and mix it all. And they keep it, keep it, give it to the account of the field, give it khesra, put it in it and have done it.

Amit Kumar's

There is a lot of moisture in the soil, that's why farmers should take care of taking a sample of the policy that they have to remove 6 inches, which is a small part of the plant that is attached to the crop.

In the sample of soil taken, they take the shape of blood, who is the soil of Mahabharata?

we took this exam soil

In this way we mix the soil and after mixing the soil sample we have to take is only half a kg for the motherland.

divided into 184 parts

Then how did our Jitendra brother, the soil that you have removed is half kg of our soil, collect soil sample from the thoughts and all four will participate and get it checked.

Now Rahul Bhaiya will leave the sweet corn in the soup, now this soil has dried up, now we fill our pack for the sample.

Do you know and when the field crop was grown, give the name of the crop and later it was planted, there is so much difference that its testing center is a declared colony in Purnia, there is also a testing laboratory.

If some kind of Pradhan comes here, then we go from Mithapur Patna and become alone. Jitendra Bhaiya takes some care in taking the sample, doesn't it have anything to do with Sameer's side?

Jitendra bhaiyya, you explained such a wonderful method of soil test sampling. It was very nice. Now would like to give some message to the farmer brothers. We are hearing that there is no grain in the ear of wheat and no grain in the corn, in the soil at 3:00 o'clock, the nutrients which are needed by your plants, what we eat, we fertilize them, that is the same name.

It is possible that we know how much nutrients we have to add and we must get the soil test done in our field and then plant the crops so that they get the right information.

Star Jitendra bhaiya told us such a good method to do farming by testing soil and taking soil sample, for this we thank you on behalf of our ASHA{{output_text}}
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Video Meta Data
state=Madhya Pradesh
1. Plant at the right time.
2. Use medicine recommended by a doctor to treat crop diseases.
3. Give medicine at the right time to ensure good results.
4. Consult with a doctor for advice on crop treatment.
My name is Sitaram Lodha, I am a resident of Raniganj. I planted it 2 months ago.

Punjabi fruit stranger at the same time the Red Fort started troubling

you are doctor's advice

The one who put medicine in the minority gave good results to most of the people, good results and good rest, even the Red Fort could not be seen.

sick cow wali

Improvement has come from Faridabad, good results

I was so upset with the red fort that I started thinking that it will be your turn, my hard work and my money will also go in vain, so I consulted a doctor, he told me a medicine, the result was good, now there is some benefit, I started feeling pain, he told me a medicine like this, atleast good. I checked the benefit, once the tree has also come up and in the second time it was even better to give medicine at the right time to get your crop, doctor's advice, put the right medicine

Thank you
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Muzaffarpur_Sehed shuddi karan ki prakriya
Video Meta Data
subject=Muzaffarpur_Sehed shuddi karan ki prakriya
1. Honey should be extracted from fully ripe caps (70-75% cap off).
2. Two-thirds of the honeycomb should be closed before extracting honey to remove unripe honey.
3. Honey should have a maximum of 18% water content for special grade, 20% for one grade, and more than 24% for processing and purification.
4. Honey should be filtered to remove bee wings and other impurities.
5. Honey should be stored in a food-grade container.
6. Arrangements for storage and bottling of honey should be made in advance.
7. Marketing should be done after proper purification to get more profit and maintain the quality of honey.
Today we have come to Rajendra Agricultural University Bihar Pusa Samastipur Bee Research Training Center, here the work of extracting votes is done, so let us walk today and see how the price is extracted.

Pranam sir Pranam sir Samod's purification work is done here for the last 15 years Madhusudan's work is done and this beekeeping center is a part of Rajendra Agricultural University which we do the purification work from the plant ji going to do the purification work now Yes, you can walk there and see the process, I am in the position of Beekeeping Center, Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa, I have been working for 26 years, honey should be removed from the former students, the student in whom 70 to 75 percent of his cap should be off

Means which field should be there, then we extract two-thirds should be closed, then two-thirds of the extract is not closed, because the amount of honey water is more in it, so before extracting honey, it is necessary to close two-thirds if honey is extracted unripe. It is taken out of the band, it lacks weight, it has more water content, it had to be done.

To check the amount of water in honey, we keep honey on it.

Honey is poured on it, let's see the quantity of water.

So look at the amount of water in it, about 29 percent of the amount of water, if the amount of water is more then 25 26 30 also take out a lot of spinach. If it is, then it starts getting spoiled in a month, it gets spoiled in a month, is raw honey kept, is Madhopur fitting done?

We run this motor, by running the motor, water goes around it and when the water goes, then the honey gets heated, that's why the first filter is good son, in which we know the honey that when I know it, you add some dust to it. This map shows how hot the honey has become, the third meter is the second meter, it tells how hot the water has become. The message of Election Machine is

This is a honey storage tank, who collects teen honey, we give this air to the machine plant

This bottling plant is cooked

Hot ground machine I keep it rolling and like dead I keep courting

Sealing Machine The bottle cap is closed to seal the bottle.

When we do purification, honey, the amount of water in honey remains 18%, it is considered to be of special grade, and the honey which has 20% water is of one grade, it is of one grade. And in which water content is more than 24, we do this processing and purification, then the CHMS is filled, then this youth is formed on heating the water.

The water will be hot when the water temperature meter shows that when it reaches 80 to 100 degree temperature, then we pump the water there, there is a motor to move the water.

When we switch on the Josh motor, the water starts running around the tank, so here we turn on the motor.

We are watching the temperature, the meter is about 90 degree temperature, then we will run the motor, then there is a switch for it, we will turn it on, it is running, due to which the honey is getting hot, it stands at one place, then the honey is from the edge, so what is If there is a stirrer in it, then why does it mix it so that the honey does not get hot at one place?

The second amra is stirring the honey when the honey is mixed, when the temperature of the honey reaches 5 degrees, we understand that the honey has become hot, then what do we do, filter it?

so to filter let's show this this this this is our cord we'll open

Honey starts falling in it, then to put it, honey comes in the filter, there will be a filter, so we do it because in which the bee lives, the wing of the bee is found, that's why we do it again.

This small one also takes care of the journey to explain, so what do we do after coming in the second, third, future, to reduce the amount of water, I show Madhu here.

K karan ho ji then after evaporation we are bringing the honey to this tank which you can see

what honey

See honey is coming here from there, so when honey comes in it and we see honey, this reflectometer is good, what is the percentage, the amount of water is to be kept as 20, we reduce the amount of water, let it be We give as much as you want and it is 20, it is 18, then let's show this honey here, then the honey that is going from here and then you are getting honey in the tank, we put it in the storage tank.

We open on 23rd, after opening honey is coming, our sweet has started going.

After we kept honey in the calling tank for 24 to 36 hours, we opened the tap and brought it to the storage tank and we saw the honey which has 20 percent moisture, now we will support it, after that we vote it to honey, Ling Chhota Butlin Will do the lease of today's program, which we are showing you, if you want to vote in the evening, then for voting we will take 1 kg, half kg, 800 grams of other types.

What are the precautions to be taken on small and big bottles, in this honey should be kept in a vessel, honey should be kept in a foot grid-container only, for making honey, arrangements for storage and bottle should be made in advance. Do marketing after marketing, they will get more profit, they will get more money

And the quality of honey will remain visible for a long time and I urge brother and sister that I would like to purify the honey and benefit from it Hello my name is Kamini Devi Bajrang Jeevika Self Help Group that I am Kosha President Lakshmi Jeevika Women Self-help I am the treasurer of Cooperative Society Limited Madhubani Lakshmi Bua

Sister, we all have done beekeeping, for this we have got some benefit from the mention of some attacks, so we get some more information from here, our group, our, our, our uncle, call us, Jhoole Dari, Ghar Par Aayenge, the family of the house, like Mamta will drive the car. Chakra countries will run together

be our hope don't say bad
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Nalanda_Machli tonic banane ki prakriya
Video Meta Data
subject=Nalanda_Machli tonic banane ki prakriya
subcategory=Nutrient Management
topic=Compost and Manure
subtopic=Fish manure
1. To save crops from destructive insects, farmers should use natural remedies instead of chemical fertilizers.
2. Natural remedies can be made at home using simple ingredients like fish waste, jaggery, and water.
3. Fish tonic is an effective natural remedy to kill worms and pests in crops.
4. Fish tonic is made by mixing fish waste, jaggery, and water in a vessel and leaving it for 10 days.
5. The mixture is then strained and diluted with water before being sprayed on crops.
6. The fish tonic should be stored in earthen or steel utensils, not plastic, to prevent spoilage.
7. Spraying 1 liter of water mixed with 5 ml of the fish tonic is an effective way to apply the remedy to crops.
8. Using natural remedies instead of chemical fertilizers can reduce farming costs and improve crop quality.
9. Natural remedies are better for the environment and human health compared to chemical fertilizers.
Bihar is a state where farming is done on the largest scale, nature has made its soil more fertile, the soil here is the life of the farmers.

The farmer cultivates this golden land by shedding blood and sweat, the biggest enemy of the crop learned from this blood and sweat is the destructive insects, their ever-increasing number is destroying the crop, to save the crop from them, the farmer uses chemical fertilizers in large quantities. Have started doing it, why not even do it, chemical fertilizers are easy to use in a way, one is easily available in the market and the plants are quick, they also show their heads, if they fall, they die, but the cost of farming increases. And when we eat their grown crops, it also affects our health badly. If we want, to avoid all these diseases, we can use it by making natural pressure at home, which will reduce the cost and also health. It will be right, we can make many such natural medicines at home, using which crops, land and farmers

May everyone be happy Come today let us take you to Kanchanpur village where a farmer sister is making a simple and natural medicine in her house called fish water so that we can use this medicine in our crop and get organic Let's take a step towards farming, let's learn which tonic is good, fake tonic, fish tonic is a medicine, sister, sprinkle that medicine on the plant, all the worms die, it is made to see the waste of fish, that's why it is called village fish tonic.

Yes sister, it would be nice, it is a very easy way to make fish, it is taking only 3 years to get all the three ingredients at home.

Look, it is one and a half kilos away

Look sister, there is one and a half kg of fish waste.

Or like earthen utensils, everything is fine, garbage, how many fishes, have taken from Rohit to see the flat with fishes; Fish hook should be equal to 5 kg fish hook posts

First of all, we are putting 1 kg of jaggery in Beldaur vessel, bring 2000 kg of fish waste, we have put fish waste in the pot

Look, let's peep the goat well, peeped it, kept it in that place for 10 days, see it, give it a good origin, keep it, come from everyone, save it, keep the boy, stay away from Guru Akra, keep it safe, there are 2 brokers fish that way tomorrow

Look, I have given it, after 10 days after losing it with cotton cloth, if it remains, then keep the goat in the bowl and sprinkle it, take 1 liter of water, take Apache mail medicine, keep it in a bartiya for half an hour, the turtles got scared. Ka kare wala put it in the machine, got the air sprinkled, in the program of Dal Baati, the power is generated by putting it in the plants.

Cheat me by putting the setting in Tani Khae Da. It is beneficial. The first benefit is that I have been quick about the plant. The second benefit is that the fruit and flowers have been good. Give Sakra night to put 1 time a day in morning time if fish fish tonic becomes grandmother then make it in earthen utensil and made in steel utensil if it is made in plastic utensil then medicine will spoil see picture daily flat pemal at dalia level The wife has put the medicine in 1 liter of water.

Always remember that 5 action medicines have been given in 1 liter of water, put it till the evening. Third, always keep in mind that whenever we sprinkle 1 liter of water, 5 ml of medicine is mixed and sprayed, how much medicine is getting in 8 days. Good way Shanti de Bhaiya is requested

Make wart removal at home and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and get a good crop.{{output_text}}
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Muzaffarpur_Beejamrut banane ki prakriya Bochaha
Video Meta Data
subject=Muzaffarpur_Beejamrut banane ki prakriya Bochaha
subcategory=Nutrient Management
topic=Compost and Manure
1. Use cow urine and cow dung for farming.
2. Protect crops from worms by adding cow urine to the soil.
3. Use seeds treated with high-quality fertilizer for healthy plant growth.
4. Pronounce the name of Amarpal for good quality vegetable seeds.
5. Use pumpkin and acacia seeds for effective treatment of crops.
6. Ensure adequate water supply for crops.
7. Use native cow urine and dung for better results.
8. Use a balanced amount of sugar in the soil for healthy crop growth.
Jai ho vijay ji rukke rukke chali chali chali where he is on his own where he has gone without marriage also he has sent news about the dead person he has come to the village which falls in first Rampur panchayat of bagaha block of Muzaffarpur district

Yes made brother Pranaam Didi na aave playing bakery weather poor it has rained since morning it has been late for terai a little haw kalle kalle stay awake here too you better see something about Jagrut give a good introduction to Rampur panchayat houses Sumitra Mishra's group has run in Send Allizer Police Station Simri that we should get married


Didi Thappad will decide the matter, but to change the information about it, I had explained it in detail, so Pramod ji would have understood, tell me the song, first tell from here, where all, how, from which seed, how to do it. All its treatment and a little bit of baby skin powder chemical method, now there is a little bit of defect in the mass, how did we sleep, we all said it from there, show it from there.

Nikki's advantage is that she will not be able to make it with her own hands with less expense. I would have told you what all the items were used, Ajay Bhaiya of Hilila China Pani Call.

cow urine

exotic cow dung

It's okay brother, mix the votes of Gachi and take it away or not, run it well.

Let's make the words of this mill today itself and tell even after pouring 30 kg of water, 5 kg of cow dung produced pulses in 5 kg of cow dung, 20 kg of 5 kg cow dung of indigenous cow.

Hats off to Editor Keeda Nikita in the cow dung like taunts of Navara's fitting

Akrabad mirror, your cow's urine, 5 liters of cow's urine should be put in 5 liters of cow's urine, it is necessary to protect from worms, yes, you are talking to me, but we have put urine of a native cow, cow's dung or death would not have happened Is

10 kilos of cow, a handful, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, how much sugar is eaten in the forest, 50 grams has been chosen, but this is the heart of the whole.

This means, from the totem of the calcium plant, we have seen the figure of such an uncle from Diana's side.

Maybe new new new new new new thread by putting it inside, after the quarrel, now another Shahjahan, no one gets water, no one has to go home, no one forgets, no one finds fault, no one puts it in place Tableau of the house made by you from the right side

Dhaka Hey Vishal in the middle of everything treatment pumpkin seeds acacia seeds sown seeds treated seeds high vid first tell me about someone Ankita no no after swearing no no you felt like doing this accumulated job no no plant healthy healthy

All farmer brothers should pronounce the name of Amarpal, visa nectar, vegetable seeds, do farming, all farmer brothers are taking advantage of our message.

Today's News Half of Sheru Bhaiya Bhaiya was left, Kala Sheru Bhaiya Bhaiya belongs to the market.{{output_text}}
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PoP_Nalanda_shri vidhi dwara dhaan ki ropai ke dauraan dhyaan dene wale mukhya baatein
Video Meta Data
subject=PoP_Nalanda_shri vidhi dwara dhaan ki ropai ke dauraan dhyaan dene wale mukhya baatein
subcategory=Sustainable Agriculture
topic=Innovative Agricultural practice
subtopic=paddy cultivation
1. Plow the field at least 2 times.
2. Add 20 to 25 kg of earthworm manure in the field.
3. Use seedlings with two leaves that are 8 to 10 days old.
4. Plant seedlings in the field with a distance of 10 inches between each bed.
5. This will make the soil fertile and full, and provide space for roots to spread equally.
6. It is important to remove weed during farming.
So far we have seen and understood the video of paddy seed treatment and nursery bed preparation, we will watch another important video of this series and Singh which is about field preparation and paddy transplanting.

Before separating from the nursery pick, we need to pay attention to some important things, yes, you understood right, we are talking about the preparation of the field, in which two plowing is very important, not only this, but also earthworm manure in it. It is very necessary to pour, now you must be thinking that how much attention should be paid, it is necessary to mix 20 to 25 kg of vermicompost well in the field, make the soil equal.

This will make our soil fertile and full, then plow the field and eat it, our field is completely ready for transplanting, let's talk about the seedling, have you thought how many days we should plant the seedling in the field, yes, we see the seedling. Talking about the age of seedling when 2 leaves had come out, pay attention to the leaves which come in 8 to 10 days, then you understand that this is the right time to plant the seedling in the field, now you will think so much It is very important to know how young calves are laid, that young calves are easily laid and if there are more litters, then the yield has to be read.

And yes, we forgot to say one thing, plant the other in line and keep the distance of 10 inches from the bed to the bed, this will give space to the plants and roots to spread equally, then the yield will also be good and yes, it will be easy for you to remove the weed.

Do you remember what we told you, if you forget something, it is okay, we read it again

The first thing is that it is necessary to plow the field at least 2 times. It is necessary to get 20 to 25 kg of earthworm manure in a field, it is necessary to uproot from the nursery bed, the leaves should be of two leaves only, which are 12 days from today.

Calf-calf distance is 10 inches{{output_text}}
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Nalanda_Aaloo ka beej sodhan
Video Meta Data
subject=Nalanda_Aaloo ka beej sodhan
1. Treating seed potatoes by soaking them in water for 12 hours in a shady and moist place.
2. Covering the potatoes with a united bag or jute sacks, avoiding plastic bags.
3. Adding 1 liter of diesel or Visa Mitra (a type of nectar) to 5 kg of potatoes when spreading them.
4. Sprinkling 1 liter of water on the potato field.
5. Keeping the potatoes in an open place for 12 hours after treating them.
6. Using fair Salami Cooperative Society Limited as a resource for farming advice and support.
7. Seeking guidance from experienced farmers, such as village organization Secretary Nari Shakti Santosh Gangwar and self-help group member Pragati Dev.
8. Learning about new farming techniques, such as using electricity from potatoes, and implementing them to improve crop yield.
9. Building relationships with fellow farmers and community members to share knowledge and resources.
moon show

The game comes let's go to play where there is friendship let's meet aunty then go when you go 81 Tell me you gave it early they are doing well with their process ok ji

Okay be happy that you haven't seen meeting here for many years Secretary of the village organization Nari Shakti Santosh Gangwar Collector Sarita Kumari name is Gayatri ji's self help group member Pragati Dev's Fair Salami Cooperative Society Limited in the village Member Gyan ji's fair Santosh Hey brother saw the change of Allahabad from garbage

yes everything is fine yes ok alarm ok for you not getting a chance then i will go tomorrow took sister in law to do research what will be the use of electricity from potatoes sonam kare believes they sprout better and more than above When we cry by tradition, then we are at work and if we do above Sri Vidhi, then we are more, sister-in-law, teach us too, we will also listen and agree, why are you not doing it?

Let's learn and see, it is very easy to treat seed potatoes, it only takes three times, let's see how we do this, on the basis of cultivation, we will do a little farming, then for that we will take 5 kg of potatoes from the first material, from the second. Looking for a united bag to cover the potatoes

By distributing 1 liter diesel rate certificate for 5 kg potatoes, see how to ask for 1 liter visa nectar for 5 kg potatoes, how to spread the potato, super also means to add 1 liter water to 5 kg potatoes, neither sent a letter Sent friend to pour ok bhabhi sprinkling area 1 liter

If we shake hands well my we are fine brother help us Bijam who meets wherever what happens that he meets well everywhere Told sister-in-law to send a cover, for how many hours will you keep the paddy for 12 hours, so that instead of leaving the wish, run it again half Rajasthan water, good brother Manu, 12 hours, so that it stays in a shady place, in a moist place

Bhavesh is kept in puffs for 12 hours, he will be in a hurry, you will also simplify the potatoes, then keep in mind that if you take 5 kg of potatoes before 364, then Visa Mitra should keep 1 liter and jute sacks, it is necessary to keep plastic in it. Don't use the sack and keep it in the open place for 12 hours. Keeping it for 12 hours, a seed germinates properly. Friends have also put a letter in 5 kg of potatoes. It is good not to use plastic bags in the door place.

Call me okay brother Salman, you feed me something, let's sit down to write the seed simple, and Mukesh did not come, sister-in-law, but the devil has run away to play, let's play{{output_text}}
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Muzaffarpur_Dasparni ghol taiyar karni ki prakriya
Video Meta Data
subject=Muzaffarpur_Dasparni ghol taiyar karni ki prakriya
subcategory=Pest and disease Management
topic=Pest Control
1. Use a water solution of paddy paddy to make it yellow
2. Apply water on the husband
3. Mix cow urine and cow dung to put in the solution for plants
4. Protect paw from sucking worm
5. Use 10 plants in the solution of cow urine and cow dung
6. Use Desi cow's cow urine mixed with Dalai Lama for farming
7. Use 50 grams of Kucha chili
8. Stand in Deoria 128 countryside
9. Use a cotton cloth to get rid of worms
10. Show the paddy paddy yellow with medicine
Tamsa Simri was Alha in Basant village, which is in Saila Rampur Panchayat and the total population here is 4000 upgraded middle school Simaria number 1 to 8 children get education

news news Sakshi's benefit from traveling health is bad it's okay without shore news of farming everything is fine darling it's okay solution enter quickly the worm will die

Ok brother tell me where is the medicine Kanhaiya send it here

Panchayats from all over the world from Sindri Basant

Check Sunny Jeep Self Help Group Members

Mahesh Bhaiya 10 water solution of paddy paddy should be shown yellow, with this medicine, how much date is our hope for the crop, apply water on the husband

Brought new desi cow's cow urine mixed with Dalai Lama, Bhole is always ready brother, now you have not helped hundred villages of Andhra, you know, yes, brother, you know, brother, you have to fight, salute, brother.

Brother minimum address brother thank you colorful only he knows what happens and his brother acacia leaves are fine brother metal is known by fighting and quarreling

Good Goddess put 10 plants in the solution of cow urine and cow dung and took it away due to son's mistake

Where should you mix Pakistani attack?

50 grams

Kucha chili yes good this brother 50 grams alone heard something

According to Hadith standing in Deoria 128 countryside

It was like this, let's get the job done.

40 messages were received by mixing one cotton cloth and getting it ready in 40 days.

Bhola Bhai

Lots of benefits from 1:00 p.m. All farmer brothers request sister to protect paw from sucking worm{{output_text}}
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Benefits of Neem Oil Spraying on paddy
Video Meta Data
subject=Benefits of Neem Oil Spraying on paddy
state=Madhya Pradesh
1. Use neem oil to destroy pests in paddy fields.
2. Wear hand gloves and face marks while spraying neem oil as it is poisonous.
3. Mix shampoo with neem oil to make it stay on the plants for a longer time.
4. Spray neem oil in the direction of the wind.
5. Neem oil doesn't harm the soil or crop and destroys insect eggs and larvae.
6. Neem oil is easily available in the market and has low spraying costs.
7. Farmers should use neem oil to get maximum benefits for their crops.
My Ram Ram to all the farmer brothers, my name is Arun Kumar Soni and I am from Asha Sanstha Gadarwara, today I have come to Sire village, I want to know that the farmer Mr. Dhiraj ji is hiding neem oil in his paddy fields. Come let us take information from them that why they spray neem oil and its benefits Why do we spray neem oil in our paddy fields? We spray neem oil in our paddy fields because

What materials do you need to spray neem oil, it destroys the pests of our farm, and their eggs and larvae are also destroyed. First of all, we need neem oil.

after that we need a shampoo

then we need water

After this we need a pump for spraying, after that we need hand post and brother we need marks.

after this we need paddy field we spray in it how do you spray neem oil

First of all, brother, we wear hand post, because there is no hand post, we are using water, brother, after this we wear marks, why are you wearing hand and flesh?

Due to the medicine being poisonous, we raised our hands and the marksman

What will you do after this brother, after this we add shampoo to neem oil, this is our neem oil, we are adding shampoo to it.

After this, we will bring it well from the wood, it is called shampoo, brother, we add shampoo because it keeps the neem oil on our plants for a long time. mix what will you do

After this we put water in the pump, this is our measure of half a liter, with the help of this we put 15 liters of water, after that we put the medicine in the pump.

This is our measurement, with the help of this we will pour 70 ml of neem oil.

How many pumps of neem oil do you do a good job in 1 acre farm 8:00 to 10:00

After one spray, how many days do you do the second six? After 8 to 10 days, what will you do?

This is how we spray, we should not spray in the opposite direction of the wind, it is to be kept in mind that we go happily in the direction in which the wind blows, can we spray neem oil in crops other than paddy as well? Yes brother, today you told us by spraying neem oil, now you tell its benefits.

We have many benefits by spraying neem oil, its government does not cause insect moths in the plants, it does not cause any harm to the soil and crop, the eggs and insects of insect moths are destroyed, it is very easily available in the market, it has less Spraying it costs, so it gets destroyed and we get a lot of benefits. Today you told us by spraying neem oil and tell about its benefits. Now what message do you want to give to our farmer brothers. Ram Ram to all the farmer brothers. I want to give this message to all the farmer brothers that

All farmer brothers should use neem oil and get maximum benefits Dheeraj ji Thank you very much for spraying neem oil and telling us its benefits and message to our farmer brothers

As you have seen today, farmer brothers, our farmer Dheeraj ji told us after suffering for neem oil and told its benefits, we hope that you also sprinkle neem oil in your fields in the same way and get maximum benefits. My Ram Ram to the farmer brothers{{output_text}}
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Field preparation for Potato
Video Meta Data
subject=Field preparation for Potato
state=Madhya Pradesh
1. Preparation of the field after cultivation.
2. Leaving water in the field after the last meal.
3. Plowing the field after leaving the water.
4. Using super phosphate and Pooja Singh.
5. Applying 10 kg rotten cow dung manure.
6. Checking if the process is done or not.
7. Doing soil work before planting.
8. Planting potatoes in the right month.
9. Potato crop is more profitable than other crops.
10. Potato crop always remains in the market.
Brother Ram Ram Ram Ram My name is Madhav Singh Rajput I live in village Bilonia here farming is bad Guna district village ji ji ji

I am telling you the preparation of the field for planting your potatoes, but I would like to tell you something about the preparation of the field for planting potatoes, the things about potato cultivation, first of all, after our cultivation, we have done well, after that, after the last meal. We left the water in it, as soon as it started keeping beautiful after leaving the water, a little plowing started coming, neither were we thrown in the super fast train Kota coaching, after that you are seeing what super phosphate and Pooja Singh, we tell one

And put 10 kg photo and put 4 kg check whether not done or not and what else is the process just as soon as the eyes 10 cow dung is called rotten manure which we see as soil means stone tell me tomorrow that soil work No means you can take any land while doing medicine when potatoes are potatoes

The month gets ready for sure, once the said, to move the soil from the mind, tell today's latest news, give it, see it

Good brother, all the farmer brothers of the region, I would like to say that potato is the crop as compared to other crops, due to which gas production is more, the cost is also less, the market price also means that potato always remains in the market, so do potato crop more profit. earn jai siyaram{{output_text}}
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Muzaffarpur_Gobhi ka Nursery bed banane ki prakriya
Video Meta Data
subject=Muzaffarpur_Gobhi ka Nursery bed banane ki prakriya
subcategory=Nursery Management
topic=Nursery Bed Preparation
subtopic=Raised Nursery
1. Plant with natural methods.
2. Use cardamom as a natural preparation method.
3. Prepare the whole bed and ensure proper water mission.
4. Use Ghan Ji Ghan Jeevamrut Re Kachi Kachi for healthy plants.
5. Pick and eat fruits from healthy plants.
6. Do not give wrong work to the soil.
7. Use Chlorophyll a Burgner play Tomato for better yield.
8. Use Twine for better support to plants.
9. Change lower tomatoes for better yield.
10. Prepare for farming in advance.
11. Read Babasaheb for more knowledge on farming.
12. Make green earth with green eyes.
Pranam Didi Pranam Bhaiya asked with eyes that where did I say that how did you feel about the arrest of Maheshwari's nursery in the field?

I went that yes brother, tell about Khesari, which things should be planted and how to prepare, understood about the time, before telling about the nursery to sister also, giving a little introduction, our name is Sunita. Treasurer of Devi Hamza Karna Group Amarpura Panchayat

Let's prepare Saamna Saamana with natural method. Cardamom is also nature. What do I mean by here that how to prepare a lot? Uproot it and go to it and now tell me what materials are needed in the nursery or what materials will be required by natural methods.

Shaan means that it cost me, you tell me

see kundan bhaiyya this air sweet kurti is patiala length width length width

Or the viewer has to meet Kedarnath, no matter how much length and width measurement, the whole bed should have been prepared, the water mission would have been better, but Teja Amrit went up after the nursery Girela.

If you understand and everything is fine, then let's sit down and prepare, Hari said that Radha's take it so long, wide, 10 feet long, 5 feet wide, sister, tell us where the friend extinguishes the money


Stammering Kundan Bhaiya will be 5 feet wide from all four sides

Kundan Bhaiya has challenged me while walking after preparing drugs.

sir help or ali help

Just Kundan Bhaiya, now before thinking about us, Ghan Ji Ghan Jeevamrut Re Kachi Kachi, a healthy man also picks up and eats the fruit.

After breaking the tomb from the field, get busy in your work, tell me with glued eyes

Divya again received a letter from the tradesman, yes or no, given by her after her arrest.

You see, after doing a new program of my brother, I got my brother from the temple of Pura, Kundan brother, if you are ready, arrest me and tell me 64

I need you to like me

Mixing a vegetable with a tradesman, you tell me that the plant is healthy, the plant should be eaten lightly.

Slowly cut 12 feet, need a picture, everything is fine

potted plant

Whether you samosas are a color on the bed, whether the whole program is a color on the bed

Hope sister will come, greedy man go and learn

what kundan brother

Now we are treating them with crabs, brother, that means, don't you give the wrong work to your soil?

Chlorophyll a burgner play tomato aapne kheet aave ja lena jeevika me twin hai dede bhosa bharal skull me tomato aeroplane kheta me mein lena je jiva ka twine hai dheere sab de nara hawa jhupi hai aloo sell bhai jaan bach le tomato baadle Potatoes will grow in the basket, if the lower tomatoes are changed, then Najib's web is twinned, sister, if there is no money, then it is a fraud.

Jaya Lena Jeev Ka Mein Twin Hai Sister, If You Don't Have Money, Then Let Me Go To School.

If brother gets jealous and sprinkles water from the waterfall, then after 3 days, surely the whole brother comes in this form early in the morning;

Give a message to all the farmer brothers, brother, and after preparing the previous fall, do more and more farming and get more benefits, everyone comes to read Babasaheb, show them what help they will bring in the morning, they will make green earth with green eyes. will go on will go on{{output_text}}
Video - {{video_url}}}&utm=fc
Seed Treatment in Wheat by Trichoderma and Azotobactor and its benefit
Video Meta Data
subject=Seed Treatment in Wheat by Trichoderma and Azotobactor and its benefit
subcategory=Seed Management
topic=Seed Treatment
state=Madhya Pradesh
1. Seed treatment should be done in shade where sunlight does not fall on it.
2. Wear hand socks while treating seeds to avoid damage.
3. Soak seed with enough water to make it wet but not to send water from it.
4. After seed treatment, expose the seed to shade for at least half an hour.
5. Mix the medicine called Trichoderma properly in the seed.
6. The plant will grow well and remain strong if it is treated with Trichoderma.
7. Seed treatment helps the grains in the middle to be well deposited, which results in good production and crop.
8. Seed treatment helps in protecting plants from diseases and makes them vigorous and healthy.
9. Farmers should do farming only after seed treatment to increase production and avoid diseases.
Ram Ram Bhaiya my name is Jitendra I have come from Asha Sanstha will you introduce yourself and I am a village farmer

Village Central District and Tehsil Mandla attached to Kaisa Khet School and what are they going to do today, now seed treatment will be done with Trichoderma project tractor, brother, why are you doing seed treatment? Uncle has diseases, he is not able to keep it in the plant, brother will tell you what ingredients are used in the seed treatment you are doing. 1 pair of hand socks is required for seed treatment in fourth seed treatment requires medicine called Trichoderma

And in those five, for seed treatment, a culture called top actor is required, for seed treatment, wheat seed is required.

What is this brother that the most important thing while treating the seed is that it should always be done in the shade where sunlight does not fall on it and secondly, while treating the seed, I should wear it in my hand so that it does not get damaged in any way. There should be no harm in the body and the third thing is that when we soak the middle with gold water, then wet it so much that it becomes well, do not send water from it.

After the seed treatment, the seed should be exposed to shade for at least half an hour. be busy love doing doing I you see I you watch and listen carefully 4 doing what is it first of all take your sack take the sack first after this wear hand socks so wear where Is this medicine that remains, does not cause any harm to the body?

Who can tie the plastic foil that is coming in the shop nowadays, it is worth the money, the body's safety remains, after this, 1 kg of wheat should be taken for wheat seed, it seems that 1 kg of seed is being treated, after that wheat is taken. This message is our darling, will make you laugh lightly

After mixing it in the middle in such a way, it will be understood that we will mix it so much that this medicine, which is J2, will stick well in it, in 1 kg of the middle, we will bring 3 grams of the medicine called District Koderma, but it is done. Gram medicine powder mix it properly in the seed, first add tea, Koderma medicine, then again

Do not do back to back to back, you will bring it in the culture and in this culture the plants grow well and remain strong. If the plant is strong, then the production will go, where will the production go? Will you go brother, is it seed treatment or not, we will keep it in the shade for half an hour, then after that take it to the field and tell it very well, but tell me, what are the benefits of what and where, brother, which is the seed treatment

One such that the grains in the middle were well deposited and that means now the right thing is that there is enough room from the ground and the other thing is that whatever diseases remain in the field, the plant could not be affected and treated. Since then the plant has been vigorous and healthy, that means it has a good production, it has a good crop, big eyes, and the grains have been solid, because we, brother, tell me the best method you want to bring another farmer, want to tell something, want to say something. Ram Ram to all the farmer brothers of other farmers, I want to give this message to the farmer brothers, as I have done farming by treating seeds in my house, similarly all the farmer brothers should do farming by treating seeds and take advantage of it.

The way small children get vaccinated and by getting vaccinated, the child remains safe throughout his life, he gets the power to fight against diseases, in the same way, by treating seeds, the plant gets so much capacity that it does not get diseases and its production increases. happens well

I request all farmer brothers to do farming only after seed treatment, just want to say thank you ram ram ok thank you very much for giving very good information
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Nalanda_Zero budget ghanjeevamrit banane ki vidhi
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subject=Nalanda_Zero budget ghanjeevamrit banane ki vidhi
1. To use dried cow dung as manure for crops.
2. To dry the cow dung in the shade for one month before using it as manure.
3. To crush the dried cow dung well and make it into a heap.
4. To put DAP (a type of fertilizer) in the manure and leave it for an hour.
5. To mix the manure well and keep it in the shade, taking care of it with cotton cloth.
6. After 48 hours, let the manure dry in the hot sun.
7. It is recommended to use 2 quintals of dried cow dung for 1 acre of land.
8. The manure can be kept for up to 6 months use where there is a sound of water.
Greetings to all Didi Bhaiya, my name is Sena Kumar, I am Chandni Bhi Ho, I work as GRP in the village organization, I went to Ghazipur village, not stitched in Harnaut block and district, but at Manati Didi's house, we also learned to make friends like this. There is a problem, let's go to Manati Didi's place, what to do in such a situation, Khan seems to be alive, tell me where the head of water is, otherwise how will you give it in life, we will make Gandhi and friends in it, yes brother, we will teach you, see brother, this is a desi cow. Dung is dried in the shade for one month.

His promise will also be fulfilled if it is crushed well and made into an elephant of a heap.

DAP is put in the manure in the same way, that means we leave it for an hour, brother, it is dried, it is again run, it will take 2 quintals of dried cow dung for 1 acre, Goa has started.

Now we are telling that we will put 15 kilometers in life.

Now it is okay to mix it well, brother, you keep it in the shade, take care of it with cotton cloth, sister, what do you do after 48 hours, let it dry in the hot sun, means by bird, I wish it can be kept for 6 months use where the sound of water is{{output_text}}
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line sowing and method of SWI
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subject=line sowing and method of SWI
subcategory=Nursery Management
subtopic=Line sowing
state=Madhya Pradesh
1. Use lukewarm water for sowing.
2. Use cow urine and flowers to promote plant growth.
3. Soak seeds for 18-10 hours before planting.
4. Use Trichoderma medicine to prevent disease.
5. Plant seeds at a depth of one to one and a half inches.
6. Adopt the sowing method to increase production.
7. Use at least three waters during irrigation.
Ram Ram Bhaiya Ram Ram Bhaiya Ram Ram, where did Mona Bhagat Singh come from? Why are you sowing, don't you talk to others, brother, the whole seed gets frozen after fighting and the disease that is planted in the middle, that disease does not even come, all are saved and they also have more feet brother.

Brother, what are the ingredients used in this method, in this method, one bucket and as per requirement, water, one sack, 150 palaces, cow urine, 50 grams of gold, dry koderma powder, wheat seeds, brother, explain how SWI is busy, yes, brother wi- I am sowing wheat since fi, let's see, first of all it was lukewarm water, after that I had sent 150 emails of cow urine mail, it is going to be destroyed.

Why do we mix flowers, brother, the relationship gets hot, our village's kurada would have burst quickly, but brother had also burnt it, but brother had put it in such a way and let it remain submerged for 18 to 10 hours, brother, after 10 hours, we also give the car to burn.

And saya woman, by wrapping it from this distance, show the seed of self-control dry up and become moisture.

Similar message python brother trapped election

what is it brother this is trichoderma medicine brother

And the lic mail id is cold, it was brought in 3 grams in 1 kg, thumb brother took this medicine, Trichoderma medicine came and kept it in the number of tilak for 10-12 hours, brother


Dabang old Varalakshmi do it, we had put these eight grains within 8 inches, so brother, when he saw some worm being eaten, when he left, he said that it would not have been formed, it was planted again.

Brother, we plant it at a depth of one to one and a half inches, it was felt that it would reach in 1 minute, elder brother, by adopting this method, one goes behind it more and the disease that appears, does not even appear to be a disease and lasts for a long time. The ones come out and fill the grain well and there is a lot of good production in it.

Brother, what precautions are taken in adopting this method, brother, this time there should be a little lukewarm water, which must be applied, adopt this method only at the time of irrigation and there must be at least three waters, this method should be adopted brothers. What message do you want to convey to brother Ram-Ram I want to convey this message to all the farmers that farming by sowing method will increase production

There is no better benefit than this, to convey to you people in the message brother, thank you very much for the information you gave us Ram Ram Ram{{output_text}}
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Nalanda_Mashroom ki kheti
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subject=Nalanda_Mashroom ki kheti
1. Cultivation of samadhi is needed.
2. Use a well-made plastic container to prevent the straw from coming out of the house.
3. Cover the straw for 24 hours.
4. Leave the straw in a basket for 4 hours to drain completely out of it.
5. Put 2 inches of layers in the polythene bag while filling it with mushroom seeds.
6. Press the polythene bag well from all sides and hammer the seed around.
7. Hang the polythene bag on the peak to let the fruit come out from all sides.
8. Add 2 grams of bleaching powder in 100 grams of water and see the date, 32 days from now, one fruit means that it becomes worth plucking, in 25 days the first terai will happen, the second one is yours, in 32 days, 30 runs can be kept in 45 days.
9. The first room spray should be done 2-4 days before 100 grams of farmer in 2 liters of water.
10. Keep the door closed for 5 days after spraying.
11. Remove the polythene after 1 year and put it in water for 10 minutes.
Yes, we will teach you, we will definitely teach you, brother, let us tell you about mushroom farming, Lata Kumari Deepjyoti, the treasurer of Jeev Ka Sansar Group, and the work of the CM, Gayatri Bhaiya will tell you about the farming of the members of the village organization Sharabi. Cultivation of samadhi is needed

no form sir meets 125

Hey baba steel is this water who is mushroom who is this dead lime wheat husk let's polythene and now there is nobility and put four drops of farm land and press it if put for 4 minutes what is the use

Water has been added to the pulses, now going to prepare the slurry, for this, we put the form, put 4 grams of bus stand, program, we put dead lime, it is not a big drum, but a regional convenor has to mix 10 kg straw, 40 liters

pouring in water

Why are you putting it in a well made of plastic, that's why we keep it so that it does not come out of the house so that the straw opens well.

Don't tell how many days it has been sitting, it will remain covered like this for 24 hours.

Now this straw has to be taken out in the basket, for how long will it be left for 4 hours so that the water has to drain completely out of it.

Didi why is the letter happening

Sister, for how long do you leave this language, but it becomes meaningful

Come on brother Kishore ji the jewelery is ready, how did you leave me, so understand that it is ready, did you see that it gets angry, its thickness is 40 microns, now we are filling it in polythene, it has to be pressed well from all sides and hammer the seed around

Vidisha Vidisha two 2 inch layers have to be given

Do it right and press it, which can be done by putting 2 inches and doing it in any way.

In this anger, 100 grams of seeds came and now it will come, it is ready, now we are tying its mouth, now the time is till 6:00

Sister, in a packed bag, what is it visible, because of not getting it, CM is being made in it, because of this it will be made, where will you keep brother? so i is kept now it has to be put in peak one by one

Didi, how can you hang it on the peak, there will be the option below, the fruit will come out from the top as well, it will also come out from all sides, that's why they hang it and keep it in the seeker, if not, then they tear the clothing and remove it after two-four days. Then we study it, don't see the feast that I am getting black little by little, then we cut it out from here and take out the husk, after that add 2 grams of bleaching powder in 100 grams of water and see the date.

They do good work, 32 days from now, one fruit means that it becomes worth plucking, in 25 days the first terai will happen, the second one is yours, in 32 days, 30 runs can be kept in 45 days, and that means the first room spray It should be done 2-4 days before 100 grams of farmer in 2 liters of water, come after seeing it means what to spray, 4 days means that the door which you keep in the room should be kept closed, keep the door closed for 5 days, after opening it, make a peak in it and hang it. can hold bags of

Well, today's bag is on, this bag is on for 20 days, come on, 25 days means 25 days have left Nepal, turn it around

Just Kishore ji, 1 year has passed in this, now it has to be removed by tearing the polythene, now it means after 2 days, after taking out the sim from the polythene, after pressing it in water, let's put it in water after 2 days. If you want to keep it immersed in water for 10 minutes, then keep it for 10 minutes. Yes, you have to keep it for 10 minutes. Do you put any medicine in it?

Yes, we have 200 female mushroom farmers in Radi.{{output_text}}
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Nalanda_Zero budget brahmastra banane ki vidhi
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subject=Nalanda_Zero budget brahmastra banane ki vidhi
1. Cultivate with zero budget.
2. Use natural fertilizers instead of urea DAP without fertilizer.
3. Use Dhatura leaves and cow urine for farming.
4. Use neem leaves, papaya leaves, card leaves, vine leaves, far leaves, and sweet fruit for making chutney.
5. Mix all the ingredients together to make chutney.
6. Use a good cotton cloth to clean the chutney after 48 hours.
7. The color of the chutney can be green or black.
8. Use Jeeva Chilli and niece Bamaida Master instead of chemical fertilizers.
9. Use Brahmastra to protect the crop.
10. Farming with natural fertilizers is better than chemical fertilizers and results in good crops and good health.
Malti Devi also comes, who works here with zero budget, she takes training on how to cultivate zero budget, she comes and tells the woman of the village and if she goes to the woman of another village, that sister works with zero budget. Do farming, understand that it is more beneficial for us and you also start and if you do not understand, then call us, we will also tell you, understand, we will work hard and do not do farming with urea DAP without fertilizer, do farming with zero budget. We have to learn about the complaint about life friend from him

How to do such work, prepare all the ingredients early in the morning to make it, you already know the benefits of Dhatura leaves and cow urine in it.

What do I do with everyone in this gang, beat them, make chutney, tell us, we also tell you 3 kg of neem leaves, ok ji, papaya leaves, ok ji, workers of grass, ji, vine leaves, adhu kg, datura leaves, ji Let us come from faraway leaves, sweet fruit, if there is sweet fruit, then we run 5 kg of neem, if it is not there, then there is no sweet fruit.

10 liters of cow urine came, what to do, tell us the ingredients, brother, okay brother, we also tell you the ingredients for one kattha, see this story, brother, neem leaves are 100 grams, come, papaya leaves are 70 grams, card leaves, vine leaves Leaf 70 grams of far leaves 70 grams of sweet fruit put in 2 minutes

That all the ingredients should be mixed together sister to make Yes chur-chur who has to make chutney ok brother this time you have chosen well you can make chur chur ke Manoj Chinese ok brother now it is done


There were three goods in the village, we put them in it, whether we want to put them on the stove or not, you will bring them when you come home, see brother, the wind sleeps awake, how long to bring it at night

How much do you feed the rain, who doesn't want to eat, because it means more, when you get it, yes, just take it off, you ate it, or do such language development 4 times, it will be a bit cold, then you have to put it on

See brother is ready, how did you know that the social key is ready, because he is dropped off that the street is not empty, he called 4 times, then he is ready, what will you waste, brother, for 41 hours, brother, let us go and leave. Mishra goes then we keep it as a means to use it for 6 months after 48 hours clean it with a good cloth cotton cloth Chandna yes brother can use it for 6 months

Its color can be green, come, black, sweet, both can be different, but the address is different, it is square, it is known that the fat king does not go, it gets filtered in the clothes, my bar master is ready, brother, it will not be bad, 25 liters of water in the finished garland

You can know it will be in wheat, it will be in paddy, it will be in gram, it will be in papaya, it will be in fruit, it can also be in vegetable, it can be used in the form of language, it is used in the mind. If you want to do it now, then use it to protect the crop.

Dali is no more because we are pouring Jeeva Chilli and niece Bamaida Master is pouring Brahmastra I can't hear the sound When we got the trainee, we thought that without chemical fertilizers, it would mean that it would not be possible, but it happened that it was better than chemical fertilizers, it was assured that the crop was also good, at that time chemical fertilizers If we don't get it, we get fertilizer, because where do we come from? We are getting income, means to run such a house, health is also good.{{output_text}}
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Muzaffarpur_Conoweeder se khar-patvaar ka niyantran Bochaha
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subject=Muzaffarpur_Conoweeder se khar-patvaar ka niyantran Bochaha
subcategory=Crop Intensification
topic=System of Rice Intensification
I have analyzed the video transcript and found the following advice relevant to farming best practices:

1. Use a machine like Kiran machine or Gauri Lekha for paddy cultivation.
2. It takes almost 15 days to stop paddy cultivation using the Shri method of quality education.
3. Use a single Gujar for convenience in the Kattha Khet day.
4. Maintain a distance of 10 inches between plants to control weed growth.
5. Uproot the soil and jungle for weed control.
6. Death is the benefit of the farm, and the benefit is to be benefited.
7. Use Vikas cooker machine for weed control.
8. Change clothes after using Vikas cooker machine.
9. Do not spend money on mobile oil.
10. Announce farming with Mr. method to encourage others.
Today we have come to Bela Panchgachia of Chaha block of Muzaffarpur district, the farmers of this place see paddy in the form of brothers and sisters, then how do we control the weed by brother and sister, salute, is your condition fine, then it is Tiwari. Paddy cultivation has been stopped by Shri method of quality education

It was done by myself na na stopped in the line na na it took almost 15 days the basket is 1 kilometer machine na sir machine hi kiran machine ran gauri lekha correctly Gauri lekha chala chala paddy far better than us it takes four moons to understand kurti sewing machine 4 There is a lot of convenience for all of us together in a single Gujar in the Kattha Khet day.

I am standing and doing Kamalini with Maihar, there is no benefit in this, but tell me who was close to me, if I had told you about the lesson, then the one who caught me would have caught me and sent me to the field yesterday. Laga Laga Laga Laga To Mati Call Kar

At the bottom of the valley, yes you have become food, I walk with the wind, it is necessary to go for life, if you had given a little introduction then my name is Lakshmi Sharma

Song of film Basanti Shiv in village Bela Panchgachia we Rohit Verma District Vidisha Village Secretary of Help Group Janu Janu

Brother Lakshmi Yes, let's go to the field, I have taken it in the field, the society did not fully understand, taking out time, we understand that we are all the people of the village, the people of the house, the people of the group, tell me brother, let the leader run in the field At what distance from the terrorist, write a form, put a line at a distance of 10 inches, it stops the distance from plant to plant, then play the Scindia Line album.

Let the weed that is there or not die, now see somewhere, make us stand in front of you by cheating, brother, don't let us play near the edge of the power, get us done by uprooting the soil, uprooting the jungle, gender fell asleep, I go home and the medicine is going downstairs, isn't it? We should belong to the independent rear party of painting with more sweet faces.

Death is the benefit of the farm and the benefit is to be benefited. It happens

Weed control from the Vikas cooker machine itself Take a change of clothes If the whole soil is uprooted even if it does not die Oil does not spend any money on the mobile tell about tell about

Lakshmi Bhaiya Yes, who are you, she is coming to the village organization to run her brother's farm. Sake Mil Jaye Hamar Naam Laxmi Sharma Bhel

Today, our own sister also announced farming with Mr. method Yes, all brothers and sisters, the difference between studies among 9 students will be fixed. let's go
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Tomato cultivation
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subject=Tomato cultivation
subcategory=Success Stories
state=Madhya Pradesh
1. Plant tomato plants at a distance of 2 feet from each other.
2. Keep a distance of 1 foot from yourself while planting.
3. Use Nepali Pari variety of tomato plant for better results.
4. Spray medicine on the plant to control pests, with 5-6 pumps per biga.
5. Wear protective clothing and spectacles while spraying insecticidal medicine.
6. Plant rows of tomato plants to make it easier to harvest and weed.
7. Good production can be achieved by following these farming practices.
Kisan brothers Jai Ram ji my name is Dev Narayan Dangi and I am from management service so today I will tell a little information about tomato cultivation, so you can see a little bit, how can I plant the biggest tomatoes and at what distance Let me tell you a little about this plant, the plant world should keep a distance of 2 feet from yourself, then what is the benefit of this plant, and even when it is big, there is no harm, so keep yourself If you want to keep it, then it is fit, from there you should keep a distance of 1 feet to this plant, 2 feet distance, you should plant Nepali Pari and look at the row after row, you should plant it by planting it for the whole day.

And even later, if you condemn it, then you don't have any problem in that too. You see the control of the pandit about that which is visible in the plant, you feel that in one pump, 30 to 35 A mail is afraid, and in one biga, you have five to six pumps of medicine. Spraying should be done by putting each pummi from near to it, then spraying it

Which five to six pumps in a biga should be sprinkled with medicine so that the whole plant gets wet, in this way they should be complete. Secondly, it would have been even better if you had your own clothes and spectacles, because the insecticidal medicine does not affect your eyes, after that, after you have done so much, the list comes automatically, then what is the benefit? Let me tell you about the benefits, later Japan keeps distance from distance, which is 2 feet distance, then it is easy to stitch after your quota, when the moment is more for you, then you put your loved ones on teddy bear. If there is a distance from row to row, then weed ourselves in it and when we draw water, we get good benefit in it.

The one who, by planting fields on the row, gets income for his children and gets good benefits for himself, does he get more fruits and now

There is good benefit by planting in this way, we get good production. If we do tomato farming in this way, then we get more benefit and by doing this kind of farming, our fruit does not spoil and there is no loss, so all the farmers It is my request to the brothers that tomato will be benefited in this way only.
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Khagaria_Sahbhagi dhaan ki katai_PRAN
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subject=Khagaria_Sahbhagi dhaan ki katai_PRAN
1. Check the standing crop's height, grain quality, and weight to ensure a good harvest.
2. Ensure that the cost of hard work is not exceeding the benefits.
3. Use inch tape to measure crop cutting in five places for equality.
4. Beat the crop from five places to determine which one has more yield.
5. Harvest by cutting from four corners of the field to ensure evenness.
6. Measuring the crop by 1 meter by 1 meter wide.
7. Use different methods to maintain cleanliness of the crop.
8. Plant crops based on favorable weather conditions and soil quality.
9. Regularly monitor and compare crops for better yields.
10. Take care of each plant to ensure it grows well.
11. Take into consideration the drought situation and adjust farming practices accordingly.
my name is pramod kareen and whos karyakarta who mr was also good luck with properly and in the time of general it is 25 days way in last year

123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 dhatarwal ki hai hai do three four five six seven eight eight ten ka hai hai 341 aapko hai

We put equal amount of hard work and dedication in this, you also have to see now that it is a standing crop, its height is good for you, it is tall for you, it is very short, see that it has more grains and its weight is more, so this is what we need. There is also a thing to understand

It is a matter to be seen that the cost of all the hard work is as much as it is costing us, here 17 years old Panchayat Chhapara Block Bodh Gaya District Gaya We are farmers name Sunita Kumari village Khatkad Nagar block and district Gaya and I am a resident of I am a farmer, got good crop cutting done by farming using Mr.

Or else the farmer crop cutting cutting cutting both hymns of the same general Vidisha file

how to see a photo it also has a party of 12345 left in it and how tall tall yes sister very nice tall tall how work hair is not 5 inches

Farming should be done ok, now something means that now the truth will come true Didi yes baby frock cutting is done by measuring it with inch tape and as much as I remain stuck, it is cut from five places and stuff Let's also compare the methods given and Mr. that which one has more crop Didi, when we do crop cutting, we go to the field with inch tape and cut five plants from the four corners of the hell within 1 meter.

Yes, until you don't do it, you see in between, you beat it, what do you think, what do you say, it is weak in one side, there is more crop in that side, that's why we cut and beat it from five places for equality. Pardon him equal to equal by cutting from five places and beating him by the nose to see which one is more, the full one is more or the one who is in a hurry looks like that, then the one with the general method sees, still the first morsel is given to five. are measured separately yet have shown

Let's take how much has happened in the katha, in the story, how many kilos has happened off the Indian Railway wall, half how much will be lost, let's tell you how to do the cutting in the field Had to be and sister takes four from the middle field

And you beat the pin of the Aadhaar card, do different bhajans of the five, we do bhajans because we do not take them from five places, because somewhere the plant is strong and somewhere the plant is weak, not even a weak plant. Has taken it somewhere strong and five of the five places are first, then he comes to know that how much was passed in one katha but will come to know that he should go home, we can't, carry empty hands and do If we live in the same house, we also start harvesting from the field from Haryana, otherwise it is not due to pain in his house, otherwise it is not known, sister, how it was cut.

Foreigners find out how much paddy is there in a bag, sister, that's why we do it by measuring, first you take it.

By measuring 1 meter by 1 meter wide, we have cut in the same way from the four corners of the field and by cutting 120 to 5 meters, we will take 1 meter long and 1 meter wide from one side and the first four corners in the middle. Take five ok beating so the plant which is not there does not remain evenly in the field

We take 5 parts because we get the whole area

See sister, after fighting the paddy that we cut, we have paddy that is 900 grams, that is 8:30 hundred grams, 8:30 hundred grams, these are 900 grams, now it is one kg, all together we are getting 4:30 kg of paddy. Have you guys seen about cleanliness in these 20 plots also we have seen five different types of methods

Which day is it but according to that also I see who is standing here for the farmer Poonam 120 days in some way we are lucky of five and if you want to understand the profile then lighten the earth from Ganga Lal Ganga Lal a minister swimming look at the drought In this situation, still watch it here, it is very good, the song is also very good, see a girl, you are feeling very good in it, but Khatri has a lot of work in it.

See who is standing in this plot, it was a good fortune, a farmer's voice has planted it for the first time and it seems to us that it is the best till now from all the five factories, first of all the hair of Satrupa Brightness came out first, the hair is also very long. That is the tallest of you and that too you have a lot of ministers, you are not full of marriage from top to bottom, but this is also a big money for you in the situation of drought, but the head is a little behind the rest of Gangalal, so only a little more. It seems that Alka is British in this plot where Mukhe Prabhat hai yeh kaun din ki dhyana, but looking at this

If you see her earring, it is fine for me girl, whatever else we take care of Gangalal, it is good luck to get Gangalal, her office earring is small.{{output_text}}
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Sowing of soybean variety JS-9560
Video Meta Data
subject=Sowing of soybean variety JS-9560
subcategory=Seed Management
topic=Seed Selection
subtopic=Varietal Identification
state=Madhya Pradesh
1. Use DAP fertilizer before sowing soybeans.
2. Do not mix soybeans with DP fertilizer.
3. Plant maize and soybean in alternate lines.
4. Maintain a distance of 18 fingers between soybean lines.
5. Use certified treated seeds for soybean plantation.
6. Change the seed every three years.
7. Do not sow soybean in the same field until it is over.
8. Be careful while sowing soybean.
9. Use caution while maintaining distance between lines.
10. Spread the plant by meeting to get more light production.
11. Do not let the soybean spoil or go to the arena.
12. Use special material for better plantation.
Namaskar namaskar sir my name is Ram Pawar I do accident service tomorrow what are you doing dada if you are not answering then tell me about the bid you don't tell me what do you do came again after fertilization

And now what we mean is that DAP was fertilizer, so we put it in the field first, not mixing it with soybeans, you put DP in it and when you put that too, nothing empty no no no no chance If it is above then it means one maize, then one two three four rounds, two lines of soybean is late, after that after removing the maize inside the maize, when you have become eligible to bid, your fields have started speaking.

line to line bride distance eighteen

yes yes with water amguri jo hai aapki eighteen eighteen soybean price what do you do it can be cheated by soybean in one

Well, how much in this per bigha in one bigha 16 15 kg 16 kg 15 kg and in this whatever distance you are from where you are it is worth a day that now in humans it takes a little palla sakda 16 means more would have been less

So Dada also you told me very well about the method of sowing soyabean and now I want to know that before sowing soyabean, you should tie yourself careful, careful, careful, 20 certified, its time way certified by the producer organization You are putting victory, it is proved

Means, at the time of sowing soyabean, who needs soyabean? With caution, the distance from this line to this line should not be less than 18 and 20 years.

The distance should be included in Mecca after 18 minutes, if not, then give a chance, after two lines, if it is found or not, and only after 10 lines, keeping Rahul's distance about the cunning man, Prakash is found. The plant spreads by meeting, so it spreads more in less seeds.

We will get more light production by sowing our own certified sweet seed, so it does not spoil if it does not go to the arena, and after that, due to the flying of the special material, both the soybean and the special have not been done together. And now this special fell on the special, the benefits and message about its method have been told very well, so what message should you give to all the farmer brothers who are your own and egg farmers?

This is my message and this is my request that when planting soybeans, a thin lamp of 18 fingers should be kept at a distance from this line to that line and seed certified treated seeds should be sown and after that if you sow your own seed every 3 years. It should be changed to I because it should not be done until it is over, and in the same way, grandfather, you gave me very good information about the sowing of soyabean, so you gave me and our farmer brothers good information about farming. thank you very much jai ram ji{{output_text}}
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Nalanda_Dhan ke fasal mein keet aur rog niyantran
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subject=Nalanda_Dhan ke fasal mein keet aur rog niyantran
1. Identify symptoms of crop diseases like kheda and brown spot disease.
2. Use appropriate pesticides for disease control like Hydrochloride, Ek Sa Kona Jol, and Welida Mysin.
3. Use fungicides like Sixer or Staff for brown spot disease control.
4. Spray pesticides and fungicides at the recommended rates per acre.
5. Consult agricultural centers for the availability of the right pesticides and fungicides.
6. Monitor crop growth regularly to identify early signs of disease.
7. Ensure proper photosynthesis in crops by controlling diseases to maintain a good yield.
What is the dakshina from America, what is the disease, it is being known that the brain is bad, what is the condition, it is known that what would have happened if she was sick for 3 days.

The picture was given just for you, it was a big problem, haven't you seen what is the remedy for the center Hello Hello Namaskar Sir

The farmer brothers

Jetaram, what happened, come back, getting something, coming back to work, then we will visit your field, okay, why not tomorrow, okay, at the same place, near the temple, paper, paper, okay, okay, see you tomorrow in your field, okay yes thank you hello

sir what is this disease

yes seen this what you are seeing it is visible white no it means that there is no disease in it it is said okay why it is the kheda it is a symptom that its leaves turn white from the top means What is the name of this insect called husband wrapping kheda husband wrapping kheda what is it that will wrap the husband and goes inside and eats his Haribhau as soon as the leaves dry up that's why there are wick wrapping insects in it The one who can be heard, then we can treat it by spraying how much medicine, how much medicine can be sprinkled

For this we have to spray light to cut off hydro which medicine we should tell - Hydrochloride which comes in two ways one is your salumber powder and the other is granular if granular we will do shirgaon then it will discuss with sand or urea Can we do if we spray the powder then match it with the quantity of 1 liter of water we can discuss about 1 acre we will use 300ml okay no okay let's show you a simple yes so farmer brother As I told that they have started taking a joke, we have wrapped the leaf, for their control, we should use Top Hydrochloride and whenever you go to the shop to buy medicine, then there is a child to see what is the percentage if it is 4%. so it broke

It comes in two, one comes in granular and one comes in powder, so if we take granular then it will be 4%, if we get powder, it will be 50%, it is granular, so for control, we should use tafel o clock to get rid of it. How will we do it for 1 acre land is sprayed at the rate of 300 grams per acre ok we can do chirgaon mixed with sand or urea my red red stone be of a different type

As much as I see you sir, yes farmer brother, as you are showing these symptoms, it is clear to us that all this is a disease called light, your paddy crop is fine, only disease called like is affected. It is seen in the symptoms that first brown spots are formed on the husbands and later its answer looks like pink color, what happens from this that the earrings that we put in our earrings will produce less milk in it, if the milk becomes useful, then the company with which It will harm our family, okay, seeing the initial symptoms of this, we should first of all spray a medicine called Ek Sa Kona Jol, how much should we do Ek Sa Kona Jol?

You should spray a medicine called or you can spray by whistling whose technical name is Welida Mahiti and Ek sa Kona Jol ok by bringing one of the two medicines that you can discuss this is the amount to worry about At the rate of 300 ml per acre, this disease will be controlled by you, okay sir, if you see the symptoms of excessive weeping, then you can use it after 10 to 12 days, then you can light C2 as soon as possible to remove it. For this, who is of Welida My Singh who should use one of the two medicines, yes, see the farmer brothers, this is called Welida Mysin, this is the claim of the agricultural chemical company, which also has 3 grams of Welida machine technical name, there are many medicines in the market. You get the use of the blind that you people were showing that symptom that we showed that symptom.

We will use this medicine to transfer the name of the medicine from here what is the name of the medicine Belly dance three 3% SL I want to see my action so apply some mind and see, let's see if it works with the other see below sir what happened i had rust what to do see

This symptom that you showed us shows that this field is affected by brown spot disease, okay, what is the identity of bad spot disease that it can show its symptoms anytime from seedling till the crop ripens, sometimes It also looks like a brown spot on the earlobes. Photosynthesis is the process of photosynthesis. We get sunlight to make food for the plant. If we get it, our family will be reduced, so for the control of this disease, I tell you flour, which is called Sixer or Staff, it will be available in the market, there are two things in that claim, Mancozeb, Carbendazim, you will get the medicine at any agricultural center. Bring that medicine and show you a sample of that medicine for spraying at the rate of 250 to 300 grams per acre.

Yes, farmer brother, see the place, the claim of the clean name is okay, in which Carbendazim 12% metal powder powder form is filled, let us do systemic and contact fungicide, fuzzy site means that it kills the fungus, it is a medicine with a clean name, we will give two and a half At the rate of 100 to 300 grams per acre, you can use it in your paddy field when brown spot disease is visible. name medicine can use ok

ok sir you took out your precious time for me you saw my paddy and told about the disease so thank you laxman whatever medicine u tell me i will use it plus get others to do it

ok thanks to the farmers also you invited us and gave us the opportunity to know and diagnose the people who are engaged in the fields i am happy for this and in future you call me whenever you need and your farm safe and sound keep so that your yield is big we wish that the harvest be healthy{{output_text}}
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Muzaffarpur_Sri Veedhi se dhan ka beej upchar
Video Meta Data
subject=Muzaffarpur_Sri Veedhi se dhan ka beej upchar
1. To prepare one bag of apple seeds, write one bag of stuff, 100 grams of paddy seeds.
2. Check the egg first in water before using it for farming.
3. Make a solution of salt and water to prepare seeds.
4. Pour water on seeds instead of washing them with water.
5. Mix pages of information on farming practices.
6. Take a photo of the porridge found during farming and send it to someone.
7. Use seed treatment for paddy.
Jaan re Kanha dushman hamare jaan re jaan nahi re son, I killed my life at the feet of Jeevika

Tose Naina Re Pyar Ka Mausam Aaya Re Hi Tera Deewana Banke Tamanna Na Dashama Na Mare Jaan Re Jaan Re Na Re Chhora Behna Jeevika Ke Charan Mare Jaan Jaan Hi Re Chhora Bana Deewana Re

May your heart go, may your life come, may your life rest

Jaan aa jaaye jaan re tere bina ji bhaga ke leja bhaga ke good sister song ghayal gaye hum hare jaye

Greetings brother, yes, it is very early in the morning, let's take rest.

Our name is Lalpari Devi Ghar Kalyanpur Thana Minapur District Muzaffarpur

Ok sister, very good introduction

Look brother, to prepare one bag of apple seeds, write one bag of stuff, 100 grams of paddy seeds.

eat enema

elephant medicine is necessary price

See egg brother, let us check the egg first in the water.

Salt was making a solution of water, it was shown by checking that after preparing the solution, see that it is ready, the egg was taken out in the car, they put it in the middle of the field.

see good seed goes down Agra is poured up

right at the very top put forward the very top part

put khakhra under the eyes

Well sister, after preparing this salt solution, after putting the seeds in the water, see the tradesman standing separately in a very nice way;

Pouring water is the business, we did not wash with water.

See, from the good side, the number of snakes has ended Phulela

good latest news yes yes it's been 12 hours let's see it's been 12 hours the water goes down

see the spread of body in light space light

Now the big next session, we will mix the pages, we will mix a little bit

Now send me the photo of the porridge found at this time, tell me that I had made it, yes, make a tank, O your bunny

Ikram Photo by making a good diamond we are crazy about medicine for 24 hours From

Good Didi Farmer Bhaiya Didi any message request for teach about seed treatment of paddy{{output_text}}
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Muzaffarpur_Aagneyastra banane ki prakriya Bochaha
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subject=Muzaffarpur_Aagneyastra banane ki prakriya Bochaha
subcategory=Pest and disease Management
topic=Pest Control
1. Use cow urine to protect trees, plants, and animals from pests and keep them healthy.
2. Mix cow urine in 5 liters of water before using it on crops.
3. Use neem leaves to create a powder for farming.
4. Use 125 grams of green chillies and Allasu neem leaves in farming.
5. Mix 5 liters of desi cow's urine with Ram, pulses, and porridge to get a mustard seed rigged.
6. Attend farming campaigns and games to learn new best practices.
7. Spend less money on farming to have better profits.
8. Take a bath by mixing 3 liters of fire weapon in water before mixing it in crops.
9. Prepare crops well and consider yourself as God on your shoulder.
Didi, where do you come from, Mahesh ji's house is there, let's go after learning everything, now it is okay to introduce yourself before moving forward.

Greetings to all men, our name is Geeta Devi and Tilakpur village, they were abuses, and Laxman was a member of the group, otherwise I am Dhanwanti Devi, our house is Tilakpur. We should have put in the field as much as we can. The crops of the field were good.

Fifth cow urine, if its use would protect trees, plants and animals from farmers and keep the plants running healthy, ok sister, tell me when Hamal Hathitala is ready, let us prepare tomorrow evening, tell me the similarity, tell me how much you study, brother.

Green chillies are 125 grams, Allasu neem leaves are also there, Sasaram

This takra is crushed and made into a powder. Ok sister neem leaves Haryanvi H I love you did not turn out. Look, I had offered this.

Look brother, you have taken away our everything, the goat belongs to Kute.

Me, son, no awareness, let it go, no one should join anyone except work, sister, no one in the world, when all the preparation is done, everyone mixes cow urine in 5 liters of cow urine, mix it in 5 liters.

Look, the message came, the whole powder is ready, 5 liters of desi cow's urine mixed with a Ram, pulses and porridge in the sea, acre of later got a mustard seed rigged, a queen of Mahesh Bhaiya's, mix it with the mother, brother, so that it is right or good, see I am brother Akra today, we will take care of your real strong son.

Ok didi, in how much time will it be ready to open the prasad with 48 hours

Look at the action of a big tradesman like I call Kanha 95 people again and again keep a name of a good game in the cold

Good sister, pour lada lada lada of cow urine in the village, understand the power and capacity expansion, could have given ₹ 1 to the farmers to kill germs, all alone chhm chhm chhm

Let's see, we should come with the order of the campaign, a game was organized in Wardha's farm, for 3 months, nothing is needed in the crab farm, it works for three months. Who spends, spend less, die and the goods are ready

Soldier should take bath by mixing 3 liters of fire weapon in water before mixing fire weapon in water Chand chandni farmer brother any messages medicine here message vegetable results from our side Hello sir ji's farmer brothers and sisters, we request that your By preparing your friend, consider yourself as God on your shoulder.

How do you feel in Sharda's village?{{output_text}}
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Khagaria_Gobhi ka beej sodhan aur ropai_Caulifolwer_Bihar
Video Meta Data
subject=Khagaria_Gobhi ka beej sodhan aur ropai_Caulifolwer_Bihar
1. Cultivate vegetables well.
2. Use 10 grams of cabbage, 20 grams of cow urine, 25 grams of vermicompost, 10 grams of gur and half gram of sting half west indies for cabbage cultivation.
3. Be careful with hot water in plastic vessels.
4. Use seed treatment for better cabbage cultivation.
5. Follow good farming practices for higher yield and profit.
greetings sister

It is wild that we should cultivate vegetables like ours very well. What should we do?

Our name is Sanju Devi Shiv Parvati Jeevika We are the treasurer of the self-help group Secretary of the village organization

Don't drive home, station fourth, district Khagaria, elder brother, take home automatically, enjoy, ok, we will make Bihar's fourth block world money, just now all the things were installed.

Revise the cabbage as well and it was watered brother

10 grams cabbage

20 and cow urine

25 grams vermicompost

10 grams gur

half gram sting half west indies

Brother started hiding in the fair after the electricity was missing.

Now put Akbar, you were lacking, how much is needed in the urine of a desi cow?

Brother, getting power in such a hole means better.


10 grams pouring sugar

The court of sugar whose method of worship is more

Chale Westing

Galka caught diarrhea in front of her

After 4 hours, you got everything from your hand, very good child

So that asked the meaning, all the beds were made according to the fall and one Rajesh lightly, also means his own stubbornness.

Patanjali Divya Kit

water water water

You say that sister dial tomorrow morning like spring water

Meaning bone for dreams tomorrow evening tell your brother commissioner again in the morning



Yes brother, I was careful that hot water should not be too hot in a plastic vessel and do such a situation.

Brother Bijli self K Mishra district how correctly should be done because of which there is more yield in the field and if there was more yield then it is natural to do good work good work farming and everyone some dream message sister amendment what what thoughts fall and Apply well didi do everything so that there is more profit good didi

Tell me such a wonderful thing, what is the seed treatment of Hamra, what is it for the cultivation of cabbage and good brother for your valuable time.{{output_text}}
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Application of Bio-Insecticide
Video Meta Data
subject=Application of Bio-Insecticide
subcategory=Pest and disease Management
topic=Pest Control
1. Use organic fertilizers and medicines instead of chemical ones.
2. Use organic insecticides for long-term effects that do not harm the farm or the farmer.
3. Use protective gear like plastic gloves, masks, and glasses while spraying organic medicine.
4. Spray organic medicine in the morning or evening, avoiding the afternoon sun and wind direction.
5. Read and follow the instructions carefully while spraying organic medicine to avoid any harm to oneself or the farm.
6. Reduce or avoid the use of chemical fertilizers to avoid their harmful effects on the farm and environment.
Hello, I am Anand Kumar Singh from Asha Sansthan, today I have come to the program of the city block, the residents of this area have started using organic fertilizers and medicines instead of chemical fertilizers and medicines, today I am a progressive farmer. Going to meet Mohammad Kamaluddin sir who is going to do new use of organic medicines in his farm today let's meet him what he is doing

Hello Kamal Bhai, I am from Ananda Sanstha, Hello, how did you come, I have heard that today you are going to use organic pesticides in your field, in this connection I have come to talk to you.

Brother, you are going to use your organic insecticide today, Anand Babu, now the time has come for the release of cannabis, after the release of the paddy head, the juice to the skeet, which speaks dirty, they suck the legislation of our area. Don't take it for that we are organic insecticide medicine we will use it's name it's Goddess Arab's coming brother give it to me brother which is an organic insecticide subject 1 gram contains 10 crores of eggs it's going to go to our fields After that, we kill or make sick the pests that harm the crop, so that our crop is safe and remains healthy.

Brother, today there are many chemical insecticides available in the market, then you want to use organic insecticides.

Brother, chemical medicine has an immediate effect, then it dies, but its side effects affect humans, fields and tell Varun, but organic medicine has a long-term effect, neither does it harm the farm, nor does it harm the farmer. How to use good bassiana to protect from rot

For 1 acre of paddy crop, 1 kg etc. army is used, we do it as people, if we want to do it with ghator machine, then we will need 200 liters of water in that and the same if net change machine If we want to group, then we will use accelerator water for that, then you will also use net pack machine to spray in our fields, for that in 1 liter of water.

now watch you will understand

Brother, to use any chemical biological medicine, first we use plastic grains to keep ourselves safe, so that our hands are safe to propagate, only through breathing, we do not make any difference through our nose. For this we treat the meat and what is in the eye does not fall in the eye while making flowers, for this we also treat the glasses that are in the eye I will not go to this spray machine which is of 15 liters and for this which is given 150 grams no Atal Sena will be needed so it is of 30 grams so we take it 5 times it becomes one

By pressing 2345, it became one and a half hundred grams, now we will run it slowly, this Google will be ready, now we are preparing the solution of Deoria Basiana, now we will put it in the spray machine and see that it has a filter attached to it. Whatever is through the printer, don't let any dirty thing go into it, which will cause the space to get stuck. Now we put this

Whatever will be left after putting it, you have taken it up to the level.

will put

We put it, see here there is a mark of 15 liters, whatever is lacking in it, we fill it by adding water.

This water has come from the available medicine solution is ready

Whatever you have, we attach it to the house.

Anand bhai, now my solution is ready, you will spray it on this for the protection of your paddy in your field. Well, because of you, this is my field.

One thing should always be kept in mind that while doing this, do not keep your mouth in the direction from where the wind is blowing and

Do not run the machine slowly, do not slow it down with your mind, do not chat as it is, so that the machine does not get damaged and in this way we use organic pesticides which are available in our fields.

Brother, there should be some caution in spraying organic medicine, it must be read, so our body is made of skin and when we spray weep, first we should apply it only to protect our skin, then it is exploited through the nose. What happens is that the medicine can end, for this we apply mast for your safety, then we wear glasses so that we are safe and the second thing is that when we spray, the form in which By not releasing the wind from that form as if to do the opposite so that the fountain of it does not fall on my face which is not harmed for this we who are in the opposite direction to it

Do the woman Mr. that it should be done in the morning or in the evening, in the afternoon sun, which never did on this brother, you have given very good information about the use of organic insecticide medicine, even after doing it. Showed that farmers become brothers and sisters, would you like to give any message?

My salutations to all farmer brothers and brothers, I would like to give this message to brothers and brothers that do not use or reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, the side effects it causes, it affects the farm badly, its products are eaten by the farmers and Batabaran also gets contaminated, that's why we have repeatedly requested the brothers to use organic medicine or cots and this has no effect on me, the farm or Nobita, so we will request the farmer brothers. that soon use of medicines and organic fertilizers and emphasis on it

Kamal brother, you gave very good information regarding the use of organic insecticides and told it by doing it and also gave a very good message to the farmer's brothers and sisters, for this, good thanks to you from my side or from the organization Asha Sanstha Greeting sir
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Nalanda_Paudho mein paushak tatva yawam jaivik khaad ka mahatva
Video Meta Data
subject=Nalanda_Paudho mein paushak tatva yawam jaivik khaad ka mahatva
subcategory=Nutrient Management
topic=Compost and Manure
subtopic=Farm Yard Manure
1. It is important to understand the symptoms of nutrient deficiency in plants.
2. Plants require 16 nutrients from germination to fruit-bearing.
3. Continuous cultivation of soil can reduce the nutrients available in the soil.
4. Primary elements needed in large quantities include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash.
5. Secondary elements needed in lesser quantities include calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.
6. Micronutrients are also necessary for plant growth.
7. Organic fertilizers can maintain soil fertility and do not harm the environment.
8. Chemical fertilizers should only be used after checking the soil.
9. Use maximum quantity of organic fertilizers in fields for crop production.
10. Get the soil checked before using any fertilizer.
One leaf is yellow without seeing it, I do not understand how to put it to sleep. But there will be a discussion, okay, sister, whatever you tell, it is okay, and we will take it to the field and see, what do you think, what could be the reason for this, is there any problem in the newspaper tomorrow? Whatever is the fruit, which is thinking that it may be due to the fact that we have not been able to give special at the right time, there may be a disturbance in the fashion, all of you are saying that it is correct, but the symptoms which are visible in our plant. All this happens due to lack of nutrients, so we were asking what are the symptoms, then our plants require 16 nutrients from germination till the crop bears fruit. 16 Are we only three elements? Do you know that urea has become DSP, then it has passed, that's all we put, we know about 3:00 only thing, Urea, DAP, Potash, what you are saying, sister, you are right. The nutrients which are given through the cot are only two or three nutrients, whereas 12 to 13 nutrients are left for you, which are required by the crop, precisely because of which this crop is showing today. It is visible that due to lack of 12 to 13 nutrients, what is happening nowadays that we people who are continuously going for farming, different types of crops are grown in every season, the fertility of our soil is decreasing. And because of that less fertility, our yield is less and our duty is not that fruitful, so it is necessary to make all these 16 nutrients available again in the soil, we should give them about this. What are the nutrients of our people, they are needed from the germination of the plant to the giving of fruits, which have different importance. Fruits also look good, which one is good, sister, I will explain one by one about these 16 nutrients, yes, sister, we were telling that for the growth of plants and for their growth 16 nutrients are required for how many elements can be 16 nutrients, in which some elements are such that we use them in more quantity and some are in lesser quantity and there are some elements which are in little quantity. But if all these nutrients are already available in our soil, but we keep cultivating the soil continuously, due to which this nutrient gets reduced, so we have to give this nutrient to the soil again. As sister, we have told that some elements are needed in more quantity which we call primary elements and we want them in less quantity on the book which we say carefully and there are some elements which are also needed in less quantity. The elements we need in large quantities, which are called primary elements, contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, and the second element, which we pay attention to, includes calcium, magnesium, and Sulfur means that the public needs elements which are found in very small quantities, they are known as happiness elements, such as manganese, iron was busy during Samba, these are seven to eight elements which are essential for plants in small quantities. So okay brother, but from where will it be available and how will it be available, yes brother, you are right, if we have to put all these nutrients in the soil and give them to the plants, then we will have to buy them through different cots, which are It remains available in the market, but sister, nowadays farmer brothers use only three elements in the field and that is urea, DAP and m.o.p. Due to which we get only three elements and the rest of our 1113 elements are settled, due to which the fertility of our soil also decreases and we were telling the solution of the crop. The first is the primary element in which nitrogen, phosphorus and potash are found. For flat weight we have to buy Urea, for Phosphorous we have to buy BJP and we have to buy Potash on the immo, which would have been better if it was available to us from the market, then it would have been one and then it would have happened and the other would have been Sushmita. What is found in the body is calcium magnesium and sulphur, calcium magnesium sulphate, these three elements are available in the market by their own name, it will be available in the name of calcium, it will be available in the name of magnesium, it will be available in the name of sulphur, and which is our subtle element which If we do micronutrients, then when we go to the market, it becomes available to us in the name of micronutrients, so we will buy micronutrients from the shopkeeper. Well, you are saying that if the soil has to give all these elements from power, then Buying all this fertilizer separately from the market, farmer brother, you are right that the purchase of this fertilizer separately will be expensive and at the same time reading the demand affects our income and with it the Arora of the soil. We have a direct and easy method for this, which we know about organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers do not affect our environment and the fertility of the soil also remains, so if we save our money If we want to save, we can use organic fertilizers, if we also eat, we will remain Saraswati in the field. Poultry mines are different types of organic fertilizers, in which all the elements are found, due to which the yield of our crops is also good and the fertility of the soil is also maintained, as farmer brothers, we were telling about the use of organic fertilizers. But one comes in about the use of organic fertilizers and about the use of chemical fertilizers, chemical fertilizers are used in small quantities and organic fertilizers are used in large quantities. Only we can put it in the field, our crop will get all the nutrients and our crop production will be good there, as we were telling, by using organic fertilizers, the fertility of our soil increases and at the same time There is a great advantage that if we are using chemical fertilizers, then by using chemical fertilizers, the holding capacity of our field decreases, but as we use organic fertilizers, the holding capacity of our field is more. It happens sister, whatever crop you plant in the field, like paddy, wheat, maize or any other crop, or pulses, it is necessary to use organic fertilizers in today's crops and oilseed crops. With the use of fertilizers, their production capacity also increases and the fertility of our soil also remains and Allahabad chemical fertilizers should be used only when we get the soil of our fields checked. Many thanks to the people, sister, you have given us the opportunity and we expect from you people that now you will apply organic fertilizers in your fields and your fields will produce crops in a good way, thanks to you, if you eat more Due to this, our soil gets spoiled and the plants also get spoiled, so we have to check the soil and use fertilizers according to the quantity. Well, you guys have understood, it is good, at least you have understood about the importance of organic fertilizers, now it is very important to eat and they are very important for our crops, for all of you farmer brothers, this is my The message is or my request is that you use maximum quantity of organic fertilizers in your fields for your soil and for the production of crops and secondly whenever you use Nitrogen pass bharat patel it is accompanied by micronutrient elements Use also such as eyelash oil, copper, all these are very important for our crops and thirdly, sister, whenever you keep your fields clean, before that, get the soil of your fields checked so that we can Let us know in what quantity, which chemical fertilizer we have to give, brother, you tell us, from which we have learned to use maximum organic fertilizers in our fields and sister will tell people also, then maximum quantity of organic fertilizers will be given. Use only Thank you very much brother{{output_text}}
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Chemical method of soybean seed treatment
Video Meta Data
subject=Chemical method of soybean seed treatment
subcategory=Seed Management
topic=Seed Treatment
state=Madhya Pradesh
1. Sprinkle light water on the crops.

2. Use 5 grams of medicine in 1 kg.

3. Use carbon dye for agricultural use.

4. Don't pour too much water on the crops.

5. Use gloves while working with water and chemicals.

6. Use Rekha's chemical medicine for diseases in plants.

7. Treat the seeds to germinate and increase immunity.

8. Follow best farming practices to increase production.

9. Learn about the process of using carbon dye.
Ram Ram Ram My name Dharmendra Singh Yadav Maximum Ram Balram Singh Yadav Sample of village Gopalpur Saxena will tell

If you sprinkle light water on it, then what is it if it gets a little wet, then whatever you do with it, you can call us, we are doing it 5 grams in 1 kg.

Due to disease, which was 50% yesterday's treatment medicine, or now carbon dye is 50% WP agricultural use, which you will put second gram in your middle, tell me carbon dye because it is more toxic, so it is wrong in the first hands, isn't it? There are plastic Rajasthanis to wear in hands and there is love, which Akhilesh comes with a cloth, there is trouble in checking.

If you pour water, then don't pour too much because you pour so much that you are pouring in your jugaad, otherwise it may not come out brother, in Khesari Lal Yadav Nagar village, no one has gloves, so water etc. Now look, I took this collection on nights, he put this box on his face, now

There is no problem in thinking, should not be in large quantities, in small quantities

send all your medicine

I will give this answer, I met him slowly with light hands, Rinku Ojha means, should not be found, should not be established on your one Hrithik's departure, but we are also going on white, so our redemption, which is now white, isn't it all prime, it sprouted in He is done, after his treatment, the one who is treated, will keep it spread for 100 days to our hour.

just got water

Rekha's chemical medicine can also be done before v141 maha can be done for one month before this can be done by running according to shampoo GST Bhavan related diseases all get destroyed and disease resistant means diseases in the plant have the ability to fight

If Aman Grover gets destroyed and becomes a young leader, then by increasing his immunity, we treat the seeds to germinate, tell against him, I want to tell all of you brothers about this, for us and our farmer brothers, do your work. By doing this, immunity increases and pappu is destroyed and if you keep it with us, then our production will increase and if the production increases, then I want to call us too.

Between the cut-off 1920, the government told the carbon dye public meeting, tell all its process, thank you very much for that.
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Muzaffrapur_Baigan ki ropai ki prakriya
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subject=Muzaffrapur_Baigan ki ropai ki prakriya
1. Good farming practices involve using good quality food and avoiding the use of fertilizers.
2. Use Abir Ghan Jeevamrit to keep the soil fertile.
3. Use natural farming methods instead of chemical fertilizers.
4. Transplant healthy plants for better growth.
5. Avoid using chemical fertilizers as they can cause problems.
6. Use manure to improve the quality of the soil.
7. Use Kundan Bhaiya's method of making a bird with kudari to ensure proper water management in the field.
8. Take advantage of natural methods for cultivating brinjal.
9. Rest the pot of the bike during rains.
Didi Pranam Bhaiya is good


Called to stop Ajay Devgan Ok sister Aaliya went to your field now brother produces ears from there he gives his own Are we going to live in the fields?

Good food should be good, it will take away any difference, it will take away the right Khadsa Dhare Ladgi, without giving much greenery, without learning anything, walking on the train, I have left all that Khadar, I have given up the use of fertilizers in good farming, leave it, leave it, friend Hai- Fi

It seemed that all the preparations were made with their own hands and the field is a disturbed forest, isn't it? A good plant grows on the grounds in the middle of the piparwa. Abir Ghan Jeevamrit was kept in Lai for which has to remain in the hands of Chhath.

Achcha ji khan biography tere ek kattha me kitna seat aapka bhi didi 5 kg

Ok tell me what is the rate for any busy phone for a city

Daksha Kundan brother, this madam ji wow friend manure Shiv baba's jatiya kranthi dhela everything explodes it becomes easy to plant saplings

Abhyankar, tell me, Chetan's howl, what are the things to be planted in transplanting? Tell me, body was transplanted with brinjal, the plant should be healthy, pick up brinjal by eating the body, air travel is fine, chemical fertilizers were distributed, then it got messed up, all the problems happened, so we had to leave the branch. do natural farming

A kattha farm for rupees l220 is kept in a bucket of third half kg height 5 kg ganja is friend Khan this accused is fallen how brother it is made by rahi in the field come there tell me afternoon

Show Kundan bhaiyya with kudari, a bird is made with a kudari, when it rains after rakhi with children, then the water goes out on the way home, this facility was Panipat Panipat, so it remains fine there, that is, through all the channels, how the water of Panipat was made. planting in the field

Kundan Bhaiya Fida, from where we were not visible, put the same thing twice, we will come first, yes, brother, where is the fair, tell me, p00 child, late, Tirupati wakes up there, Secretary post removed, Lamhar is ready, Hussain traffic came.

Dori Patiale, which was in the air, should have woken up till it was in the middle.

Daksha Kundan brother, the pot of the bike becomes crazy, if it rains, don't give water, brother, give rest, brother, sister is requested to take advantage of brinjal cultivation by natural method.{{output_text}}
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Nalanda_Bhindi ka beej upchar
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subject=Nalanda_Bhindi ka beej upchar
1. Plant wheat before okra.
2. Purify okra seeds at 7 o'clock.
3. Use 50 grams of okra seeds, 60 grams of organic manure, a gram of Bhavesh tin powder, and hot water per kattha of land.
4. Use cow urine and hot water to speed up nutrient absorption.
5. Leave the mixture for 8 hours before spreading it out.
6. Use organic fertilizers and cow urine in the mixture.
7. Spread the mixture after 8 hours.
8. Add 1 gram of powder for different types of work.
9. Purify the seeds before planting to prevent disease in plants.
Yes, it is giving right now brother, as first we planted wheat and then we started preparing okra, then we can tell

Had to do purification also at seven o'clock, to purify the seeds of okra, so much material is needed, brother, it is needed.

For one kattha, 50 grams of okra seeds, brother eats 60 grams of organic manure, gram of Bhavesh tin powder, hot water, make a pot to hide, make a song Bhola Bhaiya Tara, a good little Bhola will be ready.

Organic Fertilizer Didi till now put all the Mel Susum water in it 258 grams of Organic Organic Fertilizer What will be the benefit of hot water and cow urine, it will get nutrients quickly, so if it is sprinkled, then it is prepared quickly.

Organic fertilizers were put in the babies, cow urine was added and * after that what to do now?

In the same way, you also put it, we will leave it for 8 hours, we will give it for 8 hours in full, you will turn it off, we will leave it for 8 hours.

Didi it has opened for 8 hours, what to do after that, after sending it out, it has to be spread a little.

Now in future I have to add 1 gram of powder from here many types of work is done business has to be found yes I have to keep it 12 hours 12 hours will come in hours

Greetings to all sister and brother My name is Munni Devi Village Gosai Bigha Suraj Jeevika Self Help Group Secretary and Swami Vivekanand Jeevika Gram Sangathan member Ring Wapsi Committee Sheron Panchayat Harnaut Block Nalanda District It is very important to do this because half of his disease gets cured even after treatment and the plant also remains healthy. Thank you very much for this. Let us also do farming by purifying the seeds
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Khagaria_Sri (SWI) Sodhan Gehun ka Beej_Bihar
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subject=Khagaria_Sri (SWI) Sodhan Gehun ka Beej_Bihar
1. Use a method to treat seeds before planting.
2. Use cow urine and water for seed treatment.
3. Use specific amounts of materials for seed treatment.
4. Set an alarm for daily seed treatment.
5. Plant treated seeds abroad for better results.
6. Spread messages about farming best practices to others.
Listen Ranjit bhai ji, after treating your seed, wheat was planted with your own method, how to be punished for this, how to do a remedy

Jeevika Jeevika Village Organization Block District President Ji Veer Ji Katha

1 liter water

Now for half a kilo of cow urine, best inch's devotional prayer company's brother

Anil Girraj pulled out bad health Vijay

Now which one in Delhi Agra

half liter desi cow desi cow urine

Agra to put that now Didi Agra which amount of material would have been good to put in that workshop Delhi Agra which material

Haniya also seems to have got something like this.

You sister do a rakhi yes brother good health gong gong gong gong

today it was gone tomorrow it is there

2 grams baby


do good baby evening

Alarm after next 12 hours called seed treatment daily

And all Didi's have no one to spread their message

After treating the wheat just now, it was planted by Mr. method. Well, sister is requested to treat your gum seeds and plant them abroad free of cost, if it is planted abroad, it will get stuck, well, give your valuable time and go{{output_text}}
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Nalanda_Aloo ka cold storage (Part 2)
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subject=Nalanda_Aloo ka cold storage (Part 2)
subcategory=Post Harvest Management
topic=Grading and packaging
I have identified the following advice from the video transcript that are relevant to farming best practices:

1. Keep a record of all details such as from which block, from which village and from which challan number, from how many banks the total has come.
2. Cross-check whether the packet as written on the challan has come safely or not.
3. Count the total while doing what we also do, after that we send it.
4. Do not keep potatoes for two to three days as they may spoil due to changes in temperature.
5. Check the quality parameters of the potato before placing final entries on it.
6. Install cold stores for storing graded potatoes of different quality.
7. Sell potatoes at a good price with the help of an expert marketing team.
8. Treat the corpus fund separately and in the winter.
After loading, our tractor is opened again, after reaching there, the driver of the tractor has two types of challans, one which I have just mentioned is the copy of Jeevika and techno year, which is sent to the wire. It was a copy of drinking, that copy is given to those who are also sitting there for our aarti, they write all the details that from which block, from which village and from which challan number, from how many banks the total has come, what happens after unloading that Our GRP, who is there at the cold store level, cross-checks whether the packet as written on the challan has come safely or not, after that another quota challan is issued, they call it tractor copy, ours is different from this. If the challan is different from 430, then it is written on the back of the tractor that the total of this challan is so many packets or a tractor of two or three challans has gone to the city, then two-three challans are mentioned in it that the total is combined with that challan. From which particular tractor this much packet of ours went through this driver, then after unloading, we count the total while doing what we also do, after that we send it, the same tractor owner has his own receiving that you picked up as many potatoes as you can. As much as the packet was deposited in its cold form and everyone pays the same money to the tractor owner, what happens after unloading that if he felt that some packet was not stitched properly or was torn. Or if someone's timing is torn, lost or forgotten, then our goddesses do aarti to return it, what do they do while picking it up, snatch it back to the bole or damage elder, and after that if it is left somewhere after packing etc. If there is, then what do we do, we type back on it, looking at that invoice, what happens after that, from there the owners of cold storage are told that from which tractor we can get as much white potato as we have today. And what do the people of cold storage do, that they account it in their own way and what they do in it, they also spend their time, someone solves it and comes back and issues a card along with recording it in the land register. The property details which were also coming in the card like customer number Sahyog Mahila whose pollution group has brought the packet on 7th, total 120 packets have been brought for favorite Bhajan 50, this whole detail is written in it which we have to load it inside go his from here this second is separated and where is it going to be kept props in this to loot number satta number back and forth don't right everything hurts so much whenever there is an order to remove it military cards Half of the share is given to labor Shraddha is able to come to take out, it is given to the outside staff that this goods is coming inside, what happens to whom, in any case, the customer whose red is same to the same delivery Yes or it is sure, but even for any type of cricket, there is no possibility of loss. I see potatoes in that side, do not keep them for two to three days, because sometimes what happens is that several Potato has been kept outside for days, its temperature has become this, then it comes to a normal temperature, after that we get the processor done to put it inside, there is cold storage here, whenever the goods come, we check each one of each floor. Due to the different routes on each bed, it is a pain for us to watch movies here without MB, whatever is the complete total recording and which packet is kept in which function of which block of which customer. And here on every floor near Tilkeshwar Mill, its admin is kept in thermal charging to fight, load Facebook and see here there is a group account to see whether the processor is getting temperature according to the requirement or not. Cooperation is the sound of running the machine, they keep reducing and making. Hello I am 302 and I am 19 most connected with Senior Associate Kirtan, so by the way, all these people get down, so our focus from the beginning has been that we can give one lakh Check closely that the goods that have come out from there, the potato has reached here in the same condition or not. So first our co is open quietly with us and all the quality parameters are met then only we place final entries on it we are in our MIS and we are in our kankar tomorrow morning in that hello hard working shankar here techno saath There was no associate leaves and right now our main work here is income that too we reached here with potatoes from tractor field in packets, if we had to send them to our brother, then what would we do with any wifi mysore ever we two packets Want to mention them so that we know how much the goods arrived at this speed, okay, apart from this, date wise, as if not because of his death, but given our darshan number, he likes it very much, always in the police line, this is about me. When my tractor reaches Kondke, then the driver of that tractor gives us this challan that we took such a product of this challan and attached it to our tractor through our police challan. We have information neemsar information system so as soon as our relationship is entered, after that we confirm that I fulfill my wish that yes, I want to run this much with us, you have sent it up till then it lies down, then we place it on the final apprenticeship. Sitam to Shauk Shauk ko entire album mentions where whatever our product potatoes are to be uploaded here from the tractor, after that Narendra ji came there and made the account and after making the account matched with the invoice, then he Went and told Munshi ji that where our such products hypothecate has been made but after drinking their picture they get confirmation that yes they want to run on your friendship they are matching with number 1 packet so what do they do that one from your place do you receive your receiving a certain victory receipt they give us so that we also have one from Krishi Bhavan that we have sent our colleges so many packets of yours have been given to them list list in English this receipt for us It is lost that so many packets of our power are stored in the cold store and it is lying live in the cold store that if in the future, what is the time of our selling, at that time, Nitesh gives any one packet. If done then call store it will return it to us then once the tractor arrives as I told me and my partner together a complete then send from now onwards checking the quality parameters of that which is swimming drawing and supporting And then getting it in the Mi Center Year Final District is the complete process here, if we look at this question, then a single piece is transparent, we can get any post at any time, now it is the matter of that quota which is cold storage. Done this time, if you see, we have killed more than 100 metric tonnes of small ones, so we have installed cold stores and we will wait, after three to four months, when we will get a good price, then we will marketing them to those whose marketing We have an expert team, with their help, we sell it at a good price, for which we have already engaged our marketing team, which has become a big company like Insidious, etc. We are talking to you. Our graded potatoes which are kept in huts of different quality are kept by us. There is some thing, a little head company will keep itself for the post in the morning and in the future we treat the corpus fund separately and in the winter.{{output_text}}
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state=Madhya Pradesh
1. Apply a date sheet to the crop no matter how big it is to ensure better yields.
2. Consider the amount of rain required for the crops and take necessary precautions.
3. Use a pesticide that can destroy pests on the farm.
4. Planting such pesticide once will help in destroying pests of other fields as well.
5. Save money for household work by taking necessary precautions and using effective pesticides.
Zara My name is Bhagwan Singh Pawar My name is only a resident of my village One more one more rope in the country

from whom it is good

To whom you will get this vehicle in SSC Hiran Nagar

One who can see what will happen if he applies at least a date sheet to the crop no matter how big his crop is, the famous thing by remembering him

How much is needed like rain service What are the other precautions in this Will eat our son's fruit first Will eat this message There is one drawback After applying at least 10 to 12

One has to suffer, it takes one's own money for household work.

Money is saved and I am sure of my farm, I would like to give this message to all my farmer brothers that everyone should plant it once, it will destroy the pests of their farm and like one farm after another. If I remain in this field, then the pests of other fields will not be able to return to their fields, so everyone should have sung this song to save their money in the car and do their household chores. There is savings and whatever is done in your farm will also be destroyed, so it is a request to all that Sir, you have given such a good information about us and our ghat, for this you should be thanked.{{output_text}}
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