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NameSchoolEmail AddressTwitter HandleHow are YOU Hacking Leadership in Your SchoolMy story fits best in
Joe SanfelippoFall Creekjmsanfelippo@gmail.comjoesanfelippofcCreate a space for student podcasting.
Hack 6: Center School Around Children
Heather CramerJohn m. Clayton
Hcamer0819Take time to speak to every staff member daily and weekly.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Ross CooperRossCoops31@gmail.comOffering to meet with teachers on weekends to engage in professional development.Hack 3: Build Relationships
Valerie VacchioJames H. Vernonvvacchio@obenschools.orgvacchiovalerieSmile! Be visible! Be happy! Be supportive!Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Jeff AllenJallen@lifetouch.comBjaj1Spend time daily on LinkedIn to make connections with liked minded leaders in the educational space.Hack 3: Build Relationships
Kyle Rhoads
Windham Primary School
krhoads@rsu14.orgEach staff meeting begins with a teacher presenting a student success explaining the success, the why and how for the success. Prior to the celebration/presentation, as the principal, I call the family to let them know that their child has been chosen by his/her teacher and will be acknowledged at the next staff meeting.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Julie Vincentsen
Ruggles Lane School
jvincentsen@qrsd.orgjvincentsenBeing at drop off daily greeting children and parents by name, with a smile, and with a hug/fist bump/high five! Greetings are an important part of a child's day as they make them feel special and it helps to build relationshipsHack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Joe Covone
North Wales Elementary
covonejt@npenn.orgJoeCovoneI make it a point to thank staff members personally each month for something specific they have done/are doing for our school and kiddos.Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Brandon Blom
Stoneridge Elementary Schools
bblom@rcsdk8.orgbrandonkblomI taught at least 1 hour in every single classroom at my school this year. Great way for me to engage with all students, be a teacher, and teachers appreciated me taking their class and getting to experience what they do each day!Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Bill Caten
Thomas Jeffrrson Elementart
Caten@lcps.k12.va.usWfcatenI block off 1 hour each morning to visit and greet each class personally and ask about their day or listen to a shared storyHack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Matthew Johnson
Orchard Park Elementary
Johnsonm@fortmillschools.orgOPESPrincipalEach summer before school begins, I have an ice cream truck take me around the school community to distribute ice cream to the children and families of the school. It's a wonderful way to build excitement about the upcoming school year together.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Ashley Edgell
Bridgeport Midele School
Ashleybedgell@gmail.comGreet each student, teacher, and staff member with a smile. It's simple but can change the tone of a day. To go deeper, get to know you students and greet them with a question or comment specific to their interests or strengthsHack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Jason Kotchkotchj@garnetvalley.orgJMKotchEdDSend out Friday Fireworks emails at the end of each week with a list of cool things noticed in the school during the week. Staff members submit items to be added along with ideas from the admin team. No one sees the list until the fireworks go off at the end of Friday!Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Jessica Cabeen
Woodson Kindergarten Center
JessicaCabeenWe send notes of congrats and welcome to all new hires from teachers and paraprofessionals that will be working with them during the next year.Hack 3: Build Relationships
Cindy Dobbins
Cedar Ridge Elementary
cindy.dobbins@wcsga.netOur AP and I sing happy birthday to each staff member and let them choose a candybar and drink from a big bowl.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Nick Proud
Garner Elementary
Nick_ProudWe have postcards in the school that anyone can fill out to give to a parent, kid, colleague when they see them demonstrating what it means to be the #FinestGreatestBest.Hack 3: Build Relationships
Lindsy Stumpenhorst
Washington Elementary School
lstumpenhorst@sps5.orglmstumpEvery month we host a VIP Luncheon. The VIP's are the kids!! Each teacher gets to nominate one student who has followed the "Washington Way" and we provide a catered lunch for the students and invite one impactful positive member of the community to eat with them and hear their story (chief of police, mayor, doctors, etc).

Students are provided invitations for this event highlighting the reason they were chosen to take home and display.
Hack 5: Broadcast Student Voices
Ryan Anderson
Jackson Elemntary School
randerson@elmhurst205.orgJacksonPrinRyanDesigning specific ways that lunch supervisors can positively recognize students for quality effort at lunch and recess which are personal to that childHack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
B.J. Meurer
Ben Franklin Elementary School
wmeurer@ltps.orgwilliambjmeurerThankful Thursdays - I take a few minutes on Thursdays to handwrite thank you notes to staff for things I notice them doing. It could be for just about anything - going the extra mile with a student, doing a great job at a parent meeting, helping with a PTO event, or sometimes just thank you for doing a great job. I typically write about 5 thank you's and drop them into teachers' mailboxes. I've had many staff come back to me and thank me for the notes. They tend to come at just the right time. I keep a staff list with my pack of cards so I can keep track of who I am thanking and who I am missing.Hack 3: Build Relationships
James WiddifieldGothenburg
jtwiddifield1We have staff start a card of each student in their class and find out information about our students. We will use those cards to help find a way to connect with each student. We use those cards within the team or anyone who will come into contact with that student. I am working on how we can move those cards from one grade level to another.Hack 3: Build Relationships
Allisa Booth
John M. Clayton Elementary School
joan.booth@irsd.k12.de.usStudent focus group that meets monthly to share their ideas during a working lunch (pizza provided). Different students are selected each month.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Csrol Muscarella
Plainedge Public School
I have the entire staff including kitchen staff, custodians , etc to my house for a Holiday get together. It has served to create strong relationships that might not have occurred .Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Jim MuleJmule@stameliaschool.orgEmpowering others to take leadership rolesHack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Andre WinstonAwinston@lifetouch.comLead every initial communication (verbal or written) with a good morning, good afternoon or good evening. Changing the culture of being demanding or asking for assistance without greeting the other person(s) first.Hack 10: Change the Mindset
Barish Icin
Pioneer Charter School of Science
Icin@pioneercss.orgI appreciate teachers, unannounced, in front of students with cake or flowers to show my appreciation for the hard work they do.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Lynn Colon
Mary Williams Elementary
Colonlx@yahoo.comTheColon_sI remind the staff that we lead with a Disney Mentality. From the way the phone is answered to the music in the front office. It is our job to bring in the pixie dust everyday into our classrooms, making every moment magical for kids. We should all strive to have magical schools, where the lines are longs and kids keep coming back every day.Hack 10: Change the Mindset
Liz Garden
Florence Roche Elementary
lgarden@gdrsd.orgPrincipalGardenDid Marvelous Mondays in March, different staff activities each week...So lucky to have you...gave them all lottery tickets. Also did an Easter egg hunt and gave out prizes...They got a ticket and I covered their classes so they could either sleep in or leave early.Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Brenda Torres-Santana
Pinnacle school # 35
By standing by the entrance door every morning and saying good morning to every student, parent, or visitor that enters the building.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Brian LawsonBflawson@hotmail.comWe ( staff who volunteer) go door to door a week before school starts to invite families to back to school picnic; families also get it in the mail but parents appreciate the gesture and kids love itHack 3: Build Relationships
Eric Sacco
Clifton-Clyde Grade / Middle School
Esacco@usd224.comSaccoEricWe have an Eagle Soaring Above the Rest Award that is given to students who represent the Core Values of our school. This is a staff or student nominated award and can be given at any time. Their story is shared during morning announcements, given a certificate, a picture is taken, and a phone call is made home. That picture is posted on the school Twitter and Facebook account and is sent to the local paper.Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Bill Bowen
Gwynedd Square Elementary
Bowenwc@npenn.orgWilliamCBowenWhen substitutes arrive I greet them and offer to provide informal observations to substitute teachers (if time permits). I use the same forms I use with teacherHack7: Hire Superstars
Jen ThearlePlainedge SD
In July I send out letters to all the kids in the school telling them about my summer. In the letter I ask them to write me back or send a drawing about their summer. When they send back their letter I create a bulletin board in my main hallway and display their letters. The kids love it and I received awesome feedback from parents thanking me for taking the time to write.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Melissa Lockett
Lawrenceville elementary
Mlockett@ltps.orgMnlockettMindset Monday-to help foster a growth mindset I would choose a specific quote to share with staff and students on Monday morning. Staff shared and discussed with students during Monday morning meeting. Collected throughout the year.Hack 10: Change the Mindset
Jennifer Kloczko
Star Academy, Natomas Charter School
jkloczko@natomascharter.orgjkloczkoOne thing we do to intentionally build culture in our school is start the day with 15 minutes of dancing. Students lead, 3 songs. It's like a flash mob every day. Every kid gets moving, starts the day with a smile and as a school community. Teachers dance, I dance. It gets kids off on a positive start and gets their brains and bodies ready to learn. Check out myschoolinmotion.org to bring health and happiness to your school!Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Margaret Wright
T. J. Connor Elementary
mewright75Staff member dresses up in High School mascot costume at assemblies.Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Lyn MarsilioYorkshiremarsilm@pwcs.eduLynMarsilioAfter a class visit (not necessarily a formal/informal observation) I leave a sticky note of something great I saw going on. I have seen the sticky notes pinned to bulletin boards months later.Hack 3: Build Relationships
Carole Crawford
Bridgeport Middle
Cacrawfo@k12.wv.usLearning community focused on student engagement. Strategies shared school wideHack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Kay HillUSD 286Hillk@usd286.orgkayjohnranchI have a notebook that staff fills out with their favorite things. Drinks, candy, snacks, books, relaxation, etc. I use it to show appreciation throughout the year.Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
D JohnChinleDj_dine1@yahoo.comInfluenceHack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Dr. Marline Campbell
Cholee Lake Elementary
Provide hand written birthday cards to teachers.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Kyle Hoopes
Grovecrest Elementary
kylehoopes@alpinedistrict.orgKarkenkamSurprise the teachers with a treat. I planned with my teachers to have root beer floats right act r school one day to celebrate testing being done. I told them they would be enjoying the best root beer floats ever. I sent Remind messages throughout the day telling them how wonderful they would be. They didn't know I had actually arranged for the waffleluv food truck to come and feed them. It was an amazingly fun experience!Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Karen Whitaker
Alden Elementary
AldenduxPay it forward days. Staff starts these now and I don't have to do it.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Libbie Zimmerzimmerl@sanfordschool.orgThe students help grow a (paper) garden in my office. Any time someone feels good bc of something they've done or something someone has done for them, they come plant a flower in my office. They connect to good feelings and how they contribute to good feelings with every flower they plant.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Todd Schmidt
Harbor View Elementary
tsschmidty@gmail.comtsschmidtyWhen I first started as a principal, I spent time with every staff member and asked them the same three questions (I gave them ahead of time). When we met, I took notes about their responses and used the info to start figuring out where we go next:

1. What are THREE things that are interesting/unique about you and your family?
2. What are TWO things you are proud of about our school?
3. What is ONE thing we need to focus on to make us even more awesome?
Hack 3: Build Relationships
Sorelis Perez
Christian Nazarene Academy
sorelisperez@gmail.comSorelisPerezI leave notes on my teachers white boards or in there desks just thanking something awesome they have done. Somethings nothing awesome has to be done is just thanking. In the meetings I always publicly recognize someone for something and give them a small gift.Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Tim McDermott
Alice Gustafson Elementary
Tim.mcdermott@bps101.netTim_McDermott1We do a before school all star student celebration. Staff members nominate and award one student and then parents receive a notification that their child will be receiving an all star award. The morning of the celebration I read aloud what the teacher wrote about the student and then the student comes up to receive their award. Parents and staff are in attendance and there are a number of great photo oppourtunities.
Hack 6: Center School Around Children
Bill Jones
Corbin Intermediate
bill.jones@corbin.kyschools.uscisredhoundsSchool-wide Morning Meeting in gym each morning. Students sit in class lines. We say Pledge of Alligence, recite our Guidelines for Success, celebrate birthdays and accomplishments and give short motivational talk (from principal, teacher, student, guest speaker, etc.) This only takes about 10 minutes then we're off to class.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Keri Huntsman
Foothills Elementary
keri.huntsman@nebo.eduOur book study for faculty and staff is connected to the school-wide theme. All stake holders speak the same language and intentionally teach and have the same expectations for each other.Hack 10: Change the Mindset
James Stewart
St. Stephens Indian School
jstewart@st-stephens.netKids bring someone to breakfast with them once a month, grandparent, uncle or auntie, elder, or parent.Hack 3: Build Relationships
T lerri RiveroRockhillRiverotf@staffordschools.netStart the morning on the bus ramp everyday then walk the building and stop in each classroom to greet students and say hello to all of the teachers. Then head to the broadcast studio to watch our students broadcast the announcements everyday to set the tone for the day.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Emily O'BrienEastplain School
East_PrincipalWe have large fish in our lobby.....one for each grade level. Anytime any staff member sees something that shows a good character trait, the child is awarded a fish scale with his/her name and the character trait that was displayed. Every Monday the names are announced with the character trait. The scales are put on the giant fish. By the end of the year we have hundreds of multi-colored fish scales to make a rainbow fish for each grade level.Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Melissa Hinerman
Bridgeport Middle School
mhinerman@k12.wv.usinsidethecircleAs the library media specialist, I can always use help in the library. I make it a point to recruit students who need to find a place to belong, a place where they fit in, and a place where they can be productive. Those students become my media assistants and learn the value of helping others while building relationships. The library often becomes a haven for students who don't feel comfortable in the lunch room or gymnasium. I work hard in turning the library space into a refuge and haven for learning.Hack 3: Build Relationships
Alicia Rudd
Brookside Elementary
Alicia.rudd@nebo.eduRuddAliciaMonthly recognition assemblies of students, faculty and staffHack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Satonya Dews
Cardinal Forest ES
sldews@fcos.eduSldewsGood News Gets Around - Every Friday teachers are invited to fill out a Good News Gets Around note to share the great things their students are doing. The notes are read by the principal on the morning news show so the entire school hears the good news. Students who recieve notes are then brought to the office so we can call their parents to share the good news. Students receive a copy of the note to take home to share with their parents.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Folake Akinola-Pinard
Brooklyn Prospect Charter School
fofopinardonce a week, members of the leadership team greet the kids and families that drop off, as well as the bus kids. As the week progresses, I watch and listen for amazing stories about kids and share them with their families as they come in. The stories are about a variety of things, from academic to areas of improvement to growth over all. Families are so moved. It also forced me to look and listen more.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Jacie Maslyk
Hopewell Area School District
maslykj@hopewellarea.orgDrJacieMaslykThis summer, our teachers went on a "field trip" to see innovative practices in businesses and organizations in our region. We reserved a school bus for the day and visited unique places that weren't necessarily educational, but got educators thinking differently about their classroom environments, their practices, and the ways that they are providing opportunities for students to be creative in the classroom--while at the same time building our school culture as a community of learners.Hack 10: Change the Mindset
Felicia SheedyKaty ISDFeliciaasheedy@katyisd.orgFeliciaSheedyI make time each morning to walk around and talk to the teachers. After the bell rings, I then can talk to the kids as they enter the building!Hack 3: Build Relationships
Ashley BingenheimerRiver Falls
MrsBingenheimerBe GenuineHack 3: Build Relationships
Mary Henry
Downsville Elementary
mary_henry@msd.k12.wi.usdownsvilleESShared Vision: PAWS: Potential+Achievement+Warmth=Success!Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Kevin Dorn
Meyer Middle School
Kevin.dorn@rfsd.k12.wi.usDorn_KevinI want to start podcasting what is happening in my classroom and shop.Hack 5: Broadcast Student Voices
Mike Leander
Athol Community School
Mleander823@gmail.comMleander23One of the ways that I hack building relationships with teachers is to challenge them on Thursday to a Thursday reading throwdown. I go into the classroom and while the teachers reading their read aloud I walk in and say it's time for "Thursday throw down". The kids get really excited and how we go about doing it is that the teacher read to page I read a page in the kids get to choose who reads the next page. It's really fun and the kids get energized not only because of the competition but because it's fun.Hack 3: Build Relationships
Lisa Steig
Osseo-Fairchild School District
lsteig@ofsd.k12.wi.uslmsteigHacking leadership is so exciting but it does take a lot energy, passion and commitment which I have! My first step to hack leadership in my school and within myself was to actively participate in the Hacking Leadership Bootcamp facilitated by Joe and Tony. During this 3 day Bootcamp, I was able to collaborate and learn from many exceptional educators. I have also been able to reflect on my strengths as a leader such as developing strong and trusting relationships with my students, their parents, my principal, staff, community, etc. In addition, I have reviewed areas that I need to work on such as getting connected via social media and having our students tell the story of our school more often. Flattening the walls, relationships, culture and intentionality are words that resonate with me. Also, shifting from a culture of teaching to a culture of learning will be a focus area for me this year as well as Hack 6. Happy Hacking! Thank you!!Hack 9: Collaborate and Learn
Julie Vincentsen
Ruggles Lane School
jvincentsen@qrsd.orgjvincentsenThis year, when creating state mandated SMART goals for evaluation system, I challenged staff to create goals they are passionate about. I then provided time during eight faculty meetings for people to work together on their passion projects. Excited to see how this individualized professional learning time impacts student learning and our culture!Hack 8: Passion Projects for Adults
Amy Sander
Northeast Elementary
Asander@gws.k12.in.usAmymsanderI have been very intentional about greeting students with a handshake in the morning. The opportunity to build relationships has been powerful as you make eye contact and create a meaningful exchange that lets kids know you care about them and you are happy they are at school.Hack 3: Build Relationships
Joe SanfelippoFall Creekjmsanfelippo@gmail.comjmsanfelippofcPress Conferences for Staff membersHack7: Hire Superstars
Marti Frisbie
Prairiewood Elementary
mfrisbie@wcusd200.orgm_frisbieWe made a student news channel where the students interviewed different teachers about different topics and then we filmed the interviews with the greenscreen. After that, we shared it on our school LMS.Hack 5: Broadcast Student Voices
Nicole Loser
Ridgeview Elementary
nloser@dunlapcusd.netbettyloser81Every Friday we present a Fantastic Fox award. Teachers have a google doc that can be filled out the recognize awesome kids doing awesome things. The get their pictures taken and displayed all week.
Hack 6: Center School Around Children
Joe SanfelippoFall Creekjmsanfelippo@gmail.comjoesanfelippofcBring kids in and offer the job to candidateHack7: Hire Superstars
James Grandon
Fremont Elementary
jgrandon@spsmail.orgGrandonjamesEaster egg hunts for staff only, hidden by principal and students, staff get to exchange eggs for freebies from the office.Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Mary McMahon
Colony Middle School
colonyprincipalhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tef9F_Yb8FI&sns=emHack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Kari Dendurent
Homer Middle School
KDendurent@kpbsd.orgMsDendurentEvery day I post a video on our school FB page- What did you learn at Homer Middle School today (usually 10-20 seconds).Hack 5: Broadcast Student Voices
Sami GrahamGrace Christian
Kindergarteners are pared on the first day of school with a 6th grade buddy. The buddy is the person to teach the child about school rules and expectations: how to go down the slide safely, where to go if you feel sick, how to sit in assemblies, what to say if someone is mean, etc.Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Mary McMahonMary.mcMahon@matsuk12.uscolonyprincipalInstructional tours with immediate feedback to staff from supervisor and peers!Hack 9: Collaborate and Learn
Robyn HarrisWhaley SchoolHarris_robyn@asdk12.orgWhaleySchoolIntentionally giving time for adults to work on those passions.Hack 8: Passion Projects for Adults
J Anderson
Springfield Public Schools
janderson@spsmail.orgDrJ_AndersonIn my central office role, I'm always looking to make personal, meaningful relationships with the 30+ principals in my building. A fantastic mid year opportunity is to send a nand-written Christmas card to the parents or significant others of my principals, thanking them for the gift of their son/daughter/spouse and how that person makes a positive impact on others.Hack 3: Build Relationships
Mitchell Pittman
Moberly High School
QBCoachPRecruiting Qualified, QUALITY individuals to continue student learning & engagement in the absence of a classroom teacher from local Education programs.
Hack 6: Center School Around Children
Shea Seffens
Dry Creek Joint Elementary School
sseffens@dcjesd.usDCJESDEdServWe use learning walks at each school site where the site principal highlights the focus of their school and each district administrator (from Superintendent to Director of MOT) has the opportunity to visit every classroom at each school and leave positive feedback for the teacher.
Hack 4: Flatten the Walls of Your School
Joe Sanfelippojmsanfelippo@gmail.comI start my day with 2 notes to staff membersHack 3: Build Relationships
Susan Denton
Standard Elementary
susandenton27I greet students daily with fist bumps and high-fives then take time to walk the classrooms during breakfast. By the end of the week I have tried to get into every classroom first thing in the day.

I send positive notes and shoutouts to students. We have staff shoutouts by the staff boxes where they can write positive praise notes to one another.
Hack 3: Build Relationships
Joe SanfelippoFCjmsanfelippo@gmail.comjoe_sanfelippoWe let our team offer the job to the candidateHack7: Hire Superstars
jacob esteskemp pre k-6je149251@daytonpublic.comHack 1: Be Present and Engaged
JOe SanfelippoFCjmsanfelippo@gmail.comjoe_sanfelippoWe podcast student activities
Hack 6: Center School Around Children
Bryan Brutto
Avon Grove Charter School
bbrutto@agcharter.orgmrbruttoOur school campus has students from grades 3-12 on it. In an effort to help build relationships between students, dispel anxiety of younger students, improve attendance and discipline etc, we created the Wolf Pack Mentoring Club (a type of Big Brothers/Bis Sisters program) where we pair elementary students with secondary students based on interest surveys. These students act of points of contact and mentors for younger students throughout their time at our school. Secondary students will be in classes with them throughout the year, read to them, help tutor etc.
Hack 6: Center School Around Children
Joe SanFCjmsanfelippo@gmail.comjoe_sanfelippoI'm delivering popsiclesHack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Caroline Joyce
North Edgecombe High School
cjoyce@ecps.usWe use a beginning-of-the-year teacher survey to find out favorite snacks. On the first Friday of the first week of school, the admin team wheeled a grocery cart door-to-door giving our staff members their favorite snacks.Hack 1: Be Present and Engaged
JOE SANFELIPPOjmsanfelippo@gmail.comPick up 2 pieces of garbage...around places where people are watching. Set the toneHack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Joe Sanfelippo
joe_sanfelippoSend positive notes to staff.Hack 2: Create C.U.L.T.U.R.E
Patty LansinkSCDpattyl@scdiocese.orgSCCatholicsuperWeekly visits to schools including school walkthroughs, meetings with principalsHack 1: Be Present and Engaged
Joe SanfelippoFCjmsanfelippo@gmail.comjoe_sanfelippoProviding time during walk through for staff to connectHack 9: Collaborate and Learn
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