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Avg. ScoreKris TroutmanDead Man From Marsouchie hourDeathPMXenofan 29ASHANmattis : bomb boyanosciblitzlunarHunter Van Brocklin (damifortune)blue.nocturneKungFuFurbyzenkusaAIGadgetChimeratioO' NetttyTxaiCharybdizsSid Shakal
Kris Troutman
A Happy Original Listening Experience
My own song. I went with irrational time. 13/13. Probably just sounds like I'm adding an extra 16th for every bar though. I figured out a cooler way to apply
the rhythm in the middle of the song, then went back to my first method. There's no point in easing people in to what we know as ME. May as well go in this full throttle right at the start.
Love how it feels like the song is tripping over itselfspooky and spacial. the texture of the lead around 0.40 and how it blends with the other part is great. Meter is really fun, tee totteringA nice off-kilter groove.So I'm writing here before the reveal for number of tracks by each artist, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if we had a bunch of Kris entries again. This time, there are a lot of things that sound like Kris except one thing is changed. Like, each track will have 1 thing that seems "off" from Kris style. Sometimes it's dynamics, sometimes it's a bunch of glisses, sometimes it's shuffle blues stuff. Someone --maybe even the real Kris -- is having fun! 00:01 the chords and pad samples in this reminds me heavily of the scary parts of Metroid Fusion. The tuplet rhythm works really well in a lumbering, limping but unrelenting groove.
00:39 good melody with a lovely lead instrument
> the song kind of lumbers on. I love the aliased-feeling cymbals. The bass notes tend not to fall on the root note of the chords which gives a very strange constantly un-resolved flavor.
these chords have the vibe of a troutman
there's a lot of elements in here that feel like...wonky. like tempo shifting or something. I can't quite place what's going on but it's a neat effect.

artist guess: kris troutman

strongest feature:
the wonky thing.

favorite feature:
yeah i am not sure what you're doing with the tempo shifting or the "swing" but i like it

why i ranked this higher than "Barney's Lunch Time":
cool shifty vibe makes it stand out \o/
Hi Kris. Interesting rhythmic groove to this track, kind of danceable in a weird way. Nice job!This sounds like an irrational meter attempt! Or at the very least a deliberate move to add some extra space after the third downbeat of the bar.

1. Favorite part of the song - The off-kilter beat. If there were more polyrhythms and change-ups going on I'd feel this was very Tigran Hamasyan.
2. Strongest part of the song - Also the meter.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - More cohesive.
Trippy time sigs makes me do double takes throughout the song. Seems like a Kris Troutman original.The first Krismas! I like the bass sound here (no idea how most of you got your bass sounds) and the unorthodox rhythm, but not much stands out to me here unlike some of your other entries. Author guess: Kris TroutmanYour overall composition is OK. I question about the timing though as the bass and drum lines feel as if the music is constantly speeding up and slowing down, something that can be irritating. I also feel that different instruments and sounds are being "thrown" in at random moments and don't follow the overall beat pattern, making the composition feel very random and chaotic.Sounds like the opening to a dungeon in CastleVania or something like that, really nails the creepy but inviting feel! Although it can be off-beat at times, it's really part of its charm and sets itself apart from the others.I remember when this repeated over and over before the listening party, heh. I'm drawn to the uneasy and hypnotic sluggishness of this. It's like testing emulators in the late
90's/early 00's that could barely handle stuff like DKC back then. So the games kept
lagging. Ah-ha! Diabolus in musica interval spotted at 1:16!! Evil blasphemy!!! My favourite chord progressions are from 2:02 to 2:15. That part brings the track to a proper finale. I'll have to try irrational time in this fashion at some point.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Nothing much to say, no strong impression from this one.* Kris
* That's one gritty lead.
* I like that chord at 1:30. It reminds me of something, but I'm not sure what.
O' Nettty
A Thanksgiving After Party
I like the intro how it sounds like we are oustside of a club. A little strange when it goes into deth metal percussion and then just goes into a normal song afterwards. The
sounds this makes are cool.
another airborne track. the 'true sample nature' is cherished and allowed to bloom over great chords. tension in the melody xoxo. lovely soundscape Some weird tuning issues here drag this track down.I wonder who made this! It kind of reminds me of Bomb Boy's Lifetime etc etcThe mix is a bit wet for my taste, where some timbres turn noisy whereas they're really good as-is. Really cool erratic rhythmic usage of samples.

Nice chord progressions. Interesting drums-as-played-from-a-house-up-on-that-hill.

Very cold mix. Very atmospheric!
wild textures wow!
this is really bizarre all-around.

strongest feature:
melody probably? progression? what do you call this "music" thing?

favorite feature:
to focus on a particular element: those drums! nicely done.
but i just like this overall. it comes together nicely, except the horns which cmon dude

why i ranked this higher than "Due Elegance":
all the elements falling into place! it's well constructed!
Neato little tune, not too long but what's there is nice and christmassy :)I like the dashing through the snow intro! I was actually shocked more people didn't do that sort of thing. Maybe they were afraid of being a "cover" but this obviously isn't. I think there's a little too much delay added to stuff in the main section of this song but also I love the panic button car horn, lol. The song definitely has some good ideas.

1. Favorite part of the song - The filtered Christmas carol intro sounds great. I'm a fan of the sense of harmony too.
2. Strongest part of the song - The main chord progression. Maybe the carhorn acting as a snare?
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - More into the harmony on this one which ultimately makes this track more memorable to me.
The carhorns were really tastefully done, great use of the sample!Good use of sounds especially the car horn which seems severely underused this contest, and the vocals to create a rhythmic harmony. Nice bright melodies and "warpy" effects to create an unsettling feeling throughout. Author guess: SidI like the use of Jingle Bells and the Hohoho sound effect. The use of bells also helps as it makes the music feel very lively and exciting. If I have one problem to note, I question your use of the train sample that can be heard at the end of the music and right after the Jingle Bells section. The train adds too much reverb and unnecessary pauses.Cool intro with the distant filtered jingle bells tune. The constant delay combined with
slightly off pitched samples at times gives this an authentic ethereal rock feel (e.g. Cocteau Twins "Heaven Or Las Vegas" album), but with a christmas-ish ensemble. Some wormy synths added on top after a while. Car horns in 1:14 might be the traffic on Christmas day, heh. Also, it's funny that Sid said he got trolled by the car horns while driving to work.

Suspect: O' Nettty
Pretty funny! I like the ho ho hos and the detuning. It's goofy and would mae a fantastic opening track for the album!* That honk. That honk gets me every time I'm listening to this on the road.
* There is a lot of reverb in this.
* I like this.
* I'm not sure what's with all the truncated sections, but it's pretty unique and interesting.
Kris Troutman
My own song. The sequel to Journey.It's good, it's very well crafted, but it also sounds like temp musichas a classic theme feeling. nice tremolo ish lead. the progression in this is sweeping and expansive. an airy track. love the sizzle percReminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics AdvancedHi Kris! A nice upbeat adventure, this one. I like the pluck-like instruments that appear near the end in particular.00:01 major, huh?!
00:45 the usage of the kirby-like bell pad is lovely. I like the off-beats in the percussion
a cute bit of up-beat ouverture-feeling
this feels like a particularly uplifting troutman tune.
i enjoy how the bright leads meander slightly

strongest feature:
this opens with a nice motif and keeps it going

favorite feature:
pretty much that motif + that meandering lead. it's nice.

why i ranked this higher than "Barney's Raceway":
pretty much see above, lol.
Hi Kris.Apt title! I love the driving bass that feels really reminiscent of Kirby music in the section at 0:40. Cool string chords at the end.

1. Favorite part of the song - The aforementioned Kirby style "use lots of sixteenth notes" bass line.
2. Strongest part of the song - It's a very dynamic two minutes and the louder moments really shine because of that. It's allllmost happy sometimes.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - This one has a clearer concept of what it wants to be as a song.
Not sure where some of these synths came from, almost do not recognize a lot of this soundscape. Good job extracting them! A Kris Troutman Original.Is this 11/8? I'm not the best at time sigs. I like the lively melody and the constant rhythm, which does somewhat give the feeling of starting an adventure. Author guess: Kris TroutmanYour piece sounds OK. You have a good amount of high-pitched crystal leads and bass. However, I would like the flute/violin melodies and crystal leads to be louder and in front when they're currently playing as they direct and lead this music, not the string chords in the middle. The part at 1:39 is also a nice addition as a break in the string chords reduce repetitiveness.Really like the pacing used with the drums and harmonics for this one - It's really an adventure for your ears, switching to similar though different melodies :)This sounds like a "babies wandering into the mall unsupervised" kind of adventure. In the same tone of Rugrats and the Baby's Day Out film. It also reminds me of the most
lighthearted Dave Wise compositions. There are a lot of interesting riffs, textures, uplifting melodies. Overall, this track puts me in a cheerful mood easily.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Words aren't my friend right now, I just find this one pretty interesting, with a lot of cool little cadences that catch my attention.* Kris?
* Good title for the feel of the piece.
* This is pretty bright sounding for a Kris composition. [With the late reveal that Kris and Notuh collaborated on some entries, I have to peg this as one of them.]
Hunter Van Brocklin
All Gathered 'Round the Hearth
The fireplace is a nice touch. Has a nice lighthearted touch. Sounds like an RPG town.Reminds me of Pokemona gift. really patiently generous and sweet harmonic progression. Melodies are well crafted, evocative. cohesive but never stale in their pacing and pitch.Wow.Probably Hunter. Warm and glowing, just like a fireplace in the midst of a cold winter night. Very JRPG-esque and even akin to the opening of Earthbound's theme.Man I don't hate this but something seems off about it compared to the usual Bluenockiness. Maybe it's a non bluenoc? It feels like there's too much of a variety of 1990s RPG music tropes in here and the track needs more focus. Maybe it was made in a hurry... 1:34 happens without enough buildup imo. Is that 2:25 motif from somewhere? Like Home Alone or something? I feel like I should know it... anyway, not a bad track. Sorry if I sound really critical. You still get an okay score! Extremely lyrical and sappy. Reminds me of the goat-parents' houses in Undertale. I love it!

Exquisite sound design. In that wondrous space between general midi and orchestration (big fx rompler good sounds). This song doesn't go many places (it stays at the hearth) but it's a very comfy place. And different timbres come and go to massage different parts of the ear.

The instance of a rock organ-like sound immediately brings Earthbound to mind.

00:01 immediate cozy with the fireplace sound
00:36 cheesy. strummed music box, which is funny
02:01 the aforementioned earthbound organ
02:30 goat parents' house(s) or "author: 'why does everyone call me toby fox'"
wow wintery!!!
this is the strongest composition yet, and the soundscape is well crafted.
it kinda sounds like the calmer music from earthbound, placed into kirby's epic yarn
soft and nice

strongest feature:
winter vibes <3

favorite feature:
some of the samples are pretty straightforward in use but they're really really magical in arrangement

why i ranked this above "spcx.nan":
very much the arrangement!
the soundscape is solid but not super sculpted. (because... it didnt need to be)
What a cutie song. Maybe this is the bluenoc entry? Very well composed and put together.[blue.nocturne type beat] AKA Magical Girl Dream Island Christmas special OVA because I did ambient sound effects again wooooo. This was my best attempt at a blue.nocturne. If people still think it is me then I guess it's true that I cannot escape myself. Please, someone, think this is blue.nocturne and not damifortune. Okay, but honestly I'm really happy with how this turned out, it came about literally on day 1 of SPCX when one of the first things I gravitated toward immediately was noodling around on the bellpad.wav sample on my piano. I cobbled together a skeleton of piano-bellpad music and fleshed it out in basically the same ways I did the many sweet RPG themes I made last year for The Adventurer's Logbook. I tried to use the sort of saccharine-sweet, nicely looped sounds I heard last time from "That Which Brings Us Together" to build the sound world of this song though. This was my first completed song, although I did a lot of smaller tweaks over time.Really nice campfire atmosphere with the crackling effects. Overall very calm and sweet. Not entirely sure, but maybe this is by HVB?What a wonderful, relaxing song.I'm guessing there's inspiration from Earthbound in some of the melody and chord progression choices. Everything is well-produced and thoughtful and I appreciate the subtle attention to sound design here, from the soft percussion to the little chimes in the background. Nice fireplace effect near the start too. Author guess: mikehiveI cannot give a proper score for this because I feel that it's too close to the Eight Melodies theme from Earthbound. Even though I am giving you some credit for the original sections in the middle, I can still sense the Eight Melodies framework underneath (including the record sound effect).Really nails the Christmas time feel; end credits to the end of the year. Nothing much to say about this one other than it's just subjectively good!That feeling when it's raining outside while you're comfy at home. 0:05 lead combined with those little bells and pad stabs reminds me of Phantasy Star IV. So bonus points for that. 0:35 onwards is like the beginning of an adventure in a RPG hometown with the warm cello and gentle steel drums. Sleigh bells show up in 1:07 and you can hear its reverb clearly as the subtle strings takes the spot. But in 1:34 things get more pensive in mood and the ensemble gradually prepares itself for the key change around 1:54, which makes this piece as a whole sounds like the end of a journey instead of the aforementioned feel. Acoustic guitar is beautifully sprinkled and the organ is unusually in arp mode, which is neat. Guitar leads the melody towards the end in welcoming care. Then it reverses to strumming status as the icicle bells accompanies it. Simple and wonderful!

Suspect: Hunter Van Brocklin
Sweet and warming! A very cute entry. Romantic! ^^* Solid, warm, comforting.
* Fits the seasonal theme well.
* Ocarina of Time wat
* That fire crackling... is that somehow derived from the vinyl pops in the sandman sample? Hmm... Very nice, no matter where it's from.
* I don't know styles that well, but I'm getting a blue.nocturne feel from this.
Arctic Waltz
The feeling this has is so nice. I like the way the low end molds with the high end. That synthy bass through a vocoder is a nice sound. Very good sound production.
vital progression! superbly paced and layered. so catchy and also soul-satisfying. seems important. no tropes all chops. wanna cry.Metroid, is that you?!Not sure how waltzy something can be with mixed meters, but all right. It has the bell pads and the filters that make everything sound more distant and hazy, so it's arctic enough for my taste. Some creative instruments in there.Hey wait is this a Kris? I grouped this with the Kris tracks at first. Maybe I misclicked. No idea how this got into the Kris category. It really reminds me of more a of a Iestynlovely s/h distorted percussion. fun bowed(like) warble bass. extremely wet production
reminds me of the Bejeweled soundtrack (which is good!) I want to play ascii roguelikes to this music
1:51 the modulation is like a fresh gasp of air after some repetition - really good choice
love the sound design! drums!

strongest feature:

favorite feature:
this feels like it could be played on a piano or something. im not sure if this is an advantage or disadvantage but it's like.. nice

why i ranked this above "Shimmering Prismatic Cumulonimbus":
i think the composition simply won out here!
I'm glad someone else made a waltz! Brofists :) it's also really nice. This one really sticks in my brain in a good way.Literally feels like I am trapped inside a block of ice like that igloo star in Mario 64. I think that bitcrushed snare really lends itself to that atmosphere but the sleigh bells and icy arrowflash bass sound awesome too. That lead that starts to come in and tease the listener around 1:12 is SO sick, I wish it grew louder and turned into a Big Huge Solo, but then it would be a dami track and not an author track...still wish there was more to that though. The key change with the delay sparkly stuff at 1:52 is also wonderful and feels like it ties the song together nicely (though I wish there was more yet!).

1. Favorite part of the song - The brief hint of a Megaman-esque synth solo at 1:12.
2. Strongest part of the song - The key change at 1:52.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Strong sectional diversity and excellent sound design.
I like the use of the bells and pizz violin (mandolin), gives it a Siberian-like soundscape. This by Shan?Very atmospheric! I can totally see this in a jrpg arctic setting where the player is trudging slow as molasses across a gigantic plate of ice. Great use of reverb effects.Your overall melody is quite decent. The use of sparkly crystal bells and tambourine fit the music quite well. However, I find the reverb and ambience to be quite excessive. I know you're trying to give the listener a feeling of ice, but the reverb sometimes interferes with the clarity of the different instruments and make it muddy to listen to.Sounds strikingly similar to the composer of "All Gathered 'Round the Hearth," having the same zest and care put into it. Love the bass on this one.Suspenseful intro. We get quickly in action at 0:12 with beautiful dulcimer (is that what it is?) melodies, bitcrushed drums and rhythm strings, which are dry compared to the rest, providing a nice reverb balance. Glockenspiel plays the same melody, while the dulcimer acts as a subtle arp and strings switch to staccato status. There are also some really tiny piano accompaniment chords, I think. Robotic FM bass makes its entrance UNINVITED at 0:40. But enjoys its stay as a special guest, since the other instruments approves of it in 0:46. Melodies are comfy in that section, too. Intro sort of repeats again while giving the torch to the quieter 1:12 part. At that point until 1:51, the absence of dominant melodies makes for reflexive ambient contemplation. Kinda like Dean Evan's Waterworld soundtrack. Key change at 1:51 brings bouncing delayed flute with it, which in turn leaves room for the dulcimer and glockenspiel to make their final wish at 2:14. Ending is gloomy, but wonderful. And puts the track at new heights. There are a lot of different moods packed in this piece. Ergo, "adventurous" is how I'd describe it.

Suspect: Hunter Van Brocklin
Nice and icy! Very cute, lowkey but well fleshed out. Very full spectrum. Very partial to 1:50.* Title is on point.
* I feel the lead sounds a little gritty early on, but I'm not sure what I'm hearing. It's an interesting sound. Maybe I'm confusing it with the grahamcracker-derived gritty percussion.
* Key change!
* Fits the theme well.
Kris Troutman
Awakening of the Ancients
My own song. I noticed it sounded a lot like Zelda once I finished it. I wanted a constant tension of something to come.
a place in-between espionage and styxx crossing. great tension, cinematicLike some dungeon level in Zelda 2, I feel this sets the stage for a large area filled with traps.Dota, except it's Aota, as in "this song really severs my aota." No? Hm...zelda cutscene
really cool e-piano sound feeling
the string parts really are great.
1:35 the ascending chords here have very strong melodic movement
2:15 suspected author has talked about enjoying low clustered notes, and here's a very good specimen
it feels like his melodies are stronger, but this may be due to a winter theme instead of a spooky theme

strongest feature:
the massive vibe. like an ancient temple carved into rocks

favorite feature:
the slow-ish arps starting around 20 sec in.

why i ranked this above "The Ethnospirit":
it feels like an epic in a way that makes it stand tall. it's a super strong shift from silly to serious, huh...
Hi Kris. As technically good as your other songs but perhaps maybe a little less interesting to me. But well, your music is consistently well made.I never stop thinking all those quarter note high attacks sound like Zelda: Link's Awakening; kind of dreamlike and spooky in quality. All the 4ths and 5ths feel very representative of the titular ancients. Good return of the A section at the end! Are they awake?

1. Favorite part of the song - The Zelda boops. There's a key in this room!
2. Strongest part of the song - Another instance where this is the same - I feel like those Zelda boops are the master touch on an already good kinda atmospheric tune.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - It's slightly more memorable for me (probably again because of the Zelda associations)
Reminds me of those action games back in the super-nes era. Jump dammit JUMP! NO! Don't fall into the pit. This is a Kris Troutman song.Nice heavy percussion and song fits the name. I like the vocal "doot" instrument that comes some way through. Author guess: Kris TroutmanI like how the deep bass drums and strings give the introduction a nice theatrical effect. However, I feel bits of repetitiveness in the sense that it hovers around Act 1 or the Prologue for the entire music. You should try to show some feeling of progression of "What happened next after the ancients are awakened." One place you could start is by altering your drum patterns a little more at 1:12. More snares? More cymbals and hi-hats?Sounds like Santa had something else in mind this year! Freaky.I like the sneaky accordion, unsettling e-piano intervals (doo doo doo doo) and cave-tier percussion from 1:11 to 1:35, in particular. There are a few 4/4 parts, so you can
dramatically FEEL your heartbeat to them. The Ancients like to dance to odd time sigs,
apparently. So they could only wake up from this instead of an air horn. I feel I'll still have to listen to this piece several times to fully understand it.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
I wanna know the secrets that the crystal holds, all the magic power that it brings! I'm the big KAHUNA, I should know what's going on, Inca Dina tell me everything!* Kris
* Tense.
* Ooh, love those electric piano plunk plunk plunk plunk lines.
Backwards Long-Jumping to Santa's House
Pretty sure this is a joke entry. PLEASE finish the phrase. Just email us the finish.Had me laughingthe ultimate spc xmas track. very grateful for it. the texture of offhandednessYep. It's a Christmas-themed thing.neat, it's the That One EffectNovelty! A treat.

At this rate, we will never reach Santa's House
but it's funny so i can't complain i guess lol

strongest feature: shepard toneeeeeeeeeeee

favorite feature: i particularly like how this subverts christmas music by just... not stopping. lol

why i ranked it above "Heartfelt Words":
it's a really short idea that doesn't really make it a compowinner, but it's a good idea that's nicely executed, and more than just 1 sample + fx
Incredible, the endless staircase to Santa's House. Just needs Super Mario 64 SFX dubbed over the top. You get 10 entire points for mastering wolf tones and making me giggle.A Clever Reference(tm). If it had more content (perhaps even a Shepard tone, I bet you could do something like that with vibrate.wav) it would get more points but y'know. A joke well worth submitting in any case.

1. Favorite part of the song - The way that it is.
2. Strongest part of the song - The REFERENCE to the INFINITE STAIRWAY and associated GLITCH STRAT.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - I love Super Mario 64.
This song seems expertly designed to irritate and troll us. So much Christmas wishing, but never a happy new year!? This is maybe by The Kroc?We wish Mario a Merry Christmas, we wish Mario a Merry Christmas, we wish Mario a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...fucking lol. Great concept. Author guess: This Deep WellI cannot give a proper score for this because I feel that it's too close to the traditional "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" song. This piece also sounds too simple like a piano warm-up exercise... not too musical.I'm going to be mad if this doesn't score dead last.please, i'm begging you, i just need the final notes. god, why am i forsaken like thisThis puts a smile on my face every time. Sounds like a "Continue?" theme from some
licensed Disney platformer. And the player won't make a decision.

Suspect: Sketch Bug
Very silly! fun infinite loop! The name is super clever, lol* Omg, fantastic.
* Isn't there a name for this technique? It's like the endless stairs in Mario 64. *does research* Ah. Shepard tone.
Kris Troutman
Barney's Lunch Time
My own song. I purposly made the Barney songs all weirder than usual to try to throw people off. Looks like it worked.
the vocal motif is very catchy and maddening. nice use of the structure. everytime the part changes it's palate cleansing.Hey Kris. I think that gunshot makes a pretty good snare.These Barney tracks all seem to be by the same person, who is probably Kris. But what if it WASN'T? Dude I am freaking out over hereThe instruments here are really fun. The talk:y trumpet voice lead. The snappy drums.
The shameless gunshot!
This song doesn't have a lot of chord movement and such. The lack of chords and how the harmony is defined rather by a bass tone and a melody tone that interplay remind me of some kinds of folk music, like Japanese music et al

I've found myself humming the opening melody line several times.
very troutman but too meandering for my taste this time.
fun percussion though! pew pew

strongest feature:
orchestral vibe?

favorite feature:
probably that gunshot percussion. it's almost silly lol

why i ranked this above "Barney's Rush Hour":
the groove, mostly.
Hi Kris. Good song.Voice hi-hat and gun snare both doing premium work here. That low synth pad bass sound is excellent and atmospheric.

1. Favorite part of the song - It shares a trait with one of the other Barneys where a fun short idea keeps interjecting into phrases at times. I like that part. It gets used nicely.
2. Strongest part of the song - The synth pad at 0:40 or so sounds really great.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - The material is tied together really well.
I hear gunshots in the background, Barney must live in the hood to casually be eating lunch like this. This is a Kris Troutman original.Guessing that this is by the same author that did Awakening of the Ancients. Seems to be a similar style.One of the better entries from you, with a solid melody and rhythm. Feels heavy and complete. Author guess: Kris TroutmanHmmm... how does this sound like lunch time? What does Barney eat for lunch? Anyways, I enjoy your percussion with a nice range of bass drums and hi-hats. Your surprise explosive ending is pretty good as well. However, you should try distinguishing the second part of your piece a bit more starting at 1:20 by introducing some new instruments or changing the drum pattern. That way, it wouldn't feel like the piece is too repetitive.Love the use of vocal tracks cut up to imitate drums, really creative. The acid bass here also slaps hard.Barney has been having a sedentary lifestyle by playing FPS online games all day while
eating unhealthy food. Then his doctor told him he should exercise and have a better diet to avoid a heart attack. So Barney decided to adhere under the condition he'd carry his hobbies with him. How he'd do that? By becoming a food hunter. Now he can literally run while FPSing IRL as well as going full vegan (by shooting fruits down, 'cause Barney is a pacifist and won't terrorize animals).

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Nothing much to say, no strong impression from this one.* Kris
* Barney's hungry.
Kris Troutman
Barney's Raceway
My own song. I strayed as far as I could from my usual self to try to trick everyone as much as I could with this one.
i'm so weak for racing songs. meter play works out well, is rewarding. like the bits where the percussion drops out altogtherFast-paced racing fun with Barney and Kris Troutman!Yay, it's happy?The strings and dire dire docks-sounding e-piano sounds give this song a strong Nintendo 64 identity.

The irregular time in this is expertly accomplished. The beats and accents are in just the right places. The little fanfares are great. The Dorian string riffs are very cute.
i can't decide what i think about this one
i can *feel* the groove but it's not a "strong" groove? HMM

artist guess: troutman

strongest feature:
theme lol. racetrack sounds and all

favorite feature:
the lead probably? it's a nice motif in there.

why i ranked this higher than "World 9-3":
that lead! this feels slightly stronger overall
Hi Kris. Catchy track! The shifting between different rhythms is pretty humourous, and for some reason I really like the bluesy melody in this one, as well as some of the sudden changes. Nice imitation of racecar sounds too.Damn the panning and other work done on the delta S4 sample is premium everywhere it happens! Nice Mario Kart start noise! The 6/8 section is one of my fav grooves by author. Who won at the end there, was that Barney?? Yikes.

1. Favorite part of the song - The startup noise.
2. Strongest part of the song - Sound design! Between the race start sound, the engines revving, and the 'getting an item' jingle, this idea is well executed throughout.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Thematic creativity.
I like the whole mario kart intro with the start signal and great karting sound effects. This is a Kris Troutman original.That intro LOL. The Kris Troutman style being very dryly repurposed for a raceway theme is funny as hell. Rhythmically very catchy and has great goofy energy. I'm gonna say this is one of the Kris collabs for the sheer fact that it sounds bit like a derivative or parody rather than a new song from him. Author guess: Kris Troutman collab with someoneI like the use of the "Get Ready" and "Start" effect that you find in every racing game. The engine sound effect also fits in well with this music. You should try to balance out your composition though with some sound samples that are smoother and more pleasant to hear (like strings and flutes instead of saw waves that sound brash).Not as fast paced as other racing themes I've heard in the past, but this song slaps HARD. Intro really sets up the rest of the song, love it.Ooh, those echoing EP chords are so race-like. Portamento lead at 0:12 has an outer space quality. So it would belong in Super Mario Galaxy and such. In contrast, the next dominant synth has a crying timbre. There are constant pauses in both of these alternating riffs for dramatic effect. That until we're mid-lap in 0:50 with the little EP bits reinforcing it. Race returns at full steam with the triplet part that kicks in 1:00, which feels like ancient greek olympics music to me. Such personal repertoire connection is due to the SNES Asterix game with music by Alberto González. So good job accidentally making me feel like a kid again! The triplet part interchanges with 1:06. And although the time sigs here are more discrepant than the first two riff ones, they still transition from each other smoothly. In 1:39 we get to the final lap, with 1:43 spacey synth helping us get back to one of the old riffs that interchanges with a new, more frenetic one. That until long dramatic pauses anticipate the racing results. It's an imaginative song that structurally consists of riff interchanges and racing mimesis ideas thrown here and there. A cheerful track with a heavy instrumental set supporting it.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
This is super funny, hehe! I love these themed Kris songs.* Kris?
* 3, 2, 1, go!
* After Dave's Kris impersonation in SPC IX, there was a lot of speculation that there would be more Kris impersonations in SPC X. I felt like this one felt enough unlike Kris that it could be an impersonation, but the more I listen, the more it seems like it's probably the real thing.
Kris Troutman
Barney's Rush Hour
My own song. Just a usual Barney song for this one, to help add to the confusion.
evocative of commuter stress. it's very effective, the combo of the title with the tension of the composition. consider me stressed out.I like the flow of this one a good bit. It's a lot more exciting than any rush hour I've ever driven in.Ganbare Goemon! I get such a Japanese pastiche platformer hard stage vibe from this. I like the shift between disorienting irregular time and regular-time-feel grooves.this is closer to archetype troutman, with more of that spooky vibe yknow?
but... I'm not a fan

strongest feature:
melody, oddly enough

favorite feature:
the use of "ho!" as a snare, lmao. that's honestly good sound design

why i ranked this above "Promised Land":
this just came down to... feel. again.
Hi Kris. Good work! You can do a music and do it well and like nobody else.Really solid motifs in this one in the first part, and then big battle theme accents! They sound great, though part of me wants to hear the world 9-2 guy accenting them harder than the very loud kick. Rush hour really sounds like it is a grave battle for Barney.

1. Favorite part of the song - The big accent section a minute in. Is Barney an F-Zero racer?
2. Strongest part of the song - The initial tritone idea fits neatly in amongst the other ideas in the song when it gets reused.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - It's a tough call between these two, but that accenty section is just so good. They both sound great though.
This song does remind me of the horrible feeling of being stuck in traffic, the angry chromatic shifts definitely do it justice. Is this the song with only one synth? This is a Kris Troutman original.Sounds like people slipping on banana peels in a warehouse rather than rush hour IMO. Again I like some of the unconventional rhythms here. Author guess: Kris TroutmanThe music sounds OK, but not what I was expecting in a "Rush Hour" type music where stresses and tensions are high. Your drums are also a little bit strong at around 1:30 which wouldn't be a problem if there was enough bass to give it that exciting thump. The choices of sound effects and surprise chords throughout the track like at 0:20 is pretty good too.Love the abrupt changes in melody in tune to the snares and drums, really throws me off guard in a good way.High pitched cartoony sounds in the riff reminds you to not take the song at serious mood level. It's just pure fun. This goes places melodically. Lead at 0:59 sounds like it's from some early arcade Sega game timbre-wise. Notice the "hey!" snare (0:26-0:32) and the "ho!" one at the end. Lots of detail to percussion. Highlight arp + bass + drumming work is from 0:20 to 0:38 for me. Enjoyed the fake ending from 1:58 to 2:01, too.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
A funny theme, but just like true driving, I'd rather be racing than stuck in rush hour traffic.* Kris
* Barney's late? Or just frustrated by traffic I guess.
* Actually this may be a Kris collab.
Kris Troutman
Beta Prime
My own song. Continuation of the series, which gets harder to name each SPC. We know the drill by now, I must always have my first entry as the next part of the series.53love some of the squishy, textural melodies. they leave a taste that carries into the next few bars. the fast hihat pattern is really lovely through the middle. Great lower freq phasey stuff towards the end.Not as much to say about this one.I get vivid mental images of childhood where I'd play a game from a demo CD and the music would be composed with a much more advanced sound card than the one I had on my computer, so the music would play much more muddy and dirty than intended. In the end there are some really nice warbly vocal pads!similarly archetype troutman, but with links to a series now!
probably the most depressing christmas music tbh
im not a fan overall....

strongest feature:
sad vibe :(

favorite feature:
sad vibe :(

why i ranked it above "Santa's Gundam":
it felt a bit stronger just because of the mood, even if it was a sad mood
Hi Kris. Decent tune! Nothing much else I wanna say... haha ;(That really wet sounding, detuned/dissonant line like 30 seconds in is cool - sounds like some combo of voice and the upward curl at the end of Satan's synth strings perhaps?

1. Favorite part of the song - The instrument(s?) that I described above! I really wish there was more of that actually, it was the most compelling thing to me about this track.
2. Strongest part of the song - The marcato type accented section at 1:17.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - More samples that I really liked!
Another in the prime series. But no Alpha or Gamma Prime? This is a Kris Troutman original.Good percussion and super clean hi-hats. Author guess: Kris TroutmanYour piece sounds OK but could do better with some variations. I also feel that your strings instrument doesn't blend in with the piece and the key that it's playing in is off. Finally, your drum transitions feel out of place and random shifts to faster snare beats out of nowhere.There's a Jonathan Coulton song called Merry Christmas From Chiron Beta Prime. This track probably has nothing to do with that but it's the first thing I thought of.Sounds awfully similar to Super Metroid with the use of those low pitched violins, pretty neat!First melody notes (0:02-0:04) sounds like "Taylor Dayne - Tell It to My Heart" lol. 1:18 to 1:45 was the highlight for me, though I liked the triangle percussion shortly after.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
A lot of rising tension in this one.* Kris
* A Kris Troutman ballad. That is, it's almost lyrical. Not sure I've noticed that about a Troutman piece lately.
* I like that low note at 1:51. Or maybe the interval. Something.
Dead Man From Mars
Christ Is Dead and We Killed Him
Well, that's surely a interesting vibe. I like the ultra fast percussion. The guitar feedback sound is a nice addition.
Sorry for the weird songcan't stop thinking about this one. big vibrato captivates me totally and the rest of the song just mops the floor with me. is everything okay?A very spacey atmosphere throughout.nice. author guess: tdwreally good use of chords. very moody
when the drums come in it moves to a kind of sound collage piece. it paints a very vivid picture
01:45 the beat goes and is replaced with sinister wobbled thrumming. more ambient. i like this the most
spooky. this has a wild atmosphere that i really dig

strongest feature:
INTENSE atmosphere. the beat barely seems to fit into the song

favorite feature:
that spooky vibe...... it's wild

why i ranked this higher than "The heart of the forest is cold and still":
the sound design's a little bit better, mostly by avoiding the high end.
Damn it's like there's 4 songs happening simultaneously, the effect is quite interesting. It seems pretty arbitrary and lacking in merit for competitive purposes, maybe that's a bit unfair though as it's definitely its own thing.Hell yeah to the highly processed, modulated crumar chords. Glad the breakbeat samples were well-used like Christ intended even though he is dead. Absolutely sounds like a feedback laden dist guitar over the top doing a sustain in the middle which is excellent. I love all the chops at the end! If that were a larger section of the song I'd be really into that.

1. Favorite part of the song - All the various fadeouts of the loops and drums that were presented approaching the 2 minute mark.
2. Strongest part of the song - The slow burn is just fascinating with this one. Once you get used to its sound world, the first 2 minutes have this wonderful build that is tightly controlled. It's well made.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Its execution is strong. Controlled noise.
This is such a strange song with the creepy back and forth ding dong. The backwards "heartfelt words" is a good touch haha.Sounds like something that came out of the last SPC especially with that sample used. Some nice effects throughout, especially the "chopper effect" at the end which does weird things to my ears when listening via headphones. Author guess: Mystic MarshmallowYou do have some decent and nice chords in your piece. However, I find that the organization and the layout of this piece is quite problematic. When you introduced a new element at around 0:20, the tempo changes abruptly from slow to fast, making it hard to listen to. The new fast-paced drums also sound very repetitive and can't blend in well with the chords. While I understand the intention of throwing in many different samples to make it sound dissonant, I find it noisy and irritating to listen to.GOOD track name.Very experimental, but very good. This one's a treat to listen to :)Reminds me of "Berurier Noir - Deux Clowns", not in style, but with the hypnotic tenseness and contrast of happy-tragic elements. New layers of sound are added on top progressively until the fast-amplitude low noise swallows most of it in 1:40. I'm glad it ended with the rest of the chord sample finally showing up. Sounds like it belongs to some cult classic short film I watched many times during the VHS days.

Suspect: Death Parade March
Is this Christmas or Halloween? Or Good Friday, maybe? It's a VERY creepy ambience, for what it is.* detuned crumar chords
* interesting sounds in this two chord loop.
* oh it goes somewhere else for a little bit.
* sip sic neram.
* I like the glitchiness.
Fruitbug Deepfortune
Christmas Eve Illegal Street Race to the Mall
This song goes through so many emotions. I love the percussion that comes in after the intro. The stabby grove is so nice. Sounds like Dracula took over
at 1:55. So dark at 3 mins. I like how that cool rhythm comes back at 4 mins. Great song overall.
Reminds me of Lethal Weapon and the 80's in generali don't normally care for explicitly narrative music with diegetic clues and progressions that build to a plot. But then the choir stabs, d50 drones, the string buildup. really great sound texture coordinating with the chords/melody. exciting and catchyFor me, the use of the choir_nerd sample really puts this one over the edge. Great stuff.This was a collab I started with the opening section (minus dami noodling) and the others finished it, so mostly blame them, not me!00:01 super super intro. really fun usage of vocal samples
00:33 yes!
> really good orchestra hits!! not a lot of percussion but the rhythm of the instruments do their own to give tempo and drive
01:44 modulating UP
> and then we go through a lot of movements between different things and it's fun the whole time

this song is very fun!
wow this is a fun adventure!
the sound design isn't "in your face" but it's really well executed
there's some abstract parts that function just right to accent the beat-driven stuff
i like this a lot lol

strongest feature:
the orch hits like 2 minutes into the tune. that's some good stuff.

favorite feature:
i rly like the use of ski jam! for quality jamming, no less!

why i ranked this above "All Gathered 'Round the Hearth":
basically the adventure of it all! there's a story in here. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but it's... story.
aw yeah what a jam, and what a journey! Possibly a collaboration? Sounds like damikun was involved anyway. Lots of different flavours in one song and all handled very tastefully. Good jorb![making cool music with friends type beat] SHAN 0:00-0:28 + sound design, Dr Fruitcake 0:28-2:20 + sound design, This Deep Well 2:20-3:18 + sound design, damifortune 3:18-5:30 + mixing + some additions for cohesion. Probably me mixing this track has a lot to do with why people suspected I was a part of it long before my section even happened during the listening party! I didn't write much original content for this other than the transition, the rest is just an expansion of the earlier material. I did a little bit of Material Expansion to earlier sections too, but mostly in order to ensure most of the instruments got used in more spaces.I like how there is a lot of variation and different sections throughout that carry this street race theme. Very unique take on the holidays that no one else did! This is a HVB song, especially at 4:11.An unusual mixture of different song segments mashed together.This is super catchy. Sounds very much like Crash Bandicoot in one of those "running towards the camera" levels except he's sprinting through a shopping centre. Very nice work on the percussion and a terrifically plucky bassline. The ending oh no Author guess: StereolithI like your intro with the strings and crystal leads. The ability to tie in many different styles of music with adequate transitions is also a plus as well. However, there are some places such as the whining leads around 2:30 that feel irritating to listen to with the volume and pitch shifts. Finally, I wonder about your choice of name for this piece.Very glad we have not one but at least two racing-themed tracks in this contest.At first, I thought this was just going to be a pretty well rounded song, capturing the essence of Christmas time. Then 0:30 hit me. So many twists and turns throughout it all! Though the track is fairly long, it has a lot going for it, taking the listener onto a journey, not having much repetition, if any. Wraps up nicely :)Intro has an early 90's pc game charm with that low pitched basoon. "Filthy animal" vocoder! Drums shape the foundation of the main riff and are soon joined by the bass and string stabs. Riff is gone so we can appreciate the percussion and frenetic plucking beneath. At 1:06 the track is self-declared an 80's Harold Faltermeyer film score. Flight of the Bumblebee-tier strings at 1:44 makes a smooth transition to the dramatic racing event. "Freedom.wav" accompanies the nostalgic brass chord progressions. Things get kinda otherworldly at the middle, until the strings build up tension. We're back to a lower key variant of the main riff with added textures and a sweet bluesy organ solo at 4:06. Intro returns followed by the main riff to conclude this piece. Gunshots are a reminder of the violence surrounding american families on Christmas Eve. The premise itself takes me back to some goofy family-friendly film directed 20 to 30 years ago. And I love it.

Suspect: blue.nocturne
Very dramatic, with a fun theme, and lots of really cool little rhythms here and there. Tells a great story!* totally the same author as that track in SPCVIII that sounded like action movie credits [upon research, no. RoeTaKa did not enter this round. second thought: this may be one of the FCMidi crowd, dami et al.]
* dramatic and dynamic
* lots of different sections and ideas with smooth transitions
* That string and brass section around 3:40 makes me think of some snow level theme in uh.. not sure. some donkey kong country game? *researches* Huh. I think I might be thinking of the Ice Cave Chant, which I suppose is not all that similar. Hm.
Club X-Mas
Such a long song, but it's very stable. Nice touch using the samples raw and then building a song around them. The faster section at 2:30 is nice. Sounds like Megaman X. Using the DKC
sample as an outro is cool.
i love the medley style. 'world' sample used so well. that really vexing brass sample, you have tamed it completely. transitions are so smooth, there's joy each time a new sample comes in.This just keeps going and developing in a lot of interesting directions. I'm not sold on the whole thing, but there's so much here to enjoy, I don't mind.I love this! Assuming you're KFF, this is my favorite thing you've done. JUST the perfect amount of lame Christmas shit and vamping. Long but nothing inappropriate imo. I do still wish it were louder but oh well, aesthetic. Really good work with the SoM sample too. Makes me glad I sent it in :)Welp. I guess it's time to review this song! Time to set aside 11 minutes of uninterrupted time and full attention

00:01 very good sample juxtaposition with minimal editing
01:50 see above! bass run is really cool and arcade game
02:28 the chase is on! this part with the chord stabs is really good
02:55 modulation here takes everything that came before and makes it better
03:11 perfect (anti?)climax, and it's all using a sample with minimal editing
03:48 magnificent riflebird.wav and get right.wav in perfect harmony
> it's remarkable how well this song uses samples with minimal edits while still maintaining full integrity, every movement moving toward the next with full intention
05:21 excellent vibrate.wav bleeps and bloops
05:45 it's secret of mana time. this part is a little more muddy than the others, but it still does a fantastic job of taking the original snippet and turning it into song
> it reminds me of how daft punk took the intro to George Duke's "I Love You More" and turned it into "Digital Love" which sounds nothing like the original full song.
07:30 the song wisely stays in secret of mana mode for a long time after having went through many movements. It's good to stay a while and rest

8:40 subjective, but: this crumar chord bit is so incredibly good that if it was the whole song and it was like, a minute long, it would still place very high for me ☆ GOLD STAR awarded

9:50 chord planing! I feel this is a place where I experience the song is meandering a bit more than going on a certain journey. Still, it is remarkable how interesting this song is after playing for four-five times as long as some other songs.

Well, we've come far!
this feels like kungfufurby, in that it flows a lot.
kind of like the concept of trance music but without the stereotypes that plague it.
this is a favorite tbh

strongest feature:

favorite feature:
god that's hard to pick.
i really like the intense section 2:20 into the tune but i also like........ all the other sections
except maybe the sandman usage. personal bias there tho

why i ranked this above "U R MR REGGAE":
this is kinda weirdly all over the place compared to mr raggae but it's a good adventure.
Awesome tune! I really love the flow through all the different contrasting sections, and many of the harmonisations in this. It takes its time and enjoys doing so. Really love the mid-song part with the Secret of Mana sample and beyond. The length of the song and the fact it hasn't been mastered much makes me believe it could be KungFuFurby's song. Mix & production could be better but I really enjoy the music.This whole track does what it's trying to do (songify the samples as wholesale as possible) soooo well. This track surely has a little bit for everyone because of all the different ground it covers. I especially dig the REALLY FAST NOTES in the second big section and the extended chillwave mix of the 8 ringing bells theme (otamasqueaky for all the high beeps works extremely well there). Tbh goes by VERY fast compared to what I'd expect an 11min song to do. Well friggin' done.

1. Favorite part of the song - The proggy breakdown from 1:49 through 2:07.
2. Strongest part of the song - The transitions from section to section work really seamlessly.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - The song is both extremely well done and more in line with the aesthetic I want from this sort of style. (Thanks, winter!)
I like the relaxing clubby yet holiday spirited vibe that the song carries. Generous use of the 8bells synth. This seems like KungFuFurby.My entry! I didn't even think about making another one after finishing this one. I also initially cut 8bells for failing the "pitch" test... that is, it failed to be in tune when played at the speed synchronized to the rest of the song. I circumnavigated that by taking advantage of using individual "notes" and manually triggering those. Also, I made a specific edit with frostyfrolics... a filter bandshelf of 15.84khz, done with Renoise 2.72 with Butterworth 4n and a Q of 14.00, then recorded straight off of it. This hardly affected the sample, but it removed a fatal flaw of pitching the sample down. And yes, technically I submitted an extra long entry again, partially out of boredom (there's only so much I could reasonably utilize with these samples, thus I chose one rather than many to avoid cluttering up my collection) and partially because I wasn't actually interested in going for more after this one, although I could have theoretically split them into several entries. But meh... I wasn't interested. Also, I failed to normalize my song: interestingly, I maxed out the mixing and global volume settings on Schism Tracker in the process of balancing the volumes, and the kicks were the main reason for this: I prioritized getting those to sound off properly at the expense of the overall song volume on export. Even the samples themselves would tell the story: technically I could have given them up to about 115-130% amplification, but I couldn't do much else outside of directly editing the exported file, which I chose not to do.This is a KungFuFurby song down to a K. All the samples have been organically incorporated into the song and despite the repetition, manages to be catchy enough and maintains its momentum such that I can see it playing in a club, final mix being quiet notwithstanding. Author guess: KungFuFurbyWhat an interesting mix of samples! The surprise of seeing what element would be introduced was quite the excitement itself with the Mr. Sandman opening. The transitions are pretty good as well going from something simple to complex starting around 2:30 and back to something simple later on. As for something to point out, I feel that your percussion is a little too harsh around 1:50.Love this mix of repeating samples and bass; sounds like someone went crazy on a beat machine :) Love the key changes too - keeps it fresh and new. Also, wow! This is a long track with tons of effort put into it. Love it when there are callbacks to previous parts, like in the case of the classical breakdown.Wonder if this uses more samples than the other entries. At least this feels like Mega Man got all the weapons from his enemies. And now is fully charged. Really enjoyed the part from 1:49 to 3:11. The cerulean arps at 9:00 were a nice touch as well.

Suspect: KungFuFurby
Very competent and cool. Neat beats, a lot of development. Everything I like about KungFuFurby pieces. A fun and unique take on the Christmas theme, too! Keep up the good work!* overall mix seems quiet
* disco is the reason for the season?
* using the sandman riff and the candycane riff in their entirety, I sense a trend.
* things are sounding like a fighting game now -- wait, this part reminds me of early Lychee work. Interesting.
* more using entire sampled riffs, with that peter gabriel bit and then the getright horns. those go together well!
* funky bass and backbeat come in
* oh crap this is the 11-minute entry. :D
* <3 the airy section
* the secret of mana riff continues the airy feel and the trend of using whole sampled phrases, and the backbeat comes back
* and omg I just realized who did this track, or who did most of it. Zat choo, KungFuFurby? :D
* I love the long slow development in this track. It's a nice flavor to have some of in SPC.
* crumar chords come in, and some twinkly thing happens, and there's still a minute and a half to go.
* things are picking up a bit again
* ...and now fading out to a kick beat, and then with a cymbal hit, we end on a fading donkey kong country 3 riff. fantastic!
* Yeah, my only real criticism is that the whole mix is so quiet. There should be some way of increasing the loudness without losing anything. If nothing else, I'd suggest normalizing the track after rendering. I tend to do this for my entries when I open the rendered WAV in Audacity to export as FLAC. After opening the WAV in Audacity, I apply the Amplify effect using its default settings, which will normalize both stereo tracks evenly so that the highest peak is at or just below the maximum allowable sample magnitude. This won't make it all better, because sometimes peaks can be especially high relative to the rest of a track. There are different approaches that can be taken to deal with that. Using a compressor or limiter is one method. Reducing the volume of the element that causes the peak is another. Using automation to gradually reduce the overall volume before a loud section comes in and then gradually bringing the overall volume back up after a loud section may also be a useful technique, especially in a longer composition like this one.
Drowsing, Dreaming, Drooling
Intro is fun. The switch to swing is great. Love the squeeky sounds near the end.
Sounds uniquemasterfully medleyed. samples nurtured. then the damn notes and everything, painfully joyful. i can't get over it. that acending line and everything else. marry meI don't know which one of those three things I'm doing while listening to this track. Probably not the last...the "gong" sound after :50 or so is cool.00:01 lovely sound collage
00:22 a cutscene interlude during a winter scene in a Super Mario RPG-like game
00:47 bold choice of abominable snowman as rhythm instrument. we go into noodling-over FM bass town
01:20 a brief cut to the villainous dark armor-clad and his scheming and marching henchmen

in general there is a lovely usage of samples as is as part of the whole composition
good soloing, good fun
it sounds like a gabber kick in there for a second lmao
the only downside is that the sillyness rubs me the wrong way, but that's a personal bias.

strongest feature:
the god damn natural use of an unmodified vivi.wav

favorite feature:
the funky middle section? the dreamy vibe in the intro?
there's a lot to like here, honestly

why i ranked this above "What kind of psychopath terrorizes a bird for sport?":
this steps above SNES in the sound design department
it's a little bit less silly but a lot more sound designy imo
Sweet tune, very nicely composed. Effects processing/mastering feels a little unrefined but makes up for it by being charming and good.JRPG vibes~ sounds a bit like Kirkhope gone weird to me, maybe because of all the offbeat chords early on and the lilt to the uptempo section. I'm obviously super into the bluesy riff and I'm especially into how it's sort of split up among several different voices and the section plays out with lots of trading around. The song never gets stale because of this maximal approach.

1. Favorite part of the song - The transition from the noisy swing into the blues bass riff (and ensuing section of music). Also that dissonant choir-centric chord shortly before that section starts.
2. Strongest part of the song - Patlyle doin' work all throughout.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - More crescendos and a wealth of ideas compacted into just two minutes.
I like the cartoony feel of a lot of the sections, it makes the song interesting haha. Feels like a very strange dream indeed.Some well thought-out lullaby/christmassy melodies and creative sample usage throughout. The deliberate style of composition in how notes/samples are placed makes me think of Txai. Author guess: TxaiThe vocals used in this piece is quite the charm with all the "Merry"s in the beginning. I also like the transition halfway through the music though you could have stuck in a few more bass (or deep) drum beats in this section. Also, it would have better if you considered putting a grand ending with lots of strong strings instead of just a mere "Christmas" voice.Really love :47 and onwards! Showcases many samples that didn't get much use (that I can think of), like the phone vibrating. All of it slaps, but I think that part in particular should be worthy of some praise.Want to rate higher for high usage of nose overture.wav. Competent and sleepy, but nothing that particularly stands out to me.* got a kunimeelo (SPC IX entry) vibe when the abominable snowman sample shows itself
* lots of distinct segments put together well
* I like those vocals. not sure what they are.
* dark william tell overture reference?
* hah, that final "christmas." Excellent.
Kris Troutman
Due Elegance
My own song. More irrational time. 15/15 this time around. Probaly just sounds like a normal time sig for the most part. I went more swingy for the middle just because.
love the title. feeling is like institutional mourning. big big swing. great rhythm playMerry Kristmas. I like the way the second section develops.The warbled dark pads are really good. I like the first 3/4 time melody part a lot. The parts thereafter make a less strong statement to me. Later parts are almost whimsical with their bouncy beats.
1:50 the main melody comes back and I'm digging it again. It's dark and sinister and very resonant.
troutman stylings
i really dig the weird beat tomfoolery you pulled in here!

strongest feature:

favorite feature:
yeah once it kicks around 1 minute in? that's some cool tomfoolery

why i ranked this above "Christ Is Dead and We Killed Him":
amazingly, the vibe isn't as dark, but the beat is cooler.
Hi Kris. The rhythmic changes in this at 1min in are hilarious.Metric modulations ahoy! This is a really rhythmically interesting track. Percussion and brightened strings sound excellent as I have come to expect from author.

1. Favorite part of the song - The very buzzy sitar-esque instrument.
2. Strongest part of the song - Metric fuckery a minute in sounds great. I very much like the ways in which it jumps around.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - A bit more coherence as a song.
The middle section with the time signature change really stuck out and was interesting. This is a Kris Troutman original.I like how this goes from a waltz to a swing halfway through. And I wonder if that's a straightened out vivi.wav or a snippet of a choir sample being used. The sound palette makes me think not-Kris again. Author guess: not Kris TroutmanThe music is overall OK. The vocals at the end were quite surprising as well. While I like the slightly different styles used in this piece, I feel that you could improve it by changing the instruments and background tracks when you transition to different styles. Only the drums play differently from what I'm hearing.Really love this track with its uses samples that makes it hard to pinpoint what they actually were originally - nice!The percussion work is strong in this one. Wobbling dubstep bass in 0:07 is to my liking. And so is the high pitched portamento synth that kicks in around 2:00. Also, nothing like sneaking a swing rhythm in the middle of your track to spice things up. Loved the waltz timpanies in 1:43 transitioning back to the main riff. Cool! And "Happy Filthy Christmas" is the best ending you could have.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Nothing much to say, no strong impression from this one. Happy filthy Christmas!* A Krismas waltz.
* I like it.
* Happy filthy christmas! (Wait... it's the brits that say happy christmas. Kris isn't a brit, I don't think...)
Existential Crisis of a Gentoo Penguin
Penguins with mid life crisis is what this sounds like to me. Nice shaky sounds. Leads are really good sounding.
Love the bass and stringsreally great balance between skull expansion and sentimentality. change-ups are huge and lovely. fast and eagerPossibly Blitz Lunar? Between the pads and the rapid runs, this gives off a very cool wintry vibe. Love it.I don't really know what's going on, but you can do it, penguin! Author guess: Tony Thai? Or maybe a StereolithAhh ... This sparkling cute wing-flapping fairytale sound is fantastic!
00:01 the intro is anxious and full of emotion, excellent
00:57 the chorus really takes off like a rocket
01:27 the C part comes and it's great. Some dissonant chords I don't parse as clearly doing a certain thing. However, it doesn't matter much.
> More confusion and chords everywhere and much anxiety, perfectly executed
02:34 back in wonderful
02:57 lovely part, great use of freedom.wav

03:19 ahh, the chorus!

this song manages to do all of this without any percussion ... It's a gem
melodically beautiful, exploratory
could be keffie? idk
i love it so much

strongest feature:
the arrangement overall. it's like neoclassical something idk what

favorite feature:
0:36 or so? that lead and freedom.wav
and..... wow how did you get that to work so well

why i ranked this above "Regional Legend Markus Samstochter":
it uses similar hard to use sounds but in a more keffie way.
the ranking could have gone either way to be honest! scoring is hard!!
I absolutely love this. It sounds like something Shnabubula could have made but I don't believe it's his work - too "kawaii". Has delicate undertones and notes of Go Ichinose. The harmonic changes tickle me in all the right places and the melodies are damn catchy to me. <3 the accordion. Favourite song of SPCX probably.Favorite of the contest! I love this song so much it gives me goosebumps when I hear the accordion lines (how the heck did you get that to sound so good btw?!) kick in over those beautiful thicc chords. It turns out I like the next section just as much because that melody is absolutely aces (only defeated by FROST_nights for catchiest tune this time imo). This song should play in the next Animal Crossing course they add to Mario Kart...or maybe when they inevitably add Kirby? The wacky prog breakdown in the middle at 2:12 serves as a nice contrast to the melodic outer sections but still stays cohesive. I guess what I'm trying to say here is this song does about everything I would want a song to do.

1. Favorite part of the song - The accordion sample (and how well it is handled). This would be among my favorite programs in the hypothetical SPC GM bank.
2. Strongest part of the song - Its harmonic language, which is pretty much exactly as dense as it needs to be to work so well in the many ways that it does.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - It has the deepest alignment with my favorite aesthetics; memorability, too.
My favorite song of the SPC, great use of harmonies and overall feel is wonderful. I really liked the use of the accordion-like synths and the vivi vocals. It's a very Dave Harris song (especially so at 2:13), but I like how you did a lot of stuff that is not typical of you.This song is dedicated to all those penguins out there who wandered away from their colonies towards the arctic mountains in search of something greater which we'll never know. Hope you enjoy.Pretty cool assortment of instruments with the crystal bells. The overall melody is also quite decent with nice chords at around 1:45. If I have one place to note for improvement, I feel that the use of fast pitch bends and notes at around 2:25 is inappropriate for this piece especially when percussion is kept to a minimum.Must be a very peaceful existential crisis! Love the pitch shifts/wah filters and overall feel of this track, sounds like I'm on an adventure with a happy go lucky penguin, haha :)Rhythm strings dictate the pace of the intro with its expressive velocity changes. Accordion makes a gentle melodic entrance, while fun cartoony arps are briefly sprayed here and there. As the accordion melody repeats, the adventurous celesta arps are soon accompanied by lush vibraphones on top. A timid synth violin shapes the main riff. When it passes the torch to the simpler timber-wise lead, the glowing bubbly sounds shows up in more measures, speeding the track up along with the arps even though there are no drums at this point. A quieter section grants territory to the mystical rising chords and its skyrocketing woosh ally, anticipating the next momentum. Accordion returns in playful action. Bass at 2:01 becomes more syncopated. Then, a Kirby-ish arp joins the fray at 2:12 and the whole ensemble builds up and turns into this well-crafted glitch intermission that ends with satisfying augmented intervals. Awesome! Glockenspiel quietly starts getting the puzzle pieces back together with the foggy rhythm accordion by its side. Musical layers are added slowly until we're back at the main riff. As there's a gradual decrease in tempo, we get an unsolved ending that makes me want to hit that play button again. The author of this track has spot on grasp of traditional chiptune songwriting.

Suspect: Blitz Lunar
If this ISN'T shnababula I'll eat my hat. Who's imitating him? This has SUCH Game Genie vibes. Its notation reminds me a LOT of moonlight passage. Absolutely fantastic. Good for a pokemon game! It'll play on Route 10, the snowy route outside the city. You can see the skyline in the distance, but you're definitely in nature!* Not gonna do it, not gonna do it, not gonna do--gah, it's gotta be Dave. There are Model Game Soundtrack vibes throughout.
* Yeah. If it's not dave, it's someone doing an impression of him.
Blitz Lunar
Fairy Dust Waltz
Very floaty and lighthearted. The guitar goes really well with this. The instrumentation is pretty much spot on as well. Everything sounds authentic.
wow near perfect melody. very silver imperium artisan butter. the whole arrangement seems to smile lovingly. love the pacing and the careful percussion. big big standout.This waltz is much more waltz-like than the other one. I love the soundscape you create here. Those harmonies are delicious.I liked this one but I think it might have been a bit long for the amount of material/development. Kind of reminds me of certain Dragon Quest music. Pretty curious about who made this... maybe Bluenoc?This song reminds me a lot of the sample-and-synth based music of Ryuichi Sakamoto and the YMO guys post their YMO days, as well as Joe Hisaishi (they probably influenced each other a bunch!) with this Warm Pad plus crystalline big sounds. I went for this kind of sound for FROST_nights's intro and I'm delighted to have more representation of this kind of sound in this contest.

The composition is utterly adorable and good. When the vibraphone chord comes in to support the main melody it is so perfectly well placed. A crystalline snowscape! Aurora! Icicles. If this had been in a jrpg that I played in the 90s I would've considered it a formative memory.
dreamy and lovely
blitz lunar possibly? I hesitate to pin so quickly though
the beauty of the melody and some of the chord laying implies dave
emphasis on dreamy. good stuff

strongest feature:
dreamy chords!

favorite feature:
honestly, same as the strongest feature: the dreamy chords. and sounds. and dreams.

why i ranked this above "She Doesn't Have to Know":
that's a hard one. it could go either way! the dreamy vibe won out in this case.
Here's my song. This turned out sounding like Klonoa as a happy accident. Weirdly enough it began life as an uptempo funky Casio keyboard jam in 4/4. I wanted to include more development and other sections but in the end it meanders a bit much maybe. Song title was rushed out at the last minute.Shimmering and fiercely J-fusion-esque, like its moon centric author. It's beautiful and dainty like a fairy! I would like to gripe that the song is lacking in dynamic depth, insofar as I want huger swells and crescendos between sections instead of a five minute long vamp, but it almost feels like a disservice to something this well made and ~aesthetic~ which is otherwise pretty in line with what I like. Even if it was just like two of them - one a couple minutes in and one bigger one with a modulation or some such. It would take this song from Quite Good to Absolutely Excellent.

1. Favorite part of the song - The flourish at 2:48, and in general the lax glissandos.
2. Strongest part of the song - Powerful JRPG fae aesthetic.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Deeper subtlety in how the sounds are put together and arranged. This track really succeeds in that realm above and beyond the call of duty.
The title is very fitting for this song and the atmosphere matches it perfectly. I very much enjoyed it, but I did think it was a bit too static. I would have easily given it a 90+ if had breaks in the rhythm and mixed it up a little more.Beautiful song. Going for an oriental musical theme was such a smart choice for this set of samples and this entry subtlely nails it. Love the chords, the ace sound design, and how the song slowly and confidently builds up layer by layer over time. Reminds me of Minish Cap music. I think this is the entry that got stuck in my head the most when I wasn't listening to the votepack. Author guess: LunarThe melody and choice of instruments is quite superb. I like all the different sparkles and bells that play throughout the music both in the background and in the melody, making it feel magical and special especially around 1:20. If there is one place for improvement, you can try tone down the wind effects at the effects. The effect sounds too thick, heavy, and overbearing.Absolutely love the subtleties of this song, like the reversed parts that come up sometimes. Really waltz-like, crescendoing into this great piece of music.Heavy blizzard cools down as we enter the ice cream factory. Glacier synths dominates the melody while the wandering sleigh bells dictates the laid-back waltz. Creamy pads are occasionally joined by cherry vibraphones. A powdered mandolin floats around shortly after the wet hammering, then both are joined by the flashy reverse harps. Progressively, more flavors are added on top of the sundae: strawberry glockenspiels, sweet choirs dosed in scoops, vanilla strumming acoustic guitars, chocolate cellos, crushed cookie ride cymbals. As we leave the factory, blizzard strucks us once again. Main melody makes its way out. Song starts to fade and, like a fine ice cream, leaves us wanting for more.

Suspect: Hunter Van Brocklin
Very lovely! ^^ I like this one, it's cool and mystical. It reminds me of some of the more lowkey mario galaxy music, especially with the choir.* Very thematically appropriate. <3
* The opening sound effects set the scene: it's cold and wintery outside.
* I like the little flourishes.
* And the jazzy chords.
* Starts out chilly, but warms up while maintaining the icy lead throughout.
* Yay vocoder sounds
* ^.^
Sketch Bug
This must be our obligatory "use every last sample" entry. Dunno what to say. Honestly, I laughed pretty good at a few parts.
Now this is the type of sound I was expecting! Love it!battle style!!!! so damn good. drown meWell, someone had to throw all of the samples together into a single track, and of course it was That Horrible Red Ruler. I'm never sure how to rate these, because in spite of the lack of musicality, they're very creatively done.I wanted to do a red ruler, so I cranked this out in like 4 hours. I think the real red ruler is much better but I'm not sure if he showed up this time.I've given this entry a Daniel Lawrence kind of score. I don't dislike this entry at all - I enjoy browsing through the sample folder of the contest, and (in my experience) this is that, with curation.

I will, however, never put this song on as a song for listening and enjoyment as music. As a piece of sound collage art, it is enjoyable! Author, do not be discouraged to send in this kind of entry in coming contests!
sorry mr ruler, i just can't quite get in to this
there's a lot of really strong sections that are also super tiny
it's like listening to harsh noise: you gotta pick out the good parts
this just doesn't mesh well with a free4all compo :(

strongest feature:
some of the chops

favorite feature:
when mr ruler wants to chop, he can CHOP
the intro to this tune is *strong*
0:20 especially

why i ranked this above "You're getting for Christmas":
the effort. this strikes me as a not-quite-realized idea but there are too many pieces in here to put it in the one-idea tier
idk, I don't want to be mean but this joke(?) becoming a staple of each contest is wearing thin for me. Maybe it isn't totally a joke, in which case I apologise for being dismissive, though if it isn't a joke I'm forced to judge it accordingly.It's a massive shame that ruler didn't end up submitting a song because this would be an even funnier punchline if he had (also because I adore his approach to these contests), but as it stands people probably will think this was him.

1. Favorite part of the song - The way that it is.
2. Strongest part of the song - Also the way that it is. I would not have it any other way.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - A more memorable listening experience.
It's the "use every sample entry" of SPC X. I did appreciate the usage of all samples, but it was mixed a bit too loud and sharp so some sections were a bit harsh on the ears. This seems like red ruler?Strange mixture...wutYou did well with the incorporation of many different sound samples, but the randomness makes it difficult to hear. At least, try to create some backing or framework and give it a rhythm that all the other sound samples should sync to.I actually love this but I have to score it low on principle.Literally a ytp in audio form, full of unique choices and splices - love it. Sounds basically like what I'd think a corrupted .mp4 would sound like that.A genuine sound effects fest. Most of the samples are used in their raw samplepack
nature. I particularly enjoy parts such as 1:05 to 1:09, where two distinct sounds keep
fighting for attention. This is like going back to the early days of OverLooked ReMiX.

Suspect: Sid Shakal
There must be one of these every time, huh? It's goofy to listen to once, I suppose. :p* ...and now for something completely different.
* Hi red ruler.
* I still don't get this style. It makes me smile a smirky sort of smile, especially when I'm sharing SPC with family or friends. Chaotic and somewhat appealing, but I don't understand the reason behind it. Maybe it reminds me of my brain during the sample processing stage of SPC.
* And it ends even more abruptly than it began. Nice
Bomb Boy
Sounds like something we would hear in a video game made by Sega (Dreamcast era). The choir is well done. Very well produced song, and very good at keeping my attention. Solid leads. The energetic change at 2
mins is gold. And the bass groove is awesome at the part that follows.
hits some ryuichi sakamoto notes so precsisely, both in melody and pro-d. very very competent in the faster bits. surgical. chords seem a bit safe but it's slick and flirty so no problem.A very nice Japanese-sounding melody in this one. Combined with the pads, the funky harmonies, and the subtly crafted soundscape, I think it's one of the best entries. (Tony Thai?)I love the beginning of this. Probably one of my favorite moments on the album. But after a few minutes, the track turned into Gangnam Style and I don't care for that as much. This track sort of occupies the same space as The heart of the forest... but I had trouble deciding which one was better of the two.Some people in the chat were saying that they hadn't pinned me down yet which is a delight because I went 100% not-incognito in this compo. This is the kind of style I've written snippets in for 10 years+ now. Everything about this song is typical me - the slower intro introducing the melody leading into a four to the floor disco beat version of the same melody, the same groove-melody-chorus-groove-melody-chorus I've used before etc etc

For the intro part I wanted to go full ryuichi sakamoto merry christmas mr lawrence without the point of plagiarism. For the rest of the song I tried to use every device I've ever learned from Yasutaka Nakata and his Perfume work. It's not a terribly original work!

I am in general happy with this song. My home life is pretty busy and having a wee babby in the house means there's very little in the way of uninterrupted time to submerge myself in song writing. Every fault I hear in this, my song, I know to be something that is there because I didn't have the time or mindspace to work on the song, so I am at peace with all of it

I'll admit a lot of the melodic and chord content in the song comes from me just overdriving vibrate.wav until it turned into a buzzy square synth. If you docked points for that, I think you should have! As a _Sample Pack_ Contest song, I think it does an OK job. I'm proud of the percussion I made without having much of an idea about how such sound design works.

I hope you enjoyed my song this time around. I'm always happy to participate.
this has the smoothness of mitsuda, and not just because of the kinda-corridors of time arps.
but then it kicks off at 2:20ish and wow
did coda write this?
i love the glissando on vibrate

artist guess: bomb boy

strongest feature:
it takes a strong melody and then plays it in two different styles: chill and F0NK

favorite feature:
the dancey section is my favorite but i really like the first half as well.
the percussion here is well done. quality snares my dude

why i ranked this above "Existential Crisis of a Gentoo Penguin":
the composition is arguably "weaker" in a "it's simpler" sort of way but it's still damn good composition
the sound design is better, but in a "look what i can layer and EQ" sort of way
Intro is very lovely and relaxing - if the song continued this way I'd have been happy. Liking the eastern touches to the tonality. The main EDM guts of the song is very well handled and soundplay is masterful and convincing. Great song, great effort, well done AUTHOR who is obviously not Mattis. What a belter.Most infectious and excellent melody of the contest right here hands down. After the listening parties, even though I didn't listen to anything again for a long time after, this melody was lodged in my head and being hummed to myself for my entire Xmas vacation. It's the perfect blend of simple and catchy and easy to manipulate in the song as the author does throughout. Also like 3 songs do the Japanese pentatonic thing so I guess people associate that with winter? Anyway, this song is clean and well-mixed and economical with its material. I wish the synth melody was a little louder at times, but also this song is so solid that my gripes are nitpicks. One final one: I don't mind that it IS this long but I don't think this song needs to be 6min long. I appreciate the A and B ideas getting the full workout and development, but I could see this being condensed to like 4.5min. I love it though, bravo!!

1. Favorite part of the song - The Drop 2 minutes in.
2. Strongest part of the song - When it gets maximally jazz fusiony from 3:36 to 3:54. Oh and the melody of course but I wanted to bring something else up for this category since I went on about it already!
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Catchy melody takes the cake for me in the end.
Extremely well made, does not even sound like it was made with random sounds. Extremely cleanly done and great rhythms and melodies around. Definitely Tony Thai.Highly expressive melody, powerful chords and excellent dynamics particularly in the ducking bass that drives the song. Very little about this entry at all suggests that it was made using a bunch of cobbled-together xmas samples light in percussion, which is a testament to the technical and creative ability at display here. One minor complaint: I wish the main lead was something more fleshed out than a sine wave, at least somewhere throughout the song that it switched to a more in-your-face instrument since it runs several minutes long. Author guess: mattis/Bomb BoyGood choice of chords, especially in the beginning. I also like how you did your transition with the same melody being played in different styles. One problem to note is how some of the background chords and drumbeats are too loud relative to the volume of your melody. Try adjusting your volumes a bit more as the melody should always be played the loudest.Who slipped this masta piece in here? 'Tis, what some people would call: perfect 👌If I had to describe this entry with a single word, it would be: transcending. Intro speeds up
while changing its ensemble progressively until morphing into full electro-house. Reminds
me of Jake Kaufman's Mighty Switch Force OST at times, which was a soundtrack that helped me A LOT during difficult academic animation projects back then. Bass drops, rising saw waves, dreamy arps, pulsing basslines, riveting organ chords, wet claps, nicely done tom-toms and frosty bell countermelodies. This track has it all and then some. There are pieces of music that you really like. And there are those you love to the point of feeling glad to be alive. Guess in which group I think this one belongs!

Suspect: Bomb Boy
This song is too much like music I find on the radio, it begins with a neat intro to grab my attention and then turns into something without half the personality the intro had. Make no mistake, this is well made and produced funk, BUT, it just feels to me like you just ran out of inspiration and were like "well, I ran out of ideas, so back to the old trusty material!" I feel mean rating it so low, but as I'm rating based on "what I like listening to" this just feels like a bait and switch.* err... idk. zenkusa?
* it has some of what I consider the ouchiehour feel to it too.
* but also maybe tony thai?
* love it love it love it.
* love the intro, and I love how it goes into the soulful synthy funky thing, which continues for a good long time.
nostalgia junkie
frozen pearls
Intro is a nice way to clean out the wax in somebody's ears. The intentional peaking is a nice sound for this song. Bass is so nice in this when it is present. Sounds like a Graduis III boss
Loved the crunch in the beginningthose beattape bass runs are always fun to hear. the changeups and variations make this a precious one. thank you. This is a really cool song, but the bass distorts really bad during the droppy parts. Maybe that was the idea, but it sounds a little too crunchy, imo.The opening from abrasive static gradually developing into a chill electronic ambiance is really well done, though it stays a little too much on the noisy/distorted side for my tastes, and could be expanded more.Yay free ear massageHarsh intro with the s/h distortion sans any filtering.
When the beat drops it d r o p s. It's an art in itself to create a song that clips that doesn't sound like it's made wrong.

The bright crystalline parts of this song are very bright and the soundscape very wide and spacious. Lovely. Meanwhile, the beats are warm and raspy and remind me of the taste of blood after taking a hit to the face.

I'm really curious to find out what samples were the basis of the main sounds of this song.

A little bit underwhelming ending ... amazing song, however
i don't think mcmiag even knows about this, but I'd believe it if he entered without telling me. this sounds like his work.
absolutely beautiful sound design.
hilariously this is another instance of "I like it because it's something I'd make" lol
thank you for picking up the slack from my lack of 808-kicks

strongest feature:

favorite feature:
just.. all of the trap stylings. it's a great soundscape and something I'd make

why i ranked this higher than "Club X-Mas":
I'm not even sure what to say lol? it hits me harder so it gets a little higher.
we're in the territory where I don't want to diss any tracks tho because they're all pretty golden now
YEAH BITCRUSH WOO. I actually really like this... yeah it's dirty and distorted as heck but it's done in a way that gives the impression of being done with ultra crunchy intent... distortion with vibes attached. Very cool sound designy things going on and pleasing chilly atmospheres. lovely.Peak (ha ha) clipping aesthetic. Keeping it loud and proud but still extremely tasteful is a hard line to walk but the author really nails it, plus it's contrasted with a nice, open atmospheric wintry section. How do y'all get your basses this tight? Send help. Amused that someone else used Reverse Trump Sample :)

1. Favorite part of the song - The heavy beat drop in the first section.
2. Strongest part of the song - How extremely frozen the production on the track sounds. It's up there with Arctic Waltz in terms of things that sound maximally "encased in ice".
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Nailing that winter aesthetic so perfectly.
Great atmosphere overall, the overall mysterious and wintery feel is wonderful. I think the kick was a bit over-compressed though to the point it started to detract from the song, I would have otherwise rated it 90+. Maybe this is anosci?This is a sick beat. Love the bass and the hip hop feel. Like some others have said, I think the clipping/distortion works to this track's advantage. Author guess: Sketch BugI kind of understand what you mean by "frozen" and how it is being "thawed" in the beginning, but the beginning itself made it difficult for me to listen to with the loud cracking noise. Once the music is "thawed", the rest of the piece sounds repetitive with the constant looping of bass drum and crystal chimes. At least, try to increase the length of one loop for the drum and chimes.Great contrast in the intro from the bit-crushed pad, to it's trippy, delayed self. Same goes for the intro! Really love everything in-between - can't get enough of that sub genre ofDig the white noise intro, which gradually fades out. This track is like a slowly moving
carousel during winter, especially when the fast-paced sleigh bells are around. Pulsating bass is creatively neat, too. Then you have subtle bagpipe synths in 0:43 until the bubbly sound makes a smooth transition to the filtered key change part. Getting ice cave vibes from 1:11, with what appears to be a phased piano and wet sprinkled icy synths. Glitchy sounds at 2:37 make a smooth transition to the end of the track. I noticed more nuances after multiple listens. And I'm sure I can learn a few things from this.

Suspect: nostalgia junkie
This is SUPER cool. True ice cave vibes. This is exactly the kind of thing I want from a Christmas contest. So mysterious and long forgotten, like a beautiful part of nature long frozen over. This is one of my three absolute favorite entries in this contest.* decimationnn
* has a slightly demented carol of the bells feel
* love it
* the kick related compression (?) may be a touch stronger than I'd like but overall, fantastic
Ouchie Hour
Grim Yuletide Duty
Chords are really interesting in that intro. Sound production is well done. The variety in this song is also very nice. Sounds are so cool in this as well. Bird sound at 1:57 was interesting.
oof. early on, i got a sort of pacific state palette going with my drum and synth sounds. wanted to do something more focused and circular but did a sloppy medley instead. chord/melody work is a bit juvenile but i had fun. a couple bars in the middle is a quotation of revolution 909, my favorite songI like a lot of the ideas going on here, but I think the execution could use some more polish. Still, really creative.1:16 contest winning stuff. Author guess: Ouchie Hour & anosciDetective game intro montage chords in the beginning. Very evocative.

Then we start getting the french house dry collage beat going and it's great.

This is one of my favorite genres.

01:17 I'm really curious about the lead sound here!

As soon as this song ends i want to put it on again
beautiful in more ways than i have time to list
so many amazing elements

fuk u for that horn tho

strongest feature:
soundscape what the fuck

favorite feature:
what the fuck

why i ranked this above "FROST_nights":
pretty specifically because of the sound design. loud wins my heart soz @ everyone else

aside: if im wrong about my other bomb boy guess, then it goes here. im not so sure about it tho
Yay more house music. Lovely chords. Simple premise but I enjoy it, pleasing to listen to on the whole!Wonky as hell! Mixing is standout here, especially once the groove starts laying down a minute in or so. I like all the fragmented ideas that come in throughout the song but feel they need to be individually fleshed out a little more for full cohesion.

1. Favorite part of the song - I love ride cymbals in these sorts of beats... it's so hazy and easy to get lost in.
2. Strongest part of the song - The percussion is super well-mixed and clean and that makes it really enjoyable to listen to as just A Song.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - The production is more in line with what I usually like, even though both have a lot of work put into mixing.
This is definitely ouchiehour, I think your songs would probably do well even outside of our vgmusic niche. Your production is extremely well done (perhaps the best in the group) and you have great ideas, transitions, and overall polish throughout the song.god how do you people find these BASS SAMPLES?? Love the wailing lead that comes in around 1:20. It's really hard to describe this song; it sounds like a lot of cool musical ideas/snippets stitched together with the occasional window into a soulful melody, wrapped in juicy chords and a vaguely christmas feel. A very fun listen. Author guess: Ouchie HourI find it a little hard to determine what music you're trying to compose with sudden transitions to different styles of music and random sounds popping in and out. The chords and synth leads used are decent, but the constant change in key (C-major to F-major for example) can be quite irritating.Car horn? Check. Phone Vibrating? Also, check. Great song? Mhmm. Can't say much other than that, this song's just plain dope!Wonderful hodgepodge! Herbie Hancock's 'Rockit' meets 70's minimoogs and an italo-deep-funky house hybrid. Sine drops, dreamy pads, swing cowbells, house piano chords, funky house drum fills, an amusing squeaky sound at 1:56. This is a combination of everything I love about electronic music since childhood.

Suspect: Ouchie Hour
Feeling a lot of PSO vibes from this one, too. Pretty neat! Loungy and air conditioned.* okay yeah. now THIS has major ouchiehour feels, and I love it.
* love love love.
Death Parade March
Hacking Santa's Workshop
Sinister sounding Santa Workshop... Of course I'm going to like this. Sounds like Paper Mario. I love how industrial this sounds. The bass and that mallet sound are so nice.
Love the gabber beathighly cool steel drummy sounds. tempo and bass very trendy hard tech dirge house. a little austere for me though cause i'm a saccharine disco head.Has a more audacious hacking job ever been attempted? Probably not.Cool effect with the voice cips00:01 atmosphere. Trapped in a maze of resonating pipes in a giant facility. This part is quite exquisite
00:34 bass drum hits. Lo-pass commences. Very hypnotic, it drones on on top of the same tone and mood for the rest of the song. We're visited and spooked by distorted voices. The song fades out. It's a one-color song, but a deep and pleasant color
this is a neat sort of like... jingle bell hardcore
it could be *harder* (more distorted) but as-is it packs an industrial feel

strongest feature:
the soundscape! that's really good!

favorite feature:
gabba vibe! except...not really distorted enough. i respect it a lot tho

why i ranked it above "Wishful Thinking 2":
i lov that industrial vibe!
Liking the pseudo DKC type echoes and sound play in the intro. Even though Kris surely made "Santa's Workshop" I am wondering if this is completely unrelated, coincidental and not made by Kris. Lots of wild out there sound diddling, great atmospheres. Interesting!A very clever idea for a track that's really taken the full mile by the author. Ring modulation is your friend. The thicc bass beat reminds me of some of the more beat-focused, loud Persona tracks.

1. Favorite part of the song - The contrast from "you're not getting anything for Christmas" to "you're getting THE WORLD for Christmas" is hilarious. WHOEVER hacked Santa's workshop, they really went the whole nine yards, you know? Clever song.
2. Strongest part of the song - The absolutely affronting sound of the kick and bass when the beat drops. It's a big mood.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - For being a Cool Narrative Idea(tm).
Sounds very industrial, techno, and drumnbass all in one.Alternative title: Santa's Underwater Rave. Not only do I love the concept but the beat is straight up _fire_. It's so simple but effective. If this is from who I think it is it's my favorite thing from you so far in a sample pack contest. Great use of the muffled freedom.wav too and the vocal mashup at the end as a narrative counterpoint to the beginning (you're not getting ANYTHING vs you're getting the WORLD). Author guess: anosciGood use of sound effects. I like how the different sound effects come together to emphasize a production line making toys. One element that bothered me though is the feeling that a low-pass filter is used, making it feel that the piece has the sound quality of a telephone call. I would score this in the mid-80s if that low-pass filter effect wasn't used.Extremely unique! Haven't seen or heard anything like it before. Pretty trippy with all those delays.Nothing makes me want to hack Santa's workshop more than a dark and moody hardcore.Nice and glitchy! A lot of cool sounds. I like the ending, hehe! Hack successful!* Werebeast containment facility? Or.. hmm. no, feels more like something a programmer would write. anosci?
* Love the way "ho ho hoooo, you're getting the world for christmas" is made to sound like it's actually all the same voice. Also, a great line for this track.
Sid Shakal
Heartfelt Words
CoolcoolHeh.based on limited prior experience, this is the kind of thing anosci would send in
39 read in japanese sound like "san-kyuu", which is also how to pronounce "thank you". I don't quite hear what's said in this track through the manipulation.?
chrysler bar

strongest feature:
it's just a single effect applied to one of the samples, but it's a neat effect. formant preserving pitch shift i'd guess? but it makes it sound like TTS, which is neat

favorite feature:
the TTS sound is cool

why i ranked this last:
one effect does not a compowinner make.
k thxYeah, you definitely got a laugh from me but I assume you expected this for a score, especially from folks trying to use the full range like I'm attempting. Thanks for submitting this! Exactly how spliced up did you have to go to arrive here?

1. Favorite part of the song - Its resemblance to old text-to-speech sounds.
2. Strongest part of the song - Not much to answer here, but I suppose the same thing - it's trying to resemble old TTS and does it aptly.
3. What do you mean 3? There's no question 3. I sure don't see one.
I see you have taken the "human" filter off the original sample and shown us what he actual sounds like.lulReally? 7 seconds? I can't comment something as short as this.thank you christmas manSounds like it's from some Capcom/Blizzard SNES game. Or maybe Star Fox 64? Anyway, it's evil.

Suspect: Sid Shakal
lol* Synthesizing speech while technically keeping within the rules. I have wayyy more I can say about this track. It's a culmination of research and experimentation starting in SPC IX, and it's unfortunate that I didn't manage to make it -part- of another entry.
* This track uses the source-filter model of speech synthesis and H. W. Dudley's voder (U.S. patent 2,121,142), implemented in an FL Studio project file, to filter tones and noise made up of samples in the sample pack, forming words out of them.
* The appeal of the project is partly "what a killer gimmick this will shatter expectations of what can be done within the rules of the sample pack contest omgomgomgawesome" and mostly just for the fun of learning and experimenting.
Hydro Basilisk Rhythm
Very energetic. Some parts make me think of Zelda with the way the arps go.Reminds me of FFvery kinetic. love the collagey bits with the world sample coming in. this one tickles me more than fast songs normally do because of it's playfulness and grace. 2:17 slowdown huge and lovelyThe use of the vibration is SUPER cool in this.I knew the breakbeats had to show up somewhere! Great use of my electric piano sample, too.Okay, so between this one and MEAT EATER, I had trouble deciding which one was better, and they're definitely both off in their own category. Actually they're not that similar! But some of the specifics are the same. I think these are either both Chimeratio, or more likely one of them is Cryptovolans. If I had to guess, I'd say Cryptovolans for this one, but I really dunno.Perfect crystalline (stressful) song. Doesn't really alter the samples too much. It just does A LOT with everything. The whole is chaotic but it is utterly organized. The bass lines are really funky and brimming with cool. A perfect blend of chaotic and repetition makes this song perfect listening for me.breakbeats + lush chords? blitz lunar(???)
im really not certain about that, so please enjoy the confused guess.

this is actually quite a sight, all the drum sounds you gathered to get a breakbeat vibe.

overall I'd guess that this is the tune chimeratio thinks people will think is him. it's pretty close to his style but not enough I'd pin it on him so quickly!

i love the weird rhythms tho!!!

artist guess: cryptovolans

strongest feature:
either the rhythms or the drums

favorite feature:
too many to pick from. basically everything.

why i ranked this highest:
god i love this....... everything
B@SED Chimeratio. SO much to dig into here, all of the happenings all at once, and the overall effect is invigorating. Blows my mind how one constructs music like this.The kind of angular, highly rhythmic, crunchy chord filled music I truly wish I could make. I love this track and everything about it. It's cool how some of the longer samples actually end up fitting into something this complex (like frostyfrolics and getright). This song is a gift. Wild and avant-garde as heck.

1. Favorite part of the song - How many separate Bomberman Hero vibes it gives me in the first 45 seconds.
2. Strongest part of the song - The percussion, especially the breakbeats.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - I had a minor gripe with the length of that one, but I have no gripes with this song at all. It's definitely my second favorite of the contest, I love it.
This is such a bombboy/mattis song. I recognize that chaotic yet organized super hyperactive soundscape. It does not sound very 4/4, you have done insane amounts of syncopation and variations it is amazing.The drum and bass feel of this is slightly reminiscent of Bomberman Hero for me which is always a plus. To echo what others have said you've really nailed the chaos here in terms of the sporadic changes in rhythm and frenzied chords. Author guess: CryptovolansI like the choice of chords used here. The fast-paced drums also work well for this piece. However, you should break out from the chord-drum-synth trio occasionally with a different combination of instruments as using it for the entire piece makes it feel repetitive. Also, some bass notes could also make this music sound fuller and richer.Stop dropping so many bangers on me like this - I can't absorb the c o o l of this song anymore. Jokes aside, love the way parts of the track sound naturally played along with the very to the point beats, which slap, by the way.This is super proggy! Percussion is the gargantuan star. It's intricate at maniac level. We probably have a real drummer here. Outer space pad chords introduces the track as a few string stabs are sprinkled around. Slow attack pads are accompained by a melodically dissonant lead. At 0:27, juicy laser arps of unknown tones accentuates the first bars of the complex rhythm. Space pads are back. Only to be silenced by the agressive orch hits + uneasy piano intervals shortly after. A claustrophobic segment follows with eerie choirs and funky fm basslines. Intro riff shows up at 1:00, soon getting swallowed by rhodes, which in turn are swallowed by orch hits. It's a food chain cycle. Piano is exposed alone. But as new layers of sound are added and start ferociously competing for space, laser arps make a smooth transition to the meaty piano + fm bass duo at 1:31. Drumming is temporarily lost in the fog while the frostyfrolics loop at 1:44 elevates tension. Funky bass riff is back, superseded by the unsettling swing rhythm ending to keep me on my toes.

Suspect: Cryptovolans
Very hyper!* Dave feels?
* Maybe Pat feels. idk
Hunter Van Brocklin
Intermission: SPCXmas (DJ Poochy Carrot's Vaporfunk Expressway)
The listening party slowed down this song by a factor of 4 and it sounded so cool. Regardless, it sounds cool even at normal speed.
go for a swim with the headset onIntermission. Time to take a break, kick back, grab a holiday drink of your preference, and...oh, it's over.This is great but it's so short! Author guess: dj2b/maliceXsixty-nine is considered a "nice" number by a large part of the internet populace.
00:01> The sound of this song is mangled by the processing. It pulsates onto my ears and headphones. The sample usage and the resulting vaporized beat is wonderful and crystalline.

I remember when Sid Shakal played this at half speed and it became a piece of perfection as a cyberpunk cityscape soundtrack tune

then he played it at 0.25 speed and I entered a gigerian metroidian biomechanical lucid nightmare

I recommend that you try this too (in all honesty, high timbres from the crystal sounds turn into giant chimes and the ducking effect turns artful rather than disorienting)
fun soundscape.
kinda like mario kart 64 funky but, well, vaporwave.

strongest feature:
v a p o r w a v e

favorite feature:
like... all of it? every element comes together beautiful and i dig that.

why i ranked this higher than "Klungo":
soundscape alone tbh. klungo is a stronger arrangement but this track was solely focused on soundscape, which is did great at.
damnit nooo you're not allowed to make an intermission song as well, that niche has been filled good sir. Nice job on turning puchi carat into a nice chilly vaporwave stone.[This Deep Well type beat] I wonder, even with the solo, if anyone will peg this track as mine. I had a lot of fun with these loops! I maybe could've done some more with them if I had had more time, but I ultimately wanted to put time elsewhere. I came up with it very early on, but only ended up adding some more loops to the mix. Ideally would've built more diversity into their respective levels in the latter half underneath the solo but uhh whoops. ("At least it's just an intermission," I intone to myself as Sid then adds 2x and 4x (and 1x again) speed versions of the track to the playback queue for both listening parties.)I would score it higher, but the panning kind of makes me nauseous, especially so at the right channel (constant volume jumping in and out). The actual song itself is pretty though and is a great intermission.Author guess: damifortuneThe transition from low-pass filter quality to standard quality is dramatic and interesting. Your beat with the sparkle chimes and bass groove is also catchy as well. However, you should try to expend your composition a bit more instead of rely on that one loop.
Think this song would improve if the pan changes weren't so aggressive - it kinda takes away from the slow nature of it. But, other than that, sounds oddly melancholic!Getting Ripple Dot Zero vibes from this. It's relaxing and got cerulean vibes. Love the sine wave wandering at the end.I love that people keep making intros for these. This is nice and cool and windy!* Love the name.
* Wow. that panning is a lot stronger than I thought, now that I'm hearing it through headphones.
* Fade in, fade out.
* Worked well as the listening party intermission.
Kris Troutman
Kingdom of Gnomes
My own song. I wanted to try my hardest on this entry. I wanted something to the Christmas theme, but still me. Hopefully this is a title more people can enjoy.
very official and authoritative feel. is the kingdom under threat? it must be so frantic to be a Gnome. nice e-mu proteus 'sub rosa' patch soundalikeYo Kris. I'm not sure why these Gnomes are so groovy, but I'm not complaining!Author Kris: GuessNot a huge favorite for me! The beat is upbeat and fun, but the melodic content so droning and meditative no matter how I try I find no way to attach my mind to the song and keep focus. As always, though, excellent instruments.this has the compositional vibe of a troutman, but with a softer texture than normal? hmm
if i had to pick a faker from the bunch, it might be this. but also im not sure

strongest feature:
that mallet line

favorite feature:
the soft percussive mallet sound? its a nice break from the kinda low end stuff you find in troutman tunes

why i ranked it higher than "A Happy Original Listening Experience":
it's kind of a case of unique identifiers placing some troutman tunes above others!
Hi Kris.Nice jolly triplet lilt. Maybe I've been primed by the presence of a Secret of Mana sample this compo, but this feels like it could be a theme for such a gnomish kingdom in that world.

1. Favorite part of the song - How the song plays with different meters and phrase lengths atop the triplet lilting rhythm.
2. Strongest part of the song - The same thing as my favorite in this case.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Sounds more sonically clear.
I like the percussion xylophone like synth, really makes this song interesting like a sort of dance. This seems like a Kris Troutman original.This sounds like something out of Pac Man World at least for the first half of the song.This music is OK. You should try to add more liveliness to your background strings by having it play higher pitched or fast notes. Also, your marimba and tambourines sound very repetitive as they loop the exact same bars every time they get called upon. Try putting in different patterns especially when they play for extended periods.Hey, me old chum! This song sounds as advertised, a kingdom of gnomes! And that's my gnome review today, tune in next time to: GnomedCeltic flutes, floating xylophone arps and marching saw chords. The small riff that is
periodically sprinkled certainly sounds gnomish. Hearing traditional eastern vibes from the "aah" melodies. Cute sweeping lead from 1:31 to 1:38. I'd like to have heard this in an early Golden Axe game.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Really cool and mystical! Love the arpeggios!* Kris
Hunter Van Brocklin
Klungo: A New Film in the Banjo-Kazooie Cinematic Universe Written and Directed by Tommy Wiseau, Starring Himself and Vladimir Putin
(disqualified preemptively by author)
Really cool cover. Great sounds used.Sounds really goodfun voxxy instrument design. makes me want to sneeze. the transistor organ ish sound is quite satisfying.Lolwhat is this, some kind of video game website? author guess: damiano
SANKYUU for entering!

I don't know what this is based on but it does exude Kirkhope umpah.

I very much enjoy the staccato sounds of this piece. I was thinking earlier about how some songs in this pack have lots of volume but less in the way of clear transients. This one has transients! And it's very good listening as a result.
wow long title lol
this nail the banjo-kazooie vibe imo

strongest feature:
the sound design! it's a beautiful feat. props for using the vocal samples like that tbh

favorite feature:
basically the only thing i didnt like was the use of "you", but even that was still good.

why i ranked this higher than "Santa RPG: The Twisted Elves":
this track has a single goal in mind and it nails it.
I don't know why this had to be disqualified... it's excellent parody, nails the Banjo-Kazooie musical devices perfectly. Great! I have the utmost respect for author... who likes Rare ...thinks... Mike, is that you? Nah... wait, maybe? Nah.. wait... hm.[Kris Troutman covering Grant Kirkhope type beat] If it wasn't clear from the title, this track is made exclusively from the wiseau.wav voice clip and Putins_Junk_Kick.wav (which is only used for the bassoon sound). All my futzing around with wiseau.wav kept giving me Banjo-like sounds so I wanted to take advantage of that even if it's just a cover. Guh huh!I listened to the original and this one is better. This version actual sounds more Banjo Tooie than the original. Excellent use of the vocals to mimic the original style of the game.Watch filmssssssss today!So confession....I've never played Banjo Kazooie. I'm familiar with its music but I wouldn't be able to tell if this was something straight out of the game (which presumably it is considering its pre-emptive disqualification). However, the song name cracks me up and this is positively very very well made.Your piece is decent and I like how you used voices as a melodical instrument. However, I would like it better if this piece was more distinctive from the original Klungo theme. Perhaps, you can change the tempo of the music or play it in a different style. Making the chords that fill between the melody and bass different helps too.I had a dream recently where I was playing Banjo-Tooie and fighting Klungo and I blame this track. Anyway, good remix.Creative use of Tommy Wiseau as instruments, comparable to me slowly spiraling into a state of existential dread as the song continues due to the fact that I, the listener, wasn't Tommy Wiseau all along.Suspect: mikehive100 jiggies/100* Unfamiliar with the source material.
* Has comic mischief all over it.
* Sort of mysterious in the break.
Sid Shakal
Leaving That Arctic Sweatshop in Cinders
Interesting intro. We don't need anything happy for Christmas anyway. This makes me think of Tetrisphere with the rhythm. The UFO sounds are cool.
love the titlelove the bjork/mark bell phone call ish sound. playful textures and rhythms. hat is off to you.Always good to fight on the side of (likely exploited) non-union workers. Especially if you've got some cool electronic beats to accompany you.I don't remember this sonic level, but points for the bassline at 1:45.00:00 lovely sound montage
00:12 boom
00:15 a fun beat commences with undulating pads. no chord changes, the beat does not relent. there's a wistful quality and a shortness of breath like being lost in a lit lab/office/space ship where every room looks the same. I much the descending telephone-like chords and the bass warbles
01:46 after a bit of a change the bass breaks free and starts noodling about. it's a fun time
03:01 fade out. i like a song that dares to fade out

this song is slightly one-note.
i love this soundscape
it's not mixed very well but it's just...... cool sounds.
same author as "Hacking Santa's Workshop"?

strongest feature:
trance-ish vibes!

favorite feature:
wubs? it's not mind-blowing but i really appreciate the sound design on display here.

why i ranked it above "Hacking Santa's Workshop":
it's just a slightly better realized soundscape i think!
This is a simple tune but pleasing to listen to. Like some oldschool trance for an N64/PSX era game.Somewhat off-topic, I love that there's a huge story arc regarding Santa's workshop, the elves within and all sorts of shenanigans following them. This is definitely an author track! It's a solid groove with a lot of room to breathe and a digestible, memorable melody.

1. Favorite part of the song - The hazy chord builds the droney atmosphere really nicely.
2. Strongest part of the song - Chiptune melodic hook (the bass melody is pretty solid too though in the second half).
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - More tasteful mixing and what I'd call well-exercised restraint.
This song is why you don't mess with the elves who do all the work at the workshop.The intro hahah. I'm not sure what is happening for the rest of the song. Did the elves get out? Are they marching through the arctic and boarding a spacecraft back to their elf planet? Author guess: This Deep WellThe intro was quite catchy with that voice from Home Alone, but I feel that the way you built up your music with different parts (starting with the chords and then adding the drums and bass) is extremely repetitive. What might have helped is if you varied the notes of the background chord instead of having it play one note. You could do something simple like making the note different every 4 measures.Love the use of filters across the track and a few instruments having reverb, while others use manually added delays. A mix between digital and analog sounds in my opinion - sounds neat!Angry chipmunk had his home tree taken down by Santa and finally got his revenge the
following year. At least this is what this intro sounds like to me. Some fine tech house. Scifi pads and occasional wobble bass enhance the atmosphere. Neat chord progressions leaded by the delayed piano from 1:31 to 1:45. Love the soloing bass that kicks in at 1:46. It has a Cave Story timbre, while the rising noise at 1:38 and beyond reminds me of Crash Bandicoot's 3 intro theme.

Suspect: Charybdizs
Pretty cool! Expected it to get a little more intense, but it's pretty low-key.* Heavy use of the O_Come_O_Come_Emmanuel sample in this.
* I think my last minute EQing may have taken out too much of the bass and maybe brought out too much of the high end, but I guess it's alright.
* The intro was also last minute, but it and the title (also last minute) are absolutely vital to infusing meaning into the track.
* The bassline that comes in on the second go-round was also a last minute addition to fill out the piece and give the second iteration a reason to exist besides lengthening the piece. I like how the bassline turned out.
Kris Troutman
My own song. I pretty much was thinking about Metroid areas when I made this song. Only very loosely inspired though, and I doubt people will notice.
nice loops in the lead sound, sort of brain melting stereo effect. sound at 1:45 is so pretty and bubblyIf I got lost, I think I might start dancing to this.Author guess: Kris's alternate universe version with a goatee.Very vivid and soundtrack-like. The parts in 4/4 have really snappy percussion.
The pads are really good! There's a lot of pleasant noise content. The melodies are not so strong, however.
The flute-like instrument at 1:44 is very good and contrasts very well with the general mix!
def kris troutman
but also.... the direction of the song seems lost.
APT TITLTE? maybe but.... yeah idk i just don't think it works :(

strongest feature: apt title?

favorite feature:
the melody on the lead that starts at 0:18
yeah it's a bit of a mess but its my favorite part

why i ranked this above "Beta Prime":
despite the "lost" direction, it's consistent and visible
Hi Kris.Kirby style bass rears its pink puffy head again. I see where the author was coming from with the title.

1. Favorite part of the song - That rimshot snare (which I think is from grahamcracker?) sounds excellent.
2. Strongest part of the song - Super spooky mood!
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - A pretty clear aesthetic. I guess the same as question 2 in this case!
I really like the up-down bass with the kick. Makes it feel like a fun dance song. This is a Kris Troutman original.One of your quieter songs. Nice subtle melody and lively bassline. I like the "pipe" instruments that pop up near the end of the song. Author guess: Kris TroutmanThe introduction is pretty nice with the background ambient chords. However, I would like to hear some better bass in this piece. The drum bass is adequate, but your bassline feels lacking and could give the rest of your piece after the intro nice depth and dynamic range.I guess I should get more often if I have this playing over that experience, huh?Tiptoeing intro! Surely the prominent wind instruments gives this the feeling of being lost in some wild island. Our lost survivor finally found his way to build a wood raft to get out of this miserable situation. Dig the disco bass at 0:17. There's a strong amiga feel to this. Specifically Shadow of the Beast. Fast string chords reinforces the sense of hurry. Low flute and high synth at 1:44 form a cool duo.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Nothing much to say, no strong impression from this one.* Kris
Bring me that meat. Some crazy sounds, that is for sure. Nice and crispy at parts.
don't eat flesh. nice bloomy hits. love that feedbackish guitar lead. all the fade ins build up an interesting momentumPretty crazy, and it's got a great groove, too! Could have been longer.See Hydro Basilisk RhythmExcellent meditation on a theme with caramelized dissonances translucent and sweet and colorfullmao???
this feels like a collab between chimeratio and that horrible red ruler

there's a lot of elements i like. the chopping and stuttering is top of the line
the detuning is delightful
the beat is wonky and delicious

artist guess: chimeratio

strongest feature:
god damn sound processing. not just sample processing but it feels like entire sequences fly around my head and its lovely

favorite feature:
honestly i love the chop and screw going on especially with blizzard_of_coast.wav
that sample got used more than i anticipated it would, but the retriggering here is my favorite use of the sample in the entire compo

why i ranked this higher than "Fairy Dust Waltz":
...i guess!
Love how upfront this song title is... the soundtrack to my christmas dindins. What a menacing song! Obvious Daylon Camarena is obvious. Bloody amazing songcraft again, ahh how is it done... exciting music.I particularly like how economical this track is about its bass frequencies; the kicks hit really hard when they occur, along with everything else that happens down there at times. Cool melody at 0:33 that comes back at 1:00 on an even cooler instrument I wish I could identify. That 18 seconds or so sounds very Shnabubula though. The EP chords at 1:24 sound to me like they're riffing on Infinite Loop in their rhythm and motion but I probably shouldn't flatter myself.

1. Favorite part of the song - The Shnabubula section with the very Capcom sounding melodic lead.
2. Strongest part of the song - The maximal approach that never leaves you comfortable for long - it keeps the listener highly engaged.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Fierce attention to detail.
Great effects and use of complex rhythms. This definitely has that chaotic feel that is chimeratio. The title is interesting though, like this is the codename of a monstrosity that eats elves.Deliciously sinister, crunchy and effective use of sample retrigger everywhere. But even through the chaos there's a song and melody that's implied enough to give the song a story to tell, interlaced within the crossfire of all the percussion and effects. I don't know how you even begin to structure or plan a song like this but as always, it's very impressive. Author guess: ChimeratioYour chords are extremely good with lots of complex combinations of notes. However, the effects added to these chords are a mindbender, making it hard to listen to. The volume range is too wide and changes too rapidly and frequently. Perhaps, if you added some extra notes and instruments that remain constant and consistent throughout the entire music, that would probably help level out the unstable volume control.Sounds similar to some of Kurkop's old work, but a tad less hectic. Love me chaotic drums with a lot of detail put into it! :)The combination of sudden raw silence, dissonant chords, strategically reversed samples, skilled glitchy percussion, sidechaining style amplitude variations and unsettling melodic lines is right up my alley. There are many moments I'm like "whoa, this is so fun, haha!" Two thumbs up.

Suspect: Chimeratio
COOL! Very PSO2 like, encounter with a nasty beast in the ruined cityscape.* okay maybe this is chimeratio. I don't know much about chimeratio other than he has a unique composition workflow that lends itself to odd time and transitions.
* I really like this
Kris Troutman
My own song. This SPC's one sample only song. "Heartfelt Words" was the sample I used. Everything you hear, came from that sample.
Energetic and tense. consistent and direct. the combination of all the looping samples is lush.Kris strikes again. I like this one.Author guess: KrisDark note clusters. Trapped in a damp warm concrete room with walls covered in singing human mouths. The harmony dances around the tonic, moving up a half-step, then back, down a whole step, then back. It's a relentless thick warm disorienting carpet of song, organic and sweatyweird: the opening synth and the reverb gives this an absurd ominous vibe that sends me right back to 2004 Half-Life 2 for some reason

overall I'd say this is probably more deserving of the title of a Prime series track, except it isn't one ;(

artist guess: troutman

strongest feature: THE OPENING

favorite feature:
yeah i love that atmospheric pad
the tune overall has a very thick sound, like the musical ideas were laid out on a giant spiderweb

why i ranked it above "Kingdom of Gnomes":
the atmosphere alone
Hi Kris. This might be the mongrel of your entries, some of the others were a bit more catchy.Probably a smart move not following the naming convention the author set forth in SPC9 and naming this "Ode to Trump" because that's sure to surprise folks. I especially dig the chordal middle section because amazingly one of the Trump sounds the author made has some really nice overtones.

1. Favorite part of the song - The B-section had some especially nice sounds.
2. Strongest part of the song - The conception behind its limitations and how masked it really is. Though in this case, this is info I am privileged to have as the host. However, I do think the strongest thing about it is being built entirely from the Trump sample without it even being apparent.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - I was just a bit more interested in this one than the previous one. They were close.
The atmosphere with the held voices added some really interesting tones. This is a Kris Troutman original.Author guess: Kris TroutmanThe music is OK. I wasn't fond of you using excessive of reverb to lengthen the duration of your bass notes as the reverb drowns out the individual notes. I also appreciate it better if you varied the style of the music a bit more like adding new instruments or having it transition to a completely different music/track pattern since it kind of feels too repetitive.Like how almost the entire song is composed with vocals, but it kind of takes away from the uniqueness of it, as the vocals is all it's going for. I think this track would really benefit from using different instruments, but overall, the melody sounds very menacing!"Mongrel". Now that's a word I haven't heard in a long time. Intro reminds me of
mutagene's OCR music. This is some tense stuff. Especially near the end, when the bass gets more agitated (my favourite part).

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Nothing much to say, no strong impression from this one.* Kris
Kris Troutman
Pirate Cruise Line
My own song. If Pirates started a cruise line industry, this would be the result. It's swing time, but extended bars to allow for weirder groupings of notes.
Playful and loose in a way that really pays off. The tension between the melody and the chords beneath is super elevating here. love these changeups.How better for a pirate to go legitimate than to run cruises on the high seas? Just keep track of your belongings. Very SNES/Genesis video game sounding, like a number of Kris's entries from last time too.Author guess: KrisThe jumpy shuffle rhythm with gunshots is very funny. There's some blues in this.
00:48 the chord harmonies here are very vivid and resonant
As a whole song I don't like it that well, but sliced into bits and analyzed piece by piece I find a lot of things I like
this might have one of the strongest hooks in a troutman tune that i can recall, for my ears anyway.

strongest feature:
almost jazzy runs, or the chord stabs starting at 0:43

favorite feature:
the section at 0:43
i could jam to an entire song of that

why i ranked it above "Mongrel":
that one section gdi
Hi Kris. Cheeky little tune, good and wholesome bluesy fun.Sail with us today! *Gunshots in background* Sorry I don't have much meaningful commentary for this one - I will say it grew on me more than some of the tracks, but at the end of the day comparisons just happen to bring it down to where it is. My votes are a little more spaced out this time...sorry.

1. Favorite part of the song - The triplet rhythms are fun, and after listening a couple of times I do think the initial riff is really solid. Almost sounds like a Sid tune at first!
2. Strongest part of the song - Big triplet feels.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - I like the tune a bit more and think it's well-integrated on its return.
I really liked the part around 0:54, it was a good break for the song. This is a Kris Troutman original.I'm not sure the melody sounds all too pirate-y but that could just be me. Great use of the gunshot sample and some interesting rhythms/chords later in the song. Author guess: Kris TroutmanThe melody and the rhythm are quite decent. I also like how you used the drums in this piece, giving it a sense of liveliness and activity. Your chords are good as well. However, I would like the melody lines to be a bit louder and not hiding behind the thick percussion and bass.Reminiscent of old DOS pirate games filled to the brim with those catchy sea shanties. This track is a little repetitive, but it engraves the tune into your head.I'm partial on triplets. And this has the boss battle theme stamp all over it! Melodies are fun, as they wander a lot. Liking the small differences of the same riffs (e.g. 0:42-0:49 vs. 1:45-1:51). Electric piano at 1:35 was a welcome addition. It's funny that when you take a gunshot sound and put it in this context, it automatically sounds like a cannon ball shot, heh.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Very swashbuckling!* Kris
Kris Troutman
Promised Land
My own song. The promised land is not what we thought it was.
good allegory for the dismal lie that is a 'promised land.' I think this one needs to be expanded further to work.Author guess: KrisThere is a formative moment in every person's life when they first discover a piano keyboard and slam two open palms on top of the low white keys of the piano, producing a cacophonous crash and thinking "that doesn't sound nice"

I imagine the author of this song shares this memory, except their reaction was "this is it" and they proceeded to make songs in the honor of low note clusters from that day

the song is nice, by the way! but it doesn't stick out much compared to other entries of similar sound
the dynamics at play here give this a very cinematic orchestral feel, despite the soundscape being..... very not that lol
i'm not a fan of this one though

artist guess: troutman

strongest feature:
cinematic vibe

favorite feature:
probably the staccato chords at 0:55

why i ranked this above "Super Angry Neptunia Tactical Annihilation":
there's not a scientific reason for this one. i just *felt* this tune more than the last
Hi Kris.Sections of this feel too quiet compared to the rest, like at the very beginning versus the phrase immediately following.

1. Favorite part of the song - The chord stabs at around one minute in with the kick filling in the empty space. That's good stuff.
2. Strongest part of the song - The same thing - that section sounds best of all.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Unlike the last one, it is not a joke entry. That's definitely the difference here.
Sounds like the promised land was quite dystopian. This is a Kris Troutman original.Author guess: Kris TroutmanI wonder what kind of "Promised Land" this is with a very gloomy and depressing piece? Your dynamic range is decent with that loud bass drum. However, your bass and synth lead are often overwhelming masking the melody lines. Finally, you can consider throwing some high-pitched instruments such as chime to balance out all the low-pitched instruments (bass, strings, and bass drum) that you have.If this was the promised land, then why I am listening to an .mp3? Sounds evil, like it wasn't the best idea for our pirate bros to sail out this far. At first, this felt like Brinstar 2. But the song soon started doing it's own thing. Key changes are brief, but frequent, giving an unique experience. A saw chord accentuates the beat at 0:58 and helps create a quieter section. Subtle sitar-like synth helps emphasises the melodies at times, while reinforcing the idea of a paradisiacal land.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
With the name and this mood, it reminds me of the part in Mabinogi where you get to the legendary promised land Tir Na n'Og and it's all a ruined mess.* Kris
Ouchie Hour
Regional Legend Markus Samstochter
Very nice rhythm. The pitch rising sound is pretty cool.
wanted to do a small breakdanceish anthem out of a riflebird offshoot of my other song, so a lot of the percussion is shared. bass sounds are either otama or arrow derived, with a sluggish attack and played out on midi keyboard with loose timing.Groovy and creative. Some weird tuning issues bring this down, though.Author guess: Ouchie Hour.we're back again in dry sample cut paste disco town and this is my town

such good percussion

amazing use of the orchestral samples to give a disco funk house
01:04 the bass comes in and it's so good it's a perfect composition of sounds that fill up the room perfectly

composer knows how to use samples to create a groove but is also so versed in composition that they know exactly how to expand the music by adding more instruments, bass etc.

This gets tilted real high in my scoring because I am a House Music Connoisseur and I loathe boring house music and this is amazing house music

a bummer that the ending is so abrups
hello, groove!
i *adore* the usage of "hard to use" samples in here.
it's like some super minor touches away from being top of the crop, but even still: it's great

artist guess: ouchie hour?

strongest feature:
subtle but effective usage of "hard to use" chord samples

favorite feature:
the section 1:00 to 13:36 holy shit
god it's good

why i ranked this above "MEAT EATER":
groove bias
Ohhh yeah, disco house for xmas, I'm down! What a groovy tune. I think the groove could have been indulged and developed for longer - would have liked more samey and less changes with this kinda music, but nonetheless, really good.An absolute bop from author mastermind. I would go so far as to say the author of this song is a regional mixing prowess legend. I've got mad respect for the chops it takes to make this sort of music. Beats to get absolutely lost in the haze thereof. Crumar really was an all star this compo.

1. Favorite part of the song - The Main Groove is the sort of thing I would groove to in an Extended DJ Mix type scenario, and I do not say that lightly! Like, let's hear Club X-Mas banging this tune for ten minutes or some'n.
2. Strongest part of the song - Dem chords.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - I groove to it a little harder, and even though I like both I lean in favor of the head bobbing.
This sounds like ouchiehour part 2. Just as cryptic as your comments are, the title is quite a mystery too. 1:57 was a really cool section, the arpeggios were fun. Overall great quality stuff, great production and beats as always.Congrats for the only apparent entry to use squeaky.wav wholesale. This is awesomely catchy and with a wide variety of samples used. Author guess: Ouchie HourI like the different chords use throughout this piece. The different sound effects also work out pretty well. If I had to mention a place for improvement, I would like the volume of the chords to be a little quieter. The chords can sometimes be loud and overbearing, especially over the melody lines that should sound the loudest.Can't pinpoint this genre, but I think I'll just call it "Pretty Dang Good" for now. Love the whole thing up until the ending, where it cuts off abruptly. Great, other than that! :)Starts with a dreaming mandolin, then deep house chords. Both will keep talking to each other until 0:32 as new layers go along: sine drops, drums and smooth guitar loops. "Remember Girls!" gently announces frenetic cowbells, meaty disco stabs, more active chords and groovier percussion. Our "hit on the ground" cartoon sound ceases the groove. But don't worry. Bubbly hits BEGS for that energy to come back. And at 1:04 it returns with swing cowbells rising its pitch slowly while the rest keeps the rhythm steady. Otamatone in 1:15 ends its laugh satisfyingly when glued with the chords as a collage. A capella-ish vocals leads the listener to new contemplative grounds in 1:40 and introduces us to the song's final riff. Overall, cute electro-house! Exactly what I'd expect from a Mighty Switch Force bonus track.

Suspect: Ouchie Hour
The kind of song you don't expect to be as good as it is, going in! Totally reads like a DHG song title, but I don't know if it's really his music. :p I really like the pitch bending stuff and the use of the squeaky sample I can't remember the name of! Very clubby music!* another ouchiehour banger \m/
* love it
Kris Troutman & Notuh
Santa RPG
Team compo with Nota and Myself. We basically would just make a new section, then send it back to the other person and then that person would twist that section up and add another.
The results were very interesting.
really liking some of the glissando ish lead-ins. optimistic chords are fun to hear. playful contrast in the melody. nice chord changeupsKris is back, this time in RPG form. Level up! Grind for experience! Get annoyed by random encounters! Music not by Nobuo Uematsu.Author guess: I think these two tracks are maybe the only pseudo-Krises? This Kris Konspiracy has me looking over my shoulder nowThe chord movement at 00:30-ish is really refreshing and takes the listener somewhere after the build-up. Not many words for this one, the title "Santa RPG" does a great job of describing the atmosphere and appeal of this song.very troutman tune
this is more "traditional" melody-driven, i think
it's nice despite its kinda dark undertones

artist guess: troutman

strongest feature:
the groove. one two ^three

favorite feature:
also the groove.
im not sure if that makes sense but listen to the bit like 20 seconds in? thats good

why i ranked it above "Pirate Cruise Line":
pretty much the above! it's a nice section that's expanded upon nicely throughout the song!
Hi Kris. This is surprisingly melodious at times for you. Parallel thirds in a non-modal key??? REALLY???I love the main melody to this apparent series. Is Nota the one who contributed the string chords? I like that added touch to the Kris style, and how they move around harmonically pretty aggressively in a Kirkhopian manner.

1. Favorite part of the song - The rising string chord motif that shows up around 0:20-0:38 sounds the most RPG-like of all, and of course I am sucker for that sort of style.
2. Strongest part of the song - How nicely it keeps moving and always keeps the listener engaged. Lil pep in my step.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Its ideas are all presented and developed very cleanly.
It has kinda of an asian feel to it for some reason? I did enjoy the rhythms of it though, sounds like a silly RPG battle. This is a Kris Troutman original.Very spunky rhythm. I particularly like the section starting at 1:05 or so. Author guess: Kris TroutmanPretty cool beat, especially with the bass and drums. The chords are neat as well. It would be great if you turned down synth leads though as they are constantly overwhelming, competing/interfering with each other for the spotlight. Adding some extra sound effects like voices would be nice as well. Hmm... I wonder what RPG this is supposed to be about?Sounds like an extended cut of a Wario-Ware tune - Urgent, but not your number one priority, since this is only one piece of the puzzle for Santa. ..Or something.Song already starts in a fast-paced tone. No quiet intro. No progressive build-ups. RIGHT at your face. Meet the big star at 0:32: groovy progressive chords. The adventurous mid to late 90's Capcom kind. At 1:13, you get these chords that wander in a slightly subtler pace. That until the last ones in 1:42 that are even subtler, yet more tense, which is reinforced by the key change at 1:46. Everything else is entertaining. You have really well-written leads all the way through. Even on quieter parts, there is this low pitched saw wave having fun. Plus the bass is bouncy, the taiko drums are banging and the "yeah" whipping snare at 0:22 and beyond was a nice touch. But if I had to pick an element that defines this piece, the chords would be a strong candidate.

Suspect: Kris Troutman and Notuh
Nothing much to say, no strong impression from this one.* Kris
* Sorry I haven't come up with much to say about most of the Kris entries. I think I put off some until later so I could comment on something from everyone, and didn't end up getting around to making a full second pass of comments. I like them all though!
Kris Troutman & Notuh
Santa RPG: The Twisted Elves
Team compo with Nota and Myself. Same as the last Santa RPG. Things got mixed up much more than last time, and it resulted in a very interesting song.
really great breathy and punchy textures on the background melodies. really appreciate the breakdown part and the melodies after it.Forms a very nice diptych with the previous track. I'm glad they didn't change composers partway through the series.This was one of the best "Kris" tracks! Great job "Kris"Very soundtrack:y! I like the muffled glockenspiel-like instrument. There's the signature droning-melody with driving octave bass and off-beats.this feels like low key panic?
boss fight a bit.
i dig it

artist guess: troutman

strongest feature:
the forward momentum throughout the track

favorite feature:
same as above really. the elements come together nicely overall

why i ranked it higher than "Leaving That Arctic Sweatshop in Cinders":
i feel the panic so strongly that i gotta...... appreciate it
Hi Kris.Lots of lore implications presented by this song! Genuinely written to sound like a sequel it seems. I'm particularly into the synth lead heard throughout this one.

1. Favorite part of the song - The meter changes are a lot of fun!
2. Strongest part of the song - Middle Eastern type scale section is great in the middle. Desert type music.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - I really like that scale! I used it in one of my entries this time too!
This feels like a continuation of Santa RPG, the sequel. This is a Kris Troutman original.VERY similar naming to another entry without the subtitle.I think this song in its theme overlaps most successfully with your style of music. Love the attention to detail, from the woodblocks in the intro (which seems to depict a bunch of _twisted_ elves stabbing their pickaxes rhythmically to the floor to the music) to the variance in note velocities and dynamics to the flute melody playing later in the song. Nicely produced stuff. Author guess: Kris TroutmanThe beats are decent for this piece. However, I don't like the choice of percussion at the end beginning of the piece and at 0:22 as they were hurting my ears with the strident ping and the loud volume. You also had some pretty good chords here, but it constantly gets drowned out by the synth leads. Try rebalancing the volume of your instruments.Yo who's going to be making any presents now that Santa has ended all of the elves lives? Every time I hear those distinct sounds at the start, I think of elves hammering stones with all their might. Things get really chaotic at 0:20, with the chromatic chord progressions and I love it. 0:47 to 0:54 strongly sounds like Astro Man's Stage from Mega Man & Bass. Interestingly, even though the eastern pentatonic scale was present most of the time, I only get eastern vibes from the flute in 2:02 and from other little flute bits sprinkled over the song.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Nothing much to say, no strong impression from this one.* Kris
Kris Troutman
Santa's Gundam
My own song. This is what Santa was working on in his workshop. He plans to purge the world of the "naughty". I tried to make it sound like the Gundam was powering up in the intro, and then flying around in later sections.
great textured processing in the intro. narrative sound design parts are well done. the feeling conveyed here is that Santa is struggling through this confrontation.Why does Santa need a giant robot? An upgrade. That's why. The "battle" section in the middle is nice too.Man be careful with that or Sunrise will sue youThe intro is amazing! The undulating engine warble is very strong and evokes strong imagery and atmosphere.
1:07 the gunfire and swooping sounds of this break are fantastic, again.
The bright choir-like lead sound is very nice. Good interesting instruments.
hello troutman
yeah idk.... I didnt feel this one as much

strongest feature:
*gun break*

favorite feature:
yeah idk... probably the sound design? this doesn't mesh with me

why i ranked it above "FIRST_DERIVATIVE":
even if this song doesn't mesh with me, it meshes with itself. it's not competing with its own ideas.
Hi Kris.... you have some nutty ideas.The jumpy authorlike melody of the A section contrasts well with the much slower, chordal B section before and where the battle begins. Nice use of gunfire, the song really gets into the thick of it after that...not to mention the hum of the thrusters or whatever that is at the end. Good sound design is what I'm trying to say I guess!

1. Favorite part of the song - Gundam SFX!
2. Strongest part of the song - Also the Gundam SFX! But like I said before, there's good, sensible contrast here.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - The programmatic nature of it gives this song the extra edge.
After the twisted elves, comes the GUNDAN no Santa! HAI! This is a Kris Troutman original.This makes me laugh every time because it's so damn silly. The bendy organs to simulate engine noise...hahaha. Magical. Excellent song title. Author guess: Kris TroutmanWhat is wrong with Santa? The intense spaceship effect used throughout this piece is exciting, but the other sections in between are a bit heavy in terms of the bass and drum beats. For a piece like this, you should try to match the later parts to the spaceship intro and I feel that it is calling for smooth and fluid samples like strings, background synth pads, etc.Many different tunes crammed into here! Just think that the track would benefit from more than one lead. Awesomest title and premise. This Gundam sound effect is like something out of Wario Land 4. Tense piano, ep harmonies with a sense of urgency, slower organ section... you can tell this one is all about the keys! Then you have this quieter section with aah pads, guns shooting from all sides and the gundam sound sort of performing countermelodies. Whether the guns or the aah pads are the main leads here depends on which one you focus. The fact that Santa could get in such dangerous misadventures is hilarious to me.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
With a name like this, I really want a little heavier action. The impacts in this song are pretty soft. It's good, but it's lacking the heavy handed "holy shit, a mecha!" vibe that I'd expect for the mood of song it is.* Kris
Kris Troutman
Santa's Workshop
My own song. Looks like Santa is hard at work in his workshop.
very disciplined and evocative. the struggle is real. visceralVery creative use of the ho ho ho sample for a menacing atmosphere.Great low noisy aliased pads. The low male choir "ho ho"ing is humorous and evocative. (it reminds me of the soundtrack to Wario Land 4)
Good melody in this with an effective call and response pattern that plays very well with the rhythm funk/wonkiness.
just short of industrial
still troutman flavored

strongest feature:
DARK indstrial vibe

favorite feature:
i actually really appreciate how you pulled the percussion from this samplepack.
that's a nice use of the "ting" percussive from ski jam.
it almost feels like you had access to automatons.wav from last SPC

why i ranked this above "Lost":
pretty much because of that sound design. even the background has a turning machinery sound to it
Hi Kris. I enjoy this track conceptually, you set a theme and hit the mark well.Given how spooky this sounds one can really see why the elves would've revolted and left it in cinders, eh? The atmospheric stuff behind the track in this one sounds excellent. Feels a bit like a reimagined Barge of the Dead though, from the atmosphere right down to the "chromatically down a minor third over some eighth notes" motif.

1. Favorite part of the song - The spooky Santa laughs!
2. Strongest part of the song - Probably also the spooky Santa laughs, but more generally, this track is pretty convincingly atmospheric and dark.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - A bit more into the sound design on this track.
This song sounds like the prequel for the Santa RPG, where the elves are being worked to death to make toys. This is a Kris Troutman original.Alternative title: Santa's Magitek Factory. Love the background effects and how evil-sounding this is. Author guess: Kris TroutmanWhat is wrong with Santa's Workshop? The sparkly leads are quite decent, but it is being heavily being masked by the intense bass and drum notes. The bass especially should be lightened up to allow the other instruments to shine. Also, I wonder about the vocals used in this piece as there is a patch that sounds like Santa's laugh but is too muddy to listen to with its low pitch. Were you trying to use it as a melodic instrument?Yo I thought you said this was Santa's workshop, not Krampus'sWario Land 4 is that you? Either that or I'm exploring some famous N64 3D platformer
dungeon and this is the BGM. Electric piano leads in 0:50. But since it's not a self-centered bastard, it adheres to chord status while letting the low voice take the spotlight. Notice that the rising sound effect from 0:38 also shows up in 1:58. So, you'd think the agitated part would follow again, right? But not this time!

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Is this really Santa's house, mommy? I'm scared.* Kris
* I like the santa sounds and the factory atmosphere. ++
She Doesn't Have to Know
Santa's booty call. Cool Koopa shell sound in that intro. I love how porno this sounds. Very good moan sounds. Santa gives the gift that keeps on giving. Very good vocals.
The lead standing out at 2 mins is gold. - 1 point for not bringing back that koopa shell sound. Congratulations on winning the contest (there's no way this won't win).
uncomfortable space between horny music and mark mothersbaugh produced children's show soundtrack. the vocal manipulations are kinda on the nose. i start really liking it around 1:40 though. heartfelt progression/lead that's scenic and earnestLol.Pretty good work with the opening skit and the "Hoooo??"s.Because of this song we live in a world where "joke song" doesn't mean, in any way, "bad song". This is absolutely mind boggling goodness.

01:38 it's when the chords come in here that I just Lose My Bonkers

Amazing percussion on this one. Kudos to everyone who achieved good dry hard hitting drums with this pack
lmao sound design
this is really fun tho

these two tracks feel kinda related to "Christmas Eve Illegal Street Race to the Mall" actually. hmm

i want to guess this is tony thai but ive seen the madness he creates and this feels a bit weak on sound design for that
but.... it's still good sound design. whoever made this: u good.

strongest feature:
the use of the vocal samples! melodically or otherwise

favorite feature:
the use of ho_ho_ho.wav, lmao

why i ranked this above "frozen pearls":
despite the real trap shit of frozen pearls, it's sound design was a little rough.
that's fine but it places it a cm lower than this tune, which has beautiful sound design
I detect filthy subtext, but with very clean and well-balanced sound presentation. Great song & arrangement too, catchy and good, well done author.A rare confluence of funny joke track taken to its fullest potential AND just an all-around well made song on its own. That funky porno wah wah guitar line is hot as fuck. All the moans REALLY sound like Charles Martinet circa Mario 64 era to me. Mama mia! When all the author stuff starts to come in around 1:40 is, of course, my favorite part. The groove develops in a satisfying manner from there, a delicate balance between groove and pretty chords.

1. Favorite part of the song - The transition from "joke section" to "more serious section" (i.e. when all the moans leave).
2. Strongest part of the song - The concept. Highly original song that goes the whole nine yards and then some.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - I'm here for that funky groove.
This was both a troll and serious entry at the same time. Basically it started out as a Santa Porno then I decided to try out major 7ths (actually extended intended into 9 + 11).Amazing stuff. Having the concept is one thing, having technical ability to execute it is another. You managed to tell a story in the intro with a very legit "out over sea" bgm and by molding the voice samples to suggest what they're saying. On that note, is the other voice on the phone some form of filtered vent.wav? Whatever it is it's really damn clever. And on top of all that, having a catchy R&B groove elevates the song beyond a "joke" entry and into a very catchy and (disturbingly) enjoyable listen. I wouldn't be surprised if this took first place--and I'll also eat my hat if this isn't blue.nocturne. Author guess: blue.nocturneThat was a strange and unusual transition at 0:29. The beat is quite the groove and I enjoy all the different vocals used. However, I feel that the drum beats were a little too strong and could be lightened up once the other instruments start to play. As a solo instrument like in the beginning at 0:25, the drum volume is appropriate.Tons of unique ways of presenting the whole thing - love every single bit of it.Hearing Santa drive his sled while there's this folk tune in the background, then it gets quieter as he checks his phone... everything about this intro is priceless. You can tell what's going on by how the sound effects were assembled. And that means the author of this track has clear audio storytelling talent, as evidenced by the many ways Santa's "hos" are manipulated with pitch and speed giving him a variety of added expressive reactions. The wah-wah guitar starts this off strong while the sleigh bells frenetically hangs in there to remind you this tale of love is Christmas themed. Bluesy vocal "baas" leads the second riff as we get to hear more about Santa's secret affairs than we ever wanted to know. Double octave strings transition the riff to the melodic accordion part, which in turn is accompanied by baah vocals and followed by "yooou" countermelodies and a fun tiny high pitched brass chord. Santa angrily says "you're not getting anything". But he sure gives a lot to his partner in the segment that follows. So Santa is a tsundere. In the abscence of a melody at 1:38 we have a better opportunity to hear those sweet organ chords, serenading mandolins, seducing portamento leads, courtshipping detuned sines. The amount of memorable moments in this piece is one of a kind. It holds my attention from start to finish non-stop. Funny. And still a-okay quality.

Suspect: zenkusa
SUPER funny. Santa interrupts his daily routine to put on the moves. Santa!!! What are you doing? You're supposed to be a role model, and yet, infidelity? Goodness! You're like a US president! The cool thing about this song is that it starts off as a joke and then segues into COMPLETE CHILL music. No one asked for it, and yet you did it anyways. Good.* DAMI IS THAT YOU
* idk there's a fcmidi crowd vibe to this thing. so maybe mike, fruity, dami, shan, uh idk.
* I wouldn't expect something pornographic from most of that crowd though.
* love it. the humor, the soul, the season. all brilliant.
Hunter Van Brocklin
Shimmering Prismatic Cumulonimbus
Crispy and crunchy. That is how I want my Christmas songs. Love the arabic feel at 1 min. Reminds me of Mario actually.
Reminds me of early Lemon Demonexciting and spooky. a cryptic feeling. very cool and offbeat technique. Using unexpected textures for certain instruments in the arrangement. those hairy artefacts throughoutPretty nice, but I think it should be longer.Really good title
00:01 the s/h distortion is very scrapey and noisy but the chords are great
01:00 breakdown!. lots of little sounds whose origins I can't place. fun scale
01:30 lovely noodling! the rhythm is strong. sense of build up. I love the vent.wav pops
02:01 oh the vibraphone and krumar chords here are delectable. It's too bad the song fades out at this point
blindingly blitz-lunar title
style not so obvious.
i lov the groove
the bit crushed chords are a delight

i recognize a lot of little riffs but cant place them. its good tho

strongest feature:
chords and soundscape

favorite feature:
the soloing! i wish i could place the quotes (if they are quotes) so instead I will just have to like them a lot

why i ranked this above "Christmas Eve Illegal Street Race to the Mall":
at this point I'm not sure how to describe why I ranked things higher or lower. this tune just FELT more better somehow?
it's definitely a single idea that's focused and thus more realized....
Very cool. Sounds like you were channeling John Williams at times. I think this is damichan music - biggest giveaway: melody at 1:35.[#maj7 x damifortune type beat] Originally meant to be an Oops! All Chords type deal since I used a lot of the polyphonic samples here. The more I think about this one though, it's just NFB2 huh? This track came together in a blur of less than a day, so I guess in a way this is the kind of music I'll make if you just put me in front of a thing. This track belongs on Magical Realism (one of my albums from this past year) probably. Two of the leads (1st and 3rd) are made from WarmPiano and the middle one from Magnificent_riflebird. Dr Fruitcake, if you're listening/reading, I finally put one of the basslines from CREDITS.EXE in something!I like the fun dance-like beat of this song. Very fun all throughout. This entry is so HVB.Nice acronym, S.P.C.Kulor! I mentioned during the listening party that I had no idea who made this, but after another listen it's obvious who this sounds like, unless I'm being thoroughly bamboozled. I love the subdued, fuzzy texture of this song and that it managed to squeeze some nice distortion and bass out of the samples. Very funky rhythm. Phenomenal use of reading_sample.wav out of all the entries. Author guess: Kulor
UPDATE: So apparently Kulor isn't in the list of participants, which leaves me scratching my head on this one. I'll leave my guess as is but I'm super curious who this is now.
Your beat at the beginning of the music is quite catchy and exciting to listen to, especially with punchy bass. Your "chemical" chords are decent as well. What bothers me though is that the music sounds too low-Q. The instrument for your chords also sounds a little too unclean with all the zappy noise. Was a low-pass filter used since it's keeping me from putting this piece in the 90s?Love the bit-crushed chords pitted with the creative use of regular, high quality samples, as well as a pretty neat bass!The bitcrushed chords gives this track a distinct quality. Love the low portamento lead and the piano solo later on. Overall, this is a laid-back deep house with moderate glitched elements on top.

Suspect: anosci
DISTORTION!!! One of the more memorable pieces of this SPC to me.* The name is dave. The intro is dave. It's not dave.
* It has runs that remind me of mario kart. There was some entry in SPCVIII that did the same.
Ouchie Hour
Really nice high harmony sounds.
i made this in nanoloop. the project file is .nan. it's possible to set loop points differently for separate notes in a single pattern so you can get varied clicky rhythmsVery Hirokazu Tanaka-esque. I love it, but it's too nan says i can't stay out late againchord stabs reminiscent of nintendo menu music
then we go on to a nice clicky cut high-timbre (good dry mix) that reminds of Katamari Damacy menu music and vib ribbon. The picture painted by this song is very clean.
this has a really cool modern sound. spacious
i can't believe someone else looped k.wav like me >:(

artist guess: ouchie hour

strongest feature:
probably the use of vibrate.wav to make a sort of mechanical whirring lead.
also maybe the use of chord samples?

favorite feature:
i adore the careful use of sound (and lack of sound!) to craft a really deliberate atmosphere. props tbh

why i ranked this above "Subterranean Subterfuge":
Ok first things first, I need to quote Peep Show. "FOUR .nans Jeremy? Four?! That's insane!" This has a fairly current, zoomer music vibe about it, hopefully this is not taken as an insult.Like everyone immediately noted during the listening party, there's huge Wii shop vibes out the gate with this song. Once the main idea drops, I love how much breathing room each of the lines gets to do its thing - it's not at all empty but just the right amount of economical, which I think speaks to the strength of the writing here. The melody synth (vibrate really was king of this contest huh?) sounds infectiously good and reminds me of the otamasqueaky bleeps in Club X-Mas with just how much they straight up sound like a real, non-SPC electronic music track. Really once again feels like Snail's House entered the competition, especially when it gets kawaii with the chiptune blips in the middle.

1. Favorite part of the song - Cute vibrate.wav melody throughout!
2. Strongest part of the song - The production is clean as hell but has lots of fun effects going on at the same time.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - I feel more strongly about the tune that weaves its way throughout the whole song.
I like the overall feel of this song, very interesting. Kinda of melodic and not at the same time. This seems like it could be cryptovolans?Very catchy and cute song. I'm always a fan of a minimalistic sounding drum track. Author guess: Kris Troutman collab with blue.nocturneI like your use of drums beats and rhythm especially starting around 0:45. Your melody is also pretty good though I don't like sweeping effect that plays at the beginning of every note. Also, looping for the samples can be improved at the hammering/repetitive loop is noticeable and disrupts the feeling of the music.Sounds like those tracks from 90s sequencers that got really creative with their limited channels! Really nails the feel every other track has, their limitations being their strong points for creativity. Love the simplicity for this beauty.IDM awesomeness! Wouldn't feel out of place in a Mouse on Mars album.

Suspect: Ouchie Hour
SUCH fun Wii Shop Vibes. I love the way you used vibrate in its completeness, not cropping off the ends. The criticism I have about this song is that there's not enough nose. Only two of them... :((((((* light and fluffy :D
* getting kazumi totakeke vibes off this (mario paint, animal crossing)
* love that little riff, do do dooo MUH
Sketch Bug
STOP!! it's polystyle
Instead of polyrhythm, we have polystyle. First section is my favorite. The midi guitar sound is pretty nice when it comes in. Vocoder Trump is a nice touch. Bark sounds at 4
mins are really fun.
wow. powerful sort of scavenger hunt of a song. moments that really do it for me snuck into a blanket of false leads. kind of bruising.The ultimate troll track?sry teamI'm amused by the guitar-ish sample that loops infinitely without decay
00:01 like I said in the listening party, this reminds me so strongly of browsing websites in the late 90s with tiled leaf backgrounds and midis autoplaying
01:06 what is quantization
01:34 wait it maybe is quantized but just a tuplet
01:47 pwupwupwup

it seems I've been trapped in a vignette collage of idea snippets interlacing.
the dist guitar is really loud!

2:50 I've actually found myself humming / thinking about the chord-singing country-style president 45 of this segment. This part is pretty cute.

3:57 the chord sample here is really metallic and hollow and air:y and cool

this song really is a myriad things, some of which I adore, and some of which I don't
starts out dramatic, or aiming for dramatic
then it falls apart lol
each section is pretty nice and cohesive though
... mostly.
the mixing is whack. :\

good job making the trump section my favorite, lmao

artist guess: shan????

strongest feature:
a million ideas designed specifically to annoy anyone who judges this contest too seriously

favorite feature:
vocoded trump???????????
it's dumb but the vocals provide a nice texture for the chords that i just appreciate. gdi.
also the... whatever you were doing with the "uh" sounds at 1:25 are great

why i ranked this above "Santa's Workshop":
it's fun!!!
it feels a lot more realized, despite the billion sections.
well, yep, that is what it is. Why can't I hold all these styles? Lots of good bits in here though quite noisy sound and presentation. Also one of the funnier entries... I did a chuckle.Nobuo Uematsu intro is super convincing, and the fiercely unquantized, extremely off-kilter nature of the following section (which on its own feels reminiscent of Super Mario Kart with some Banjo-Kazooie type character sounds sometimes) is something that really appeals to me. Sadly though I'm not into the deliberate, ratcheted-up-to-11 lack of cohesion built into this song, and there are parts of it I really dislike (sorry!), like the midi overdrive guitar arpeggio section at 1:50 (which is very out of tune, and is much more apparently so when it gets melodic at 2:27). I get welcomed back in by enjoying the cute beat afterwards at least - I wonder if my use of vocoder in parts of the FCMidi Collab inspired the Trump vocoder here? Gotta give some credit for creating stuff that vicerally elicits an opinion one way or the other, consistently throughout this track. All in all, a highly divisive song that is more self consciously itself than ever. Thanks for using my jjstyle sample btw!

1. Favorite part of the song - Taken by itself, the cute wobbly SMK type theme. Like I'd love a whole song made from just that actually. The intro was nice, too, as a close second.
2. Strongest part of the song - Well written first section of Uematsu sad town type stuff. Or perhaps separated out one degree, prog rock slow section type stuff.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Has a shit ton of personality. Feels like a super deliberate statement.
There were a lot of interesting ideas but some sections were a bit too harsh due to the synth such as 2:30, likely due to over-compression.oh what a lovely tra- wait WHO changed the channel?? Author guess: damifortuneI like the use of the percussions in this track. The deep cymbals are something of a rarity. The transitions to different styles of music however is a bit too abrupt and rough... (at 1:00, you move from nice and peaceful to screaming, which can be shocking to many listeners).A lot of contrasting ᵖᵒˡʸstyles in this one; nice! Gotta love that vocoded trump appearance, hah!Yo, think of this as a Wario Ware experience. But with longer minigames. First, it sounds like a devastated RPG town. Second, at 1:06 it's more like a western 16-bit platformer. Then you get an 80's arcade shmup feel in 1:48. And 2:27's melody is Mega Man NES style. Finally, you take a time travel machine back to some late 00's indie game around 2:50 onwards until everything gets progressively chaotic from 3:55 to the rest of the track.

Suspect: Mystic Marshmallow
I'm really not a fan of these pieces that randomly flip flop around every 15 seconds. Personally, they're not something that keeps me interested in music, at all. But at the end of the day, I like this a good amount. What I mean to say is, although the song as a whole isn't something I'd probably listen to, every little section on its own made for a fun listening experience! :D* This has SHAN written all over it. Metronome Fusion Collab #2, sans metronome.
* I like it
* That vocoder trump segment is so warm <3
* STOP!!
Sketch Bug
Stuck In The 80s
Your jump back in time landed a little short. You landed in the 90s with Sonic instead. Very cool sound though. Pretty much spot on for a Sonic Game. Very solid percussion and bass.
The laser sound is also really cool.
forceful chord/bass interplay sets a very solid, satisfying stage. nice sample play on top. love the whistle lead of course. nice changeup.This is rad!sry chime ratiofat claps
the laser stabs are really cool. I wonder what they're made from.
This song is really thick. The production is a bit flatly loud -between beats- if that makes sense. However, that's a non-composition critique. The song per se makes a strong statement. I imagine it's a character theme for a cool earthbound-derived RPG
yes! gate that clap!
this quite possibly has the best use of ho_ho_ho.wav

strongest feature:

favorite feature:
that "ho", lmao

why i ranked this above "A Thanksgiving After Party":

artist guess that i am not so sure about: shan
very SONACKFM Burbs 2 has got it goin' on with that arrow flash bass. Maybe my favorite use of vivi in the contest, which I kept an ear out for since it was one of the few I didn't end up using.

1. Favorite part of the song - Sonic the Hedgehog (aka the first minute and a half).
2. Strongest part of the song - The bassline.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Blues scale, let's be honest.
Definitely nails that 80's/Sonic the Hedgehog vibe which was a lot of fun. I think it mixed a bit too loud since I do hear some over-compression and certain instruments were a bit harsh such as the "laser sounds". Seems like this could be zenkusa?Reminds me of Loud Pipes. Nice sound design and effects and humorous use of Santa rapping over the song. Legit no idea who made this.Your basic pattern is excellent in that it allows you to add many different elements without compromising the overall feeling of the song. However, I would like it better if you can add in additional patterns that are widely different from your first one as your overall music feels too repetitive. Overall, your score is stuck in the 80s.I mean, I'm kinda fine stuck here with these sweet jams tbh. Also kinda sad I can't put 80s as the scoreWell, that's one cool kick drum. Rhodes at 0:04 sounds like old-school dialed phone noises, giving them a distinct quality. Meanwhile the FM bass that went along goes full swing at 0:24 and we get laser hits, ghostly vibrato chords and paradisiacal two-step marimbas. Main riff is back at 0:43. This time with Santa guiding the drum filler parts in high spirit. And here comes the sine melody in 1:03, which blends well with the vibrato chords. Repeated vocal clip takes the spotlight in 1:23 and shortly after we get to hear low pitched organ melodies beneath everything. That until the vocal clip slowly concludes this part with tuba/bathroom reverb and fast cuts and goes back to the main riff. In humour and tone, this piece reminds me of "Lakseswingtetten - På loftet sidder Nissen", an obscure danish hip-hop song from the late 80's. Overall, this is groovy and playful!

Suspect: Gadget
Seems pretty minimalistic, not really my kinda thing. * Title is appropriate.
* Goddammit charyb with your dancing sonics during the listening party. I'll be seeing those when listening to this twenty years from now! I's very appropriate though. That slap bass and falling synth line are pretty Sonic to me.
Kris Troutman
Subterranean Subterfuge
My own song. Another Metroid inspired song. This one is probably more noticeable with the inspiration than the previous one that was inspired by Metroid.
i really appreciate the staccato lead in this one. some of the more major melodies that sneak in are a treat and play nicely against the main progression.Kris goes underground, but not into hiding. I like this less aggressive Kris vibe.Author guess: KrisAs with many other songs of This Sound, I'm initially captured by the first melodic line, but then I kind of lose attention as the song stays in its mode, in the same tonic, while sort of just droning on. This may sound like critique, but rather it is the reason why I find it hard to find many words to write about the song. From beginning to end, this music does its thing, and it's a good thing.hello troutman
this feels particularly driving
i like it quite a lot. fav of the troutman bunch i think?

strongest feature:
forward momentum

favorite feature:
god i love the melody at 1:08

why i ranked this above "Winter Breaks":
pretty much that melody did it for me. it hits me just right.
Hi Kris. Good stuff! I really am struggling to find original things to say about your good & reliable music.Pretty whimsical for subterfuge! Feels like an area in Midgar or something in terms of the atmosphere it evokes though.

1. Favorite part of the song - String Ensemble 1.
2. Strongest part of the song - The disjointed beat in 7 is strong, particularly in the only quarter note sections versus the eighth note sections.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - The goopy beat that develops before the return of the A section makes this song pay off in a nice way.
Evil plots against the surface world... This is a Kris Troutman original.Author guess: Kris TroutmanThe stomping feeling with the drums in the beginning sounds decent. The amount of bass is also adequate though your bass drums could be louder to add more power to the stomping feeling. It would also help if you stepped away from the bass-drum-string combination with a new instrument combination at some points in the piece to reduce that repetitiveness feeling.Digging the downward key changes that appear throughout the song.Bass is bubbly in the main riff and feels like stepping on mud while passing through a
tunnel and the high-pitched piano/aah combo depicts drops falling from the top. Brief key change at 0:34. Interestingly, the chord progressions from 1:19 to 1:28 reminds me of Final Fight's 3 music. Also, it's a more agitated section in contrast to the "idle" feel of the part that precedes it. But to spice things up, 2:08 is more intense than both.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
A creeping, crawling vibe. VERY similar to Spiral Knights music. I really like it! It makes me think of stalking your way through a mechanical fortress or weaponds facility.* Kris
Kris Troutman
Super Angry Neptunia Tactical Annihilation
My own song. Full on weirdo for this one. Are the Neptunian's planning to annihilate us? Or is this about them being destroyed by us.
nice color and personality in the leads here. the slowdown is great. that kick!The title is an acronym, and yes, it sounds like Kris Troutman. Not as much of a fan of this one.I found the hidden message in this track title. Can YOU? Author guess: Kris or equivalent
The low voice pads, quartal harmony and wispy sine high notes of the intro are an exquisite assemblage of sounds and timbres. Just that first hit with the bent notes sets an amazing scene. It brings to mind a humid swamp stage of an action rpg. Like, a real hard one, where the enemies give you tons of status effects and you end up using up all your antidotes. And there are really few save points and you can't warp to town to use the innarchetype troutman
the troutman saturation makes it hard for me to judge clearly tbh :(

strongest feature:
pitch bend???

favorite feature:
pitch bend???
yeah it's not much of a comment but the bendy whistly sound is nice

why i ranked this higher than "STOP!! it's polystyle":
cohesion and mixing, pretty much!
Hi Kris. GOOD WORK.This track doesn't drive as much as its boppin' middle melody seems to make it want to... like the beat doesn't quite match the song. The A section though, the dark chordal stuff, feels like the aftermath of some great event. That part is good stuff.

1. Favorite part of the song - The super low nose_overture in the opening section, and generally how goopy everything sounds underscoring this track (including said opening section).
2. Strongest part of the song - The A section chords sound really nice.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - I like the first part a lot, and I had some volume gripes about the last one so this one wins out.
This is Neptune's revenge for calling Pluto a dwarf planet. This is a Kris Troutman original.Nice acronym, S.A.N.T.A.Author guess: Kris TroutmanThis music is OK. I find that your strings are very loud and cover most of the other instruments. Also, I don't feel that your choice of instrument for the melody (the whistle with lots of pitch bending) works well for this type of music given that it sounds like a ghost from a Halloween piece. Finally, I wonder how this music resembles Neptunia.Kinda eery, with the low tones and sine waves. Pretty cool!Got this cheesy 90's depiction of aliens with that pitch bending sine. The agitated parts feel like a chase from a Jason film or something. Also, try playing this to some Darkstalkers gameplay.

Suspect: Kris Troutman
Noooo not the neps! Leave the neps alone! In reality, name doesn't really lend itself to imagining what this song might be about, but I do like the song.* Kris
twirling clips of sound gently tumble from the sky and hit the ground around me like drops of paint on a canvas, a consonant Pollock
Very full sounding song. The lows against the highs go really well
super gentle and finessed handling of the chordal samples. pretty and refreshing. levitating. the fades This one is really great, very chill.I like this one but it takes -5 points bad title tax. No author guess because I wouldn't want to accuse anyone of coming up with that title on their own. Great track though, sounds awesome.this song is art
00:30 perfect drop. opens the door and just explodes the space
01:00 enclose space again and put the mix back to dry
this song begs me to close my eyes and lose myself in it
hello this is mine
several years ago, i made short (100ms range) loops of chords from a christmas song and created a cool atmosphere
because of the abundance of chord samples here, i wanted to do it again.
this song and the old one i just mentioned were also inspired by md/kschzt
(i dont remember which song specifically. kkowboy or appelsap track 6 maybe)
...because of how he used envelopes in trackers. (yeah this was a pure openMPT deal. i didnt have time for an ableton entry, whoops)

i tuned a lot of samples by just looping a pattern and fine-adjusting the sample rate until it sounded right
someone pointed out this resulted in "tasteful detuning" and that threw me off bc whoops i forgot i did that
pollock amirite

anyway im PRETTY happy with how this came out. hopefully yall liked it too
very chill dubby atmosphere to this song, I'm into this. possibly anosci? Very creative and fresh.Siiiiick drop half a minute in. The deep, resonant arpeggios in the following section make me think of console background music in some way (which is a good thing) - like what if you took that aesthetic and made an actual electronic track with that. Maybe a really chill puzzle game, too? It's got that aesthetic. So much aesthetic that the title actually makes perfect sense.

1. Favorite part of the song - The buildup in the middle arpeggio section. All the different pieces fit together wonderfully.
2. Strongest part of the song - Its title and the title's relationship to what the song achieves.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Very thoughtful, intricate soundscaping.
The atmosphere is lovely and the effects are very well done. Production is excellent throughout as well. This seems like anosci?Gonna take a wild guess and say that this is by someone that was previously known as MicroProcessor... mainly because of the overly long track name.This really gives me strong Dustforce feels. Lovely sound design, volume effects and somewhat minimalistic composition style. And of course a very juicy chord progression. Author guess: LunarThe chords are quite attractive, but your frequent use of volume manipulation makes it a little hard to listen to. It would also be great if you can try to improve the looping of the different samples better to reduce that repetitive hammering effect which doesn't fit in with the music.Love the glitchy/chiptuny feel this track gives off at times, mixed with the serene music and drums backing it :)Whoa! This sounds like the kind of stuff you'd stumble across in the Pause netlabel in its early years. It takes more than subtle pitch bends, slow attack/sustain chords, and high delay feedback arps to immerse you into this pensive underwater atmosphere. Samples were thrown and diluted in endless fountain waterfalls. This is an otherwordly experience. I am crystal clear purified.Absolutely awesome. Favorite entry of this contest by FAR! It has so much cool icy windy winter energy. The name is very apt. It reminds me a lot of Pillars of Pepper from the Dustforce OST! This song singlehandedly is my favorite by a large margin in this contest.* <3
Mystic Marshmallow
The Ethnospirit
Feels like this song is trying to tell me something.
really interesting harmonic space. both grounded and left field at the same time. structure proceeds and resolves in a stimulating way.Politically, I'm not sure what this one is trying to say...a nice groove near the end, and a creative semi-drunken mashup that occurs between the various layers in the last minute.well you've given me a lot to think aboutI'm surprised how many people decided to make ukulele/mandolins out of the twinkle little star pizzicato sample!

There's a simple ditty playing in the background of everything. Then there's "rap music is the voice of black people" "rap music is the voice of black people" "rap music is the voice of black people" "rap music is the voice of black people" "rap music is the voice of black people" "rap music is the voice of black people" "rap music is the voice of black people" "rap music is the voice of black people" "rap music is the voice of black people""rap music is the voice of black people" "rap music is the voice of black people""rap music is the voice of black people""rap music is the voice of black people""rap music is the voice of black people""rap music is the voice of black people""rap music is the voice of black people""rap music is the voice of black people""rap music is the voice of black people" and sure!

1:24 the change into an up-tempo feel is really nice but it's cacophonous
this is a mess but in a weirdly cohesive way??????

strongest feature:
rap music is the voice of black people

favorite feature:
the part where it breaks out wit the FM bass like 1:20 into the tune

why i ranked it above "Santa RPG":
brightness? idk it's hard to say really! I'm going by feel here, and i felt this one
......even tho it's silly.
very pretty and christmassy. some of the sample usage seems arbitrary and separate to the arrangement, though it is quite funny. Decent overall.The second half of this song sounds like a dusthillguy song and I really like that. (DHG talked about putting something together at the end there, so maybe people will even guess him?) Digging how the vocal sample looping throughout is basically just an additional instrument/sound for the song. Everything from 1:24 is the kind of jam I can get behind, especially with all the weird stuff layered on top. Busy in a way that I really like.

1. Favorite part of the song - When the synth solo really takes over at around 1:40 and goes all-in. It's a really catchy and fun melody.
2. Strongest part of the song - The swell of the entire grooving section is a really nice payoff.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - I love me a synth solo.
There is something really catchy about this song, and it is pretty funny as well.This might be the first song in an spc where a vocal sample was played non-stop every measure throughout the whole song (minus the heartfelt words segment). A very colorful song that ramps up nicely near the end.The sparkly leads and vocals are nice with the listener able to hear the words clearly at the end. I also like how the music transitions to something catchy with a decent rhythm around 1:35. However, the buildup to this major transition felt slow and repetitive with overall volume being the only difference. Perhaps, you can throw in extra side sound effects and additional vocals during this buildup process.Black Rap is the Music of Voice PeopleYo I don't think rap music is the voice, but what I do think is that that bass slaps hard.Pop eurodance intro. Then it sounds like someone had an existential crisis, but by hearing the same message over and over in his head, finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. Dig the saw lead and the swing bassline at 1:25. It's a progressive piece in the sense that more elements are added on top as time goes by.

Suspect: This Deep Well
I love how fitting the name is for this one. A repitition style in music that is actually kind of enjoyable. Some of Jay Tholen's music has this kinda vocal repetition, and I always enjoy it!* not sure what to make of this one
* a little heavy on the icehawk sample.
The heart of the forest is cold and still
Really nice highs and lows. The deep bass blends in well when it comes in. The high hats are interesting sounding. Sounds like a typical RPG village halfway
into your quest.
really fresh harmonic tension. love the brassy bass. once it's built up, moves into big cinematic territory that's emotionally satisfying. it hits in a patient and heartfelt way.I like the layers on this one, but I think it could be expanded more, and it's too aggressively compressed for my taste.I think this might actually be too loud. You've done it! Something too loud. But yeah, it clips a lot in the mp3 render anyway. Otherwise very good. I go back and forth on whether or not this one is better than FROST_nights so I'm giving them the same score.
A perfectly realized wintery sound- and melodyscape. Read the title and hear the music and there is no way to not lose oneself in the vivid imagery of this music.

01:47 the tonal shift here is crucial. The ensuing chord changes really cash in on everything that has been built up.

This would be in the 90s but the mix is so dripping wet (especially on the low frequency instruments) it's like a blurry filter. However, the actual composition speaks to me and all my nostalgia, and that speaks loudest.
this feels like blue.nocturine, but last time i said that it was Charybdizs
anyway i like this. good atmosphere, if a bit compressed.
has a sort of... sense of wonder? something. it feels vast in my mental space

my only complaint is that it feels....... unchanging? if its gonna b that loud it needs some change too

strongest feature:

favorite feature:
dreamy arrangement. add some dynamics and remove that bell and this would be a big fav of mine i think

why i ranked this above "Adventure":
mostly that dreamy arrangement. the BIG SOUND is a nice hook but the fact that it never goes away feels like a detriment to the song
I think the name is very appropriate for the tranquil atmosphere. Maybe this is another bluenoc? It's very lovely anyway.Never gonna stop thinking about Hitoshi Sakimoto's Snow Dancing in the Schoolyard when I hear the first minute and a half or so of this track, so thank you author for making me think of that thing that I love. This hi-hat sound is perhaps my favorite in the contest, which I know is kind of specific but it sounds much more like an actual hi-hat kick than any of the rest. Yes, this song is mixed way too loud, but it doesn't ruin my enjoyment of the track at all!

1. Favorite part of the song - The full harmonic drop at 50 seconds in.
2. Strongest part of the song - Its ability to convey childlike wonder and adventure in a wintry type setting.
3. Why it's ranked higher than the last one - Wintry theme adherance / I love Hitoshi Sakimoto more than Grant Kirkhope.
Great atmosphere and use of the bells. Nails the forest theme and the title describes it very well. It is mixed a bit on the loud side though so I hear some compression artifacts (fuzzy and buzziness at loud sections due to the compression trying to bring down the level drastically). This seems like Charyb.Love the sawtooth bass/leads and dreamy feel of this song. Really reminds me of those older jrpg's in the PSX/N64 era. I'm amazed at how you guys can craft soundscapes like this...out of all the entries I think this one represents this collection of samples best. Author guess: CharybdizsPretty cool rhythm made of percussive bells. The slightly punchy chords that kick in around 1:10 also sound impressive too. You should check the volume of your instruments though as they conflict with one another when they're playing at the same time. It sounds as if the bassline, chords, punchy chords, bells, and the melody lines are all fighting to be in the spotlight.Love it when these songs have some type of sample added to the chords! Love this one for it's kinda nature inducing atmosphere. Like grass in the winter.Ugh. I wrote a more extensive comment on this one afterwards. But I didn't save it : (

Here's the old one:

"Really liking the mystical vibes with the slow-attack strings. Interesting IDM percussion at
0:51 (in the same vein as Beaumont Hannant's Texturology album). That's some carefree
synth lead at 1:08 and so, too. Then you have a synth sustaining the rhythm in 2:52 and a
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 style acoustic guitar. Overall, I'm glad I got to hear this one!"

Suspect: Fruitbug Deepfortune
REALLY proud of this (my own entry). It became basically everything I wanted it to be. It was for a part in some of my stories where you track two runaway kids into an icy forest where everything is still. The river is frozen, the branches of the trees are all weighed down with snow, and even though the sun is shining bright, it's still far too cold to melt the untouched coating of snow. Well, almost untouched. The footprints of the pair lead deeper in. Just where are they headed in the middle of winter? I'm so happy with this, and I don't expect it to score too highly, because -- well, it takes a while to get going, and that's a major strike against it. I considered making it get more into the meat of it faster, but I really wanted that peaceful intro with just the jingle bells and the shaker. The quiet wintry forest is cold and still around you.* seasonally appropriate, wintery
* I like those chords and swells and stuff