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2019 February
1 Inclusion matters. Every person needs to feel included. Listen to these people share how they want to be included. 2 The links below offer the first of a series of videos about the experiences of racial minorities in the U.S. There are many others offered about the experiences of other religious and ethnic experiences in the U.S. Take your time and see what you have learned by this time next year!
click here - Inclusion begins with I
click here - African American Experience
click here - Latino American Experience
click here - Native American Experience
click here - Asian American Experience
3 Learn to say hello in another language. Also, enjoy this intense, but short piece by educator, Dr. Jamila Lyiscott, 3 Ways to Speak English.4 Say hello or just smile at someone new to your building or neighborhood.5 Thank an active duty soldier or veteran—don’t forget our women who serve or have served.6 Forgive someone today. Even better tell the person that he or she is forgiven.7 Learn something new about your culture and family background. Consider DNA testing through or 23&me type sites as a way of learning more.8 Decide not to complain about anything today.9 Make a plan to attend a cultural event (different than your own) by August 31, 2019.
click here -How to Say Hello in Other Languages
click here - 3 Ways to Speak English
10 Rent and watch the kid’s movie “The Iron Giant.” It can be found on Netflix or Prime Video. 11 Listen to “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud” by Maya Angelou.12 If you have questions about our LGBT community and etiquette start with Steven Petrow’s article which provides advice on community/straight etiquette.13 Be loveable today even when its difficult. Suggestion: leave heart cut-outs anonymously for friends, colleagues, students, etc. So what if they get more than one. 14 Celebrate who you are today and forget about the mistakes you made in the past. This article can help.15 Save this 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Holidays link to your desktop.16 Give yourself 30 minutes of “me” time today.
click here - Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloudclick here - Civilitiesclick here - Celebrate who you are todayclick here - 2019 Diversity Holidays
17 Download the App, “We Read Too.” We Read Too is a directory of hundreds of picture, chapter, middle grade and young adult books written by authors of color featuring main characters of color. We Read Too is the best resource for you to find diverse books for youth readers. It is available on iTunes and there is also an android version.18 Offer someone, that you know needs it, an opportunity for 30 minutes of “me” time.19 Give a thank you note to someone whose work often goes unnoticed.20 Enjoy this recitation by Maya Angelou of her poem, “Phenomenal Woman.“21 Develop disability etiquette skills starting with this article.22 Give an “It’s a great day,” high-five to at least 10 people today.23 Help out a store clerk. It’s cold out there. Bring a couple of shopping carts from the parking lot into the store with you.
click here - Phenomenal Womanclick here - Celebrate who you are today
24 Check out this amusing video about differences in non-verbal communication. There are lots of others to checkout too.25 Take a look at the "Big Religion Chart." It is a summary of the major religions and belief systems of the world - Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and dozens more.26 Drop by the HR office for a piece of chocolate anytime.27 Make a donation to the HR Office’s charity fundraiser. HR will be trying to raise $1,160 for 20 girls to go to school for a year in countries such as Afghanistan, Congo and Lebanon. Please send or drop off donations to HR.28 Compliment someone today and watch how kindness changes a moment.
click here - Nonverbal Communication click here - Big Religion Chartclick here -
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