RSW Contact Sheet
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John Doejohn@example.com42Boulder, COMarried
1Lance Steinkelancesteinke75@gmail.com41Bellevue, AB, CanadaMonogamous RelationshipChallenge myself to find the next level in my emotional intelligence and relational behaviours to imporve my interactions with all people in my life but especially my girlfriend, parents, sister, neice and nephew and male friends
2Ward Westfallwardowestfall@gmail.com49Loveland, CODivorcedDevelope personal clarity, and new life goals moving into next chapter of life. Challenge the hell out of myself by taking risks leading to some authenticity and not into my shadows. Healing from painful and abusive marriage where I became someone I can't stand. Was scared, tired, needy and confused and still am often. Just want to become the best version of myself I can be.
3Bregman Jeffriesbregman_j@hotmail.com55Woodbridge, VAMarriedWife and I are becoming distant and sex life is in the toilet.  I need to alter my mindset regarding emotional and physical properties I bring to my marriage.
4John Yangmister_yang@hotmail.com33Austin, TXSingleLooking to meet like-minded men who want to challenge & make the best of this journey that we call life. Breaking free from societal norms & out of my head. I want to get in tuned with my mind, body, soul & to continue growing into the best man for myself, my friends/family/loved ones, others around me (co-workers, acquaintances), & my future partner. And of course, the opportunity to work with Jayson because of his continual love and passion to better himself and other men.
5Michael Moines, IAMarriedI am struggling with a lack of self confidence and always feeling like "I am doing it wrong." I look to my wife to always be supportive even in times where it is me that needs to be supporting her. I want to learn how to be the leader in my relationship and speak what is true for me all while being able to listen to what she is saying and not become defensive.
6Matthew Nelsondrmatthewnelson@gmail.com41Doha, QatarMarriedTo connect with other men about important issues like marriage, sex, parenting, and being a man. To better "get the world" of, and deepen my relatonship with, my brother and my dad. And what I want the most is to be challenged and held accountable, I am triggered by both of these and want to face my fear and show up and be seen in this group. This is the next challenge to healing myself and becoming a more whole person.
Corentin Maisonneuve
31Darwin, AustraliaSingleI recently broke up, because of same pattern, the same insecurities coming back, slowing rebuilding their nest at the same spot, every time, until they are comfortably in the driver's seat, heading straight for the wall. And every time I see it coming.
But in general, these same insecurities and constant comparison is getting in the way of pretty much all my relationships, friends and strangers included, especially if they are men. To the point that the sole presence of people around taint my experience of everything. Life eludes me and it's time for that to change.
I know that to get the change I want, I will have to wholy accept and love myself. And calling myself a warrior will be a damn good start.
8Brad Dixonbraddixon7100@gmail.com39Tampa, FLMarriedMarried for almost 17 years with a closed off heart for almost that entire time.  My wife was always open and pushing me to open up, but I was always buried in fear of failure & shame.  She finally shut down and was tired of all the rejection, which closed off her heart to me.  She found Jayson's work several months ago and has been working through one of his women's courses.  Through some very deep talks I opened up my heart for the first time with her, but she is still lin limbo while she does her work.  This course is a chance for me to continue what I've been learning about myself through a lot of hard self-realization & relationship work, and for me to continue opening up and communicating w/ my wife.  She & my two young boys mean the world to me, and I'm fully committed to earning my way into a thriving growth relationship with all of them.  I also look forward to the community setting of this class - I travel frequently for work and really haven't established any strong guy-bonds during the 11 years I've lived in my current location.  This means a lot to me and I'm ready to have some other men to discuss the hard stuff with!
9Mickael Blanchomike.blancho@gmail.com36Goleta, CAMarriedTO Grow up, to become an empowerd warrior , move on behond my addiction and found a new way to love and be happy with my merried life. Be part of a communitie of men to help each other grow .
10Denton Mauldindenton42@hotmail.com51Sydney, AustraliaMarriedTo stop hiding and to start growing.  I've been married for 16 years and a couple of years ago I realised that I'm not the person I thought I was.  I started to understand what my wife was saying and I realised I was an uncaring asshole.  I look back at the first years of my marriage and cringe at the way I treated my wife.  She had complimenting neurosis that allowed us to stay together but I didn't understand that she wanted to leave but felt she couldn't financially and emotionally.  We have to exceptional kids (Emily 14 and Benji 12) who are also a reason to inspire me to become a better version of myself.  I look forward to this like a surgical procedure but I'm in.
11Al Paliscaalpalisca@gmail.com59California/Czech RepublicMarriedI want to learn more about myself and improve my abilities to lovingly relate to my wife, my children and myself. I want help to see the aspects of myself that I am blind to (or unconsious of). My past relationship wounds follow me everywhere and I am pissed enough to turn around and face them (myself) call them out, make a stand and heal. I do not want to hurt my wife my children or myself with my unwillingness to deal with the emotional pains I have accumulated. It is a good day to die! (sic)
12Scott Gordonsgordonnh@gmail.com58NHMarriedLooking for the path that unlocks a more vibrant, connected version of myself to keep pace with my wife's personal growth trajectory.
13Ian Argysargysmusic@gmail.com34Denver, COSingleI'm here to grow, to 'put more mortar between the bricks'. I'd like to develop more personal strength, confidence and trust. And, I'd love to find love again. I lost my relationship of eleven years three years ago and have been working hard to deal with some childhood shit ever since. Time to move on. I rewrote this like ten times, I could work on not over-thinking.
14Jolyon, EnglandPartnershipI'm here primarily because my primary source of challenge and accountability is within my relationship, and whilst that has got me a long way, it's taking it's toll. I seem to alternate between being solid, loving and capable, to flipping into a wounded boy. I don't feel much resonance with my old group of friends, and have been looking for a men's group because going it alone aint working.
What I'm going to get out of this course:
- To move beyond mother issues / approval seeking affecting my life
- To master practising clear boundaries, and relaxing harsh boundaries which no longer serve me
- Practice accountability for my actions, to not be reliant on my partner to call me on my shit all the time!
- Experience and offer regular masculine challenge
- To learn to love my cock as an ally
- To get better at expressing my needs, rather than acting out because I didn't do that thing!
- To live much more in integrity and on purpose
15John Celisjcelis99@hotmail.com53Colorado Springs, COsingleI took the conflict relief course coming from a place of acute pain post relationship. I'm participating here coming from the desire for personal empowerment (and yes pain as well) It's time I become the man/human I wish to evolve into and be ready and skilled for a growth oriented relationship when it manifests and be solid with who I am if it doesnt. To finally integrate the fact that relationships are here to teach me, hold me accountable and top my personal protection racket of shutting down/running away. It is time for an upgrade though the thought creeps in "Am I too old for this? SHouldnt I just go back to sleep?"  BTW..this journey scares the crap outta me.
16Scott Monroemr.scott.monroe@gmail.com55Los Gatos, CAMarriedlemme think about this. i'll get back to you.
1757Montpelier, Vermontsingle
18Carter Timbelctimbel@gmail.com27Houston, TXsingleI’m here to challenge myself, love myself, and grow. I want more genuine relationships with guys, to reveal unhealthy relationship patterns that I have fallen into with women in the past, and find a seat of authentic personal power from where I can access the life that I want to lead 5-10-20-50 years from now. After being transferred to Houston in January, my long-term girlfriend broke-up with me (I had thought it was a forever thing), my world has been rocked and I'm re-examining life on my own, examining prior relationships, and I know that I wasn't the only problem, but I can do better. I need to develop my relational toolkit and be ready with skills so I can show up emotionally, sexually, communication-wise, and boundary-wise in the future.
19Brad Harlowbrad@bharlow.com58Seattle, WAmarried
20Luke Appsapps08@hotmail.com37Brisbane, AustraliamarriedTo become the man I'm meant to be and make true connections with the relationships I already have as well as build new ones with people that challenge me and hold me accountable for the actions and decisions that I make. I want to get deep in my emotions and feelings and be able to share this with my wife in a way that both her and myself truly deserve. I want to unleash my true inner warrior and really grab life by the balls..
21Andy, New ZealandDivorced I want to become more comfortable at discussing intimate topics with other men and to be able to deepen my relationships. I want to get off the fence and start living life to the full, enjoying all the juicy stuff it has to offer.
22Scott Plimptonspseeker@aol.com44Simi Valley, CAMarriedMarried 16 years my wife cracked open my heart and has challenged me to feel. Now that I feel more I realize that there is always more to feel. I want to become intimate with all of my feelings, the easy and the challenging ones. I want to be part of a community of men that I can support, and be supported, along the way. I'm in!
23Chris Linkc3link@gmail.com37Asheville, NCCommitted After going through a few relationships and am now single again, I want the tools to make it in relationship with a woman and friends. I want the connections I have to be full of life and just a surface existence.
24Jenn Shtyrin