Hunter Gear Calculator (Copy to your own GoogleDrive)
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The Dynamic Hunter Gear Calculator

-Work in Progress - Last Update: May 22nd
*****Updated with new system that allows weights to be scaled for AoE*****
*New weights based on Sims available at
**Sims are at Mythic item level with no racial using default Hunter APL at 10k iterations, 360s-540s Patchwerk
***Trinkets used are BHoTM and avg of SoD/HBT for SV, or BHoTM and avg of MDT/HBT for MM & BM.
****AoE weight at 100% AoE is an average of weights at 4target and 8 target scenarios using both trinket combos.

credits to Xeromus, Azortharion, Effinhunter, Bitterst, and others

a) Preloaded stat weights for all Hunter specs that update based on desired AoE contribution.
b) Custom item comparison as well as item lists for all varitions of Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry drops.
c) Dynamically updating Best in Slot list, which changes depending on the Spec/AoE that you choose (or your custom weights).

*** This requires enabling a script to automate stat weight allocations***
1) In the topleft, click "File"
2) In the dropdown menu, select "Make a Copy..."
3) Enter a new file name *Optional*
4) Select "OK" to copy to your own Google Drive

5) Navigate the "Stat Values" tab to select a spec, then below enter desired AoE contribution
6) Input values from your "Current Item" in empty green cells
7) Input values from "Potential Item" in empty blue cells
8) Compare purple cell totals, with higher value being a better item
9) You can navigate to the "Best in Slot", "Highmaul Gear", or "Blackrock Foundry Gear" for more info

Optional) Left click the "Clear Item" button to erase data (for that item only)