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Summary of bugCategoryBetter Description – Steps to reproduceResult on normal Icaros 1.5.2Notes, screenshots, hints, etc.Reported byTest configuration
Summary of buga more verbose description if necessary, with steps to reproduce the issueJust enter “working ok” or describe the different behavior.You may add hints and/or suggestions to fix the issue, basing on your knowledge or personal experience/hacking. You may eventually add screenshots here, but since this is a online resource, you're encouraged to place a LINK to an image hosted elsewhere, to avoid messing the format of this page, and/or to overcrowd it.Your name / nickname / email Configuration of Icaros system the v1 version is running
Extras/Develop/Amos4Aros/Amos ProCompatibilityRunning test examples freezes Aros to black (reset).- start amos pro- project/load: AMOSPro_System:AMOSPro_Examples/Examples/H-0/Help_1.Amos- project/run- AROS resets.Works as intendeddeadwood: confirmed, seems to be a compatibility problem triggered by J-UAE
magorium: @deadwood this seems automagically fixed in WiP6 for me (and fails again on WiP9)
magoriumLive system, Icaros installed on USB-PENDRIVE
64 Bit Filesystem Error while booting from CD/DVDCompatibilityWell this is on my Particular Machine can't be reproduced on any Computer P5G41T-M LX2/GB Mainboard!Normal Icaros works OK on that Machinehttp://youtu.be/zfi5eYGwjIs
deadwood: confirmed that the same problem is visible in V1
deadwood: WORKAROUND is to remove the fat.handler from kickstart list in grub menu. Later fat.handler is loadede dynamically and is confirmed to work correctly

Paolone: FAT HANDLER is disabled by default in GRUB.CFG starting with WIP11
Extras/Games/sqrxz/sqrxzCompatibilitygame sometimes freezes system at startup; run the game, see languange selection, try moving curson to select another language. Sometimes system will be frozez and will require restart. Higher chance if using Magellan. Happens around 1/10 times. Does not happen with linux-hosted (some driver issue?).

Additionally in WiP4 (but perhaps earlier) sound sporadically does not work in detailed mode. Choosing normal beforehand will _always_ produce sound in detailed mode (when directly started after normal mode).
does not happen with 152Neil: Tested around 20 times in VBox 4.1.12 with Wanderer without a crash (WIP6). When run from shell, I get an unfreed signal warning on exit (0x10000).

Magorium: Sound sporadically not working in detailed mode, still present in WiP11. FWIW: the freeze i haven't encountered in WiP11 anymore. Perhaps more detailed pre-conditions are necessary.
deadwoodWIP3, VBOX
USB 1.1 does not work anymore in VMwareregressionTrying to install AROS on a USB pendrive through VMware virtual machine leads to no result but errorsworks normallyHave a look at Icaros website to download a pre-configured virtual machine which allowed to create a USB installation of Icaros Desktop here: http://vmwaros.blogspot.it/2013/04/aros-2-pendrive-virtual-machine.html. Try following the instruction, they won't work.

When the VM is configured to use a virtual USB 1.1 controller, no pendrive will be detected. You won't find any Poseidon message, nor any device in HDToolBox.

In order to see the USB storage device, VM controller must be updated to 2.0 (or 3.0 in newer versions of VMware). In this case USB storage is detected, but still buggy management of EHCI devices breaks the rest.
paoloneWip6, vmware
CLI icon does not open shellregressioncick cli icon, nothing happens. also not working in 'live' modeworks okNeil: In the ABIv1 nightlies, there is now only a Shell.info project icon and CLI, so the first thing to try is to replace the CLI tool icon with a Shell project icon. I remember the reasons for this change being discussed on the devlist, but I won't dig any deeper for now.magoriumWip6, vbox + native on pendrive
Cinnamon WriterBugTry to save the file as DOCX; it WON'T be saved!Works; it also works on "normal" abiv0Magorium: Please note that, the temp file in ram contains the correct (edited) file (without .docx extension IIRC). it seems the save script (also in T:) does not work properly anymore (copying the file, amongst others)Gundam, confirmed magoriumIcaros WIP5
program failure requester
regression- start game
- select start new game
- select 1 player full game
- on select episode screen, press escape
Results in software failure requester
Same sequence can cause complete freeze of 1.5.2 Icaros.

NOTE: not reproducable on 1.4.5
Magorium: I've managed to reproduce something similar in 1.5.2 regular but not in 1.4.5magoriumDiscovered since WiP6, native pendrive
Directory Opus 4 freezeregression- start dopus from amistart
- Project menu -> Configure -> Screen -> Screen mode -> WB: Clone -> Okay -> Use
- Click on invisible screen depth gadget.
- start dopus from amistart again
- dopus requester: select "bring to front"
aros freezes
works okMagorium: dopus running in fullscreen mode, cloning workbench
Neil: I revised the sequence to reproduce the bug (sh/configure not required).
magoriumDiscovered since WiP6, native pendrive or VBox
- beret
- duke3d
- etw
- giana's return
- koules
- opentyrian
- sqrz 1,2, 3 and 4
- towertoppler
- xgalaga
- xrick
- arnold
- atari++
- dega
- Oricutron
- SimCoupe
- sinclair
- stella
reboots aros
64-bit only ?simple start the games and either a soft or cold reboot takes place.also fails, but most (if not all) of the mentioned titles worked with WiP 5 (coincidence?)Magorium: Please note, these games all work ok on one machine but fail on this particular machine (previously in WiP5 they worked ok on that same machine)

Neil: Apparently, "It's an aspire ax3910 desktop machine."

Magorium: Extended list with failing emulators. Also please NOTE: running affected titles from ram also fails, but sometimes does produces some error requesters. Details will be posted on the list (takes time to do it ordentically). Also NOTE: other software seems to be running ok on that ax3910 machine

Magorium: I've noticed something else when going through my previous bug-sheets. F.e. the zsnes exit bug has also returned. Was something left out accidently after wip 5 (but at least in WiP11) ?
magoriumNew since WiP6, native pendrive
Shell/CLI does funny things on mouseclicks after clsregression- open a shell
- issue a command that leaves at least couple of lines output (e.g. dir)
- type cls to clear the shell
- cursor is now at top of shell window
- move mouse-pointer to a line/word previously occupied by output
- double-click left mouse button
- for every double-click, old (shell) text is becoming visible again
Doing the same steps do not re-produces this behaviourMagorium: more info here (http://aros-exec.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=88567#forumpost88567)

Paolone: warning! "cls" is not a proper command, but just an alias echoing some escape characters that 'clean' the shell.

Magorium: @paolone: correct, nevertheless on classic it seems to clear the internal buffer as well. At least i seem unable to to let previous existing output re-appear again (in any way) on classic (as well as on NOTE: 1.5.2). Since the escape sequence is to be recognized internally by shell anyway, i suspect now in WiP11 'something' is showing it's colours more vividly.
magoriumAt least (confirmed) present since WiP5
aliases don't work properly anymore in AROS shellregression- open the aros shell
- type in the ALIAS command to have a list of aliases already set
- take 'mp' as a example
- enter:
mp "videos:josh woodward_invisible light.mpg"
use the [TAB] auto-completion feature to save time and be sure entering the right filename

expected result: mplayer opens the video
actual result: mplayer can't find files
works okPaolone: it seems that AROS shell can't handle aliases correctly anymore. Something weird happens when aliases have to cope with the following arguments. I can't use neither the 'mp' nor the 'playmidi' aliases anymore.

Magorium: please note, the edit alias seems to work for me (e.g. edit filename.txt works ok as usual for me).

Neil: isn't this fixed now?

wildmidi does not run correctly anymore when playing midi filesregression- download a midi .mid file
- enter
wildmidi -c timidity:timidity.cfg -m 120 <filename.mid>

expected result: midi file should be played
actual result: cursor blocked on the last line, nothing seems happening. However, if you keep the space bar pressed with the shell window selected, reproduction will start. Playing will be corky, but it will work. This issue reminds me some old discussions about programs that actually ran only if the user was typing in something or kept input busy.
working okWildmidi has another problem. It does not convert midi to wave files anymore, it always complains about lack of RAM memory after creating a 44 byte output file. try for instance:

wildmidi -c timitidty:timidity.cfg -o t:trial.wav <filename.mid>

is this supported? I have had the idea to convert midi to wave and then pass the resuting wave file to mplayer or multiview, in order to reproduce it with Magellan.

magorium: probably related to changed waitforchar behavior in abi- v1/v0-on-trunk. See commit: http://repo.or.cz/w/AROS.git/commit/c49d9258215a1a1a0deff6ea7c46e7d31318d0c5
dega GUI produces an error on tab-switching (amilua error)?- Start dega GUI
- switch to tab options
- switch to tab games
- error presented in con-window:
"Error: dega_GUI: 357: createTagArray: parameter must not be 'nil'"
works okError seems persistent when once triggered e.g. closing down gui and starting again seems to present this error on startup directly (rendering the GUI useless). Fresh boot does seem to bring back things to its initial state.

Fix by Yannick (23-08-2014) ?
fceu GUI produces an error on tab-switching (amilua error)?- Start fceu GUI
- switch to tab options
- switch to tab games
- error presented in con-window:
"Error: FCEU_GUI: 469: createTagArray: parameter must not be 'nil'"
works ok
Error seems persistent when once triggered e.g. closing down gui and starting again seems to present this error on startup directly (rendering the GUI useless). Fresh boot does seem to bring back things to its initial state.

Fix by Yannick (23-08-2014) ?
ZSnes produces software failure requester on exitreturned from the graveyard- start zsnes
- exit zsnes (using zsnes gui menu)
Software failure requester
works okSeems re-introduced in WiP 11magoriumwip11, vbox/native does not matter.