2016 Program Schedule By Room (Public)
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DATETIMEAlgonquin A Algonquin B/CAlgonquin DCharlevoix ACharlevoix BCharlevoix CPortage AuditoriumWindoverBaldwin Board RoomHamlinMontcalmNicoletEMC IEMC IIEMC IVEMC VReset Room (EMC Breakout Space)Food [Room 517]Podcast Suite (943)ConSuiteCallahan's Place (All panels in this room cancelled due to unfortunate time/space incursion. Happy April!) RestaurantLobbyOutsideComputer Lab EMC IIIArtemis [321]Hacker Space [317]Hacker Space [317]Writer's Block [315 & 316] Readings and SigningsGaming Tables [Lobby]Gaming Tables [Lobby]Gaming Tables [Lobby]Gaming Tables [Lobby]Gaming Tables [Lobby]Gaming Tables [Lobby]Gaming Tables [Lobby]
FRIDAY4:00:00 PMI Know Kung FuThis is a quiet space to rest and reset, available all weekend during programming hours.Build Your Own VGA Adapter for PresentersLansing Makers Network will be bringing their version, with lighting effects, of the popular starship bridge simulator game, Artemis! A co-op starship sim for up to six crew members.The Writers Block will host reading and signings by some of our attending authors, and have selected books for sale. Paint 'n Take
FRIDAY5:00:00 PMSAR LessonsEditors, Publishers, and Readers-- What Rules to Break and Which Don't ApplyHow To Be Civilized OnlineSo This Is Your First PenguiconWhy Webcomics?Basic Skills for Working with ElectronicsTime ManagementHow to Choose the Best Emoji For Every Situation
FRIDAY6:00:00 PMWhose Geek Are You Anyway?OPENING CEREMONIES
Social Media for WritersThe Art of Retro GamersLoving Your Cosplay BodyBasic Sewing: Make a PillowIntroverts Social HourGetting Hands on With LinuxSpace Alert Hanabi (Jason Westbrook)Lords of Waterdeep (Steve Benson)
FRIDAY7:00:00 PMOpen Source Martial ArtsGreg Gage, All Hands Active Keynote
Writing Group 101Writing Software For PenguiconImproving Leadership with ITKerbal Space ProgramEditing for your Spouse|Partner|BFF|PetWhen Being 'On' is What People ExpectIntro to ComicsStaying Fit On The GoBoF: Manga 2 AnimeSocial Skills in a Digital AgeIntro to Windows, Skynet EditionPirate Sea ChantiesOpen Demos by BeagleBone, Dangerous Things and All Hands ActiveDangerous Things RFID ImplantationMahjong Descent, 2nd Ed (Jason Westbrook)Spyfall (Jason Sonk)
FRIDAY8:00:00 PMFriendship at the Speed of SoundSo You Want to Write Video Games?Music Parody Performance: Derwood BowenPAM: You're Doing It WrongFinancial PlanningDealing with the ParanormalSet-up and Run Your Own Intelligent Personal AssistantReal-World Pandemic and Deliberate Extinctions: Ending Polio and Guinea WormLGBTQ* Alphabet SoupFirearms and LawMy Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicSo Fresh, (Not) So Clean; Getting Dirty Making SoapTips and Tricks for CatwaxingUbuntu Michigan 16.04 Release PartyOpen Linux Computer Lab (Unconference)Rathbone Vs Everybody Tokaido (Steve Benson)Pandemic (Sara Castle)The Big Book Of Madness (Jason Sonk)
FRIDAY9:00:00 PMIntro to Big Data ToolsRope Basics: The Bedroom & BeyondThe Dark Web Big ThreeEric S. Raymond "Ask Me Anything!"Ethics of Raising Children While Participating in the BDSM CommunityBDSM: An Introduction to KinkHistory in Speculative Fiction (and Other Literature)Sleeping on the Job: Why (and How) to Catch That Daytime NapPoetry Starter KitAnatomy of a Sewing MachineLN2 Welcome Back Ice CreamDIY Time Travel Part 2Guest of Honor Social HourPack 'O Game
FRIDAY10:00:00 PMImpact Play: For BeginnersFlirting for GeeksThe ZFS File SystemPrimal: Understanding Yourself & Your Role in the Kink CommunityLive Podcast: Getting Drunk with Shannon & MaggieDemonLobster.com presents: Sanity Claws Radio LiveMidwest Mash: Whiskies of the Great LakesConChair Dunk TankWerewolf Arkham Horror Learn To Play Back To The FutureUnpublished Prototype: MirageZombiecide: Black Plague (Jason Sonk)
FRIDAY11:00:00 PMRope for Decoration and RestraintLN2 After Hours I Ice CreamRetro ConChair Dunk Tank
SATURDAY12:00:00 AMHakosotOne Night Werewolf (Sara Castle)The Quiet Year (Jason Sonk)
SATURDAY8:00:00 AMJAC3D G33K Fitness Bootcamp
SATURDAY9:00:00 AMThis is a quiet space to rest and reset, available all weekend during programming hours.Who Wore It Best: R2D2 vs. BB8Open Linux Computer Lab (Unconference)Lansing Makers Network will be bringing their version, with lighting effects, of the popular starship bridge simulator game, Artemis! A co-op starship sim for up to six crew members.Hands on Soldering and Embedded Programming with All Hands Active
SATURDAY10:00:00 AMGeeks with Guns Virtual RangeTopicHero for Topic HeroesManager or Leader? Running a Technical TeamNetworking for Awkward PeopleNavigation Strategies for a Career in ITThe Pre-Production Process for Films: Where It All Comes TogetherLSDj n' U! A How-To Track and Perform Live with Chiptunes!First Things First: Story Titles Intro to Needle FeltingIntro to OpenBSDHow to Poison Your Muse: The Toxic Twins of Talent and ArtCosplay 101Build Your Own Satellite!Webcomics 101: Self PromotionHow to Program Infinite LoopsHands on Python for Everything and EverybodyBackyard Brains Demo #1
SATURDAY11:00:00 AMThe Future of BiohackingOverthrow the Trichromatocracy: Making Color-blind Friendly UIsFedora RoadmapIntro to PodcastingScreen Writing TipsDIY Electric Car EditionNetworking for Systems AdministratorsFlash Comics!The Return of Mary SueBeginning Your Home Music StudioBoF: Deployment and TestingSilicone Casting for Cheap BastardsKeysigning PartyKnitting 101CANCELLED HomebrewingHelium-Filk Sing-AlongHands on Soldering and Embedded Programming with All Hands ActiveJohn Scalzi and Dave KlechaLegendary Encounters
SATURDAY12:00:00 PMBuild Your Own RouterThe Reality and Fiction of Artificial IntelligenceWomen Making Comics in DetroitThe Cars Aren't Flying, But They Are Driving ThemselvesTechnology in EducationRetro Gaming: Come Play!Emulators and EmulationIntro to PythonThe Heroines of Anime Evoking Emotions, Provoking ReadersPoly and KidsFrankenstuffiesUnleash the YeastRaspberry Pi Eating ContestSolar ObservingOpen Linux Computer Lab (Unconference)i3 Vinyl TshirtsChristine Daigle & Stewart SternbergWarlords of the 6 Kingdoms Authentic Pirate Games Abyss
SATURDAY1:00:00 PMKi QigongBringing Sci-Fi into the Everyday: Augmented reality in a Children's HospitalA Writer's LifeFreenet: A Social Approach to PrivacyFinding the Right Social MediaTom Smith ConcertSecurity Principles for ProgrammersIntroduction to Agile/ScrumQ&A With Ann Lemay"Pieces of Eight" Live from Penguicon!Crocheting 101Creature CostumesPenguicon Board MeetingKitchen Hacks 101101 Reasons Words Are HardDangerous Things RFID ImplantationJen Haeger and Mary Lynne GibbsPaint 'n TakeLords of WaterdeepIntro to Android: Netrunner Card GameCodenames
SATURDAY2:00:00 PMIntroduction to Parkour Featuring Phoenix Freerunning AcademyBusiness Class Networking on a Home BudgetRapid Prototyping on the Android with Tcl/TkUnderstanding & Protecting your Privacy OnlinePupal Writers PanelSocial Media Entertainers Collide Tor: what is it and is it an onion?Raspberry Pi HacksWhere Did the Heroes Go?The Works of MiyazakiComics in the ClassroomIntroduction to Exoplanet Art with the GIMP 1Queer: Identity, Sexuality and BeyondCANCELLED: Vegan Junk Food: Delicious and Not at All NutritiousIf Fictional Characters Cosplayed, What Would They Cosplay As?All Hands Active Embedded SoftwareHands on Soldering and Embedded Programming with All Hands ActiveAlex Kourvo/M.H. Mead and Ferrett SteinmetzDead of Winter
SATURDAY3:00:00 PMWriting the AlienCharacter Problems – What's an Author to Do?Inclusivity and Diversity in TechIntro to MicroservicesJournalism Today The Found Footage Short Film Format: "Haunt Hunters"Fun with Mind ReadingBoF: Doctor WhoCreating Safer SpacesBest Fighting Scenes in AnimeCosplay Hacks Part 1AsteroidDayMake a Cute Penguin Plushie!Baking and Breaking BreadLN2 Guest Flavors Ice CreamThe Benefits of Owning a Pet RockDemo Build of the Single-Chip Space Invader SynthMichael Cieslak and Nicole CastleKalidasia Fleet Commander Order of the WandTicket To Ride Betrayal at House on the Hill
SATURDAY4:00:00 PMBody PaintingHow Will Technology Change Society?Finding an AgentConclave 40 Feedback and AnnouncementsCostume Contest MusterWriting Fast and SlowEncrypted Backups with TarsnapBoF: SherlockData Analysis using PythonParty PlanningWebcomics 101: Characters & StorySexual SafetyTastes that Taste Great TogetherWorkshop: Turning It Off and On AgainOpen Linux Computer Lab (Unconference)Cindy Spencer Pape
SATURDAY5:00:00 PMInternet Security for the Lay GeekCostume ContestBoF: Star Wars
The Golden Girls of Tech on T.V.
Acts of Shameless Self-PromotionComics and the Movies Review!The Lighter Side of PolySurviving a Nuclear HolocaustForget About Operating System, is the Type of Chip Architecture Still Relevant?ConFusion ConCom MeetingCANCELLED: Easy and Cheap: Healthy Meatless MealsPluto: Planet or Not? Grand Circus' Traveling Circus: Intro to CodingHackforge DemoChristopher Purrett and Merrie HaskellD&D 5E 3d Print and PlayUnpublished Prototype: TerracosmStar Trek Five-Year Mission With Mini ExpansionsQuantumHey, That's My Fish!Splendor
SATURDAY6:00:00 PMBiohacking 101Diversity in Geek Media Ann Leckie ReadingThe Smithee AwardsDragons, Demons, and the LaundryArtificial Intelligence in AnimeSo You Want to Get a Degree in Comics?The 10 Commandments of NetworkingUnsexy Code BoFLN2 Winter Root VegetablesBackyard Brains Demo #2Paul Kemner and Jon DavidCodenames
SATURDAY7:00:00 PMIntroduction to Blues DancingCreative DestructionLove Hacked? 36 Questions That May Change Your LifeThe Different Philosophies of AnimeTips for Submitting to Film Festivals Hamilton the Musical Sing-A-LongWriting WorkshopCryptozoology and the Paranormal in the Great LakesPython Code Walk-ThroughSirius: The Open Source Intelligent Personal AssistantIntroduction to Exoplanet Art with the GIMP 2The Tech Behind Asteroid MiningLearn to Cross-Stitch BoF: Murder She WrotePirate Sea ChantiesLab ClosedHands on Soldering and Embedded Programming with All Hands ActiveMichael W. Lucas and Ken MacGregorLearn To Play Dominion Learn To Play Dominion Gravwell Salem/Deception: Murder In Hong Kong
SATURDAY8:00:00 PMLiterary FilkGeek Girls Are Here to StayHow To Actually RelaxWebcomics 101: LogisticsSinclair ZX ComputersGeek Cred: How to Be a Better GeekPolyamory 201Speak Your WordsPirate Rum History TastingHow Many Programmers Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?Geon's Mean Green Dancing Robosapien MachinesOpen Linux Computer Lab (Unconference)Tobias S. Buckell and Mark OshiroDead of WinterStar Wars: Imperial Assault
SATURDAY9:00:00 PMGEEK PROM Erotica in Speculative FictionSF/F MadlibsMake a Set of EarringsElectrifying Sex: From Quack to Kink20 Years of PokemonThe Art of NegotiatingStory RoundtablingHow To Not Draw ComicsTaste My PickleMark Reads The PhonebookNight Sky ObservingEverything and Anything with BeagleBoneLearn To Play 7 Wonders Alhambra Dice GameSherriff of Nottingham
SATURDAY10:00:00 PMEthical DatingS&M AMASo, What's This "Age Play" Thing Anyway?Polyamory and KinkOpen KinkMark Reads After DarkDemonLobster.com Presents: History of the CocktailJolt, And Other Highly Caffeinated Beverages We Have Loved
SATURDAY11:00:00 PMLN2 After Hours II Ice CreamThe Chaos Machine, BDSM, and You
SUNDAY12:00:00 AM
SUNDAY8:00:00 AMSunday Morning Linux Review
SUNDAY9:00:00 AM
SUNDAY10:00:00 AMEngineer's Guide to Self DefenseTools for Outlines: M.I.C.E., The Three Act StructureHow NTP WorksA Look at LibreOffice BaseWriting RisksIntro to Video for Social MediaOpen Source Maker AppsGender and Geek CultureIs It Necessary to Unplug to Unwind?DemonLobster.com presents: 8 Player Super Smash Bros for the WiiUSelf-Publishing 2016Meta-Level ScienceEverything You Ever Wanted To Know About Traditional PrintmakingThis is a quiet space to rest and reset, available all weekend during programming hours.Writing Workshop: Choose Your Own Adventure Epic FantasyOpen Linux Computer Lab (Unconference)Lansing Makers Network will be bringing their version, with lighting effects, of the popular starship bridge simulator game, Artemis! A co-op starship sim for up to six crew members.Hands on Soldering and Embedded Programming with All Hands ActiveDangerous Things RFID ImplantationQuatern and Exquisite Corpse Machine 3
SUNDAY11:00:00 AMWhat Have You Read?Crowd- and Alternatively Funding Your CareerPhish Your EmployeesIT Road Warrior: The Art of Being MobileLGBTQ identitiesDIY Electric Car Edition 2CANCELLED: Wearable Computing: Technology You Can Stitch Right InPenguicon 2017 Planning MeetingCathrynne Valente readingChanging Demographics of Comics ReadersLife-ing Your GameLN2 Sunday Brunch Ice CreamDIY Time Travel Part 1Kerbal Space Build-OffThe Continuing Penguicon Robot BuildMarie StaverEuphoria Ca$h 'n' Gun$
SUNDAY12:00:00 PMScarf FightingThe Family That Games TogetherSelf-Editing ToolsContinuous Delivery: Fast, Painless Software DeploymentBSD Operating Systems in 2016Star Wars: Bane or Boon?Neurable: The Next Evolution of Brain-Computer InterfacesSecurity Principles for Systems AdministratorsComic vs. MangaRaising Kind and Conscious KidsBackcountry CampingBoF: Media CreatorsBetter Filesystems with BtrfsPreserving the SummerCharity Event: 3D Print Your Own Flying Penguin WingsEmmy Jackson and David Erik NelsonCoup
SUNDAY1:00:00 PMThe Most Useful TropesBeing "Scene": Lighting for Small Presentations and EventsSoftware PatentsPost CapitalismPowerPoint ImprovVideo shortsIntro to Azure Machine Learning: Predict Who Survives the TitanicComics JamCosplay Hacks Part 2E-Nable UpdateBoF: Favorite/Dropped AnimeCANCELLED: Basic Design Criteria for 3D-Printed FirearmsBoF: What Will Penguicon Look Like in 2020?Let's Eat Weeds!Wil Wheaton Papier Mache ContestGeon's Mean Green Dancing Robosapien MachinesOpen Linux Computer Lab (Unconference)Rosemary Van Deuren and Clarence "Zig Zag Claybourne" YoungPaint 'n TakeAlien Frontiers Splendor 7 Wonders
SUNDAY2:00:00 PMG33K Atho10n 2.0Accessible UI/UX DesignMechanics of Magic in Fantasy & SFSharing an Oral History: The Art of Verbal StorytellingMaking Moodle: From Community to CodeSenior Sysadmins PanelTeens of the WastelandBoF: System & Network Ops AnonymousSimple Python Mobile Web AppBeyond the BinaryInfluence of Anime in MediaFurries!CANCELLED: Eat Like a PirateCuneiform: the Beginning of FORTRANGrand Circus' Traveling Circus: Intro to CodingHands on Soldering and Embedded Programming with All Hands Active
SUNDAY3:00:00 PMEryndor DagorhirFree/Open DemocracyThe Trials and Tribulations of the Artist Lifestyle Year 3The Correctness ProblemThe 10 Commandments of Job SearchTeach Your Grandmother to Suck EggsFarewell to the Hackerspace
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