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Check out how BCPS Teachers use Twitter
Check out both sheets to get some ideas about how to use Twitter in your classroom. Just click on the "Future Use" tab to read more!

I created a twitter account for the media center.Lisa NicholsValdese Elementary
I am using this challenge to tell the story of my classroom this year. We have shared pictures of real estate math and technology use in the classroom. I followed BCPS and browsed their followers to find fellow BCPS educators to follow.
I will continue to use Twitter throughout the year to share the exciting things we are doing in the classroom.
Lori OsborneGlen Alpine Elementary
I started a twitter account.Jessica RevillaGlen Alpine Elementary
posting every day activitiesStacy CostnerChesterfield Elementary
GA has been using Twitter since last year to communicate to the public the awesome learning coming on at GA such as Digital Learning Day!

My staff is now using it to communicate to their parents and our community what is going on in their classrooms.
Jennifer HawkinsGlen Alpine Elementary
Setup a class page #hmscomputers. I linked #ewolfhope, @jenniferlagarde, @mcdh109 and @RahRahRules. I hope to link it to my Canvas class for class rewards and updates.Stephanie EggersHeritage Middle
I used this to set up a class twitter page and I plan on using it to let everyone know what is going on in my classroom.Olivia ValkHeritage Middle
twitted QR codes being used in the classroom.Lisa ScottForest Hill Elementary
I am posting things that are going on in our classroom.Christy BakerValdese Elementary
I tweeted about some things going on in our 7th grade Energy and the Environment classes and my 6th Grade Design and Modeling class.Kim AielloEast Burke Middle
I decided to open up a classroom twitter account (after I had clearance from the burke county tech forms cleared) so I might be able to tell the story of our class this year.Laura BaileyForest Hill Elementary
Created a twitter page for our media center, followed our school's twitter account (now they're following me!), got other teachers inspired to start using twitter and started following them as well.Amanda HighleyForest Hill Elementary
Tweeting exciting news taking place in the classroom and school!Stormi BinghamValdese Elementary
I have joined twitter to be able to reach out to education experts. I am following class dojo, Osmo, daily five, 3rd grade teachers, etc.Brandy MoodyHildebran Elementary
I have created a Twitter account, am following 10 educators and have posted several pictures of my class.Lisa McKeeGlen Alpine Elementary
I joined Twitter and set up my account. I even found my childhood friend that I haven't spoken to in years:) She was not on Facebook- but I saw her on Twitter- imagine:) I have 16 connections already. I am linked to both of my own children's schools accounts to keep up with what is going on in there school and class. I was able to tweet a couple of messages!Carol HicksForest Hill Elementary
I created a Twitter account for my first Grade class. I tweeted about our Forces and Motion activity: Creating Marshmallow Poppers. Karen BreedloveForest Hill Elementary
Tweeted about using Osmo in the media center.Rebecca GloverGlen Alpine Elementary
I have been using Twitter more since our Saturday Cohort meeting on September 19. I follow several BCPS as well as Library Girl and Edutopia.Susan McGeeDraughn High
I use Twitter as a way to communicate positive happenings in my classroom with parents and the larger community.Laura HortonChesterfield Elementary
Tweeted about our Goose Chase.Tracie LailEast Burke Middle
I have had a class Twitter account for two years. Students tweet things we are doing in class. I also follow several educators and education groups to get daily ideas and inspiration!Cyndi ChildersEast Burke Middle
I began a Twitter account for Arpeggio, the music puppet that I use in class. He helps the kids discover their singing voices; encourages the shy or troubled; and helps with classroom behaviors by just looking straight at a student with his kind but wide open eyes. Relieves the tension. Students will participate in class just for a chance to be included in one of Arpeggios tweets!Linda ThwingGlen Alpine Elementary
Created a clasroom twitter account for the singular purpose of class activities, news and posts.Denise R. CooperValdese Elementary
I set up a classroom account and tweeted about a notebook my kids are completing. I am also following several teacher accounts.Teresa PruittValdese Elementary
I created a Twitter account and posted videos of different things my students have been working on. 3rd graders have been working on a PTO performance, so I posted a video of them playing one of their pieces. 5th graders have been creating iMovies, so I posted a video of a group's movie.Brittany SchaferValdese Elementary
With the Twitter Challenge I created a Twitter Account for my classroom. I started by using the account to Tweet about our recent unit centered around a Junior Great Book Story: Chestnut Pudding. In this Iroquois Folktale, a chestnut tree gives life through its magical chestnuts to a special grandmother and her son.
As we read, the children had questions about chestnuts, so we continued our research by completing a non-fiction reading passage found on The children were fascinated about the scientific research being done to save the American Chestnut Tree. They were surprised to find out that The American Chestnut Foundation is right here in North Carolina!
One of our students found that during World War II Anne Frank had a special connection to a chestnut tree located outside the window of her family’s hideout in Amsterdam. We enjoyed reading two great stories about Anne and her beloved chestnut tree. Our continued research lead us to find all of the locations in the United States where saplings of Anne Franks Tree have been planted to help us remember to see the good in the world.
Through Twitter we have connected with 1)The American Chestnut Foundation to see locations of REAL American Chestnut Trees and learn about new research and 2)#AnneFrankTree to see real time photos of the new saplings being planted.
Casey SeeversForest Hill Elementary
To post what fun and exciting things we are working on in and outside of class! I also used this challenge to find new people to follow! Kayle McDanielLiberty Middle
Tweeted projects to showcase my wonderful studentsElise HembreeWA Young Elementary
Created a Twitter page to share information/pictures with parents and colleagues and to gain information from fellow educators. Lauren WhitsonValdese Elementary
I am following several educators and education sites along with NPR.Robin ArneyHeritage Middle
We just had a pumpkin decorating contest at school and I shared my retweeted my pumpkin. THen I shared that tweet via email with all my parents as well as on my Facebook page. I encouraged all my parents to join twitter and to follow our class's twitter feed.Crystal StephensValdese Elementary
I created a Twitter account to show the cool things happening in the media center and to follow other awesome educators.Christel HirschLiberty Middle
To set up Twitter and learn how to use itTonya CozortValdese Elementary
I use the challenge to connect and keep in touch with other educators and parents.Billie Jo DealValdese Elementary
Created a Twitter account, followed educators, and allowed students to follow me. I am using my Twitter account to post updates about class, Science Olympiad, and Science Fiction Book Club. Yay!Nancy EpleyFreedom High
I used this challenge in order to delve deeper into Twitter and learn more about how it can be used in my classroom.Holly ThomasValdese Elementary
I used this to show my students how to show their parents to follow our school's twitter account to vote for our class pumpkin.Monique St. LouisValdese Elementary
I created a twitter account @2morrowsfuture, followed more than 10 educators based on their hastags (#5thgradeteacher, #mathteacher), I then tweeted a picture of my students using their one to one devices. I also sent home my hashtag in my newsletter so parents could follow me. Anna LowmanValdese Elementary
I Tweeted out the pictures of the special snack I made for staff at Halloween and I am creating a social positive social presence for my school and teachers!Leicha SanMiguelForest Hill Elementary
I learned more about my Twitter account and to create a PLC. I will follow #burkecoschools.Lisa FoyDraughn High
I've made a twitter handle and am going to use it to teach about globalization. I've also got some parents on board and use it as a tool for extra resources and current events. #quaidsscienceclass #quaidshistoryclass #41000yearsold @mcquaidsclass Mike McQuaidHeritage Middle
Keeping up to date with happening in classrooms, districts and country.Pam BarrierRay Childers Elementary
Learn how to use Twitter as a communication tool in my class.Stephanie MullRutherford College Elementary
I tweeted how my kids are using Mac Books in my classroom. I also shared my staff how I have implemented this during a staff meeting.Gretchen ReissDrexel Elementary
Our principal initiated the activity.Leigh Ann BlissRutherford College Elementary
I learned how to post and tweet. I gave my parents my acct name so they could follow me.Marilee MauserRutherford College Elementary
I am using Twitter to showcase great things that are happening in the Media Center. Holly RussRutherford College Elementary
Communicating with other educatorsElizabeth HollerHildebran Elementary
I have posted about Rachel Freundlich and her whole brain teaching which is awesome and my class using BridgesDrexel Elementary
I began following several educators that I look to for resources. Kimberley S. BoughmanDrexel Elementary
I created a twitter account to use for work purposesDawn DellingerDrexel Elementary
Set up my media tweeter account and then added feed to my Media Webpage and tweeting Tina StephensRay Childers Elementary
I created a Twitter account for my classroom, Mrs. Roark's Class @RoarksReef. I have 19 Following and 14 Followers to date. I have posted pictures with information about what we are doing in our classroom. I also learned a little more about hashtags.Stephanie RoarkForest Hill Elementary
we completed the PD twitter on NCDPI - We set up accounts and tweetedLisa DaleRutherford College Elementary
I use it weekly to keep parents connected to our school. Daniel WallIcard Elementary
Participated in challenge at principals' meetingTerry PenlandGeorge Hildebrand Elementary
To further use twitter in my schoolRob GregoryOak Hill Elementary
Education news, Education trends and updatesShanda EpleyChesterfield Elementary
“With the Twitter Challenge I created a Twitter Account for my Patton Swim team. When we are out of school or after a meet this is the way I let them know when practice is.Kristan ErwinForest Hill Elementary
I have connected to our BCPS twitter account and also I have connected with several reading twitter accounts. Angela HappoldtMull Elementary
Followed other educators, christian leaders and friends. Posted how our students are using Kahoot on our BOB team.Tonya SmithIcard Elementary
I used Twitter to send pictures of my students doing classroom projects.Megan SummersChesterfield Elementary
I created a Twitter account to use within my classroom and also to communicate with other educators.Tina BrittainGeorge Hildebrand Elementary
I used this challenge to create a personal twitter account. I may create a classroom twitter to use with students and parents. Christina DietrichIcard Elementary
I sent up an inspirational twitter account so that I can quickly post encouraging messages and information about our counseling program at Icard.Lillian ModakIcard Elementary
I created a Twitter account for NLS Media Center in order to communicate with other educators and other Media Centers.Debbie ChristianNorth Liberty
As part of our opening activities this year, all Mountain Crest faculty and staff were sent on a scavenger hunt in an attempt to familiarize ourselves with county personnel and with Twitter.Lynn MullMountain Crest Elementary
I am using the challenge to become a part of the Twitter Community. Michelle ToweryDrexel Elementary
I set up a Twitter account for our school and for our media center! I use Twitter to share with parents and community members the exciting learning experiences that take place in the Media Center! Amanda WashburnGeorge Hildebrand Elementary
I tweeted my start of the PD challenge and that my students were coming back. Shawn HodgesGeorge Hildebrand Elementary
To start a School and Media Center Twitter feedMadeline BenfieldHildebran Elementary
I made a post in twitterJennifer CameronChesterfield Elementary
I set up my "school" twitter account. I added a photo. I followed 10+ educators and/or schools. I twitted about a website (MobyMax) that my EC kids are using and are enjoying.Tonya BaileyIcard Elementary
I tweeted a positive comment about the school day and one about taking the #pdchallenge.Holly RamseyChesterfield Elementary
I use Twitter to share the learning happening in my classroom.Laura HortonChesterfield Elementary
I used the challenge to share what students are creating and accomplishing in our classes.Steven RoarkTable Rock Middle
I tweeted #pdchallenge "I've taken the challenge"
I am following several educators and educational sites (Discovery Education, Edutopia, etc.)
Angel BarnsbackLiberty Middle
I used this challenge to join twitter and share whats going on in my classroom.Jonie DanielsChesterfield Elementary
I followed many organizations that I am a member of (NAfME, NMCEA, AOSA) and many teachers. This will give me access to other classrooms and ideas that other teachers are sharing.Valerie CoffeyMountain Crest Elementary
I created it for my classroom to post ideas to teachers around our area! Breanna CarpenterChesterfield Elementary
**I used the challenge to follow different educatorsMelanie RambarranIcard Elementary
I use twitter to follow several prominent educators as well as BCPS and #bestatthecrest. I have and will use twitter to brag on my kiddos-confidentially, of course!Karen PhillipsMountain Crest Elementary
I tweet out great things happening in our school. Karen AutonDrexel Elementary
Our grade level created a hashtag that we will use on Twitter to share pictures of our students learning with parents and staff at school. #kinderpiratesCaron WeidnerRay Childers Elementary
Our grade level created a hashtag to use on twitter to share pictures of our classroom learning.Paula LambertRay Childers Elementary
I retweeted an article from @WeAreTeachersErin WallDrexel Elementary
I completed the challenge by tweeting about our NCTies 2016 project and how its coming along with sharing resources and sharing many things with teachers of things they can use in their classrooms. Garrett MooreEast Burke Middle
I used the twitter challenge to share the ideas and concepts that I have been using in my classroom. I have also used it to promote my classroom and all of the fun and exciting things we are doing. Taylor BeachDrexel Elementary
Communicating to our parents and community what we are doing in our classroom. Whitney HarbisonDrexel Elementary
To communicate with parents about fun activities at our school. Amanda PowellDrexel Elementary
I use Twitter to share exciting things going on in my classroom!Emily SloneDrexel Elementary
To communicate with parents what is going on in the classroom.Shyrl StainbackDrexel Elementary
I have tweeted about several class activities, including Digital Learning Day.Rebecca OlivoDrexel Elementary
To share that Chris White from Foothills Weather Network came to share weather information with 2nd grade at Drexel.Lynn Nelson-LindsayDrexel Elementary
I took pictures of my class doing Kahoot. They were so excited so I tweeted about it.Laura WoodyDrexel Elementary
I used Twitter to highlight my students doing coding during science class.Cindy GrindstaffWA Young Elementary
- To share what's going on in my classroom.
- Connect and follow other teachers
Margaret MarriottChesterfield Elementary
Twitter in the Classroom
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