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ALL SESSION ONE WORKSHOPS 8:30-9:45 Scroll down to view all options on each tab. Please use the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to view workshop options for other sessions. Workshops are listed alphabetically by title on each tab. Some workshops may be offered more than once; check tabs at bottom to determine other times a specific workshop may be available.
Target Grade Span(s)Workshop TitleLocationWorkshop FormatWorkshop DescriptionPresenter Name(s) and Position(s)District or Organization
PK-123D Printing in the ClassroomRoberts 101Hands-on3D printing is steadily growing in all industries with every sector of the economy feeling its impact. By introducing and teaching 3D printing in the classroom, we can give our students a head start in this exciting new industry. Teachers will learn the basics of 3D printing and how to incorporate it in all subjects. We will explore the Flash Forge printer and be introduced to Tinkercad, Sculptgl and Selva, which are basic design programs. A laptop is required for this workshop.RichardReichenbachK-8 Art TeacherRSU 74
PK-2A Look at Jolly Phonics Year 1EdCenter 107Discussion/InteractiveWe will look at how Jolly Phonics has changed our teachers and the effect it has had on our students. We will share our experiences as we work through year one and how it has affected student growth by sharing pre and post data. (Note: Jolly Phonics is an affordable for-purchase program.)AndreaPalmerGrade 1Amy Gammon, Libby Irish - Grade 1 Teachers RSU 56
PK-12Administering Running RecordsEdCenter 111Discussion/InteractiveIn this session, participants will receive an overview of how running records are used in the classroom. Topics will include why we use them, when we use them, as well as standard conventions used while completing them. Participants will be given the opportunity to practice completing running records themselves. An additional workshop, Analyzing Running Records to Inform Instruction, will be offered in the session following this one. DanielleGauthierK-8 Literacy Coach RSU 4
9-12Archival Research in the History ClassroomEdCenter 240Presentation with Q&AThe presentation will focus on the impact of local archival research in the classroom. The focus of this presentation will show how we can connect our community to the history classroom utilizing local resources such as the historical society. LukeHartwellUS History 2 Teacher, American Government TeacherMSAD 59
3-5Better than Google: Digital Maine Library for ElementaryEdCenter 103Hands-onWhen students research in your classroom, are you tired of them finding garbage on Google? Would you love to have a better place to send them to search? You need the Digital Maine Library, where content is curated for your students, easy to use, and fully integrated with Google Drive and Classroom. Learn to use these free tools and take time to explore the resources with your colleagues. AmyRyderDistrict LibrarianKerry Brenner, Library Ed TechRSU 73
9-12Bundling and Assessing Standards in ScienceEdCenter 006Presentation with Q&AExamples of projects and activities will be used to demonstrate how to bundle and assess standards. Life science will be used as an example, but method may be applied in other disciplines. Task specific rubrics and formative assessment strategies will be examined. Bring your computer and curriculum. Participants can bring their own strategies to address and assess the standards.PaulThompsonHigh School Science TeacherRSU 74
PK-12Choose Your Own Adventure - Make This Time Slot Work for You!Student Center South Dining Hall Do you...not see any sessions that meet your needs,need time to collaborate with others, need time to process some new learning you've just heard, need time to do work? Then feel free to join other PK-12 educators to make this session yours!
6-8Classroom Management in a Middle School SettingRoberts 305Presentation with Q&AConsistency is key for students to gain behavioral, social and academic success in school. We hope to offer some insight into what we have tried and use in our own classrooms to create an inviting and successful learning environment for students. StaceyGilbert6-8 ELA TeacherLisa Hutchins, 3rd Grade TeacherRSU 56
PK-2, 3-5, 6-8Conferring Conversations with WritersTechnology Commons Fusion 101Discussion/InteractiveIt's important to understand the components of an effective writing conference to lift the writer's thinking. Come and learn how each component follows a predictable path. We will unpack the teacher's role as well as the student's role! Open to any educator who engages in conferring conversations with writers! KarenMathieuLiteracy CoachRSU 4
PK-12Creating a Project or Task Based Learning Activity Roberts 003Hands-onMany teachers recognize a need for project or task based activities in their classrooms, but they struggle to find or create resources to help implement this. This session will provide tips and resources to help teachers find and create their own project or task based activities and will walk them through the process of creating one. Teachers will leave with an activity planned for at least one of their classes. MaggieHutchinsonHigh School Math TeacherRSU 56
PK-2Curriculum and Assessment in Public School Pre-K ProgramsEdCenter 110Discussion/InteractiveThis session will provide Pre-K teachers (and any other interested educators) an opportunity to discuss curriculum and assessments practices in Public Pre-K programs. Topics will include, but not limited to, choosing a curriculum for a 2-day a week program vs. a 4/5-day a week program and different assessments used and when. This session is meant to be a discussion opportunity, as well as an opportunity to provide resources and recommendations! SarahBurnettePre-K TeacherRSU 10
PK-2, 3-5Enacting Two of NCTM's Math PracticesEdCenter 114Discussion/InteractiveWe will explore two of National Council for Teachers of Mathematics 8 Mathematical Practices using a video of a third grade class, excerpts from Principles to Action, discussion, and our own math work. We will focus on fostering meaningful mathematical discussions and posing purposeful questions. DebbieWithamK-5 Math CoachRSU 4
PK-12Evidenced Based Classroom Management Practices Preble 117 (Thomas Auditorium)Presentation with Q&AEffective classroom management supports prosocial student behavior, efficient academic instruction, and improved teacher efficacy. This presentation provides the latest evidence-based K-12 classroom management strategies to support positive student behavior. Participants will leave with practical strategies for organizing classrooms, supporting students with meeting behavioral expectations, providing feedback to students, and responding to challenging behavior. BrianCavanaughBehavioral ConsultantClarissa Fish, Director of Special ServicesRSU 10
6-8, 9-12First Steps to Foster LGBT+ Friendly SchoolsRicker 116Discussion/InteractiveCome and join a friendly discussion of best practices to support LGBT students and build safe spaces in our schools.AnthonyFeldpauschSocial Studies TeacherMelissa Audy, English Teacher; Susanne MacArthur, GLESNRSU 9
PK-12Formative Assessment, Google Forms and BeyondRoberts 103Hands-onConsistently used formative assessments should take just a few minutes, 5 key questions and done. Using Google Forms makes it easy. Join me and I will show you the fun easy way to get your students responding to their learning. Participants will need a device with access to Google for this session.TomPelletierTechRSU 4
PK-12Gifted 101: Myths About Gifted EducationRoberts 001Discussion/InteractiveIn this presentation we cover commonly held myths about gifted education. Do you wonder if a child in your class/school is gifted? Do you want to know what the laws are around gifted education? These questions will be addressed, so drop in!SusanBoyce-CormierEducational Consultant Educational Consultant in Gifted Education
PK-12Happy Teachers Practice Self-CareStudent Center LandingDiscussion/Interactive"Secure your own oxygen mask before assisting children with theirs." If you've ever traveled, you may have heard this phrase. As educators who work with children from all walks of life, how can we find solutions to dealing with stress, so that we can not only function, but thrive, feel happier, and be refreshed and ready to help our students? This workshop will help teachers and anyone who works in schools learn how and why to practice self-care. Katie HallK-12 LibrarianRSU 74
PK-12How Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Impact Your Classroom Student Center North Dining Hall A & BPresentation with Q&AMany districts are looking at trauma-informed practices. The information is, frankly, disheartening and can be rough to process. This session will investigate the impact of ACES on students, staff, and schools, and steps you can take right now to make things better. RachelBuckHS Alternative Ed TeacherRSU 56
6-8How Aquaponics Empowers Students in an Alt Ed ProgramPreble 112Discussion/InteractiveJulie Wallace will share how she uses aquaponics and career exploration to motivate students in the MSAD 59 alternative education program. Current students in the program are growing food for our school lunch program. Aquaponics can be a powerful tool in helping students to develop the skills needed in order to meet the Guiding Principles. Participants will learn the basics of aquaponics and an overview of how it might be used in your classrooms.JulieWallaceMiddle School Alt Ed TeacherMSAD 59
9-12Implementing Suicide Prevention Lessons & PBEPreble 111Discussion/InteractiveWith almost 20 years experience in the Health Education classroom at both the junior high and high school levels, Karyn will share the importance of suicide prevention lessons. We will discuss the importance and challenges of this topic including what needs to be in place before the lessons are taught, tips and additions, and how to incorporate Maine Learning Results standards. There will be plenty of time available for discussion and questions/answers.KarynBussellGrade 8 and 10 Health TeacherMSAD 59
PK-12Inclusion: I Believe All Children Can LearnRickerAd 205Discussion/InteractiveThis workshop is designed to lay a foundation for building a more inclusive classroom. From students with gifted and talented plans, 504s, IEPs, and behavioral needs, we will work to identify key classroom components that lead to greater success for all students. Inclusion can be successfully implemented, even in the most diverse student populations. Do you believe that all children can learn? I assure you, they can! BethanyMeehan-PoulinResource Room TeacherRSU 56
3-5, 6-8, 9-12Inquiry in the Social Studies ClassroomRoberts 105Discussion/InteractiveAs the world changes faster than we can ever imagine, teachers must equip students with the ability to think on their feet, process new information, and ask great questions. In this session, teachers will leave with over a dozen formative assessments that you can use in your classroom tomorrow that focus on the questions that your students are asking.JoeSchmidtState Social Studies SpecialistMaine Department of Education
6-8Interdisciplinary Study with the Stock MarketRoberts 301Presentation with Q&AIn this session we will explore an interdisciplinary study combining mathematics and social studies. You will learn about a hands-on project that teaches students about the stock market and data research.MatthewDyer8th Grade Math TeacherJason HartwellMSAD 59
3-5, 6-8, 9-12Khan Academy - Uses in the Classroom, NWEA Math, & SAT PrepRoberts 005Hands-onWe will be using Khan Academy as a classroom support for differentiated instruction. We will link students' Math NWEA 2-5 and 6+ Math Test Goals so that students have individualized help in improving their scores. Lastly we will go over the SAT Prep activities in Khan Academy. ScottHallIT ManagerTom Callahan, Cathy McManusRSU 74
PK-2, 3-5Literacy Based Classrooms - How They Work and WhyEdCenter 012Presentation with Q&AWe have been running Literacy Based Classrooms at Spruce Mountain Elementary School for the past five years. This workshop will discuss the data we use to determine eligibility, instructional strategies and programs used and why we feel the Literacy Based Classrooms have been successful for both our students, teachers and Title I staff.ChrisHollingsworthPrincipalWendy Deming, Title I Reading TeacherRSU 73
PK-2, 3-5,PK-5Making and Using QR Codes in the PBE ClassroomEdCenter 112Presentation with Q&ATechnology can be daunting to integrate in the classroom. Come and learn about just one small tool that can be used in many ways in the classroom setting to encourage independence and leverage learning! In this session we will explore some of the basic uses of QR codes in the classroom with a particular focus on how they can be used to individualize learning for students. Come with a computer to create your own QR code!MichelleScribnerGrade 1 TeacherRSU 9
PK-12Motivating Underachieving StudentsRoberts 131 (Lincoln Auditorium)Presentation with Q&AOne of the biggest challenges facing teachers is their underachieving and unmotivated students. Not only are they not learning to their potential, but many of them become classroom discipline problems. What are educators to do? What actions can teachers take to re-engage these learners? How can we motivate students (create the conditions for self-motivation)?MikeMuirEducation StrategistGEAR UP Maine
PK-2, 3-5Nature Education in the Elementary SchoolRoberts 023Presentation with Q&ALearn the benefits of nature based education, the logistics of setting up a program at the elementary school level and see how we're doing it at Meroby. Additional topics covered include the philosophy of forest schools, getting parents and administration on board, taking your curriculum outside, bringing nature inside, teaching routines and procedures, fitting it all in, and how to keep costs down. HeidiFergusonKindergarten Teacher Kristen Giberson, Maggie Corlett - Kindergarten TeachersRSU 10
PK-12Podcasts & Podcasting in the ClassroomRickerAd 202Discussion/InteractiveThis session will explore existing podcasts as a rich information source. A well-produced podcast can be the basis of a lesson or a way to introduce a topic or enrichment. We will also cover producing a podcast. Podcasting in the classroom has its own advantages and challenges. This "new media" form is one that all schools, teachers and students should be open to exploring and utilizing. We will also look at SoundTrap as a specific app; multiple affordable pricing plans are available for the app.JonGrahamTech CoachRSU 4
PK-2Putting It All Together: Reading and Word Work in K-2RickerAd 217Presentation with Q&AIn this session participants will leave with instructional practices and strategies for reading and word work. The session will include: engaging activities to teach and reinforce phonics/word work instruction, specific lessons to teach main idea and details, and using a choice board during reading workshop. The session will also cover strategies for practicing sight words and nonsense words. Materials will be available for the taking.DonnaLapointeGrade 1 TeacherRSU 4
6-8Ravenous Readers: Effective Strategies for Loving Literacy Roberts 107Presentation with Q&AHow do we get kids off their phones and into books? How do we encourage meaningful discussion about literature in a superficial world? At Spruce Mountain Middle School, the ELA team has created a comprehensive program to build a culture of reading and thinking -- while incorporating appropriate technology, too. Check out strategies and resources to help any teacher build a classroom library, engage kids in bookshares, track reading rates, deeply discuss theme and conflict, and celebrate success.JenniferBakerMiddle School ELA and Social Studies TeacherJanet Ventrella, Middle School ELA Teacher; Rachel Toner, Middle School ELA Teacher; Denise Acritelli, Middle School ELA and Social Studies TeacherRSU 73
PK-12Refresher Training on Mandated ReportingEdCenter 319Presentation with Q&AThis session will provide updates and a refresher training on mandated reporting.Emily ChaneyParent Engagement SpecialistFranklin County Children's Task Force
PK-2, 3-5, PK-5Resources for Early Reading DelaysRoberts 207Discussion/InteractiveThe goals of this session include discussing and sharing tools that can be used in identifying performance in basic/early reading skills; sharing sources and/or material with free, quick and valid assessments/interventions; and planning how to administer assessments/interventions. Participants will be able to create a plan, practice measures, have resources for assessment, instruction, and progress monitoring. Please bring any evidence-supported sources or materials you would like to share.JessicaSwanSchool PsychologistRSU 56
9-12Reverse Career Fair: Modeling Project Based LearningPreble 113Discussion/InteractiveThe Reverse Career Fair Project is an example of project based learning focused on career exploration. Students conduct research in the classroom, participate in a career day and job shadowing, and finish with a professional tri fold presentation. StephanyPerkinsJMG Specialist- High SchoolMSAD 59
6-8, 9-12Strategies to Improve Vocabulary InstructionRickerAd 207Discussion/InteractiveTired of traditional, boring vocabulary instruction that requires nothing but memorization of a list? Then come to this session! Heidi will model strategies she employs in her world language classroom to get students physically active while practicing vocabulary. Every subject has content specific vocabulary instruction. Come learn strategies to get students moving while learning. Skills are transferable to any fact-based lesson.HeidiBroomhallHS World Language TeacherRSU 56
PK-12Understanding the Maine Public Employees’ Retirement System Merrill 225 (Nordica Auditorium)Presentation with Q&ADuring the presentation we will discuss when you are eligible to retire, how your pension is calculated, and which payment plans are available. Learn how to make the most out of your pension and take control of your retirement.JakeKenyonRegistered RepresentativeTroy True Agency of Horace Mann
PK-12Using a Green Screen in Your ClassroomTechnology Commons Fusion 104Hands-onIn this session people will learn about using a Green Screen in the classroom for projects, showing “what you learned”, SeeSaw, and much more. We will explore ideas about using a Green Screen in other apps, getting the right back-drop, using cloth vs. paper vs.painted wall or stand. Who can do this? iPad, Chromebook, Win, or Mac users can do all of these things. I will use my iPad and have some iPads to share to explore ideas. AmyTylerTechnology TechnicianRSU 4
PK-12Using Book Creator PK-12 Across the CurriculumRoberts 209BDiscussion/InteractiveThis session will explore Book Creator PK through 12. Samples will be provided for use in ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Unified Arts, and as a staff resource. Hands-on time will be provided to explore, plan and create. Participants will leave with a lesson plan for their own stand alone or collaborative Book Creator project. The App can be used through Chrome Browser on any device. Multiple affordable pricing plans are available for the App. Norma-JeanAudetTechnology CoordinatorRSU 4
3-5, 6-8, 9-12Using Google Forms & Apps for Student Feedback & AssessmentRoberts 201Hands-onLearn how to use your school's Google Apps Suite to provide timely feedback for learning to your students. Also learn what options Google Forms provides for self grading quizzes.JeffBaileyHigh School Technology TeacherRSU 10
6-8, 9-12Using National History Day in Your ClassroomEdCenter 106Presentation with Q&AThis workshop will feature the nuts and the bolts of how to use the National History Day program in your classroom. Teachers will share the benefits of using this extremely engaging, project based research program with students in grades 6-12. The student product choices of performance, research papers, exhibits, web sites, and documentaries will be explored. Participants will be engaged in discussions about National History Day with teachers who have used this program in their classrooms. CrystalPolkReading and Social Studies Teacher, 6-8Wendy Morrill, English Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher, Drama and Public Speaking Coach, 5-8RSU 58
6-8, 9-12Vaping - The New AddictionStudent Center North Dining Hall C Presentation with Q&AVaping is happening in our schools and communities with easy access for students. What do you need to know and how can we start prevention now? An overview of current substance use trends in youth, how to recognize use, how vaping products are priming young brains for addiction for other substances, and tips for educators on how to talk to youth will be shared.KatLemieuxCommunity EducatorFranklin Community Health Network
6-8, 9-12Willpower-Inspiration Through Perspiration: A High Intensity Strength Program EdCenter 113Presentation with Q&AIn this session, a high intensity strength program that uses the weight room as a vehicle to build youths with strong character as well as strong bodies will be shared.JackKaplan9-12 P.E./HealthRSU 74