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Resource TypeTitleNumber of CopiesAuthorDescription
BinderAct 28 19951Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaThis manuel contains some aspects of regulations from Service Systems which apply to Act 28--Neglect of Care Dependent Person. It deals with individuals 18 years of age and above due to physical or cognitive disabilities or impairment. 
BinderAdvocates Manuel for Negotiatiing the SSI and SSDI Programs 20001Association for Community AdvocacyThis manuel includes information on disability eligibility, noncitizen eligibility; finacial eligibility for SSI Medicaid and Medicare; representative payees; SSI check amounts; overpayments; due process, how working affects benefits and other work related charts, forms and worksheets
BinderCommonwealth of PA ADA Guidelines '88-'971
BinderCommonwealth of PE Early Intervention Guidelines '921
Binder Community Resource Center Rental/Loan Agreement1The Arc of PennsylvaniaA permission form designed to use the Community Resource Room and materials which may not be taken from the room without permission.
BinderCollective Advocacy Resource Book (2001-2002)1Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities CouncilThis resource manuel includes everything including deciding which advocacy actions should be taken; State Agencies ;Legislative and State Budget Process, Networking, Advocacy with Local Government; Media & Advocacy; Grant Writing & Foundations
BinderGraduating to Independence (1996)1SSIA Manuel for young people with disabilities that includes speech messages, fact sheets, success stories.  Missing videotape.  Computer discs very old. 
BinderDental Training Manuel  (2 training manuels with DVD's)2NE Pa Health Care Qualithy UnitThese training materials include a DVD and self study packets on oral Health. This information is intended for providers and  to increase awareness and the importance of good oral health, the types of dental diseases and the consequences of poor oral health.
BinderDPW Planning Retreat 19961
BinderDPW Planning Retreat 20001
Binder/Small packetFire Safety for Wheelchair Users at Work and at Home1United Spinal AssociationResource guide on fire safety for individuals that use wheelchairs for mobility.
BinderHand Outs in Education (2003)1This manuel has a lot of information, including the right to education, Self Determination, information from HEATH and career opportunities; NCSET on teaching social skills; Self Determination for middle and high school students; what families need to know about transisiton; a guide to extended school year services (2003); a parents guide for preschool children;LRE--mainstreaming, integration and inclusion which is it; elements of a legal and sufficient IEP. Advocacy training; assistive technology in the IEP.
BinderHistorical Special Education Resource - Federal and State including Laws, Regulations & Standards(1973)1Materials made possible by a mini-grant awarded to the ARC of Luzerne CountyIncludes Constitution, Laws regarding education of handicapped, rehabilitaation, vocational education amendments, Constitution of Pennsylvania regarding Public Schools, curriculum vocational, special education consent, right ot education. Basic Education Circular PDE's LRE requirements.
BinderIDEA and Federal Regulations (1999)1Department of EducationFederal Rules and Regulations of 1999 Index for IDEA
BinderIDEA Regulations (2006)1Department of EducationThis is a manuel addressing the 2006 update on all regulations regarding disabilities. It includes a table of contents covering everything from the Act to Homeless children Inclusion, family service plans, secondary school, supplemental aids and services, LRE; FAPE;complaint procedures;grants; educational agency eligigility; evaluations and reevaluations, children with specific learning disabilities, IEP; monitoring, due process for parents and children; discipline procedures, confidentiality, reports, allotments, grants and use of funds, preschool grants for children with disabilities. A volume of information regarding regulations.
BinderIEP--Writing Effective Goals for IPE's (1997)1The ArcLegal Milestones from 1954 to 1997 regarding children with disabilities. Progress monitoring and collaboration as a team effort. A good resource manuel with contacts for special needs students. Office of dispute resolution contact, contacts and phone numbers of disability rights network in Phila, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. A list with telephone numbers and county location of The Arc throughout Pennsylvania.
BinderIEP Goals1
BinderIncident Management Waiver Form 20011
BinderIntroduction to an American History of Mental Retardation from 1400 to 19991Historical TriviaFrom 1400's to 1999. It all began in 1403 at St Mary of Bethlehem (better known as Bedlam) when they began to receive mental patients in England.  In 1752, the first hospital in America opened in Pennsylvania for the treatment of people with mental illness. People with mental illnesses were called feeble minded, lunatics and idiots. In 1896, the first public "special education" class opens in Providence RI. Mass. followed in 1897, Los Angelos in 1902 and New Jersey in 1911. In 1950, a program for the totally disabled is estalished by SSA .The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is enacted. Through the decades, literally thousands of people recieved lobotomies which began in the 1800's. In 1949, 5000 were performed in the U.S. alone. The 1970's brought a lot of changes in the laws regarding children with developmental disabilities, laws were passed regarding education for all children in special education. In 1980, NARC (National Association for Retarded Citizens) changes it name to Association for Retarded Citizens of the U.S. (ARC). In 1990, ADA was signed into law outlawing discrimination of people with disabilities with regard to employment, public accomodation, transportation and telecommunications. In 1990, Education Act Amendments are signed into law for individuals with disabilities that they must have access to the same range of vocational education programs available to people without disabilities.
BinderISP Outcome development in the individual support plan (2007)1The Arc of PennsylvaniaSeminar manuel. A framework for writing measurable outcomes. Includes a co-training tip sheet and exercises in measuring outcomes.
BinderISP Train the Trainer1
BinderKids on the Block Program (2005)1Originated in 1977, this is an educational manuel designed to teach children about disabilities and differences The curricula includes puppets, props, scripts, audio cassetts, follow up materials, resource suggestions, a training guide and support of the national company.This program is based on  Down Syndrome.
BinderLearning about the American with Disabilities (1994)1The Art of the United StatesThis is a curriculum to teach older self-advocates about the ADA and employment. It addresses what the ADA is designed to do for older individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This is a training manuel and it is designed to help trainees about rights, discrimination, and what to do if situation does not get better.
BinderLegal Rights Handbook for the Developmentally Disabled 19801Developmental Disabilities Advocacy Network, Inc.This manuel includes information on architecutral accessibility; Community Services;  Employment. SSI; Vocational Rehabilitation and Education.
BinderLocal Taskforce Guidelines 19921
BinderPa Chapter 14 as of June 20081Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaSide by Side Pa Chapter 14 includes General Provisions, Child find, screening and evaluation; IEP Educational Placement; Early Intervention and Procedural safeguards. IDEA Part 300  includes an alphabetized definitions section from the Act through Ward of the State; State Eligibility reequirements including FAPE; LRE; Private Schools; Private schools when FAPE is an issue; Local educational agency eligibility; evaluations, determinations, programs and educational placements; IEP's ; Safeguards, due process for parents and children; monitoring, enflorcemnt, confidentiality and program information. A great reference guide for everyone working with the disabled.
BinderParent to Parent training manuel 19831The Arc of PennsylvaniaThis manuel includes materials about "Something is wrong with my child but what? Help. Paretn and professional partnership; reading riting and regulations. making it work at home and school
BinderParent/Advocate Handbook--Historical (1997)1The Arc of PennsylvaniaThis manuel includes criteria for judging IEP goals. The IDEA Act Amendments of 1997. What the Law is . Early Intervention for infants and toddlers, Multidisciplinary evaluation resource manuel
BinderParents Educating Parents (1994)1The Arc of PennsylvaniaThis manuel includes parent participation, advocacy; The Law and procedural safeguards for parents' rights.
BinderPennsylvania Early Intervention Guidelines (1992)1Pennsylvania Dept of EducationA manuel with the history and philosophy of early intervention; public awareness; screening; miltidisciplinary evaluation, eligibility, IEP, forms and formats, program options, curriculum and program design.
BinderPhone Survey Forms1The Arc of PennsylvaniaThis survey addresses issues or information sent; Arc services identified and services utilized
BinderSelf Evaluation American With Disabilities Act 19931City of Wilkes-BarreThe City of Wilkes-Barre addresses the ADA act of 1990 and what it provides. It includes correspondenc from the City of Wilkes-Barre on Notice of NonDiscrimination; Grievance Procedures; Communications; City Program Reviews; Employment; Transictional Plan and Disabled Community Participation.   
BinderSexual Exploitation of the Disabled--Project Illumination 20051The Arc of PennsylvaniaProject Illumination is a collaborative, ongoing, community-wide partnership effort to shed light on the impact of sexual violance against people with developmental disabilities. The Arc of Aurora in Colorado was awarded a $50,000 grant to continue its work on Project Illumination and to train Arcs across the U.S. This toolkit includes a Sexual Assult Awareness Month (SAAM) packet; Pa. SAAM materials on compact disk; "End The Silence" video; Pa rape crisis center brochure and other related PCARE brochures.
BinderSpecial Education Regulations (2001)1The Arc of PennsylvaniaSeminar manuel. A focus on changes to Chapter 14.
BinderTechnology Resources for students with disabilities (1999)1Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaResource manuel with names, addresses of providers, educational software producers,
BinderTransition--Planning--Historical (1992)1The Arc of PennsylvaniaTransition planning and guidelines; Adult programs; ideas for transition planning; preparing for adult life;brochures on two programs sponsored by MH/MR; information on rule of the Federal Register of 1992; State and Local level transition coordinating councils.
Binder/Small packetUnderstanding the Fair Housing Amendments Act1United Spinal AssociationA resource manuel about Pennsylvania state guidelines for fair housing for individuals with disabilities.
BinderUnderstanding the Office of Developmental Programs in Pennsylvania: Intellectual Disability and Autism Services (2013)1Vision for Equality, Inc.A resource manuel about the Pennsylvania ID system for individuals with disabilities, advocates, and other support systems.
BinderWhat's New in Special Education (2010)1The ArcThis manuel has the Pa School code Sepcial Education Regulations; Special Education Forms, new and revised for school age children with disabilities;  Inclusion and what the law says and who can help youThe chapters include Child find, Screening and Evaluation, IEP, Educational Placement,Early Intervention and Procedural Safeguards.