Irelia 7.8
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/u/asixthtrumpet , IGN(EUW): a sixth trumpet
Information source is ICU's youtube, his lolking guide, /r/ireliamains subreddit+discord and my experience.
MatchupDifficultyFight at level/whenTips/Special BuildGeneral BuildComments
AatroxMedium4+, You can kill him until he gets tanky - easy snowball if you get a lead
Dodge his Q with your Q, rush executioners calling. He deals magic damage with ult, stacking armor only wont help if hes ahead
flask=standard start;dorans/cloth+4 if noted in the matchup
AkaliEasy4+ she is fairly squishy so its a favorable matchup for irelia
FLASK, hexdrinker when shes ahead, let her Q run out and bait her shroud without using your W, all in after
1stTriforce (Sheen>Phage>Stinger)
rushing kindlegem into caulfields warhammer after triforce is a good way to rush the 40%CDR which gives 3sec cd with level 5 Q.
Aurelion SolEasy4+ all in him level 4+FLASK dodge his passive, care of MSquints+Ghost level1/22ndSV/Youmuus/Steraks/Maw/Omen/GA/Titanic
after tri get tabis (mercs vs alot of AP) then get tanky and CDR or buy lethality items because why not (im joking, tank is almost always the better option)
lv1 e+aa, 4+ , move out of her outer W-cone by Q-ing to minions or engaging her
FLASK save your Q to follow her when she walljumps/Ws, Dodge stun, try to stun her before she walljumps
Cho'GathMedium4+ care of his 6
DORANS use w b4 his silence, dodge his skills,If he Rs a minion u can trade him unless he already has 2 items finished
Situational (depends on how ahead/behind you are and if you can afford to build AD)
Tri Omen FH GA vs fullad, start out with a giants belt after triforce (HP first is the most effective stat)
DariusMediumDONT FIGHT PRE 5=>@5 dash into his Q and you win the trade
FLASK if ahead u can all in him but Take care of stacks and keep high HP, he can kill you even if you are 3-0. Stormraiders is p good vs him
Situational S-Tier items Maw/Steraks/Titanic Hydra/Randuins/SV/BORK
DianaMedium4+, trade anytime and outsustain her
FLASK, try dodging her Qs. Hexdrinker hardcounters her
Situational Damage items:
Black Cleaver/Mortal Reminder
BOTRK is nice to get when facing at least one tank and your team has no damage to kill him
Dr. MundoMediumanytime if u dodge q's/Stormraiders is nice for slow resistancehide behind creeps/ start flask, use e and flask he has nothing to tradeSituational Tanky items:Steraks/GA/Deadmans/PlateBanshees/FH
Dodge his slow field, fight anytime. He doesnt have a great Earlygame as well.
FLASK go in after he wasted Q, his passive wore off on you. play the sustain battle
rarely built but ok items:
Wits End/Thornmail/CDRboots/berserkergreaves/frozen mallet/edge of night/Youmuus
all of those have downsides compared to the other items listed, so i usually never build them
EliseEasy4+, all in at level 6, she has no laning ult
FLASK for early sustain, Sheen>triforce (she is squishy even with haunting guise)
FioraMediumlv 1-2 with e, all in after 7, care of her parry
make sure she gets stunned and then trade, Parry(Riposte) 24s CD lv1, hug a wall when she ults u
again to note here: you can replace items 3-5, but those items will do well vs most teams youll encounter
FizzEasylv1 e+aa ,3+
if he is full ap get hexdrinker and all in him for days. he wins short trades, try to stick to him with your Q
lv1 e+aa when his passive is on cd, 4+ move out his Q and go for a long trade
FLASK> take care of ganks, his knockup and taunt+base damage will hurt a lot in a 1v2/2v2 top
4+, he hurts, but you hurt more after lv4. if he ults mid/bot you can allin him after 6+
FLASK make him cs under turret early, q to a minion next to his barrel and destroy it>trade. care for exhaust
extra notesIf you need to b early with 500g~ then 2x dorans is an option
7/9+ dont fight earlier, he will sustain. keep trading so he doesnt heal up
w before he qs you and just AA/if he beats u, u can still kick his ass at lv9
For boots tabis are really good on this patch with 12% Autoattack-Damage-Reduction, Mercs should be your 2nd choice
GnarMedium4+ when not in megagnar form and close to it
flask, else cloth+4 if u struggle> dont overcommit in lane, he can chase u down. bait his jump and allin him
greaves are good, but you will lack the tenacity/aa-dmg reduction which is really good on irelia
GragasEasyanytime if he has no bodyslam up, you win long trades
FLASK stand behind creeps vs bodyslam, abuse his pushing to manipulate the wave - he only has AoE skills and cant freeze
GravesEasy4+, dont take too much dmg early and focus on farming with QFLASK stand behind creeps and he literally cant damage u at allAbilities
maxing R>W>Q>E or R>W>E>Q is both viable and depends on the game
HecarimMedium7+ easier the more points in w u have
his q stacks up, fight him before that. care for ignite (many run ignite/TP)
Level 1E vs melee , Q vs ranged and some other matchups (i.e. GP)
HeimerdingerMediumfarm safely, u can all in when he has no turrets.u can easily 100-0 him with triforce, q reset on turretsmax Q secondwhen snowballing/even lane
4/5 when she E's you preferably dont fight at lv 6 unless you can bait ult beforehand
Contest her E, care for her black cleaver powerspike, good movement wins this lane for you
3 points in E then Q maxwhen grouping/mobile enemy laner
Jarvan IVEasy4/5+, he only has burst with e-q passive, but no followup
care level 2 e-q, make sure to return damage when he uses anything. Move out of his Q, he can setup good ganks. make sure to ward.
18/0/12 or 18/12/0 with fervor vs some champs 12/18/0 or 0/18/12 with Stormraiders
level 4-11 stun him 1.5s after he activates E. you can safely walk out and reengage with W
he is squishy> if even you can 1v1 until level 11, he outscales you earlier if he is ahead. if uncomfortable go DShield>Tabi
Stormraiders Surge is viable and helps in certain matchups where u otherwise cant chase/kite someone
JayceEasyfight whenever he misses/wastes his e-q comboPHAGE Tabis later keep Q for his knockback/or go when he switches to ranged form (5s R CD)Runes
sheen and fuck him note: exchanging kills with karthus is never worth it (dont dive)
StandardAS Quints, AD Marks, Armor Seals,Scaling/Flat MR Glyphs
KarmaMediumtrade 4+, roam if she has 2-3 items. You can allin if she wastes RFLASK, roam once she has some items. You wont be able to kill her.
Scaling ( lane)
AS Quints+Marks, Scaling Armor and MR Seals+Glyphs
viable vs tanks, better after lane
KassadinEasyanytimeDont farm /w Q in lane cos of his Evs quinn/pantheon1/2Armor Quints, 2/1 AS Quints,9AS Quints and Scaling MR glyphs+flat armor seals
(not necessary, but it can help)
KatarinaEasy4+ u should outtrade her with more points in w
FLASK use your Q and stun wisely. sometimes its good to drop hp when she ults so you can stun her.
if you are facing AP top and AP jungle you can also use scaling HP seals and flat/scaling MR glyphs
(not necessary, but it can help)
5+ dont get dicked on early, play passive 1-4 farm with Q, trade when her e is on CD
Hexdrinker if you get dicked on, usually should be easy to allin her
5+ his stuns aint doin shit to your passive, care of his lv6 burst. fight him 7+ again
just survive early, the more points in w you have the easier it is.thanks toQuick general tips
Kha'zixEasyplay safe 1-3, after lv 4 and with sheen kill himdont let him establish lane dominance 1-3, dont get isolated early/u/gwhiteyman
after stunning someone, move towards the direction you think they'll run away between auto attacks
E+aa, 4+ burst him off his mount then kill him, he has a lot of HP and will get harder to kill
FLASK care for his couragebar while dueling, he gets it back faster when aaing/Qing you
use your ult on ranged minions to have an easy Q-Reset engage
Lee SinEasy5/7/9 E+AA earlycare for Q ignite cheese, you can be as mobile as him in theoryICU (1mintips)
7+ all in with sheen, she has no sustain and is squishy. you can stop her E with a stun
FLASK Treads later, Max R>W>E>Q rush sheen, shove her in early to get a free base
when you get ganked and cant escape, try to kill the squishier of the two. you might just get a doublekill as they underestimate your stun+burst
LuluMedium6 all in, if she builds HP its really hard to kill her with her ult upFLASK very annoying early game if she hits her Qs SHEEN>TRI ALLIN
in any trade try to use ur q in the last second of ur W to dish out the most damage possible (it applies your W)
4/5 maybe get a kill to snowball, else farmlane. fight when he misses his E
FLASK farm and roam, when teamfighthing try to stay away from his E
in midgame you can flash+e to have your Q up to finish someone (preferably used on the ADC/other squishies)
4-5~ Farm lane, he can outtrade you with only bamis cinder and his high base dmg
Dont farm /w Q in lane cos of his passive. Use q after his Q when trading to stick to him
Your ult deals significant aoe damage once you have some AD, try to use it on more than one enemy champion in teamfights (also heals u more)
MordekaiserMediume+aa lv1, 4+ allin after his 3rd QFLASK hexdrinker helps a lot, get sheen early when if u killed him
4+, challenge every CS as long as u can duel him. > prioritize roaming once you cant
Stormraiders helps vs his W, roam and 5v4 the enemy team, he will farm or be a useless tp
vs teemo/renekton it is a good idea to push for an earlier level 2
4+, outsustain him and burst his shield. take care of his high base dmg+bamis cinder
FLASK burst his shield with e+w and chase him down to win trade with Q your W outtrades him if u can stick
NidaleeMedium6, she doesnt have an ultFLASK, skill Q first, she has a lot of damage early on 1-6 be careful
when popping a flask lv 1-3 with full Mana, just Q+E or E+Q the enemy laner, or u wont use the mana reg and damage of your flask (ofc only do this when you outtrade the enemy with it)
NunuEasyannoying til level 4+, just farmeasy kill after sheen phage, not if he is tanky fast
OlafMediumpassive Q-farm until 4. fight when he misses Qdont fight him once he gets tankier, care of the black cleaver spike
PantheonHardpassive until 6, he has no ult for lane. all in at 6 (preferably /w sheen)CLOTH+4, rush sheen. Ninja tabi is an option
you counter poppy after some points in w. take care of high base dmg+bamis cinder
be wary of her w, it stops your q; You can kill her easily after triforce, step on her shield to destroy it, stun her when she ults
passive Q-Farm til 4, fight when she misses Q and save your Q for her E or to disengage
FLASK or CLOTH+4if u struggle, also 1-2 armor quints and 3 points in E help, rush sheen. tabis if u lose. Respect her level 6+ roams when you tp/when shes missing
RammusEasy4+ just wait out his ult level 6. easy kill level 7+
DORANS. he only kills you if he taunts you into turret or when he sets up a gank
lv1 e+aa u win from 7+ if he has no big lead. dont do anything level 3/4 unless 0 fury
FLASK>DoubleDBlade or something like FLASK>Health Crystal+Cloth ; autoattack him with w after he used his abilities, his QWE all have long CDs
4+ focus on not dying early try to trade when he used his 5 stacks on minions
FLASK/CLOTH+4 His buildpath usually is full ad so sheen>triforce allin is easy
level 1 and 4+, sustain level 2&3. try to trade long 4+ and play around her shield
FLASK Tabis later, go for early sheen, her shield is up for 1.5s you can time your E+Q or only Q to go in right when it wears off (takes practice)
play passive til 7, he will zone you with q. Fight when overheated without Q or Q on CD
try to walk behind him to dodge his q and e, dont get kited after your Q
RyzeMedium4+ when he used W. Allin at 6, his ult is worse than yours in laneflask>sheen, trade after he used W(14s CD)
ShacoEasy4+ care of ignite all ins, traps.
he will most likely be squishy so it should be an easy matchup. Shacos are always cheesing tho, so you need to be ready for traps and ignite+Rs
4+, level 6 is a good time to allin. take care of his base dmg+bamis cinder
W(aablock) 18s CD, stun him when he ults. Gauge fast if u can follow his ult and win the skirmish. Most times its the better decision to push top cos he will tp back
4+ dont fight her after she has 2+tanky items. if shes going damage only you can burst her
dont get bullied around without returning damage,
lv 1 e+aa/if he proxies lv1 start Q, fight anytime. If he proxies it's a farmlane
FLASK Use Q after his E, E+W if he is laning, dont ever chase him. Take the firstblood with your jungle if he proxies. Farm your triforce and roam
SionMediumlv1 e+aa, dont fight 2,3. go aggressive after 4+, stun when he Qs
FLASK try to pop his shield when trading, take care of his Q from a bush
3/4+ whenever he misuses an ability, roam once he is 7+ you cant kill him
FLASK if winning buy phage so u can stick on him through his Q
Tahm KenchEasy
4+ easy allin at level 6, he has no laning ultimate. short trades to get him low
Flask/Dorans start, short trades with disengaging before he gets 3 stacks
TaliyahEasyanytime, she has no real laning ultimate so you can allin at 6do what u want, dont use Q on her field thingy, it will activate it
TalonMedium4+ wait for a mistake on his part or a gank
if he has ignite, play very passive when he hits level 2. he will try to fb you
1 if he starts Q, else lvl 2. kill him with sheen. he has no sustain. trade after his Q
FLASK dont let him shove you into turret level 1-3 or you are in for pain, Stormraiders helps a lot vs shrooms
TrundleMedium4/5, at 6+ only if u can play around his ult
FLASK. take care of his pillar on lvl 6, try to bait his R> i go DBlade>longsword after flask. later botrk is insanely good vs him
TryndamereMedium4/5, 7-9 allin him when he comes back to lane and has 0 furyFlask/Cloth+4>Tabis. Play around his R with ur Q. Stormraiders can help.
UdyrMediumlv1 e+aa. vs tiger care level 1-4, fight level 6+ he has no real ulteven if he is playing well/dominating lane u can do the level 6 allin
Q-farm level 1-6,rough lane until you can allin him. Take care of his ult into enemy gank
You will lose the early game due to his E+Q spam, take whatever CS you get.
4+ and until 2 items. Dont ever duel her with PD+BOTRK, only with a pink and Q resets
q to a creep next to her, hit her and q again after her condemn
4+, his early game is pretty hard for you, esp the stacked Q , go for long trades
FLASK;dorans>longsword triforce>botrk. if u are losing Hexdrinker is a good items vs him.
4+ let him go on you and turn on W, short trades, dont allin. fight 7 and 9
just go trinity and roam. Cant really kill him with it. executioners can be very useful. take care of his level 6.
WarwickMedium4+, he outsustains you easily but you outtrade him
FLASK take care of his passive, move out when his shield is active to dodge the fear (use Q if u can)
4+, u can outdamage his 6 as well if you are healthy (50%+), he has no sustain
DSHIELD rush sheen>Triforce. Stun him before he uses clone, engage him when he comes out of W
Xin ZhaoEasy4+, save Q for when he Rs u away
He dishes out good damage but u outsustain and outdamage him lv 7+
YasuoEasylv1 e+aa 4+ Save your Q when he dashes
FLASK/CLOTH+4 if you start cloth+4. farm up and kill him 4+/Rush Tabi as they reduce his Q dmg by 12% as well
YorickEasylv 1 e+aa 4+ dont get poked by ghouls, phage helps a lot, all in him 7+
FLASK, use your Q wisely to get out of his W, u can also dodge his E with your Q
ZacMedium4+ only long trades. take care of his base dmg+bamis cinder
mainly a farm lane, dont get caught off guard by a jungler and zac ult. executioners for 1v1
ZedEasylv1 e+aa then play safe til 4 go sheen>Triforce and allin his asssave ur Q for his W, maybe throw in a cloth armor while building tri
further matchup explanation
generally 4+ doesnt mean you have a huge disadvantage lv 2-3 but it is much more effective if you fight at level 4 cos of the second point in W
in many of the matchups that you can e+aa in, you can continue that at lv 2-3 - just dont do it everytime e is up, save your mana for good trades