Paraphrasing and Quoting Critical Texts for Wild Seed (Responses)
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9/29/2015 0:20:16Bnational4As said by Pfeiffer WIld seed is a science fiction genre but it has a little vampire and Faust myth along with Herbraic stories in it since Doro has a hunger for existence and Anyanwu who is savior to her kids because she can save them from Doro. As quoted by Pfeiffer "it grandly merges meanings traditionally represented in faust myth, vampire lore and the greek and Hebraic genesis stories".Easton says WIld seed is a book that is about conflicts but also is sympathetic. He believes since the theme is immortality it hard to maintain. He goes on to say that immortals must have Anyanwu's warm heart and Doro's bad personality to be a successful long living person. From this quote by Easton "they are opposites in many ways but elements of both are necessary for a truly successful immortal".
9/29/2015 22:38:37jlefishTwenty years ago John R. Pfeiffer of Magill’s Guide To Science Fiction acknowledged that Octavia Butler’s novel “Wild Seed” was groundbreaking; there was nothing in the science fiction genre to compare it to. At the same time, he recognized the ancient mythology and folklore that Butler returns to throughout her storytelling, reassuring the reader’s sense of familiarity with “meanings traditionally represented in the Faust myth, vampire lore, and the Greek and Hebraic genesis stories.”
In Tom Easton’s review of Octavia Butler’s “Wild Seed,” he mentions the difficulty writers would have using mortality as the theme for character building. Easton accepts that a character’s life without death would affect it’s personality, resulting in either a wise and sympathetic, or a cold and callous immortal. “They are opposites in many ways, but elements of both are necessary for a truly successful immortal, and their blending might well occur as Butler paints it….”
10/1/2015 11:23:18Serrate13John R. Pfeiffer expresses an insight on Octavia Butler's novel Wild Seed; claiming that even though there's no other preexistent novel in the science-fiction genre that can be compared to it in similarity, there is a vast variety of traditional myths and stories that are integrated into it. "Wild Seed, furthermore, is the touchstone work for Butler's nonpatternist novels".In Tom Easton's review for the novel Wild Seed, he wholeheartedly recommends it due to it being able to touch the complicated aspects of immortality with such grace and accurracy; combined with the diverse struggles that Doro and Anyanwu face with their clashing personalities and finally ending it with resolution. " Butler's story, for all that it is fiction, rings true as only the best stories can."
10/3/2015 1:34:01lau.maruloSome of the reasons why Wild Seeds is so great is because it is in its own type of science-Fiction genre, the story ties in together with vampire lore and Hebraic genesis stories. Doro takes over other humans bodies in order to live through them, Anyanwu is a strong earth mother whose job is to protect her children from Doro, Wild seed is a introduction for Butler to go more into her nonpatternist novels.Wild Seed is a story that involves a lot of problems and solutions that span more that a century and half from 1690 to 1840. It’s a very good story and I would recommend it to everyone, it’s so good that it has the potential to win many prizes. The subject of immortality is a complicated theme, since living forever must have its impacts on character, impacts that many other writers must not be able to understand. An immortal must obtain either Anyanwu’s wisdom and sympathy or Doro’s coldness and canniness in order to survive. The traits of both are the opposites of each other but some traits from either side are required to be a completely successful immortal. Butler’s story is well told that it sounds as if it could be a true story even though it is just fiction.
10/3/2015 2:37:29gonotontrooJohn R. reviews "Wild seed" by Octavia E Butler that it is an expression of a group of ethnic people where everybody's are looking their own identity. Jhon also defines the main character Doro And Anyanwu separately. Doro is blood sucker who wants everything by any means. He is not even worried to kill anyone he likes.For example,It may be his wife or kid.His aggression is power.On the other hand, Jhon explains Anyanwu as a savior who saves generation after generation from evils like Doro and others. She is planting seeds on land and help those to grow up in the field. She is the symbol of new life. So the conflict is between Dora and Anyanwu. One plays a negative role where other is always positive.Tom reviews "Wild seed" by Octavia E Butler that It is a story about a period of time. It is a time where the characters are looking an eternal life.Tom also explains that Doro and Anyanwu both has same intention. Though basically they are different from each other.Like doro has hardness and insensitivity.On the contrary, Anyanwu's sense is works in such a way that she is a person who defines a quality of being wise.They are vise versa.Tom notes it down that Butler proves it at one of her best work among all and that is "Wild Seed". Finally,it is a great literature which carries a time frame.
10/3/2015 5:01:00HelectronicIn his critique of Octavia Butler’s The Patternist Series, John R. Pfeiffer comments that Wild Seed is notable because “there are no antecedents for it in the science fiction genre”. Butler is able to take traditional tropes and archetypes and mix them into something new in her portrayal of the protagonists Doro and Anyanwu and the world they inhabit. Pfeiffer also sees elements of Butler’s other work present in Wild Seed, and describes it as her “touchstone work”.Tom Easten gushed about Wild Seed in his review, stating that he would go so far as to recommend it for the prestigious Nebula award. He was particularly impressed by the way Butler handled the issue of immortality, not just using it as a plot point but exploring the way the two different protagonists are affected by it. The duality of Doro and Anyanwu is shown throughout, with Doro’s cold, calculated behavior and Anyanwu’s empathy for human life. But it’s a blend of their characteristics that would perhaps make the best immortal being. Eastern concludes that even in science fiction and fantasy, the best stories are the ones that feel real when it comes to human nature, and Wild Seed fits the bill.
10/3/2015 22:05:35CahdeeJohn R. Pfeiffer states in his review of Wild Seed, that there are no other books in the science-fiction genre that have the type of story line that Wild Seed has. Doro has the power of killing someone and having his spirit live through their body. He calls Anywanwu an "Earth Mother". She is strong and can protect her children from being killed at a young age by Doro. Pfeiffer refers to Butlers' three other novels in comparison of how she came up with the idea for Wild Seed, taking a piece of work in each novel to create Wild Seed's plot.In Tom Easton's review of Wild Seed, he enjoys it so much that he recommends it as a potential Nebula winner. The theme of immortality, Easton says, can be challenging to an author. Anyanwu and Doro's personalities are both so different that they balance each other out in a way that their immortality may be prosperous. Easton believes Butler's novel of Wild Seed, "rings true as only the best stories can."
10/4/2015 16:08:48Bmerida2015When reading John R. Pfeiffer's "The Patternist Series" he compares this story to other science fiction novels. John R. Pfeiffer states "Part of the genius of Wild Seed is that there are not antecedents for it in the science-fiction genre". Pfeiffer means there is no extra background for its story in other novels. He portrays Doro to be very vampire like in his appetite for existence. Doro's life consists of murders of humans whose bodies becomes hosts for Doro Pfeiffer explains. He describes Anyanwu to be a strong individual. Strong enough to bear a species and sometimes to protect her children from the murderous Doro. Pfeiffer compares the optimistic title of the Xenogenesis Trilogy to the extraterrestrial gene.When reading Tom Easton's "Review of Wild Seed" he goes over Anyanwu's and Doro's personality. He describes Wild Seed to be a tale of conflict and resolution stretching through a long period of time. Tom Easton recommends in to other readers and believes it is a Nebula winner. The ability to live forever is a difficult subject to handle and living forever must have a strain on personality, strains too little writers seem to comprehend. According to Tom Easton quoting Butler "Immortality must acquire either Anyanwu's wisdom and sympathy or Doro's coldness, callousness, canniness of survival". Both individuals are very different in many ways, but certain abilities of each other are essential for a truly successful immortal.
10/4/2015 21:25:43SylsterAccording to the passage "The Patternist series" Migill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, Pfeiffer, John R describes the main character Anyanwu as a "Earth mother, strong enough to bear a species". Not only is Anyanwu strong enough to give birth she also has special healing powers. She can heal herself or destroy a seed that grows inside of her. Anyanwu can choose whether she wants to bear a child or kill it.According to the article "review of wild seed" Easton Tom he explains that "Immortality is a difficult theme to handle effectively"
10/4/2015 22:04:33person316In John Pfeiffer's review of Wild seed he talks about how Wild seed is its own original idea that has not been done before as well as how it "grandly merges meanings traditionally represented in the Faust myth, vampire lore, and the Greek and Hebraic genesis stories"(Pfeiffer). Doro is vampiric and his life is a story of murders. Meanwhile Anyanwu is the opposite who gives and protects life. This book brings together 2 elements from Butlers previous works In Tom Easton's review he talk about how the theme of immortality is hard to write about due to how the time they live effects the characters. Butler says an immortal must "acquire either Anyanwu's wisdom and sympathy or Doro's coldness, callousness, canniness of survival". It is then wrapped up saying that both Doro and Anyanwu's personalities are required to make a perfect immortal.
10/5/2015 0:54:04BelieveYouCanIs Incredible how Olivia Butler combines two opposite words of two beings, both immortal but still too difference in a sense. “Doro is Faust and vampire, voracious in his appetite for existence. His life is a progression of murders of the humans whose bodies become the hosts for his spirit. Anyanwu is an Earth Mother, strong enough to bear a species and even sometimes to protect her children from infanticide by Doro” (Buttler, Lns 3-6). In other words, Doro comes from a dark word, he keeps himself alive by killing people to use their bodies. In the other hand, Anyanwu is more from a peaceful word, her mission is create remedies for heal the people around her. Tom Easton argues how amazing Butler construct the stories of this book. He highlights that, “immortality is a difficult theme to handle effectively, for long life must have its effects on personality, effects too few writers seem to be able to sense”. That is to say, not every writer can create such a story that covers a long time period and keeps the flame.
10/5/2015 0:59:48mercefulme!According to John,R Pfeiffee,”The Patternist Series.”Magill’s Guide to Science Fiction &Fantasy Literature. Wild Seed is brilliantly written exploring mythological creatures that suck the blood out of humans and take over their bodies and make them their own. More so, to be able to imagine a flawless creature that is capable of everlasting life endures no pain and is able to fight off infections before they can cause bodily harm.According to Tom Easton's "Review of Wild Seed." in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact 150.1 Wild seed is a story of battle and steadfastness.The story expanded across centuries from 1690 to 1840. The story line of immortals is awesome. To be able to write about everlasting life one must have such an vivid imagination that is able to capture the mind of both a vicious person and soft mannered person and allow them to intertwine in such a way that their existence is unimaginable
10/5/2015 11:45:05Cruz314In the novel, Wild Seed, Butler incorporates the traditional meanings which exemplify in the Faust myth, vampire lore, and the Greek genesis stories. According to the stories, Doro is known as Faust and vampire, insatiable in his hunger for survival. Doro's life is a evolution of massacres of the humans whose bodies become the treat for his courage. However, Anyanwu is an Earth Mother, very powerful to tolerate a species and sometimes, to look after her children from infanticide by Doro, In addition, Wild Seed, is the standard work for Butler's nonpatternist novels. It has a connection of the hopefulness of the creature genre trading of her Xenogenesis trilogy (1989), the "seed" veiled in the title of her Parable of the Sower (1993), and the fictional slave narrative of her radiant Kindred which was founded on 1979. Wild Seed is a fable of battle and declaration fleshing out acorss a century and a half, from 1690 to 1840. It is pleasant, connecting, and considerate. It is featured as a possible Nebula winner because it is wonderful. Immortality is a complicated theme to grasp effectually, for a long life must have its accouterments on a person's character. Moreover, Butler expresses that it is attain of Anyanwu's sanity and tenderness or Doro's coldness, insensitivity, and trickery of survival. They are parallels in many customs, but essentials of both are needed for a honestly successful immortal, and their harmony will probably take place as Butler outlines it. Whereas, Butler's story, for all that is fantasy, rings accurately as only the best mythology can.
10/5/2015 12:46:20UptownHarryWild Seed is one of the best books in the genre of science fiction. In Wild Seed, we meet two characters, and they are different from each other. One of the main characters we meet is Doro. What's so unique about Doro is that he can transform from different bodies to others, and they contribute to making his spirit alive. The other main character we meet is Anyanwu, who is way different than Doro, she is a mother, and she protects them from the aggressive Doro. Wild Seed takes places from 1690 to 1840, and it has many conflicts that slowly resolves over a century. What makes Wild Seed unique from other science fiction books is that it has the potential to be a Nebula winner. Anyanwu and Doro are so different from each other but they need each other to comprehend and understand each other.
10/5/2015 13:53:26JaeRoxxIn Pfeiffer's book "The Patternist Series" he praises Octavia Butler's writing in her book "Wild Seed". Pfeiffer describes Butler's ability to merge traditional meanings of faust myth, vampire lore, Greek, and Hebraic genesis in both characters as "genius"(Pfeiffer, 1996). Pfeiffer believes Anyanwu and Doro connection to "Xenogenesis trilogy", "Parable of the Sower", and "Kindred " as brillant writing.In "Review of Wild Seed", author Tom Easton suggests that "Wild Seed" will be a future "Nebula Winner"(Easton, Marowski, and Matuz vol. 3).
10/5/2015 15:08:37GarciaGiselleLizAs "Wild Seed" is examined by John R. Pfeiffer, there was analogy stating that this text has no affiliation with the genre of Science Fiction. He closely reflected on how the author, Octavia Butler connected three previous works of literature such as "Xenogenesis trilogy", "Parable of the Sower", and "Kindred" creating "Wild Seed". John R. Pfeiffer made a comparison of this text to more traditional meanings such as those in Greek and Hebraic language. Immortality does not exists in present day but there is a way that "we" as readers can be captivated and lead to believe so in Fictional stories. A "Review of Wild Seed" by Tom Easton, recommends this story as what he states "a potential Nebula winner. He also states that it is very difficult for the main two characters to have so much in common but yet at once also have a major difference in their form.
10/6/2015 15:35:31Senor Luigi15Paraphrase 1. In the science-fiction genre "Wild Seed" there were no antecedents, instead it had a traditionally meaning that represented the Faust Myth which was also known as a vampire lore the Greek, Hebraic genesis stories. In the story Doro is a faust and a vampire that is really voracious towards his appetite for existence. Anyanwu is a strong women that bears certain species and even sometimes to protect her children from Doro. (Pfeiffer & John R 1996) Paraphrase 2. The story Wild Seed is mainly described as a science fiction tale that shows conflict and a stretching resolution that was extended across a century and a half from the years 1960-1840. I recommend this story because its that good. Immortality is a difficult theme that has to be handled effectively for a long life that must have its says and acquire to Anyanwu's wisdom and sympathy to Doro's coldness and canniness of survival. (Easton Tom, Daniel G Marowski & Roger Matuz. 1981)
10/6/2015 22:56:19Nelly4youQuotation
According to Pfeiffer, John R. "Part of the genius of Wild Seed is that there are no antecedents for it in the science-fiction genre."

I think this quote means that there are no ancestors or no Back ground for these Immortals or you can say supernatural people because it comes from a fiction and Imagined future scientific.

According to Easton Tom "immortality is a difficult theme to handle effectively, for long life must have its effects on personality, effects too few writers seem to be able to sense."

I believe this quote means that since the story is about Immortals its very important to match the characters with their theme.Also for a Author or writer to have perception or connection with the characters.
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