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Name Of ShowFormatTopic CategoryFeed TypeLink to Page/Host/GroupPosting LocationReccurring Interval Day of the WeekTimeTime ZoneShow RatingKingdom of OriginNotes:
A Branch of Laurels ShowSocial - DiscussionLive Feed - FacebookThe Sisters Interview FB PageFacebook eventWeeklyTuesday 6:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)Moderate Content Warning (T)An TirInterviews with members of the Order of if the Laurel from around the Known World
ÆLiveShowEntertainmentVideo Conference - ZoomÆLiveFacebook / YoutubeBimonthlySaturday 7:00 PMEDT (UTC-04)All Ages (E)ÆthelmearcInformation about Zoom page can be found on Facebook page
Afternoon Pell TimeMeetingFighting / Martial Arts - Armored CombatVideo Conference - ZoomAfternoon Pell TimeFP Page(s)DailyEvery Day 4:30 PMPDT (UTC-07)Light Content Warning (E 10+)West KingdomHappens every day M-Su
Aonghus Interviews ShowEntertainmentLive Feed - FacebookAonghus InterviewsFacebook and YouTube channelWeeklyFriday 7:00 PMMDT (UTC-06)Moderate Content Warning (T)ArtemisiaA live interview chat show focused on interviewing and showcasing non peers from around the known world.
Ask the Knights - LIVEShowFighting / Martial Arts - Armored CombatVideo Conference - ZoomAsk the Knights - Live!FB EventWeeklyThursday 7:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)Adult Content Warning (M 17+)West KingdomWhere once a week your Host Leo Livas will ask two guest knights the questions submitted by uneblts around the known world! Come join us for times of serious and times of fun with the Chivalry as they are peppered with questions you want to know the answers to.
ASL Practice SessionsClass - PracticalOther (See Notes)Video Conference - ZoomZoom linkFacebook EventWeeklyThursday 9:00 PMEDT (UTC-04)All Ages (E)AtlantiaHeraldry - Sign, Languages
B3R - Three Rivers Bardic ZoomPerformanceBardic - Instrumental and VoiceVideo Conference - ZoomThree Rivers Zoom BardicFacebook groupMonthlyFriday 8:00 PMCDT (UTC-05)All Ages (E)CalontirEvent happens weekly. Starts at 8pm CDT and usually goes at least 5 hours but has gone over 8. To participate, simply join the zoom meeting. Post in the chat that you'd like to perform a piece and the host will add you to the queue. This queue can be viewed at:

Upcoming dates are: June 4, June 21, July 19, August 16, September 20, October 18, November 15, December 20
Backyard BasicsClass - PracticalFighting / Martial Arts - Armored CombatRecorded Video - YouTubeMark Hollingshead - YouTubePersonal FB page, Known World Virtual Fighter Practice FB pageWeeklySunday 3:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)All Ages (E)West KingdomSeries of videos designed for HEMA and Heavy combat students, general concepts with a focus on longsword.
Bard Tonight with Maire nic ShiobhanShowEntertainmentRecorded Video - Other (see notes)Bard Tonight with Maire nic ShiobhanFB PageWeeklySaturday 9:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)Light Content Warning (E 10+)An TirTagged and uploaded to Facebook
Between Two Peers - On breakShowEntertainmentLive Feed - YouTubeBetween Two PeersFB PageOn Break 7:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)Adult Content Warning (M 17+)West KingdomA live streamed show where your hosts, Mistress Sassy Seamstress and Sir Danger Muppet, invite a guest from around the known world to answer your pressing questions about life, the universe, and everything! ***This show is Rated R for language, possible sexual conversation topics, and general sassy opinions.
Conversations with Creative AnachronistsPodcastSocial - GeneralOther (see notes)Podcast WebsiteFacebook PageMonthlySaturday 7:00 PMCET (UTC+01)
Moderate Content Warning (T)
DrachenwaldAn interview podcast where Lady Anna de Byxe talks to various guests about their SCA interestes. New epsiodes will be posted on the last week of the month.
Crown Between Two RosesShowService - Other (See Notes)Live Feed - FacebookCrown Between Two Roses FB PageFacebook eventMultiple times per weekSunday 11:00 AMAEST (UTC+10)Light Content Warning (E 10+)LochacCrown between two Roses is interviewing the reigning crowns of the known world over the next month. We have already interviewed 5, with three interviews scheduled on Sat 13 Sep and 2 on Sunday 14 Sep AEST. We have further interviews over the following weeks.
Dancing with YourselfClass - PracticalDancing - EuropeanVideo Conference - ZoomZoom LinkFacebook EventBimonthlyMonday 7:00 PMEDT (UTC-04)All Ages (E)Atlantia2nd and 4th Monday
Dark Horse WorkshopClass - PracticalLeatherworkingLive Feed - YouTubeDark Horse WorkshopYoutubeWeeklyTuesday 1:30 PMPDT (UTC-07)All Ages (E)An TirTrying to get videos out weekly these days, sometimes it's bi weekly. Videos are mostly historically inspired in nature, but not always.
Dreiburgen Bardic CircleMeetingBardic - Instrumental and VoiceVideo Conference - ZoomFB EventKingdom Facebook Group, SCA Bardic Arts Facebook group, Caid baronial Facebook groupsMonthlyThursday 7:30 PMPDT (UTC-07)Moderate Content Warning (T)CaidFor more information and upcoming dates, visit
Fighting the World ShowFighting / Martial Arts - Rapier CombatVideo Conference - ZoomFighting the WorldFacebook EventFortnightlyWenesday 9:00 PMEDT (UTC-04)Moderate Content Warning (T)Other or Inter-Kingdom (See Notes)Meridies and Midrealm; with Guests from across the known world
Grace Under PressureShowService - Other (See Notes)Live Feed - FacebookThe Sisters Interview Main PageFacebookWeeklyMonday 5:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)Moderate Content Warning (T)An TirThe Sisters Interview Network is proud to announce it's newest series, Grace Under Pressure. Join Duchess Dagmear (OL, An Tir) and Sir Joel (KSCA, Calontir) as we interview the inspiration behind it all: Ladies and Lords of the Rose from across the Knowne World. Come share in their path. Successes, failures, what advice they would give to a new consort, and much more.

Interviewees needed! Are you a Lady or Lord of the Rose? Think this sounds fun? Shoot me a PM on Facebook and we can discuss getting you scheduled!
Great FIghters of YouTubeMeetingFighting / Martial Arts - Armored CombatVideo Conference - ZoomGReat Fighters of YoutubeFB PageWeeklyTuesday 7:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)Moderate Content Warning (T)West KingdomGreetings SCA fighters of the Known World. Please join Uther, HRM of the West, Viscount Sigifrith Hauknefr and Duke Alaric as we watch, critique, break down and analyze youtube videos of the best and brightest SCA heavy fighters of YouTube.
Griffin Eye NewsShowOther (See Notes)Live Feed - FacebookGriffinEyeNewsKingdom Facebook page and interested groupsWeeklyThursday 6:30 PMMDT (UTC-06)Light Content Warning (E 10+)AvacalOur shows highlight a different person each week, highlighting the work and wisdom of an individual in our Kingdom. Shows are premiered live every Thursday and are archived for later watching. We have chatted with Kingdom officers, Nobles past and present, bards, and are now working our way through various artisans. We allow our guests 1 swear word, but try to keep content light and family friendly.
Horse Lovers 2 Minutes for the SCA AudienceClass - PracticalEquestrianRecorded Video - YouTubeHorse Lovers 2 Minutes - For the SCA AudienceFB Event /YoutubeMultiple times per weekMonday 6:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)All Ages (E)West KingdomCollection of short videos to highlight aspects of the art of horsemanship. Targeted at the SCA general audience with a nod towards blending research into the SCA time period with modern practice.

Correct riding with an attention to horse and rider bio-mechanics produces a consistent smooth performance that that is comfortable for the horse.

Videos released several days a week to the FB Page. Days and times of release vary.
Hound and Stag - Review of Meridian Fighting videoShowFighting / Martial Arts - Armored CombatLive Feed - FacebookHound and Stag - Reviews of Meridian fighting videos Facebook GroupFacebook GroupWeeklySaturday 6:00 PMCDT (UTC-05)Adult Content Warning (17+)MeridiesThis show focuses on reviewing Meridian fighting videos - There will be language.
Hound and Stag Presents...ShowOther (See Notes)Live Feed - FacebookHound and Stag Facebook PageFacebook PageWeeklyMonday 6:00 PMCDT (UTC-05)Adult Content Warning (17+)MeridiesThis show is about how things work in Meridies - From Being Crown, to how Peerage meetings work, and everything in between, we're doing our best to dispel myths and misconceptions as best we can, within the rules.
Interviews with a Murder of DukesShowFighting / Martial Arts - Armored CombatLive Feed - FacebookMisty EdmundsonKnown world sca fight practice page on facebookMultiple times per weekMultiple Please See Notes 6:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)All Ages (E)An TirAll updated as single shows to keep up with changing dates, please check there
Jerusha's Embroidery SalonMeetingSewing - Other (See Notes)Video Conference - ZoomJerusha's Embroidery SalonFB Group BimonthlySaturday 11:00 AMPDT (UTC-07)All Ages (E)CaidJoin us on the first and third Saturday of the month on Zoom for socialization and embroidery. Doors open at 1100. A short lecture on an embroidery topic starts at 1130 and then the rest of the time is spent working on projects, helping each other, and just being social. Get help on your current project, see what others are working on and meet folks from all over the Known World!
Lady Liadan's Learning LibraryShowChildren - Class for ChildrenRecorded Video - YouTubeLady Liadan's Learning LibraryAnsteorra facebook page BimonthlySaturday 6:00 PMCDT (UTC-05)All Ages (E)Ansteorra
Lions denOther (See Notes)Other (See Notes)Video Conference - ZoomBarony of Lions Gate Facebook GroupFacebook GroupWeeklySunday 7:00 AMCDT (UTC-05)All Ages (E)An TirIt is a multi functional event with social and then a class/lecture/performance with discussion and social after. Topics range from bardic, persona development, scribal, and any subject that they can get their hands on.
LIVE from CaidShowEntertainmentLive Feed - FacebookLIVE from CaidFB PageWeeklyMonday 7:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)All Ages (E)CaidThe show streams live on the Kingdom of Caid FB Group and then we archive shows on the Kingdom YouTube Page and the shows' FB ( and YouTube page.
Lochac Bardic CirclePerformanceBardic - Instrumental and VoiceOther (see notes)Lochac - FB GroupWeeklyTuesday 7:30 PMAEDT (UTC+11)LochacThis is a recurring weekly Bardic Circle held every Tuesday in the Lochac Discord Server
Maugorn the Stray's Odd Friday WebconcertsPerformanceBardic - Instrumental and VoiceVideo Conference - ZoomZoom Link - See NotesOther (see notes)FacebookFriday 7:30 PMEDT (UTC-04)All Ages (E)AtlantiaOdd Fridays: the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of the month
Meridies Friday Night BardicPerformanceBardic - Instrumental and VoiceVideo Conference - ZoomZoom LinkFacebook (partivularly Kingdom of Meridies page)WeeklyFriday 7:30 PMCDT (UTC-05)Moderate Content Warning (T)MeridiesFormat: Alphabetical rotation for performers. Pick/Pass/Play for those performing (perform, pass, or request from other performer in that slot). Performance not required-folks can attend as audience as well. Garb optional
Midrealm And Friends Virtual Bardic Circle PerformanceBardic - Instrumental and VoiceVideo Conference - Google MeetGoogle Meet LinkFacebook Event FortnightlySaturday 7:00 PMCDT (UTC-05)All Ages (E)MidrealmYou are cordially invited to a Virtual Bardic Circle hosted in the Midrealm!
Time: 7pm CDT to midnight CDT
Dates: Saturday evenings, every 2 weeks
2021: 4/17, 5/1, 5/29, 6/12, 6/26, 7/10
Via Google Meet, gmail account not required.
Connect online or via app:
Connect via phone:
USA: ‪+1 646-883-9103‬ PIN: ‪264 754 609‬#
Canada: +1 226-213-8281 PIN: 200 377 465 5005#
For more phone numbers outside the USA or Canada, visit

If you have any questions, please contact Hilla at
Montengarde Baronial Bardic - All WelcomePerformanceBardic - Instrumental and VoiceVideo Conference - ZoomZoom LinkFacebook, Baronial Website, email listBimonthlyAlternating Sundays and Wednesdays 5:00 AMMDT (UTC-06)All Ages (E)AvacalWe are actually alternating one Sunday and one Wednesday every month.
Online Class Series Hosted by Mistress Disa i BirkilundiClass - PracticalOther (See Notes)Video Conference - ZoomEarlySwedenFB PageWeeklySunday 2:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)All Ages (E)An TirClass-Lecture and Practical, topics vary
Outlands RoyalTeaShowHistory - Other (See Notes)Live Feed - FacebookFacebook PageFacebookOtherSaturday 2:00 PMMDT (UTC-06)Moderate Content Warning (T)OutlandsThe show will happen every other Saturday starting September 12th and we will discuss Outlands Kingdom History
Rosie Speaks!ShowEntertainmentRecorded Video - YouTubeRosie SpeaksFB Event /YoutubeWeeklySunday 10:00 AMPDT (UTC-07)Adult Content Warning (M 17+)CaidCan cover any topic from peerages to comic books to stewarding events and so much more. Sunday releases for episodes. This new weekly episode will be prerecorded and aired at noon on wednesdays.
Royal University of the MidrealmClass - LectureOther (See Notes)Live Feed - FacebookeRUM CommunityYoutube and ZoomMultiple times per weekSundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays 7:00 PMEDT (UTC-04)All Ages (E)MidrealmRoyal University of the Midrealm classes are typically held Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 7pm EST. Most classes are held on Zoom, which are then shared live on RUM Community page on Facebook. Afterwards, most classes are later uploaded to RUM's YouTube channel. The individual Zoom links are listed in the individual event info, attached to Events under the RUM Community page on Facebook. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks!
Russian Folk TalesPerformanceBardic - Storytelling and PoetryLive Feed - FacebookPersonal Facebook PagePersonal FB PageWeeklyFriday 7:00 PMEDT (UTC-04)All Ages (E)MidrealmCount Nikolai reads Russian Folk Tales - shared on his personal FB Page
Saga SaturdayShowBardic - Storytelling and PoetryLive Feed - FacebookSaga SaturdayFB PageFortnightlySaturday 11:30 AMPDT (UTC-07)Moderate Content Warning (T)West KingdomSaga Saturday is a weekly chat between three early medieval history nerds about their favorite poems and stories from across the so-called "dark ages". One part history, one part literary critique, and one part language geekery equals a whole lot of fun! NB: Blood and guts are a regular feature of Germanic Poetry and Stories. Adult themes also sometimes make an appearance.
SCA Coaches Corner PresentsShowFighting / Martial Arts - Armored CombatVideo Conference - ZoomSCA Coaches Corner FB EventWeeklyFriday 7:00 PMEDT (UTC-04)Moderate Content Warning (T)Other or Inter-Kingdom (See Notes)Training, Teaching and Coaching for SCA combat. Hosted by SCA Coaches Corner, a partnership of coaches from several Kingdoms. Hosted in Zoom, with facebook live broadcast. Zoom users are welcome to log into the Zoom meeting for to ask questions.
Scandinavian FolkloreShowHistory - Other (See Notes)Recorded Video - YoutubeAnnoyed KittenCrossposted to the Kingdom website and YoutubeOther (see notes)Friday 8:00 PMCET (UTC+01)Adult Content Warning (17+)Drachenwald
Sengoku Daimyo's Chronicles of JapanPodcastHistory - Other (See Notes)Other (see notes)Sengoku DaimyoFB PageBimonthlySaturday 12:00 AMEDT (UTC-04)Moderate Content Warning (T)Other or Inter-Kingdom (See Notes)This is a Japanese history podcast starting at prehistory and currently discussing the stories in the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki. There are 17 plus episodes and counting, with a new episode released on the 1st and 15th of each month at 12 am. Podcast notes and resources can be found at Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or wherever people listen to podcasts.
Shahnameh: Book of KingsShowBardic - Storytelling and PoetryRecorded Video - YoutubeYouTubeYoutubeDailyMonday 10:00 AMEDT (UTC-04)Moderate Content Warning (T)AtlantiaThis show is performed live every day at 10 AM and posted to YouTube the same day.
Shire of Rosenfeld Virtual A&S: Basics of SCA HeraldryClass-LectureHeraldry - Book - GeneralVideo Conference - ZoomZoom LinkFortnightlyFacebook EventSunday 4:00 PMCST (UTC-06)All Ages (E)AnsteorraClass will be simulcast on Facebook Live. Class is different every time.
Simply SCAdian: No Title RequiredPodcast - Plus/Minus VideoSocial - DiscussionLive Feed - FacebookSimply SCAdian: No Title RequiredFacebook Event/Facebook PageOther (see notes)Thursday 8:00 PMEST (UTC-05)Moderate Content Warning (T)Other or Inter-Kingdom (See Notes)We air the show every other Thursday. Hosts are from the Midrealm and the East Kingdom.
Sunday Evenings with the ScribesClass-PracticalScribal - GeneralVideo Conference - ZoomScribal Sunday Facebook PageFacebook event and DiscordWeeklySunday 4:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)All Ages (E)West KingdomSunday Night with the Scribes is a evening spent in the company of other Scribal Arts folks from around the Known World. It is open to anyone interested or involved in the scribal arts. We are an online scribal night that hosts practical demos, focused lessons, lectures and round-tables to go over history, share our projects, talk about equipment, and acquire the skills and techniques that scribes want to know about. Come for the Community, Stay for the Art!
The Everyday Knight (a podcast)PodcastOther (See Notes)Other (see notes)The Everyday Knight WebsiteLink shared on Facebook, YouTube channel (when video)FortnightlySaturday 5:00 PMEDT (UTC-04)Moderate Content Warning (T)MidrealmThe Everyday Knight is a podcast in which we discuss the application of chivalric principles to our modern lives. Most episodes are audio. Some episodes are video.
The Sisters InterviewsShowEntertainmentLive Feed - FacebookThe Sisters InterviewFB Page - Personal/KingdomWeeklyWenesday 7:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)Light Content Warning (E 10+)An TirThis is an interview show. We interview different people from the Kingdom -- we are starting with Lions. We may also start interviewing siblings who play the SCA together from out of kingdom as a special once a month.
This Week in DEIClass - LectureDiversity and InclusionVideo Conference - ZoomZoom LinkSCA Diversity Equity & Inclusion Facebook PageWeeklyWednesday 7:00 PMCDT (UTC-05)Moderate Content Warning (T)Midrealm
Tir Ysgithr AllthingShowSocial - DiscussionLive Feed - YouTubeRegan WilmarthFacebook EventOtherSaturday 6:00 PMGMT (UTC±00)Light Content Warning (E 10+)AtenveldtThis is interview style with members
Wednesday Night Sewing PartySocial TimeSewing - GeneralVideo Conference - ZoomSCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Display FB EventWeeklyWenesday 7:00 PMPDT (UTC-07)All Ages (E)West KingdomStitching encouraged but not required, feel free to join us for conversation and craft a little if you feel so inclined.
Whatcha Playing Wednesday?Class - LectureOther (See Notes)Live Feed - YouTubeKalbardr's KornerFacebook Page and Youtube Channel (Kalbardr's Korner on both)WeeklyWednesday 8:00 PMCDT (UTC-05)All Ages (E)MeridiesHow to Play: Games
Whyt Whey Presents the Saturday Night SolarClass-LectureHistory - Other (See Notes)Video Conference - Google MeetGoogle Meet LinkFacebook EventFortnightlySaturday 8:00 PMEST (UTC-05)All Ages (E)East KingdomThe Saturday Night Solar occurs every other week on Sat night 8PM EST, featuring different classes about the SCA, period arts and sciences, and history. After class is a social hour.
Wolgemut LiveShowBardic - Instrumental and VoiceLive Feed - FacebookWolgemut Facebook PageFacebook EventWeeklyThursday 7:00 PMEDT (UTC-04)All Ages (E)East Kingdom