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Staff Member(s) / Department Name Site/DepartmentDescription on Why the person was nominatedSubmitted ByDate Submitted
Saul ZepedaTransportationPicking up the phone on Saturday, being our replacement driver up to Disneyland Grad Nite for Eastlake High School, Bus #10! I don't think we would have made it there with out him. He was/is a very kind courteous professional, that changed his whole weekend plans for us. Brandon Fuentes5/24/2017
Julie Barker-RachowBonita Vista High School Going above and beyond her role as teacher and mentor to her students. Ms. Rachow trained her students on writing a professional resume, interviewing skills, and dressing for success to land that perfect job. Additionally, Ms. Rachow taught her students how to search and apply for jobs online, as well as in person. Her final coup de gras was arranging a field trip for her students to participate in the SUHSD Interview Workshop held on May 2-3, 2017. Of Ms. Rachow's 25 students, 6 received viable job offers at the workshop! Through her dedication and hard work, Ms. Rachow facilitated her students' enhanced confidence and their ability to achieve their future work goals. Julie Barker-Rachow deserves a Gold Star!
Elizabeth A. Palmer, MBA
Miguel SanchezMontgomery Middle SchoolMr. Sanchez has been a great addition to our school. He is compassionate, kind, and caring towards our student population. Mr. Sanchez has a wealth of knowledge about special education and plays a vital role in EVERY IEP Meeting. I am honored to be working with him at Montgomery Middle School!!!!Blakeslee Detisch5/17/2017
Jeanette Gonzalez-QuicenoCollege and CareerGoing above and beyond to ensure that ALL AVID Programs in the district have what they need to support our students. She is always available to support AVID Coordinators, teachers and students. She assists us with our site plans, budgets, hiring, curriculum, field trips, lesson plans, and conferences just to name a few. She is never too busy for anyone. We would not be as effective without her!Linda Dye5/17/2017
Alejandra Mondragon-ZumsteinNational City Middle An AMAZING ability to simultaneously manage multiple programs for both students and staff to ensure a positive culture at NCM. She has a HUGE heart and she is filled with Kingsmen Pride.Linda Dye5/17/2017
Teresa WalkupNational City Middle Outstanding leadership and support for ALL Kingsmen at NCM. She is an advocate for both students and staff.Linda Dye5/17/2017
Maria De Jesus ThompsonBonita Vista High School 30+ years of dedicated service to our SUHSD families, more specifically ELD and Bilingual students. I see how tirelessly Maria fights for our EL students and their families , as both a classroom teacher and as a leader of the Bilingual Task Force, pushing our community to address Bilingual language program needs with equity and student-first concern her motivations. Advocates rock the boat, and Maria is a notable helmswoman! Thank you Maria for keeping the needs of EL students forefront.Lisa Burgess5/17/2017
Moises GodoyMar Vista High School Moises is a dedicated inspirational ELD teacher for our newly arrived, immigrant ELs(ELD 1/2s). When he saw his Spanish-first language classroom change after Fall break into, a "mini-UN" with Somali, Swahili, Thai, Arabic, Filipino, and Turkish now being spoken as students enter the room, Moises took on the challenges and ran with it smiling--switching up his teaching strategies and helping everyone in class learn both English and about each new student's culture, language, and immigrant experience. Moises is a fine representative of our collectively outstanding ELD teachers in SUHSD, and I am proud to call him a colleague in ELD.Lisa Burgess5/16/2017
Daniel KrayOtay Ranch High School As part of "The Senior Experience," students go through, a group of students were bussed to Lowe's Home Improvement Center to perform job interviews. Forty two (42) of our students were offered jobs! Fernando Delgado5/11/2017
Sandra MarquezHilltop Middle School Because she always helps students in Saturday school and she gives gifts when it's someone's birthday. Also she is the best in advice for student in sad mood, mad, and happy. I think she could be a Sweetwater star!Christopher Garcia5/11/2017
Adrian ZaragozaHilltop Middle School Because he helps a lot the ELD students, he gives advice to the students, he is funny with the students and he helps a lot of students with the homework for me he is a Sweetwater star!Christopher Garcia5/11/2017
Kimberly LepreHilltop Middle School Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Kimberly is a passionate and caring teacher who makes her lessons enjoyable for her students. Her commitment to students and teachers is motivating. Kimberly has also shared her expertise as a Teacher of the Year panel member this year. Thank you Kim for all you do for students and teachers in our district!Alejandra Inzunza5/11/2017
Blakeslee DetischMontgomery Middle SchoolHappy Teacher Appreciation Week! Blake is truly a Sweetwater Star! Her commitment to students and to Montgomery Middle School's community is inspiring. Blake has also shared her expertise and knowledge as a Teacher of the Year panel member for the past two years! I am grateful and appreciative of her dedication to this profession. Thank you Blake for all you do for students and teachers in our district!Alejandra Inzunza5/11/2017
Armando LeonMar Vista AcademyHappy Teacher Appreciation Week! Armando is a passionate and inspiring teacher who has shared his expertise and knowledge as a Teacher of the Year panel member for the past two years! His commitment to his students and community is moving. Thank you Armando for all you do for our students and teachers in our district!Alejandra Inzunza5/11/2017
Stuart DouglasGranger Jr. High SchoolHappy Teacher Appreciation Week! Stuart is truly a Sweetwater Star who goes above and beyond for his students. I am thankful for his insight as a Teacher of the Year panel member this year. Thank you Stuart for all you do for our students and teachers in our district!Alejandra Inzunza5/11/2017
Helen KeeranAlternative EducationHappy Teacher Appreciation Week! Helen is a passionate and caring teacher who has shared her knowledge and compassion as a Teacher of the Year panel member for the past four years! I am grateful and appreciative of her hard work she deserves to be recognized. Thank you Helen for all you do for our students and teachers in our district!Alejandra Inzunza5/11/2017
Diana KulhanekChula Vista High School Collaborative efforts with SWC, VFA, staff, and community that led to the design, creation, and completion of our Victory Garden honoring our veterans. SWC College of Landscape Architecture has reached out to CVHS for a possible partnership that can lead to college credits and community service.MaryRose Peralta5/10/2017
Maria GalleherChula Vista High School Helping create an environment that includes students of different backgrounds and abilities, through the student garden and through her Nutrition classesMaryRose Peralta5/10/2017
Michelle SpielmanChula Vista High School Inspiring students to create their very best work. Her students have won exhibitions at museums and the halls of Congress.MaryRose Peralta5/10/2017
Jose Caballero FriasMaintenanceHelping with the Special Services Ride For Autism on April 29, 2017. Uly and Jose worked all day in the hot sun, assisting with setting up, moving items, and then cleaning up after the event. They worked side by side watching over our special needs students empowering them to be part of the team that day. We couldn't of done it without them! Thank you.Susie Randle5/5/2017
Ulysses AndradeMaintenanceHelping with the Special Services Ride For Autism on April 29, 2017. Uly and Jose worked all day in the hot sun, assisting with setting up, moving items, and then cleaning up after the event. They worked side by side watching over our special needs students empowering them to be part of the team that day. We couldn't of done it without them! Thank you.Susie Randle5/5/2017
Alexa AnzaldoOlympian High School Responding so quickly to assist me with helping a special education parent obtain paperwork that was important to them and their student. She was helpful, professional and most of all willing to help resolve the issue. Thank you Alexa.Susie Randle5/5/2017
Edna EspinozaCurriculumWhat a pleasure it has been to work with Edna Espinoza over the years! Her impressive behind-the-scenes work with the Teacher of the Year process in years past, her thoughtful responses to emails, and her gracious "get this done" work ethic are unparalleled! If there is a problem to be solved, a question to be resolved, or a request to be completed, Edna can indeed be entrusted with the challenge! Her graciousness, professionalism, and customer service are stellar!Sandra Hodge5/4/2017
Louie ZumsteinMontgomery Middle SchoolMaking the Staff at MOM feel Appreciated and Supported. Louie goes above and beyond to let us know that we are valued and cherished. He is a TRUE LEADER!!!! A leader that needs to be Acknowledged!!!Blakeslee Detisch5/3/2017
Mark Patterson Luis Aparicio Fernando Chaidez Joe Lara Ruben Baeza Robert Bonilla Fernando Delgado Guillermo Flores Raul Galindo Cesar Gamez Ricardo Gomez Michael Govea David Lopez Jaime Lopez Jr. Luis Lopez Hector Pineda Carlos Siragusa Rudy Torres Enrique Rosales Julio DiazOlympian High School Castle Park Middle Sweetwater High School Chula Vista High Mar Vista High Southwest High Otay Ranch High Otay Ranch High Southwest High Castle Park High Hilltop High School Rancho del Rey Eastlake High Montgomery Middle Chula Vista High Granger Jr High Bonita Vista High Southwest Middle Mar Vista Academy Palomar High School Organizing a very successful 21st Annual Adelante Latino Conference. Your time and passion are appreciated! Thank you so much!Karen Janney 4/27/2017
Mike Rubalcava Magda Saldana Nancy Mariscal Eduardo Leon Angelica Montes-Garcia Cristina Rosas Iris Osuna Guadalupe Ramirez Monica RamirezEastlake High School Outstanding educational support and organizational direction for the Adaptive Physical Education (APE) program at Eastlake High School. Students enrolled in this program receive strong coaching, mentoring and support from these incredible Instructional Aides. These dedicated professionals provide each student with a learning environment focused on highly organized individual and group team building educational activities.

In addition, these Instructional Aides have been instrumental in the re-organization and cleaning of the Adaptive Physical Education office and associated changing areas located in the 500 building. Equipment and uniforms have been washed, inventoried and stored into plastic bins and labeled for easy identification and access.

It has been a pleasure working with these incredible professionals who have gone above and beyond call of duty in providing outstanding educational support for students attending Eastlake High School.
Brett Sarver4/26/2017
Brenda GarciaMontgomery High School Her strong, compassionate, unwavering service and leadership. Dr. Garcia arrived first on the scene in a medical emergency that occurred recently in my classroom. This is not unusual. She is an administrator who is extremely responsive to MOH's staff, students, and parents. First on campus in the morning and usually last to leave at night, we look to Dr. Garcia for support around the clock. Yep, you can always reach her on her cell (even on weekends and vacations). Knowing someone is there for you, to help meet your challenges gives you strength as a teacher, which in turn gives strength to our students. Thank you Dr. Garcia for your commitment to MOH.Susan Stratton4/26/2017
Daniel CohenMontgomery High School Strong leadership in a medical emergency. A.P. Cohen did all the right things when a student in my classroom experienced an episode of heart tachycardia. His swift, prepared response (showing up with the defibrillator in hand) and calm, firm leadership created an environment of care, and the feeling that all would be well. Thank you Dr. Cohen for demonstrating steady leadership in a crucial momentSusan Stratton4/26/2017
Bernice TorresTransportationHer care and compassion daily as she cares for my daughter on the bus to school and home from school. Thank you.Irene Leivas-Howard4/25/2017
Cesar Tapia Kathryn Nunez Gladys Acuna Clara Magana Keith ThomasRancho del Rey MiddleThe care and compassion the team at Rancho del Rey Middle displayed when our daughter had a seizure at school. Every staff person involved responded immediately and appropriately which was a relief for my husband and I, considering that we were not there when it happened. Thank you and we appreciate you all.Irene Leivas-Howard4/25/2017
Marilyn Sparks Tuan Phung Mike Pereira Andy Higdon Greg Toscano Emilio VizcarraInformation Technology These amazing IT front line "first responders" to our FAQs, email questions, phishing advice requests, or spam concerns, continually wow all of us with their far reaching job knowledge, unparalleled patience, and teamwork congeniality! No question is too crazy; no inquiry is too daunting; and no "IT deep hole" into which we have dug ourselves is too unreachable! Thank you for your reassuring, calming, and supportive assistance!Sandra Hodge4/21/2017
Jessica Nascimento Peter Bishop Hilltop High School An enthusiastic THANK YOU to both Jessica Nascimento and Peter Bishop for the pivotal role they played in bringing our robotics program into the SUHSD back in 2006-2007! Their willingness to step forward into the "unknown" to launch the very first robotics team (Hilltop High 2193 EPIC) south of Highway 8 was an amazing demonstration of faith, ingenuity, innovation, and selfless service! Moreover, their FIRST team was award winning! They received the Rookie Inspiration Award because their story was truly a remarkable and inspirational story! Two remarkable teachers and one remarkable team in 2006-2007! Today, some semblance of robotics is in every SUHSD school! Sandra Hodge4/21/2017
John NascimentoHilltop High School Helping make the world a classroom for more and more students. This year students went to Germany, Italy, France, China, Japan, and Spain. Some of the trips were cultural visits and others were school exchanges with home stays where students hosted students. 4/21/2017
Dr. Eduardo ReyesBonita Vista Middle SchoolDr. Reyes is one of the most supportive leaders of teachers and counselors. He bases his decision on what's best for kids, but is always supportive of teachers, counselors, and the staff at Bonita Vista Middle School. He is transparent in his leadership, and has an open door policy in trying to find the best solution for the students and the site as a whole. He welcomes feedback and ideas that may be outside the box, and always puts students first. We are fortunate to have a leader that is open to all ideas and makes the decision based on feedback from everyone. BVM Counseling Team4/20/2017
George BlankenshipInformation Technology All of his work to help our office on technology issues. He is always helpful. Always quick to respond. If he doesn't have an answer, he always tries to find an answer for us. We appreciate him and consider him part of our team!Legal Services4/19/2017
Sarah Mamaril Lora Bumatay Ricardo Cooke Lysabeth Luansing-Garcia Reynila Calderon-Magbuhat Grace Foust Guenevere Sagun Jason Josafat Vanessa McPherson Emanuel Miana Chris Alvarez Nestor VallarOlympian High School Granger Jr. High National City Middle Sweetwater High School Bonita Vista High School Olympian High School Eastlake Middle School Chula Vista Middle Bonita Vista High School Eastlake Middle School Bonita Vista high School National City AdultOrganizing the fundraising to provide scholarships for the Karangalan Scholarships. Thank you all very much!Karen Janney4/19/2017
Easter Finley Marie Fernandez Romando Reyes Pearl Grace Esmalla Maria Whitehead Rosemarie Day Ronniel TulaoSouthwest High School Organizing a successful Magkaisa Conference for our Filipino-American students. Everything planned for that day supported the district's goal of putting students first! Thank you all very much!Karen Janney4/19/2017
Rhonda LorenteCastle Park High School Giving students an opportunity to further their skills by partnering with local businesses through internships!John Teasley - Owner Express Lavanderia4/17/2017
Hayley SalazarOtay Ranch High School Being the best Robotics teacher out there, without her the Sweetwater School Disctrict wouldn't be known for having the best robotics team!Priscilla Casas4/13/2017
Danny ElordeMontgomery Middle SchoolThank you Danny for going above and beyond with getting the Foster and Homeless Youth Education Services Program set up at MOM Community Resource Center. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.Zeydi Villaseñor4/13/2017
Joel Foust David Okano Daniel Newell Tina Mangles Wanda Parise Baltazar Perez ELH TitanBOT 2543 Team Eastlake High School This captivating robotics team not only designed a state-of-the art robot, but they became one of the 8 (out of 66) captain teams at the San Diego FIRST Robotics Regional Competition held March 9-11. Unstoppable, they went on to become a member of the award winning, 3-robot team, Champion alliance at the Sacramento Regionals FIRST Robotics Competition held March 23-25. As a result of this latter performance, their reliable and high functioning robot, and their inspiring team, they earned an invitation to compete in the World Championship April 19-22, 2017 in Houston, Texas. Congratulations Eastlake High School TitanBOT 2543!Sandra Hodge4/10/2017
Laurie McIntyreOptions SecondaryWe thoroughly appreciate Laurie McIntyre, the Library Technician at Options Secondary, for her warm welcome, kind interactions, and expertly delivered service. She brings smiles to our hearts as she answers questions, collects and distributes materials, and keeps us apprised of textbook adoptions, book orders, and community literacy programs. Her job knowledge, communication skills, and "second mile" service are stellar! Laurie truly deserves to be applauded, commended and heralded as an amazing and inspiring employee!Sandra Hodge4/10/2017
Tina Schleiger Payroll DepartmentTina Schleiger epitomizes gracious professionalism in thought, word, and deed! Her leadership in the payroll department is stellar! The individualized attention that she gives to each employee, myself especially, to address concerns, respond to questions, and provide information is unparalleled! And the long hours and dedicated service that she continually gives in putting our needs first, deserves to be applauded! She is indeed a SUHSD Super Star and we appreciate her tremendously!Sandra Hodge4/10/2017
Jorge SotoMontgomery High School Jorge was recently hired at Montgomery High and he has jumped right in! Jorge is positive role model for students and wants to be involved in the positive things we are doing at the school. Thank you Jorge and welcome to Montgomery!Daniel Cohen 4/5/2017
Stephanie Hsu Montgomery High School Stephanie has worked very hard to plan our first Career Day at Montgomery High. She is such a joyful and helpful person! We are very lucky to have a counselor with so much initiative and we appreciate you!Daniel Cohen 4/5/2017
Patricia KarlinMontgomery High School Patti works above and beyond her duty day to support students at Montgomery High. She does many more supervisions than required and always has a can-do attitude. Patti is also happy to help teachers and administration recognize students and promote positive behavior. We appreciate you Patti!Daniel Cohen 4/5/2017
Orbie MaysMontgomery High School Orbie is a knowledgeable and hard-working plant supervisor who consistently trains his staff to the highest levels. We have had several custodians get promoted out of Montgomery High due to Orbie's mentoring and support. We appreciate you Orbie!Daniel Cohen 4/5/2017
Eder CedanoMontgomery High School Eder is ALWAYS willing to help when needed, even when the task is difficult or time-consuming. Eder sets a standard for his night crew and enforces those expectations consistently. Your work makes Montgomery High a better place to be, Thank you!Daniel Cohen 4/5/2017
Louie ZumsteinMontgomery Middle SchoolLouie is an amazing educational leader who models respectful interactions, always has a welcoming attitude, and works hard at communicating his message to staff/students. He opened his campus to the high school so we could present our specialized programs to the students. He also supports us in advertising our programs to our incoming students. We appreciate you Louie!Daniel Cohen 4/5/2017
Tracie Petersen Montgomery High School Over the Spring Break Ms. Petersen was not only busy coaching track and field but she found students behaving inappropriately on campus. Ms. Petersen intervened and stopped the situation and then reported it to administration to follow-up. We appreciate her going above and beyond to do what is in the best interests of our students. Thank you Tracie!Daniel Cohen 4/5/2017
Armando MelendrezSouthwest High School Learning Center Mr. Armando Melendrez continues to be a huge support and coach to myself as a new counselor to alternative education. Since my first day in this position a year and a half ago, Mr. Melendrez has continued to share his best practices, approaches to building a stronger learning center and tools in providing exceptional counseling services. I appreciate that whatever the situation maybe, Mr. Melendrez always makes time to guide me through an unfamiliar process and towards a resolution to improve services for student success. He has been a kind and patient mentor and I appreciate all his help because without it our center wouldn’t have been able to improve our total number of graduates at our center. Thank you Mr. Melendrez for always being willing to be a mentor and a team player to myself in our island of LC counseling!Elvia Estrella4/4/2017
Richard Carreon Mar Vista High School Thank you Mr. Rich Carreon for your collaborative efforts with SCGA and working to support counseling services at your site. Mr. Carreon has demonstrated true leadership in bridging communication with SCGA leadership in attempting to resolve any issues that arise and working with the association. He affirms the values of the California Labor/Management Initiative in working with the association - not against them in his collaborative communication and problem solving efforts. I especially appreciate Mr. Carreon always being willing to support counseling services at MVH and his shared efforts with SCGA to coordinate team building activities to build a stronger counseling team and improve student services. Thank you Mr. Carreon for your work in support of our school counselors!Elvia Estrella4/4/2017
Jessica Bedoya San Ysidro High SchoolHaving the best lesson plans with the best students! I love your lessons and they are interesting and relevant.Wendy Etchechury4/4/2017
Adriana HernandezNational City Middle Adriana goes above and beyond supporting ASES Coordinators. She is readily available to us all. Adriana is amazing!Alex Mondragon-Zumstein4/3/2017
Linda DyeNational City Middle Coordinating all of our AVID field trips. You're amazing!!!Alex Mondragon-Zumstein4/3/2017
Byron HeiserNational City Middle Great job with Read Across America this year. Our Kingsmen loved it!Alex Mondragon-Zumstein4/3/2017
Paul Woods Frank Mendoza District Architect MaintenanceI wanted to take the opportunity to recognize Mr. Paul Woods and Mr. Frank Mendoza in their efforts to work collaboratively with SCGA in assuring that our Hilltop High School Learning Center counselor has a confidential space to meet with students. Both Paul and Frank have kept in communication with SCGA and the school counselor at HTHLC with the progress of construction of an office. Our counselor and LC counseling team was very excited to know that the construction is scheduled to be completed upon return from break. This is something that we have been awaiting for students for over 10+ years. Thank you for assuring that students at our learning centers have a confidential space to meet with their counselor. Elvia Estrella4/2/2017
Moises AguirreFacilities and OperationsI wanted to take the opportunity to recognize Dr. Moises Aguirre in his efforts to work collaboratively with SCGA in assuring that all counselors at Learning Centers have a confidential space to meet with students. Since Dr. Aguirre began with SUHSD, he has been persistent in making sure these four sites have a confidential space for counselors to meet with students, BVHLC, SYHLC, OHSLC and HTHLC. Hilltop is our last site that where construction is being finished and I know this wouldn’t have happened without Dr. Aguirre’s help and support in putting students first. Elvia Estrella4/2/2017
Katrine CzajkowskiProfessional GrowthKatrine's dynamic leadership, articulate communication skills, and MENSA-minded problem solving skills are unparalleled! I cannot thank her enough for coming to my personal assistance for our district's very first trip to Qualcomm's Thinkabit Lab, for standing by me in assessing the validity of a fundraising source, for setting up workshops that brought members of our community together with educational leaders, and for being by my side in meeting with a community business leader in the furtherance of STEAM education. I can always count on her trustworthiness, forthrightness, integrity, and wisdom. Sandra Hodge3/30/2017
SOH Team 5627 Pi-rtzSouthwest High School an amazing team performance at the 2017 San Diego FIRST Robotics Competition! They were honored with the Imagery Award, the Safety Award and the #1 Dean's Student Finalist (Xavier Balladarez) Award. Moreover, out of 66 teams, their robot ranked 11th and their driver ranked 7th. They will be competing at the World Championships in Houston April 19-22, 2017! Amazing!Sandra Hodge3/23/2017
Nancy Cusey Purchasingher incredible job knowledge, efficiency, and expertise! We can always count on Nancy to figure out the best way to solve problems, bring purchase orders to resolution, and promote customer satisfaction! She is the best of the best and we adore her!Sandra Hodge3/23/2017
Sherry Radford Rick Ludwig Lourdes Renteria John Washburn Amparo Valdivia Bella Liu Ray Adachi Araceli BermudezHilltop High School Helping make the world a classroom for more and more students. This year students went to Germany, Italy, France, China, Japan, and Spain. Some of the trips were cultural visits and others were school exchanges with home stays where students hosted students. 3/22/2017
Edna EspinozaCurriculumBeing so supportive of all staff, all of the time! She goes above and beyond to support staff and students. She is simply the best! :-)Christine Fax3/21/2017
Marla CuevasHilltop High School Always being so helpful and supportive. She always has a smile on her face and is eager to help. She rocks!!!!Christine Fax3/21/2017
Kimberly Esparza Hilltop High School Always being so helpful and supportive. She always has a smile on her face and is eager to help. She rocks!!!!Christine Fax3/21/2017
Jessica NunoSweetwater High School Being so helpful and supportive. She always has a smile on her face and is eager to help. She rocks!!!!Christine Fax3/21/2017
Barbara Chappell-BrownSweetwater High School Being so helpful and supportive every time I need her! She is awesome!Christine Fax3/21/2017
Angelina CaballeroMar Vista High School Always being so helpful and supportive. She always has a smile on her face and is eager to help. She rocks!!!!Christine Fax3/21/2017
Caitlin JulianHilltop Middle School Being a leader in Restorative practices and knowing that all students need a second and even a third chance. Your kindness and understanding are inspirational to everyone! Thank you for embracing all your students and knowing that each one is very different and so their needs are very different. 3/20/2017
Beatriz BarnachiaHilltop Middle School Going above and beyond this year and being an exceptional teacher leader as a curriculum specialist. She always places students first and assures that they are learning how to understand and be servants of their community. You are definitely a Super Star! 3/20/2017
Natalie CruzHilltop Middle School Being a teacher leader and one of the most popular teachers on campus with students. You genuinely care about students and every action in your class shows that. Thank you for being a super STAR!3/20/2017
Kent SargentHilltop Middle School As a first year teacher, you are a rock star! You care for your students and they care for you. It is very evident that you have taken the time to develop a relationship with them that in turn turns to fun learning and amazing activities! Awesome first year!3/20/2017
Nitza RomeroHilltop Middle School Advocating for your staff, students and parents. You have the toughest job in our school and you do it with grace, professionalism, and love. Thank you for doing so much in the little time you are with us. You are definitely a STAR!3/20/2017
Terry SparksHilltop Middle School Being an advocate for your students and making sure everyone places students first. You are a father figure for many of them. Thank you for caring and just being there for your students. 3/20/2017
Lilly EsparzaHilltop Middle School Caring for all your students in such a huge way that they know that nomatter how different they are, they always feel at home in your classroom. You have made all the difference in their lives! Thank you!3/20/2017
Pablo Garcia-IbarraHilltop Middle School Students have never known what it is to cultivate a garden until you started the Garden Club! Thank you for caring enough to show students the power of growing their own food. 3/20/2017
Maria QuinteroHilltop Middle School Knowing that we can't change what we don't control. You are an inspiration to work with! You are always calm and collected and never sweat the big stuff! You are truly a a role model to all staff. Thank you!3/20/2017
Donna CobianHilltop Middle School Being the principal's secretary is a difficult job, but you make it look so easy! Thank you for being so forward thinking and always having solutions at hand. You really have made a difference in our school! 3/20/2017
Mark CarpizoHilltop Middle School Dedicating your life to service students and staff with a smile! Your sense of humor always make everyone's day brighter and every student happier. Thank you for being the one to remind all of us that a smile makes all the difference. :-)3/20/2017
Rhea WalkerHilltop Middle School Always working hard to make our school better for students and staff. You are a dedicated and professional educational leader! Thank you for all the work you do!3/20/2017
Juan Carlos RobledoHilltop Middle School Always being there when the teachers need you. You always go above and beyond your work load and are a great role model for the rest of the custodians. You make all the difference in our school. 3/20/2017
Gloria GonzalezHilltop Middle School Always serving in the cafeteria with a smile and making sure all students eat and are ready to learn! Thank you for putting students first!3/20/2017
Teresita AbrahamHilltop Middle School Being the best receptionist in the district! She always smiles and helps everyone no matter what. Parents ask for her by name and she always has something nice to say to everyone. Thank you for your amazing customer service!3/20/2017
Brenda OrozcoHilltop Middle School Being a leader for all counselors and always putting students first! Your heart and soul is with students always.3/20/2017
Sharri SantanaHilltop Middle School Changing and enhancing student's lives everyday! She is a counselor full of heart and gives it all to her students. Thank you for saving lives everyday! 3/20/2017
Danielle BruceHilltop Middle School Setting up an entire music (orchestra & band) program at two schools! She was recently awarded the City of Chula Vista Champion medal and continues to be the champion of music for all students at Hilltop MS & High3/20/2017
Jennifer YoungHilltop Middle School Understanding the power of restorative practices and being the an amazing teacher leader. She is our robotics and CTE leader who is creating opportunities of job exploration for all students. 3/20/2017
Claudia GarciaHilltop Middle School CIS of the year! She is always helping students even on Saturdays and never gives up on any student or parent. She is an amazing teacher!3/30/2017
Aracely CervantesHilltop Middle School Being a teacher leader, role model and always caring for students above all else. She is a risk taker and never is afraid to do what is best for students! 3/20/2017
Network Services Leo Picart Brent Ballew Bob Chullino Steve Farina Todd BlakeInformation Technology I recently was recognized as a Sweetwater Star. This wouldn't be appropriate without recognizing the rest of our team. I have been fortunate enough to lead this group for the last year and have witnessed this group continually give 110% every day to the support of our organization. This group is responsible for keeping our enterprise services running at peak performance day in and day out. Allan Richie3/20/2017
Nutrition ServicesFor their great attitude and speedy serviceJackie Ponds3/20/2017
Jorge NegreteFiscal ServicesExcellent support and organization. Jorge has taught me all I know about ASB finance. I was recently part of an external audit and it went very well thanks to Jorge's preparation and attention to detail throughout the year. Terri Martin3/19/2017
Sarah ManceroGranger Jr. High SchoolCoaching our Knowledge Bowl and Math Field Day teams to being winning teams for many years!Lora Bumatay 3/17/2017
Lysabeth Luansing-GarciaSweetwater High School Her dedication and hard work into creating technology tools for the Karangalan Scholarship program.Lora Bumatay 3/17/2017
Michael Nafarrete Granger Jr. High SchoolFor being multi-skilled and multi-talented and always being available to help anyone and everyone on staff whenever neededLora Bumatay 3/17/2017
Tara ZaragozaGranger Jr. High SchoolContinuing to recognize our students' positive behavior and contributions to our school through the Mighty Griffin Ticket program!Lora Bumatay 3/17/2017
Gilbert Garcia Troy MasonInformation Technology Curriculum & InstructionGilbert helped the entire counseling unit working endlessly to fix the bugs in all the transcripts with our curriculum & instruction district level counselor Troy Mason. Both working diligently to hearing all the issues from all the counselors...almost 140...and worked on fixing everything to make sure we had accurate student records for our students. I know that often both Gilbert & Troy work to make sure we get our student records right without recognition. Thank you for what you do and all the time that goes into to. I appreciate what you do for counselors and especially students! Elvia Estrella3/14/2017
Robert DavisMontgomery Middle SchoolMr. Davis has participated with the SUHSD Math Field Day for the last 18 years and coordinated the Event for the last 5 years. On Saturday, March 11th, Montgomery Middle School hosted the 2017 SUHSD Math Field Day. The event flowed seamlessly and is a reflection of the hard work and dedication that Mr. Davis has put forth as he organizes 11 schools (coaches and teams), 11 events, transportation, food, facilities, awards, trophies, medals and certificates. Although he has a hand full of people on the Math Field Day Committee, it is Mr. Davis' organization, planning, and attention to detail that makes the day a success. Thank you Mr. Davis for your hard work and dedication and for always putting students first!Melisa O'Donoghue3/14/2017
Allan RichieInformation TechnologyAllan has helped us with internet connections during all of our Science zones, cohorts and any other meetings we have had across the district for the past several years. He has allowed our teachers to access the internet smoothly at all of the school sites even if we have internet issues. Allan will work until the issue is resolved. Thank you Allan for your support.Melanie Brown3/13/2017
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