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Staff Member(s) / Department Name Site/DepartmentDescription on Why the person was nominatedSubmitted ByDate Submitted
Caitlin JulianHilltop Middle School Being a leader in Restorative practices and knowing that all students need a second and even a third chance. Your kindness and understanding are inspirational to everyone! Thank you for embracing all your students and knowing that each one is very different and so their needs are very different. 3/20/2017
Beatriz BarnachiaHilltop Middle School Going above and beyond this year and being an exceptional teacher leader as a curriculum specialist. She always places students first and assures that they are learning how to understand and be servants of their community. Your are definitely a Super Star! 3/20/2017
Natalie CruzHilltop Middle School Being a teacher leader and one of the most popular teachers on campus with students. You genuinely care about students and every action in your class shows that. Thank you for being a super STAR!3/20/2017
Kent SargentHilltop Middle School As a first year teacher, you are a rock star! You care for your students and they care for you. It is very evident that you have taken the time to develop a relationship with them that in turn turns to fun learning and amazing activities! Awesome first year!3/20/2017
Nitza RomeroHilltop Middle School Advocating for your staff, students and parents. You have the toughest job in our school and you do it with grace, professionalism, and love. Thank you for doing so much in the little time you are with us. You are definitely a STAR!3/20/2017
Terry SparksHilltop Middle School Being an advocate for your students and making sure everyone places students first. You are a father figure for many of them. Thank you for caring and just being there for your students. 3/20/2017
Lilly EsparzaHilltop Middle School Caring for all your students in such a huge way that they know that nomatter how different they are, they always feel at home in your classroom. You have made all the difference in their lives! Thank you!3/20/2017
Pablo Garcia-IbarraHilltop Middle School Students have never known what it is to cultivate a garden until you started the Garden Club! Thank you for caring enough to show students the power of growing their own food. 3/20/2017
Maria QuinteroHilltop Middle School Knowing that we can't change what we don't control. You are an inspiration to work with! You are always calm and collected and never sweat the big stuff! You are truly a a role model to all staff. Thank you!3/20/2017
Donna CobianHilltop Middle School Being the principal's secretary is a difficult job, but you make it look so easy! Thank you for being so forward thinking and always having solutions at hand. You really have made a difference in our school! 3/20/2017
Mark CarpizoHilltop Middle School Dedicating your life to service students and staff with a smile! Your sense of humor always make everyone's day brighter and every student happier. Thank you for being the one to remind all of us that a smile makes all the difference. :-)3/20/2017
Rhea WalkerHilltop Middle School Always working hard to make our school better for students and staff. You are a dedicated and professional educational leader! Thank you for all the work you do!3/20/2017
Juan Carlos RobledoHilltop Middle School Always being there when the teachers need you. You always go above and beyond your work load and are a great role model for the rest of the custodians. You make all the difference in our school. 3/20/2017
Gloria GonzalezHilltop Middle School Always serving in the cafeteria with a smile and making sure all students eat and are ready to learn! Thank you for putting students first!3/20/2017
Teresita AbrahamHilltop Middle School Being the best receptionist in the district! She always smiles and helps everyone no matter what. Parents ask for her by name and she always has something nice to say to everyone. Thank you for your amazing customer service!3/20/2017
Brenda OrozcoHilltop Middle School Being a leader for all counselors and always putting students first! Your heart and soul is with students always.3/20/2017
Sharri SantanaHilltop Middle School Changing and enhancing student's lives everyday! She is a counselor full of heart and gives it all to her students. Thank you for saving lives everyday! 3/20/2017
Danielle BruceHilltop Middle School Setting up an entire music (orchestra & band) program at two schools! She was recently awarded the City of Chula Vista Champion medal and continues to be the champion of music for all students at Hilltop MS & High3/20/2017
Jennifer YoungHilltop Middle School Understanding the power of restorative practices and being the an amazing teacher leader. She is our robotics and CTE leader who is creating opportunities of job exploration for all students. 3/20/2017
Claudia GarciaHilltop Middle School CIS of the year! She is always helping students even on Saturdays and never gives up on any student or parent. She is an amazing teacher!3/30/2017
Aracely CervantesHilltop Middle School Being a teacher leader, role model and always caring for students above all else. She is a risk taker and never is afraid to do what is best for students! 3/20/2017
Network Services Leo Picart Brent Ballew Bob Chullino Steve Farina Todd BlakeInformation Technology I recently was recognized as a Sweetwater Star. This wouldn't be appropriate without recognizing the rest of our team. I have been fortunate enough to lead this group for the last year and have witnessed this group continually give 110% every day to the support of our organization. This group is responsible for keeping our enterprise services running at peak performance day in and day out. Allan Richie3/20/2017
Nutrition ServicesFor their great attitude and speedy serviceJackie Ponds3/20/2017
Jorge NegreteFiscal ServicesExcellent support and organization. Jorge has taught me all I know about ASB finance. I was recently part of an external audit and it went very well thanks to Jorge's preparation and attention to detail throughout the year. Terri Martin3/19/2017
Sarah ManceroGranger Jr. High SchoolCoaching our Knowledge Bowl and Math Field Day teams to being winning teams for many years!Lora Bumatay 3/17/2017
Lysabeth Luansing-GarciaSweetwater High School Her dedication and hard work into creating technology tools for the Karangalan Scholarship program.Lora Bumatay 3/17/2017
Michael Nafarrete Granger Jr. High SchoolFor being multi-skilled and multi-talented and always being available to help anyone and everyone on staff whenever neededLora Bumatay 3/17/2017
Tara ZaragozaGranger Jr. High SchoolContinuing to recognize our students' positive behavior and contributions to our school through the Mighty Griffin Ticket program!Lora Bumatay 3/17/2017
Gilbert Garcia Troy MasonInformation Technology Curriculum & InstructionGilbert helped the entire counseling unit working endlessly to fix the bugs in all the transcripts with our curriculum & instruction district level counselor Troy Mason. Both working diligently to hearing all the issues from all the counselors...almost 140...and worked on fixing everything to make sure we had accurate student records for our students. I know that often both Gilbert & Troy work to make sure we get our student records right without recognition. Thank you for what you do and all the time that goes into to. I appreciate what you do for counselors and especially students! Elvia Estrella3/14/2017
Robert DavisMontgomery Middle SchoolMr. Davis has participated with the SUHSD Math Field Day for the last 18 years and coordinated the Event for the last 5 years. On Saturday, March 11th, Montgomery Middle School hosted the 2017 SUHSD Math Field Day. The event flowed seamlessly and is a reflection of the hard work and dedication that Mr. Davis has put forth as he organizes 11 schools (coaches and teams), 11 events, transportation, food, facilities, awards, trophies, medals and certificates. Although he has a hand full of people on the Math Field Day Committee, it is Mr. Davis' organization, planning, and attention to detail that makes the day a success. Thank you Mr. Davis for your hard work and dedication and for always putting students first!Melisa O'Donoghue3/14/2017
Allan RichieInformation TechnologyAllan has helped us with internet connections during all of our Science zones, cohorts and any other meetings we have had across the district for the past several years. He has allowed our teachers to access the internet smoothly at all of the school sites even if we have internet issues. Allan will work until the issue is resolved. Thank you Allan for your support.Melanie Brown3/13/2017
Lauren PetersenMontgomery High School Lauren's STEM club has created in 3 short years what has become the SUHSD Family STEM Night. A family event with several hundred participants and exhibitors across the district. Lauren has presented her family STEM night at the National Science Teachers Conference (NSTA) in LA and to the CA STEMPOSIUM in Anaheim.Melanie Brown3/13/2017
Ignacio ZamudioMontgomery Middle SchoolEnsuring the safety of our Club Maya students after school and beyond. Ignacio makes it a priority to know each student and their family so that he can best serve them. Louie Zumstein3/9/2017
Sandra GarciaMontgomery High School Helping with anything that is school relatedJose Torres3/7/2017
Lluvia BobadillaMontgomery High School Always helping me with attendance or with any school related issues. Jose Torres3/7/2017
Mabelle Hernandez-Glithero Special ServicesHer support and assistance in providing needed education regarding Special Education issues that Nueva Vista Family Services encounters from time to time. Case Manager and Therapist are forever grateful for this attention to the needs of our clients/students.Rebecca M. Loperena2/28/2017
Alejandra InzunzaMontgomery Middle SchoolBeing the foundation of support to so many at Montgomery Middle. Her positive role in developing our transformational school culture can never be underestimated or over recognized. Louie Zumstein3/8/2017
Anabel MazonMontgomery Middle SchoolGoing above and beyond any job duties to truly meet the needs of our staff, students, and families. She makes it great to be a Mayan while putting students first!MOM Admin Team3/8/2017
Ms. PetersenHilltop High School Being a great teacher who works so hard and goes above and beyond for her students.Louie Zumstein3/8/2017
Mrs. ReimundHilltop Middle SchoolMrs. Reimund is an amazing teacher for many reasons. One reason is she always makes class fun while uplifting everyone's spirit. She cares for us and puts students before herself. Lastly she is very understanding. We can always go to Mrs. Reimund with any issue knowing she will never judge you. She places herself in our shoes and give us the best advice she can. This is why Mrs. Reimund is my Sweetwater Star!Alexa Zumstein3/8/2017
Estephany Conlon Aida Jarrett Johana Bielma Jessica Cabrera Maggie Cazares Andrea Cooke Aimee Cuellar-Martinez Melissa Hernandez Mabelle Hernandez-Glithero Martha Juarez Paula Madrigal-Chinolla Maribel Gavin Monica Lephamer Monica Raczkowski Patricia Ulloa-Mallett Isabel Velazquez Eastlake Middle Hilltop Middle San Ysidro High Otay Ranch High Chula Vista High Eastlake Middle Sweetwater High San Ysidro High Special Services Sweetwater High Sweetwater High Sweetwater High Otay Ranch High Mar Vista High Otay Ranch High Castle Park MiddleOrganizing and hosting the 24th Annual Adelante Mujer Conference. This conference will have a lasting, positive impact on each young woman and parent who attended. Thank you for caring enough to continue this service and tradition! Karen Janney 3/7/2017
Southwest High School Engineering Academy Students Their award winning performance in the SDSU Math, Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) Competition. SOH 9th & 10th grade students earned more awards than any other high school that competed in areas including speech, math, Egg Express, Mouse Trap Car, and the Human Heart Model! Way to go, future engineers!Sandra Hodge2/27/2017
Dr. Hector AriasSouthwest High School The students at SOH are so fortunate to have you for their coach, role model, and teacher! The opportunities you give them, the work ethic that you are instilling within them, and the knowledge through application activities you provide for them are unparalleled! And to think – these students are primarily 9th and 10th graders! I can’t wait to see the impact they will continue to make in the years ahead right there at SoH!Sandra Hodge2/27/2017
Erika Navarro, Rosalia Serrano, Angelina SchreckMontgomery High SchoolAll of the mentioned staff have showed an Above and Beyond customer service skill. To the point where if I was the captain of a ship I would immediately recruit each one as my own staff. Mr. M Ramirez2/16/2017
Joe HeinzAthleticsReceiving a well deserved recognition as the San Diego County Athletic Administrator of the Year.Jay Marquand2/14/2017
Irene Leivas-HowardAlternative EducationHer continued involvement in supporting students and staff in the Department of Alternative Education through new and innovative support services.Jay Marquand2/14/2017
Yolanda HernandezLeadership Development & Systems InnovationsEarning a well deserved recognition as the "Confidential Employee of the Year" for San Diego and Imperial Counties through ACSA. Thank you Yolanda for your dedication to students, families and staff in SUHSDJay Marquand2/14/2017
Joe AmaroMontgomery High School"We are Aztec" is a motto that Mr. Amaro lives by. He is a constant supporter of students, teachers, and the Montgomery Community. As the director of the VEX robotics league Mr. Amaro lead his team to a league championship and brought a sense of pride to the whole school. Thank you Mr. Amaro!Daniel Cohen2/13/2017
Asoka AmarasingheMontgomery High SchoolMs. Amarasinghe is extremely knowledgeable in her discipline of biology and is an advocate for students. She is an essential pillar of our science department who provides students with a top-notch education. Thank you Asoka!Daniel Cohen2/13/2017
Christy AllenMontgomery High SchoolMrs. Allen is a shining light at MOH, full of energy, kindness, and passion for teaching. Mrs. Allen does a wonderful job preparing her students for success in mathematics. Thank you Christy!Daniel Cohen2/13/2017
MaryRose PeraltaChula Vista High School Putting students first!Lety Lares-Urquidez2/11/2017
Stephanie MaherMontgomery High SchoolCoach Maher consistently gives her best effort for the Montgomery students, staff, and parents. She is a role model for work ethic and being a team-player and she inspires others to do the same. Thank you!Daniel Cohen2/10/2017
Ted JarumayanMontgomery High SchoolTed does a great job as a campus assistant, coach, and alumni of Montgomery High. He is always available to help out and give advice when we have a need. Ted cares deeply about the students and teachers of Montgomery High School.Daniel Cohen2/9/2017
Florence ObedozaOffice of Language Acquisitionhelping me and Olympian High School in our effort to monitor and support our LTELs. She helped us generate a report with all the information we needed.Alicia Pentz-Lopez2/8/2017
Ruben VargasTransportationRuben has one of the hardest jobs in the district with a huge responsibility of transporting our students. Ruben is flexible, understanding, and helpful when it comes to the changes in our schedules and getting our students to events. We appreciate all of your hard work Ruben!Daniel Cohen2/8/2017
Linzola ShacklefordMontgomery High SchoolMs. Lin is the heart of ASB at Montgomery High School. She is organized, helpful, and holds the students to a high standard of behavior. Thank you Ms. Lin for all of your hard work!Daniel Cohen2/8/2017
Joaquin ParraEast Hills AcademyJoaquin went above and beyond to make sure that the students at EHA had the necessary equipment for our new intervention. Not only did he get headphones for us, he worked with IT to get new covers for the iPads that would work with the headphone jack. Thank you Joaquin!Christine Wurtz2/7/2017
Greg ToscanoInformation TechnologyAlways responding to questions and requests for help! Greg consistently works to help people new to our district gain access to SUHSD Drive and Outlook. He trouble-shoots and provides direction when others should be consulted so problems can be resolved as quickly as possible. I can always expect to receive a prompt, helpful response when I send my (many) questions and inquiries! Thank you!Katrine Czajkowski2/6/2017
Matthew Dunkle Taffy Tom Ebony VirgleCastle Park High School Chula Vista Middle Chula Vista MiddleRepresenting the SUHSD at SDSU's "Educators Rising" Conference on 2/3/17. These three outstanding teachers served on a panel of educators and helped describe the challenges and rewards of our profession to hundreds of young people considering teaching. They also shared artifacts from their own classroom in a second break-out session "evidencing proficiency in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession." Their eloquence, passion, professionalism, and evident respect and compassion for each student inspired everyone in the room!Katrine Czajkowski, Program Manager for Teacher Induction2/6/2017
Student Information System Support Information TechnologyThank you for your patience when answering ALL of my questions! Melissa H. 2/6/2017
Chris AlcarazInformation TechnologyThank you for creating the Ad Hoc Report that will save me time and allows me to work more efficiently! Melissa H. 2/6/2017
Evelyn MoncayoSweetwater High School Thank you for always having a smile and being pleasant with everyone you encounter. You are truly a shining light to everyone around you. You are beyond nice and caring - you are exceptional! You represent the best of Sweetwater High as the welcoming face to parents, students, and staff. Alvaro Chavez2/3/2017
Araceli GuzmanHuman ResourcesShe is amazing. She is always quick to respond. Always smiling. She goes above and beyond. Her work ethic and attitude make many difficult situations much better....Jennie Carbuccia2/3/2017
Steven TurgeonMaintenanceWith the considerable recent storm events, power was lost to a sizeable portion of the MVH site. Steve made it a priority to identify the problem, put in place temporary measures for power, and make the needed repairs. He was out at the site daily keeping the School, Maintenance department, and Planning Department in the loop to resolve the issue. Steve's diligence, persistence, and positive attitude made the results happen! Thank you Steve!Armando Murillo2/1/2017
Maria GomezBonita Vista High SchoolBeing the best Counseling Center Secretary a counseling team could ever have.Vanessa Mc1/31/2017
Valerie RuizSpecial ServicesThank you for managing, planning and advising Unified Sports!All Teachers and Students 1/30/2017
Dennis Hernandez, Susanne Creighton, Al Chavez, David Kerr, Nancy Park, Christine FaxSpecial ServicesThank you so much for providing the entertainment at the Special Services Holiday Luncheon. The special song that was written for the department will stay with us for years! Your hard work and willingness to make it happen is appreciated.Susie Randle1/30/2017
Troy Johnson, Tammie Inumerable, Joyce Winterhalder, Aurelia Thrasher, Abigail Flores Special ServicesYour hard work and support to put on the Special Services Department Holiday Luncheon. Each of you contributed your own talents to the effort. The decorations and set-up were beautiful. The candy bar was a huge success! Thank you for all you did to make it a special one.Susie Randle1/30/2017
Armando MurilloPlanning DepartmentHis dedicated effort and oversight of the construction project at the CVH Youth Center. With his help and guidance the CVH Youth Center is up and running with construction to soon be finished. This is an effort that will make the classroom experience a better one for students with special needs! Thank you Armando.Susie Randle1/30/2017
Antonio Gurrola Jr. FinanceHis constant support and guidance with fiscal and budgetary issues. He is knowledgeable and dedicated to the support of the Special Services Department and meeting the needs of students with special needs. Thank you Antonio! Susie Randle1/30/2017
Frank MendozaMaintenanceHis outstanding effort and communication coordinating the roofing and construction needs at L Street Special Services Department. He checks in frequently, works to keep all emergency situations handled and staff safe. Thanks Frank! Susie Randle1/30/2017
Jennifer TamayoMontgomery High SchoolIn addition to being a special educator Ms. Tamayo has lead our Lady Aztecs soccer team to their best three seasons in Montgomery High School history. Ms. Tamayo loves the game of soccer and she loves to work with the girls as they work towards a CIF championship. Thank you Ms. Tamayo!Daniel Cohen1/30/2017
Martha Amador-GarzaBonita Vista Middle SchoolFor her hard work and dedication as a CIS coordinator in supporting teachers and students striving for excellence.Woodie Taeatafa1/27/2017
Susie RandleSpecial ServicesFor always getting things done. It never fails if you need help with anything, budgets, payroll, facilities she gets it done or will help you get it done. Susie is the very best in what she does.Tammie Inumerable1/27/2017
Jose (Ramon) VasquezEast Hills AcademyRamon goes above and beyond the duties of an IA. Inside the classroom, he has great rapport with staff and students and is flexible when asked to change his schedule and be a one-on-one for certain students with unique challenges. Without him, the overall morale of staff and students would diminish. He helps run the ASB, including our Explorer Games and morning news. He helps to organize and run our athletic events, such as: Unified Sports, Turkey Trot, and Softball Tournament. He is the driving force behind our Fall Festival and Haunted House and our Talent Show. He is constantly coming up with great ideas and is working on getting us all in shape through the EHA Biggest Loser competition. EHA would not be the same without him and he deserves to be recognized for all his efforts.1/24/2017
Juan EnriquezNational City Adult School Juan went out of his way to find a parking space for me so that I could attend a meeting. I mentioned to the principal how fantastic Juan was to help me, and he told me that Juan himself graduated from the school and is featured in their January mailer. Additionally, the staff at the school affectionately call Juan "McGyver" because he can fix just about anything. Our district, and most assuredly National City Adult School, is fortunate to have such a thoughtful expert on staff.Amy Hunt1/22/2017
Irene Leivas-Howard, Jennifer Lopez, Pablo Garcia, Magaly Picazo, Maricela MorenoSan Ysidro High School Learning CenterThe SYHLC staff worked collaboratively to help all our students but specially the 13th graders to complete their high school requirements. The team worked to increase the total number of graduates from last Dec 2015 - 26 students to Dec 2016 -39 students (with 5 early grads). In addition to improving the total graduates, the team also had 5 students return back to the main campus. I appreciate the SYLC team working with me to implement this student improvement plan to increase student achievement and help encourage more students to finish. I value this team for their willingness to work collectively and their vision in believing that our students can achieve the impossible. Elvia Estrella1/20/2017
Nancy Castro NietoCollege & Career ReadinessNancy's dedication and commitment to the Compact for Success 7th grade visit to SDSU. Her work in organizing this event and many others always goes beyond the work day. Nancy's commitment to serving student needs district wide is evident in her work and is always appreciated. Elvia Estrella1/19/2017
Dr. Roman Del RosarioCurriculum & InstructionOrganizing and Leading SweetPD17Curriculum Department 1/13/2017
Melisa O'DonoghueHilltop Middle School Chairperson of SweetPD 17Curriculum Department 1/13/2017
Daniel CrookCastle Park High School Chairperson of SweetPD 17Curriculum Department 1/13/2017
Linda BennettMar Vista AcademyMs. Linda Bennett has done an awesome job at implementing the Achieve 3000 literacy program in her English 7 and English Language Development classes. Because of her hard work and dedication, her ALD Expanding class won the Achieve 3000 Read to Succeed contest! Way to go Ms. Bennett!Tom Winters1/12/2017
Danya WilliamsRisk ManagementShe represented the District Office VERY well in her position at the sub desk while in Human Resources. She was very responsive and helpful. I never had to follow-up and never worried about mistakes. She returned emails immediately….there was never any guessing about whether we would have a sub. If a sub didn’t show up, all I had to do was call and Danya would take care of it immediately. What prompted me today was that she continues to be helpful ….. even though it’s not really her job. I couldn’t remember who to call for an issue I was having with a sub….so I called the only name I could remember, Danya…who is now in risk management. She not only gave me the name of the person I am actually supposed to contact but she took care of the issue as we were speaking on the phone. I really appreciate how she has never given me the run-around and she continues to be such a great support person. BTW, I know many other psychologist that feel the same way about Danya. Thanks for considering Danya for the Sweetwater Star certificate.Clarisa Gomez 1/10/2017
Blanca HernandezHuman ResourcesGreat customer service. My son was facing a deadline to turn in some paperwork required to begin his student teaching. Blanca sent him an email at 8:00 pm to reassure him that everything was in and he was good to go. That was going above and beyond and we appreciate it! Mary King1/9/2017
Carrie NorthumSan Ysidro High School Outstanding Teacher and Robotics Coach!Ricardo Cota1/9/2017
Tammie InumerableSpecial ServicesShe has helped my son in the workability program. He is learning and growing up thanks to her support. She is fabulousMonica G. 1/7/2017
Margaret Macabasco & Paul GarrisonSan Ysidro High School The work they are doing with Transitions kids at SYH. They have set up a clothing bank for interview outfits and have helped several students find jobs in the community and provide them continued support in maintaining those jobs.S. Poliska1/6/2017
Caryn HoffmanEastlake High SchoolHer commitment to the ELH's GSA's 2nd Annual Assembly. Caryn has an unwavering commitment to her students and especially in establishing equity on ELH's campus for our LGBTQIA students. I continue to admire and welcome her outlook in advocacy for all our students.Elvia Estrella12/13/2016
Sergio Delos ReyesBonita Vista Middle SchoolHis dedication to the service of meeting the needs of Read 180 students at Bonita Vista Middle School. While he is currently on staff as an Instructional Assistant, it is the hope of several teachers on campus that he obtain his teaching credential because he has all the ingredients of a first rate teacher. His ability to bring out the best in special needs students is phenomenal!Casey Handrop12/6/2016
Teresa MartinHilltop Middle School Mrs. Martin has a dedication to her role as an ASB advisor. She will go above and beyond to make sure her ASB become longtime leaders. Although this is her first year of being an advisor, she will do whatever it takes for her ASB students to succeed in doing their roles.12/3/2016
Matthew GomezPayroll For his exceptional service in my attempt for a payroll stub print out. He stayed so calm and nice through my struggle, I felt he went way beyond helpful. Thank you Matthew!12/2/2016
Clarisa GomezHilltop High SchoolMaking IEP meetings truly meaningful.
Mrs. Gomez style adheres to somewhat of the restorative practice.

Restorative Practices in IEP engage the students and team…..focusing on the importance of relationships.
Ask these questions of the whole team and allow student to answer lastly each time...
1. Your role and what you enjoy about HTH?
2. Name one concern.
3. What did you enjoy about the meeting?
Gary Gauger MaintenanceHis pivotal role in finding the VAPA trailer and becoming the liaison between getting that trailer into our SUHSD Robotics Program! We appreciate his outreach, out-of-his job description support, and amiable disposition! He was instrumental in making a miracle happen. What an amazing and worker of-the-heart employee he is. Sandra Hodge11/30/2016
Martha-Irene GarzaBonita Vista Middle SchoolMartha is a wonderful CIS Coordinator who goes above and beyond for anyone on staff. She is reliable and always willing to lend a helping hand. We are truly blessed to have her as part of our school.Andrea Currier11/18/2016
Alejandro HernandezPalomar High SchoolAlejandro is a ROCK STAR!!! He is a custodian at Palomar High. We were fortunate to have him work our Chula Vista High event (held at San Ysidro High) last week. He is dedicated to doing his job at the highest level and really embraces the fact that we are all in the customer service business! Hardworking and friendly! We are lucky to have him in our district!Deborah Nevin11/16/2016
Donald R. SharkeyMontgomery High SchoolTwo weeks ago I visited his classroom, and his way of teaching, he does a good job keeping the students interested and engaged. His enthusiasm when teaching had a powerful effect on me. He is awesome, I've never seen a teacher like that in my life.Silvia Lizarraga 11/15/2016
Lili GrossmanMontgomery High SchoolThank you for assisting my daughter Bryanna through her concussion and return to school. Supporting and guiding her and me through this process.

Lili's dedication and support and comprehension to my daughter and all the students of Montgomery High has been very impressive. THANK YOU!!
Maria Estrada11/15/2016
Brahim WahibOlympian High SchoolMr. Wahib always keeps students first. He works hard to find solutions at Olympian High School. He is an expert at troubleshooting; and always keeps a bigger picture in mind. His experience and patience allows him to see things for what they are; always keeping policy and District procedures close to all circumstances. He is friendly and always has a smile to share with students and staff. You're a Sweetwater Star Mr. Wahib! May you continue to prosper personally and professionally. You bring calmness to all situations at Olympian HS. Thank you for all you do at our school site! Si Se Puede!Adolfo "Sonny" Jaramillo, Campus Asst.11/15/2016
Tina Schleiger Payroll ManagerTina is the pure definition of a SWEETWATER STAR. She has worked countless hours helping me to work out all the issues I have been having with my pay warrants. She is a pure example of a leader and has a lasting positive effect on me. She has and will always be a STAR to me.Kay Hedderson11/10/2016
Sweetwater Stars