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Staff Member(s) / Department Name Site/DepartmentDescription on Why the person was nominatedSubmitted ByDate Submitted
Nancy Castro NietoCollege & Career ReadinessNancy's dedication and commitment to the Compact for Success 7th grade visit to SDSU. Her work in organizing this event and many others always goes beyond the work day. Nancy's commitment to serving student needs district wide is evident in her work and is always appreciated. Elvia Estrella1/19/2017
Dr. Roman Del RosarioCurriculum & InstructionOrganizing and Leading SweetPD17Curriculum Department 1/13/2017
Melisa O'DonoghueHilltop Middle School Chairperson of SweetPD 17Curriculum Department 1/13/2017
Daniel CrookCastle Park High School Chairperson of SweetPD 17Curriculum Department 1/13/2017
Linda BennettMar Vista AcademyMs. Linda Bennett has done an awesome job at implementing the Achieve 3000 literacy program in her English 7 and English Language Development classes. Because of her hard work and dedication, her ALD Expanding class won the Achieve 3000 Read to Succeed contest! Way to go Ms. Bennett!Tom Winters1/12/2017
Danya WilliamsRisk ManagementShe represented the District Office VERY well in her position at the sub desk while in Human Resources. She was very responsive and helpful. I never had to follow-up and never worried about mistakes. She returned emails immediately….there was never any guessing about whether we would have a sub. If a sub didn’t show up, all I had to do was call and Danya would take care of it immediately. What prompted me today was that she continues to be helpful ….. even though it’s not really her job. I couldn’t remember who to call for an issue I was having with a sub….so I called the only name I could remember, Danya…who is now in risk management. She not only gave me the name of the person I am actually supposed to contact but she took care of the issue as we were speaking on the phone. I really appreciate how she has never given me the run-around and she continues to be such a great support person. BTW, I know many other psychologist that feel the same way about Danya. Thanks for considering Danya for the Sweetwater Star certificate.Clarisa Gomez 1/10/2017
Blanca HernandezHuman ResourcesGreat customer service. My son was facing a deadline to turn in some paperwork required to begin his student teaching. Blanca sent him an email at 8:00 pm to reassure him that everything was in and he was good to go. That was going above and beyond and we appreciate it! Mary King1/9/2017
Carrie NorthumSan Ysidro High School Outstanding Teacher and Robotics Coach!Ricardo Cota1/9/2017
Tammie InumerableSpecial ServicesShe has helped my son in the workability program. He is learning and growing up thanks to her support. She is fabulousMonica G. 1/7/2017
Margaret Macabasco & Paul GarrisonSan Ysidro High School The work they are doing with Transitions kids at SYH. They have set up a clothing bank for interview outfits and have helped several students find jobs in the community and provide them continued support in maintaining those jobs.S. Poliska1/6/2017
Caryn HoffmanEastlake High SchoolHer commitment to the ELH's GSA's 2nd Annual Assembly. Caryn has an unwavering commitment to her students and especially in establishing equity on ELH's campus for our LGBTQIA students. I continue to admire and welcome her outlook in advocacy for all our students.Elvia Estrella12/13/2016
Sergio Delos ReyesBonita Vista Middle SchoolHis dedication to the service of meeting the needs of Read 180 students at Bonita Vista Middle School. While he is currently on staff as an Instructional Assistant, it is the hope of several teachers on campus that he obtain his teaching credential because he has all the ingredients of a first rate teacher. His ability to bring out the best in special needs students is phenomenal!Casey Handrop12/6/2016
Teresa MartinHilltop Middle School Mrs. Martin has a dedication to her role as an ASB advisor. She will go above and beyond to make sure her ASB become longtime leaders. Although this is her first year of being an advisor, she will do whatever it takes for her ASB students to succeed in doing their roles.12/3/2016
Matthew GomezPayroll For his exceptional service in my attempt for a payroll stub print out. He stayed so calm and nice through my struggle, I felt he went way beyond helpful. Thank you Matthew!12/2/2016
Clarisa GomezHilltop High SchoolMaking IEP meetings truly meaningful.
Mrs. Gomez style adheres to somewhat of the restorative practice.

Restorative Practices in IEP engage the students and team…..focusing on the importance of relationships.
Ask these questions of the whole team and allow student to answer lastly each time...
1. Your role and what you enjoy about HTH?
2. Name one concern.
3. What did you enjoy about the meeting?
Gary Gauger MaintenanceHis pivotal role in finding the VAPA trailer and becoming the liaison between getting that trailer into our SUHSD Robotics Program! We appreciate his outreach, out-of-his job description support, and amiable disposition! He was instrumental in making a miracle happen. What an amazing and worker of-the-heart employee he is. Sandra Hodge11/30/2016
Martha-Irene GarzaBonita Vista Middle SchoolMartha is a wonderful CIS Coordinator who goes above and beyond for anyone on staff. She is reliable and always willing to lend a helping hand. We are truly blessed to have her as part of our school.Andrea Currier11/18/2016
Alejandro HernandezPalomar High SchoolAlejandro is a ROCK STAR!!! He is a custodian at Palomar High. We were fortunate to have him work our Chula Vista High event (held at San Ysidro High) last week. He is dedicated to doing his job at the highest level and really embraces the fact that we are all in the customer service business! Hardworking and friendly! We are lucky to have him in our district!Deborah Nevin11/16/2016
Donald R. SharkeyMontgomery High SchoolTwo weeks ago I visited his classroom, and his way of teaching, he does a good job keeping the students interested and engaged. His enthusiasm when teaching had a powerful effect on me. He is awesome, I've never seen a teacher like that in my life.Silvia Lizarraga 11/15/2016
Lili GrossmanMontgomery High SchoolThank you for assisting my daughter Bryanna through her concussion and return to school. Supporting and guiding her and me through this process.

Lili's dedication and support and comprehension to my daughter and all the students of Montgomery High has been very impressive. THANK YOU!!
Maria Estrada11/15/2016
Brahim WahibOlympian High SchoolMr. Wahib always keeps students first. He works hard to find solutions at Olympian High School. He is an expert at troubleshooting; and always keeps a bigger picture in mind. His experience and patience allows him to see things for what they are; always keeping policy and District procedures close to all circumstances. He is friendly and always has a smile to share with students and staff. You're a Sweetwater Star Mr. Wahib! May you continue to prosper personally and professionally. You bring calmness to all situations at Olympian HS. Thank you for all you do at our school site! Si Se Puede!Adolfo "Sonny" Jaramillo, Campus Asst.11/15/2016
Tina Schleiger Payroll ManagerTina is the pure definition of a SWEETWATER STAR. She has worked countless hours helping me to work out all the issues I have been having with my pay warrants. She is a pure example of a leader and has a lasting positive effect on me. She has and will always be a STAR to me.Kay Hedderson11/10/2016
Danya WilliamsRisk ManagementShe is always helping others, she is a great team player. She is a shining star in the HR Department.Lupita Ayala-Camunas11/9/2016
Ron LopezSpecial ServicesMr. Ron Lopez showed outstanding effort in meeting the unique needs of a student. His hard work and dedication in the midst of an extremely difficult Individualized Education Program placement has allowed the student to work on fine motor skills, self help skills, and receptive language skills in the home without the risk of trauma. Mr. Lopez outstanding efforts and willingness to go the extra mile are unquestionable.Miguelina Mixon11/3/2016
Gerardo MorenoThank you! Very grateful for all your support! Julissa Gracias11/4/2016
Grants and Communications Grants and CommunicationsThe Grants and communications Team was very helpful in creating the Open Enrollment video. They also guided and assisted with the 2017 Benefits Open enrollment Web-page. I would like to thank them for their assistance, creativity, knowledge and most of all patience. They have great customer service skills.Francisco Gaona11/9/2016
Dalisay QuitilenIndependent StudiesSETTING UP A MOCK ELECTION - in the classroom allowing students to participate in the voting process. In addition, an Electoral College was created including the four Independent Studies sites within Alternative EducationLigia Garcia11/8/2016
Special Education TeachersOlympian High School Serving their students Every day with the best attitude, warmest hearts, and highest expectation. You're awesome!Alicia Pentz-Lopez11/5/2016
Scott Tsuda and Ileana TornatoreOlympian High School Going above and beyond for the OHS Class of 2017Alicia Pentz-Lopez11/5/2016
Ana CardozaOlympian High School Always being so helpful. Alicia Pentz-Lopez11/5/2016
Mr. Ruiz and Ms. PetersonMontgomery High Excellent teachers, I liked the way they teach students.Minerva Weinberger (Parent) MOH11/2/2016
Mr. Manuel PiaMontgomery High My visit to your classroom, as part of the Aztec for the Day event today, gave me the opportunity to see you guide and enlighten the students in your AP class, which is a more challenging class to teach and learn. Thank you for helping them prepare for college-level courses - my son, Victor, is lucky to be in your class!Veronica Johnson11/1/2016
Mr. Evan FairbairnMontgomery High Your teaching style and enthusiasm confirms my son's positive comments of you. As part of Aztec for the Day, I visited your class and was impressed with you and how well you engaged student participation - which at the high school level can be challenging. My son, Victor, is in your English class and he enjoys it - thank you for being such a GREAT teacher!Veronica Johnson11/1/2016
Principal Rodrigo & Dr. GarciaMontgomery High Aztec for the Day event gave us the opportunity to see classrooms in progress and for demonstrating how important our children's education is, which confirms our children are in GREAT hands under your watch!Veronica Johnson11/1/2016
Carlos OrtizMar Vista Academy Although Carlos is currently subbing our Lead Custodian at MVA, he has demonstrated dedication to the school, students and staff. He is always ready to help with a smile, and works tirelessly to ensure that school grounds and facilities are maintained.Mar Vista Academy 10/28/2016
Maria JaramilloMar Vista Academy As the AP at MVA, Maria is always positive and willing to offer assistance to students and staff. She is professional, patient, and kind with students, staff and parents. Students respect and appreciate her demanding and caring demeanor. Teachers appreciate that she is supportive with discipline issues and teaching practices.Mar Vista Academy 10/28/2016
Cameron Matzon Mar Vista Academy Cameron is a dedicated and hard-working counselor at MVA. He sincerely cares about our students, and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that they are safe and supported. Mr. Matson has been a part of the Viking family for over 25 years, and has always done everything he can to support the students, families, staff and community.Mar Vista Academy 10/28/2016
Veronica PlummerMar Vista Academy As the Principal's Secretary, Veronica goes above and beyond for the staff at Mar Vista Academy. She is always happy to help, no matter how much is on her plate at the moment. She willingly comes in early, stays late, stops whatever she's doing to assist whomever she can, and does so all with a calm demeanor and welcoming smile. She is incredibly supportive to staff, students and parents.10/28/2016
Lupita Ayala-CamunasHuman ResourcesHer willingness to help under stressful conditions! Lupita always goes above and beyond while offering assistance with the sub desk. She is professional, courteous, and helpful always! She demonstrates an ability to stay calm while others are often not! She is someone who is Making a Difference!Susie Randle10/17/2016
Joseph BennetNational City MiddleMr. Bennet works tirelessly for students in and out of the classroom. He works as curriculum specialist supporting teachers, coaches teachers with the AR program to make it successful and tutors students before and after school everyday! He strives to ensure all students leave NCM prepared for high school and ultimately college or a career. I'm so proud of how much he has grown into a wonderful teacher.Teresa Walkup10/19/2016
Thelma StevensonState and Federal Thelma has been a tremendous asset to the District. She has taken lead roles in critical tasks such as Federal Program Monitoring reviews. She has provided creative ideas to effectively use categorical funds to our students. It is evident that her goal is to close the student achievement gap. Furthermore, Thelma is able to communicate school administrators, program coordinators, parents, and other stakeholders the importance of curriculum while maintaining compliance of federal & state programs. 10/19/2016
Felipe RosalesPalomar High School Felipe, a popular and well respected teacher at Palomar earned his administrative credential and has just recently been accepted into the assistant principal internship program. This past week, Felipe filled in as an administrator while our principal, Ms. Fuentes, needed to be out of town. Felipe not only demonstrated the qualities of professionalism, integrity, and a strong work ethic, but he was also able to elevate the level communication and connections with our Palomar students. I know I am not alone in this observation, as a multitude of Palomar staffers have expressed the same sentiment, to each other and to Felipe directly. To be sure, he will make a exceptional administrator in the future and should be recognized for stepping up to the plate for Palomar. Job well done!Julie Merrill, MSN, RN10/19/2016
Maria MatthewsOlympian High School Excellent Customer Service with our parents in the Attendance Office. For her beautiful smile, beautiful person inside and out. Thank you Maria for always giving our parents your full attention and representing Olympian High with excellence.Lucy De Leon10/19/2016
Richard Morrell Bardo Navarrete Reuben Gonzales George ReaderThank you for your contributions related to obtaining a donation of hundreds of pairs of new shoes for our homeless youth! Shoes are the most requested clothing item among youth in transition; therefore, this donation will greatly benefit our students in need. We appreciate your help in coordinating the pick-up, delivery and storage!Molly Ravenscroft10/13/2016
Gary Gauger and Frank MendozaMaintenance DepartmentSupporting students and staff at the Olympian Learning Center, Counseling Office!Jay Marquand10/13/2016
Eric Span & Nutrition ServicesNutrition ServicesThank you for ensuring that students in foster care and students experiencing homelessness have immediate access to free school meals! Also, some of our youth have been able to get jobs as student workers in Nutrition Services -- thank you for providing this opportunity!Molly Ravenscroft10/13/2016
Roland MedinaInformation TechnologyRoland is a miracle worker with a willingness to help whenever asked he supports the Special Services Department with professionalism, knowledge and always gets the job done. When we need telecom changes, additions, or special set-up for technical conferencing he handles it quickly and precisely. Thank you Roland!Susie Randle10/6/2016
Monica DiazSpecial ServicesHer dedication to special services and the community we serve. She is a constant resource to families who need assistance registering their student, assists with our Spanish speaking parents and maintains all AC-SPED files related to her registrar duties. Monica makes a Difference! Susie Randle10/5/2016
Dennis HernandezSpecial ServicesHis dedication and constant attention to the needs of the Special Services Department. His oversight and organization of assistive technology needs and services keep our students functioning at the best of their abilities. Dennis is a caring advocate for our kids!Susie Randle10/3/2016
Yazmin and Robert BoydMontgomery High Their dedication to the students of Montgomery High School and for the many hours they dedicated to remodel the afterschool programs office during the fall break. In addition, Yazmin and Bob organized a group of students who also volunteered and dedicated many hours that will benefit the entire student body. Your dedication and commitment to MOH is appreciated! Brenda Garcia10/5/2016
Mr. HodgeMontgomery Middle Being friendly, helping pick up trash at our school, helped me when I was homeless, helps the poor, is the coolest teacher.Jesse Zayak 10/4/2016
Montgomery Middle Helping students progress, helps the ones in need/ helped me when I was young and cold also homeless on the street.Jesse Zayak 10/4/2016
Castle Park Middle Being a great caring school. This school is fun and the students are respectful ☺️❤️Dylan-Lee Wolfe 10/3/2016
Tessa CastanedaCastle Park Middle Being a helpful and caring teacher. She respects her students with kindness and cares for them. 💗Makayla Steen10/3/2016
Alternative Education DepartmentSupporting the individualized needs of our Sweetwater students through alternative educational options. "Putting Students First!"Jay Marquand 9/22/2016
Erika Madrid GonzalesInformation TechnologyHer support of the OLR Linking TeamDr. Tom Glover9/16/2016
Amy IllingworthProfessional Growth"After a nationwide search, AASA, The School Superintendents Association, has selected 20 accomplished women leaders from school districts across the country to participate in the inaugural cohort of the AASA Aspiring Women Leaders Program.

The program is a cornerstone of the AASA Women In School Leadership initiative called More Than a Power Lunch: Building Networks to Support and Advance Women in School Leadership. The initiative was launched to help mitigate the impact of social barriers women face in ascending to the top leadership positions within our school systems and to significantly increase the number of women seeking and becoming CEOs and superintendents of schools.

The 20 chosen women have exhibited professional excellence and a commitment to their work in the education field. They hold a variety of different positions within the school system. Included among the group of talented women are assistant superintendents, chief academic officers and a mixture of other district leaders, principals and a gifted resource and intervention teacher. All of these educators have career aspirations of becoming a superintendent of schools.

As a participant in the program, the women will receive:

Mentoring and coaching from a member of AASA National Women’s Leadership Consortium;
Opportunities to network and collaborate with other aspiring women leaders from across the country; and,
Opportunities to gain national visibility through presentations at AASA meetings and in webinars.

Congratulations, Amy!"
Katrine Czajkoowski9/16/2016
Rosa GilliamAlways being so pleasant to work with. She's also quick to reply to emails and great at following up. She's a wonderful addition to the EHS Administration.Lorraine Almendarez9/16/2016
Alex OrnelasEastlake High School Learning Center IA Substitute For helping all of our students, not just the one he was assigned to. He always has a smile on his face and asks if there's anything that he can do to help. He has been a pleasure to work with and the kids really enjoy working with him. We will miss him.Lorraine Almendarez9/16/2016
Carmen RuizResearch and EvaluationThank you Carmen for being so friendly and helpful. I was able to get the data I needed to better support my students.Alicia Pentz-Lopez9/15/2016
Maria Esther Lizarraga Tom Gray Anna PedrozaEastlake High School Hilltop High School Rancho del Rey MiddleOn July 19 - Doug Fisher Speaker - All 3 Admin pulled their resources, shared the theater and brought together a speaker that had a most positive impact on our joint campuses. The 3 schools packed the Ruth Chapman Theater and this 30-40 yr old innovator lifted people up about our profession w/ no nonsense candor and thought on effective teaching, authentic assessment and restorative justice! Almost a standing ovation. I thought it was the superintendents idea but.... maybe you could steal it! Teachers said things like, "Wow, that wasn't a waste of time!" Great Job! Jauhn Hinkle
Debora DiazHilltop Middle SchoolBeing the best singer.Jackie O'Neill9/12/2016
Sarah ReimundHilltop Middle SchoolBeing a great and awesome teacher. Nicole Hughes9/12/2016
Laurie Baker-WorthingtonHilltop Middle SchoolHelping me in the areas I struggle with and actually explaining the process.Alexa Zumstein9/12/2016
Gary Gauger Maintenance DepartmentGary is hard at work keeping our schools safe. He isn't thanked enough .9/9/2016
Rancho del Rey MiddleBest school ever!Ariana Aguilar9/8/2016
Mrs. TellezSweetwater High School Helping/informing me step by step throughout the whole college application process because my counselor has not helped me.Aaron Porras9/8/2016
Sonny JaramilloOlympian High School Campus AssistantHe’s polite, caring, and effective in his position. Students trust him and staff respect his judgment. He’s an asset to Olympian culture and climate. He goes above and beyond unselfishly to make sure Olympian students, staff, and parents are served the “Sonny” way. Everybody loves Sonny.Brahim Wahib9/6/2016
Mr. WapnoskiSweetwater High School Making learning fun, and showing students that school can make great things occur in your life, sports wise.Madison Roman9/6/2016
Eileen MagaraciMontgomery Middle School NurseEileen is an incredible nurse that goes above and beyond to support each of our students. Her kind nature, expertise, and passion for helping people makes working and Montgomery Middle School a great place to be. Every day she comes to work she has a smile on her face and makes sure that everyone feels welcome. Eileen is definitely a Sweetwater Star that inspires me and motivates me to better everyday. Jose Luis Vargas9/5/2016
Lee RomeroSouthwest High PrincipalBeing such a good principal, always encouraging teachers, students and staff. Always making sure that all is going well in your day, acknowledging your work, consequently making you try even harder. Besides John DeVore, he is the best principal SOH has ever had.Lupe Best9/2/2016
Joannah OrtizNutrition ServicesJoannah has done an excellent job staying late everyday to process applications! She is great at training staff to process applications and has the patience to deal with difficult parents. We Love You! Brenda Martinez-Flores, RDN8/15/2016
Gary Gauger and the Maintenance Department Maintenance Department Gary and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure our refrigeration stayed up and running, during the recent hot spell. The entire department has always been a great and professional group of team members. Thanks for what you do. Eric Span 8/17/2016
Marielle Venturino Ricardo Cooke David Cobian John Patel Robert Bonilla Kelly Leon Georgina Meza Amy IllingworthMar Vista Academy National City Middle Sweetwater High Induction Program Southwest High Teacher on Special Assignment Education Technology Professional Growth Implementing our inaugural and successful EdCamp619! You had a vision and passion for our learning community and you made it happen! All your preparation enabled and empowered each educator to be in charge of their own learning. Excellent sponsors provided food, inspirational materials, and cool raffle prizes! Students and staff from our district and others collaborated in meaningful conversations. We are grateful you ventured out and tried a new approach to professional growth! Thank you!Dianna Carberry and Karen Janney8/30/2016
Imelda Genovese Superintendents OfficeHer superior customer service with each person she meets. Whether she talks by phone or in person with school personnel, parents, or community members, Imelda is professional, she's a great listener, and she seeks to provide information that will help - whatever it takes to serve that person at that time! It is easy to capture her at her best! Dr. Karen Janney8/29/2016
Sue BonnerTransportationBeing a great bus driver. She is always on time and has a smile when she arrives to pick up my special needs daughter at 6:21 a.m. Irene Leivas-Howard8/25/2016
Patti KarlinMontgomery High SchoolWelcome to MOH! You're doing a great job as our new CIS!Tom Rodrigo8/25/2016
Milena Aubry Human ResourcesThank you for all of your help and sharing your expertise when we are dealing with HR issues! You are the best HR Director ever!!Tom Rodrigo8/25/2016
Courtney JamesMontgomery High School
The new KMMI programming looks amazing! Keep up the great work!
Tom Rodrigo 8/25/2016
Michelle BeauchampMontgomery High SchoolMichelle, thank you for all that you do for our Aztec Checkout kids!!Tom Rodrigo 8/25/2016
Tiffany Howerton Montgomery High SchoolYou are doing amazing work with our Operation Grit kids! Thank you!!Tom Rodrigo 8/25/2016
Sheryl AllenMontgomery High SchoolChristy, thank you for the great work you do with our IM I, IM I COT, IM I Workshop, and IM I SEI students!!!Tom Rodrigo 8/25/2016
Mrs. GilesHilltop Middle SchoolMaking learning fun daily. I enjoy her class and thank her for all she does for students.Alexa Zumstein8/24/2016
Mrs. GilesHilltop Middle SchoolShe helps me in the areas in P.E that I struggle with and she makes learning fun.Alexa Zumstein8/24/2016
Martha BudaMontgomery Adult SchoolAlways professional, hardworking, helpful and friendly! She makes everyone feel welcome when they enter our office. She goes above and beyond to get the job one. She is very dedicated to help others and it shows in her work everydayDeborah Simone8/24/2016
Maria Ocampo Research & EvaluationMaria has been instrumental in making sure the speaking portion of CELDT testing at Montgomery Middle School runs smoothly. She is organized, professional and is so courteous to our staff and students. Thank you for all your help and support. MOM is fortunate to have you as an honorary Mayan!Alejandra Inzunza8/24/2016
Ms. Casey HandropBonita Vista Middlebeing a great teacher. She ensures that each students needs are met in a way that is very personal to them. She genuinely cares for each student and does everything possible for them. You can tell by how she teaches in the classroom that her years of experience have helped her perfect her ability to lead her students.Claudia Lucero8/23/2016
Melissa Foster Castle Park Middleshe was the first person last year that helped to understand the difference between equality and equity. Since that first day last year the idea equity has become ingrained in every idea and student that I teach. She really promotes myself and others to be the "best" that they can be. She is truly inspiring!8/23/2016
Joe TarantinoAccountingHis dedication to SUHSD Accounting Department. Mr. Tarantino makes every attempt to streamline and make each department he manages run smoothly. Each day he greets all his employees with a welcoming greeting and smile. Due to his knowledge in various aspects he happily assists many departments with issues that arise daily. He is a devoted family man and encourages his employees to put family first while maintaining a working career. He is eager to assist his employees in striving for more and learning new tasks along with furthering their education. It is a pleasure to work under Mr. Tarantino, along with myself many others consider him to be one of the BEST here at SUHSD!!Anna Marshall8/23/2016
Fidel CisnerosCastle Park MiddleI want to acknowledge Fidel because he always stops and talk, hug, listen to our mod/severe students. Giving them trust, care and friendship. He is always helping us with whatever we need in our classroom, kitchen, and changing room. He is wonderful to our students and program! He is always working hard in having our school clean, and this is why I acknowledge him, for his friendship, hard work and dedication. Monica I Gamboa8/23/2016
Ms. Crystal HowardBonita Vista Middlebeing such a great teacher. She truly cares for her students and only wants the best for them. She is the type of teacher I aspire to be. She is amazing at how she approaches her students and makes them feel safe and comfortable. She definitely has a calling to be a teacher.Claudia Lucero8/23/2016
Joe TarantinoAccountingBeing a good manager, a man who isn't worried about his own career but rather the career of those who work for him. He makes you feel the same level as him. Happy to come to work with a leader like him. Our boss thanks and congratulates us for our efforts/support for having performed/worked beyond his expectations. He is humble, family oriented and most of all a normal human being like his employees. Thank you Joe for being the way you are!!!! "Awesome"8/23/2016
Lucy "Maria" De LeonHilltop High SchoolShe has been so helpful to me! She's courteous, organized, a team player, confident, very intelligent, and always polite and helpful. I'm new at HTH and she's been a God send for me.Joyce Hahn8/23/2016
Caryn HoffmanEastlake High School - CounselorAt the beginning of the school year, I was upset regarding my daughter's registration. On the second day of school, we had an appointment at her school and I was frustrated as I was told to go to the wrong desk twice. My day was not going as expected. Then, I was told to meet with my daughter's counselor. Despite the VERY busy counselor's office, a long outside her door, AND Infinite Campus not working, she welcomed my daughter and I with a smile. I was immediately put at ease as she helped build my daughter's freshmen schedule. I appreciate her professionalism and her ability to make my daughter feel welcome to the Titan family. Valerie Ruiz (Breanna Agustin's Mom)8/22/2016
Imelda Alvarez - LibrarianMontgomery Middle SchoolHer daily hard work in keeping the library a clean and quiet place to study or readAilani Serrano 8/22/2016
Ms JarrettHilltop Middle SchoolBeing the best teacher ever I really learned from her 8/21/2016
Louie ZumsteinMontgomery Middle School Being a friendly an effective Principal of Montgomery Middle SchoolThomas Sanchez8/18/2016
Thomas Costa Palomar High School Mr. Costa has always been helpful and polite when I fill in for teachers at Palomar High School.Thomas Sanchez8/18/2016
Daniel CohenMontgomery High SchoolDaniel, your positive spirit and innovative ideas truly exemplify Aztec Pride!!Tom Rodrigo8/17/2016
Sweetwater Stars