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Staff Member(s) / Department Name Site/DepartmentDescription on Why the person was nominatedSubmitted ByDate SubmittedWhich LCAP Goal does this nomination best align with?
Vanessa GarciaPayrollVanessa is a team player who supports our collective work. Her leadership and attention is much appreciatedDr. Thomas A. Glover09/19/2019
Margaret MacabascoSan Ysidro High School Ms. Mac goes above and beyond to support our students in their transition to their adult life. She plans field trips, guest speakers, finds job options and prepares the students in a manner that's nothing short of a Star. 09/18/2019Goal 1
Susan MateoSweetwater High School Ms. Mateo goes above and beyond for not only her students, but all students at Sweetwater High School. Dedicating her time, patience, and heart felt efforts always. 09/17/2019Goal 1 & Goal 2
Erika Madrid GonzalezInformation Technology Erika has been my life saver on numerous occasions when requesting assistance from SIS support. She has even stayed passed her duties hours to make sure I was able to receive help. I am extremely grateful for her assistance as she makes sure that our staff receives the right information to provide better services for our students. She has become a key component to this important team. Erika is such a fast learner, her knowledge in our needs in priceless. Fabiola Epperly 09/16/2019Goal 4
Armando VillegasInformation Technology Armando goes beyond his ability to always help. I am the liaison between the four adult schools and SIS support. I am always in need for immediate assistance, Armando is always willing to assist me immediately. I am grateful for his support. Armando is a great team player for the SIS team. His professionalism and willingness to help is priceless.Fabiola Epperly 09/16/2019Goal 4
Laura GuzmanMar Vista AcademyMs. Guzman has been a great support this school year at MVA. With the transition of counselors and registrar she has stepped in and helped support. She's gone above and beyond to support the school even helping out with supervising students. Thank you for your dedication and team work! Savannah Sturges09/15/2019Goal 2
Michael DotsonMar Vista AcademyMr. Dotson is a crucial member of the MVA community. He creates a supportive, safe and caring environment every day at our school. I often hear kids say things like "Mr. Dotson will help me fix this" or "Mr. Dotson always makes it better" or "Can I please go see Mr. Dotson, I know that will help". He needs to know that he is having an impact and making a difference. The lessons he's teaching these kids are priceless and ones they will keep never forget. Thanks Mr. Dotson! Savannah Sturges09/15/2019Goal 2
Tyler ArciagaMar Vista High School Tyler is an extraordinary football coach and athletic director. He is dedicated to his team and I have seen him build more than just their football skills. He teaches them how to be on a team, how play with great sportsmanship and hold their heads high and with class. These boys are lucky to have him as their coach because they are learning so much more than just football from him. Thanks Tyler!Savannah Sturges09/15/2019Goal 2 & Goal 3
Rebecca McKeeMar Vista High School Becky is an incredibly hard working and talented teacher. She continues to impress me with her creativity and now her willingness to be a leader on campus as the site curriculum specialist. She is great at taking ideas and making them a reality with strong organization and quality. We appreciate her leadership and hard work. Savannah Sturges09/15/2019Goal 1
Addy PreciadoMar Vista High School Addy is an all star! She has such a strong work ethic and is always willing to help. She takes initiative to solve problems. She supports the staff in so many ways. She connects very well with students. She has created a space for students in the AP office in which students feel safe supported and that there is an adult available to help them. She is very caring. She is an asset to our school and we are so grateful to have her. Savannah Sturges09/13/2019Goal 2 & Goal 3
George BlankenshipInformation Technology Patient! Competent! Efficient! Hilarious! These are just a few of the incredible characteristics demonstrated by George Blankenship! Within minutes of submitting a ticket, George Blankenship appears in our classroom, analyzes the problem, and brings it to resolution. Moreover, his comical comments leave us in hysterics. We are so grateful for his outstanding customer service, breadth of job knowledge, and heartwarming interpersonal skills! What an Olympic Gold Medal job performer!Diane Parra, Dalisay Quitilen, Sandra Hodge 09/09/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Fabiola EpperlyAdult EducationA resounding thank you to fabulous Fabiola Epperly for her job knowledge, exceptional service, and gracious professionalism! Not only did she willingly provide me with back-up assistance for over a week, but she also speedily solved my dilemma with one phone call while I was right there in her office! Moreover, as I looked around Fabiola's exquisitely decorated pink and gray painted office, I was dazzled by the inspiring quotes, delightful photos, and magical decor. Fabiola is excellence in action!Sandra Hodge09/06/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Zeke EliasNational City Middle School Zeke is always quick to respond to IT tickets or any other support that we need! Thanks for always supporting our staff and students. We are lucky to have you!!Leslie Bustos09/06/2019Goal 4
Mary AlvaradoAdult EducationThank you Mary for supporting our students and staff in your role as Resource Teacher and our new "drone" class. We appreciate your knowledge, service and dedication to our Sweetwater school community.Dr. Jay Marquand09/06/2019Goal 1
Erica Dibello-HittaAdult EducationThank you Erica for continuing to bring awareness and hope to students and staff, both inside and outside of the division, so we are reminded of our purpose. We appreciate your dedication and service to students and our Sweetwater school community.Dr. Jay Marquand09/06/2019Goal 2
Steve AlvaradoAdult EducationThank you Steve for being a leader for both students and staff in our division. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to serving others to support their dreams.Dr. Jay Marquand09/06/2019Goal 1
Dana OrozcoAdult EducationCongratulations Dana on your new roll as Resource Teacher within the division. Your knowledge and dedication to students and our staff will be valued as we move forward in serving our community.Dr. Jay Marquand09/06/2019Goal 1
Andrea AragozaAdult EducationThank you Andrea for your continued support of students and staff in our school community. We appreciate your continued leadership and advocacy on behalf of our students and division.Dr. Jay Marquand09/06/2019Goal 2
Fabiola EpperlyAdult EducationThank you for all of your support to our students, staff and the community. We appreciate your service, efficiency and professionalism.Dr. Jay Marquand09/06/2019Goal 4
Anel MartinezAdult EducationCongratulations on your new position of Resource Teacher for the Adult Education Division. We appreciate you and all of your dedication to our students and staff!Dr. Jay Marquand09/06/2019Goal 1
Chandra GoodnoughCurriculum & InstructionWe are grateful for your never-ending support for our students and families who are experiencing homelessness. Your continuous gifts and donations for our students have made great differences in their everyday lives. Thank you so much for your unsolicited support and love for SUHSD students.Dr. Mariana Gomez, Zeydi Villasenor, Dinnah Donato-Palmore, Catalina Gonzalez, Julie Enriquez, Myisha McNair, Victoria Bustillos09/05/2019Goal 2 & Goal 3
Jessica Navarro De LeonMontgomery High School Jessica works hard to support and involve parents in the MOH community. She has been instrumental in increasing parent participation at events on campus such as the Coffee with the Principal, ELAC, and Open House events so far this year. She just finished facilitating her first ELAC meeting as ELAC Coordinator, and we had a great turn out. Thank you for all your hard work!Daniel Crook09/04/2019Goal 3
Jessica DominguezHilltop High School SHE'S THE BEST TEACHER! Ms. Dominguez is the type of teacher who always pays attention to students and supports them at the same time, every day she is ready to teach science and make Chemistry more understandable. Also she stays after school for tutoring if we don't understand something. I think that she deserves this appreciation based on the way of how she works with students and the community at our high school! "She's bilingual (English-Spanish), So she also support any student who doesn't speak any English in their class or afterschool"Student09/03/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Abigail Arroyo-FloresNational City Middle School Thank you for ALL that you do! I know there must be so much in-front and behind-the-scenes that goes on in the office and I appreciate your communication and hard work!Leslie Bustos09/03/2019Goal 2
Hilda CadenaNational City Middle School Thank you for all of your support in recent meetings with parents and students' 504 plans! You always put students first and support teacher's in their work in the classroom and it greatly appreciated!Leslie Bustos09/03/2019Goal 2
Steve AlvaradoAdult EducationA shout out of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness to math teacher, mentor, role model and guru, Steve Alvarado! His magical rapport, unending energy, masterful teaching and sense of humor keep his students engaged. Moreover, by relating day-to-day math experiences, Steve demonstrates to his students that they know more than they realize. He builds their confidence, increases their knowledge, and shows them daily applications! He is also a tremendous source of information, ideas, and inspiration for staff -- especially me! I join with many others in heralding, applauding, and proclaiming his exceptional teaching and interpersonal skills! Sandra Hodge09/03/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Gregory CorralesMar Vista High School Mr. Corrales bought 50 brand new, freshly designed "Mariner PE" shirts with the Mariner Logo on them and donated them to the PE Dept for students who forgot to bring athletic clothes for PE. Amazingly Generous!!! Mr. Corrales looked for ways to help out of his own pocket, and surprised us all with this awesome gift that students can use.Joshua Hill08/28/2019Goal 2
Francisco GaonaBenefitsWe are exceedingly grateful for Francisco Gaona's amazing patience, superb job knowledge, thoughtful conversations, and unending kindness! Under his servant-leader style of administration, he has provided us with increased understanding about our benefits through the timely scheduling of informational meetings, lightning speed responses to our emails and an unruffled reaction when we have asked him the same question for the 1000th time. We are sending a huge shout out of gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness to Francisco Gaona for his above-and-beyond leadership and service!Dave and Sandra Hodge08/26/2019Goal 2, Goal 3 and Goal 4
Lupita Ayala-CamunasHuman ResourcesDebbie and Vanessa would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by Lupita. Lupita has spent endless hours providing exceptional customer service to employees and visitors. Her diligence, self-motivation as well as dedication has been a source of inspiration to many. Lupita Rocks! Lupita: Thank you for going the extra mile ! D & V - T.E.A.M Together everyone always mattersVanessa Perez & Debbie Gallo08/22/2019Goal 2
Alejandra Mondragon-ZumsteinNational City Middle School To say that Alejandra Mondragon-Zumstein brings the SEL game strong would be a gross understatement. Alex builds community through all aspects of National City Middle; students, staff, and surrounding community. To that I say: “Once a Kingsmen, Always a Kingsmen!!”.Jones08/22/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Alejandro ValdezPurchasingThere are many occasions that we have needed assistance transporting equipment to schools for students and we don't have the vehicles to handle these loads. Every single time I have asked Alex for help he goes out of the way to take care of us which assists our schools to get what they need to provide our students. I am so grateful for his willingness to step up. He is an asset to Sweetwater!Marilyn Sparks08/20/2019Goal 4
Juan Alfonso SantanaNational City Middle School In a sea of ordinary, Juan Alfonso Santana is the Jaguar Shark. His Exuberant and innovating approach to educating, breaths Dragon’s fire into the budding souls of the students at National City Middle School. Artistic, kind, and sharp-witted; Santana your star shines bright! Jay Jones 08/20/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Brandon DuncanInformation Technology Faster than a speeding bullet! That's the kind of unbelievable service that Brandon Duncan performed as he repaired my phone. In less than 60 seconds he had entered my classroom, checked out my phone and replaced the handset. I was still in the midst of explaining what was wrong. Brandon, on the other hand, had already surmised the problem, came prepared with the appropriate phone piece, and had my phone in great working order before I even finished my explanation. Indeed, Brandon's job knowledge, customer service, and congenial disposition deserve to be heralded, praised and proclaimed! Wow! He is impressive!Sandra Hodge08/19/2019Goal 2
Dr. Pilar VargasMontgomery High School An administrator who understands parents and students - helping bridge the gap. Dr. Vargas helped me with my daughter who tried to commit suicide in school by walking me through the process of absences and self care. Shortly after that, my senior daughter became pregnant and Pilar helped us establish what the next best step would be for her. Happy to report that she graduated before her time and my other daughter is also doing well. It's beyond hard to deal with these things on top of having a FT job and being a single mom so I appreciate Dr. Vargas very much for her understanding and support. Dr. Vargas communicates in a timely manner which is very important. 08/15/2019Goal 3
Lenette Robinson Bonita Vista High School Great attitude and really helpful on our many visits.Diana Garcia08/14/2019Goal 3
Izchel CamachoHilltop High School Izchel supports students with disabilities in their general education classes. She has demonstrated leadership skills by reaching out to case managers regarding the students she supports by asking for IEP at a Glances to ensure accommodations and/or modifications are being honored as well as to provide feedback on how they are progressing towards their individual goals. In addition, she consistently delivers follow-up information to case managers in an effort to be proactive so students can experience increased levels of success and self-esteem.Jennifer Kiepler08/09/2019Goal 2
Monica De SantiagoHilltop High School Monica goes above and beyond as an Instructional Assistant! She monitors and provides instructional supports to students with IEPs, communicates progress to case managers, and is an asset to the general education classes she supports. She demonstrates a strong work ethic and does it all with a smile!Jennifer Kiepler08/09/2019Goal 2
Janice AlcarazSan Ysidro High School Janice has consistently been a huge support of our Learning Center students and program. We appreciate all her efforts in gathering transfer grades, dropping and enrolling our students. In addition, Janice always does this with the most positive attitude and putting the needs of students first. Thank you for being a wonderful partner with our SYLearning Center! We appreciate you and all you do!Elvia Estrella08/08/2019Goal 2
Nancy MariscalEastlake High School Ms. Nancy is always willing to go the extra mile for students in order to provide them the social-emotional and academic supports they need to be successful. It is clear Ms. Nancy loves her job and the students she serves!Nitza Romero08/07/2019Goal 2
Nathan Hodge Southwest High SchoolNathan Hodge is a dynamic, dedicated, productive and efficient individual for completing many work requests on such short notice. Southwest is so fortunate to have him as part of the team. Nathan is amazing and knowledgeable in practically all types of technology we use in our schools (networking, hardware and software install). Without him, SOH wouldn't be running smoothly as it is now technologically speaking.Jesus Arias08/07/2019
Michelle DulleaChula Vista Adult SchoolMichelle Dullea is an incredible encourager, cheerleader, and motivator! From her engaging teaching days of old to her inspiring leadership of today, she effectively unites students, parents, community members and staff in the creation, implementation, and continuation of ideas, methodologies, and techniques! Moreover, she literally radiates joy and happiness! Her bright smile and warm demeanor instill trust, promote discussion, and ensure action! She truly deserves to be recognized, heralded and applauded for her many years of devoted service and her culture building talents!Sandra Hodge 08/06/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Margarita LopezAdult School Resource CenterMargarita Lopez is the epitome of gracious professionalism! She greets everyone who walks into her office with incredible joy, warmth, and a genuine gladness that you are there! With the utmost kindness, she willingly, cheerfully and thoughtfully responds to the request, no matter how big or small! Her efficiency, job knowledge, and customer service are on an Olympic Gold medal performance level! A huge THANK YOU to Margarita Lopez for her amazing service, selflessness and helpfulness!Sandra Hodge08/06/2019Goal 2 & Goal 3
Dr. Milena AubryHuman ResourcesA heartfelt thank you to Dr. "Sparkles" Milena Aubry for the light she radiates, the warmth she emanates, and the knowledge she disseminates! Through her talented leadership and teaching skills, engaging conversations, and job knowledge, she provides many, especially me, with answers, inspiration and smile invoking experiences of the heart. She makes the workplace sparkle! Sandra Hodge08/02/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Liliana SanchezInformation Technology Liliana Sanchez is a technological earth angel! Because of her understanding of the Infinite Campus attendance program, patient disposition, and problem solving skills she adeptly resolved two very complicated and complex requests that I submitted -- one before the summer school session and one after. She truly makes the lives of those she serves easier and more pleasant, especially mine!Sandra Hodge08/02/2019Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Nancy ParkSpecial ServicesNancy is always available to provide support to our students and staff. Her professional and calm presence makes a positive impact, as she is always able to offer solutions in challenging situations. Thanks Nancy! Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!Nitza Romero08/01/2019Goal 2
Ligaya QuitilenHuman ResourcesI hope you know how well Ligaya works with everyone. When I worked intersessions as a principal she was fantastic and once again today she was absolutely amazing with her caring and professional actions! John Davidson07/30/2019
Cecilia De La RivaGrants and CommunicationsCecilia De La Riva epitomizes the qualities of an extraordinary cheerleader and worker bee in the SUHSD! Her graciousness, enthusiasm, and energy permeate through the email messages she writes and the personal interactions in which she engages. She is a light, an encourager, and "the wind beneath the wings" for many! What joy and goodwill she continually emanates! A humongous thank you to Cecilia De La Riva!Sandra Hodge07/30/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Jesus AriasAlternative EducationEver since Coach Jesus Arias arrived in Alternative Education-Independent Study, we have felt his whirlwind of energy, enjoyed his extraordinary vision for our program, and have been awed by his credentials in physics, math, engineering, and Spanish. He continually finds ways to improve forms, scaffold curriculum, and inspire his students and colleagues to greater heights of achievement. Students and staff are already benefiting from his incredible knowledge base, his CTE engineering Project Lead the Way curriculum writing background, his passion for teaching /coaching, and his dynamic leadership. Sandra Hodge07/30/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Michelle AdameBonita Vista High School Genuine, kind, and hardworking! These are just three adjectives that describe Michelle Adame's incredible character! Throughout the entire BVH summer school session, she provided me, and others, with unparalleled service, after-hours support, and on-going assistance in solving unusual attendance situations. With her exceedingly gracious help and know-how, she made it possible for me to convert to the 7-12 Infinite Campus attendance record keeping program. A huge thank you to Michelle Adame!Sandra Hodge07/30/2019Goal 2
Rebecca CarrilloTransportationExcellent Customer Service Skills. Rebecca was very helpful when I went in for information, she went beyond everything so I would walk out with a bus pass that same day, also explained with lots of details how the process works, since we are new in our community. (Beyond Thankful!)
F. Gutierrez07/29/2019Goal 4
Nora CastilloPurchasingTraining, compassion, patience and understandingAnthony Todd07/26/2019Goal 2
Arturo NuñoWarehouse/PurchasingTraining leadership, compassion and encouragementAnthony Todd07/26/2019Goal 2
Victor BernalDuplicatingDemonstrated mentor guidance expertise and patience. Victor is honorable and respectfulAnthony Todd07/26/2019Goal 4
Melina GaytanAdult Education Thank you so much for your continued support of our students and staff! You have been incredible for getting our students registered for the beginning of the year.Dr. Jay Marquand07/25/2019Goal 2
Nora GlascoOtay Ranch High School Helped with the logistical planning of our first ever Readiness Week at ORH. She also came in the final week of summer break to help process our 10th, 11th, and 12th graders as they navigated their way through the various stations of readiness week obtaining IDs, textbooks, and laptops. Melanie Kray07/25/2019Goal 4
David AlfaroOtay Ranch High SchoolCame in the final week of summer and assisted with configuring laptops for our 10th and 11th graders so these students would be able to use their laptops on the first day of school and not have to miss class time during the school year to check out and configure a laptop.Melanie Kray07/25/2019Goal 4
Tosca AllowayOtay Ranch High School Came in the final week of summer and checked out textbooks and laptops to our 10th and 11th graders and textbooks to our 12th graders during our first ever Readiness Week so students would have all needed materials before the first day of school and not miss instructional time to get those items. She checked out textbooks to 70% of our students during that week!Melanie Kray07/25/2019Goal 1
Elena EstradaOtay Ranch High School Came in the final week of summer and checked out textbooks and laptops to our 10th and 11th graders and textbooks to our 12th graders during our first ever Readiness Week so students would have all needed materials before the first day of school and not miss instructional time to get those items. Melanie Kray07/25/2019Goal 1
Samantha BarbaMontgomery Adult School Thank you Samantha for welcoming all students and staff, new and returning, to MOA so they feel supported and comfortable in their school.Dr. Jay Marquand07/24/2019Goal 2
Karla GerardoSan Ysidro Adult Thank you Karla for supporting and welcoming all students and staff - returning and new - to SYA.Dr. Jay Marquand07/24/2019Goal 2
Rosanna PalominoAdult EducationThank you for supporting the students and staff. Particularly those staff members new to the Adult Education Division team. Dr. Jay Marquand07/24/2019Goal 2
Sara Garcia-SalgadoAdult EducationCongratulations on your well deserved and new role as administrative leader in the Adult Education Division.Dr. Jay Marquand07/24/2019Goal 1
Virginia MendozaAdult EducationCongratulations on your well deserved and new role as administrative leader for the Adult Education Division. Dr. Jay Marquand07/24/2019Goal 1
Dianne CabeChula Vista High School No Backpack Day for all students at CVHS--she organized a day in which students started the year with activities to create a positive school climate. Throughout the day, students traveled with their classmates to learn/be reminded about Spartan Values, the importance of working together, their leadership style, and overcoming adversity and empowering each other, themselves, and giving back to their community. This year's theme of "Mind Your Health" honors the importance of Social Emotional Learning at our school. Ms. Cabe took a very big learning risk with a goal in mind--to create a positive school experience for each student.Mary Rose Peralta07/23/2019Goal 2
Dr. Ryan BurkeDirector of Adult EducationThank you for creating a welcoming environment for students, staff and community members. We appreciate you as our leader for the division.Dr. Jay Marquand07/19/2019Goal 2
Greg MartinezMontgomery High School In addition to his stellar job performance as a Special Education HCA, Greg has volunteered many, many, hours to our school GSA! He has demonstrated his support for our student LGBTQ community,
by assisting in GSA field trips, marching in PRIDE with our students, for the past 3 years, setup and worked at the GSA tables at school events and been a support to our students. Greg is the epitome, of a Sweetwater Star!
Debora Martinez & GSA Club Members07/19/2019Goal 2
Jerome (JJ) RobinsonBonita Vista High School An enthusiastic THANK YOU is extended to Jerome (JJ) Robinson for the many hours of time he worked as an assistant to our custodial staff during our BVHS summer school session. I am especially grateful for the personal attention he and the custodial staff paid to keeping my room exceptionally clean!Sandra Hodge06/28/2019Goal 2 & Goal 4
Alice Leon-SanchezChula Vista Middle We are so appreciative of the diligence, vigilance, and watchful eye of Ms. Alice Leon-Sanchez, one of our outstanding campus security personnel. She made sure students got to class and adhered to school policies. She was a great support to me personally as well! We are grateful for the safety and security we felt during the entire BVHS summer school session.Sandra Hodge06/28/2019Goal 2 & Goal 4
Irma FloresOtay Ranch High School Our BVHS summer school session ran without any major incident because of the diligence, vigilance, and watchful eye of Irma Flores, one of our outstanding campus security personnel. We appreciate the safety and security we felt under her care! Thank you!Sandra Hodge06/28/2019Goal 2 & Goal 4
Guenevere SagunEastlake Middle School Kind, helpful, and exceedingly supportive! From the very first day of summer school, Ms. Guenevere Sagun has been a tremendous support and mentor! Whether giving me quick tips about using Jupiter Grades or Infinite Campus or sharing classroom experiences, she brings a smile to my heart again and again. What a wonderful blessing she has been to the students, staff, and especially me, during our summer school session.Sandra Hodge06/27/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 4
Lenette RobinsonBonita Vista High School Lenette Robinson epitomizes the phrase "Gracious Professionalism." Her strong work ethic, prompt response to requests, incredible job knowledge, and amazing competence set her apart as an extraordinary Administrative Assistant for the principal. I have especially appreciated her graciousness and thoughtful disposition. She has been pivotal in making the summer school experience a delightful one for students, parents, and staff.Sandra Hodge06/27/2019Goal 2 & Goal 4
Vasek SanchezBonita Vista High School Vasek Sanchez's jovial personality, strong work ethic, and helpful disposition added to a delightful summer school experience. My students and I appreciated the role he played in keeping our classroom and campus clean and making us feel welcome!Sandra Hodge06/27/2019Goal 2 & Goal 4
Brandon LopezBonita Vista High School A huge THANK YOU to Brandon Lopez for his outstanding work ethic, zeal for excellence, and willingness to go the extra mile as Lead Custodian at Bonita Vista High! My students and I truly appreciate walking into our exceptionally clean classroom everyday! Moreover, Brandon Lopez is a pleasure to work with!Sandra Hodge06/27/2019Goal 2 & Goal 4
Andy HigdonInformation Technology Andy is an exceptional coworker. He is always willing to assist in troubleshooting unusually difficult technical problems. He has a very systematic approach. He never makes you feel as if your issue is troublesome or that he is too busy (although he generally has multiple projects of his own to work on). Generally, he will stop what he is doing to give you assistance on the spot. I appreciate the value that he brings to our department. Observing his thought process motivates me to be a better tech. MVP CandidateGeorge Blankenship06/24/2019Goal 4
Chris MillerMar Vista High School Mr. Miller is vigilant in his observance of time critical issues. He is extremely composed, empathetic, persevering, and always goes the extra mile to respond to questions/issues with the most factual and thorough answers/solutions as possible. Thank you, Mr. Miller, for your continued support, not only with MVHS but with District departments of your Sweetwater family!Debbie Gallo06/13/2019Goal 2
Kathleen McCannTransportationKathleen is always very helpful and assists with great customer service and is extremely knowledgeable. Thank you to the Transportation Department, and Ms. McCannRoland Medina 06/13/2019Goal 4
Maria "Lucy" De LeonOlympian High School Today Lucy managed to do the job of 3 people AND make time to help me with a problem. She was a life-saver and I truly appreciate her! Lucy is helpful, intuitive, and a creative problem solver. I can always depend on her to support me and our students.Alicia Pentz-Lopez06/07/2019Goal 2
Joe QuinnPurchasingJoe was so helpful when I needed support. He was a problem solver and creative thinker. I am grateful for his help.Alicia Pentz-Lopez06/07/2019Goal 2
Grace Fordan-AlmazarOlympian High School Ginang Almazar has done an amazing job with the Filipino Dance Club, teaching our students Philippine folk dances and poetry. Students practice at lunch and performed at our Filipino-America Heritage Month Assembly, at the Dual Language Awards Night, at our Multicultural night, at the Mabuhay Festival in National City and in many previous Magkaisa Conferences. Ginang Almazar spends countless hours outside of school to prepare our students to present themselves in the best way possible. Her efforts has done a lot to engage our parents with our school. They are so proud to see their children learning about their heritage, they come to support the performances every time. Ginang Almazar is part of a great group of teachers from all over the county, The Council of Teachers of Filipino Language Committee. They have done a lot of work to continue to build Filipino Language program in our schools and connect our students/families to the community at large. Lora Bumatay6/3/2019Goal 3
Florence ObedozaResearch & EvaluationAWESOME!!! Flo is Awesome !! She remains so calm in the storm of online EOC craziness thank you so much for your help and solutions. Becky Bravo6/3/2019Goal 1 & Goal 2
Laura (Lori) GantAlternative EducationLori Gant has been an extraordinary teacher in Independent Study since its inception several years ago. She has primarily worked with special needs students in a daily home visit venue. Her compassionate heart, plethora of academic knowledge, and ability to connect services with her students are just a few reasons why students and families are grateful to have her as their teacher. Lori has written top quality science curriculum for the district; worked with UC San Diego in re-populating a chameleon species that was nigh unto extinction; and involved her students in school activities/events that have matched their interests. Lori truly deserves to be recognized, honored, and applauded for the impact she has made in the lives of students, families, colleagues, and community members for these many years.Sandra Hodge5/31/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Teresa Walkup National City Middle School Mrs. Walkup continually strives to provide excellent service and support to all staff members and students. She does her best to provide staff with materials, supplies, equipment, learning resources....the list can go on for very long. She and her department provide great support to the students of NCM in trying to get them to be the best version of themselves, achieve good grades, and to be responsible citizens of our community. Mrs. Walkup also has a nice group of parents that volunteer in the office. It is very apparent that they enjoy working with her and supporting our school. These attributes are what Mrs. Walkup shows us each and everyday. She is also kind, supportive, super hard working, always trying to find a solution and providing whatever we need as best as she can. She is awesomely fantastic. She is a superstar!Angela Munoz5/28/2019Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 & Goal 4
Elizabeth MartinezHilltop High School Elizabeth goes above and beyond her IA duties. On PRO Hour days, she is always willing to take on additional responsibilities in order to support our students and staff at Hilltop High School. She does all of this with a smile and kind words! Thank you for your hard work and dedication Elizabeth! She is a role model to IAs and IHCAs.Jennifer Kiepler5/24/2019Goal 2
Sylvia McBrideCastle Park High School Ms. McBride has taken on the role of librarian in the middle of the year at CPH and she has put some much passion and so many hours into creating a safe, fun and inviting space for all students. She is Awesome! Becky Bravo5/20/2019Goal 1 & Goal 2
Angie RojasResearch & EvaluationAngie has been so helpful and accommodating during the rush of EOCs. She is always positive and kind in each interaction. I am super grateful for her help! Becky Bravo5/20/2019Goal 2
Katharine Langel National City Middle School Outstanding coordination of the Ocean Connectors Educational Excursion! Thank you for taking on the enormous task to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students! T. Walkup 5/20/2019Goal 1
Lisa LaneNational City Middle School Outstanding coordination of the Ocean Connectors Educational Excursion! Thank you for taking on the enormous task to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students! T. Walkup 5/20/2019Goal 1
Michelle MorriseyNational City Middle School Outstanding coordination of the Ocean Connectors Educational Excursion! Thank you for taking on the enormous task to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students! T. Walkup 5/20/2019Goal 1
Lani BruerMontgomery High School Bravery! We often tell our peers and even ourselves that we're just doing our job, but adversity can often times bring out the true colors of us all. Ms. Bruer's colors did shine, and in my mind, we have many hero's to thank at Montgomery High. Thank you Ms. Bruer for being there! I truly believe that you guys saved a life that day in the cafeteria! Jonathan Morris5/16/2019Goal 2
Pilar VargasMontgomery High School Bravery! On behalf of Nutrition Services, we would like to commend Ms. Vargas for her bravery and assistance with our employee. It is my opinion that the quick response and action of the staff at Montgomery assisted with the recovery of our employee. Thank you! Jonathan Morris5/16/2019Goal 2
Cecilia HerreraMontgomery High School Bravery in the face of an emergency. On behalf of Nutrition Services, we would like to commend Ms. Herrera for her quick thinking and response. I believe the action of all our staff involved contributed to the success and outcome of this tragedy. Thank You! Jonathan Morris5/16/2019Goal 2
George BlankenshipInformation Technology George is a lifesaver for pulling everything together on such short notice. We are so fortunate to have him on our team. George is amazing without him I couldn't have completed some projects (without my computer working). ;) Vanessa Perez5/16/2019Goal 2
David GarrisonOptions Secondary An exuberant THANK YOU to David Garrison, Library Tech and Instructional Aide, for his outstanding service, compassionate heart, and unending patience! He is the master of organization and epitome of chivalry.Sandra Hodge5/15/2019Goal 2 & Goal 4
Rhonda LorenteCastle Park High School Rhonda your hard work and dedication in the Special Education Department at Castle Park High is truly appreciated. You are an integral member of the school site team with supporting each student’s success.Maricela Heric5/15/2019Goal 4
Heather SalcedoCastle Park High School Heather your hard work and dedication in the Special Education Department at Castle Park High is truly appreciated. You are an integral member of the school site team with supporting each student’s success.Maricela Heric5/15/2019Goal 4
Chris HerringCastle Park High School Chris your hard work and dedication in the Special Education Department at Castle Park High is truly appreciated. You are an integral member of the school site team with supporting each student’s success.Maricela Heric5/15/2019Goal 4
Brittany BroasCastle Park High School Brittany's hard work and dedication in the Special Education Department at Castle Park High is truly appreciated. You are an integral member of the school site team with supporting each student’s success.Maricela Heric5/15/2019Goal 4
Alex RuizCastle Park High School Alex your hard work and dedication in the Special Education Department at Castle Park High is truly appreciated. You are an integral member of the school site team with supporting each student’s success. Maricela Heric5/15/2019Goal 4
Leticia ToscanoMontgomery High School Ms Toscano demonstrated phenomenal strength and courage in time of emergency. I believe that due to her quick thinking and response, the outcome of this tragic incident was much less severe. Thank you for your bravery!Jonathan Morris5/7/2019Goal 4