Sarna Unified Cartography Kit
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The Sarna Unified Cartography Society (SUCS) is proud to release the By Volt
Sarna Unified Cartography Kit, v2019.10aBased upon previous work by Bad_Syntax & Volt
The kit is comprised of:Questions? Comments? Tax refunds?
1) Systems By Era: indicates system coordinates and realm ownership in chronological years
2) Factions: counts worlds owned by each realm in those same years
The Kit is updated with all released map-bearing products through July 2019
21-Oct-19Changed distance formula to reference ID instead of system namedistances for systems with duplicate names are resolved incorrectly so I had to reference the ID instead of the name. Should have seen that problem sooner in the 9.Sep.19 change
10-Sep-191) Added the Sarna link for the last 7 systems
2) reduced precision of height and width of clusters from 4 to 3 decimal places
1) I made the article pages but they're just stubs, so the only thing in them as of this writing are the coordinates
2) do we really need to be that accurate? What's the difference between 0.0001 and 0.00001LY at this scale anyway, right?
9-Sep-191) changed Status Column to Primary ID
2) added apocryphal system as (A)
1) I decided to add a Primary ID key to the entries to make each one unique, so I don't have to have the differentiator part of the system's name
2) Saggina is a mapped system but remain apocryphal because it's not within the visible borders of the map. In order to see it, you have to remove the border layer on the map page
13-Aug-191) changed faction color in Factions sheet from RGB to HEX
2) deleted the #class column
3) renamed columns in Systems and Factions sheet
thought i'd reduce the number of columns by putting the data in one cell
2-Aug-191) changed entry of Aurigan Coalition systems from AC to AuC (AC is already used, although no actual systems fall under that faction)
2) changed 20.Jun.19 4) entry from AC to AuC
24-Jul-191) adjusted syntax for renames and multiple planets
2) dropped old spelling of names
systems with multiple planets have commas separating the multiple planets (ex: Niops)
systems with renames or alternate names have slash separating the names (ex: Carver)
removed the old spelling of system names from alternate names since they won't be used moving forward
22-Jun-191) Renamed Chandan entry to Chaadan to reflect errata report response from official forums
2) added Adrian Gideon to the credits section for this contribution
3) deep periphery systems discovered by IE made Undiscovered before IE's formation in 2974
4) changed affiliation of some systems from IE to I unless specifically stated in sourcebooks to be under IE's control/administration
1) so now the original name was Chaadan, then became Chadan and then Chandan as a nod to the numerous errata and naming inconsistencies from HBS (quite amusing, really)
2) for the first time EVER since the SUCK was created, we finally have one year with 100% faction affiliation defined (2765)
20-Jun-191) Updated coordinates of systems introduced in House Arano book
2) Added seven new systems from House Arano book
3) Created Aurigan Directorate and Aurigan Coalition Factions
4) changed affiliation of 22 AuC systems in 3025
1) Alamagordo does not appear in the maps
2) Chandan is incorrectly spelled Chaadan and Chadan in two maps
3) Regis Roost is missing in the 3022 map
4) El Giza erroneously appears in the 3022 map, this should be Alamagordo so I used those coordinates
16-Apr-19Updated affiliation of McEvans' Sacrifice based on OPT: Fronc Reaches
22-Mar-191) fixed a typo
2) removed the apocryphal names of the alleged hidden WoB systems
19-Mar-191) changed status of Saggina to Apocryphal
2) indicated source maps for various years in Systems-Description sheet
27-Feb-191) fixed some hyperlink issues
2) marked several hidden systems as (H
3) changed the 2 apocryphal/non-canon WoB hidden worlds from CS(H) and WB(H) to A
26-Feb-19more typo corrections
25-Feb-19typo error correctionthanks for the find, gruese!
20-Feb-19Added a sheet with a short description of each column for the Systems Sheet
17-Feb-19Marked several hidden systems as (H)
14-Feb-19Marked Sol [Terra] as a Faction Capitaldunno how i missed that out on most of its entries
12-Feb-191) changed the designation of the Hidden ComStar/Word of Blake systems from CS/WB to CS(H)/WB(H) to indicate their hidden nature
2) applied formula used in counting disputed systems in the Factions Tab to work with the Hidden Systems
Map makers can make use of the (H) tag to exclude those systems in border generation algorythms so they do not exert any infulence in the surrounding areas
29-Jan-19changed format of alternate names for Tabit, Hope and Carver as requested
28-Jan-19added information from Touring the Stars: Sherwoodapparently Sherwood was an Independent colony from 2415
17-Jan-19added information from some Touring the Stars books that have been generously lent by contributorsThe copies sent to me have since been deleted after the required information has been extracted. Much thanks to you guys, rest assured I am not in the habbit of sharing paid property.
30-Dec-18changed cluster sizes from total height and total width to x- and y-axis dimensions (radius, if the cluster is a circle)basically i just divided the total height and total width by 2 in order to get the major axis and minor axis values of the ellipse shape that will represent the cluster
4-Dec-181) changed cluster scale to cluster size
2) defined factions laying claim to disputed systems
encountered a problem in using a variable scale to define the size of a cluster so I applied the same method in determining the size of a nebula. Having a fixed size instead of an adjustable size based on a scale makes the cluster cover the same space regardless of he size of system icons if one were to generate maps.
to give added flavor to disputed systems, I indicated what factions contested the territory, allowing map makers to make more dynamic borders taking disputed systems into account
19-Nov-18Added column for system scale and rotationas requested by gruese, i've added an x,y,r scale property to each system for map makers to be able to apply variable system sizes particularly on clusters. The properties are X-scale, Y-scale and rotation. The base scale is the default length and width of an ordinary planetary system entry. The rotation will be used if the cluster will exhibit a non-circuilar (ie elliptical) appearance
20-Sep-18corrected the wrong link*facepalm* when you want to get things done right...
19-Sep-18added last missing sarna linkthanks to BrokenMnemonic for generating the article for Union_of Samoyedic Colonies
23-Aug-181) added links to four newly created article pages on Sarna
2) added year 3151 from Shattered Sphere with affiliations
3) removed assumed affiliations beyond 3095 for Deep Periphery systems and others
4) extended affiliation of Transfer Facility 4 up to 3095, changed from ComStar to Independent
5) added Aurigan Directorate as a Faction
6) removed Khwarazm Empire as a Faction
7) added founding year of Interstellar Expeditions
8) added dissolution year for Regulan Fiefs
9) added dissolution year for Rim Collection
10) added Timbuktu Collective as a Faction
11) various other changes in affiliation of other systems based on actual sources
only one missing link to go
just got my copy of Shattered Sphere, there's a two-page 3151 map so anyone who doesn't want any spoilers better not look at the new column
19-Aug-181) added newly created article page links (only 5 left)kudos to Revanche for creating the over thirty missing articles for the new systems from Second Succession War and Interstellar Expeditions 3
18-Aug-18no changes, just some thoughts --->I had failed to note in the 12.Apr.18 update that I had changed the coordinates of the 16 systems from the BattleTech game. Instead of interpolating from the Kickstarter raster map I had taken the coordinates from in-game that Justin Kase provided and scaled those raw coordinates against the standard that SUCK uses (2764 map from FM: SLDF) using the same method used to consolidate all other maps to that base. the shift from the in-game coordinates is a mere 0.015% (<0.1 LY) on the X axis and 0.008% (-0.01) on the Y axis, so that's really barely visible to the naked eye when printed out at 1 LY = 1 pixel scale
17-Aug-181) fixed spelling errors
2) added newly created article page links (thanks Rev)
3-Aug-181) flipped the order of change log (yay sort function)
2) changed the color of FedCom in the Factions tab because it was just so wrong
3) fixed some minor spelling errors here in the About section (oh the shame)
4) filled in the Links for each entry
can you imagine clicking through each of the 3123 (as of this writing) links to see if they go to the correct article page? FUN
17-Jul-181) added credits where credits are due!
2) minor corrections on 3025 faction ownership
3) added space for direct link
4) created column for alternate names
5) swapped/deleted alternate names for some entries
I know I'm two years late but I tried to input the faction ownership data from the Inner Sphere At War 3025 PDF map from but wow there are just SO many inconsistencies from previous maps (wrong names, appearing but abandoned or undiscovered, missing but existing in-universe, etc) that I decided not to bother with it. I'm sorry but I'm really disappointed at the quality of the map.
#3 & #4 were by request of Gruese, who is working on an interactive Inner Sphere map. #5 is a clean-up related to the changes brought about by #4
12-Apr-181) Added 16th Apocryphal system from the BattleTech Game
2) Adjusted formula for X- and Y-scales, affecting the coordinates of 118 systems
3) Corrected wrong reference coordinates for EC821-387D
While having discussions with Justin Kase on comparing the system coordinates in the BattleTech game with the SUCK, I had realized a fundamental mathematical flaw in my formula for determining the scale when unifying the partial maps to the base map. I had applied a simple arithmetic mean instead of using a weighted average, thus resulting in a far less accurate transposition
6-Apr-181) Changed affiliation of some systems based on review of the various maps
2) Changed some faction codes according to those used in Interstellar Operations
3) Added the 15 Apocryphal systems from the BattleTech Game by Harebrained Studios and AuC as a faction
By the request of forum member Justin Kase, I added coordinates for the systems introduced by the upcoming BattleTech game by Harebrained Studios.
I superimposed the JPG image of the Aurigan Reach onto the Human Sphere map I made and interpolated coordinates for these systems down to two decimal places.
I marked the systems with (HBS) to indicate they were from Harebrained Studios and labeled their status as "Apocryphal".
1) adjusted the X and Y scales of ISP3 spinward and rimward maps respectively.
stupid me, I had the formula upside-down. Big thanks to Revanche for asking me how the old and new process for determining the scales differed, and in recounting the process I had determined the error and corrected it as appropriate. Having your work questioned really works.
30-Aug-171) changed the X and Y scales of ISP3 Deep Periphery Systems. Also affects the systems in the following regions because their relative positions are based on the ISP3 Coreward Map:
Kerensky Cluster
Hanseatic League
Nueva Castile
2) More system renamings, I missed some in the first pass
In the previous versions I used the 1,000LY Circle (which turned out wasn't really 1,000LY if you follow the Ruler, it was more like 1,000.784LY on the CW and 1,000.793LY ASW maps) of the Deep Periphery maps in order to establish a LY-to-pixel scale. However doing so would negate the 300LY ruler used for scale in the Legend section. So Instead, I used the ruler to establish the X-scale of the CW and RW regions and the Y-scale of the SW and ASW sections. I then took the ratio of the height and length of the 1000LY Circle to establish the scale of the other axis. the systems shifted no more than +/-1.5LY at most.
29-Aug-171) Minor system rename due to an error in comprehension
25-Aug-171) Dropped the roman numerals from system names
1) Added list of Nebulae including center coordinates, scaled height and width based on BT map
7-Aug-171) swapped coordinates of New Aberdeen and Bergman's Planet
2) updated coordinates of Fable based on 2830 map
3) added Juniper from 1st Succession War LC-DC Border Map
4) updated coordinates of spinward systems from ISP3 Map due to wrong Y scale
5) Added 2830 in the Ownership year, updated 2821-2864 based on findings this version
6) Updated names of some systems with spelling differences [such as New Haiti/New Hati]
7) Updated names of systems that have been renamed in-universe (Valladolid)
8) Added 2830 in the Factions Sheet that tallies total systems counts
9) Added "unidentified ownership" total in Factions Sheet (self-explanatory I hope)
I had just discovered that Illustrator CS3 and CS5 use different ruler orientations. CS3 uses the bottom left as origin while CS5 uses the top left. All the original raw coordinates were extracted using CS5. At home I used CS3. I was happily surprised when I discovered that when I inputted the raw coordinates of Fable from CS3 and then compared them with the results I got when I inputted raw coordinates taken from CS5 i got the EXACT same final coordinates for Fable! I guess the formula I made takes the orientation of the reference systems' coordinates into account, automatically flipping the final coordinates as necessary to maintain orientation.