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Icebreaker Meet & Greet Online!, "nice to meet you"more games an question in future!
Mapping Our Community8Mapping,, sumapp, Naryan
Discussion: Envisioning the Future of Effective Altruism8autotranslucence blog article chat
EATO Meta-Meeting3Mapping,, sumapp
2020 06 031718:30Working at Charity Entrepreneurship with Andrew PlayerZoom Link770EA-adjacent ideasAndrew Shares his Story!Nice content, engagement, stories, pracitical matters! Thanks Andrew! The video will be up soon. :) 1101
2020 05 201718:30Effective Altruism and Animal Advocacy - Kale Ridsdale from We Animals MediaZoom Link927EA-adjacent ideasKale presents her story and her work and her questions with We Animals MediaNice content! Nice engagement! Video should be up soon! It didn't seem to get attendees as easily as Aaron's event.5311
2020 05 131718:30Psychedelics and Doing GoodZoom Link1394EA-adjacent ideasAaron presents the framing for and updates on his workNice content, good engagement, video is up on youtube. :) 7100
2020 04 221718:30Discussion: The inner workings of a self-organizing covid-19 volunteer networkZoom Link1394EA-adjacent ideasGreat discussion led by Naryan!I thought it went really well despite small tech issues. This event was, finally, EATO's first recorded event, and all it took was a pandemic to put something online! Thanks Naryan and everyone!
2020 03 251922[Online Monthly Social]Zoom Link862SocialChat! Online!All things consider, a bit of a rough go getting into it, though pretty darn nice overall! Decently flowing conversation by the early middle and end - It went well once people got into the swing of it, and I totally could have shared my screen earlier, perhaps to good effect, despite technical issues. Also, the rooms were okay, not ideal due to tech issues, load times and some people's connections and some people's volumes. - Overall, a success! A great experiment, and we shall have more meetings soon!3100
2020/03/111922Meta-MeetingSK 702651EATO metaMeta!COVID-19 might have hurt attendance. We had a fancy room, and a useful meeting!1101
2020/03/0713:0017:00EA Concepts WorkshopOI 7192651Core EA ideasConcepts WorkshopIt went well! Engagement was great! We still have some tuning up to do!1301
2020/02/2618:3021:30Monthly SocialCSI Lobby1468SocialInformal "coffe-shop" socialLots of new members, solid engagement, quite interesting!4802
2020/02/1513:0017:00Advanced EA Concepts WorkshopOI 7192660Core EA ideasExperimental advanced concepts workshop!Great participantion from everyone, good meta & shifting beliefs around based on argumentation. Future workshops should somehow balance the autonomy and glut of content of the first one with more structured activities and wise facilitation which was largely provided for us by Naryan this time #thanksfriend
2020/01/2918:3022:00Monthly SocialCSI Lobby1183SocialInformal "coffe-shop" socialThe new location seems to have a really nice vibe! CSI is grand and great. 451
2020/01/221922Is meat net-harmful?OI 33111064EA-adjacent ideasGreat discussion and activities led by NaryanWe dived into an adversarial collaboration SSC article on whether eating meat is a net harm (more so, how much of a net harm is it?) The small group activities, 3s and 4s, let us dive into analysis of the article and reflecting on our own thinking and learning.SSC Article341
2020/01/151922Animal Ethics and Wild-Animal Suffering with MaxOI 3311972EA-adjacent ideasMax gave an off-the-cuff talk with many cool images that generated an active discussion.The event seemed to go well and be enjoyable despite a bit of a rocky unstructured and somewhat nervous presentation. Discussion was fully there tonight, lots of contribution and engagement. The Values to Action Chain framework was shared. Feedback was offered on the presentation. The night left a lot of people quite curious about many subjects.slides? meh? :P 330
2019/01/111317EA Concepts WorkshopOI 7192844Core EA ideasPilot a very content-heavy intro concepts workshopNice room, OI 7192, classy and easy to find! We had 4 hours instead of two this time so there was plenty of breathing room! It could even be put into 3 or 3.5 hours perhaps. Engagement was pretty strong. Folks seems to dig it. Cool. We'll see what the forms say.261
2019/12/111922Meta-Meeting: Colin's Debrief from CEA Residency and RetreatOI 331112111EATO metaMeta-Meeting! cf. the docAs per usual, it was pretty damn awesome! Looking forward to another quarter of improvements and growth!200
2019/12/041922EA Concepts WorkshopOI 33111183Core EA ideasPilot a very content-heavy intro concepts workshopIt seemed to be valued and recieved fairly well. We got a few, e.g. 3-4 folks who knew most of the stuff. There was a lot of critical thinking content. This would be much better with way more space, way more, i.e. at least an hour or perhaps 90 minutes per section, depending on how talkative folks are... probably 90 would be decent, or 70-80 min110
2019/11/271922Pub Night SocialMadison16151SocialInformal pub socialThere was talk of many topics, including some light authentic relating650
2019/11/131922Effective Bahavioural Change with Spencer GreenbergOI 3311 24139EATO metaSpencer gave a talk and q&a on effective behavioural change, a model he is developingLots of new members, mostly valuable engagement, lots of positive feedback, hard to deal with so many new people in an outstandingly positive
2019/11/091017Life & Career Review DayNaryan's16106Full DayWorkshops and Speakers for review and plansSpeakers as well! Lots of new faces, organizers by Yuli, Anya, and Noam with some help from Colin. Success, Progress!652
2019/10/231922Coworking & SocialOI 331110102SocialCoworking & chatting120
2019/10/161921Hufflepuff VirtuesOI 331112125EA-adjacent ideasAnya led a workshop on an article about Hufflepuff Virtues and EA320
2019/09/171921Finding Cause XOI 331188xEA-adjacent ideasNaryan led a workshop on finding cause x, it seemed to go well.220
2019/09/121921Meta-MeetingOI 3311660EATO metaReading the memo and discussing the groupThere were some useful clarifications around partnerships/collaborations and the goals of events. There was general agreement with the proposals made in the memo. We'll likely go to a different cadence for advertised meetups (monthly) while having lower key weekly meetings. 200
2019/09/041922The World's Most Pressing Problems: An Overview of Top EA Cause Areas with ColinOI 33111073Core EA ideasA presentation, 1-1s, and group discussion on questions relating to the world's most pressing problemsFacilitation and structuring of the meeting recieved positive comments. Attendees seemed engaged. It was great to see new faces. It was great to dive deeper into cause prioritization from a high level, slowly delving deeper. The spirit of discussion that hopefully leads to action seemed to come across, hopefully. 320
2019/08/31311Camping Trip with EATOersConestoga990SocialCamping TripWe chatted, relaxed, bonded, and had a nice time.
2019/08/281922Founding a Founders Pledge Branch in TorontoOI 8180880Project meetingCan we have a branch here? How?Stay connected with Founder's Pledge, keep one's eyes open
2019/08/211922Kidney Donation with JeremyOI 818011110EA-adjacent ideasA presentation by Jer and some thoughts from Richard on Kidney DonationIt discussion was engaging! We found ourselves more well informed and updated towards considering kidney donation as an option in the future.220
2019/08/161923Work Party! @Utillery with Alisa & ColinUtillery954SocialWorking and PartyingSome attendees (4 returning folk) wrote their asks and offers on the sheet or board, and they seem to have made progress towards those goals, or not. The partiers were welcomed, and I think the had a nice time. We had more people come afterwards for a swell singalong.431
2019/08/141922Project Coordination with Siobhan from Rethink Charity: Mini-Hackathon CoworkingOI 8180981Project meetingConferencing, sharing ideas, and working with Rethink Charity Forward!The meeting seemed to be surprisingly productive and engaging! Great attendees, thanks everyone! We look forward to RCforward new ideas and follow-ups as well as actions for the professionals of EATO, as they donate effectively at their place of work with Benevity and more!
2019/08/111216Hike & Chat in the Rouge Valley! Part 2Glen Eagles Vista1073HikeA nice hike & chat!Not much starkly EA content, just some pleasant social time and new faces who will hopefully return.441
2019/08/071922EAA w/ Jeff SeboOI 81801596Core EA ideasA talk and Q&A with JeffIt went really well! Tech quality and content quality was very high! Questions were wonderful and flowing well. Colin took some notes on the board the highlight pieces of Jeff's talk (answering questions from reading group attendees)540
2019/07/3119225 Reasons to Attend EAGOI 81801091EA general metaA short presentation, 1-1s, and open discussionBasically this, of which I shall most likely improve and put on the forum:
2019/07/241922EA Hotel w/ Phil ChenOI 818011110EA-adjacent ideasA presentation by Phil and branching discussions on UBI and communityWe seemed to have a lot of insights relating to EA hotels, UBI, community, local prospects, and more. Phil had quite a nice proposal, a well thought out buisness plan for how this could go. The event might lead to an article and to more discussions on cohousing EAs.340
2019/07/171922Coworking & SocialOi 8180761SocialCoworking & chattingI believe there was exclusively chatting this evening, which hopefully went well.200
2019/07/13200Party! EAs & Rats.Naryan's13103SocialParty! Chats, fun, drinks, chillsThere were some good conversations to introduce new folks to the community, have a good time, get to know each other better.540
2019/07/101922Intro to EA in the parkJean Sib.1293Core EA ideasIntros to EA & meeting each otherThere were various arrangements of people having 1 on 1s and 1 on 1 on 1s, asking each other questions and getting to know each other with EA in the air, after Colin gave some summaries/intros to EA. Perhaps more of a pro-presentation could have been good.230
2019/07/031922Intro to Effective Animal Advocacy with Jamie HarrisOI 8180963Core EA ideasA talk by Jamie, ppt and voice via skypeThere was quite the discussion afterwards ranging across interventions, practical local steps to lobbying and supply-based strategies. Quite a thoughtful night!
2019/06/2911:4516Hike & Chat in the Rouge Valley!
Glen Eagles Vista
1183SocialPleasant hiking and chattingWe had some fascinating chats from CRISPR Gene drive mosquitoes to the role of activism and advocacy among worthwhile strategies for (predictable improvement in) social and political change. Great hike, no injuries, nice photos!53.51
2019/06/201922Meta-MeetingOI 820010100EATO metaGroup Planning
2019/06/121922Coworking & SocialOI 8200871SocialChatting... and some workThis could be much more exciting as an event with cool speakers or projects. It was mostly just a hangout and conversation, which isn't as EA & purpose filled as many hope for110
2019/06/051922Conversation with Brian...OI 5280871EA-adjacent ideasLearning & Discussing EA PH with BrainLots of discussion and suggestions on EA PH121
2019/05/291922Any Project Night! Co-working & SocialOI 528012Project meeting
2019/05/221922Supporting Pozm! A Kickstarter for Public GoodsOI 5280?10??Project meetingRob presented PozmThe community came together to help Rob & his project! Shout out to Giles re CSS.
2019/05/151921How would you, in particular, spend $50,000 to do the most good?OI 528010100Core EA ideasA thoughtful and open-ended contemplative exercise on finding where to donate using post-it votingWe ended up with a lot of ideas and sorting and deliberation on the issues. Not many clear answers emerged, though there was some progress in clarifying our thinking and finding a few opportunities that seemed promising, e.g. research on community building winning strategies and finding ways to support University EA Fellowship programs110
2019/05/11200Party!Utillery15SocialRadical PartyingNice conversation400
2019/05/091922Charity Entrepreneurship! A Big Opportunity for ImpactOI 528012111EA-adjacent ideasJS gave a short talk and Q&A session on Charity Entrepreneurship.Around 5 people indicated that they would be interested in applying at some point for one reason or another; impact, experience, London. Conversation was fairly on topic for the session and then when the big group broke up, conversation varied wilfully and enjoyably.320
2019/05/011922Any Project Night! Co-working & SocialOI 5280990Project meetingBriefly announce and then work on any project you likeProgress report & what went down: a chat about basic income and clarifying one's thinking, an into to metaculus, Effective Giving Toronto next tasks and storyboard, 80000 Hours ABZ plans filled out. Sounds like a useful night! & It was enjoyable too, as chatting is always an option.111
2019/04/251922Supporting EA-Aligned Career ProgressOI 828011101Core EA ideasColin's quick presentation on data about what some ea careers look like and an activitythe activity seemed to engage and benefit most people with ideas and planned actions230
2019/04/171922Think Better...OI 8280?401030ThinkBetterThink Better promo workshop, partnered event with EATOFor Think Better's first meetup event, it seemed to be quite a success on the face of it: a fun room, engaging content, good conversation, and hopefully lots of workshop signupsthinkbetter.ca18155
2019/04/101922Supporting Clean Meat Awareness GlobalOI 8280660Core EA ideasPranay gave a presentation on clean meat and then there was a chat about his plansThe night seemed to prompt some useful updates for Pranay and his superbly interesting cause area and future plans.presentation in EATO Gdrive130
2019/04/051922PowerPoint Potluck PartyUtillery18171SocialLots of presentations and partyingIt was a nice time! Presentations varied widely as per usual, and they are available online! 6 of us played MTG after the presentations.430
2019/04/031922Run an AI Safety Camp in TorontoOI 828016124Project meetingGather a team and preliminary efforts to run AISC TorontoIt seemed like quite an enjoyable a productive meeting! Some attendees commented on how the liked the flexibility of the simultaneous work & social dynamic. The attendees were shining stars of interest and dedication; this camp is looking quite hopeful
2019/03/271922Advise Philanthropists & Orgs with EA PrinciplesOI 515012111Project meetingEATO's first meeting with the new project-centric format to focus on Effective Giving TorontoThe meeting was a little chaotic, hard to get everone work in a good way through finding a balance between to much specific boring structure and too much freedom where attendees can discuss anything they like. It seemed to be enjoyed as much as usual by most attendees, perhaps more, and there seemed to be a decent amount of progress, thinking and planning, put towards the focus project of the week. The notes are linked here.
2019/03/231315Meta-Meeting - Bonus RoundUtillery220EATO metaWe chatted for a while and played magic; it was nice.The meeting basically didn't happen due to complete lack of attendance. This could be due in part to 1. Only absentees of a recent event were invited, 2. The event was given on short notice, 3. Invitations wern't personalized, 4. The RSVP system on Gcalendar events was not used properly.100
2019/03/201922Meta-MeetingOI 822013121EATO metaGroup Planning MeetingIt seemed to be quite useful, generating suggestions for changing EATO that are actionable and should be testably impactful including changes to event format, event differentiation, project data, community building approaches, and project portfolio. Thanks to everyone who made it out!340
2019/03/131922One on One's Week: Giving and Receiving AdviceOI 81801385SocialThree rounds of one on onesNewer folks tended to be paired with older folks initially. The three rounds seemed to go well. There was a bit of chaos in the timing around breaks, as some people don't take breaks seriously or they get stuck in conversation modes, thought the chaos was inconsequential. Many attendees seemed to get fairly concrete and useful plans, actions, buddies out of the event.242
2019/03/061922Would You Rather...? EAOI 8180990EA-adjacent ideasChatting about various EA topicsStructured in a 'would you rather' set of questions, folks chatted about EA topics02
2019/02/271922Systems Thinking, Causal Modeling, and Urban Poverty Reduction Modeling WorkshopOI 818019154EA-adjacent ideasA presentation by Alana Boltwood on her model and a workshop on making models of systemsMost people seemed to find it realy engaging and interesting. Some remained suspect of the use of such models, e.g. are the models falsifiable. At the end of the day, they could help one get around explanation freeze and as times goes on quantitative models of systems should become more powerful in their predictions and ability to generate testable insights..
2019/02/231924Party, featuring many EA attendeesUtillery20200SocialIt was a party, a social, with singalongs and conversation.There were some deep conversations and bonding between some community members, not any clear ties to EA at the event.
2019/02/201922The Meaning of Openness for Effective AltruismOI 822012102Core EA ideasA presenation with discussions led by NaryanIt was interesting, as critical questions about openness were asked. It doesn't seem that any explicit changes in action were mentioned by anyone though the discussion did give rise to some new perspectives on whether EA is too open or not open enough when it comes to prioritizing causes, as a case study
2019/02/13xxBuilding a Welcoming CommunityOI 5150xxxEATO metaCancelled last minute due to weather and university closure
2019/02/06xxEA in Light of the Refugee Crisis: a Hands-On ExerciseOISE 8280xxxEA-adjacent ideasCancelled last minute due to weather and university closure
2019/01/301923Effective Altruism Projects & Social Night!OISE 828015105Project meetingDiscussion about projects to promote collaboration and awarenessVarious discussion went on around the room. Some of them revolved around projects. Some discussions helped new members understand the group, its goals and practices. It was an enjoyable night that ran late with conversation.
2019/01/231922How Does Effective Altruism Do Good Better? Intro & SocialOISE 828012111Core EA ideasCause Prioritization activity, brief mention of Choice of Intervention (cost benefit analysis), and Process OptimizationLots of thinking material could have been a bit heavy, not too properly contextualized. It seemd to go well enough, still decent attendance.
2019/01/19181EA in the New Year Part 2! Party and SocialUtillery15150SocialA hangout and party where many nice conversations were hadPeople tended to show up at 19, though it started at 18, technically. There was a decent amount of food, technically too little, with just some leftover chips and untouched rice ;). It seemed like the conversations went quite well, lots of engagement and some new connections. Perhaps it was a useful night. It was useful for the soul, as there was plenty of musical action, singalongs for hours.
2019/01/161923Effective Altruism in the New Year! Intro & SocialOISE 828024168SocialIntro & Social to EATO principles and practice at eventsDon't start with Logistics and paper! Find a place for logistic after stories, feelings, and people! I printed off stuff before the event, intros to EA and connections to group resources; they were well read by the new folks and semi-new folks! Event structure went well: drift in for 30, talk for 10-15, get people to 1on1 (gold), open discussion (interesting!), chaos & meeting people.
2018/12/261423Hamming Circles w/DavidUtillery660EA-adjacent ideasHamming circle prep and exercises and then hangoutsDavid led an interesting EA adjacent event to help folks in the community be heard and move towards dealing with their chosen points of focus or simply be heard or both and more including using the time however they feel is most productive for them.
2018/12/171923Next Level Thinking DinnerNaryan's18171ThinkBetterA reunion dinner with David's experimental workshopIt was a great time to eat, hangout, and chat. David ran a workshop in the middle of it on shoulds vs. wants, guilt, and the voices inside our mind.
2018/12/161217EATO Community PlanningUtillery15150EATO metaCommunity planning chatting and tasksWe hung out then got to work discussing "why EATO, who EATO, and how EATO", then Colin and others did some event planning with Rob and others talked about EA's ultimate goals which quickly turned into talk of branding; everyone got back together and chilled for a while longer.
2018/12/121921Utilitarianism and the Real WorldOI 820020155Core EA ideasNoam led a group discussion about ethical systems and utilitarianismThere was a decent amount of engagement from attendees, including quite useful and interesting points about applying ethics, optimizing for a single measurement, how some applications of ethical theories may tell us ~something about the ethical theory (e.g. the biases it can trigger)
2018/12/51921EA DIscussion - Meditation and MindfulnessOI 820016151EA-adjacent ideasdiscussion about meditation, with many experience meditators in attendancediscussion ranged from why to meditate, to how much time to spend, to evidence-based expectations on the results of meditation, to specific skills and target goals, to stories about different practices, to a peek at the variety of techniques and approaches, to a brief speculative review of meditation as a cause area associated with Michael Plant's writeup on Happiness and EA, and afterwards there was discussion with most attendees staying until 23 as time flew by
2018/11/281921Nov EA Toronto meetupFox770SocialChatting about various EA topicsCause prioritization, dystopia, totalitarianism, the far future as the primary cause
2018/11/211921Donation - Lightning Talks @New UofT BuildingKP113541Core EA ideasChatting about donations and cause prioritizationgetting a new mini-project started cf. Naryan, Daniel, Giles; cause prioritization quantified with spreadsheets
2018/11/141921Persuasion for GoodOISE 516021156EA-adjacent ideasGetting better at persuasion for the great goodThere were a few short presentations on techniques then 3 sets of activites engaging with the ideas, 1 individual and 2 partnered. Attendees mostly claimed to enjoy it, as the lecturing was not too long and the activites were plentiful and engaging. Attendees mostly claimed to have been persuaded by each other to make a change for the better.
2018/11/71922Why Animals Matter and What We Should Do About ItOISE 2000s12Animal Welfare, 3 presenters, Tracy, Adam, Bernard.
2018/10/241922EATO Discussion NightFox15Social
2018/10/161921EATO Attends I Talk To Strangers ITTSMay Cafe?303?27EA-adjacent ideasEA folks join to talk to strangers??? :)
2018/10/141923PPT Potluck Party #2Naryan's18162SocialPPTPP; learning, chatting, hangoutThe presentations went on for a while, at least 2 hours or so. It was interesting and wonderful again! There was quite a bit of food, mostly snacks. Hopefully these events continue to earn their high reputation and be loved by all (for being both fun and interesting/educational with a good balance of structure and chaos).
Julia and Naryan have the links to the presentations
2018/10/131722EATO Work Party
Julia's Lounge
660SocialA work session and then hangout and partyWe did a bit of event planning. Colin mostly failed to pass on critical documents due to not being able to connect to the internet/computer issues. Colin will do more follow-ups and event planning to pass on the ideas that were flagged as promising.
2018/10/101821"Be it Resolved: Humans should remain masters of AI" - Debate! (EA Adjacent CHS event)CSI Annex35827Core EA ideasA debate that went quite wellIt was interesting! The debate was a nice conversation, interesting, not getting bogged down much, good back and forth, good fleshing out of issues around ethics problems and substrate confusions/issues, as well as trust issues for humans already and how to interpret those regarding the advisable or inadviable building of ordered systems. AI for government and politics? We shall see, possibly.
Boxcar Cafe by the Water
14131SocialFree form chattingWe are now on point for weekly wednesday meetings #regularlity. There were many nice conversations tonight though our gender diversity still suffers at these social meetings. Structure meetings are something we should have more of though they take a little more effort to put together, quite worthwhile. Nice conversations ranged from whether updating one's views is a valuable skill in the corporate world, AI Safety job prospects, and to what degree EA should try to prioritize and adopt community building practices vs. more network practices, e.g. religious communities vs. academic networks (though they are often called communities)
2018/09/261922Discussion NightFox19145SocialFree form discussion of EA Toronto and related interestsIt was great welcoming the new folks and getting to chat with everyone! EA in Toronto is growing, and it may be taking on different shapes soon in terms of event more projects and orgaization coming into play.
2018/09/231923Presentation Potluck PartyJulia's16114Socialaka PPTPP, with Drink Talk Learn 3 minute PPTs and chattingIt was a cozy, communal, and educational night. The presetations varied quite a bit and had many interesting ideas, turning into follow-up questions, conversations and take-aways! It was a blast. Attendee effort towards presentations was mildly surprising and sweet.
2018/08/291922Capacity building/ problem solvingFox20173EA-adjacent ideasChatting about the topic at hand & a shot demo/talk by LiavA warm and well attended social chat at the Fox where individuals got to meet each other and chat about capacity building and anything else that came up. Liav directed our attention towards some useful resources: bewelltuned, [forgotten link], and
2018/08/221822Chat about EA SummitNaryan's10100EA general metaChat about the recent EA SummitMany ideas and insights from the EA Summit 2018 were shared. A fun time was had. :) We also got some solid recommendations for comics and readings, see the Slack Channel #random for that, especially on David's recommendation and Neil Gaiman's Sandman on Anya's recommendation.
Rouge Valley
1183HikeHike and ChatIn the Rouge Valley, starting at the Glen Eagles Vista, we 8 hike over to Glen Rouge, then to the other side of the river with a bit of rummaging around, then back up the hill and over to the central parking lot. 3 arrived, 4 left, and we made our way over to the viewing platform and the hill to see Toronto. For those who stuck out the full hike, it was about 17 km.
2018/08/091820Self Care for the Altruistic
WeWork Richmond
12111EA-adjacent ideasColin led a discussion on self care and well-being with some workshop elementsColin went through some selected material from an 80000 Hours Career Guide chapter on how to be success in any job while blending in some related activites and input from the attendees. Many of the activites seemed to be useful and well receivied. A few a of the questions made some people a little uncomfortable, being put on the spot. A few of the more open ended group questions and activities didn't seem to get much of a response or go that well. 1 on 1s were fire as always. Some helpful additions were given by attendies, from stories to concrete suggestions and habits. After the event around half of the attendees hung for a while and chatted about Genghis Khan and Paul Erdős.
2018/08/081922Personal Finance & Investing for EAsOISE UofT1293EA-adjacent ideasNaryan gave a ~2.5 hour presentation/workshop on his approach to personal finance and investing including possible connections between finance and EAThe presentation had many practical and interesting takes on investing. Quite a few members of the audience were skeptical about the value of Naryan's approach (value investing, see slides; researching companies and buying equity to beat the market based on the work of Phil Town and others) over using index funds and buying a market. It seemed like much of what Naryan recommended might work for a more experienced audience who have the time to invest in learning more and getting excited about finance yet these pursuits might not be a great time value for most EA folks and might be generally harder to pursue then was alluded to by Naryan. The presentation closed with fascinating connections to impact investing and financial literacy.tb-linked