Club NameClub Head(s)Teacher SupervisorDescriptionMeetings
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
Lisgar Film ClubKai Zarr and Frances HannaMs. Horricks, Ms. Sommers, Ms. DowLisgar Film Club has a track record of producing outstanding videos, encompassing recaps, informative pieces, and captivating musical performances. Notably, one of our edited videos earned Lisgar a prestigious third-place national ranking in a CBC contest. As we plan for the future, we're ready to broaden the horizons of our club by incorporating the diverse voices of our student body into our creative projects.

At our regular club meetings, we start by reviewing our ongoing projects. We allocate responsibilities to our members, designating project leaders as needed. Throughout the meeting, our co-heads oversee the progress of these projects, ensuring that they align with the established plans. Additionally, we might extend invitations to other individuals, such as fellow club heads, if a project relates to their club, encouraging collaboration and coordination.
Every tuesday at 3pm, in-person
3D Printing ClubRay Wang and Jennifer MerkerMs.HorricksWe will be holding regular(probably weekly or biweekly) 3d design challenges and tutorials on 3d design for the club members. The highest voted submissions from the challenges will be printed on the lisgar 3d printer(yes, this does exist, the school got it 2nd semester last year) as a prize.
People who are interested in 3d printing or design should join the club.
Typical meeting structure to be decided once people actually join.
Meetings will be in person, once per week (day to be decided) at lunch
BioMed ClubParissa Asgari and Alyssa ShenMs. MiddletonA club where people can learn and discuss about biomed topics. We are an interactive group that provides students the chance to learn through interactive activities, mini lessons, guest speakers, games, and more.Bi-weekly: Wednesdays or Thursdays. In room 315 at lunch
Girls Who CodeYasmine Trigui and Riley CredicoMrs. JarvisGirls who code is named after an organization founded by an ethnic woman, meant to empower girl to get involved in the STEM field. It will not only be about coding, but about getting girls interested in engineering and sciences through fun activities and biweekly coding help!Undecided (During Lunch)
Lisgar Audio-Visual Association (AVA)Ziv Bankey-Mohamdee and Evan GautreauMs. Hunt McCoy & Mr. ArrigoThe Lisgar Audio-Visual Association is a group dedicated to making sure that all of the audio-visual needs of our school are met whenever they need to be. We ensure that members learn how to run the different aspects of the school's audio-visual system and apply that knowledge when called upon.TBD; In-Person
Lisgar Computing ClubRay Wang, Sami Ghozlanim et al.Lindsay Cullum2 Subsections. The first is Robotics: teaches members programing and robotics with small biweekly challenges, and at the end of the year compete in competitions. The second is Computer Science: Preparing people for computing competitions and hosting game jams and helping beginners to start programming.twice a week, in person, to be decided
Science Fair ClubAlex HolmesMs. KurukulasooriyaThe science fair club prepares students for the annual science fair that happens in Ottawa! :)) In meetings, we share our ideas for the projects we have, give others constructive criticisms, and work independently (or with a partner) on the project we choose!Every Monday at lunch
SpaceSim (OCESS)Eliane Matte, Ray Wang et al.Dr. Magwood, Mrs. K, Mr. RuthSimulated space missionsFriday after school, in person
Vox Lycei (Yearbook Committee)Brynn KilgerMs. Wick, Mr. McCabe, Ms. DowInterested in photography and using your creativity? Yearbook is the perfect club for you! Become a member of this team through designing yearbook pages, taking lots of photos, and even getting a sneak peek at next years yearbook. Join the Vox Lycei family today!Every Wednesday from 4:15pm - 5pm after school, in person.
The LisgarwriteAliyah Daya and Rania RobertsonMr HodgsonThe Lisgarwrite is Lisgar's official school newspaper with years of history behind it. For decades, we have covered topics of interest to Lisgarites, including school sports and events, local and international news, media reviews, satire pieces, and more. We meet every other Wednesday at lunch to plan articles for upcoming issues, which we release in print 3-4 times per year. We also post all published articles on our website. If you are passionate about journalism and looking to improve your writing skills or are simply looking for a group of fun and dedicated students with whom you can work and eat lunch, consider joining us and adding an impressive extracurricular to your resume.Wednesdays, biweekly. Lunchtime (11:25-12:25). In-person, Mr Hodgson's classroom.
Operation SmileMira James and Amelia PaillardMs. AnasOperation smile is a fundraising club for children in need of cleft palate surgeries, we do fun events such as candy grams and we're aiming to add a few more events this year. Our club will not only help children all over the world but also be a fun way to get to know other students. A typical meeting will be talking about our objectives, brainstorming ideas and spreading new information.Probably in-person on fridays at lunch
Morgan’s Message (Lisgar’s Chapter)Mateja van GamerenMs. Hammond- student-athlete mental health
- networking, leadership skills, resources, community building
Every-second Monday at lunch in room N102
Lisgar's Environmental Action Force (LEAF)Gia NguyenMichelle LeeLEAF's goal is to raise awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability and to make Lisgar and our local community more sustainable through diverse projects. By joining LEAF, you'll be part of a like-minded group of individuals who share your passion for the environment and participate in gardening, Lisgar Waste Management, and other initiatives. At a typical meeting, we gather to discuss upcoming events, discuss current environmental topics in the news, and plan initiative ideas like clothes swaps and park clean-ups.Every Thursday at lunch.
Culture and Equity
Rainbow AllianceMaya Lavender Lambert and Dey Juno-Moons PangilinanMs JarvisWe are a social justice club for 2SLGBTQIA+ students to feel safe and welcomed at LisgarFridays at lunch
Umoja + Indigenous Cultures Club (ICC)Ava Morton and Ashton BazinetElska Malek, Mark MysakA place to gather student input regarding Black and Indigenous matters in the hopes of holding better and more engaging events.Every other Wednesdays
South Asian Student AssociationEllie ThangarajLara VlajikovDiscussions and appreciation of South Asian culture through history, media, and foodThurs lunch, biweekly, room nb016
Muslim Student Association (MSA)Zeinab Lezzaik and Yara AmachaMr. BlakelyThe Muslim Student Association (MSA) at Lisgar Collegiate Institute is a welcoming club dedicated to fostering understanding, friendship, and cultural awareness among students. Whether you are a Muslim or simply interested in learning about Islamic culture and traditions, the MSA provides a supportive space for all. Our activities include cultural exploration, interfaith dialogues, community service, educational workshops, and celebrations of Islamic holidays. By joining MSA, you can gain diverse perspectives, build lasting friendships, enhance your global awareness, and develop valuable leadership skills. Our typical meetings are held every Thursday at [location and time], featuring welcoming atmospheres, icebreaker activities, presentations, open discussions, announcements about upcoming events, and opportunities to connect with fellow students. Join us in promoting diversity, cultural understanding, and friendship within our school community.Thursdays in person during lunch
Jewish Culture ClubIvy Hrg and Ophelia VezinaMr. KronbergActivities relating to Jewish culture.Friday in person during lunch
Christian ClubRebqa Gebremichael, Audrey Kamwanga, Victoria BelangerMr. KronbergIn this club we have a great time with some snacks, games and spreading the word of God with others and having discussions!In person, Thursday at lunch for now.
Asian Alliance ClubStanford Sun, Leon Jin, Nhat BuiLara VlajikovDiscuss Asian issues across the community, fundraise for issues, Asian empowermentWeds lunch, biweekly, room nb016
Model United Nations ClubEce TAVASMs. MiddletonThe MUN club is an academic simulation that is based on the activities of the United Nations General Assembly and/or the United Nations Security Council. The simulation allows students to role-play as you discuss and debate significant global events and crises. Students take on the role of diplomats representing either nation from all over the world as they learn about the UN system, the skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. MUN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events.Mondays @ lunch (in person) (open to change) in Room N315
Math Contest ClubZander Karaganis and Adrian NituMs. AsselstineShare the joys of mathematics and prepare for contests.Mondays at lunch, in person
Lisgar Business ClubMaryam Lim-Baig, Zamira Gabdyzhamalova, Pranav ShankerMr. BlakelyLisgar's business club teaches business-related concepts, goes through case studies, and prepares its members for competitions. The materials and concepts we teach are beneficial to your future and we also provide cool opportunities like going to competitions, learning from guest speakers, and more! During our meetings, we focus on either a concept or case study. Although our meetings are weekly, we keep them within 30 mins to allow members time to do other things. We are always open to new ideas and will make this club one that you want!Weekly on Wednesdays at lunch
Reach for the TopAva Butler and Tristan ScarlettMr. Meng (also Ms. Crabtree)We run trivia practices three days a week for various skill levels and in various formats. It's a fairly casual club, but with a lot of opportunities for competitions and fun rivalries! A typical meeting is reading trivia packs with buzzers.Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at lunch in NB020
Lisgar Debate ClubWufei XuLara VlajikovThe club will meet weekly to practice debates on various issues, as well as participate in tournaments.
Monday after school from 3-4 in room nb016
Brain BeeSofia MejicanoMaureen NauseThis club will surround the Waterloo Brain Bee competition. It is a trivia like neuroscience competition for high school students that happens once a year here in Ottawa. Joining is a perfect and fun opportunity to learn more about how your body and brain works! Once every two weeks we will meet to practice for the competition.In person. Day is still being determined, yet most likely tuesday.
Art ClubAndrea Dascalescu and Kirsten HarperSheri Grant-PerrasArt Club is where you can let your imagine loose, trying different medias, ideas, and techniques! Each meeting involves a variety of projects ranging from calligraphy to watercolor! Art Club is also offering a mural team to add creativity to our walls.Thursdays at Lunch in the art room.
Badminton ClubJoseph Schmidt and Isaac LiMR KronbergIn the gym at lunch weekly, we would have round robin games as well as potentially a couple tournaments throughout the year. Great opportunity for students to either continue honing their badminton skills with ample court time or learn a new sport and learn what makes it such a fun sport.Mondays at lunch in the gym
Book ClubKiki Wilson and Mariane costelloMs. GrantWe have fun but thought-provoking discussions about diverse books that the group votes on.In person on Wednesday at lunch in ms. grants room (316)
Chess+ ClubKarsten Cooper, Nikolas Kaern, Daivd PopaMs. AnasAn average meeting will be meeting up and playing chess. Sometimes one of the club heads will hold event like teaching some chess basics to new players or providing a lesson on a chess puzzle or opening or concept. Other members will be encouraged, if they so choose, to teach a mini lesson to the rest of the club. If nothing is planned playing chess or other board games will be played.Tuesdays at lunch. In person in Ms. Anas's room, N218.
Common ThreadsAva ButlerLani SommersIt's a fibre arts club (any kind is welcome, but it's mostly knitting and crochet). Meetings aren't particularly structured - those that come are free to work on anything they want.Tuesdays at lunch in the band room.
D&D ClubGilbert Cormie-WatersMrs MCCoyPlay Role-playing games such as dnd. All levels of experience and commitment welcome!2 hours after school, day of the week TBD. Frequency of meetings may start low, and increase when Mrs MCCoy is less busy.
Games ClubJames Ruffle and Noah LuMs. HammondOur club is all about creating a fun and inclusive space for everyone. Games club provides a way for students to meet new people, play games, and relax. In a normal meeting, people choose a card or board game, learn the rules, and have fun.Thursdays at lunch (11:25-12:20) in person.
Improv ClubGilbert Cormie-Waters and Carys MurrayMs NicolImprovisational theatre. Doing improv scenes, practicing skills, playing games involving quick thinking and character development. Good way to start if you are interested in the competitive team.Wednesdays at lunch, drama room.
International Certificate Program Club (ICP)Maryam Lim-Baig and Alyssa ShenMs Kalbfleisch-Mezo and Ms. HammondConnected with the board wide ICP program, this club is a chance for you to learn about other cultures while developing a better sense of global awareness. It's a fun way to connect with others and expand your knowledge and point of view.Every other week during lunch. Day and rooms = TBD
Lisgar Anime ClubAri Dodamgoda and Jordan PowerMs. HorricksWe watch animes, hang out occasionally and talk about animes. We might do more like watching cartoons, but most of the time it's animes and everything anime relatedMonday afternoons
Lisgar CheerElle Abray-Nyman and Miriam Kagan-RittMme. Kalbfleisch-MezoLisgar Cheer is about spreading cheer throughout the school and the community through fundraisers specifically for non-profits and charities in the area (past examples include CHEO and the Amethyst Women’s Drug Recovery Centre) and supporting Lisgar’s sports teams. During meetings, we discuss upcoming games, make posters, and plan fundraisers like bake, in-person, unsure on day yet, at lunch
Lisgar Mock Trial ClubWufei XuMr.HarrizI'm trying to teach other students about mock trials, an activity where students simulate a court trial and procedures. This activity enhances students' leadership, public speaking, and analytical skills. And most importantly, it teaches legal knowledge about our justice system and laws, which is something that everyone should get to know. In the meetings, we'll go through a lesson on the law or on how to draft a speech or examination, and if we have extra time, we'll go through some practice or work on our things to prepare for a competition at the end of May!Our meetings will take place on Tuesdays in Mr.Harriz's room at lunch once a week.
Rome Club (Grex Romae)Harry Casteel and Tristan ScarlettMr FordThe Rome Club meets weekly to learn about and discuss both ancient history and the Latin language. Regardless of one's familiarity with Latin, everyone interested in the ancient world is welcome. Beginners can learn to read and write simple Latin stories, more advanced members can collaborate in translating ancient texts, and everyone can discuss the history of the ancient world or even create short films in Latin together.We shall meet on Thursdays at lunch in room N109.
Spanish ClubDemeter RiedmuellerMs. FranklinThis club will focus on the extended learning and practicing of the Spanish Language! Meetings will offer a space for individuals to practice their Spanish with more advanced speakers as well as learning opportunities such as, listening to Spanish music, Spanish television, Spanish books and more.In person, at lunch on Thursdays in the Spanish classroom
Sports Analytics ClubNicolas MorrisonMr. McDonaldOur club will be a place for people passionate about playing/watching sports. There will be fantasy sports, sports bracket predictions. People should join because it’s a great opportunity to be around other people that share the same love for professional sports. Meetings would occur on days that are relevant to the sports world (Draft Days, Prediction days, etc.)Unclear as it depends on the professional sports calendar. Likely to be virtual with some in person aspects.
Students for Left DemocracyAdriano AlasiaMr. Mark MysakThe club will learn about leftist political theories (social democracy, participatory democracy, socialism, post-leftist, etc.) in order to dispel myths concerning those subjects, as well as raise the political consciousness of students on social and environmental justice issues that impact Canadians. The club will be a space to learn about, explore and analyze leftist alternatives from the past, present and future.The club would be meeting once every two weeks at first, on Wednesdays at Mr. Mysaks portable.
Ultimate Frisbee ClubOwen KingMs HorricksPlay ultimate and participate in tournamentsTBD