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40The undercroft of the Southbank Centre is a famous historic place for skateboarding under threat by the Festival Wing proposal.RoSLong Live SouthbankPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Live_SouthbankimgLong-Live Southbank-0.116518723251.50679762aaabbb
82Organiclea is a community food project based in the Lea Valley in north-east London. We produce and distribute food and plants locally; and inspire and support others to do the same.RoSOrganic LeaPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3With a workers’ cooperative at our core; we bring people together to take action towards a more just and sustainable society.Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttps://www.organiclea.org.uk/imgOrganicLea-0.003068447151.64089986aaabbb
135Tottenham is a great place with a rich social and architectural history; made up of vibrant; diverse and talented communities. We want to ensure this continues!RoSOur TottenhamNeighbd+Group0action grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://ourtotteham.org.uk/imgOur Tottenham-0.069394111651.59429524aaabbb
30Building under threat; sold in November 2015. Passing Clouds is a unique live music venue and community arts centre; born from the vibrant hackney music scene.RoSPassing CloudsPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://www.passingclouds.org/imgPassing Clouds-0.0759857851.54162098aaabbb
118I am organising local people to develop Vassall and Coldharbour Forum as a Green Flag neighbourhood; this is an attempt to resist redevelopment and preserve and enhance our living environment. I am also involved in trying to save Minet library: Lambeth wRoSVassall and Coldharbour ForumNeighbd+Group0action grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.vassallandcoldharbour.org.uk/imgVassall Coldharbour_F-0.105651.47266aaabbb
4A community action plan has been launched on February 25th 2016. Grassroots organisation working to stop the demolition of the homes; businesses and indoor market above Seven Sisters tube station and fighting the attempts of Grainger PLC to force out theRoSWards CornerPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomyproject3[https://wardscorner.wikispaces.com/ ; https://n15developmenttrust.wordpress.com/Ax yBC2016/02_startingWebsite: http://www.wardscornercommunity.org.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wardscornercommunity
imgWards Corner-0.0725805851.58334994aaabbb
122We support private tenants in Tower Hamlets and campaign for real change towards greater housing for everyone. http://towerhamletsrenters.org/about/RHN JSTower Hamlets Renters
Group0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgTowerHamlets Renters-0.029182434151.51985259aaabbb
175We at Action East End want to see an alternative; one based on a genuine sense of community and solidarity. Action East End is a local group based in East London that wants to contribute to resistance; both defending ourselves in our communities and workRHNAction East End
Group0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgAction East_End
170Barnet Housing Action Group was set up by members of the Barnet Alliance for Public Services; members of Occupy and Unite the Community to work with tenants; homeowners and the homeless; victims of housing benefit cuts and of the bedroom tax to fight forRHNBarnet Housing Action Group
Group0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgBarnet Housing_AG-0.15293651.6251502aaabbb
168We want to support our friends; our neighbours and one another to fight against cuts to vital benefits and to the threat to our homes an communities. RHNBrent Housing ActionGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orghttps://brenthousingaction.wordpress.com/imgBrent Housing_Ac-0.2712249851.56640019aaabbb
Camden & Islington Community Unite has been set up for local people who aren't in paid employment: if you are unemployed, volunteering, caring for others, retired, or over 16 and studying we'd like you to join us
RHNCamden & Islington UniteCommunityGroup0action groupeconomyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/CamdenAndIslingtonUniteCommunityUnionimgCamden Islington_UC-0.117416381851.54291882aaabbb
164DC Resists is a private renters and leaseholder group on Dorchester Court fighting a landlord/freeholder who has let this historic listed estate fall into disrepair while imposing massive rent rises on tenants and service charge rises on leaseholders. AnRHNDC ResistsGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgDC Resists-0.096956551.4580081aaabbb
163http://www.defendcouncilhousing.org.uk/dch/RHNDefend Council Housing
Group0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgDefend Council_Hsg
161DIGS have come together to campaign for a better deal for people renting locally. We’re a private tenant information and support group; run by Hackney renters; for Hackney renters. www.hackneyrenters.org<br>Email | hello[at]hackneyrenters[dot]org<br>TwRHNDIGS - Hackney RentersGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgDIGS_Hackney Renters-0.059909820651.54975102aaabbb
157The Focus E15 campaign began in September 2013 and was led by a group of young mothers living in a hostel called Focus E15. The mums were served eviction notices by East Thames Housing Association after Newham Council cut the funding to the mother and baRHNFocus E15 campaignGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgFocus E150.002553451.5417044aaabbb
156Fuel Poverty Action campaigns against the injustice of cold homes by turning up the heat on rip-off energy companies and the politicians in their pockets. We take action for warm; well insulated homes and clean and affordable energy; under the control ofRHNFuel Poverty ActionGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgFuel Poverty_Ac-0.140738251.5491606aaabbb
154GMB Young London is an active forum for all GMB members living in the region who are 27 years old or younger. We meet regularly to discuss campaigns organised by ourselves and supported by our regional office. Currently working on our Howl For Housing CaRHNGMB Young LondonGroup0action groupeconomycampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgGMB_Young Ldn-0.135655451.5263345aaabbb
47The Grenfell Action Group was formed in 2010 to oppose the Kensington Academy and Leisure Centre project and defend the rights of the residents of Lancaster West Estate; a sprawling; inner-city; social housing complex of nearly a thousand dwellings; mostRHNGrenfell Action Group
Place+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgGrenfell Action_Gr-0.239725151.5624786aaabbb
124We are a new group of Lambeth and Southwark residents who believe that decent housing is a right. We are organising together to support each other with housing problems we face and to take action to ensure that everyone has decent homes.Get in touch: HASRHNHousing Action Southwark and LambethGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgSwk/Lbeth Hsg_Ac-0.0947570851.48683474aaabbb
195http://kilburnunemployed.blogspot.co.uk/RHNKilburn Unemployed Workers Group
Group0group2economycampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgKilburn Unemployed
145We are activists involved in Tenants and Residents Associations; housing co-ops; private renters groups; homeless organisations; trade unions and other housing campaign groups. We’ve come together to organise action in response to the housing crisis. WRHNLambeth Housing ActivistsGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgLambeth Hsg_Activists-0.113124851.4628845aaabbb
144We’re a new group of renters in Lambeth and are exploring ways we can work together to improve things for people who rent from private landlords in our borough.If you want to know more or would be interested in getting involved; find us on Twitter; droRHNLambeth RentersGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgLambeth Renters-0.122909545951.45700196aaabbb
42Campaigning against the eviction of 40-year-old housing co-operatives in Lambeth. Stop Lambeth Council destroying established; self-reliant communities! More info see: https://www.facebook.com/LambethUnitedRHNLambeth United
Place+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgLambeth United
140Coalition of London housing action groups; more information here: http://letdownblog.wordpress.com/about/RHNLondon Renters
Group0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgLondon Renters
31Our West Hendon is a community of people who live in the West Hendon Estate and work within the surrounding borough of Barnet. We all want the regeneration of the estate to work for our community and are particularly concerned with where our non-secure nRHNOur West Hendon
Place+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgOurWest Hendon
133http://peoplebeforeprofit.org.uk/RHNPeople before profit
Group0action groupcitizenshipcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgPeople bfr_profit-0.0082397551.46427483aaabbb
132RHNPeople's Republic of Southwark
Group0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgPeople's Republic_Swk-0.09630251.4930875aaabbb
127Run for and by private tenants; Southwark Tenants exists to improve the housing condition and rights of all private tenants in Southwark. https://www.facebook.com/SouthwarkTenants/infoRHNSouthwark Tenants
Group0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgSouthwark Tenants
125Squatterss action for secure homesRHNSQUASH campaign
Group0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgwww.squashcampaign.org/imgSQUASH campaign
6Transition Heathrow is a grassroots action group working to build resilient Heathrow communities; capable of collectively coping with the injustices and threats of the economic; ecological and democratic crises. http://www.transitionheathrow.com/    RHNTransition HeathrowPlace+Groupunder threataction groupecologycampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgTransition Heathrow-0.4571744851.49048732aaabbb
138A sustainable community hub for creative Entrepreneurship; Talent & Work; based in London's Millbank-Pimlico-Victoria area - Media Design Art MusicJS RoSMillbank Creative WorksNeighbd+Group0action groupculturealternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttps://www.facebook.com/MillbankCreativeWorks/info/?tab=page_infoimgMillbank Creative_W-0.1305751.49103aaabbb
134Peckham Vision is a consortium of residents; artists and businesses pioneering citizen action to revitalise Peckham town centre linking past; present & future for the benefit of all.JS RoSPeckham VisionNeighbd+Group0action grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.peckhamvision.orgimgPeckham Vision-0.06822751.469761aaabbb
123is a growing group of disillusioned Londoners who have come together to make our voices heard.JS RoSTake Back the CityGroup0action groupcitizenshipcampaign3Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conference
http://takebackthecity.org/imgTakeBack theCity0.019664421351.51599181aaabbb
120consists of an inter-generational group of experienced African heritage change agents (practitioners; managers; activists; academics; freelancers and other business people drawn from a wide range of sectors); who have come together to learn and use a vaJS RoSUbele InitiativeGroup0action groupcitizenshipcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://ubele.org/imgUbele Initiative-0.06834852651.599463aaabbb
1Local group campaigning to protect the 23 acres of land under Westway; the elevated motorway which was built between 1964 and 1970; and ensure its continued public use.JS RoSWestway 23Place+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://www.westway23.org/imgWestway 23-0.2113580751.51778968aaabbb
210Help to migrants. Moved from old location. Managed by Josef Oladoso.JSAction for Community DevelopmentGroup0group2citizenshipalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://actionforcd.org/imgActionFor CyDevt-0.023818016151.47521538aaabbb
174We’re transforming the world of private renting through our legal advice and support services; and for renters generally through our campaigning work – telling politicians what the problems are and what they could do to resolve them. We’re not antiJSadvice4renters (Brent)Group0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.advice4renters.org.uk/imgadvice4renters-0.1996843251.5415aaabbb
173ASF-UK aims to make places that are more sustainable; more environmentally friendly and are ordered and designed by the people who live in them. We are realising this vision by creating the next generation of architects and building professionals who havJSArchitectes Sans Frontières-UKGroup0action grouphousing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.asf-uk.org/imgArchitects NoBoarders-0.1050789351.532222aaabbb
172Architects for Social Housing has been set up in order to respond architecturally to London’s housing ‘crisis’.JSArchitects for Social HousingGroup0action grouphousing / planningalternative3ASH offers support; advice and expertise to residents who feel their interests are not being represented by local councils or housing associations during the regeneration process.Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conference
96The Bromley by Bow Centre is an innovative community organisation in east London; working in one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK. Each week we support families; young people and adults to learn new skills; improve their health and wellbeing; findJSBromley by Bow Community CentrePlace+Group0group2housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.bbbc.org.uk/about-usimgBromley byBow_CyCr-0.01246419651.526418aaabbb
209we support hundreds of local groups and individuals around the country; and bring together dozens of national organisations. Together; we campaign in a number of different ways for sustainable transport.JSCampaign for better TransportGroup0group2transportalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.bettertransport.org.uk/imgbetter Transport-0.0960108151.532201aaabbb
202We campaign for a beautiful and living countryside. We work to protect; promote and enhance our towns and countryside to make them better places to live; work and enjoy; and to ensure the countryside is protected for now and future generations.JSCampaign for Protection of Rural England (CPRE)Group0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.cpre.org.uk/imgCPRE-0.1002020151.505292aaabbb
203Citizens UK organises communities to act together for power; social justice and the common good.

We are the home of community organising in the UK; with diverse civil society alliances in London; Milton Keynes; Nottingham; Birmingham; Wales and Leeds.
JSCitizens UKGroup0group2citizenshipalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.citizensuk.org/imgCitizens UK-0.05715675951.517572aaabbb
165is a platform to provide support for architecture and planning professionals and communities fighting for housing in London. This space is for those working in building design; planning and construction to anonymously provide advance information on propJSConcrete ActionGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttps://www.concreteaction.net/imgConcrete Action-0.060231685651.53220809aaabbb
160Deptford Neighbourhood Action. Created 18 months ago (approx january 2015). Meetings in the new Deptford public library (lounge). They want to create a Neighbourhood forum.
JSDeptford Neighbourhood ActionNeighbd+Group0action grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/06-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G
201he EETG is a co-operative of proprietor owned and run businesses working together in the interests of all the small independent traders of the East End. As well as offering goods and services our members provide social spaces; sustaining relationships beJSEast End Trades GuildGroup0group2economyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://eastendtradesguild.org.uk/imgEast_End Trades-0.02469580451.591192aaabbb
159We are concerned local; trade union ACTIVE-ist residents who believe in mutual support action and campaigning for positive change in areas such as local housing; employment; mental health; local government and such.JSEast London Unite CommunityGroup0action grouphousing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttps://www.facebook.com/East-London-Unite-Community-432059083641167/timelineimgEast_Ldn Unite_Cy-0.0033651.58179aaabbb
158We’re a small campaign with a shoestring budget; but we think big. We think privately rented homes should be decent; secure and affordable; and we think authorities should intervene when they’re not. We want every private renter in London to stand upJSErenters' Rights LondonGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.rentersrightslondon.org/imgErenters' Right_Ldn-0.1514905351.546461aaabbb
52set up in November 2014 to complain about the announced demolition of 230 family homes by Catalyst Housing; a Registered Social Landlord; in order to build a 29 story block of 680 flats for private sale.JSFriary Park Preservation GroupPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgFriary_Park Preserv-0.2646851.51659aaabbb
50Queen's Market in East London is unique. It seems unimaginable that for 10 years this vital resource could have been threatened by Newham Council and rapacious companies. In response to this attack on our local resource; shoppers; residents and traders fJSFriends of Queen MarketPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomycampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.friendsofqueensmarket.org.uk/imgFriends Queen_Mkt0.0339982351.534461aaabbb
198We campaign for solutions to environmental problems.

We're a member of Friends of the Earth International; which has groups in more than 75 countries including Scotland.

We also have a network of more than 200 local groups.
JSFriends of the EarthGroup0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttps://www.foe.co.uk/imgFriends Earth-0.1177582351.476133aaabbb
260?JSGoodmayes (Ilford)Group00002Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgGoodmayes0.1139308751.562931aaabbb
36JSGreater Carpenter Neighbourhood ForumPlace+Grouppreservedaction grouphousing / planningproject33Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgNF_Greater Carpenter-0.0054227151.539095aaabbb
150The forum covers Hayes (West Middlesex / West London); with Harlington; Harmondsworth; Longford; Sipson and part of Cranford. The forum is a representative grouping of over 200 local community and voluntary organisations campaigning for improvements toJSHayes Community Development ForumNeighbd+Group0action grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.bettertransport.org.uk/hayes_harlington_community_development_forumimgHayes Community-0.4694617151.549349aaabbb
148In July 2014; the Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park Neighbourhood Forum (HopCroft Forum) was formally constituted by Lewisham Council to lead on pulling together a Neighbourhood Plan for the designated area.JSHopcroft Neighbourhood ForumNeighbd+Group0group2housing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://croftonhonoroakpark.neighbourhood.space/imgHopcroft Neigh-For-0.04088371351.452383aaabbb
147We enable local groups and churches to provide practical help to people in housing need. At the same time we work for change in housing policies at national and local level. We do this by embracing partnership with people of all faiths (and none) who shaJSHousing JusticeGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.housingjustice.org.uk/imgHousing Justice-0.08245321251.497305aaabbb
41PROMOTING THE INCLUSION OF LATIN AMERICANS IN URBAN REGENERATIONJSLatin ElephantPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://latinelephant.org/imgLatin Elephant-0.1000135951.494579aaabbb
189We’re working to redefine a generation’s definition of transport and making walking the norm. And it's a mission we've been on for quite some time. Our amazing supporters; staff and partners across the UK have achieved some incredible results over thJSLiving StreetsGroup0group2transportalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.livingstreets.org.uk/imgLiving Streets-0.07185406551.516996aaabbb
190JSLondon Federation of Housing CoopsGroup0group2housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgLdnFed HsgCoop-0.33382251.426895aaabbb
142LGTU is involved in campaigning and planning work around the London Plan; national planning policy and local authority plans; particularly focusing on policies related to Gypsy and Traveller accommodation.JSLondon Gypsy and Traveller UnitGroup0action groupcitizenshipcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.lgtu.org.uk/imgLdn_Gypsy Traveller-0.0578251.53789aaabbb
143is a charity established 'for the public benefit to protect and to improve the quality of life of people living in; working in; or visiting the area comprising Greater London'.JSLondon of Civic and Amenity SocietiesGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.londonforum.org.uk/imgLdn_Civic Amenity-0.1034285751.519894aaabbb
139LTF aims to provide a strong regional voice for tenants of social housing landlords; focused on influencing and challenging regional housing and planning policy (determined by the London Mayor) and national policy in the way it impacts on London. This isJSLondon Tenants FederationGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgLondon TenantsFed0.0050151.52779aaabbb
86May Project Garden was founded in 2006 by converting my 240 square foot garden into a food growing and educational site for the local community; schools and youth groups. We use creative outlets; such as gardening; music and cooking; to teach social cohJSMay Project Garden+KMTPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.3kmt.co.uk/
imgMay_Project Garden-0.1849851.38886aaabbb
83you don’t need to be a traffic expert to see the Silvertown Tunnel will actually make congestion worse; not better; as building new roads attracts new traffic. With extra congestion comes extra pollution. Air quality around the A102 and its approach roJSNo to Silvertown TunnelPlace+Group0group2transportcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.silvertowntunnel.co.uk/imgNoto Silvertown_T0.0185952751.504395aaabbb
81We are a limited company with charitable aims. Our main goal is to achieve an asset transfer of a local derelict heritage building. We cover NW2 or the Brent Cross Regen site. We hope the Farm buildings can become a community hub; offering much needed poJSOur Yard - Clitterhouse Farm ProjectPlace+Group0group2ecologyproject3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgOurYard Cli_Farm-0.2172451.5658aaabbb
29People's Empowerment Alliance for Custom House : CUSTOM HOUSE one of England's most deprived Wards in one of the country's most deprived Boroughs. That is how most people see Custom House. The statistics corroborate these assumptions and the facts tell uJSPEACHNeighbd+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://peache16.wix.com/peachimgPEACH0.02550234251.510679aaabbb
130People all over London are doing battle with planners; politicians and developers to defend their neighbourhoods. It is time for us to stand together and demand change – to Reclaim London from the private and powerful interests wrecking our city.JSReclaim LondonGroup0action groupcitizenshipcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://reclaim.london/imgReclaim London-0.1105775551.502141aaabbb
24Bangor Wharf is in serious danger of being transformed from a dormant wharf into an intensively developed housing site. This could ruin the charm and character of a popular quiet; green section of the canal and could scupper any attempts by future generaJSRegents NetworkPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.friendsofregentscanal.org/imgRegents Network-0.1476765451.539872aaabbb
128We believe our much-loved neighbourhood is under threat from the planning policies of Southwark Council. Support our campaign and help us protect this; our homeJSSaving SouthwarkGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://savingsouthwark.com/imgSaving Southwark-0.1048651.49688aaabbb
76Unitarian Centre for Social Action; We run community programming from our Bethnal Green; East London premises. Our programmes - including our After School Club; New Neighbours/Old Neighbours Lunch; and ESOL classes - are all run by a team of dedicated voJSSimple Gifts (Bethnal Green)Place+Group0group2citizenshipalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.simplegiftsucsa.org.uk/imgSimple Gifts_BG-0.06202481451.528524aaabbb
126We exist to promote the rights of tenants and residents and to empower them through training to help them take control of their housing needs and improve where they live and their environment.JSSouthwark Group Tenants OrganisationsGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.sgto.org.uk/wp_sgto/imgSouthwark Tenants_GO-0.06913091451.477429aaabbb
181The alliance for better food and farming advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals; improve the working and living environment; enrich society and culture and promote equity.JSSustainGroup0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.sustainweb.org/imgSustain-0.08455723151.524434aaabbb
180We’re calling on the Greater London Authority – in collaboration with London boroughs – to set up a new; people-powered energy company.

We want an energy company that cuts bills and cuts polluting carbon emissions. A company under public ownership
JSSwitched On LondonGroup0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://switchedonlondon.org.uk/imgSwitched On_Ldn-0.192796851.440453aaabbb
176A History Of Land Rights And Protest In Folk Song And Story - touring around country increasing social history land literacy
Community Food Growers Network; London wide network of community food growing groups. Support CFGN coordinator to feed into food
JSThree Acres And A CowGroup0action groupecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacemail@robingrey.comimg3Acres &aCow-0.0360151.58115aaabbb
111THCH was formed in March 2000 with Government funding of £21 million secured from Round 3 of the Estates Renewal Challenge Fund for the transfer of 1;249 homes owned by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets; including 215 leased properties.JSTower Hamlets Community HousingPlacepreserved0housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.housingnet.co.uk/housing/uk/Tower_Hamlets_Community_Housing_Ltd_THCH_/3019/overviewimgTower Hamlets_CyHg-0.05508166651.514516aaabbb
179We are a local cycling campaign group in the East End of London. Our main objectives are: to encourage more people to cycle; to improve conditions for cyclists; to raise the profile of cycling in the East End
This involves bringing the issues to the atte
JSTower Hamlets WheelersGroup0group2transportalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.towerhamletswheelers.org.uk/imgTwr_Hamlets Wheelers-0.02865201151.51144aaabbb
69Vine is a fully mutual housing co-operative - owned and run by its tenants. All tenants are members of the Co-op; and all members are tenants or prospective tenants.
The Co-op owns 23 houses in Vauxhall Grove and Bonnington Square in the London Borough o
JSVine Housing Co-opPlace+Group0group2housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.vinecoop.org.uk/imgVineHousing Co-op-0.1195539251.484642aaabbb
67WRP is the Cross-Domain organisation representing Westminster residents at a statutory strategic level in matters of good housing and community spiritJSWestminster Residents DomainPlace+Group0group2housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttps://www.facebook.com/Westminster-Residents-Domain-WRD-829751893713047/info/?tab=overviewimgWestminster Res-0.1784451.52169aaabbb
178Through campaigning; educating and community work; we aim to empower women and others to become agents of change in their society; enabling them to participate equally in a fair; healthy and sustainable future.

Our current focus is local food production
JSWomen's Environmental NetworkGroup0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.wen.org.uk/#homeimgWomen's Environ_Nwk-0.07427115551.524958aaabbb
177We are local residents; traders and others who have an interest in the regeneration of the Elephant & Castle. We engage in planning matters ranging from housing to public realm and sustainable development. Associated with the Elephant Amenity Networkaaa35% CampaignNeighbd+Group0action grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayimg35% Campaign-0.098353283951.49179623aaabbb
242Among other things; the buildings of the church are used for diverse community activitiesaaaAll Souls ChurchPlace+Group0group2religion02Ax yBC2024/03_Old OakimgAll_Souls Church-0.2478495251.53547663aaabbb
45Haringey council is about to sell for 2 billions £ a huge quantity of its public lands and housing estates to an infamous developper.
A lot of groups are campaigning against this project. Momentum Haringey is federating quite a lot.
aaaAnti Harringey Development VehiclePlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directimgAnti HDV-0.0678062451.60266575aaabbb
241Artists in Perpetuity Trust. Around 12 artists. Created in the nineties.aaaAPTPlace+Group0group2culture02Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2imgAPT-0.0206261951.47690601aaabbb
100Community centreaaaArmadaPlace+Group0group2community03Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2imgArmada-0.0251913151.4814447aaabbb
240Open studio gathering about 20 artistsaaaArt HubPlace+Group0group2culture02Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2imgArt Hub-0.0213825751.47681246aaabbb
63Located in an abandonned school. The school is planned to be demolished. The council is paying a security firm to preserve illegal occupations. It gives the right to the firm to rent spaces with precarious leases to different people.aaaAssemblySE8
Place+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/06-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G
99Audacious Veg empowers and employs local people in the local food economy.
Member of Community Food Growers Network.
aaaAudacious VegPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgAudacious Veg0.0913451.60203aaabbb
171The campaign – formerly the ‘Kill The Housing Bill’ campaign – was started in late 2015 to bring together campaigners; groups; trade unions and anyone who wants to fight the current Conservative Governments Housing & Planning Act.aaaAxe The Housing ActGroup0action grouphousing / planningcampaign3The Axe The Housing Act campaign is currently supported by the following groups:
Unite the Union Housing Branch; Defend Council Housing; The Radical Housing Network; The Lambeth Housing Activists.

Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhatimgAxe Housing Act-0.1247119951.52901107aaabbb
65Formula 1 races should not be run into the parkaaaBattersea ParkPlace+Groupunder threataction groupecologycampaign2Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhatimgBattersea noF1-0.1562976851.47889728aaabbb
169has been formed by local residents and businesses as a response to poor consultation by Southwark Council regarding its Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). Objective to create a Neighbourhood ForumaaaBermondsey Village Action GroupNeighbd+Group0action grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conference
http://bvag.net/imgBermondsey Village-0.084085469651.50106887aaabbb
62Berwick Street Market has been independent for 300 years yet Westminster City
Council has decided to privatise it with barely any consultation.
aaaBerwick Street MarketPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomycampaign3Private operators are already in the tender process and traders’ licences have been terminated without warning. This campaign is opposing the privatisation of Berwick street market.Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/keep-berwick-street-market-independentimgBerwick St_Market-0.1344269551.5128156aaabbb
257Local pub. It is a community hub; especially for the people living in the boats on the CreekaaaBirds NestPlace00community02Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2imgBirds Nest-0.0225466551.47617263aaabbb
208is a symbol that has been created to remember ALL African/Black people who have contributed in a number of ways towards various war efforts across the globe; since the 16th Century.aaaBlack.Poppy RoseGroup0group2citizenshipalternative3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://www.blackpoppyrose.org/imgBlack.Poppy Rose0.032737043151.51758761aaabbb
207activities fro youthsaaaBrighter VisionGroup0group2citizenshipalternative3Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2imgBrighter Vision-0.0349760151.48942348aaabbb
Land Trust. 2000 shares. Project of independent estate of 310 housing. Cost £66millions http://www.brixtongreen.org/somerleyton-road-project/
aaaBrixton GreenPlace+Groupreclaimedgroup2
housing / planning
project3to be completed and checked2017/01-Civic_UniversityBrixton Green-0.106538881851.4552718aaabbb
98Last windmill in LondonaaaBrixton Windmill CommunityPlace+Group0group2citizenship03Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conferencewww.brixtonwindmill.orgimgBrixton Windmill-0.123739232351.45320204aaabbb
97The residents; and the Residents’ Association; have worked with the Council to dramatically improve the estate over the last 30 yrs. It now has great facilities; play areas; health centre; schools and so on. In the last 6 years a range of refurbishmentaaaBroadwater FarmPlace+Group0group2housing / planning03Ax yBC2016/02_startinghttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadwater_FarmimgBroadwater Farm-0.0815391551.59490842aaabbb
239They organise for example bat-walks and bird-walks. Cooperation with Glendale company; the Council management. They can use the Hut Park Ranger near the pound.aaaBrookmill Park usersPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative2Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2http://brockleycentral.blogspot.com/2014/07/the-brookmill-park-user-group.htmlimgBrookmill Park-0.0195211251.46974877aaabbb
95Enthusiasts in Deptford; south-east London; propose to build a replica of the Restoration warship Lenox in the dockyard where she was originally built. To use site and ship to bring back to life the cultural and economic heart of Deptford; completely ataaaBuild the LenoxPlace+Groupreclaimedgroup2cultureproject3For the benefit of research and visitors; traditional shipbuilding skills would also be used; which together with a museum and outlet store would provide a complementary experience to that which is offered in Greenwich.
Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2http://www.buildthelenox.org/imgBuild the_Lenox-0.0253415151.48656751aaabbb