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D (defense) / A (attack) / H (healing) / B (buff) / DB (debuff) / M (movement) / F (flavor ability)
Soldiers of DawnDiscipline of the FistSwords & ScarsHanged MenNight EyesSearing WindsMurk CallersThe God's WatchHarmonious MightWeilders of EarthBlades of the CompassChildren of MesmerGeneric Abilities
Tank*** / Damage* / Healing / DistractionDamage** / Tank*Damage***Damage** / Distraction** / WaypointBalanced - Distraction*** / Damage** / Waypoint* / HealingDamage** / Distraction*Distraction** / Damage*Balanced - Healing** / Waypoint** / Damage* / Distraction*Healing*** / Tank** / Damage*Damage***Waypoint*** / Healing* / DistractionHealing*** / Waypoint** / Distraction** / Damage*
*Base defensive unit, adept and protecting others. Can equip heavy weapons and armor but are slow.High attack with unusual offensive abilities. Able to imbue weapons with other attack properties - swords that deal crushing damage, etc. High speed.*Strength-based melee unit, but only mediocre speed and defense. Abilities sacrifice other stats for offensive improvements.*Speed-based melee unit, fast but with mid-range base damage. Specialize in stealth, deception, theft, and poisons. Can find extra items in dungeons (waypoint and mid-battle)Focus on ranged / projectile attacks and traps. Have special monster-specific debuffs and survival-centric party buffs. Can also scout at waypoints.Low to medium physical attack, but very high accuracy and abilities with guns. Can also use explosive traps and other unusual skills.Focus on instilling fear in opponents and dealing debuffs with the Void element. Also have non-elemental magic attacks that are middling in power.Low physical attack, but high abilities in buffs and healing. Also have unusual debuffs to distract and bend enemies to their will, or interact with the environment. Some elemental magic abilities.Focus on auto-healing self in order to absorb more damage while healing allies. Medium defense and attack. Have the most powerful healing abilities, with some buffs, Radiant attacks, and crushing weapon specialty.The most powerful offensive magic users, with specialized weapon abilities, and middling attack. Focus on elemental magic, but can imbue attacks with elements as well. Low speed and defense. Low attack and speed. Use special abilities to defend themselves, and specialize in buffs, debuffs, and waypoint abilities. Gain unusual weapon abilities at high levels.Medium attack, but low defense. Specialize in unusual debuffs and distractions through the use of charm, but also have powerful buffs. A few decent weapon abilities.
AntagonizeDIt Burns!D/A/DBJabD/APokeButcherAHead ChopAShiftyMMarkedDBGrappling HookMOopsB/DBDead RisingATurbulenceAFavourDispensaryHFortuneMagic BurstAMagic BladeBGet Down!DBad LuckDBBag Man (Healing Potion)HBag Man (Agility Potion)B
Causes the targeted enemy to be Taunted and attack the Templar. If the enemy cannot hit the Templar from its current position, it will move at once to the nearest attack location. Lasts until the enemy or the Templar is dead. "Come on you pansy!"Shoulders the target backward with a searing pauldron, causing the target to be Stunned and dealing Flame or Radiance damage, whichever is more beneficial.Attacks the based enemy for half damage, causing it to be Taunted and ignore other party members, even if the Pugilist moves out of attack range. Lasts until the enemy or the Pugilist is dead. "You want some of this??"Instantly attacks the based enemy, ignoring armor. Adjacent enemies are covered in the blood of their comrade, slowing their speed by 50% for the next 2 actions.Deftly beheads the based enemy, instantly killing it. Because of the speed with which the Executioner acted, the body may remain in the space for up to 5 seconds, Numbed.Allows the Rogue to exchange places with any ally for their next move action.Marks the enemy target, focusing attacks on it and causing it to become Sundered. "I see you..."The Huntsman fires a hooked tow rope at the selected target, pulling it in front of him/her. "Get over here!"Raises the last enemy killed in the spot opposite the Necromancer, which proceeds to attack a random adjacent enemy twice before returning to the realm of the dead. Only works for single-slot enemies. Original, we know.Attacks the based enemy, dealing Gale damage and causing them to become Shocked. "It's going to be a bumpy ride."Heals the selected party member for 5. No frills, no gimmicks, just good feelings.Attacks the based enemy with a burst of magic. Maybe it's a fireball or icebolt... you get the idea.Adds magical properties to the equipped weapon for additional damage for the next 2 attack actions.Increases defense by 2 for the next 2 attacks made against the Cartographer.Uh oh, the way the stars are aligned signals bad news for a random enemy, who receives a random debuff for 3 seconds. Sorry 'bout 'cha.This party member is carrying the loot bag, and can dispense healing potions from it (provided that you have them).This party member is carrying the loot bag, and can dispense agility potions from it (provided that you have them).
Timely DefenseDBreakerA/DBLeft HookRiposteCleaveADirty DeedsASurprise!DBBolasDBBack From The BrinkHLinkageHFervorTincturesHFateDMagic WaveAMagical SlashABumblingDBag Man (Speed Potion)BBag Man (Defense Potion)B
Absorbs the next attack against the selected ally; this does not cause damage to the Templar. *Plink*The Paladin plows into the enemy lines, attacking all enemies and causing them to randomly be Stunned, Numbed, or Blocked for 3 seconds.Causes the next attack action to also hit all valid adjacent enemies.Applies a Poison effect to the next enemy attacked, dealing half weapon damage for 2 actions; does not stack with other like statuses. "Done dirt cheap."Attacks the selected, non-based target, causing it to become Harmless for 3 seconds. "Happy birthday."Entangles the targeted enemy, Crippling them for 2 seconds.Brings the targeted deceased party member back to life, with half health and Shielding for 2 seconds.When the targeted party member falls below quarter health, all party members are healed for half their total health. If this ability is used again before the effect occurs, it removes the effect from the previous target and applies it to the new one.Using a concoction of the Apothecary's own design, the selected party member is healed for a random amount. It also smells awful.Changes possibilities, causing the selected enemy to be randomly Stunned, Numbed, or Blocked for 3 seconds.Attacks the based enemy and one random adjacent enemy with a wave of magic.The next attack deals elemental damage to a span of 3 enemies.The Cartographer stumbles and falls, momentarily startling the based enemy, causing it to become Crippled for 2 seconds.This party member is carrying the loot bag, and can dispense speed potions from it (provided that you have them).This party member is carrying the loot bag, and can dispense defense potions from it (provided that you have them).
InterceptMPut DownRight HookEn Garde!DevastationACaltropsDBCaustic DartADistracting VolleyDBThunderstruckH/BFeverHallucinogenDBMagic RageAMagical ReinforcementBInept CombatantB/BDZenithBTourniquetHCastleM
Causes the Templar's movement to consume no action points for the next 3 moves. "Coming through!"Causes the next attack to Devastate the targeted enemy for your next 2 actions.Throws caltrops in a spread 3, dealing no damage but causing the targeted enemies to become Off-Balance for 5 seconds.Throws a coated dart at the enemy target, burning them for Void damage.Attacks all enemies for half damage, causing them to become Crippled for 3 seconds. "Hey, look over there!"Places a protective barrier around the targeted party member, healing them for 2 damage and causing 2 Gale damage to the next enemy who hits that party member. "You've been... thunderstruck."Hurls a special "medicinal" mixture at the based enemy, causing them to be Off-Balance and Struggling.Attacks all enemies with a storm of magic. That storms. With magic.Imbues the weapons of all allies with magical properties for a short period of time.The Cartographer deals no damage to enemies, but cannot be hit 50% of the time.Fills the party with the music of the spheres, allowing them to randomly deal Radiant damage.Heals the party member for 1 point of damage.Instantly switches places with the party member furthest away; counts as a move action.
RepelD/AUppercutRageABackstabALongshotAWait For ItASpirit FingersHFailureHealing MaceHLit UpA/DBMagical SpearABackwards GlanceFNadirBObservationFWell-RestedB
Instant attack that causes double damage and Cripples the based enemy and a random adjacent enemy. Attack damage is dealt as Radiance.The Gladiator's next attack action causes an increase to their speed for the next 3 actions. "You won't like me when I'm angry."Viciously attacks the target, dealing double damage. "Rogues do it from behind."Attacks the selected enemy, causing 1 Land damage. For each space of distance separating the enemy from the Assassin, 1 point of damage is added.The Huntsman takes their time to aim carefully before attacking, causing a killing blow against the based enemy and passing damage through them to the remaining enemies in the row. This attack causes the Huntsman to become Slowed for their next 2 actions.Massages the targeted deceased party member back to life, with half health and Alacrity for 2 actions. "These are spirit fingers!"fountSmashes a mace imbued with therapeutic powers into the face of the selected adjacent party member, healing them for their full health. " 'Fanks..."Attacks the based enemy with a flash of magic, causing them to take damage over time. If a passive elemental ability is in effect, that element's damage over time debuff is applied.Shoots an elemental spear with great force, penetrating the enemy lines and causing damage to the based enemy and (n/3) enemies behind it in the same row; minimum attack to at least the next enemy in line.The Cartographer looks longingly back at the previous waypoint, allowing you to fall back to it without the normal penalties.Darkens the area adjacent to the Astrologer, increasing the agility of those party members by 2.The party member's speed is reduced, but they gain additional XP from the encounter.You've got your beauty sleep and therefore recover from debuffs more quickly. Shouldn't you be fighting harder?
Hardened ResolveDBrass KnucklesBOverhead SmashA/DBSand In The EyesDBSpreeAHunting BlindDIt's A Robe, Not A DressBBlessed SpringBFrailtyHerbologyFFlameBFlameBMudpiesBTriangulationFWe're On TourBAvengerB
The Templar cannot be stunned by attacks.Causes attacks to deal Crushing weapon damage against enemies that are vulnerable to that weapon type. Better than a roll of coins.Attacks the based enemy for triple damage. If the enemy is killed, the remaining damage is transferred to the next enemy in line and that enemy is Numbed; this repeats until all excess damage is expended. "Hassan chop!"Tosses sand into the face of the enemy, causing them to Struggle and become Blocked.Attacks the based enemy for 2 additional damage; if the target is killed by this action, the Assassin's next attack deals 1 extra damage. If the next attack(s) use the Spree ability, the damage bonus stacks up to 6 additional damage.Sets up a camouflage lean-to in the space the Huntsman occupies, reducing enemies chance to hit any party member that occupies that space. Lasts until the space has been occupied twice.Increases the Necromancer's speed while making them immune to being Slowed and Stunned.Imbues the selected party member with wondrous water, causing them to deal Fount damage with their next 2 attacks.Through a knowledge of useful substances, the Apothecary increases the chance that non-healing potions will drop from enemies.Calls on this element when casting magic attacks.Calls on this element when casting magic attacks.Out of boredom the Cartographer creates a supply of mudpies to fling at the enemy, causing the selected party member's basic attacks to always deal Land damage.The Astrologer uses the visible sky to "accurately" detect the path ahead, revealing 3 random waypoints in the dungeon.For each Child of Mesmer present in the party, those party members gain constant Vigor. The Vigor effect is increased with more Children of Mesmer.If a party member dies, this character gains a bonus to attack and defense.
Patch-UpHMockeryA/DBYou Wound Me Sir!DHit & RunDMarksmanBCursed SearingBFastidiousDI Can Take ItHFountBFountBCompassB/FGoferFTrepidationB/DB
Chance on successful attack to heal adjacent party members.Attacks the based enemy, dealing half damage and demoralizing it causing it be Crippled, Struggling, and Quaking.When the Rogue is below 50% health, it gains an increase in speed and agility.The Assassin has a chance on hit to fade into the shadows for cover and cannot be hit by the next attack.Emits an aura increasing the party's chance to hit by 10%.Imbues the selected party member with vengeful fire, causing them to deal Flame damage with their next 2 attacks.The Devout cannot be killed, unless all other party members are deceased. However, any attack that takes the Devout's health to 2 or below causes them to become Devastated. Hang in there, buddy.Chance on being hit to absorb the damage, converting it healing.Calls on this element when casting magic attacks.Calls on this element when casting magic attacks.The party gains its bearings more easily, allowing them to progress to the waypoint more quickly and reducing the number of enemies fought by 15%.Sends the selected party member back to town for supplies. The length of time they will be absent is determined by their speed. "And don't forget the milk!"The party isn't too sure about the next leg of their journey, preferring to inch their way forward like scared rabbits, increasing their defenses by 2 but decreasing their speed by 2 for the duration of the next encounter.
Battlefield KnowledgeAHeraldryBSweepAOverkillP/APilferFVendettaD/ASurvivalistBMojoHFidelityBHealth PiñataHGaleBGaleBTopographyBOptics AdjustmentFFortifyF/AAren't We Cocky?B/DB
Chance on successful attack to increase the attack power of adjacent party members.The Paladin decorates their armor with crests and quotes, bolstering their confidence and giving their attacks a chance to cause the enemy to Quake for 3 seconds. "See these fancy drawings? They mean I'm important."Chance on successful attack to make a low blow, hamstringing the target and causing them to be Stunned.If the an attack kills an enemy with damage to spare, the blow slices completely through and transfers the excess damage to the enemy behind the one just killed.Chance on killing an enemy to cause it to drop extra gold or loot.Chance on being hit to cause the Assassin to deal extra damage against the target who hit it. Applies to only one enemy at a time.Emits an aura reducing the party's chance to be hit by 20%.The Shaman puts off a real cool vibe, causing adjacent party members to slowly regain health.For each God's Watch member present in the party, those party members become Devoted. The Devoted effect is increased with more God's Watch members.When the Apothecary is hit, the adjacent party members are healed for 2 points of damage.Calls on this element when casting magic attacks.Calls on this element when casting magic attacks.The Cartographer helps the party understand the lay of the land and how to use it to their advantage, increasing their defenses by 3 for the duration of the next encounter.Focuses the Astrologers lenses more accurately, allowing the party to see the action bars of their enemies for the duration of the next encounter.The party stashes weapons at this waypoint, preventing them from being added to your armory but granting the entire party attack bonuses for the duration of the next encounter after you fallback to this waypoint. If the party does not fallback to this waypoint, the weapons are shipped back and their value added to your personal coffer.The party is full of confidence and advances boldly forward, increasing their speed by 1 but decreasing their agility by 1 for the duration of the next encounter. "Ya got spunk, kid."
ReinforceDExhaustionDCunningBTools of the TradeFBeastiary KnowledgeBDervishDFlavorHealthy GlowBLandBLandBSurveyFWhat's Your Sign?B
Provides the selected party member with additional armor for the duration of the next encounter.After making 4 consecutive attack actions, the Gladiator tires, lowering their speed but increasing their defense for the next 2 actions performed.Causes the party to attack with more guile, increasing their base damage by 1.The Assassin is adept and finding useful weapons, causing Slicing weapons to have a higher chance of dropping from enemies.By understanding the anatomy of beasts, the Hunstman can give adjacent allies the ability to strike the enemies' weaknesses more easily, dealing greater damage.Reduces the chance the shaman will be hit by 10%. If the shaman is hit, it further reduces the chance the attacking enemy's next attack will hit by another 10%. This effect stacks until the enemy misses.Causes the Apothecary's attacks to deal Radiance damange.Calls on this element when casting magic attacks.Calls on this element when casting magic attacks.The Cartographer surveys the surrounding terrain, revealing the pathway forward for 5 waypoints. Can only be used once per dungeon.Gives an astrological reading for the selected party member, allowing them to see their fate ahead and thus become more difficult to hit.
Defend Yourselves!D/AStrongarmFGentleman BastardAI Work AloneAScoutF/BEvanesceHForfeitGive Me My FixHVoidBVoidBSoil SamplesBHoroscopes All Around!B/DB
The Templar teaches the party self-defense, making them harder to hit for the duration of the next encounter. Additionally, the Templar's defense is lowered by 1, but damage increased by 2.Chance on attack to hurl the based enemy to the rear of the creep queue; the creep queue then progresses normally. Does not affect enemies larger than two slots.The Rogue takes a cut from the party purse to increase all other party members' speed for the duration of the next encounter.The Assassin temporarily abandons the party for the next encounter, fighting alone but dealing double damage and gaining increased speed and agility for 12 actions. After 12 actions, the party rejoins the Assassin, but are Slowed for 2 actions.The Hunstman moves ahead of the party to gather info, allowing the party to see the health of enemies for the duration of the next encounter.Chance upon being hit to disperse corporeal form, healing the entire party for 5 health.The Devout sacrifices themselves for the party, causing their death but bestowing increased speed, defense, and attack power upon the remaining party members for the duration of the next encounter.The Apothecary administers healing salves to all party members at the waypoint, causing them to slowly regenerate health during the next encounter. The Apothecary cannot use the Dispensary ability during the next encounter. Calls on this element when casting magic attacks.Calls on this element when casting magic attacks.Causes all party members to randomly deal Land damage with their basic attack actions for the duration of the next encounter.The way the stars are aligned, all but one party member gets a random buff for the first 15 seconds of the next encounter. The remaining party member starts with a random debuff for 3 seconds. Oh boy.
BucklersDJuggernautDBig & ScaryFMaster ThiefFClose QuartersD/APoisoned AttacksGhost StoriesBFreedomGood HumoursHOh. Oh? Oh! It's MagicBEntropyB/DBI Can't Do Much But...HStars AlignB
The Templar provides each party member with a small extra buckler shield, increasing their armor for the duration of the next encounter.The Gladiator yells at the targeted party member, causing them to be more urgent in their trip back to town. If sent back to town, that party member takes half the normal time to return.The Rogue scours the waypoint area, turning up at least one extra treasure item.The Assassin teaches the party self-defense, allowing them a chance to make an automatic reprisal attack when hit, but lowering the Assassin's damage by 1 for the duration of the next encounter.The Huntsman uses the time at the waypoint to coat his weapon with venom, causing all basic attack actions to apply the Poisoned effect to the target, but reduces speed by half for the duration of the encounter.The Shaman converses with the spirits at the current waypoint, granting the party member's attacks the ability to deal elemental damage. The elemental type is determined by what is most generally effective against the upcoming enemy wave. Turns out that spirits aren't great conversationalists.The Apothecary exemplifies good bedside manner by telling jokes to the party at the waypoint, healing everyone to full health. "They say laughter is the best medicine."The Sorcerer performs magic tricks for the party at the waypoint, entertaining them and causing them to deal more damage with abilities for the duration of the next encounter.The Magus sacrifices all active and passive abilities to imbue the other party members with the ability to deal Chimeric damage with their basic attack actions for the duration of the next encounter. Additionally, the Magus may not gain any other elemental buffs for the duration of the next encounter. *Poof*...the Cartographer can help stop the bleeding, randomly healing allies for 1 point of health for the duration of the next encounter.Causes all party members to randomly deal Gale damage with their basic attack actions for the duration of the next encounter.
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