Technology Projects: Planning & Prioritization
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& Cost Savings

Cost to
Migrate Files to “The Cloud” We have internal systems we can move to a cloud platform: office apps & files (apps, documents, spreadsheets, presentations), and graphic design apps & files (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite). Note that we already have photo storage in SmugMug and on website and video storage in Vimeo and YouTube.Office Apps;
Document Sharing;
Bill Ashby
Jeff Bowman;
LargeNon/a35818645n/a$6,000 for consulting and support of the choice, setup and migration

$2,500 annual added cost for an office cloud platform.
$3,000$3,000In Progress2018-09We may end up having multiple systems like OneDrive and SharePoint (Office 365), Google Drive (already have via Google for Nonprofits), and Dropbox for Business.10.0
Integrate eLearning into our Website DiscoveryIntegrate the Learning Management System (LMS, aka eLearning) with our website so that when people are added to a roster in they are added in the LMS and receive appropriate course materials.Member Experience; Volunteer ExperienceDoug Canfield
Dilek Bulat;
TBDNon/an/a19765585Discovery~36 hours of discovery$6,000n/aIn Progress2018-09Discovery project proposed by Jazkarta for creating a good definition of our eLearning needs, including implementation within our existing Plone website, is $5,940 (36 hours).10.0
Upgrade to Plone 5Our website is built on Plone 4.3 which runs on Python 2. Support for Python 2 ends in 2020. Plans to have Plone 5.2 on Python 3 are in the works. To be sure we are able to maintain support and install needed security patches, we should begin the process of upgrading to Plone 5 in late FY2019 and complete the transition in early FY2020. We will get many small side benefits from the upgrane to Plone 5 like being able to have links in help text and importing events. InfrastructureJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgLargeNon/an/a35888551n/a100-150 hours$24,750n/aScheduled for May 20-31, 2019 & Oct-Dec 20192018-09We plan to start this work in late Sep 2019, continue in early Oct 2019, and finish in Dec 2019. 10.0
Print Youth Program FormsWe'd like to print the Youth Program Form(s) as we do for the Youth information Form(s) from the Youth Flag Report.
- We'd have two "print" buttons on the Youth Flag Report: "Print Youth Information Forms" and "Print Youth Program Forms"
- We'd use the same "line in the sand" (i.e. ~~~) to include only text/responses above the line for the program form(s) being printed.
Volunteer Experience; Staff ExperienceBecca Polglase
Andy Bassett; andyb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a34065175SD647 (5)5 points$1,375$1,375Scheduled for Apr 22-May 3, 20192018-0610691099.0
Backordered and Pre-order Books & Merchandise: Charge & ShipAs a customer allow me to pre-order or backorder a book that is not yet available or out of stock. When the book is available, charge my credit card, and ship the book I ordered to the shipping address I specified.Member ExperienceDoug Canfield
Web Chang;webc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumn/an/an/a33888088SD627 (8)
SD654 (3)
SD656 (3)
SD655 (8)
SD662 (SF only)
22 points + SF$7,500$8,875Scheduled for Apr 22-May 3, 20192018-06An easier implementation is sending an email to those who wish to be notified when a book new book is now in stock or an existing book is back in stock.910101058.9
Donation Tracking PortletA Donation Tracking Portlet (aka “Donation Thermometer”) that is based on a campaign’s goal and amount collected for a given date range will allow donors to see our fundraising goal for a campaign and how close we are to meeting it in real-time. It should have an option to display a graphic (like a thermometer) that changes based on the amount collected vs. the goal.
Development (Fundraising);
Member Experience
Bri Vanderlindenbriv@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a14941914SD514 (5)
SD598 (3)
8 points + SF$2,200$11,075Scheduled for Apr 22-May 17, 20192018-08We need to have this story estimated.10108878.9
Clone ActivitiesAs a member of the activity leaders group allow me to clone an activity so that I can more easily create the series of activities I need.

Fields that can be different in clones: Start date, End date, Leader, and Maybe prices.

Fields to calculate: Registration opening datetime = Start date + 1 day (24 hours) and Registration closing datetime = noon on the Thursday preceding the Start date.

Uses cases:
- Meany Lodge's "Day Use" activities
- Meany Lodge's "Snowshoe Trek + Lunch" activities
- Course lectures
- Course field trips

Notes: This is similar to what we do for lodge stays. It's probably best to add an "Allow activity cloning?" field to Route/Place so we can control what activities may be cloned (probably the Program Centers and Lodges, but it could be a few others)
Volunteer ExperienceJeff Bowman
Dave Maltz;
TBDNon/an/a34350529SD663 (8)8 points$2,200$13,275Scheduled for May 6-17, 20192018-061069888.7
Searchable Database of All Branch & Committee ChairsAs a logged in site user, allow me to view a page that lists all committee and their chairs along with a feature to email like I have for activities so that I may contact a group of chairs, Climbing Committee Chairs, for example.Member Experience; Volunteer ExperienceSara Ramsaysarar@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a16994329SD646 (8)8 points$2,200$15,475Scheduled for May 6-17, 20192018-06102101088.5
Instructors GroupWe'd like to create an "Instructors" group that is like our "Activity Leaders" group. It is anyone who is on a committee team roster with their "Instructor" box checked. After initially populating the list, we'd need to be sure to keep it up-to-date as we do for the "Activity Leader" group. We'll use this list to share our new Instructions for Redeeming Volunteer Benefits page.Volunteer ExperienceSara Ramsaysarar@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a34065295SD651 (3)3 points$825$16,300Scheduled for May 6-17, 20192018-06103810108.5
Make Field Trip and Lecture Instructors Push to Course RostersRight now we have a lot of instructors who are just added or sign up to a single field trip roster. Unfortunately because they aren't added to the course roster they aren't available for recruiting via our mega course template roster for future field trips/lectures that particular year or in future years.

Also having the course show up in your My Courses & Programs is helpful for instructors who want a quick link to upcoming field trips for them to volunteer for. This is particularly important for the many day courses like basic, scrambling, sea kayaking etc.
Volunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a34126180SD381 (3)3 points$825$17,125Scheduled for May 6-17, 20192018-0693108108.4
Use "Age Group" Radio Buttons Instead of "Age" for Lodge ReservationsIs it better to use radio buttons for the age groups [i.e. one for Adults (age 14+) and another for Youth (age 13-)] when reserving a lodge stay than asking for actual age? What are the pros and cons?

Using radio buttons is better when one person is making a lodge reservation for another and does not know their age. I suspect with will happen a lot, especially for lodge admins who add hosts and other volunteers, as well as people who might bring a friend.
Member Experience; Volunteer ExperienceJeff Bowman
+Lodge Chairs or designees
jeffb@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a17383420SD637 (5)5 points$1,375$18,500Scheduled for May 6-17, 20192018-0610381098.3
Feedback Survey for Lodge StaysRight now there is no way for participants to submit feedback on their lodge stay. Create a web form survey like we do activities, courses, and events. On Mondays (or maybe Tuesdays to account for the holiday weekends), send a link to anyone who stayed at the lodge in the last seven days. Aggregate this feedback on the lodge pages.Member Experience; Volunteer ExperienceJeff Bowman
+Lodge Chairs or designees
jeffb@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a31865944SD634 (3)3 points$825$19,325Scheduled for Jul 15-26, 20192018-0694810108.3
Self-reporting and Tracking Volunteer HoursAdding a feature to capture self-reported volunteer hours and display these and those captured by activities and events on a “My Volunteers Hours” page will allow volunteers to tell us about the hours they give that we can easily capture more automatically. Improve tracking of volunteer hours will give volunteers more pride in their engagement with us and allow us to more accurately report volunteer hours for our annual report, grant submissions, and donor cultivation.
Volunteer Experience;
Tess Wendel
Becca Polglase
beccap@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a8718028SD394 (8)
SD396 (3)
SD399 (3)
SD400 (5)
SD401 (8)
27 points$7,425$26,750Scheduled for Jul 15-26, 20192018-08We also have "Highlight # of activities led / courses instructed in volunteer leader/instructor profiles" in UserVoice, which is dependent on this project, "Self-reporting and Tracking Volunteer Hours." But there may be elements of the "Highlight # of activities..." project that we should do here.989958.3
Course Roster Export with Field Trip and "Experience" Trip ResultsHave a roster download that not only shows whether the participants are signed up for the required field trips but also be able to see all the activities they are registered for to ensure that snowshoe students are getting their snowshoes, climbers are getting on climbs and kayakers are getting registered for kayak trips.

This allows leaders to pre-emptively catch students who may be behind or not registered and send them an email ahead of time instead of struggling to get makes ups scheduled.

It would also be good to see everyone who got marked as Needs Improvement/Failed in one place so we can email them to schedule a make up.

This download would have the information that is in the "Review" link located next to each students name in current course rosters but show it for all students in one combined download.
Volunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/aSD665 (5)5 points$1,375$28,125Scheduled for Jul 29-Aug 2, 20192018-06939998.1
Alerts & NotificationsImprove the My Preferences page by adding and “Alerts & Notifications” section where members and guests can choose to get an email as new content that meets their criteria is added to our website.
Member ExperienceAmanda Virbitiskyamandav@mountaineers.orgLargeYesAlerts & Notificationsn/a7457242SD508 (13)
SD599 (8)
SD600 (3)
SD601 (3)
27 points$7,425$35,550Scheduled for Jul 29-Aug 2, 20192018-08We have a mockup and user story for this, but some discovery is needed to determine the best way to implement and estimate this feature.

It is possible that we can do much of this (at least daily and weekly digests) with an RSS feed and IFTTT.
Add Email Notification for CommentsMake it so comments on trip reports, blog posts, etc. send an email to the person who posted the trip report so they can respond and have a dialogue about conditions. We'll also need a way to opt out of this email.Member ExperienceKristina Ciari
kristinac@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a18468202SD642 (5)5 points$1,375$36,925Planned for FY20192018-06929998.0
Improve Roster Functionality: Make Sort StickExample: If you want to sort by name, let the name sort stick while you make edits to other people on the roster. AKA Remember my roster sort."Volunteer ExperienceAmanda Virbitiskyamandav@mountaineers.orgMediumYesImprove Roster FunctionalityRoster Improvements7166463SD581 (2)2 points$550$37,475Ranked2018-08859987.9
Backordered and Pre-ordered Books & Merchandise: Email NotificationAs a site visitor. for books and merchandise items that are "out of stock," that is backordered or per-ordered, allow me to request an email notification when the item is back in stock so I can choose to purchase the item then if I still want it.Member ExperienceDoug Canfield
Web Chang;webc@mountaineersbooks.orgSmalln/an/an/a33888313SD306 (5)5 points$1,375$38,850Ranked2018-06Will do if the "charge & ship" option is too expensive.

Can also do both!
Search Filter for Courses and Activities with AvailabilityUse cases:
* I am a participant and I want to only view courses and activities that have availability.
* I am a leader and I want to only view courses and activities that have leader availability.
Member Experience; Volunteer ExperienceAmanda Virbitskyamandav@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a16783972SD638 (13)
SD639 (3)
16 points$4,400$43,250Ranked2018-06Available or =<x on the waitlist.949877.9
Course Activity Review Tool for Courses with 2-3 Course ActivitiesInclude some bulk review and update tools for courses where we only 2-3 required activities. For courses like WFA, Navigation or Basic Snowshoeing with just a couple required field trips/lectures make a roster preview and download that allows you see that a student is registered for all required activities and then their participant result and probably participant notes. This is probably exception report for a course roster compared to 1-3 activity template roster (on screen and download).Volunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a34401673SD664 (8)8 points$2,200$45,450Ranked2018-06939887.9
Branch Admins Can Schedule Courses/Activities for any of their Committee's LeadersThis is important for people who want to help with admin on the website but don't want to be on every single committee roster when they aren't actually doing much work regularly for that committee. Needs to work for scheduling, trips, clinics & seminars, and course activities.Volunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a33910372SD643 (5)5 points$1,375$46,825Ranked2018-06858997.8
Lodge-specific Sign-in Sheets (aka Print Rosters) As a lodge administrator, allow me to print or download a "sign-in sheet" specific to my lodge, so that I have the info I need to manage lodge stays and the activities that go with them.Volunteer ExperienceJeff Bowman
Sheridan Botts
Amalija Kopac
Michael Wynn-Jones;;; mikewynnejones@gmail.comTBDNon/an/a17383270SD649 (5)
SD650 (5)
10 points$2,750$49,575Ranked2018-06948887.8
Add Family Member Lookup for Lodge StaysAs a logged in member I'd like to see my family members showing up when registering so I don't have to retype name/ages and this allows for better tracking in database of who is actually using the lodge.Member ExperienceJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a32537245SD635 (8)8 points$2,200$51,775Ranked2018-068581087.8
Activity Search Option: Meet PrerequisitesHave an option to filter out activities you are not eligible. For example, I am a glacier travel graduate who can do certain climbs, but not all. It would be neat if I could filter out the activities that I do not have the proper badge for!Member ExperienceAmanda Virbitskyamandav@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a16205272SD640 (8)8 points$2,200$53,975Ranked2018-06NOT courses, only activities.929887.7
"Registration About to Open" Email ReminderAdding the ability for members and guests to request an email reminder be sent the day before an activity, course or event opens for registration will allow members and guests to more often participate in activities that interest them.
Member ExperienceAmanda Virbitiskyamandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a7457242SD509 (8)8 points + SF$2,700$56,675Ranked2018-08878877.7
Organizations, Online Invoicing & ContractsSet up organization in our website so that we can sync them to the existing organizations in SF. This will allow us to connect contacts, activities & courses (Mountain Workshops), events (Program Center Clients) and lodge stays (Outdoor Center Groups & Clients) to them for better tracking. We'll be able to add invoices that the organization contact can pay online, taking advantage of our existing online payment process and Salesforce reporting. We can also allow members and guests to show their other organization affiliations on their profile by letting them add them to list displayed on their My Profile page. Some of the benefits of managing client, group and partner contracts from online:
--The digital contracts will eliminate paper contracts that must be mailed back-and-forth or returned in person.
--The digital contracts will be easier to find and review in Salesforce than their paper counterparts.
--Allowing staff to more quickly, efficiently and accurately create contracts for our facility rental clients, lodge groups, and Mountain Workshops partners
--It will be easier, faster and more efficient for approvers to sign and return their contracts.
Cost Reduction;
Member Experience;
Volunteer Experience;
Outdoor Centers
Becca Polglase
Garrett Arnold
Carry Porter
+Lodge Chairs or designees?;; carry_porter@yahoo.comLargeYesOrganizations & Online Invoicing & Manage Client, Group and Partner Contracts from SalesforceOrganization, Online Invoicing and Contracts Supplemental Info17914396SD562 (8)
SD565 (8)
SD567 (3)
SD557 (8)
SD418 (5)
SD564 (2)
SD563 (2)
SD570 (13)
SD571 (2)
SD556 (0)
SD659 (5)
SD660 (5)
SD661 (5)
81+ points + SF$27,000$83,675Ranked2018-08979827.6
Improve Committee Roster Management--Add filters to top of the page- narrow list down to instructors, leaders or committee members. Also includes instructor opt in/out checkbox.
--Add "last activity led" column to the sheet and download.
--Add 4 badge columns to the download so you can see leader badges, skill badges, course badges and instructor badges.
Volunteer ExperienceTess Wendel
Sara Ramsay
sarar@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a34125430SD417 (8)
SD597 (3)
11 points$3,025$86,700Ranked2018-06839877.4
Import Events from FacebookAs Mountaineers staff I need to import events from Facebook (that I exported to a .ics file) to an "events" folder on our website so that I do not have to double enter items.Cost ReductionDoug Canfield
Web Chang;webc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumn/an/an/a33888139SD628 (8)8 points$2,200$88,900Ranked2018-06This will come with Plone 5, so it is very likely that we will not need to do this, because we need and plan to upgrade to Plone by by the end of CY2019.758987.3
Grant Badges to Instructors from Course ActivitiesAdd the ability to add badges to instructors for successfully completing instructing at a course activity, where the badges are different from those that are awarded to participants.Volunteer ExperienceTess Wendel
Becca Polglase
beccap@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a8123295SD657 (3)3 points$825$89,725Ranked2018-068279107.3
Outdoor Centers: Cancel a Lodge StayAs a volunteer admin on an outdoor center committee, allow me to cancel one or more lodge stays for our lodge, so that members and guests will know that it has been canceled (on the website), that those who registered will be notified of the cancellation, and so that staff can issue refunds to those who registered and paid.Outdoor Centers;
Financial Risk;
Cost Reduction
Jeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a19127521SD568 (3)3 points$825$90,550Ranked2018-087479107.2
Add Waitlist for Lodge StaysWaitlists will help fill open lodge stays. Data suggests that a few special events at Meany Lodge will benefit the most.Member ExperienceJeff Bowman
Sheridan Bottss; sheridan491@gmail.comTBDNon/an/a34200625SD555 (8)
SD560 (5)
13 points$3,575$94,125Ranked2018-06Waitlists for lodge stays are complicated and challenging both because of the potential for one person to make a reservation for multiple people and the number of nights for which they may wish register.

It may be best to keep a waitlist separate from the roster for each lodge stay and email the entire list if any amount of availability opens. Then it's back to a first come, first served basis. This is a "notify me if space becomes available" rather than our traditional waitlist functionality.
Promo Codes: Dollar Amount Discount for "Entire" Shopping CartAs a site visitor allow me to use a promo code that gives me a dollar amount discount on everything in my shopping cart up to the total amount of items in my shopping cart that qualifies.
Books; Member ExperienceWeb Chang
Tess Wendel
Sara Ramsey; sarar@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a33887968SD410 (8)
8 points$2,200$96,325Ranked2018-06777787.2
Sorting for SearchesAdding sorting criteria to our activity, course, instructor opportunity, route/place, trip report and book searches much like we have for our site search will allow members and guests to more easily find what they want.
Member ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitisky
amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a6763345SD504 (5)5 points$1,375$97,700Ranked2018-087471097.2
Allow Safety Committee to File Incident Reports on Another's BehalfAs a Safety Committee admin, allow me to file an incident report on another person's behalf so that I can add an incident report from an in-person, phone, or email interview.Volunteer Experience
Tony Tsuboi
Bill Ashby; billa@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a33651541SD6685 points$1,375$99,075New2018-06Developer Note: Currently when an incident report is created its owner is set to the current user, to make sure that they can view it later and to make sure that we prevent someone from submitting more than one report for the same activity. So it sounds like we would need some additional UI so that someone on staff or in the safety committee could select the contact to create a report for. There would be a few moving parts and I think it's probably story sized.717896.5
Recommended Reading for EventsShow a list of the “recommended reading” when RSVPing for an event so that members and guests may more easily purchase books for events like BeWild and new book releases.
Member Experience
Doug Canfield
Web Chang;webc@mountaineersbooks.orgSmallNon/an/a18354346SD583 (3)3 points$825$99,900Ranked2018-06May do in Jun 2018 if time permits.68510107.1
Allow Leaders to Choose Activity Template or Route/Place Image for ActivitiesWhen scheduling an activity, allow the leader to choose to use one of the the route/place images, the activity template image, or an image from their local computer.Volunteer ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitsky
amandav@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a18603061SD641 (8)8 points$2,200$102,100Ranked2018-067191087.1
Course-to-Activity Roster ManagementAllow an activity roster to be populated from a course roster. This will be helpful for our Summer Camps.Youth;
Cost Reduction
Becca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a17914378SD440 (5)5 points$1,375$103,475Ranked2018-087771097.6
Improve Instructor, Volunteer & Trip Leader RecruitmentMembers and guests can tell us about their volunteer skills and interests and we have a search where our volunteer leaders and admins and find them based on their skills and interests. We now need a way to filter them based on skills we have identified that they have (most likely course and leader badges) so that we can contact them email to ask for their help.
Member Experience;
Volunteer Experience
Tess Wendel
Sara Ramsay
Steve Smith; steves@mountaineers.orgLargeYesImprove Instructor, Volunteer & Trip Leader Recruitmentn/a8718226SD477 (13)
SD478 (5)
18 points$4,950$108,425Ranked2018-08Discovery is needed before we can determine an implementation estimate.1089858.5
Add a Calendar View of the My Activities PageAs a logged in member or guest, allow me choose a calendar view/display of the My Activities page where I can see all of my activities on a calendar and subscribe to an iCal feed of my activities and events so that I can better manage my schedule. NOTE: Ideally we'd continue to have one My Activities page and add "buttons" to toggle between the "List" and "Calendar" views, even though they may be two different pages/links.Member ExperienceTess Wendel
Becca Polglase
beccap@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a33885085SD411 (8)8 points$2,200$110,625Ranked2018-06629886.7
Improve Roster Functionality: Badge RostersMake sure there is pagination and the ability to search on large badge rosters. We'd also like downloading rosters to be fixed. Also need to be able to bulk update expiration date.Volunteer ExperienceTess Wendel
Becca Polglase
beccap@mountaineers.orgMediumYesImprove Roster Functionalityn/a19159321SD584 (8)8 points$2,200$112,825Ranked2018-08877877.5
Calendar View of My ActivitiesAdding a calendar view of the My Activities page will allow members and guests to better manage their schedules.
Member ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitisky
amandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a6732621SD411 (8)8 points$2,200$115,025Ranked2018-084261085.4
Activity Search Calendar ViewAdding a calendar view to the activity search results will allow members and guests to more easily find activities that fit their schedule.
Member ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitisky
amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a8683264SD501 (5)5 points$1,400$116,425Ranked2018-087581097.6
Single vs. Multi-day and Days of the Week Filters for Activity SearchAdding a “single vs. multi-day” and “days of the week” filters to the activity search will allow members and guests to more easily find activities that fit their schedule.
Member ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitisky
amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a7910340SD502 (3)
SD503 (3)
6 points$1,700$118,125Ranked2018-086581097.2
Clone EventsAdd a feature to clone Events like we can do for Lodge Stays. This would be much like a "recurring events" feature.Volunteer Experience; EventsGarrett Arnoldgarretta@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a17914111SD585 (5)5 points$1,375$119,500Ranked2018-0810991089.3
Improve Event Detail Page ViewImprove the event detail page view so that it is more like those for other views like activities, courses and lodge stays. There will be some small reorganization of basic information (e.g. remove phone number), the addition of a tabbed nav area (map/address, roster, and details for volunteers tabs), and showing recommended reading.Member Experience; Volunteer Experience; EventsGarrett Arnoldgarretta@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a17914141SD586 (3)3 points$825$120,325Ranked2018-0866810107.5
Promo Code: Bulk Discount for Purchasing from a SeriesAs a site visitor let me use a promo code to get a bulk discount when I purchase a bunch of items from the same series (e.g. books in the Day Hiking series, backpacking courses/clinics). So we define "series" as any group (or bundle) of items of any kind (books, courses, etc.) that have to be in the cart for the discount to be applied.
Books; Member ExperienceWeb Chang
Tess Wendel
Amanda Virbitsky; amandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a33887962SD484 (8)
8 points$2,200$122,525Ranked2018-06654685.7
Books Home Page: Social Media FeedAs a site visitor show me a Mountaineers Books social media feed on the home page so that I may keep up with the latest news from Mountaineers Books.Member ExperienceDoug Canfield
Web Chang;webc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumn/an/an/a33888175SD633 (3)3 points$825$123,350Ranked2018-06--Based on our early wireframe designs this is probably best placed at the right of the Blog portlet with the Events and Blog portlets made narrow enough to accommodate all three, much like the Programs home page.

--We'll probably choose Facebook, but how hard to make a portlet that is configurable for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? It's 3 points per social media feed.
Promo Codes: Bulk DiscountAs a site visitor let me use a promo code to get a bulk discount when I purchase a bunch of the same items or types of items (e.g. books, merchandise).
Books; Member ExperienceWeb Chang
Tess Wendel
Amanda Virbitsky; amandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a33887962SD332 (13)
13 points$3,575$126,925Ranked2018-06654675.5
Separate Site Search Results for ImagesIn the site search, place all search results except images in one "tab" and images in another. We also have a lot of folders, especially ones titled, "Images" and "Resources," so we may want to have "tab" for folders too or rank them low in search results. This will help rank more important items higher in the search (e.g. a person's profile page above their profile image).Member ExperienceJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a34023856SD644 (13)13 points$3,575$130,500Ranked2018-06GH2836 a ticket (a very small project) for the possibility of de-emphasizing content types like images and folders in search results. That's pretty close to what we want here and costs much less than this project.2371075.0
Add Ability to Exclude Instructors from Getting Registration Conflict Check for a Course ActivityMake it so instructors can be excluded from conflict checking but not participants. For example for pool play sessions for sea kayaking course we need instructors for afternoon and morning sessions but students we only want to be able to sign up for one session.Volunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a17647597SD667 (3)3 points$825$131,325New2018-06105810108.8
Sell Tickets to Events on our WebsiteWe have EventBrite as a “workaround.” It does cost money (fees) and some extra staff time (which can be equated to money). Once implemented, we will have a more fully integrated shopping cart and bet better able to serve and engage with our members and guests.Member Experience; Volunteer Experience; EventsGarrett Arnoldgarretta@mounaineers.orgLargeYesn/aOrganization, Online Invoicing and Contracts Supplemental Info17914096SD669(tbd)$131,325Ranked2017-03Low priority per Andriana's 2/23/17 email. Our team thinks this is a high priority. Need to determine more specific needs so that we can have the debeloipers estimate it.781010.07.2
Program Center Event "Add Activity" ButtonsMake adding an activity at a Program Center easier by adding buttons on the event details page that appear after the event is published. These buttons will start the activity scheduling process for the appropriate program center route/place using the event start and end dates.
Volunteer ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitisky
amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a17914636SD460 (3)3 points$825$132,150Ranked2017-031051010109.3
Monthly Payment SystemImplement a monthly payment system for courses and youth programs (with start and end payment dates specified). It is important so that can eliminate storage of people’s credit card on file at the Program Center, a financial/payment security issue.
Financial Risk;
Cost Reduction
Becca Polglase
Andy Bassett
Chad Arveson;; chada@mountaineers.orgLargeYesYouth Program Payment Systemn/a16938802SD443 (20)
SD432 (5)
25 points + SF$8,325$140,475Ranked2017-04This can be used to make our expensive courses, youth programs and global adventures more accessible.889857.8
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