Technology Projects: Planning & Prioritization
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& Cost Savings

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Migrate Files to “The Cloud” We have internal systems we can move to a cloud platform: office apps & files (apps, documents, spreadsheets, presentations), and graphic design apps & files (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite). Note that we already have photo storage in SmugMug and on website and video storage in Vimeo and YouTube.InfrastructureOffice Apps;
Document Sharing;
Jeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgLargeNon/an/a35818645n/a$6,000 for consulting and support of the choice, setup and migration

$2,500 annual added cost for an office cloud platform.
$3,000In Progress2018-09We may end up having multiple systems like OneDrive and SharePoint (Office 365), Google Drive (already have via Google for Nonprofits), and Dropbox for Business.10.0
Automate Seattle PC Lobby TV DisplaySet up a way to automatically display information on the Seattle Program Center lobby TV/monitor based on event data from Salesforce, a pre-designed template, and a set of chosen images.EventsEventsJeff Bowman
Garrett Arnold
Joshua Stein;;
MediumNon/an/a41771290n/a40+ hours$0In Progress2020-10Many thanks to Joshua Stein, a volunteer who is doing the bulk of the work on this feature.
Need a way to mark courses/events/activities as led by staff vs. volunteersRight now its getting difficult to report volunteer contributions for recognition and annual reporting versus staff contributions.InfrastructureActivities; Courses; EventsJeff Bowman
Sara Ramsay;
SmallNon/an/a33233011n/an/a$0In Progress2020-10Checkboxes for these have been addded to Salesforce so that staff may designate an activity, course, or event as "led by staff." A checkbox for this was added to the Event edit form on the website and is synced to Salesforce. We need to add this checkbox to the website's activity and course edit forms and sync them to Salesforce. JeffB will do this and have the develoeprs deploy the changes.
Trip closure delinquency noticeAutomatically mail out to leaders on a quarterly basis a list of trips that have not yet been closed out, say are one month past.ActivitiesActivitiesJeff Bowman
Sara Ramsayy;
SmallNon/an/a39050422n/an/a$0In Progress2020-10We have a new capability in Salesforce that allows us to better send time-dependant email. We used this to improve the sending of activity, course, event, and lodge stay feedback requests. Sara is working on the best way to remond leaders to close their activities along with email tempalte text. Once this is done JeffB will implement.
Photo Credit and CaptionAllowing members and guests to add credit and caption information to photos they upload to our website, and display that info with the photo will increase the likelihood that they will submit photos and give them a sense of pride that will increase their engagement with us.
MembershipMember ExperienceKristina Ciarikristinac@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a9045760GH2788
10 hours$1,650On Hold2018-08Was two stories SD481 (5) and SD485 (3), but an easier approach--combining the caption and credit fields and NOT placing that on the image--made this a "project" that we could do with monthly support.

Funding and higher priorities have prevented us from completing this work. We had planned to do it with monthly support and will do so once it is back in our top priorities.
Discovery: Integrating eLearning into our WebsiteIntegrate the Learning Management System (LMS, aka eLearning) with our website so that when people are added to a roster in they are added in the LMS and receive appropriate course materials.CoursesMember Experience; Volunteer ExperienceDoug Canfield
Dilek Bulat
Becca Polglase;;
LargeNon/an/a19765585Discovery~36 hours of discovery$6,000On Hold2018-09Discovery project proposed by Jazkarta for creating a good definition of our eLearning needs, including implementation within our existing Plone website or integrating Litmos, a third-party LMS, with our website, is $5,940 (36 hours).

Discontinued discovery project because of no response from Becca. Diverted remaining funds to the Plone 5 Upgrade project. It seem like we'll move in a different direction once the COVID-19 situation and our finances have stabilized.

SEO ImprovementsWe engaged Portent, Inc. to review our website from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization, e.g. Google) perspective. They gave us a set of recommendations that involve both technical and content improvements to our website. Overall, this is likely a large project, but will likely be many very small projects that we can accomplish with our monthly support over time.MembershipMember Experience;
Volunteer Experience
Kristina Ciarikristinac@mountaineers.orgLargeNon/aSEO Folder17914663GH1994
SD587 (3)
~20 hours of support + 3 points$4,000On Hold2020-07SEO improvements will be accomplished mostly with monthly support. A few will be done early in FY19.

The next SEO review is scheduled for Fall 2018. That will let us know how we did on the improvements that we could make, ans plan for the next round of improvements.

Funding and higher priorities have prevented us from completing the last bit of original SEO work and conducting another SEO review.
Backordered and Pre-ordered Books & Merchandise: Email Notification
(Re-evaluate Need)
As a site visitor. for books and merchandise items that are "out of stock," that is backordered or per-ordered, allow me to request an email notification when the item is back in stock so I can choose to purchase the item then if I still want it.BooksMember ExperienceDoug Canfield
Web Chang;webc@mountaineersbooks.orgSmalln/an/an/a33888313SD306 (5)5 points$1,375Ranked2018-06- Will do if the "charge & ship" option is too expensive. Can also do both!
- We implemented the "charge & chip" option. I suspect improvements that that are higher priority than this. Do we want to shelve this or is it worth re-prioritizing?
Import Events from Facebook
(Re-evaluate Need after Plone 5 Upgrade)
As Mountaineers staff I need to import events from Facebook (that I exported to a .ics file) to an "events" folder on our website so that I do not have to double enter items.BooksCost ReductionDoug Canfield
Web Chang;webc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumn/an/an/a33888139SD628 (8)8 points$2,200Ranked2018-06This will come with Plone 5, so it is very likely that we will not need to do this, because we need and plan to upgrade to Plone by by the end of CY2019.758987.3
Integrate eLearning into our Website
(Discovery In Progress)
Integrate the Learning Management System (LMS, aka eLearning) with our website so that when people are added to a roster in they are added in the LMS and receive appropriate course materials.CoursesMember Experience; Volunteer ExperienceDilek Bulat
Becca Polglase
Doug Canfield;;;LargeNon/an/a19765585Discovery
In Progress
2019-03Discovery project proposed by Jazkarta for creating a good definition of our eLearning needs, including implementation within our existing Plone website, is $5,940 (36 hours).
Donation Tracking Portlet
(Still needed/wanted? Re-rank? Shelve?)
A Donation Tracking Portlet (aka “Donation Thermometer”) that is based on a campaign’s goal and amount collected for a given date range will allow donors to see our fundraising goal for a campaign and how close we are to meeting it in real-time. It should have an option to display a graphic (like a thermometer) that changes based on the amount collected vs. the goal.
DonationsDevelopment (Fundraising);
Member Experience
Bri Vanderlindenbriv@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a14941914SD514 (5)
SD598 (3)
8 points + SF$2,200Ranked2018-08We deprioritized for development in FY2019. We need to determine if we still need or want this or whether we should shelve it.10108878.9
Organizations, Online Invoicing & Contracts
(Discovery Needed--see Comments)
Set up organization in our website so that we can sync them to the existing organizations in SF. This will allow us to connect contacts, activities & courses (Mountain Workshops), events (Program Center Clients) and lodge stays (Outdoor Center Groups & Clients) to them for better tracking. We'll be able to add invoices that the organization contact can pay online, taking advantage of our existing online payment process and Salesforce reporting. We can also allow members and guests to show their other organization affiliations on their profile by letting them add them to list displayed on their My Profile page. Some of the benefits of managing client, group and partner contracts from online:
--The digital contracts will eliminate paper contracts that must be mailed back-and-forth or returned in person.
--The digital contracts will be easier to find and review in Salesforce than their paper counterparts.
--Allowing staff to more quickly, efficiently and accurately create contracts for our facility rental clients, lodge groups, and Mountain Workshops partners
--It will be easier, faster and more efficient for approvers to sign and return their contracts.
Invoicing & ContractsEfficiency;
Cost Reduction;
Member Experience;
Volunteer Experience;
Outdoor Centers
Becca Polglase
Garrett Arnold
Carry Porter
+Lodge Chairs or designees?;; carry_porter@yahoo.comLargeYesOrganizations & Online Invoicing & Manage Client, Group and Partner Contracts from SalesforceOrganizations, Online Invoicing & Contracts Project User Stories17914396SD562 (8)
SD565 (8)
SD567 (3)
SD557 (8)
SD418 (5)
SD564 (2)
SD563 (2)
SD570 (13)
SD571 (2)
SD556 (0)
SD659 (5)
SD660 (5)
SD661 (5)
81+ points + SF$27,000Ranked2018-08Need discovery to compare cost of third-party solutions and potentially integrating them with the website (if we do not integrate, we'd be asking volunteers and staff to work in three or more systems to do one job). Very likely this means Acumatica for invoicing--if not, we'll need discovery for other third party platform options. We have done, but will need to redo, discovery for third party platform options for a contract management and document signing system.

[from Andriana Fletcher, former Sales & Events Manager]

I submitted an IT proposal for these two projects, which I find to be a very high priority. We aren't using SF in the way that we should be using it and any IT projects related to improving how we use SF should be a high priority, in my opinion. All of my contracts, invoices, and contact info are in the P drive under various word and excel documents. This is a crazy method and there’s no point in putting rental contacts into SF if I can't connect them to an invoice. Accumatica hasn’t been the amazing program like we were told it would be so if we could utilize SF to help track and create invoices, send contracts and manage clients information, that would be more helpful to how we organize our data and make all of our lives easier. It’d also make things look more uniform since I know the youth department has invoices that look different than mine as does Sarah Holt’s invoices.

I used to use SF at North Cascades Institute for everything and now I barely utilize it here because it’s no help to me other than running a report for the PC reservations.

This is just my reasoning why it’s a high priority. I didn't go through all the questions on the survey so this is my way of explaining why I find it important.

The other IT projects associated with me are a low priority. We can manage with Eventbrite for now. I’d rather be able to keep track of my day-to-day rentals in SF more so than focus on having tickets being sold through our website.

Incident Reporting and Tracking System
(Discovery In Progress)
Improving our incident reporting and tracking system based on Risk Management Assessment and Safety Committee input will allow our Safety Committee to more easily investigate, track, and report on accidents and incidents that occur at our activities.SafetyVolunteer Experience;
Nick Block
Becca Polglase
Tony Tsuboi;;; MediumNon/aIncident Reporting (restricted access)7002958SD52 (5)
SD465 (5)
SD466 (3)
13 points$3,575Discovery
In Progress
2019-04We are investigating a third-party system that may fulfill the Safety Committee's data analysis needs. This project may become or be replaced by an integration with a third-party. We are also are doing discovery with our Safety Committee to determine their needs and if they have changed since the develop of the mockups linkedin the "Supplemental Info" column. 838877.1
When Copying a Blog Post Do NOT Copy CommentsWhen copying a blog post do not copy any associated comments. Sometime we copy a blog post as the starting point for a new blog post. One example is our "10 Essential Questions" blog.CommentsInfrastructureKristina Ciari
kristinac@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a37747870GH2497 (3)3 pointsNew2019-05
Re-sync Failed Plone-Acumen TransactionsAdd a "Re-sync to Acumen button to receipt pages to enable Mountaineers staff to re-sync a transaction to Acumen. With power outages, Acumen posting, and server maintenance, this will make it easier to get any missed orders to Acumen without having to enter them manually.BooksBooks; InfrastructureJeff Bowman
Alison Crabb;alisonc@mountaineersbooks.orgSmallNon/an/a37747309GH2921 (8)8 PointsNew2019-05
Create Book and Merchandise Bundles in PloneAs a website admin allow me to create a book bundle from individual books OR a bundle from individual merchandise items so that we may better track inventory and books and merchandise sales.

The two issues we have with our current method that keeps us from using it:
1. There's no easy way to keep track of inventory digitally, and so creating a bundle involves making up stock amounts that is difficult to trace consistently.
2. Creating a bundle as a single product means having to go to another department (accounting) to create a Royalties chart every time. Creating a bundle out of books with different price points with different authors (who may or may not have different ways of calculating royalties agreements as well) results in just the biggest mess.

- As it stands now, we have to create a book or merchandise item in Acumen that includes all the books (e.g. the "Day Hiking Bundle" or all the merchandise (e.g. the "Pint Cup Bundle"). Doing this way is labor intensive, because we have to create actual bundles and keep track of inventory of the bundles and the individual book that make up the bundles.
- We would like this feature will allow us to group products in a bundle for presentation as a bundle on the website including a bundle price but be sent to Acumen as individual products to ship.
- Probably add a "bundle" object.
- Best to specify a percentage discount off the total cost of items in the bundle. May need to be a promo code from which chose.
BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumNon/an/a37562734GH2996 (13)13 pointsNew2019-05
Pre-order/Backorder vs. Shopping Cart ClarificationAs a user, when pre/backordering something show me a notification that this process is separate from my other items (if I have other available items in my cart).

I’d like to see some sort of alert during/before reaching “/delayed-shipping” page that back/pre orders are not processed at the same time as the rest of the items in my cart. Reason being I’d like to avoid confusion during/after user has input all their information.

Ideally, is it possible to…
1) Check if the cart is currently empty (if so, proceed as usual)
2) If cart /= empty, perhaps an in-frame pop-up? notification when user clicks on the product page’s yellow pre/backorder button with a message like “You will be taken directly to the pre/backorder process. The items in your cart will still be there when you are done!”
BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumNon/an/a37974079GH3072New2019-05
Pre-order/Backorder QuantityAs a website visitor pre-ordering or backordering a a book, allow me to enter a quantity that is applied when I click the “pre-order” or “backorder” button, and allow me to change this on the payment page, so that I may pre- or backorder more than one copy of a book at a time.BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumNon/an/a37940680GH3044New2019-05
Pre-order/Backorder User-applied Promo CodesAs a website visitor pre-ordering or backordering a book, allow me to enter a promo code on the payment page, so that I can receive a discount if one is offered. And display the automatically applied promo code the member discount. BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumNon/an/a37940632GH3045New2019-05
Add "Item Type" Select List to Universal Header SearchAs a website visitor, show me a list of content types next to the search box in the universal header so that I may choose the type of content and my search terms in one go.

– If viewing the Program global header, default this to “All.”
– If viewing the Books global header, default this to “Book.”
BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumNon/an/a37940611GH3048New2019-05
Adding a Section/Tab to Books for AwardsAn idea we had some time ago was creating an Awards tab, much like “Descriptions” “Reviews” “Video” — but at the time we decided against it because we thought it would be best to highlight it in the Description field anyways.

But now that the feed to our 3rd parties are being more restrictive on the level of HTML we can have, the above argument against holds a lot less ground.
BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumNon/an/a37961419GH3073New2019-05
Default Billing Address for "Checkout as Guest"When a user buys books or merchandise and checks out as a guest, use the shipping address they entered as the billing address on the page where we collect their credit card information. Or maybe it’s better if we add a “Billing address is same as shipping address” checkbox above the billing address fields. This seems like the better, more common user experience.

Do this for:
– Checking out without logging in, the multi-item “regular” shopping cart
– Placing a pre-order or backorder as a guest, the single-item shopping cart
BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumNon/an/a37940422GH2975New2019-05
Improve Author-Book Relationship in Acumen and PloneIn some cases, we have a contributor who has one role on one book and another role on another book (e.g. "by" and "Foreword by"). In these cases we end up with multiple contact records for the same contributor. In Plone, we have this covered with the "member," "book," and "book roster." In Acumen, we need to be sure that we have only one contributor record and use the "override role" field when their contribution is different from their primary role.BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgSmallNon/an/a37940527GH3050New2019-05
Add Shipping Address to ProfileAdd shipping address fields to contact profile and rename “address” fields to billing address. And use the shipping and billing addresses and defaults for purchase for logged in users.BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumNon/an/a37940503GH3062New2019-05
Improve address form fields so they are more consistentThere is an inconsistency among address field types on our forms—Join, Shipping, and Checkout. The shipping page is the best model, so the field types would be:

Street Address – plain text
City – plain text
State – select if Country = “United States” OR “Canada” and plain text for all others
ZIP – plain text
Country – single select
InfrastructureMember ExperienceJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgNon/an/a38794801GH3146New2019-10
Adding a "Related Items" Section to Book Product PageAdd a new tab alongside “Description” “Video” and “Reviews” for related items, especially blogs.

The idea is to present complementary content when the product page is the landing page, esp. considering the % of our page sessions are from New Users.

Aside from links to our blog, other items could be downloads, related events* — it’s also why I don't want to just call this tab “Blogs,” as it doesn’t necessarily reflect the full scope.

*Though personally, I think this should be its own tab, and would be pulled automatically from Author Events calendar.

I thought about just linking whatever it is in the “Description” tab via HTML — and it’s not off the table. But the way the “Description” field is used in external feeds (Amazon, B&N, etc. etc.) makes the less formatting used there the better.

[JeffB] This is probably best if it is lookup for desired content types and the item display is the summary view.
BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumNon/an/a37961377GH3074New2019-05
Include All Book Contributors in SearchInclude the names of all contributors on a book's team roster in the text search index. Currently I think only the person in the author field of the book is indexed.
BooksBooks; Member ExperienceDoug Canfielddougc@mountaineersbooks.orgNon/an/a38166190GH3167New2019-10
Improve My Profile Preferences ViewImprove how a member’s preferences are displayed on the bottom of their My Profile page and to minimize confusion on where and how to change (edit) them.

– Don't show checkboxes or data entry boxes with their “values,” because it makes them look editable.
– Remove help text, so that essentially only the field labels and their values are displayed and so that the view is more compact.
MembershipMember ExperienceKristina Ciari
Jeff Bowman;jeffb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a37951858GH3064New2019-05
Multiple Badges Within a CommitteeAs more committees move towards multiple leader badges, it would be helpful for committees to be able to easily assign more than one badge to their leaders (For example: Basic Snowshoe Leader and Intermediate Snowshoe Leader).

This would provide the ability for a committee to assign other specialty badges as well such as a “mentor” badge.

Committees should be able to assign these badges to a new leader or when editing an existing leader, and it would be very helpful if they could do all of it from within their committee roster.
CommitteesVolunteer ExperienceNick Blocknickb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a37059466GH2933 (5)5 pointsNew2019-03
Add Branch Council PositionsCreate positions specific to branch rosters:
Branch Chair
Branch Vice-chair
Branch Co-chair
Branch Secretary
Branch Treasurer
Branch Officer
CommitteesVolunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a33449902GH2746 (5)5 pointsNew2019-05
Embed EveryAction Advocacy Forms into Blogs & Pages
(Review Options)
As a site admin, allow me to "embed" content from other sources like EveryAction into our website so that we can have richer content offerings and a offer a better user experience for interacting with that content.ConservationConservation; Member ExperienceKatherine Holliskatherineh@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a36761722GH2924 (8)
GH2924 (5)
5-8 pointsNew2019-03We cannot simply allow any embedded content on our website. Doing so would allow users who have access to edit content via the rich text editing code window to enter potentially malicious scripts. All logged in users have a rich text "bio" field in their profile, and we allow all logged in users to submit the Trip Reports, the Route/Place Updates, Images & Resources Form, and other forms with rich text fields. That leaves a huge potential security hole in our system that would allow anyone to establish an account and wreak havoc.

We have two options:
(1) Switching from (3rd party) to noemed (opensource). It's 5 points + 3 points/item for ones not yet supported by noembed. Another caveat is that noembed needs to approve our request for new items.
(2) Allowing embedded content not supported by item-by-item (5 points/item).

It is probably best if we determine all the types of items we may want to embed to determine the best route.
Add "Applied" as a registration status optionAdd a status that the course leader could assign when they manually add an applicant to the roster, before they have been accepted or declined. eg. the Basic Climbing Course roster would have 300 applicants that were manually entered by the leaders. (this has the problems of communicating to applicants to create a guest account and probably too much admin burden for leaders). As students are accepted, they are moved to "offered" at which point they can pay for the course. All who aren't accepted simply remain on the "applied" roster. This would allow a quick report for following years to see who has applied multiple times.

Overall, the advantages to this "applied" status are: visibility for course leaders on who has applied multiple times; reduction of overall admin lift for course leaders running application processes; accurate data for waitlists so that we can see clearly where our pinch points are.
CoursesMember Experience; Volunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgSmallnon/an/a37158097GH2950 (5)5 PointsNew2019-03
Improve Course Application ProcessImprove the online forms so that applications can be housed on our website (which is ideal), with a prefilled field linking to a particular course, that the form builder creates. When the form is submitted, the applicant is automatically added to the "applied" roster, and the same process continues from there. This has the advantage of reducing admin burden, but it will require our online forms to be much easier to build so that our leaders will make applications in plone. Probably a much bigger project.
CoursesMember Experience; Volunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgMediumnon/an/a37747786GH2951 (13) 13 pointsNew2019-03
Convert Activity Template's Activity Type Field to be a MultiselectRight now we have a number of leadership clinics which we are having a hard time reporting on since they are categorized by activity type when really we want them tagged as both the activity like Sea Kayaking AND outdoor leadership.CoursesVolunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a32974681GH2752 (3)3 pointsNew2019-05
Automatically Add Instructors to Committee RosterWhen a person registers for or is registered for an activity as an Instructor, in addition to adding them to the course's team roster (if part of a course), add them as an Instructor to the sponsoring Committee's team roster as an instructor or check their instructor box if they are already on the Committee's team roster and their Instructor box is not already checked.CoursesVolunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a37748425GH2511 (3)3 pointsNew2019-05
Only insert new instructors to course rosterWhen an instructor signs up for a workshop or field trip then they are automatically added as an "Instructor" at the course level, I believe this is new functionality. However, if that person is already set as a course "Leader" then they are demoted to be a course "Instructor". It seems like the new automatic behavior should only happen if the person is not currently on the course roster.CoursesVolunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgNon/an/a38794591GH3157New2019-10
Flag and Ask About Employer Match in Shopping Cart for Membership and/or DonationFlag and ask about employer match in the shopping cart if it contains a membership or donation amount (mostly like we already do sans employer if a donation amount is specified) and sync that to Salesforce.DonationsDonor Experience; Member ExperienceBri Vanderlindenbriv@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a34069159GH2677 (3)3 pointsNew2019-05
Add "Don't show on my profile" Checkbox for Badge Roster RecordsOn the badge roster records add a "Don't display this badge on the profile page" checkbox so that those who wish to remain anonymous for that badge (especially donors) can do so. Note that staff only will have access, so it will be up to badge-holders to request this and staff to update it.DonationsMember Experience; Donor ExperienceBri Vanderlindenbriv@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a33353335GH2748 (3)3 pointsNew2019-05
Improve Committee-aggregated Feedback Pages(1) Add a "More Info" or make it so that clicking on the "comment" in feedback takes the user to the "All" feedback page for the activity, course, event, or lodge stay from which that feedback originated.

(2) Add a "Download All | Download Selected" button to the bottom of the page that downloads a spreadsheet file with one sheet/tab for each feedback survey (e.g. Course Feedback, Field Trip, Lecture, Seminar, and Clinic Feedback, Trip Feedback, etc.). Each sheet will have metadata (e.g. title, dates) from the activity, course, event or lodge stay and then the feedback responses in the columns.
FeedbackVolunteer ExperienceSara Ramsay
Amanda Virbitsky; amandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a37230589GH2954 (3)
GH2955 (8)
11 pointsNew2019-03
Improve My Feedback (Leader-aggregated Feedback) Pages(1) Add filters for (a) Committee, a select list of on which the leader serves), and (b) Activity Type, a list of our activity types.

(2) Add a "More Info" or make it so that clicking on the "comment" in feedback takes the user to the "All" feedback page for the activity, course, event, or lodge stay from which that feedback originated.

(3) Add a "Download All | Download Selected" button to the bottom of the page that downloads a spreadsheet file with one sheet/tab for each feedback survey (e.g. Course Feedback, Field Trip, Lecture, Seminar, and Clinic Feedback, Trip Feedback, etc.). Each sheet will have metadata (e.g. title, dates) from the activity, course, event or lodge stay and then the feedback responses in the columns.
FeedbackVolunteer ExperienceSara Ramsay
Amanda Virbitsky; amandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a37230511GH2956 (5)
GH2957 (3)
GH2958 (8)
16 pointsNew2019-03
Improve Activity-aggregated Feedback Pages(1) Change "Feedback" at the top of the page to the title of the feedback survey.
(2) Make the title of the course, activity, event or lodge stay a link to that item's details page.
(3) Add the leader's name and activity date(s) below the title.
(4) Add the title of the course template if the item is a course activity.
FeedbackVolunteer ExperienceSara Ramsay
Amanda Virbitsky; amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a37230475GH2959 (2)2 pointsNew2019-03
Add Feedback Links to Committee RosterOn the committee roster add a column link called"Feedback" that is visible to admins only for each leader (so there will be three links--Edit, Review, and Feedback). Clicking on the "Feedback" link opens the leader's My Feedback page details in a dialog box (aka pop-up). This should help committee administrators to more quickly review their committee's feedback leader-by-leader.FeedbackVolunteer ExperienceSara Ramsay
Amanda Virbitsky; amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a34771039GH2939 (3)3 pointsNew2019-03
Add Pronouns to Rosters and Profiles: Part 2 - RostersWe not only want people to be comfortable being themselves, but also to be celebrated for their identities and what makes them unique. In addition, we try to build a culture where we don’t make assumptions or pass judgment on each other. So if a person chooses to tell you their pronouns (in their profile or otherwise), they are simply letting you know how you can refer to them, without you having to make any assumptions.MembershipMember Experience; InclusionKristina Ciarikristinac@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a33457861GH3031 (1)
GH2887 (5)
6 pointsNew2019-12We divided this into two parts and did the first part of this, because it was very easy and Jeff was able to do about half of the work.
Update Gift Memberships Pricing PortletsUpdate portlet text for Gift Memberships to show new price. Right now on the gift membership page and on the next page it shows the original price for memberships, not the discounted gift price, and it should probably show the regular price crossed out with the gift price in red. So for the holidays (December) it will be 25% off, and for any time earlier it will be 15% off.MembershipMember ExperienceKristina Ciarikristinac@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a36055135GH2926 (5)5 pointsNew2019-05
Add a My Blog Posts Page to My ProfileAdd a "My Blog Posts" page to the My Profile area so that site users can find their own blog posts and blog posts by their favorite bloggers more easily. It's probably best if this page uses the blog_listing Display and is sorted in reverse chronological order by publish (effective) date.MembershipMember ExperienceKristina Ciari
kristinac@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a19767694GH2829 (3)3 pointsNew2019-05
Add Filters to the My Activities PageAdd these selects to the My Activities page as filters at the top of the page:
Activity Type (multiselect)
Trip Result
Participant Role
Participant Result

This is useful for leaders to review participant activity info for leader's permission requests. It is also useful for helping keep committee rosters up-to-date.
MembershipVolunteer Experience; Member ExperienceSara Ramsay
Amanda Verbitsky; amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a34125436GH2799 (3)3 pointsNew2019-05
Sync Promo Code Data to SalesforceSync the promo code data to Salesforce so that we can better report on promo codes, know when one that is scheduled goes live, know when one expires, and know if one was published.Promo CodesInfrastructure; ReportingWeb Chang
Jeff Bowman;jeffb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a37429147GH2966 (5)5 pointsNew2019-05
Hide "Payment Pending" from the Registration Status Field PicklistMake it so Payment Pending is not a status available for leaders/admins to choose from the Add person to roster dialogue box. Offered is the status that should be used to hold a slot for someone in a course and allows them to process payment. Payment Pending is the quick status that someone goes into when they have 15 minutes to process course and activity and lodge registrations in their shopping carts.RostersVolunteer Experience; InfrastructureJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a32667496GH2755 (5)5 pointsNew2019-05
Improve Activity Roster Download
(Question to Developers)
Include "all" fields in the activity CSV roster download after an activity is closed, actually any time is it downloaded. And re-order them so that they are grouped better.RostersVolunteer Experience; InfrastructureJeff Bowman
Michael Hutchens;mphutch1@comcast.netSmallNon/an/a36290986GH2929 (5)5 pointsNew2019-05The "big" question here is why the download is different pre- and post-activity close. This may be easier than predicted and so I asked the developers to take a quick look to see if that is obviously the case.
Add Secondary Emergency Contact InfoThe Member Profile allows you to provide an emergency contact. This works well, but if it is a spouse or partner, and both of you go on the same trip (as happened on a recent backpack I led), that contact is not useful. Leaders end up needing to request a second contact. (My co-leader wanted this from me; the problem hadn’t occurred to me.) For such situations, it would be helpful to have a second contact in the system. My suggestion is to provide the option to enter a second emergency contact and phone number, and where it is provided to have it appear in the leader’s roster.SafetyVolunteer Experience; Member ExperienceSara Ramsay
Becca Polglase
sarar@mountaineers,org;beccap@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a31953430GH2828 (5)5 pointsNew2019-04
Improve Text Search Results: Fuzzy Logic
(Review Options)
As a site visitor give when I submit a search with text search terms, give me search results that are "fuzzy" so that I get a better and more comprehensive list of items that meet my search criteria.

Notes: By "fuzzy" we're thinking of things like singular vs. plural (e.g. leader vs. leaders) and first names (e.g. Ben vs. Benjamin).
SearchMember ExperienceJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a37230223GH2837 (5)New2019-03
Improve Text Search Results: Spelling & Typos
(Review Options)
Add a feature or features that better handle misspellings and typos in text search strings. Two possibilities are: (1) a way to show potential spelling errors or typos like the red squiggly lines under such words, and/or (2) a feature like Google's "Showing results for {your corrected search string}. Search with {your original search string} instead."SearchMember ExperienceJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgTBDNon/an/a37230235GH2953 (2)
GH3006 (13)
2-15 pointsNew2019-03We have two options, one is a 2-point user story that we could do with monthly support, squeeze into an iteration, or combine with "Improve Text Search Results: Fuzzy Logic" (7 points total). The other needs a bit more discovery, but the developers think that we could make a Google-like "suggested search terms" for 13-20 points. It is probably best to implement the 2-point user story and see if that's enough.
Add Clustering to Map SearchWTA uses a cool cluster feature on their Hike Finder Map- this would allow us to show more of our listings on the zoomed out view. Experience; InfrastructureJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a34156612GH2893 (5)5 pointsNew2019-05
Consolidate Responses on Website Feedback Forms
(Question to Developers)
We updated the responses to some of the "questions" on our feedback survey forms. The aggregated data shows both the old and the new/edited response. To make the data clearer, we should consolidate the old and new response so that are counted as being the same.Web FormsVolunteer ExperienceSara Ramsay
Amanda Virbitsky; amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a36951922GH2922 (13)13 pointsNew2019-03There was a wide spread in initial estimates, so the developers will spend some time to get a better estimate of the true effort and options.
Allow Users to Edit Their Submitted PFG FormsAllow participants to edit PFG forms they submitted for a time period by add a small blue "Edit" button like we did for Trip Reports to the PFG submitted form view page. Add an "[ ] Allow submitter edits for [ ___ ] days (enter 0 to prevent editing)." to the Form Folder edit form. Default is 0 (zero). Includes enabling versioning on form response objects.Web FormsMember Experience; InfrastructureJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a11085180GH2757 (5)5 pointsNew2019-05
Prevent Multiple PFG Form SubmissionsPrevent users from submitting multiple forms from one PFG From Folder by adding a "[ ] Prevent users from submitting multiple forms" checkbox to the PFG Form Folder. A possible solution is to redirect user with existing response to their response object.Web FormsMember Experience; InfrastructureJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a11085180GH2758 (3)3pointsNew2019-05
Allow Chaperone Registration for Youth Activities
(Review Comments)
For youth activates that are not part of a youth program, enable the ability for leaders to set a chaperone capacity and for chaperones to register.YouthMember ExperienceKatie Lovekatiel@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a37100689GH2876 (3)3 pointsNew2019-04Though the estimate is a bit higher than expected, we'll probably want to do this with monthly support.
Registration Portlet Checkbox Update for Adult CourseFor an adult registering for an adult course (i.e. one that's NOT a Youth Program), display this text `The leader of this course has explicitly given me permission to register and I understand I may be permanently deleted from the roster if I sign up without that permission. I further verify that I have the skill requirements necessary to safely participate. {Request Leader's Permission}` if no application form URL is specified and the person registering is not a youth.

For a youth registering for an adult course (i.e. one that's NOT a Youth Program"), display a checkbox with this text `I have verified that a Qualified Youth Leader will be present for this all course activities. The youth registrant meets the age and skill requirements and has permission to participate in this course. {Request Leader's Permission}` for all youth. (Note that this is in addition to a required application form if an application for URL is specified).
YouthYouth ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a33068062GH2751 (3)3 pointsNew2019-05
Add Email Notification for CommentsMake it so comments on trip reports, blog posts, etc. send an email to the person who posted the trip report so they can respond and have a dialogue about conditions. We'll also need a way to opt out of this email.Comments
Member Experience
Kristina Ciari
kristinac@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a18468202SD642 (5)5 points$1,375Ranked2018-0692999.08.0
Allow Leaders to Choose Activity Template or Route/Place Image for ActivitiesWhen scheduling an activity, allow the leader to choose to use one of the the route/place images, the activity template image, or an image from their local computer.ActivitiesVolunteer ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitsky
amandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a18603061SD641 (8)8 points$2,200Ranked2018-067191087.1
Recommended Reading for EventsShow a list of the “recommended reading” when RSVPing for an event so that members and guests may more easily purchase books for events like BeWild and new book releases.
Member Experience
Doug Canfield
Web Chang;webc@mountaineersbooks.orgSmallNon/an/a18354346SD583 (3)3 points$825Ranked2018-06May do in Jun 2018 if time permits.68510107.1
Books Home Page: Social Media FeedAs a site visitor show me a Mountaineers Books social media feed on the home page so that I may keep up with the latest news from Mountaineers Books.BooksMember ExperienceDoug Canfield
Web Chang;webc@mountaineersbooks.orgMediumn/an/an/a33888175SD633 (3)3 points$825Ranked2018-06--Based on our early wireframe designs this is probably best placed at the right of the Blog portlet with the Events and Blog portlets made narrow enough to accommodate all three, much like the Programs home page.

--We'll probably choose Facebook, but how hard to make a portlet that is configurable for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? It's 3 points per social media feed.
Branch Admins Can Schedule Courses/Activities for any of their Committee's LeadersThis is important for people who want to help with admin on the website but don't want to be on every single committee roster when they aren't actually doing much work regularly for that committee. Needs to work for scheduling, trips, clinics & seminars, and course activities.CommitteesVolunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a33910372SD643 (5)5 points$1,375Ranked2018-06858997.8
Improve Committee Roster Management--Add filters to top of the page- narrow list down to instructors, leaders or committee members. Also includes instructor opt in/out checkbox.
--Add "last activity led" column to the sheet and download.
--Add 4 badge columns to the download so you can see leader badges, skill badges, course badges and instructor badges.
CommitteesVolunteer ExperienceTess Wendel
Sara Ramsay
sarar@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a34125430SD417 (8)
SD597 (3)
11 points$3,025Ranked2018-06839877.4
Add Ability to Exclude Instructors from Getting Registration Conflict Check for a Course ActivityMake it so instructors can be excluded from conflict checking but not participants. For example for pool play sessions for sea kayaking course we need instructors for afternoon and morning sessions but students we only want to be able to sign up for one session.CoursesVolunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a17647597SD667 (3)3 points$825Second to be done at end of FY19 development in Aug 2019 if we have a little extra capacity.2018-06105810108.8
Improve Instructor, Volunteer & Trip Leader RecruitmentMembers and guests can tell us about their volunteer skills and interests and we have a search where our volunteer leaders and admins and find them based on their skills and interests. We now need a way to filter them based on skills we have identified that they have (most likely course and leader badges) so that we can contact them email to ask for their help.
CoursesMember Experience;
Volunteer Experience
Tess Wendel
Sara Ramsay
Steve Smith; nickb@mountaineers.orgLargeYesImprove Instructor, Volunteer & Trip Leader Recruitmentn/a8718226SD477 (13)
SD478 (5)
18 points$4,950Ranked2018-081089868.7
Course-to-Activity Roster ManagementAllow an activity roster to be populated from a course roster. This will be helpful for our Summer Camps.CoursesYouth;
Cost Reduction
Becca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a17914378SD440 (5)5 points$1,375Ranked2018-087771097.6
Program Center Event "Add Activity" ButtonsMake adding an activity at a Program Center easier by adding buttons on the event details page that appear after the event is published. These buttons will start the activity scheduling process for the appropriate program center route/place using the event start and end dates.
EventsVolunteer ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitisky
amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a17914636SD460 (3)3 points$825Ranked2017-031051010109.3
Improve Event Detail Page ViewImprove the event detail page view so that it is more like those for other views like activities, courses and lodge stays. There will be some small reorganization of basic information (e.g. remove phone number), the addition of a tabbed nav area (map/address, roster, and details for volunteers tabs), and showing recommended reading.EventsMember Experience; Volunteer Experience; EventsGarrett Arnoldgarretta@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a17914141SD586 (3)3 points$825Ranked2018-0866810107.5
Sell Tickets to Events on our WebsiteWe have EventBrite as a “workaround.” It does cost money (fees) and some extra staff time (which can be equated to money). Once implemented, we will have a more fully integrated shopping cart and bet better able to serve and engage with our members and guests.EventsMember Experience; Volunteer Experience; EventsGarrett Arnoldgarretta@mounaineers.orgLargeYesn/aOrganization, Online Invoicing and Contracts Supplemental Info17914096SD669(tbd)Ranked2017-03Low priority per Andriana's 2/23/17 email. Our team thinks this is a high priority. Need to determine more specific needs so that we can have the developers estimate it.781010.07.2
Lodge-specific Sign-in Sheets (aka Print Rosters) As a lodge administrator, allow me to print or download a "sign-in sheet" specific to my lodge, so that I have the info I need to manage lodge stays and the activities that go with them.LodgesVolunteer ExperienceJeff Bowman
Sheridan Botts
Amalija Kopac
Michael Wynn-Jones;;; mikewynnejones@gmail.comMediumNon/an/a17383270SD649 (5)
SD650 (5)
10 points$2,750Ranked2018-06948887.8
Use "Age Group" Radio Buttons Instead of "Age" for Lodge ReservationsIs it better to use radio buttons for the age groups [i.e. one for Adults (age 14+) and another for Youth (age 13-)] when reserving a lodge stay than asking for actual age? What are the pros and cons?

Using radio buttons is better when one person is making a lodge reservation for another and does not know their age. I suspect with will happen a lot, especially for lodge admins who add hosts and other volunteers, as well as people who might bring a friend.
LodgesMember Experience; Volunteer ExperienceJeff Bowman
+Lodge Chairs or designees
jeffb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a17383420SD637 (5)5 points$1,375Ranked2018-0610381098.3
Add Family Member Lookup for Lodge StaysAs a logged in member I'd like to see my family members showing up when registering so I don't have to retype name/ages and this allows for better tracking in database of who is actually using the lodge.LodgesMember ExperienceJeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a32537245SD635 (8)8 points$2,200Ranked2018-068581087.8
Outdoor Centers: Cancel a Lodge StayAs a volunteer admin on an outdoor center committee, allow me to cancel one or more lodge stays for our lodge, so that members and guests will know that it has been canceled (on the website), that those who registered will be notified of the cancellation, and so that staff can issue refunds to those who registered and paid.LodgesOutdoor Centers;
Financial Risk;
Cost Reduction
Jeff Bowmanjeffb@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a19127521SD568 (3)3 points$825Ranked2018-087479107.2
Add Waitlist for Lodge StaysWaitlists will help fill open lodge stays. Data suggests that a few special events at Meany Lodge will benefit the most.LodgesMember ExperienceJeff Bowman
Sheridan Bottss; sheridan491@gmail.comMediumNon/an/a34200625SD555 (8)
SD560 (5)
13 points$3,575Ranked2018-06Waitlists for lodge stays are complicated and challenging both because of the potential for one person to make a reservation for multiple people and the number of nights for which they may wish register.

It may be best to keep a waitlist separate from the roster for each lodge stay and email the entire list if any amount of availability opens. Then it's back to a first come, first served basis. This is a "notify me if space becomes available" rather than our traditional waitlist functionality.
Add a Calendar View of the My Activities PageAs a logged in member or guest, allow me choose a calendar view/display of the My Activities page where I can see all of my activities on a calendar and subscribe to an iCal feed of my activities and events so that I can better manage my schedule. NOTE: Ideally we'd continue to have one My Activities page and add "buttons" to toggle between the "List" and "Calendar" views, even though they may be two different pages/links.MembershipMember ExperienceTess Wendel
Becca Polglase
beccap@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a33885085SD411 (8)8 points$2,200Ranked2018-06629886.7
"Registration About to Open" Email ReminderAdding the ability for members and guests to request an email reminder be sent the day before an activity, course or event opens for registration will allow members and guests to more often participate in activities that interest them.
MembershipMember ExperienceAmanda Virbitiskyamandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a38082727SD509 (8)8 points + SF$2,700Ranked2018-08878877.7
Promo Codes: Dollar Amount Discount for "Entire" Shopping CartAs a site visitor allow me to use a promo code that gives me a dollar amount discount on everything in my shopping cart up to the total amount of items in my shopping cart that qualifies.
Promo CodesBooks; Member ExperienceWeb Chang
Tess Wendel
Sara Ramsey; sarar@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a33887968SD410 (8)
8 points$2,200Ranked2018-06777787.2
Promo Code: Bulk Discount for Purchasing from a SeriesAs a site visitor let me use a promo code to get a bulk discount when I purchase a bunch of items from the same series (e.g. books in the Day Hiking series, backpacking courses/clinics). So we define "series" as any group (or bundle) of items of any kind (books, courses, etc.) that have to be in the cart for the discount to be applied.
Promo CodesBooks; Member ExperienceWeb Chang
Tess Wendel
Amanda Virbitsky; amandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a33887962SD484 (8)
8 points$2,200Ranked2018-06654685.7
Promo Codes: Bulk DiscountAs a site visitor let me use a promo code to get a bulk discount when I purchase a bunch of the same items or types of items (e.g. books, merchandise).
Promo CodesBooks; Member ExperienceWeb Chang
Tess Wendel
Amanda Virbitsky; amandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a33887962SD332 (13)
13 points$3,575Ranked2018-06654675.5
Improve Roster Functionality: Make Sort StickExample: If you want to sort by name, let the name sort stick while you make edits to other people on the roster. AKA Remember my roster sort."RostersVolunteer ExperienceAmanda Virbitiskyamandav@mountaineers.orgMediumYesImprove Roster FunctionalityRoster Improvements7166463SD581 (2)2 points$550First to be done at end of FY19 development in Aug 2019 if we have a little extra capacity.2018-08859987.9
Improve Roster Functionality: Badge RostersMake sure there is pagination and the ability to search on large badge rosters. We'd also like downloading rosters to be fixed. Also need to be able to bulk update expiration date.RostersVolunteer ExperienceTess Wendel
Becca Polglase
beccap@mountaineers.orgMediumYesImprove Roster Functionalityn/a19159321SD584 (8)8 points$2,200Ranked2018-08877877.5
Allow Safety Committee to File Incident Reports on Another's BehalfAs a Safety Committee admin, allow me to file an incident report on another person's behalf so that I can add an incident report from an in-person, phone, or email interview.SafetyVolunteer Experience
Tony Tsuboi
Bill Ashby; billa@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a33651541GH29305 points$1,375New2018-06Developer Note: Currently when an incident report is created its owner is set to the current user, to make sure that they can view it later and to make sure that we prevent someone from submitting more than one report for the same activity. So it sounds like we would need some additional UI so that someone on staff or in the safety committee could select the contact to create a report for. There would be a few moving parts and I think it's probably story sized.717896.5
Search Filter for Courses and Activities with AvailabilityUse cases:
* I am a participant and I want to only view courses and activities that have availability.
* I am a leader and I want to only view courses and activities that have leader availability.
SearchMember Experience; Volunteer ExperienceAmanda Virbitskyamandav@mountaineers.orgLargeNon/an/a16783972SD638 (13)
SD639 (3)
16 points$4,400Ranked2018-06Available or "<= x on the waitlist."949877.9
Course Activity Review Tool for Courses with 2-3 Course ActivitiesInclude some bulk review and update tools for courses where we only 2-3 required activities. For courses like WFA, Navigation or Basic Snowshoeing with just a couple required field trips/lectures make a roster preview and download that allows you see that a student is registered for all required activities and then their participant result and probably participant notes. This is probably exception report for a course roster compared to 1-3 activity template roster (on screen and download).SearchVolunteer ExperienceBecca Polglasebeccap@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a34401673SD664 (8)8 points$2,200Ranked2018-06939887.9
Activity Search Option: Meet PrerequisitesHave an option to filter out activities you are not eligible. For example, I am a glacier travel graduate who can do certain climbs, but not all. It would be neat if I could filter out the activities that I do not have the proper badge for!SearchMember ExperienceAmanda Virbitskyamandav@mountaineers.orgMediumNon/an/a16205272SD640 (8)8 points$2,200Ranked2018-06NOT courses, only activities.929887.7
Activity Search Calendar ViewAdding a calendar view to the activity search results will allow members and guests to more easily find activities that fit their schedule.
SearchMember ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitisky
amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a8683264SD501 (5)5 points$1,400Ranked2018-087581097.6
Single vs. Multi-day and Days of the Week Filters for Activity SearchAdding a “single vs. multi-day” and “days of the week” filters to the activity search will allow members and guests to more easily find activities that fit their schedule.
SearchMember ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitisky
amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a7910340SD502 (3)
SD503 (3)
6 points$1,700Ranked2018-086581097.2
Sorting for SearchesAdding sorting criteria to our activity, course, instructor opportunity, route/place, trip report and book searches much like we have for our site search will allow members and guests to more easily find what they want.
SearchMember ExperienceTess Wendel
Amanda Virbitisky
amandav@mountaineers.orgSmallNon/an/a6763345SD504 (5)5 points$1,375Ranked2018-087471097.2
Monthly Payment SystemImplement a monthly payment system for courses and youth programs (with start and end payment dates specified). It is important so that can eliminate storage of people’s credit card on file at the Program Center, a financial/payment security issue.
Financial Risk;
Cost Reduction
Becca Polglase
Andy Bassett
Chad Arveson;; chada@mountaineers.orgLargeYesYouth Program Payment Systemn/a16938802SD443 (20)
SD432 (5)
25 points + SF$8,325Ranked2017-04This can be used to make our expensive courses, youth programs and global adventures more accessible.889857.8