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Yellow=responded to 1st f/u email; purple=planning committee
responded to 1st follow-up
CountryInstitutionInterest in serving as mentor OR as collaboratoremail address
Interest in planning committee?
Would you like to help with the coordination of the project/s
Would you like to submit research projects / ideas (and what are they)?
Are you interested in connecting with other researchers?
Do you have any existing connections to universities outside the US? If so, with what universities? Do you have any additional comments/questions?Attending APA?
Do you have an Open Science Framework Account? (
Provide link to NICE Contributor Profile Page
Falu RamiUSAThe Chicago School of Professional Psychology collaboratorfxr4887@ego.thechicagoschool.eduYesYes
Yes- intergroup conflict, acculturation, corporate social responsibility and multinational corporations in international contexts, globalization and impact on culture
I hope to graduate soon and not sure how much longer will have access to my institution email address. Please also add
YesNoI don't have an account
Marija TaneskaMacedonia
St, Cyril and Methodius of Skopje-Institute of Psychology (undergraduate)
collaboratortmarija2408@gmail.comyesyesYes-Influence of culture on critical thinking YesNoI see this as a great opportunity for stimulating and emproving psychological researches in my country!
Khairul A Mastor0MalaysiaUniversiti Kebangsaan at this time.Yes, cross-cultural research on personality, emotion and religiosityYesYes, Waseda University, JapanI am open to any collaborative work - especially the one related to my area of expertise. Thank you.
Francois de Kock0South AfricaUniversity of Cape Town (South Africa) at this time.Not at this time.Cross-cultural issues in personality and I-O psychology (e.g., interviews, assessment centers, etc.)YesYes (South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, etc.)Interested to host PhDs and postdocs from abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, for research work.
Tabea Hässler0SwitzerlandUniversity of Zurich, Switzerlandcollaboratort.haessler@psychologie.uzh.chMaybeMaybeYes - Intergroup relations, social changeYesYes (we are currently working on a project involving 20 countries) Great idea!
Tammy Sonnentag0USAXavier University collaboratorsonnentagt@xavier.eduYesYesYes. Moral courage, moral rebellion, civil courage.Yes!No.
Stacey Frank0USATri-County Technical College (Faculty)collaboratorsfrank@tctc.eduyesmaybePossibly yesnoI would love to be a part of this! NoYes
Rhonda Balzarini0USAWestern University (Graduate student)collaboratorrbalzari@uwo.caYesYes
Yes-- (1) cross cultural observations of ideals (sexual and relationship); (2) and sexual discrepancies during the transition to parenthood- what buffers the detriments?
YesYes, Canada, Western University No, but thanks for organizingNoYes
Rachel Shamosh0USANew York University Collaboratorrachel.shamosh@nyu.eduYesYes
Yes: Applying for a Fulbright scholarship to do research in South Korea on language and cross-cultural differences in romantic relationships.
YesNot at this timeVery excited for the opportunity to collaborate with other Psi Chi members from all over the world!
Fran Sessa0USAPenn State AbingtonCollaboratorfms11@psu.edumaybeMaybeIdentity issues in emerging adulthood & perceptions of adulthood - crosscultural, bicultural samples; esp qualitative dataYesNo
Elisa Rapadas0USA
Saint Mary's College of California (Undergraduate Student)
Brittany Mihalec-Adkins0USAPurdue UniversityCollaboratorbpadkins@purdue.eduYesMaybeYes - international comparisons of issues related to maltreatment and foster careYesNoNoNo
Joy Tang1USAYoungstown State Unviersity, Ohio (Assist Prof)Collaboratoryjtang@ysu.eduYesYesYes - attribution, emotion regulation, self-knowledgeYesYes, US, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, UK, AustraliaGreat idea - I look forward to being involved! From f/u email, does have an active research lab/program
Erin Mueller1USAConcordia University Portland (Faculty)Collaboratoremueller@cu-portland.eduNoPossiblyYes - Cross-cultural comparison of meaning in lifeYesPrevious work done at University of Quebec (Montreal) and Catholic University of the West (Angers, France)No
Elizabeth Matteo1USAAlvernia University (Faculty)Collaboratorelizabeth.matteo@alvernia.eduYesYesYes- social identity issues, attribution, social-cogntive processesYesNo
I want to engage in cross-cultural research that I may be able to conceptualize, write and publish as well. I am looking forward to see how this collaboration will work.
Albert Ly1USA
Loma Linda University (Graduate - 1st year); University of California, Riverside (Undergraduate)
Yes - Culture and religion/spirituality's role in lay beliefs about health, illness, and medicine; health behavior, treatment perceptions and expectations, illness management, health outcomes. Attribution and experience in uncertainty and risk behaviors.
YesNoLooking forward to being involved with other researchers! Thank you for creating this.NoYes
Gloria MarquezUSACalifornia State University Los
Janina SteinmetzNetherlandsUtrecht Universitycollaborator
Hugo FernandezUSAUniversity at BuffaloCollaboratorhugofern@buffalo.eduYesYes But i would need more informationYes - Leadership perceptions and close relationships in organizationsYesNo but would be very interested in connecting with scholars around the globeWould like more information on this in generalMaybeNoI do not have one
Jon GraheUSAPacific Lutheran UniversityCollaborator graheje@plu.eduyesyesnoyessome, not muchnot right nowyesyes
Jason HannaUSAWalden UniversityCollaborator jason.hanna@waldenu.eduYesYesYesYesNoNoUndecidedNo
Emily SchwerdtfegerUSA
California State University Monterey Bay (UG gradutating Fall 2017)
Collaborator eschwerdtfeger@csumb.eduYesI would like more info about thisYes- anxiety levels emerging throughout the course of a college students educationyesnonono
Darian BoylsonUSATexas Woman's University Collaborator dboylson@twu.eduYes YesYes, workplace deceptionYesNo
I am the Psi Chi president at Texas Woman's University and would love the opportunity for Psi Chi TWU to be involved in any way.
Danah AUSALoyola University ChicagoCollaborator datassi@luc.eduMaybeDepends on what this entailsYes. Applying for a Fulbright in Germany for mental health in refugee populationsYesI'm VP of Loyola's Psi Chi. I would like to connect with psychiatrists as well as researchers in Germany and MENA
Astrid Schütz1GermanyUniversity of Bamberg, Germany (Faculty)Collaborator - does have an active research labastrid.schuetz@uni-bamberg.denonono
Lisa Bauer1USA
University of Missouri - Columbia (teaching faculty member)
Collaborator - does not have a lab but can collect data
I am able to collect data and have collaborated on cross-cultural research studies (as one of the members of David Matsumoto's Multinational Study of Cultural Display Rules).
Amy Holmes1USACatawba College (Asst Professor)
Collaborator (no current ongoing research program)
asholmes15@catawba.eduYesYesYes - divergent thinking in adolescence and emerging adulthoodYesNo
Vincenzo Paolo Senese0ItalyUniversity of Campania (Italy) (Associate professor)Either
Not at this time.maybenot presentlyYesJapan, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Colombia
Jose Alfredo Lopez Huerta1Mexico
Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, MX School of Psychology (Faculty)
Yes - Cross-cultural comparison of quality of life among caregivers of chronic patients, Social construction of health, illness and quality of life concepts; and the relationship between religiosity and spirituality with quality of life
YesNogreat idea¡
Ogba, Kalu T. U.1Nigeria
University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) PhD Social Psychology) and Cultural Attribution of Causality on Proactive Home Safety Behaviours.NoNo
Zornitsa Kalibatseva0USAStockton University (Assistant Professor)Eitherkalibatz@stockton.edumaybemaybeyes, cultural influences on depressionyesyes, universities in Bulgaria, China, Iran, Brazil, Japan, and others
Victoria Kazmerski0USAPenn State ErieEithervak1@psu.eduyesyesYes, nonliteral language in the workplace, current study on sarcasm interpretation based on power distance, statusNo
Randi Shedlosky0USAYork College of PennsylvaniaEitherrshedlos@ycp.edumaybemayberepresentation in entertainment media and impact on the narrative experience, stigmatization of psychological
Jill Norvilitis0USASUNY Buffalo State (Professor)eithernorviljm@buffalostate.eduyesyesPossibly--views of money and debtyesYes.  Fundação Getulio Vargas/São Paulo,
Heidi Dempsey0USAJacksonville State UniversityEitherhdempsey@jsu.eduYesYesYes/Cultural differences in emotion (particularly guilt and shame) and moralityYesI have connections with students in several countries, but not faculty or the institutions themselvesI would love to collaborate!
Eric Stocks0USAUniversity of Texas at Tyler (Professor)Eitherestocks@uttyler.eduYesYesYes/ prosocial motivation and emotion; moral decision makingYesYes; universities in Spain, the UK, and in Sweden
William Hazelwood1USATransylvania University (Undergraduate) Eitherwhhazelwood18@transy.eduYesYesNot at this timeYesNo
I am an RA in Transylvania University's Neuroscience Lab, and an RA at University of Kentucky's Stress, Trauma And Recovery Research Center. I am very interested in connecting with and collaborating on various research topics with students and mentors across the world. I am really excited about the prospects of working with so many great and diverse researchers!
NoYes -
Brien K. Ashdown1USAHobart and William Smith Colleges, FacultyEitherashdown@hws.eduYesYesYes - Identity issues; sexuality; and applying cultural psych concepts to international and NGO workYes!Yes, in GuatemalaIn follow up email, stated that does have an active research lab currently.noyes
Bernardo J. Carducci1USA
Shyness Research Institute, Indiana University Southeast (Faculty)
Eitherbcarducc@ius.eduyesyesYes. I have expereince with doing cross-cultural research on the topic of shyness.yesYes Japan, Italy, and Thailand
My collaborative research on shyness tends to be student-friendly and involves very little expense; from f/u email re: current research lab - I
also have a set of digital materials ready to send to begin a cross-cultural research collaboration with faculty members and students in other countries.  
Kevin A. HarrisUSAThe University of Texas of the Permian BasinEitherdrkevinaharris@gmail.comYesPossibly
Yes - My research team ( is gathering and reviewing faith measures with psychometric support - reliable and valid scales that measure religiousness, spirituality, faith, and the sacred - for a database and upcoming book (Measures of Religiosity, 2nd ed.). This is an opportunity for student/ECP collaboration and possible chapter coauthorship.
YesUniversity of Oxford, Trinity University of Asia
My research team does a lot of collaboration. We are in 8 states and 3 countries. See for more info.
yesI might
Elsa JiangUSAUniversity of Florida Eithercongjiaojiang@ufl.eduYesYesYes - Implicit attitudes, stereotypes; gender and age discrimination cross culturally YesYes. The University of Hong Kong, Zhejiang University in China, (Chinese) Academy of Social SciencesI am very excited about collaborating with other researchers. I am a native Mandarin speaker.
Danielle KrusemarkUSAFlorida State Universityeitherkrusemark@psy.fsu.eduyesyesyesno
Ayse IkizlerUSA
St. Mary's College of Maryland (Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology)
eitherasikizler@smcm.edumaybeDepends on what this entailsOppression and mental health outcomes, especially among, Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African (AMENA) AmericansYesYes - I have a colleague at The American University in CairoThanks--I'm looking forward to seeing this develop
Ashley MoroneyUSAArizona State University (UG, graduating F '17)Eitheramoroney27@gmail.commaybeI would like more info about thisnot presentlyyesnoI'm looking forward to further communications about this!
maybe (not presenting if I do)
Chris ChartierUSAAshland UniversityEithercchartie@ashland.edunononoyesyes, manynoyes
DanDan WuUSAHunter College (recent graduate)Either (open to lab/research opportunity)ddanwu421@gmail.commaybeI would like more info about thisnot presentlyYesNo
I would love to be involved in different research projects. Open to any opportunities. Fluent in English and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)
Stylianos SyropoulosUSA
Franklin and Marshall College (undergraduate, senior)
Either (open to lab/research opportunity)ssyropou@fandm.eduYesYes But i would need more informationYes - Perceived Feelings of Safety, Fear of Crime, University DelinquencyyesYes, Lancaster University, University of Copenhagen (DIS), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1st institution was part of a cross cultural study in which I am a co-author, 3rd institution is also part of that study, I am also partially enrolled in it, 2nd institution I studied abroad and took a class there, also studied abroad in 1st institution)Would like more information on this in general, Open to any research opportunities, especially cross cultural, social, law and crime psychology. Apllying for PhD admission in the Fall. President of Psi Chi chapter at Franklin and Marshall College. International student, Native Greek speaker. Fluent (native level) in English. Also member of DAX lab at F&M College ( (taking exams)NoI don't have one (would love to get one but don't know how)
David Gillespie1USADavenport University (Faculty)
Either (willing to mentor undergrad or grad); no current active research lab
David.Gillespie@davenport.eduNo Thank YouYesNot Right NowYesNo
Christina Brown1USAArcadia University (United States)-Faculty
Either depending on time committment - seems to prefer collaboration (does have an active research program)
browncm@arcadia.eduNoMaybeYes; self and identity; intergroup relations; dialectical thinking; and anything social psychologicalYesYes, I have collaborators at Korea University and at Nagoya University. I speak and read Japanese at an intermediate level ("limited working proficiency")noyes:
Fanli Jia0USASeton Hall University (Faculty)Either. Has a lab. fanli.jia@shu.eduYesYesYes: Moral development; Enviromentalism; ESL and AcculturationYesYes, Canada and China I am also looking for grad students who are interested in cultural or/and cross-cultural psychology to join my lab.NoNo
Sarah Savoy1USAStephen F. Austin State University (Faculty)
I am interested in establishing connections with other laboratories/researchers. I also would be open to mentoring undergraduate students or graduate students.
savoysc@sfasu.eduYesNoYes - Body image, anti-fat attitudes, and gender development YesNo
In f/u email re: active research lab - Yes, there are ongoing studies in my lab relating to body image and gender identity development.
Nancy Tiffany1USA
Rutgers University (MA, applying to doctoral program)
I would be interested in mentoring an undergraduate student to assist them with the process of research design, IRB approval, recruitment, consenting and data management. - stigma as a barrier to mental illness treatment reviewed in a cross-cultural contextYesNo
I am a Research Assistant working in Dr. Steven Silverstein’s Schizophrenia Research lab at Rutgers University in New Jersey.
Amy Hillard1USAAdrian College (faculty)Mentoring grad students or collaboratingahillard@adrian.eduNoMaybeYes; Stigma, discriminaton/prejudice, gender (objectification)YesNoIn f/u email - has small research lab with 2-3 undergraduates each Springnono
Martha S. ZlokovichUSAPsi Chi Central OfficeOpenmartha.zlokovich@psichi.orgyesmaybemaybemaybethose with Psi Chi chaptersyesyes
Vladimer (Lado) Gamsakhurdia
0Republic of Georgia
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Republic of Georgia (Assistant professor)
Open to any kind of cooperationladogamsakhurdia@gmail.comYes.YesIvane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State UNiversity; Caucasus university.
I am open to ny kind of cooperation. I would be happy to host someones visit in Georgia or supervise work, or collaborate in any sense. I am ready to participate in project managment of cross-cultural research as well covering south caucasus.
Kelly Cuccolo1USA
Graduate Student: University of North Dakota, Undergraduate: University of the Sciences, Philadelphia
Open to collaboration w/ faculty mentor (see comments)
kelly.cuccolo@und.eduYesYesYes - comparison of quality of life differences across the age span across cultures YesNo
I am currently working under the supervision of Dr. Richard Ferraro, working in a lab focused on eating research and cognitive research
Chuan-Peng HuChinaTsinghua University (Ph.D student)Yeshcp4715@gmail.comyesYespositive moral self-concept across culturesYesYes, hope I can contributeNoYes
Siyang LuoChinaSun Yat-sen University(Associate Professor) would like more info about thisYes - Culture-gene interaction and coevolution, culture neuroscienceYesYes,
Thomas Harlow 1AsiaUniversity of Maryland University College-Asiatharlow@yahoo.comYesYes Not presently YesNo, but am in Japan and plan to be in the Philippines
Roberta Rossi Grudtner0BrazilDoctoral candidate UFRGS Brazilroberta.grudtner@gmail.comYesYes
Yes - stigma as a barrier to mental illness treatment reviewed in a cross-cultural context, suicide prevention and neuromodulation for suicide risk
Yes, UFRGS and PUC-RS and UFCMPAI'm looking foward to engage this recruiting group. i hope i cant contribuit.
Cierra Garrow0CanadaLakehead University - Thunder Bay CampusCrgarrow@lakeheadu.caYesYesYes - Resiliency across cultures and protective factors against Trauma.NoNot at this time.
Silvia Mari0Italy
University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy (Associate Professor)
silvia.mari@unimib.itmaybemaybenot presentlyyesYes, many collaborators around the world (mainly Asia), especially facultygreat idea, thank you!
Monica Renee Policarpio0PhillipinesDe La Salle University (Philippines)reneepolicarpio@gmail.comMaybeYes - moral standards; mating preferences; consumer behavior; valuesYesNone
Angela Arriola Yu0PhillipinesUniversity of the
Not at this point--Areas of interest include Culture, acculturation, leadership, methodology, social identity, indigenous psychology, cross-cultural researches, wellbeing, emotion, personality, assessment
yesYes-University of the Philippines-DilimanAm finishing my dissertation in the next 2-3 months, so could take a more participative role around August. nono
Sara Alves0PortugalUniversity of Porto (Master's Student)saragouveiaalves@gmail.comNoMaybeYes - Social Psychology, Intergroup Relations e Politics/Political PsychologyYesYes, my University is in PortugalFluent in Portuguese and English.
Rúben Lopes Silva0PortugalUniversity of Porto (Master's Student)rubenlopess@outlook.ptNoMaybeYes - Social Psychology, Intergroup Relations e Politics/Political PsychologyYesYes, I'm from
Tosca Braun0South Korea
University of Connecticut (Clinical Psychology PhD Cand.; living in Seoul, South Korea)
Yes - Psychological trauma, stigma/discrimination, health psychology cross-culturally (obesity, eating pathology, oncology); mind/body interventions
I would like to connect with researchers in Korea or elsewhere in Asia. I would also like to know what the planning committee involves. Thank you so much for doing this!
Angela Meadows0United KingdomUniversity of Birmingham (not at this stage)No (not at this stage)Yes - Stigma/Discrimination - especially weight stigmaYesYes, several in the UK, Australia, NZ, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Iceland
I am in the final stages of my PhD so can't contribute time at the moment, but would be happy to be more involved in the future.
Thomas (Lee) Budesheim0USACreighton University (Associate Professor)budesh@creighton.eduMaybeNot at this time
Yes - cross-cultural examination of self-enhancement motivations; social cognition topics in general, but currently focused on questions regarding prejudice, stigma, and objectification.
YesNo active collaborations currentlyExcellent Idea -  I look forward to seeing what develops, and contributing where I can.
Tatyana El-Kour0JordanFielding Graduate University (PhD Student)tel-kour@email.fielding.eduYesNo (not at this stage)
Yes, cross-cultural issues in public health, behavioral nutrition, nutrition and mental health, psychological impact of immersive technology and media innovation on behavior and social change
Yes, I live in the middle east and have connections with many universities in the Middle East, including AUB and AUC
Thank you very much. I look forward to taking an active role and learning from the
Tanya Sharon0USAMercer Universitysharon_t@mercer.eduno thanks!can if neededYes- identity development across cultures, including emerging adulthoodyespossibly one in Taiwanthanks
Suzan Ceylan0TurkeyMiddle East Technical - Honor Culture, Attitudes toward violence against women, Self-determination theory, Social cognition, MemoryYesThank
Selena Kohel0USACottey College (Associate Professor)
Robin A. Anderson0USASt. Ambrose University andersonrobina@sau.eduNoPerhaps (e.g., stereotyping, prejudice & discrimination; environmental attitudes/effects)Yes
Nice idea. I'm at a teaching focused school (4 classes a semester plus committe service and advising) so difficult to maintain a research program alone.
Rebecca Kinsey0USABall State Universityrkinsey@bsu.eduNoYesI do not have any right now, but I would be open to working on themYesNo
Rachel Solomon0USASt. Mary's College of Maryland (B.A. in 2017)rjsolomon@smcm.eduMaybeMaybeMaybe- Outreach/Referral (particularly in mental health services)YesNoInterest in Latinx populations (I am fluent in Spanish)
Rachel Hayes0USANebraska Wesleyan Universityrhayes@nebrwesleyan.eduMaybeYesYes, parenting values and practices, prosocial developmentyesno
In response to the follow-up email: I am currently finishing up my dissertation and will start FT at Nebraska Wesleyan University in the fall.
Nausheen Pasha-Zaidi0USAUniversity of Houston-Downtownnausheenpasha@outlook.comMaybeMaybeYes: cultural wellness, identity issues, academic resilience and childhood traumaYesYes, in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, some connections in other countriesGreat idea!
Muge Sun (Grace)0USA
The George Washington University (Undergraduate)
sunmuger@gmail.comYesYesYes - Cross-cultural comparison of educational psychology; comparison of international educationl; immigration and acculturationYesAmerican University of Paris; China (Beijing Normal University)Madarin native speaker, fluent in English, French, Thank you
Michael Curtis0USA
Current (Graduate) - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Yes; social identifical issues, intimate stigma/discrimination across cultures, gender identification issues, consensual non-monogamy across cultures
Melissa Buelow0USAOhio State University (faculty)buelow.11@osu.eduMaybePossibly, in the risky decision making realm (cross-cultural differences) YesYes. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Universitat
Melissa Birkett0USANorthern Arizona Univeristy (faculty)Melissa.Birkett@nau.eduMaybeNot sureYesNone active (some in the past)Great idea; looking forward to learning more!
Megan Worner0USAUniversity of Central Missourimmw18420@ucmo.edunonomaybe yesno
Maaly Younis0USAUniversity of Northern Colorado-Doctoral Student youn4740@bears.unco.eduYesNot at this stageNot at this stage
Liza Veliz0USA
South Texas College (Psi Beta VP of Southwestern Region)
lveliz@southtexascollege.eduYesYesYes - Cultural differences in grit and gratitude YesNoWhat does the planning committee entail? Any collaboration with Psi Beta?
Lisa Connors0USA
Walden University-Candidate in Ph.D Psychoogy Program
Lindsey Johnson0USAFlorida Institute of at this stageYes
No, but my professors do (China, Netherlands, France) and we are the most internationallydiverse university in the US
Laura Vianna0USAUniversity of Washington (graduate student)lwhite5@uw.eduNoNoYes, influence of identity on choices related to health related behaviors Yes!Yes, UNICAMP (Brazil)
Kirsten Lesage0USAUniversity of California, Riversidekirsten.lesage@email.ucr.eduNoNoYes-Cognitive science of religion; transmission of beliefsYesNo
Kelly Pivik0USAUniversity of West Alabamakpivik@uwa.eduYesYesNone currentlyYesNo
Karina Sanchez0USATaft College (Student)Kaguilera01@gmail.comyesyesMindset( Adults 90s vs children after Dwek studyyesnono
Julie Lazzara0USAParadise Valley Community College (Professor)Julie.Lazzara@paradisevalley.eduMaybeMaybeNot at this timeYesNoNo
Joseph Melcher0USA St. Cloud State Universityjmmelcher@stcloudstate.edunoYesYes, if I get a good ideaYesYes
Joanna Korman0USApostdoc, Naval Research Labjoanna.korman@gmail.comNoyesyes, moral judgment of mental illness and interaction of these judgments / stigma judgments with theory of mind conceptsYes, definitelyENS (Institut Jean Nicod)
Jill Brown0USACreighton University (Associate Professor)jillbrown@creighton.edunonoyes, parental ethnotheories and parenting, kinship, cognitive categorizationyes, Univeristy of Namibia, St. Augustine University, Mwanza, Tanzania
Jennifer Thomson0USAMessiah Collegejthomson@messiah.edumaybemaybeyes - use of drugs and alcoholyesNo
Jennifer S. Feenstra0USANorthwestern Collegejfeenstr@nwciowa.eduYes.maybeNot right nowYesNoI have some connections in Romania and have done some research there.
Jen Knack0USAClarkson Universityjknack@clarkson.edumaybemaybeYes -- use of social media and health; social pain/bullyingYes!Nipissing University (Canada)
Jason Young0USACUNY-Hunter Collegejason.young@hunter.cuny.edumaybemaybe
Fear of crime/perceptions of safety across nations--what cultural and psychological factors moderate levels of fear; the influence of affect on risky decision-making
yesyes--The University of the West Indies at St. Augustine, Trinidad