Final Copy of In Depth Action Items By Bill 86th Legislative Session
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These documents were created to help provide guidance for required action resulting from the 86th Legislative Session. These summaries should not be considered as a substitute for the advice of an attorney or as an exhaustive list of all the bills. For more complete information about the bills described, refer to the actual legislation, which can be found at the link below.
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Bill NumberRequired Action?BeginsTopicsSynopsis
Grant OpportunityReporting RequirementsRequires Public Input, Presentation, PostingPolicy ChangeStaff Development/TrainingBoard Training RequiredTeacher Prep or Certification RequirementsCounselor Prep or Certification RequirementsPrincipal/ Superintendent Prep or Certification RequirementsCurriculum/ Assessment ChangeDistrict Improvement Plan ChangeMulti-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan ChangeLocal School Health Advisory Councils (SHAC)CharterOther
H.B. 961Yes June 2, 2019XXA school nurse may be a member of the Concussion Oversight Team. These individuals must maintain the same level or required training as other team members.
H.B. 963Yes June 14, 2019XAny school district that maintains a website must post the name, e-mail address, and term of office (start and end date) for each board of trustees member. If a website is not maintained, this information must be kept current with TEA who will post this information on behalf of the district.
H.B. 3YesSeptember 1, 2019XXXMultiple changes to requirements for school districts are included in this overhaul of the school finance system.
H.B. 18 Yes20-21 SYXXXXXXXXXA district improvement plan must include provisions for evidence-based practices that address the needs of students for special programs, positive behavior interventions and support that integrate best practices on grief– informed and trauma–informed care, and implementation of comprehensive school counseling program within a district’s strategies for improvement of student performance. Additionally, within the district improvement plan, strategies for providing elementary school, middle school , junior high school, and high school students information about higher education admissions and financial aid opportunities. Makes changes to the requirements for instruction regarding mental health, substance abuse, and youth suicide. Amends continuing education requirements for teachers to expanded to include instruction on educating diverse student populations who are eligible to participate in special education programs, eligible to receive educational services under Section 504, students with mental health conditions or who engage in substance abuse, and students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Staff development may include positive behavior intervention and support strategies (removes conflict resolution, discipline strategies, and preventing, identifying, responding to, and reporting incidents of bullying). Adds to the duties of the local school health advisory council (SHAC) to include recommendations on the number of hours required for instruction for students in kindergarten through grade eight to receive health education and for a school district that requires health education for graduation the number of hours of instruction that should be provided on health education that will include both physical health education and mental health education in grades 9 through 12. Each district must publish on their website a statement of the adopted policies and procedures regarding physical and mental health, resources available at each campus, contact information for the nearest providers of essential public health services (as defined by Chapter 121 of the Health and Safety Code), and the contact information for the nearest local mental health authority. Additionally, on the website, a school district must state whether a campus has a full-time nurse or full-time counselor. Before a school district can implement a Comprehensive School Counseling Program (as defined by Section 33.005) the school district must annually conduct a preview of the program for parents of the district. Requires school districts to develop practices and procedures to address early mental health prevention and intervention; building skills related to managing emotions; establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and responsible decision-making; substance abuse prevention and intervention; suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention; grief-informed and trauma-informed practice; positive school climates; positive behavior interventions and supports; positive youth development; and safe, supportive, and positive school climate. These procedures need to include how to support the return of a student following hospitalization or residential treatment for a mental health condition or substance abuse and for suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention. Procedures and practices can address multiple areas together.
H.B. 65Yes19-20 SYXFor each out-of-school suspension the following pieces of information must be reported to TEA: (1)Information identifying the student, including the student’s race, sex, and date of birth, that will enable the agency to compare placement data with information collected through other reports; (2)Information indicating the basis for the suspension; (3)The number of full or partial days the student was suspended; and (3)The number of out-of-school suspensions that were inconsistent with the guidelines included in the student code of conduct under Section 37.001(a)(3).
H.B.76Yes19-20 SYXRequires School Districts to distribute UIL produced information regarding sudden cardiac arrest and electrocardiogram testing information to any student required to receive a physical examination before participation in a UIL activity.
H.B. 81YesMay 17, 2019XPublic entities must disclose costs (through the Public Information Request process) for a parade, concert, or other entertainment events.
H.B. 111Yes19-20 SYXXSchool Districts and Open-Enrollment Charter Schools must adopt and implement within their District Improvement Plan ways to address sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other maltreatment of children including children with significant cognitive disabilities.
H.B. 114Yes20-21 SYXCounselors must provide a student who is enlisted or intends to enlist in the armed forces certain information within their first year of enrollment at the high school level. This information includes information regarding college credit awarded to veterans and military service members for military experience, education, and training obtained during military service. The Texas Workforce Commission and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board will be developing this information.
H.B. 305YesSeptember 1, 2019XAny political subdivision that has the authority to impose a tax one or after January 1st, 2019 and maintains a website must post certain information. A school district with a population of less than 5,000 people located in the district's boundaries and located in a county with a population of less than 25,000 is exempt.
H.B. 391Yes19-20 SYXA school must provide certain instructional materials to a student, or their parent, upon request to take home. These materials must be in a printed format so that the student has access despite not having reliable access to technology at home.
H.B. 403YesSeptember 1, 2019XXEvery trustee(every two years) and superintendent (every five years) must complete training on identifying and reporting potential victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other maltreatment of children.
H.B. 440YesSeptember 1, 2019XXFor Unspent General Obligation Bond Proceeds, a school district must hold a public meeting, called for this and only this purpose, approves in separate votes the use of these unspent bond proceed for a purpose other than to retire the bonds and specifically identifies what the new purpose of these funds will be used for at the time of the vote. For any debt obligation election, a school district must post on their website any prepared sample ballot information with the contents of the proposition.
H.B. 447YesSeptember 1, 2019XXA ballot for voter approval of the issuance of debt must include the following (1) A general description of the purposes for which the debt obligations are being authorized; (2) The total principal amount of the debt obligations being authorized; (3) The taxes sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the debt obligations that will be imposed. A political subdivision with at least 250 registered voters must prepare a voter information sheet that will be available the day to governing body of the subdivision orders an election. A political subdivision that maintains a website will post this information no later than the 21st day before the election ay and ending on the day after the date of the debt obligation election.
H.B. 496YesJanuary 1, 2020XXXThe bill requires all districts to provide for bleeding control stations in easily accessible areas on campus, placed and stocked based on determinations made at the local level. It also requires annual training on the use of bleeding control kits for relevant staff members and offer such training to students in grades 7 and above.
H.B. 548YesSeptember 1, 2019XRequires each school district and open-enrollment charter school to report the Public Education Information Management System(PEIMS) information disaggregated by campuses and grade regarding the following: (1) The number of children who are required to attend school under Section 25.085, are not exempted under Section 25.086, and fail to attend school without excuse for 10 or more days or parts of days within a six-month period in the same school year; (2)The number of students for whom the district initiates a truancy prevention measure under Section 25.0915(a-4); and (3)The number of parents of students against whom an attendance officer or other appropriate school official has filed a complaint under Section 25.093.
H.B. 638Yes19-20 SYXParents whose child died while attending school in a school district may request a posthumous diploma the year that child would have graduated.
H.B. 674YesSeptember 1, 2019XESC annual evaluations will include the following two questions: (1) reliance of a district on the ESC for assistance in complying with state education laws and rules and (2) specific state education laws or rules where compliance is the most burdensome or expensive.
H.B. 678YesJune 10, 2019XThe bill adds a foreign language credit for high school graduation for students that successfully complete a dual language immersion program at the elementary school level or a class in American Sign Language.
H.B. 684Yes19-20 SYXXThe bill, known as Sam's Law, allows a parent/guardian to establish a seizure management plan to seek care for a child who suffers from seizures while that child is at school. Every school nurse employed by a school district must complete a TEA approved online course regarding managing students' with seizure disorders. Any school district employee whose duties include regular contact with students must complete a TEA approved online course regarding awareness of students with seizure disorders that includes instruction on seizure recognition and related first aid.
H.B. 692Yes19-20 SYXA homeless student may not be placed in out-of school suspension unless specific actions are taken (outlined in Section 37.005 (c) (1) through (3) of the Education Code).
H.B. 811Yes19-20 SYXWhether a student is homeless or in the conservatorship of DFPS must be considered before a child is suspension, alternative education placement, or expulsion.
H.B. 1143Yes19-20 SYXA school district or open-enrollment charter school may not prohibit a person (including school employee) who is appropriately licensed to transport or store a handgun or other firearm or ammunition in a locked, privately owned/leased vehicle in a parking lot/garage. Additionally, the district or school may not regulate how these items are stored baring they are in plain sight.
H.B. 1244YesThe Freshmen Class entering High School in the Fall of 2019XThe bill adds 10 questions from the US Immigration Exam to end of the U.S. History End of Course Exam. How individual campuses and districts' students performed on these questions will be reported separately each year.
H.B. 1597Yes19-20 SYXXA school district or open-enrollment charter school may not prohibit a person (including school employee) who is appropriately licensed to transport or store a handgun or other firearm or ammunition in a locked, privately owned/leased vehicle in a parking lot/garage. Additionally, the district or school may not regulate how these items are stored baring they are in plain sight.
H.B. 1709YesJune 10, 2019XXState employees are only prohibited from acting as surrogates if they are employed by agencies involved in the education or care of a child. Additionally, the bill requires school district to notify the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) when surrogates are appointed. Finally, the bill clarifies that if a court appoints a surrogate who the school district finds is not performing their duties, the district must consult with DFPS to request that the court remove the surrogate from their appointment.
H.B. 1734YesSeptember 1, 2019XAny district building, regardless of state help, that a district draws a lawsuit on must be reported to the Commissioner by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested.
H.B. 1791YesSeptember 1, 2019X
H.B. 1999YesJune 14, 2019XThis bill makes extensive changes to how a school district (governmental entity within the bill) can bring a claim against a construction project for issues or damage.
H.B. 2184Yes19-20 SYXWithin 5 days of a students release from an Alternative Education Program, the campus administrator of the home campus an Alternative Education Program to Regular Classroom Plan must be coordinated.
H.B. 2195YesAs soon as practicable but not later than August 31, 2020XXRequires a school district to include in its multi-hazard emergency operations plan a policy for responding to an active shooter emergency. Additionally, all school district peace officers and school resources officers are required to complete an active shooter response training program provided by TCOLE
H.B. 2210YesJune 14, 2019X
H.B. 2526YesJune 10, 2019X
H.B. 2706YesSeptember 1, 2019XXThe bill allows districts to invest in fully collateralized repurchase agreements, commercial paper, and bond proceeds and pledged revenue. Additionally, the bill establishes a report on school district investment practices that could lead to school districts having to report their current practices.
H.B. 2840YesXThis bill changes the process of accepting public testimony in a public hearing.
H.B. 3012Yes19-20 SYXA school district is required to provide to a student placed in in-school or out-of-school suspension an alternative way to receive all course work provided in foundation curriculum courses of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. One option provided to the student must not require the student to have access to the internet.
H.B. 3145YesJune 14, 2019XA person appointed as a conservator of a child may attend that child’s school activities such as school lunches, performances, and field trips.
H.B. 3435YesMarch 1st Every YearXCreates Texas Girls in STEM Day to celebrate and encourage the participation of girls in this state in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The day should encourage girls in this state to consider career fields in science, technology engineering, and mathematics; and celebrate and honor the women of this state who have excelled in those fields.
H.B. 3630Yes19-20 SYXA school district, school district employee, volunteer, or an independent contractor may not apply, authorize, order, consent, or cause an aversive technique to be applied to a student.
H.B. 3650YesSeptember 1, 2019XA school district and institute of higher education will include within a memorandum of understanding requires the district and institution to consider the use of free or low-cost open educational resources for the courses offered.
H.B. 3834YesJune 14, 2019XXThe bill establishes required cybersecurity training required for all local government employees that use a computer to complete at least 25% of their job duties and any elected/appointed officers. This training is designated by DIR to be compliant.
H.B. 3871YesSeptember 1, 2019XXThis bill outlines the process a school district, open-enrollment, and private school governing body can request an engineering and traffic investigation regarding a speed limit around one of their schools.
H.B. 4310Yes19-20 SYXXIf a school district adopts a recommended or designated scope and sequence for required curriculum that district must ensure sufficient time is provided for teachers to teach and students learn the essential knowledge and skills for that subject and grade level. A school district may not penalize a teacher who does not follow a recommended or designated scope and sequence.
S.B. 11Yes20-21 SYXXXXXXXXXXA district must have a trauma-informed care policy adopted and plans for implementation. Open-Enrollment Charter Schools are now subject to certain sections (mainly multi hazard emergency operations planning(MEOP)) if Chapter 37 of the Education Code. Changes instruction regarding grief and trauma affect student learning and behavior from being allowed to count towards a classroom teacher’s continuing education requirements to requiring such continuing education. Amends health education requirements for all school districts that offer kindergarten through 12th grade. Expands what health will look like to include physical health, mental health and suicide prevention. Mental Health is further defined to include mental health conditions, substance abuse, skills to manage emotions, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and responsible decision-making. Suicide prevention education will include recognizing risk factors and warning signs. Adds to the duties of the local school health advisory council’s duties to include recommendations on policies, procedures, strategies, and curriculum to also include suicide. Additionally, adds strategies to increase parental awareness of risky behaviors and early warning signs of suicide risks and behavioral available community programs and services that address risky behaviors, suicide risks, and behavioral health concerns, including mental health disorders and substance use disorders. Adds required training for school district peace officers and school resource officers. The district or school must take action to ensure that each district employee, including substitute teachers, have classroom access to a telephone. This can include a cellular telephone or other electronic communication device that allows immediate contact with district or local emergency services. During the school safety and security audit process a district or school must certify that any safety and security allotment dollars received were used on appropriate expenditures. The MEOP must be signed by the board of trustees and the bill specifically outlines what must be included in the MEOP. Outlines the need for a public hearing if a district is found non-compliant with the safety and security audit process. Allows the commissioner to appoint a conservator if district does not become compliant and a board of managers if they still refuse to become compliant. The bill makes changes to who will sit on the School Safety and Security Committee. The bill adds to the responsibilities of the committee to include providing periodical recommendations to the board of trustees and district administrators’ regarding needed updates to the MEOP to reflect updated best practices. Additionally, the committee should consult with local law enforcement agencies on ways to increase law enforcement presence near district campuses. This committee must meet at least once during each academic semester and at least once during the summer. If a school district campus or other facility where students are present receives a bomb or terroristic threat, the district must notify parents/guardians of each student assigned or regularly uses that site as soon as possible. Each board of trustees must establish a threat assessment and safe and supportive school team (TASSST) to serve each campus within the district. This team is responsible for developing and implementing the safe and supportive school program at the campus that the team serves. Policies regarding the TASSST that must be adopted include: Be consistent with the model policies and procedures developed by the TSSC; Each team must complete training provided by the TSSC or a Regional Education Service Center (ESC) regarding evidence-based threat assessment programs; and Each team must report the information required by TEA the team’s activities. The superintendent must ensure each member of the TASSST has expertise in counseling, behavior management, mental health and substance use, classroom instruction, special education, school administration, school safety and security, emergency management, and law enforcement. One TASSST can serve multiple campuses within a district. Each campus in the district must be assigned a team. The Superintendent may establish a committee to oversee the operations of TASSSTs within the district. The members of this committee must have the same expertise as the members of the team. The bill outlines the process a TASSST will take when a report is made and what information must be submitted to TEA regarding their activities. Each school district is required to adopt and implement a policy requiring the integration of trauma-informed practices in each school environment. These include: Using resources developed by the agency to increase staff and parent awareness of trauma-informed care; and implementation of trauma-informed practices and care by district and campus staff; Available counseling options for students affected by trauma or grief. Specific training must be provided that is from a list of recommended best practice-based programs and research-based practices established under the Health and Safety Code, must be included in new employee orientation for all school district educators, and existing employees receive the training on a basis to keep them up to date with best-practices. The school district is responsible for maintaining records of who took this training and report the number of teachers, principals, and counselors who have completed the training and the overall number of these individuals employed by the district. A school district is encouraged to partner with community partner to provide these training free of charge. The bill outlines how the school safety allotment can be spent (what qualifies).
S.B. 12YesBegins in September 2019 and will be completed by September 2024XThe bill outlines the steady increase in employer contribution required for TRS. This will raise between now and 2024.
S.B. 30YesSeptember 1, 2019XBallot propositions to construct, acquire or equip a stadium (more than 1,000 spectators), natatorium,, gymnasium, playground, play area, performing arts facility, housing for teachers, technology equipment (excluding for safety or integral to the construction of a facility) must be filed separately from bond propositions for school buildings, new school buses, necessary sites for school buildings. This must be done even if these things will be built with or connected to a traditional classroom school building. Outlines what language must be included in a ballot seeking voter approval for the issuance of debt obligations
S.B. 139YesJune 14, 2019XA school district or open-enrollment charter school must distribute the created notification regarding the previously enacted PBMAS indicator on SPED identification. Schools must include in this parent notification local process for initiative a referral for special education services. Additionally, schools must provide this notification to parents by the requested or set date from the Commissioner.
S.B. 232YesBy September 1 each yearXA school district is required to notify by regular mail or email the parent/guardian of each student enrolled in grade nine or above that the student is not required to complete Algebra II course to graduate under the foundation high school program. information regarding the potential consequences for not completing Algebra II including the impact on eligibility for: Automatic college admission under Section 51.803 of the Education Code; Certain financial aid (authorized under Title 3) including: The TEXAS grant program, and The Texas Education Opportunity Grant Program
S.B. 435YesMay 31, 2019XThis bill directs each local school health advisory council to recommend appropriate opioid addiction and abuse curriculum for the district including methods of administering an opioid antagonist.
S.B. 500YesSeptember 1, 2019XGrant opportunity for $100,000,000 for a two-year period to provide school districts with the following: exterior door with push bars, metal detectors at school entrances. erected vehicle barriers, security systems to monitor and record school entrances/exits/hallways, campus-wide active shooter alarm systems (seperate from fire alarms), two-way radio systems, perimeter security fencing, bullet-resistant glass or film for school entrances, and door-locking systems. Per TEA- funding will be allocated according to district student population size. Minimum grant amount $25K whereas large districts (i.e. HISD, DISD) will be eligible for up to $3.3M. Grant applications should be going live in November.
S.B. 522Yes19-20 SYXAn Individualized Education Plan for a student must include instruction in braille and the use of braille unless a student’s admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee deems and documents that braille is not an appropriate literacy medium for that student. This determination must be based on an evaluation of the student’s appropriate literacy media and literacy skills and the student’s current and future instructional needs.
S.B. 668YesJune 10, 2019XXXPersistence of beginning teachers will now be reported through PEIMS. School districts and open-enrollment charter schools may now make instructional materials requests throughout the year (removed June 1st deadline). School districts are no longer required to report the use of an Epipen to the Commissioner of Education or the Electricity, Water and Natural Gas usage. An Open-Enrollment Charter School or their Charter holder may provide written notice on opening another school or expanding 18 months before the opening date and are not required to open that new building or school if this notice is submitted.
S.B. 712YesJune 10, 2019XA school district, school district employee, volunteer, or an independent contractor may not apply, authorize, order, consent, or cause an aversive technique to be applied to a student.
S.B. 820YesSeptember 1, 2019XXXEvery school district adopt a cybersecurity policy to secure district cyberinfrastructure against attacks and determine current risk levels to implement mitigation planning. Additionally, the bill, through an appointed cybersecurity coordinator in each district, requires any attack or cybersecurity incident be reported to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and parents/guardians notified.
S.B. 869YesJune 14, 2019XXEach school district and open-enrollment charter school must adopt and administer a policy for the care of students with food allergies that is based on "Guidelines for the Care of Students with Food Allergies At-risk of Anaphylaxis". This plan must be annually reviewed and if needed revised. The TEA created summary of guidelines on this topic must be posted to the school district and open-enrollment charter school website. If a school asks for information from a parent (on a form) regarding food allergies instructions for accessing the summary must be included.
S.B. 1276YesMay 28, 2019XAdds to the requirements of what must be included in a memorandum of understanding between a school district and public institution of higher education to provide a dual credit program. The language added includes: Must establish a common advising strategies and terminology related to dual credit and college readiness; Provide for the alignment of high school endorsements and the dual credit courses. The courses offered need to apply towards high school endorsements, include postsecondary pathways, credentials at the institution, or industry certifications Identify tools (including those developed by the Texas Education Agency, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, or the Texas Workforce Commission) to assist school counselors, students, and families in selecting endorsements offered by the district and dual credit courses offered through the program.
S.B. 1306Yes19-20 SYXFor each district campus, a school district must post the email address, dedicated telephone number and clearly identify the campus behavior coordinator. If exempt from the campus behavior coordinator requirement through a district of innovation plan the school district must post information of the campus administrator responsible for student discipline.
S.B. 1374Yes19-20 SYXAllows a student to be concurrently enrolled in Algebra I and Geometry.
S.B. 1376Yes19-20 SYXThe bill changes who is able to provide extracurricular activity safety training program. This is now determined by the UIL rather than the district. Additionally, the bill includes multiple repealers like the energy efficient light bulb program, and recycle programs.
S.B. 1451Yes19-20 SYXXThis bill prohibits a school district from giving a deficient mark on a teacher's evaluation for removing a student from the classroom. Additionally, the bill states a student removed from the classroom for discipline issues should not be considered absent for PEIMS.
S.B. 1476Yes19-20 SYXThis bill works to correct an unintended consequence from last session regarding reporting inappropriate relationships to SBEC. The bill clarifies that a superintendent or administrator does not have to report an educator's alleged incident of misconduct if the educator did not engage in the alleged incident.
S.B. 1557Yes19-20 SYXX"Military-connected student" is redefined to simply state a dependent of a current or former member of the United States Military. Previously code listed the different branches of the armed forces. Additionally, the bill establishes the Purple Star Campus program to allow school districts to provide additional support and programs for military-connected families and students.
S.B. 1679Yes19-20 SYXAdds new language that a child that is eligible for pre kindergarten classes at the age of three and enrolls is still eligible for prekindergarten the following year (as a four year old).
S.B. 1707YesJune 2, 2019XXThe bill clarifies the duties of on-campus law enforcement, which do not include routine discipline enforcement, by requiring each district that employs such personnel to develop a policy outlining the duties and expectations of district peace officers, resource officers, and other security personnel. To ensure such duties complement existing student discipline practices, the bill requires the policy to be adopted with the input from the campus behavior coordinator and any other relevant district employees who deal with student behavioral issues.
S.B. 1746YesJune 2, 2019XAdds a student who has been incarcerated or has a parent or guardian who has been incarcerated, within the lifetime of the student, in a penal institution to the list of students to be identified as a "student at risk of dropping out of school".
S.B. 1828Yes19-20 SYXEstablishes Holocaust Remembrance Week
S.B. 2075Yes19-20 SYXSchool districts are required to notify parents/guardians about the Texas State Library and Archives Commission Audiobook program for children with dyslexia and other reading disorders.
S.B. 2135YesSeptember 1, 2019XThis bill increases the notice by law enforcement to the superintendent for the purpose of conducting a threat assessment or to prepare a safety plan related to the student. A school board may also enter into a memorandum of understanding with a law enforcement agency regarding the exchange of information relevant to conducting a threat assessment or preparing a safety plan. Finally, the bill updates the Family Code to add superintendents to the list of persons who may inspect or copy records for the purpose of conducting a threat assessment.
S.B. 2283YesSeptember 1, 2019XA person who has committed a felony is ineligible to serve on the board of trustees for a school district.
S.B. 2432Yes19-20 SYXThe bill adds the offense of harassment by a student against a school employee to the list of so-called mandatory removals to a DAEP.
H.B. 7PermissiveXThe Office of the Governor will be creating a list of statutes that need to be suspended in the event of a disaster declaration. School Districts may be called upon to provide insight into which statutes would help them react, respond or recover from a disaster.
H.B. 293PermissiveJune 7, 2019XIf a School District does not invest district funds, deposit into an interest-bearing account, or authorized certificate the district is no longer required to attend an annual training regarding investment responsibilities for school financial officers.
H.B. 1387Permissive19-20 SYXXThe previous school marshal caps have been removed. This is now a board decision.
H.B. 2243PermissiveXThe bill adds language stating that each school district, open-enrollment charter school, and private school may adopt and implement a policy giving a school nurse the ability to maintain and administer asthma medicine at each campus in the district or school.
H.B. 2325PermissiveXThe bill will possibly include school districts. The bill directs state organizations to determine an effective communication method before, during, and after a natural disaster. This could possibly include school communication methods.
H.B. 2778PermissiveXThe bill raises the population minimum from 46,000 to 55,000 for joint election agreement allocation of expenses.
H.B. 2820Permissive
H.B. 2826Permissive
H.B. 2868PermissiveSeptember 1, 2019XAllows interior design services to be considered professional services.
H.B. 4205Permissive20-21 SYXEstablishes an alternative accountability intervention provision that creates an accelerated campus excellence turnaround plan.
S.B. 943PermissiveXExtensively amends the process for which public information can be withheld due to its proprietary nature.
S.B. 944 PermissiveXExtensively amends the definition and preservation of public information. Identifies the need for employees to return public information back the governmental body.
S.B. 981PermissiveXCreates a disaster SNAP food program that could rely heavily on schools in the event of a disaster.
S.B. 2073PermissiveXAllows a teacher's contract minimum number of days to be reduced to equal or be proportional to the number of days the students are present.
H.B. 771PermissiveThe bill changes language that a political subdivision must follow for proper placement of signs regarding cell phone usage and changes the responsible party to the jurisdiction of the local authority. Adds school bus drivers to those individuals that may not use a wireless communication device with a minor passenger on the bus unless the bus is stopped. This does not include the use of a wireless communication device in the performance of the operator’s duties as a bus driver (i.e. two-way radio).
H.B. 2424PermissiveAllows a child to enroll in a district if a piece of a parcel of land that they live on is located within the districts bounds.
H.B. 452No (Local)
H.B. 2633No (Local)
S.B. 2018No (Local)
H.B. 6No
H.B. 19No
H.B. 165No
H.B. 234No
H.B. 277No
H.B. 295No