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General tasks can be taken at any time and are repeatable unless otherwise stated. Special tasks are limited in slots and can be a first come first serve basis if noted. Drask Association tasks are set specifically in Shaarnath, and unless noted they are treated like General tasks and can be taken by multiple parties. Tasks highlighted in red indicate they are completely closed, orange indicates they have been commented to, and no highlights means no one has taken them. To see who all has taken the task, hover over the Availability cell to see the note. There is a small black arrow over the cell. For more information and/or to sign up for a task, refer to this page: http://simpathis.dreamwidth.org/9140.html. Jobs & Businesses are in the next tab.
Job IDRequesterDescriptionRewardAvailabilityJob IDRequesterDescriptionRewardAvailability
GT0701Anonymous ResearcherI'm studying the various effects of jokes to one's mood. Kindly give this crystal to someone, then tell them a joke. Whatever they will feel after that will be recorded in this crystal.30 sylvs per joke/crystalOpenST0701AgnesI heard a BEARDED unicorn exists! They can be found in the woods, and only the pure of heart or those with beards can find them. Bring me some hair from its beard!350 sylvs and a bag of jelly beansOpen
GT0702Party PlannersIn light of Helisium (ha ha!) coming up, we need some helping hands for decoration-making, stage preparation, mask-designing, and more. We're also looking for people who can conduct dance lessons to those who don't know how to dance. 100 sylvsOpenST0702Power FightersWe're hosting a month-long fighting tournament. Show us your skills and beat the competition. What awaits the victor is money, fame, and everything else! (Disclaimer: The Power Fighters do not promise to give the winner anything they want.)1,500 sylvs for each necklace; an additional 10,000 sylvs for the grand prize winnerOpen
GT0703Dominique's PizzaAll our delivery boys are on strike because we refuse to give them bikes. We need some people to be our delivery boys/girls for the month!30 sylvs/dayOpenST0703Verens Law EnforcementWe've discovered that there are groups of people smuggling Sosyne's scales into the city. They're being sold at a very high price, and we need these smugglers caught. Please return all scales to our office so we can properly dispose of them.300 sylvs for each scale returned; 3,000 sylvs for catching a smugglerOpen
GT0704Red ClubWe won last month, and now we control 60% of Verens. We need to take the Blue Club down finally. . . come to the woods any time between 3-6PM. We've set up some tracks there for airbike racing. Just find a filthy Blue to race against; we're tallying our wins.20 sylvs/win; a cool red ballpen, and a red capOpenST0704Diateris Restoration CommitteeThe Flower Festival grounds and a part of the abandoned city were covered in lava, thanks to what happened last month. We know it's dangerous, but we'd really appreciate anybody who can help us get rid of the lava. We need to clean Diateris up and fix everything that's been destroyed.2,000 sylvs/dayOpen
GT0705Blue ClubWe'll do better this month! We've scheduled races in the tracks in the woods every 3-6PM. Find a Red to race against, beat them, and shove their face in the mud!20 sylvs/win; a cool blue notebook, and a pair of blue sandalsOpenST0705Stinefee BankWe'd like to thank all those who helped test our security system. It helped us immensely, and we now know which areas to strengthen so we won't get more intruders.
Now, we're looking for some people who can come to our security agency's office and try to defuse a bomb we've built. Just come to the office and get timed during this whole activity. You'll be compensated for your time.
1,000 sylvsOpen to groups of 2 or more
GT0706The Royal Kassopea TroupeAs thanks to all volunteers who helped evacuate people from Verens, we'd like to prepare a stage play/musical. We're looking for people who can sing, act, and dance. Anybody who wants to work behind the scenes is more than welcome to join, too. The play we'll be performing is called The Tiger Emperor.Anything on set - whether it's your costume, a backdrop, the curtains, whatever!OpenST0706Mark EnslinLately, the girls who have been haunting my house have stopped pranking us. We can hear them running around and crying at night. I think they're being chased by some kind of superior ghost. If anyone can help us get rid of this ghost, I think that'd make both my wife and I, and the girls happy!10,000 sylvs for successOpen
GT0707Sharnaath Parks and RecreationFor some reason, flowers won't stop growing in all of our parks! We've tried to cut some of them, but there's still so many! Please come to Sharnaath, grab a bouquet or two or fifty!30 drasks for each bouquet you getOpenST0707Beastmaster Hunting GuildMost of the monsters don't offer status effects now, but you need to be careful, anyway!

- Brokers: Armoured goblins who pickpocket anybody nearby. They fight with swords twice as big as them. Their voices are also high-pitched and annoying. They're very fast and could stop your movements for a few seconds if you make eye contact with them! They can be found in the outskirts of the city.
- Entries: Human-sized tentacled bugs that travel underground. They attack by sending their tentacles through the ground and attacking their prey from below. Their teeth are just as painful, if they start biting you, too! They can be found in open spaces such as plains, the forest, the mountains, etc.
- Orracts: They resemble dragons! They're loud and screech a lot. They will swoop out of nowhere, which makes them difficult to spot until they attack you. What's more, they can only be found where there's water - so lakes, rivers, etc. They fight with their claws, wings, and their mouth. They can breathe fire.
- Serne: Failed experiments when a group of scientists tried cloning goats. They look like fish with legs, but can morph and copy whatever they have their eyes on. They can copy the physical appearance, voice, and innate abilities of a person. Beat them using Dunamis - they won't be able to counter those! Travel to the ruins to find these monsters.
- 3,000 sylvs/Broker (repeatable)
- 5,000 sylvs/Entry (repeatable)
- 7,000 sylvs/Orract (repetable)
- 8,500 sylvs/Serne (non-repeatable)
Open to groups of 2 or more
GT0708Vanille IosWhat's better than a cool slushie on a hot summer day? Come to Vanille Ios and try our excellent slushies! Pick any fruit - we'll make a slushie out of it! Pick any topping - we'll add it to the slushie! If you bring a friend, your slushie is free! We're also hiring!free slushie if you bring a friend; 40 sylvs/hour if you apply to workOpenST0708Show TucksonI'm going away for a month to travel, and I need some people to come to my house and take care of my dogs. They need attention and they only eat the meat of trigeons. Catch some in the woods near my house and cook their breasts. I'll be paying in "sylvs", but I'm not sure if my conversion is right. Anyway, I'd appreciate any help.300 sylvs/day; whatever food is in the houseOpen to groups of 2 or more
GT0709Honey Bee ParkGreetings! We're a newly-opened waterpark. Due to all the snow that's amassed the past month, we need some assistance in cleaning up the pools and all other amenities. Please come over at any time, grab the cleaning gear, and start cleaning. You're free to use the pools once they're clean.60 sylvsOpenST0709Zac SuiWe need some people to come to Sharnaath and deliver these new dresses we made. They're made from sand wurm skin, so they're very expensive! Please take care of them, and make sure they aren't exposed to the sunlight!500 drasksOpen
GT0710Ladybug Pre-SchoolWe're seeking talented artists and storytellers to make a storybook for the children. You're free to make the story about anything you like, just make sure it has a happy ending!30 sylvs/bookOpenST0710Verens Development AgencyThe carnival that was here last month left a LOT of work. There are a bunch of mirror shards all over the town square that we don't have time to clean up. Just pick them up and put them in a trash bag. Just watch out since these mirrors like to show memories of your childhood when they're touched. Sometimes, it's not even childhood memories, but your dreams or things you wish would happen to you. Can you believe my co-worker saw me kissing our boss in one of the shards? Embarrassing!500 sylvs for a successful clean upOpen
GT0711Min's Tea HouseAll these negative emotions recently have been just terrible for our tea leaves. Instead of soothing and relaxing, our customers are getting bitter and angry. No one wants to pay for that kind of experience! We're losing so many customers here. We need people with calm natures to come tend our plants for no more than an hour each day, at least until the plants recover. We're willing to pay you for your time, plus all the tea you can drink in that time.40 sylvs/hour; all the tea you wantOpenST0711DokkThere was an avalanche up in the mountains and some of the roads to the mines have been blocked. We can't move the boulders that fell, though. We need some sort of magic. One of the geezers who live up here said that we need people to feel positive things about the person closest to them or something and the rocks will move on their own. What kind of baloney is that?! Anyway - if you're some kind of emotion magic user, we need you up here.500 sylvsOpen
GT0712Ryuunosuke NaruhodouLooking for someone interested in doing some housekeeping or someone who likes to clean. It's embarrassing to admit, but our home hasn't been as well tended to as we like and we could use some help tidying the home to be more presentable during business hours. Just in case we need to move something in Holmes' study, be able to handle sensitive equipment.
People who need not apply are: Snake people, nosy nellies, people with sticky fingers, people who hate cats-
200 sylvs/hour, a potential permanent job if interestedOpenST0712Verens Restoration CommitteeThere's still a lot to be done to clean up the mess Elios left behind. We need volunteers to help with any of the following:
- Patch up holes left by tendrils
- Clear out leftover ice patches
- Destroy or push over remaining pieces of the ice wall (priority: near populated areas)
75 sylvs/hrOpen
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