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General tasks can be taken at any time and are repeatable unless otherwise stated. Special tasks are limited in slots and can be a first come first serve basis if noted. Drask Association tasks are set specifically in Shaarnath, and unless noted they are treated like General tasks and can be taken by multiple parties. Tasks highlighted in red indicate they are completely closed, orange indicates they have been commented to, and no highlights means no one has taken them. To see who all has taken the task, hover over the Availability cell to see the note. There is a small black arrow over the cell. For more information and/or to sign up for a task, refer to this page: http://simpathis.dreamwidth.org/9140.html. Jobs & Businesses are in the next tab.
Job IDRequesterDescriptionRewardAvailabilityJob IDRequesterDescriptionRewardAvailability
GT0401Verens Gardenening AssociationOn a recent trip to the surface, one of our members (MATILDA BAKER CUNNINGHAM) fell in love with some flowering vines she saw in Theasthai and decided to bring them up here. Unfortunately, they've proven to be a lot hardier and more invasive than originally thought, and they're ruining our incredible garden! Not to mention tearing our dresses and muddying them up... Regardless, we'd like people with sharp tools and sharper wits to come help us out. If you could figure out a way to burn them without sending the rest of our garden up in flames too, that would be nice.750 sylvsOpenST0401Tost ItosMy neighbor's house is super ugly. I hate looking at it. Tear it down and use the materials to make my house bigger and better.20,000 sylvsOpen to a group of 3 or more; carpentry experience not required
GT0402Magnificent Arboreal Decoration Science CenterBring joy and delight to the annual Zephyras festival with Project Topiary! Learn how to clip and shape a hedge alongside our skilled garden technicians! Fill our verdant animals with the power of your emotions! Watch in delight as they roam the streets on leafy appendages!120 sylvs/animated beastOpenST0402ZaveidSomeone experienced enough to recreate a pair of leather pants that got severely water damaged. Contact for further details. Cost of materials, overhead, and laborOnly experienced clothiers/leatherworkers can complete the task. More than one person is welcome to inquire, but Zaveid will only be commissioning one pair of pants.
GT0403Frunky TailoringLooking for people who are skilled with making clothes to help with our increase in demand! We also offer on-the-job training for those that still want to help but don’t have a ton of experience.20 sylvs per hour for skilled workers, 10 sylvs per hour for those taking the on-the-job training routeOpenST0403Zephyras Festival CommiteeWILD FLOWERS - As always, we're in need of people to collect flowers for us for the festival! We'd like a wide variety from each of the cities, as well as any you may be able to find on the surface.100 syls per tripOpen until 4/13
GT0404Society of Secret Squirrel WatchersOnce more the month has come. The month where they begin to come out again. You may not know it, oh average otherworlder, but the squirrels are highly intelligent creatures capable of chewing through the metal workings of our very houses. We need to find and catch these squirrels before they do so and rehabilitate them into eating nuts.10 sylvs/squirrel + the comfort of knowing you won't have a new hole in your roofOpenST0404Zephyras Festival CommiteeCOOKS - We need some extra hands to either cook or serve food during the festival. We also need some extra bakers to help prepare prior to the festival. 100 sylvs per dayOpen; bakers needed until 4/12, cooks needed through 4/13-4/17
GT0405Farmer Maig CrackenMy orchard is infested with wasps! Please get rid of them -- without bothering any innocent bees that you see!50 sylvs/nestOpenST0405Zephyras Festival CommiteeDECORATIONS - Calling all artists and people who enjoy arts and crafts! We need YOU to help with the following tasks: painting, flower arrangements, hanging large signs and decorations, minor construction.15 sylvs/hourOpen until 4/12
GT0406Whisper of the Heart Troupe"Love Rarely Ceases" went over wonderfully, but unfortunately, some of our stagehands have either gotten sick, broken a few bones, or straight up disappeared! So we're looking for volunteers to help us out for our next show, which isn't cursed at all: "Love Rarely Ceases The Second: The Phantom Rises"Front row seats to the play, a small bag of silver coins, and meals/rooms providedOpenST0406Crazy In LoveI need someone to deliver my love letters! They're totally important and I'd totally do it myself but for some reason the love of my life took me to court the other month and got a restraining order against me??? We're totally not to that level of our relationship yet though! Like, what was he thinking, offering restraints like that...?!? Anyway, deliver these letters! (jimmy if you see this please go to the flower festival with me WE ARE MEANT TO BE)30 sylvs/letterOpen until 4/12
GT0407ShakkiraLooking for petsitting help for my family. You must be good with: reptiles, spiders, large canines, birds, and sandwurms.Meals/lodging provided, as well as 20 drasks/dayOpen 4/20-4/30ST0407Air Masters CompanyThere has been a rash of thefts from our warehouses over the past few days, from small parts up to whole engines and sails. Track down the missing parts and those responsible.50 sylvs/small part
100 sylvs/large part
2000 sylvs if thieves are caught
Open to groups of 2 or more
GT0408Emmilee's PaintsI'm all out of body paints!!! How am I going to do business with the actors if I have no PAINTS?! I can't do this all by myself. Please come to my shop and facilities to help me restock. Cool colors are easiest and stain your hands the least. ...And they usually have positive and less intense emotional side effects during creation. Warm colors are most in demand this time of year, but for the richest reds and oranges I'm often in a bad mood for days afterwards. My helpers got tired of how it makes them feel, I guess. I'll take ANYONE!for every 15 pots of paint you make I'll give you 2 from last seasons stock. If you help me make at least 50 pots I'll throw in two canvasses and a set of brushes!OpenST0408AnonymousThere's been a lot of visitors to Thesthai lately that just have no manners. Of COURSE it looks like the Sharnaathians are the cause of most of this. If you ask me they're a rough lot and really could do with some culture. Personally I don't think it's possible with this group. Get these loitering louts out of our residential areas and escort them back to Shaarnath!A book of traditional Theasthai recipes, a hand-made robe, and a booklet of Theasthai's most popular playsOpen through 4/16
GT0409Lowen's AdventuresListen here, otherworlders, this is for you. I don't give a damn how dangerous or "scary" you might find it but there's a new miniature island that's floated in this direction and it looks like it's ripe for plundering! I can make a tidy profit if you'll get those items for me and bring them back. Looks like you can find plants and harvest the seedlings there, and I bet the stone there is probably pretty good raw materials for building. Bring me what you can grab and I'll pay you accordingly. No complaints. No bargaining. You'll get what you get and you'll like it. I'm doing you messy lot a favor.pay depends on item brought, anywhere from 50 too 300 sylvs per itemOpenST0409Shaarnath Dunamis BranchA few of our scheduled first-level dunamis instructors have fallen ill, and we are in need of replacements. Only those skilled in dunamis need apply, though any unskilled are welcome to join the children's class and learn our arts.100 drasks/lesson but no pay if you're a studentOpen to those who have a solid grasp on dunamis *ONLY* (except students, you can suck a little)
GT0410Starview StorytellersWe've got a few problems here. Our storytellers have come down with some kind of sickness and can't make it to our scheduled appointments. This is where we need your help. Are you good at crafting stories? We use the stars to aid our storylines, and we can give you a crash course on how to read the stars if that makes you uncomfortable. But we *need* storytellers. Scary, inspirational, magical, adventurous! Any kind will do, since we have all sorts of themes lined up this month. Get in contact with us and we'll pick an appointment that best suits your skills. Please do NOT apply if you have no imagination. That makes for dull stories.100 drasks per 30mins star tellingOpenST0410Beastmaster Hunting GuildWe need some hands to take care of a few creatures that've been real nuisances to the hamlets further out. It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as they're taken care of. They are:
Gruffles--large goats that live in the mountains. Beware of the lantern around their neck; if it emits a powerful beam of light and you get caught in it, you'll see something terrified. (repeatable)
Psypents--massive serpents that live at the edge of the desert. Their hoods have hypnotic powers, so don't look at them for too long. (repeatable)
Furradiles--something that looks like the forsaken lovechild of an otter, a crocodile, and a shark; as you might think, it lives in rivers and lakes. Its fur looks soft, but it's actually razor sharp, and it has hundreds of teeth otherwise. (repeatable)
Gruffles: 2,500 sylvs
Psypents: 3,000 sylvs
Furradiles: 5,000 sylvs
Gruffles & Furradiles: groups of 2 or more
Psypents: groups of 3 or more
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