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General tasks can be taken at any time and are repeatable unless otherwise stated. Special tasks are limited in slots and can be a first come first serve basis if noted. Drask Association tasks are set specifically in Shaarnath, and unless noted they are treated like General tasks and can be taken by multiple parties. Tasks highlighted in red indicate they are completely closed, orange indicates they have been commented to, and no highlights means no one has taken them. To see who all has taken the task, hover over the Availability cell to see the note. There is a small black arrow over the cell. For more information and/or to sign up for a task, refer to this page: http://simpathis.dreamwidth.org/9140.html. Jobs & Businesses are in the next tab.
Job IDRequesterDescriptionRewardAvailabilityJob IDRequesterDescriptionRewardAvailability
GT0501Hoberry Glenn HomeownersWe represent the residents of Hoberry Glenn and all of their concerns. We want to request several otherworlders to bolster our security forces for our neighborhood after seeing just how badly crime seems to be getting in the area. We'll provide one meal and a handsome pay rate. You are responsible for apprehending criminals without causing bodily harm and then cart them off to the enforcers once your shift ends. We're tired of the threat of theft and muggings we're seeing, so this is of UTMOST importance.70 sylvs per hourOpenST0501Jordan Mageestrange lights keep showing up around the lake at night accompanied by giggling and a strange tune but it disappears every time i get close, figure out what it is so i can sleep at night instead of lying awake wondering50 sylvs for any information that puts my mind at easeOpen until 5/15
GT0502Airship Dockworkers AssociationUh, this is kinda weird and sudden but we're at a loss, honestly. There's some weird glitches going on with the ships and some are even missing so we could really use more eyes and hands that're good with mechanical things. If you're good with a wrench we won't say no to your help and we'll even toss in some sylvs to make this more appealing. Get ready to get dirty though airship maintenance can be really messy if you're not completely sure of what you're doing... ah hell, who am I kidding? It's messy no matter the way you look at it.45 sylvs per hourOpen until the 15thST0502Edward ElricLooking for anyone who's got a pair of working arms and legs to contribute to the ongoing construction work going on down in Feiran Port. Landscaping work, hard labor, cooks and medics are all needed, since this is an ongoing project. Any questions or suggestions can be sent to Edward Elric. Anyone who thinks they can get a teleporter started is welcome to try too. We've recently uncovered one on the far west side of the port but it's broken.400 sylvs per day of work, 100 sylvs per pure crystal for teleporter replacementOpen
GT0503Street Cleaners UnitedHelp!! Our employees are on strike because this new job is just TOO disgusting for them. Several flocks of small Yuwae Twitter birds have flown through the southern residential and commercial district and pooped EVERYWHERE! It's sticky, slimy and smells terrible and we just don't have enough people to get rid of it fast enough. We'll provide protective gear and cleaning supplies but PLEASE help us get this job done before we get more complaints!60 sylvs per hourOpenST0503Anti Porring LeagueThanks to a disgusting overload of ~*~LOVE~*~ (ugh, disgusting) the porring population has taken over WAY too much space and we're sick of it! Cull down these squishy beasts populations and everyone would be greatly appreciative. Sell the resulting poring droplets, keep them, whatever, just get the population down! We'll pay you based on the number of droplets you bring us as trophies. We're not allowing anyone to keep any of these pests as pets either. Cull, or LEAVE!per 100 droplets, 1,000 sylvs recievedOpen to groups of 2 or more
GT0504Reggilus and Yuiline GregarianDog walkers needed! Our dogs lately have been rather...ahem, feisty, and we need more hands to keep them from becoming overexcited when they take their walks. Calming individuals needed who can handle dogs of various sizes. If you're willing to throw in some extra time to train them further we'll throw in some bonus pay!30 sylvs per hour for walking, 80 sylvs per hour for trainingOpenST0504Cult of the ArehteiIA IA ARHETEI FHTAGN!!! We've got the locations of orbs located throughout the city of Verens that represent the arehtei's power!!! COLLECT THEM, says we, and bring them to the sacred location in the woods outside the city to open a door to the Arehtei's true realm so that all may understand the glory of the Arehtei!!!8,000 sylvs to be split between participantsgroup of 4 minimum, non repeatable
GT0505EnforcersEnforcers are looking for extra help in investigating the reports of accumulating accounts of theft of crystals that were parts of things--from family heirlooms to public monuments--being stolen without any apparent clues left behind. 100 sylvs per hour of work 1,000 sylvs upon return of the stolen itemsOpenST0505EnforcersFights between the newly established Verens Mafia and these new criminal upstarts have created some explosive battles in areas that are getting innocents hurt! The mafia are using those emotion rings, and these other criminals seem to employ an array of emotion based chemicals that can do anything from causing explosions to creating sticky surfaces. We can't handle this alone and know there are plenty of vigilantes willing to help. Catch participants of these scuffles and bring them in for a reward! We're only letting pairs go in to help us this time, for safety reasons!500 - 2,000sylvs per criminal caught depending on their role in the mafia, or if they're one of these weird theives.pairs only, unlimited. Open until 5/15
GT0506NikosaThe last time I visited Verens, I became enamoured with their selection of paints. Some of them were so vibrant, so deep, so... intoxicating! I felt as if I was going to lose myself... If you buy me paints, I will make it worth your while.A portrait, one per personOpenST0506Youngwing Animal ConservationA new mammal has been found on the cliffs of the island above Aiada's body. It looks like it's in a symbiotic relationship with her like her sprites, but on a different level. The problem is that their natural nests are being disturbed by Tanook Bees, causing a decrease in viable offspring. We need you to remove the bee nests and relocate them to bee keepers bee boxes which will be waiting for you on the top of the island but you'll have to work in pairs in order to balance the weight on the climbing gear which we'll provide. We'll provide safety nets as well. You can keep two jars of Tanook honey if you want.1,000 sylvs per nest cleared, maximum of 5 nests and two jars of honeyOpen to 4 pairs of 2
GT0507The Great LibraryThis most recent sandstorm was pretty bad and one of our useless interns left a couple of windows open, which means sand got into the building. We need people with steady hands and steady personalties to help clean up our document room and rare book hall. Don't apply if you can't keep your emotions even, and make sure you've got the paitence to deal with fragile documents.35 draks per document or book cleaned of sand and restockedOpenST0507Sage Grove Farmers UnionThere's a massive Jokitak Beetle infestation out in the farmlands and we need to undertake a MASSIVE extermination before they ruin the new crops! These beetles pop and multiply when exposed to negative emotions so we need people who are able to be positive in order to get rid of them before making the situation worse. Their bites are poisonous and cause intense sadness in order to trigger offspring in the bugs around the victim so it's best to work in groups in order to keep bugs off of you as you work.3,000 sylvs per group, per 3 acres of fields clearedunlimited groups of 3
GT0508Theasthai CouncilWe'd like to request a few powerful people to come help test the strength of some materials before we begin repairing a few of our older buildings. You'll be working with mainly stone and crystal.Two gemstone necklacesOpenST0508Petra's CarvationsOne of our tunnels collapsed in on itself; no one was hurt, but we've lost a passageway to a cave full of carving crystals. We'd like help to clear out the clutter, as well collect any crystals that may have gotten dislodged from the surrounding area. The tunnel may be at risk of collapsing further, so please be careful as you work with us.Meals provided and a handful of small crystals carved into any shape you'd like; additionally, you're allowed to keep any crystals, gemstones, and etc. you find while cleaning upOpen, repeatable
GT0509Ally JakobsHelp! I can't leave the house and I need people to buy me groceries. I'll leave an envelope in the mailbox of what I need and will hand over the money when you bring me what I need. PLEASE don't even LOOK at a flower along the way, I'm HIGHLY allergic!!300 sylvs for the trip and a fresh rhubarb pieOpenST0509Blazing Breath Training CourseWe need seasoned dunamis practitioners in order to create elemental obsacles for our new seasonal training course! Can you create wind? Can you help shape rock and stone? What about your control of water? Whatever you can do we could really use your help in maintaining these courses for participants. We'll pay you for your time and even pull out all the stops for you to have your own exhibition round!35 drasks per obstacle; 1,000 drasks for 1st place, 700 for second and 400 for third in the exhbition round!Open until 5/15
GT0510Shaarnath Parks and RecreationThere's been an upswing of sandstorms lately and it's caused sand to get in places it shouldn't. Our parks are covered in it and it needs to go. We expect several hundred sandbags will need to be hauled out of here, and we'll pay well. 30 drasks per 10 sandbags filledOpenST0510Beastmaster Hunting GuildZephyras is in full swing, and with it comes a new set of nasties who are posing a threat to Verens and the other settlements.
- Alligatulas: 15000 sylvs (repeatable; Verens underground waterways)
- Slimy Elepharaptors: 12000 sylvs (repeatable; eastern mountains)
- Venomous Butterfly Swarms: 10000 (repeatable; western forests)
See description.Open to groups of 3-5
GT0511Trissa CaomaI need some help finding matching clothes for my 7 children. They don't like stripes, won't wear solid colors and are HUGE fans of Peromei. So peromei themed clothes would get you extra if you can find it! The youngest one is particularly picky and hates the color black. You'll probably have to go to several stores for these things, or make it yourself, I don't care! I just want them to match for family photos, and they have to be in a good mood so they'll actually SMILE this year. Ugh.50 sylvs per hour of work, a bonus of 800 sylvs for peromei themeOpenST0511Verens Emergency Response TeamsThe Flower Festival was a great success! In fact, it was so much of a success that everyone's passion was apparently too much for the festival grounds, and several sections of the valley have caught on fire. That's not even mentioning the uptick in fires around Verens' Residential District! Please come help extinguish the flames and restore the beauty of the land and keep our city from burning down!50 sylvs per fire put out; 50 per hour for helping to restore what was burnedOpen
GT0512Green's GreensI have an early bumpercrop of Cari Spinach, and I need a few extra hands to help harvest it. This work needs to be done swiftly, and I need two kinds of people: Peppy and Calm. The more enthusiasm you can muster for one will make the spinach taste extra peppery once it's cooked. The calm ones will make a more sweet batch that's used for a medicine popular for horses in these parts. This is heavy labor work so I'm willing to pay a premium for the right people. 80 sylvs per hourOpen
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