!champs from twitch.tv/FOGGEDFTW2 Challenger guide to all matchups as tryndamere top lane
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Big thanks to twitch.tv/KINGMASTERPIMP69 for originally helping me convert this to a spreadsheet that is really nice and readable
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AatroxMediumIf aatrox wastes his auto passive and misses his first q, you can absorb the 2nd q and spin thru the third q to all in early on and you will win. Otherwise just play back and scale. Can start dorans blade or dorans shield. If they take ignite, it can be more consistent to take dorans shield. If they take tp you can take dorans blade and be ok as long as you dodge enough q's. If aatrox hits his W on you (the thing that brings you back to the center) walk to the side to get out of it as fast as possible. j
AhriMediumAhri top has strong poke, but you can outsustain her mana pool, if you dodge her charm pre-6 you can look to trade. If you trade with her charm up look to dodge it. Can either start doransblade or shield. Dueling ahri in mid-late game while her ult is up is next to impossible unless she is really far behind. Can look to spin in and burn her ult and then back out if you think you can do it without having to use your own ult to get pressure on her.
AkaliHardIf this champ for some reason is not permabanned. Keep in mind that with tiamat + berserker greaves + phantom dancer is when you have the best opportunity to punish mistakes made by the akali. Mistakes that she can make 1. She uses her shroud, then chases you away from it where you can turn on her for an all in with ult. 2. She takes bad trades where she lets you auto attack her too much and she doesn't play patiently and sustain back up. You can build hexdrinker situationally against akali if they are heavy magic dmg and you think splitting against her and having an opportunity to 1v1 her is your win condition. The consistent start is dorans shield.
AlistarEasyOnly thing to worry about this matchup is not being pulverized + headbutted into turret. Trading with alistar in the middle of the lane is ideal
AmumuEasyCareful of trading with amumu when he is in your minion wave since his E is on a short cooldown when he takes auto attacks.
AnviaEasyAnivia is hard to trade into when her q is up, if she wastes her q into the minion wave or you dodge it with your spin still available then look for an allin, post6 in laning phase you need to wait for items typically. Dorans blade start if your confident in being aggressive. Can start dorans shield as well and farm up to tiamat + tier2 boots to constantly clear waves
AnnieMediumAnnie received an attack range buff which makes this matchup a bit difficult to sustain through. A mistake that an annie can make that you can punish is if annie wastes her stun (her 4 charges on passive) on a minion or before you use your spin. If she wastes stun you can look for a good trade/allin (assuming she doesn't have a massive minion wave) Dorans shield start.
AsheEasyIf she is playing aggressive you can setup jungle ganks by keeping the wave close to your turret. You can use your minion wave to block her W (her volley of arrows) Can trade agressively after lvl 4. Dorans shield
Aurelion SolMediumCan trade early levels but be careful about his level 1 all in. Make sure to kite in and out of his stars to not die early. When trading always try to stay as close as possible to his body to not take much damage.Dorans blade start
AzirMediumAzir poke can be hard on you in early levels, look to farm the laning phase, can trade if azir uses q into you as long as you are in a position to all in and stay in between him and his soldiers. Keep track of his q cooldown because he will use his q then his dash to his soldier to escape so if he q's into you then he won't be able to immediately q to escape he will have to drop another soldier which is less distance. Dorans shield
BardHardVery tough early levels and is hard to trade with. Look to farm and try to keep the lane in a position where your jungler can gank. Dorans shield start
BlitzcrankEasyCan trade at all points in the lane, make sure you dont get hooked into turret when you push into him. Dorans blade start
BrandMediumMedium Play off of his ability cooldowns, If you dodge his q you can win trades and potentially even all in him. Can dive him post 6, take merc treads vs him for sure. can start dblade or dshield
BraumEasyBraum easy to trade with by himself but he can setup his jungler pretty well which is what you have to watch out for. Dorans blade start
CaitlynMediumshe is hard to deal with 1 vs 1 early in the game because of her poke, but she is easy to gank. When you look to walk up and spin on caitlyn, don't spin at her from max range, instead walk a little bit closer so if she nets your spin will still hit and deal damage. Dorans shield start
CamilleMediumAgainst pta camille, do the auto spin before her auto goes off to get the damage off before her armor then walk back in when her armor expires. You should get level 2 first because of the aoe of your spin. Can trade with her in the middle of the lane but be careful when she is close to a wall since it can be easy for her to hit an E on you. If you dodge her e look for an allin, also if its post 6 if she e's you and you are in between her and her turret you should look to allin as well, since her escape path is thru you. dorans blade start
CassiopeiaHardAbuse the new minion aggro mechanic to let the lane push into you and look to farm, if she starts running oom before her first back and you have a good amount of hp you can look to trade and allin. dorans shield start
Cho GathMediumcan trade with chogath in the early game, use your spin to dodge his Q. This is one of the matchups much like nasus where after getting the first 2 waves into turret you can let the wave come back towards you (only last hit) and start a freeze and all in when you are the same level and have thinned out the enemy minion wave. After laning phase abuse chogath's lack of mobility to make plays across the map. Dorans blade start
CorkiMediumHas good early poke but his w has high mana cost and cooldown, can abuse this for allins when you make it go on cooldown. Dorans blade start
DariusMediumLevel 1, look to take a short trade if he starts w (auto + spin out, make sure to hit the spin damage), if he starts q, can still do the short trade but then on your next trade you can look to all in. Level 3 Darius gets his spike, be careful about being pulled during your spin. The all in plays that you are looking for are the ones where he over commits to his combo and stay within your range instead of kiting back for his cooldowns. Dorans blade start
DianaEasyCareful of her 3rd autos on minions as it does aoe dmg on proc. Can all in after about level 4 if she shoves in too far. Diana has a lot of burst post 6 but you can counter her if you ult well. Don't foggedUlt! Dorans blade start
Dr. MundoEasyMundo has strong trades with q auto + e, but you can all in early due to his lack of mobility and you win all ins. Force extended trades to win this matchup. The way you force extended trades is when you go in on him, in between every auto attack while its on cooldown you need to walk forward in between mundo and his escape path (usually his turret). Hold on to your w slow until you actually need the slow to stick to him, don't feel the need to use it early on before he gets out of your range. Also make sure to position your spin so it damages him and puts you in between him and his escape path. Dorans blade start
DravenHardCan start cloth 4 or dorans shield vs draven, play safe early he beats you up pretty hard til you get some levels, pretty much outscale him dueling when u hit 6 if you didnt fall behind in exp
EkkoEasyMost of the time ekko will try to make this a farm lane, look to try and trade with the ekko consistently and bait him into an allin which you can turn around. dorans blade start
EliseEasyIf you get an elise top in your game hes trolling lol.
EvelynnEasyIf you get an evelynn top in your game hes trolling lol.
EzrealMediumEzreal has strong poke in the early laning phase but will have mana issues early before his tear so you should be able to outsustain him. Can look for trades around level 4. Dorans shield/dorans blade start
FiddlesticksEasyfiddlesticks will have mana issues if you trade into him consistently, hes also really squishy, with ignite you can burst him through his w if you get him low enough. Dorans blade start
FioraMediumFiora can win early levels with her q poke (if she takes grasp), can start winning trades around level 4-5 if you manage your health and fury well. If she q's into you and you want to all in, make sure to hit the w slow and use your spin to dodge her riposte attack speed slow. Post 6 make sure you hug a wall to protect your vitals when she ults. Dorans blade start.
FizzMediumFizz top is a snowball matchup and can setup dives with his jungler well because he can trade turret aggro with his E. If you manage the waves well to not allow a big wave to be shoved into your turret and trade within your minions you will be fine. If you think you need to 1v1 fizz late game in order to win, you can build a hex drinker to avoid him bursting you, you still need to try to dodge his ult to win late game duels. Dorans blade start
GalioEasyUse your ability to all in early against galio's lack of mobility. Your trades with him should start when he uses his q that way you can spin into him and dodge that damage. Merc treads vs this matchup. Dorans blade start
GangplankHardAgainst grasp gp go dorans shield, if you go even early thats very good. Usually you can start having consistent trades when you get your tiamat and you have very strong kill pressure with tiamat + berserker greaves. Dorans blade
GarenEasyLevel 1 make sure to try to push into him and build up fury, if garen is looking to q you, auto and spin back before his silence procs on you. Once you have built up fury if garen looks to q you again you look to all in. You win this matchup by taking extended trades. Position yourself between garen and his escape path in between each auto attack to force the extended trade. Use your w to slow after he uses his Q to stick onto him better in the allin. don't take 1-2 auto trades or he will win the matchup for sure. Your W if it hits the slow will also stop his passive healing. Dorans blade
GnarHardCan sometimes kill lvl 1-2 if the gnar is too aggressive and you get enough crits, other then that keep in mind his hop is a much longer cooldown then your spin, so if you force his hop you can trade again as soon as your spin is back up. With tiamat zerker greaves you can get really solid trades, just be careful that you don't trade into him when his passive is almost full or else he will hit you with his mini gnar slows into his combo with his ult. Can start doransblade or dorans shield
GragasEasycan trade early with him, you can typically outsustain him in the laning phase since he has a mana resource. Get merc treads in this matchup as his body slam cc's you for a good amount of time on a low cooldown. Can start dorans blade or dorans shield
GravesEasyGraves can shove you in early and harass you under turret, make sure to stand behind minions or the turret as his autos dont pass thru them. Can all in after around lvl 4. Dorans shield start
HecarimEasyOne thing to be careful for is his q when he gets it stacked up, but typically hecarim will have run oom if he uses it too much. Dorans blade start
HeimerdingerMediumGo to lane level 1 and make sure heimer doesnt set up his turrets. When he sets up turrets in lane early levels you can spin on the turret and auto it and it will die. If you are able to keep heimer's turrets destroyed you can trade with him. Can start dorans blade or dorans shield, if you start blade you will kill his turrets with auto spin when he has turrets lvl 2, if you start shield if he has ap item first u wont kill with auto spin
IllaoiMediumIllaoi is pretty annoying with her tentacles but she does have a mana bar to worry about. Outsustain her mana pool or dodge her e and look to all in. Often times you can burst her thru her ult if you have ignite. Dorans blade
IreliaMediumBeat her early levels, when she hits 3 and 4 she gets a small spike and can trade well with her passive stacked up. Look to dodge her e, can all in if she commits too hard, or wastes her e, your base stats are just better then hers, usually you can just flat out win against her in all ins just because of that. What you can do to try to bait her into an allin she doesn't want is when she wants to q for minions stand directly on top of the minion and if she accidentally clicks you instead of the minion she won't have q for an allin and you can trade hard with her. You can also use this to zone her off creeps. dorans blade start
IvernTrollingIf you play against an ivern top he is trolling.
JannaTrollingIf you play against a janna top he is trolling. Unless you are in bronze 5 in which case you NEED to watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oHNoJe5wzQ&t=
Jarvan IVEasyThis matchup is kinda a farm fest unless he overcommits to you, you can trade often and you will outsustain him. If j4 builds full tank then just ignore him and hit his turret, if he builds damage then look to duel him dorans blade start
JaxMediumTrading vs jax lvl 1, auto attack him until he counterstrikes and then spin out dealing the spin damage, get the lane shoving into him and you will win short trades, if he is shoving into you he will win the trades. For really advanced tips against the matchup check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfQ3NEetiTI&t= dorans blade start
JayceHardOnly look to farm early game. Jayce just beats you until 2-3 items typically. Start cloth 4 and rush tabis and sometimes you can get some good allins if he doesn't get good enough poke on you and he is over extended in lane. Don't look to trade at all unless you are getting jungle pressure
JhinMediumCan poke you hard like other marksman top, but has little mobility so you can look to all in around level 4 or so. dorans shield start
JinxTrollingIf they pick jinx top they are trolling.
KaisaTrollingIf they pick kaisa top they are trolling.
KalistaMediumHard poke and good kite but if you hit your w slow on her when she is auto attack kiting backwards you can all in her. Can start doransblade or dorans shield
KarmaMediumHard poke, shields, kites well, but you outscale really hard in a 1 on 1. Farm up early, and look to kill later. If she is going tank karma then you can trade hard and often. Ignite before she does her empowered W. can start dorans blade and play aggressive or sit back and outscale with dorans shield
KarthusMediumKarthus has a really strong level 1, matchup really is dependent on how well you dodge his q's early. If you stay atleast even with karthus in hp early you can all in around lvl 4-5. dorans blade start
KassadinMediumKassadin has really strong short trades but no mobility early on, if you can get to around level 4 with decent healthy and fury you can run him down top lane. dorans shield/dorans blade start
KatarinaEasyIf you play around her daggers well she wont have enough damage to burst you out. Her level 2 is strong but so is yours. To play around the daggers well, make sure you walk away from the daggers as they land on the ground to minimize the damage she can do to you. dorans blade start
KayleMediumYou can trade early and often with kayle when her E is down. Left click on her to see when the E is about to expire and thats your window to trade. Dorans blade start. Can run merc treads or swifties in this matchup if you feel you are being kited well but most of the time you can stick with berzerker greaves.
KaynEasyTrade early and often with kayn, he will get his form fast against you anyways, try to get an advantage before his form. Dorans blade start
KennenHardLook to farm, let him push into you and just farm it out. If kennen takes phase rush the only good trade you can take versus him is if he wastes his E while you still have spin up. This matchup you can take resolve secondary with second wind + revitalize. Dorans shield start
Kha ZixEasyKhazix q can outrange your melee attacks which is annoying but if you push and stay within your minion wave you will outtrade him with spin and auto. dorans blade start
KindredEasyNot suited for the top lane, your trades against her will be too much for her to deal with. dorans blade start
KledMediumThis matchup is all about his dismount/remount mechanic. Dismount him when its ideal for you (his W is down, or you have your spin and ignite available to burst him after he dismounts.) Also keep track of his W cooldown, if he gets his w up and has his dash and Q up he can get really strong trades vs you. What some kleds do as well to cheese you is they will not level their W until they get dismounted for the first time to try and get a guaranteed remount. Here is a recent video against kled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhJ9_566PO8&t= dorans blade start
Kog MawTrollingif they are playing kogmaw top they are trolling
LeBlancMediumLeblanc has a strong early game but is gated by her mana costs. Look to outsustain leblanc unless she wastes her w to harass while you still have spin to chase her down afterwards. This matchup gets tricky in the mid-late game as its almost impossible to actually kill her in a duel because of her strong mobility and hard to burst down because she gets the 1 sec invisibility when you get her low with the clone. If you have to split against her, push her in then look to rotate and make a play elsewhere while she is getting the wave. Dorans shield start
Lee SinEasyCareful for early levels with his strong allin. Usually he will look to get some harass with his q's before comitting onto you so make sure you dodge them or use minions to block the damage. You outsustain and outdamage him in allins all game. Dorans blade start
LeonaEasyLeona has strong CC and damage but needs someone else to proc her passive. Just be careful of her setting up jungle ganks and trade around her W cooldown. Dorans blade
LissandraMediumMostly just a farming matchup, you can look to trade but if lissandra is playing back then just farm out the laning phase for 1-2 items. Dorans shield
LucianHardLucian is a mobile marksman that can poke you and kite you with a LOT of early damage. His e however did get nerfed so if he starts off a trade with his q and then dashes he wont get a second dash for about 7-8 seconds. You can abuse this for an all in. For the most part you want to try to farm this lane out. Cloth 4 start and you can rush ninja tabi before tiamat.
LuluMediumYou can dodge her q when she has e on you if you side step correctly. Lulu has really low base stats so you can typically trade and kill her early levels. If you get poked too hard the most imporant thing is to get EXP. You outscale her in the 1v1 later on as long as you stay close in levels. Dorans shield
LuxEasyTrade often and consistently and you can beat lux just with raw stats. If you dodge skillshots the matchup is even easier. Look to trade with her if she wastes her abilities. Fight her when abilities are on cooldown. Dorans blade
MalphiteMediumfor early levels build up fury and play around his e, if he only uses e when you spin on him then get wave advantage then trade. If malphite goes grasp, you can trade but more so look to get tiamat and keep him shoved. If he goes comet or anything else, look to trade often and beat him. Its very important if you are looking to battle him in the mid-late game that you MUST have your conqueror ready to go at the beginning of a fight so get it built up on minons/monsters. Dorans blade
MalzaharEasyMalzahar has strong pushing potential but if you trade into him then you will get the wave advantage. Use this and the long lane top lane to run him down. You can use your W to remove malzahar's shield if you hit the slow. Dorans shield
MaokaiEasyYou can trade often with maokai to burn his resources (mana), once you get tiamat look to shove and keep pressure on him. Once he gets too tanky look to take neutral monsters/roam in between waves. Dorans blade start
Master YiEasyPlay around his double strike and you will be fine. Master yi will have shoving potential early but once you get around level 4 you can punish him if he tries to push you in. Dorans blade start
Miss FortuneMediumShe has no mobility but a lot of poke, build up fury safely without taking too much damage and you can look to all in early, even if you fall behind you can all in her with levels. Doran's shield
MorderkaiserMediumWait for levels before trading with morde, his pushing is way stronger then yours early on and he has more sustain. There might be a chance to trade with him hard around level 4, but if you don't see an opportunity you can often times beat him hard post 6. Doran's shield start
MorganaEasyHard to kill but hard to die to. Mostly a farm lane unless she wastes her bind and you land a slow on her thats when you would want to punish. Dorans blade
NamiEasyIf they are playing nami top they are trolling. foggedEmmy
NasusEasy then HardThis matchup is as difficult as you make it. You have to really punish nasus early game, deny him as hard as possible. Trade often and hard, pressure him under turret with an auto then spin away without taking a turret shot etc.. Call jungler to dive often, set it up for him. Good example of how to manipulate the wave to setup an early kill. Push in the first two waves, let it bounce off the enemy turret back to you. Because of the wave position with the minions the wave will push back to you where you can freeze it close to your turret. Don't take trades and mess up the freeze unless you are all inning him. Doran's blade start. Here is a youtube miniguide on how to effectively snowball against a nasus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2TfA6I0w2s
NautilusEasyForce extended trades. You also outsustain him in laning phase. If he gets too tanky, hit the turret in front of his face, or shove and get neutral objectives/roam. Doran's blade start
NidaleeMediumCan be built as ad nidalee against you, if she does this she can be very poke heavy but also deal negative damage. Can look to trade hard around level 4. Doran's shield
NocturneEasyBe careful early levels as he is very strong with his passive, his q and then his fear. You start outscaling him pretty quickly though and your level 6 is much stronger in a 1v1. Getting qss for duels later in the game can be very good as he is very squishy and his only way of fighting you is fearing you. Doran's blade
NunuTrollingIf they play nunu top they are trolling.
OlafMediumBe very careful of his lvl 1 all in's with his axes, dont get caught too far in lane or get hit by an axe with your spin down. You can start trading and an allin with olaf around level 4 usually. Doran's blade start
OriannaMediumHas strong poke and harass but gated by mana costs, can usually outsustain her mana pool then try to keep her in lane as long as possible. You outscale in a 1v1 with 1 completed item plus level 9. Doran's shield start
OrnnMediumOrnn does a lot of dmg, has good sustain by building items. When you want to trade with ornn spin through him while he is casting his W, if you spin all the way through him before it finishes he wont get the brittle which is a good chunk of the damage he deals and you will typically win the trade. Most of the time look to outscale with 2 items. Dorans shield start
PantheonEasyStart Q in this matchup and cloth 4 pots, dont look to fight or trade at all, just sustain and farm and outscale with a completed item. Make sure to only take q poke try not to let him auto attack you at all. If you spin away from pantheon in the middle of his w stun he wont be able to get a full charge of his E damage
PoppyHardYou can trade early with poppy if you wanna look for an all in but they will typically outsustain you early game because of timewarp tonic and biscuit delivery, a lot of times you can bait out her W by getting a slow on her and then waiting to spin until after she w's. Make sure to walk out of her Q before the second tick of damage applies. Make sure to position your character out of reach of walls while auto attacking. Doran's blade start or dorans shield start
PykeTrollingIf they pick pyke top they are trolling
QuinnMediumLet quinn push you in early. Look only to farm if you spin in she will e you and kite you to death. Can look to go for kills once u get tabis at the very least. If she farms well or gets a big lead you might need to wait for tiamat and phantomdancer as well Cloth 4 start
RakanTrollingIf they pick rakan top they are trolling.
RammusEasyHas strong trades against you but you can just walk away after taunt, can kill rammus early levels too if he wastes his w or q (depending on what he starts level 1) you should have the pressure in this lane till much later. Doran's blade start
Rek SaiMediumReksai has very strong pushing power and damage early levels. Can start trading around level four. Make sure to clear tunnels consistently to take away his escape routes. You outscale this matchup in the 1v1 pretty hard. Doran's blade start
RenektonHardHe has better sustain, better damage, better pushing power then you early game. You can try to outshove him and trade lvl 1-2 but after that look to farm. Can take short trades auto + spin with your Conqueror proc up (if you are really good you can auto attack and spin out during his w stun animation). You can have really good duels vs him after you get tiamat berserker greaves (or tabis) and phantom dancer. Doran's blade start
RengarHardRengar has very strong damage early game and can cheese kill you lvl 1-2 if you dont play carefully. Stay away from the bushes and look to soak exp and get farm whenever you can but let him push towards you so you can farm under turret. You can outscale this matchup if you play it properly, I usually get tabis
RivenMedium-HardThis matchup is mostly dictated by how well the riven plays her ability cooldowns, level one you want an extended trade into her (after you built up your conqueror and a little bit of fury), after that you want short one auto + spin trades to widdle her down. Post 6 if she commits all of her abilities into you, look to all in before they come back off of cooldown. It is important that post 6 you get the slow, so be patient with it and use it when you need to stick onto her, don't waste your w early on
RumbleMediumRumble beats you in the push early levels if he starts q lvl 1. If he starts E (his harpoon) then look to shove in first two waves and then let it crash back into you. Look to farm for the most part unless you get jungle pressure. You outscale with 1-2 items in the 1v1. I sometimes build swifties in this matchup
RyzeMediumRyze has strong damage mobility and CC however before his tear back he is gated by mana costs. Try to punish and kill the ryze before his first back. If ryze wastes his W and phase rush before you use your spin, you can look for a trade once the phase rush wears off
SejuaniEasySejuani needs to get her stun off to out damage you in a trade, if you take short trades with her you can widdle her down for an all in. You also outscale her hard in a 1v1
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