Quintus diabetes monitoring spreadsheet (lantus)
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BG > 27.6BG 22.2 - 27.6BG 16.7 - 22.1BG 11.2 - 16.6BG 5.6 - 11.1 BG 3.8 - 5.5BG < 3.8Remarks
DateAMPSU+ 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+11PMPSU+ 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+11
Drinking like a fish led to diagnosis. Secondary to pancreatis. Switched to DM immediately (with some NF pouches) and initially on CANINSULIN then LANTUS
27.11 stepped on my face with a paw full of poo at 4am, following which I decided to get him back on his NF kibble. Wouldn't eat at at first, so kept on a mix of DM+NF pouches, then ended up giving part kibble (not eating) and small amounts of DM. 2.12 mushed kibble with water, he ate more. Mixed it with DM (small amounts) to make it more palatable. Means his carb intake went up that week-end, when I started lantus. 4.12 hardly ate during the day, didn't eat at night. 4.12 at the vet's ate kibble and been back on NF kibble, eating, since then.
condos: http://www.felinediabetes.com/FDMB/search/8357900/?q=quintus&o=date&c[title_only]=1&c[user][0]=21836
In remission since 1.1.18
April 2018: eats m/d dry food. Chronic pancreatitis and probably cholangitis, largely asymptomatic. Doing very well overall!
22.11.201713.61.0032.424.722.55.810.8caninsulin, at the vet's, AMPS at 7.30am and shot at 10am, ate in between, DM
30.11.201728.81.0027.822.919.816.812.325.827.2caninsulin, home, injection 7.30am, measurements not exactly on the hour (was struggling to do them)
02.12.201722.41.0025.826.729.526.932.524.833.93525.2injection 6am; all measures half an hour later than on the hour; 25.2 at 9.30pm +15.30
03.12.201731.91.002824.117.223.329.3injection 7am -- hover over bold numbers for meal comment. absence of comment does not mean absence of meal
05.12.20174.2NS420Back on 100% NF kibble today "for good", eating OK again.2.0017.930at the vet, need to get readings. stayed low in the morning and started hiking up around noon; evening injection 19h, back on his regular kibble (pro plan NF), free feeding. Convenia.
6.12.2017242.0024.420.323.830.92.0031.7injection 8.30
8.12.201722.33.0021.430.222.330.3 @ +9.534.4 @ +10.537.337.33.0026.326.422.124.7quite active today (pancreatitis clearing? convenia 5.12 or 3ui?); not eating that much
9.12.201717.33.0024.625.725.125.13.0021.626.1ate just before I could test him (am)) shot 6.30am
10.12.17 afternoon: START TRANSITION TO PRO PLAN DM cansTransition to DM
10.12.201712.92.0024.230.22934.12.5026.2Am shot: a half-drop didn’t get into the cat. Reduced dose for this morning based on “how low can the dose take my cat“ rationale, 2ui (he probably got 1.5-1.75) + worried by AMPS. Might have got a little in fur PM shot too (not sure)
eating: NF, fine; gave him 1/8 DM mixed with NF kibble AM+9, ate it all down; behaviour: clingy, follows me, cuddles, alert, walked into hall, exploring (?) the flat. Gave Onsior (NSAID) for arthritis/pain (just today); PM switched to syringe vs pen for injections (today: 1/4 can DM)
11.12.201722.32.502913.62.5020.624.75am poop ok; ate NF around then; spoonful of DM with AMS meal; tummy pain? (not purring or relaxed AM). PM shot 17h. probably not eating much dry kibble,waiting for e to mix it with DM and wolfs it down (today: 1/4 can DM); wanted to give 3ui pm but chickened out due to "low" PMPS
12.12.201725.33.0020.617.817.622.333.13.0035.829.71/4DM mixed with NF given upon am shot (today 1/3 DM 2/3 NF), same at PM shot, ate with appetite both times; 12h poop ok; ketones negative; a little less active today (tummy ache? seems less comfy when napping) but did ask to go out: food transition is taking us towards two main meals at shot time. Heavens, did I screw up the PM shot somehow??
13.12.201721.83.0019.723.529.932.23.0026.423.66.10 am shot while eating, not a fan, 1 tiny drop left. went for another helping an hour later. DM/NF 50/50; eating well. on sofa in sun; afternoon poop ok but a little softer. PM food eaten well. had a snack at +10.5; afternoon played with pack of tissues, on his own, after I gave it to him!
14.12.201724.73.0023.628.622.33.001918.815.617.818.3end marbocyl; convenia shot noon; ate again AM+10.25; 14h30 stools still formed, but looser and with a bit of blood and mucus (will not speed up food transition); afternoon more alert, around PMS went outside with enthusiasm and energy. twice!
15.12.201727.23.0022.627. meter from PM+1!asked to go out in the morning! not that starving, eating in small meals rather than wolfing down the mix at shot time. good meal at AM+5.5 !!!! from after PMS, Alphatrak that might not be working well, vet needed the AT2 back. But seems ok! fed PM+1.25, ate again PM+3.5 15g NF 5/8ths DM (twice a day). FIRST BLUE making sure he eats at PM+4; normal poop!, made sure he ate during the blue streak
16.12.201719.83.0019.817.816.819.625.918.93.0016.87.85.6 @4.0 5.2 @4.5 5.7 @5.0 8.6 @5.512.316.2am+2.5 stroll outside and good meal (ate upon shot). went outside. missed a drop and a half on PM shot, behind armpit. put 3/4 of a DM can in his evening food, 15g NF. Eating well after shot. Had pretty much eaten all his day food before the PM shot. Oops, second poop of the day, a little softer. +3 added a little more kibble to his food mix and made him eat some. Fed again at +4, eating well, and at +4.75. Phew, that was a scary slide down! Nice to see green though. Didn't purr that much today.
17.12.201719.32.5013.8 @ @8.0 4.3 @8.5512.732.42.5034.237.624.820.821.6AM food 5/8 DM 10g NF. Have been messing up food transition. 5/8 DM is MORE THAN HALF of what is daily ration would be if eating only DM. 3/4 last night even worse. The day before too. No wonder he's been running down the rainbow and I've been having to put his food in front of him so he eats. 13:45 mushy poo. Tested +8 and was low! got three readings to confirm. He'd just eaten a bit. Fed him some more of the mix (high-kibble ratio). Same +8.5. More food (a few nibbles) +9. Barely purred today. Seems quite tired by all this. PM back to a 50/50 NF/DM mix as per food transition tab. +5: after food,  lay down on pillow and purring loudly.
18.12.201721.72.5026.22.5024.219.321.5 @ +10.25AM normally alert. Adding Onsior. Food 50/50 AM and PM. Neighbour dropped in AM+3 and +6 to make sure he was OK and had a meal. Some kibble from AM left at PMS but he'd dug into the spare kibble, so it should even out. Walks slowly but alert. Seems to have been busy with stuffed animals in my cupboard (good). Happy to see me when I got home, purring, wanting to go out, cuddles. Shot PM 10 minutes late. Afternoon stool, kinda soft. Purrs more than yesterday.
19.12.201721.82.50s4.7 @0 5.4 @0.25 6.3 @0.5NS6.97.78.929.7New box of strips. Active in the morning. Many purrs. Went outside. 2x stairs. Was able to remove food at 4:15am. Low PMPS: fed some grains of kibble (shouldn't have! now we won't know if he goes up because of the kibble or shot wearing off). Agitated: purring, rubbing, pacing, chomping on my toe. Not shooting tonight. Afternoon stool OK.
20.12.201734.42.251916.310.37.510.5 @10.310. @3.517.4 @ 11.25Played in the morning. "long" expedition outside. sniffed bushes. active. walked fast. Onsior effect? third day back on. Ate around AMS, then coming back from walk at 12:30. Pretty poop after PM shot food.
21.12.201717.72.2518.72.2514. @ 7.50; active, using scratching post. pm food: half a can + 20g kibble (quite a bit leftover, too much). using hind leg to scratch head. evening was limping (like previous times, right hind)
22.12.20179.22.257.2 @ 142.254.6 @ 2
5.2 @ 2.5
13.5active, scratching post, purring. PM shot a bit over two hours late, at 20:30 (some food leftover from AM). using hind leg to scratch head. grooming well. limping seems better. sticking to 20g + 0.5 can
23.12.201713.72.2514.112.110.620.7 @ 8.524.3 @ 10.7527.2 @ 11.52.2524.418.95.33.5 @11 3.2 @11.5did AM shot 12h avec last night's, shifted food mix (see tab: half-can + 15g kibble); eye ulcer (vet around +6). Weighs 5kg, good! gaining back what he lost with the pancreatitis. leaving quite a bit of AM food on the table. Didn't eat all of his PM food either by far. Seems warm during the night (fever?)
24.12.20173.3 @11.5 2.8 @12.25 2.7 @12.5NS4.5 @13 5.2 @ 13.56.1 @ 14.59.421 @ 19.525.933.333.3 @ 11=232.0025.319.47.92.3 @11 2.6 @ 11.25 2.7 @ 11.5Not shooting AM: numbers low, busy day, travel, possibly poorly kitty. Ate about 3/4 of his "AM" portion between 7am and 8.30, dribbled a tiny bit of honey on the 8.30 portion. AM keto-diastix negative (ket+glu).
25.12.20172.7 @12 2.3 @ 12.5NS 18h cycle2.6 @13 4.6 @ @ 15.6610.4 @ 16.52.00 UI PS 14.7 @18 @ 5.255.9 @6.5NS 18h cycle9.5AM cycle: end PM cycle really low, ate @11.25, 11.5, 11.75 (by +12 eaten a little less than half his AM cycle ration), still too low at 12.5 => decided to try doing two 18h cycles to avoid skipping a shot completely. He didn't eat well during the night, again (chalet, xmas, kids there).
18h cycle (shot at 1pm): ate ok before shot but not great (chalet); eating at +3.5 with appetite. Ate well during the night.
26.12.201711.42.0011.714.51420.52.0011.53.3 @11.75AM: ate half his half-ration, drop of insulin not in cat (partial FS). +3.5 nibbled some more. +5 another half or his new half-ration. Is he eating less because is BG is lower? ketodiastix: K-, G trace. Convenia. PM cycle: ate some of his half-ration at shot time (NB: going to stick to this "mix", ie giving him 1/4 can DM with a small handful of kibble mixed in; he seems to first eat most of the DM, but does get enough kibble to keep him from runny poop.) +3 asked to go out, ate. Prepared a fresh 1/4DM for the night and he ate a good chunk with appetite. He eats but I've been putting him in front of his food. (so that is 4 quarter DM mixes for the day).
27.12.20173.7 @ 12.25 3.7 @ 12.75NS3.85.55.4 @ @ 10.663.3 @ 11.25AM: woke up to active kitty who asked to go out and had eaten quite a bit of his spare food: clean kibble + mainly kibble leftover from yesterday's mixes (he didn't eat the end of the paté though!). Asked for food +12.5, gave, +12.75 BG hasn't moved. +15.5 (10h30) making him eat. +17 value at 6.6 making me reconsider 18h cycle and shoot tonight 1.75 instead.
28.12.20172.9 @12 3.1 @12.5NS 18h cycle2.64.91.50 UI PS 11.3 @1812.98.43.7 @3 2.4 @3.5 3.9 @ 3.754.6 @4 4.9 @4.25 4.4 @4.5 3.6 @ 4.752.8 @5 2.7 @ 5.25 4.4 @5.59.6NS 18h cycle15.7 @6.66 21.6 @7.523.725.920.2 @10.523.820.519.6morning: hasn't eaten much, but ate. hungry when I got up, was 3.2 but less than 2h before shot so I removed food. Stayed in lime greens. Fed 1/6th DM = 1/4 daily allowance. Ate it clean during the morning. Upon my return (+17), went outside, walked around more than ever and sniffed the bushes. Fed him back in at +17.25. After eating, called me (meow!) from the armchair to play with him. After shot: ate 45 minutes before, at shot time, at +2, at +3 (made him finish the bowl with mostly kibble from the mix).
2.4 @ 3.5, gave 1 teaspoon NF pouch with gravy and some honey mixed in. Stalled food. Fed again at +5 as numbers dropping (DM/NF mix + spoonful of pouch NF with honey). See more details in separate dated sheet, gave a lot of honey as I had to go out.
29.12.201718.3 @191.0020.416.613. @6.53.9 @7 3.4 @7.52.7 @8 2.8 @8.25 2.8 @8.753.1 @9 3.0 @9.53.4 @10 3.9 @10.53.7 @11 3.8 @11.54.3 @12 4.7 @12.330.50 BCS3.8 @1 3.4 @1.53.9 @2 4.5 @2.57.5 @3 13.2 @3.516.317.115.313AM: dropping to 1ui (drastic) after yesterday's adventures in lime green. +19 for sleep's sake. ate almost all the leftoverm mix during the night. ate half his 1/6th DM mix at shot time, and maybe a quarter later. went out, very active. +6.5 still doesn't seem hungry. +7 ate a good portion of his second 1/6th DM mix, finished it at +10.
PM: shot 30 minutes late. half his 1/6th DM at shot time, half at +1. +1.5 fed a few bites of yesterday's mix (contains gravy and honey). +2 another half of 1/6th DM and let him eat a chunk of the sweet mix. +2.5 spoon of gravy and honey.
30.12.201710.20.508.82.7 @3 2.4 @ night poop a handful of flat cakes. food: 1/4 of daily ration (switching to this notation) between 0 and +1. Mix containing honey (ate about half) at +3. +3.5: gravy and honey (a little), and more mix. Feeding another 1/4 daily ration, ate part of it. +9 went out twice, ate some of his 2nd ration leftovers.
PM served his 3rd 1/4 at shot time. +2 got up from nap. Play (quite a long session). served 4th/4 after +3 and he ate. +10 not hungry, doesn't seem to have eaten much since being served at +3. Playful, grooming. Went out and walked all the way to rubbish bins! Then asked to play and go out again. Ate around +11, on his own.
31.12.20174 @12 4.6 @12.5 4.7 @ @10.5AM: stalled an hour without feeding because "good" numbers even though food an hour before. Fed 1/4 at shot time. Gravy and honey at +2. Serious grooming, big walk outside at +3, then fed 2nd/4 (there was leftover from 1st/4). +4 gave honey and gravy. Ate more at +11
PM: no shot because 31st, not enough strips, etc. Stools ok. During the night he ate the emergency kibble rather than the stale paste+kibble mix (=> more carbs!)
01.01.20189. @3 3.2 @3.53.344.14.28.310.3NS6.64.7AM: measured flush to the first line on the syringe. Fed 1/4 but only 13-15 kibble pieces (half of usual) given he's eaten enough kibble during the night to keep his stools together, and has been eating more of the DM and leaving more of the kibble and stools are OK. +3 gave his next quarter, with "normal" kibble proportion. No honey or gravy. +3 poured a bit of gravy on what was left of his ration, he ate most of it (ration). +5 again, almost finished it. (I'm not 100% sure of my sense of time here, could be off by 1h). Slept all afternoon. +11 giving food 1/4. First day with no honey since 28th. No PM shot to see how he does on his own. +2 (22h30) finally left his armchair to set foot outside. Has the old boy overdone it yesterday? Or too many green numbers today?
02.01.2018NS4. ate between +11 from yesterday and +1; +8, measured, went for a walk, ate. Overall flattest and lowest day so far, stayed under 7!
03.01.20186.5NS6.88.8NS5.38pm pretty stool followed by a little pile of bloody mush 5 minutes later. has been eating a higher proportion of DM. Seems to like m/d kibble. Might try sticking that in the mix instead of NF. stix: K- and G- Didn't go out much today or move. Bad weather? convenia wearing off? "higher" BG? from here on adding a little m/d kibble in the mix
04.01.20183.6NS44.3NS6.3AMBG 8am measured after good play session and minimal (rain?) trip outside, before food and meds. He doesn't sseem to have eaten much during the night (but last night either iirc). PM: hungry cat when I got home, shot out the door, went outside, tried to get a reading but he was too active, ate, got a reading.
05.01.20185.1NSNSwent out 2-3 times (at least one "long" one). shook a hind leg for a few seconds when we were out. didn't eat much but likes the m/d dry. is he drinking more? forgot morning meds, gave them early afternoon. Didn't repeat carbimazole in the evening so he only got a half-dose today.
06.01.20183.8NSNSmorning: played, pretty poop, am going to switch out the NF for the m/d dry. AMBG 8am. 1/4 can DM twice a day and complete with kibble as he likes it enough to eat it. poil piqué quand même. seems to have had another "shake hind leg" spasm just before eating. Evening: digestive (?) spasms once in bed (video), similar to friday night (video too). suspect DM/carbimazole (maybe because given before food) .
07.01.20183.8etcetcAM: purring, no spasms, ate m/d kibble during the night and 1/3 can DM morning. PM did the spasmy thing a bit (meds after food). Ate quite well on the whole today.
08.01.2018out of strips! no test. pretty poop during the day. greeted me and went outside upon my return. still got those spasms (napping after DM)
10.01.20184.4pretty poop. Got strips. Ate only m/d dry
11.01.20185.1back on DM + m/d dry
13.01.20184.34.9New AT2 measurements from now on (read a bit higher, 0.5-1 it seems)decent poop during the night. meter testing at AM+2 drop 1 AT2: 5.9 AT 37 (correct strip code): 4.8 07: 6.2 6.7 drop 2 AT 07: 6.4 37: 4.9 (after meal); removed m/d kibble and replaced with NF
14.01.20185.4measurement with new AT2. went for a big walk outside in the morning. and again outside at lunch. only very mild spasms. eating only DM and NF today. Ate grass at noon. very spasmy in the evening
15.01.20186.1gave m/d in the evening. not spasmy in the morning. moderately in the evening.
16.01.20185. @3.5slightly unhappy poop (a bit of soft+blood but nothing out of the box). not spasmy in the morning. mildly after morning food. didn't eat the rest of the day. not very active. ate after +2 measurement (high!?)
17.01.20186.96.67.4Ate well this morning and last evening, behavior ok, good walk early afternoon. Ate a few blades of grass. Gave morning meds late (forgot). Day starts at 7am now (AMBG timing)
18.01.20187No poop, more DM, hungry upon my return from work. Went out briefly in the rain and cold
19.01.20187.16.1Am poop soft in the end; is he drinking more? Osteo. Poil plus piqué quand même. Will stick with DM and m/d for the time being. Somewhere along the way I stopped fortiflora. Maybe start again? Spasmy thing: not alarming. evening: sat on my lap for a while (not lying down!). Walked up stairs fast. Stride different, shoulders freer? ate like a hog.
20.01.20186.77.8AM: clearly more comfortable sitting down, and sitting better! Saw his tail twitch for the first time in months (years?). Big pillow-purring before getting out of bed. Ate well. Wanted to go out, brief. Barely purred today (twice?), but played. I'm pretty sure he's drinking more. Still spasmy.
21.01.20188. will barely purr. Playful enough. 10am on lap purring. Went to chalet (glucometer on strike, battery dead or too cold). 22:30 something bugging him on his back, skin spams and licking/nibbling. Agitated. (slept a lot upon arriving at chalet, very cold)
23.01.2018using FS strips now5.8FS strip. Seems to purr ok. Less spasms? Didn’t notice much today. Ate dm well mixed with a bit of warm water, pm. Explored table actively. Still no poop.
24.01.20186.7FS strip; midday poop (softish, expected, ate lots of DM) after big walk outside. Spasms seem weaker. purry cat.
25.01.20187.47.4PMBG after eating. Seems generally well, just fur not great. Purring. Went outside. Hardly any spasming. Played. Was thirsty this morning.
26.01.20187.4more spasmy today, since early afternoon at least. Came back from the chalet. used scratching-post twice.
27.01.20186.1AMBG before food. Erica 17.2 @10am; afternoon: knee-magnet. fur seems prettier.
28.01.201887.5quiet and not too spasmy. good appetite. too good?
29.01.20188.97.5AMBG time 6am
30.01.20189.28.57.2purry and cuddly last night and this morning. pooped while I was at work. played. spasmy this evening 7.2 measure
31.01.20186.97.6"painful" position. ie not sleeping relaxed, lying down with head up instead of resting. spasmy
01.02.20187.17.1conveniaconvenia shot, fur shot early morning, repeated full dose late morning. clearly spasmy. evening: knee-magnet and purry. appetite ok all these days. not much else remarkable except the spams coming back and the "pain position" these last two days. coat seems better than it was before vet osteo visit. Crazy purry in the evening, lying on my chest or on the pillow and just wouldn't stop purring.
02.02.20186.36.4QUINTUS TURNS 17!!!! Purry last night and this morning, BG slightly down => convenia doing something? Still spasmy though and "pain position".
03.02.20185.76.76.3went to sun himself on the balcony. pretty solid poop during the night. knee-magnet. spasmy but not diastrous
04.02.20186.96.78.610.16.17.2rather unhappy poop during the night (but not disastrous). very purry in early morning. playful. purry. went outside for a bit.
05.02.20187.37.77.4am bit my nose (I was asking for it)! playful. purry. Back home: went outside, active, later purry, knees. uh oh forgot morning meds. not purry on bed in evening (tired?) -- gave onsior, fortekor, 1/2 thryoid, amlo
06.02.20186.66.98.896.2purry in morning. biggest back-leg stretch I've seen him do in a while (onsior last night and this morning). went outside around 9am. went deeper in the bushes! nearly ran on the grass! much more mobile. big stretch on scratching post. going to dig into better pain management. Still spasmy afternoon, somewhat pain position. No purring when going to bed.
07.02.20188.14.9/68.98.1purring on pillow in morning. play session on the bed, where he stayed after I got up. 1pm: was alert when I came to the flat, went out for a brisk and very active walk, he almost hopped up the first step! Found something trippy to snif on the path, nothing visible. Nap after walk: spasmy. Evening: spasmy and either somewhat purry or not purry (don't remember clearly)
08.02.20187.1purring and playful in the morning. went out a tiny bit (symbolic) upon my return. hungry. pretty stool. long purrs at night in bed in the crook of my arm
09.02.20187.15.98.2very unhappy stool, I think it was on this day
10.02.20186.69.37.1purry last night in bed and this morning. afternoon too. went out once but it's cold. played a little in the morning. no leg stretch seen. very spasmy in the evening after food. made him drink, change position, came back purry but still spasmy
11.02.20186.4AM: purry this morning and quite spasmy. Gave meds (incl. Onsior), seemed less spasmy afterwards. played. Doesn't seem comfy. Am thinking there is no link between spasminess and BG. But possible correlation with activity (e.g. chalet, very active and much less spasmy). Haven't seen him use scratching post in a bit.
12.02.20187.8m/d kibble only now7.8away all day. Active hungry purry upon return. stopped DM in the PM. Purry in the evening.
13.02.20186.6away all day. Active purry sitting lap-magnet upon return. Went outside. haven't managed to catch a spasm, though has been a little in "uncomfy" position
14.02.20185.75.9AM: doesn't seem spasmy. purry and cuddly and wanted to go out. PM notes: in good shape today. Stretched hind legs. mild spams in the evening (after water and meds). His coat has been much better for a while, thought I'd note it.
15.02.20186.48.4AM: purry last night, during the night, this morning. "uncomfy" position before leaving.
16.02.20187.66.78.2PM: purry!
17.02.20187.6AM: purry, went outside, playful, has he lost some weight? feels firm under the hand, not bony, fur quite sleek. half-happy poop (solid + gooey). Licked my muesli bowl. Haven't seen a spasm.
20.02.20189.29.3PM: went outside when I got back, happy sniffing the air, walking OK, even fast. Ate, BG measures after food. 20:30=+2, spotted spasm :-( Also wondering if water bowls are going down faster, but that would be normal if no more wet food. Fur looks nice. Decent poop.
21.02.20186.85.6AM: playful
22.02.20187.6PM purr machine
23.02.20187.2PM: purry, knees
28.02.20188.8sneezing. ok otherwise. pretty poop. Quintus is doing good. Maybe drinking a little too much. Purry, cuddly, active enough despite me not having much time to spend with him between work and giardia. he's still a little spasmy at times but nothing like when it was bad. I'm toying with the idea of trying to give him DM tins again to see if BG changes and if spasms come back.
01.03.20188.1gave DM evening. not sure if he ate much kibble (maybe sense of smell dulled by cold? not sneezing too much)
02.03.20186.55.87.6had DM today too. noticed some spasms. stopped DM after this, but the experiment seems to confirm my hunch that the spasms are worse with DM.
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