San Francisco Cofounders Wanted - Members and Pitches
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NameEmailMailtoLinkedin/ About LinkRole in StartupOther SkillsStartup Idea NameStartup Idea StageStartup Idea TeamStartup Idea PitchDate Added
Ron Dev, Strategy, Fund RaisingPixt.comBeta, recent strategic and CEO pivotLooking for both CTO and Chiref Product co-foundersPixt is a web platform that allows users and business to create shareable and collaborative content walls, and yes we have mobile aps9/13/2013
unelson312@gmail.comEmail Dev, Marketing, Product DevelopmentPinqCompleted MVP, preparing for launchLooking for dedicated technical co-foundersPinq is a product that allows a user to record short videos on their mobile phones and share it with their friends and family, all live while it's happening. A user can send the recording to one person intimately, or to the whole world, it's completely up to them. Not just that but a user can share their live recording directly on Facebook and twitter (and soon to be Youtube). The best part is that if you don't want to Pinq, that's completely fine, you can sit back and view others. So if you're in London and want to see the Macy's Day Parade live, all you have to do is search for it, find another user's recording, then just sit back and watch it from the comfort and dryness of your living room. Finally you can be in two places at once!!9/10/2013
Khine Idea Development Stagewriting, business development,project managementCustomizeMeeConcept stageLooking for passionate cofounder with software/programming expereinceI want to create a two-sided market that will serve as a forum for two different types of customers to benefit from each other.8/18/2013
Mike Arcemike_arce@hotmail.comFounderMarketing, Biz Dev, Front end Design, financeTBDBootstrapped, early stageNeed ROR co-founder with good web harvesting or design skillsI have a solid executive summary, plenty of mentors, advisors, and connections with potential angels once traction is made. In the development stage about 90% complete and this idea is in the parking industry. Almost ready to test with small group of beta testers. 7/21/2013
Mike Millermikem.exe@gmail.comEmailFounder or Co-founderSoftware engineeringChomplyEarly prototypeLooking for co-founder with either business or software experienceA mobile app allowing users to pull up a restaurant's menu with the ability to sort it based on whatever piece of nutritional information they find important (calories, carbs, fat, etc) empowering them to make healthy choices when ordering a meal.7/7/2013
Jared McGriffjared@jaredmcgriff.comEmail
founder/ceobiz dev, marketing, sales, financial analysis, seo, sem, bloggingEmerging DataIdea/concept solo, need a CTO Become the go-to site for data pertaining to investing in opaque emerging markets; focus on covering nascent exchanges, private equity deal flow, and FDI flows within global emerging markets. emergingdatacorp.com3/8/2013
Lukas Prassinoslukasprassinos@gmail.comEmail, Marketing, UI/UX, Legal, Venture FinanacingMEdiateExploratoryShort on ideas/technical development, but full of execution and polish. I have some ideas but am really looking to grow with a company.2/11/2013
Marco operations, finance, can do marketing and startegyLupo Businesslaunched company to help start ups manage operations & finance on part-time basis: basically handle everything you don't want to do as a startup :)I'm looking to help startups get off the ground fast and efficiently by handling all the typical finance & operations that would bog it down. Be a dreamer and a visionary, let me handle the rest. Looking for people who share the same passion adn would also want to partner up2/8/2013
Mark for small green investors to crowd investMicroAngels Common Good InvestorsLaunching soon & expect 50,000 members within 4 months. Bridge capital could multiply members in 4 months; so looking for right investor interested in the trend of crowd investing .4 proven green investment professionals, one with online marketng success, seek a community builder with passion for funding green companies to green the economy.We are building the MicroAngels Global Network - serving common good investors who wish to profit by investing small amounts in companies that change the world. We act as an investment bankers guided by with common good values and we take these small companies all the way to public rading making sure there's an exit for the small investors who took the early risk. Our team includes 4 investment professionals with 100+ years of contacts and experience. One has online marketing success too.
First hires will be user engeagement specialists for community building.
Josue, Research, Communications, Interviews, ManagementLife and Money ManagementPutting the word out thereMe+Finance Specialist (with an interest in management)+Corporate Accountant+PR/Communications Specialist (Must all be Gen Yers); In addition to the startup team, individuals from later generations would be encouraged to join up via unpaid internships in the later stages (dependent on financial standing).The idea is management, but for people. Research shows that individuals who write down their goals have a stronger likelihood of achieving their goals than those who don't. My idea is to apply the 4 tenets of management to people's lives, boosting their chances of success and building strong relationships with many people. The first phase for any client is to speak to the life management specialist (me). After we hammer out a long-term plan, I follow-up with weekly phone calls and monthly meetings. In addtion I inform my clients about the other side of life management: money management. My business partner, who is a financial specialist, can offer money management consulting for a price. The draw in the business is the life management, but to be truly successful money management must be done in tandem with life management.1/3/2013
Eamonn O'Brien-Straineob@well.comEmail / VP Engineering / Product ManagerTechnology, Product(1) Turms (2) Supersekrit(1) Working MVP (2) Proof of conceptMe. Need design/UX + finance/bizdev/marketingTwo different ideas: (1) The conventional newspaper business is dying, but the desire and need for good journalism remains. We can build a new news ecosystem leveraging the trend towards non-profit news and the bizarre success of Wikipedia. (2) People are becoming increasingly aware and concerned at the loss of privacy and control of their life increasingly is lived in the cloud and on social networks. We can subvert the users-as-product model of the big web companies, returning control to users using a little cryptography.1/2/2013
Andy Bosselmanand.y@me.comEmailhttp://howdyandhelloinc.tumblr.comFounderMarketing, Visionary Atticus ProductsProduct developmentSolo + vendor partnersWe're creating the coolest deodorant ever.12/11/2012
Dani Alsmartd@gmail.comEmailFounderLoopingProduct ready, Sales support needed3/12/2012
Joey Jelinekjoey@chimpdig.comFounder/CEOsee chimpdig.comchimpdig.compost MVPStandford, Columbia, CornellKickstarter for real estate investments
Brian, CTOMarketing, decade of CEO experience and a lot of for launchI seek a partner with grace and culture, a marketer
who loves making deals.
Wedding gifts are a $7B annual business in the U.S.  However there is no usable, integrated gift registry so brides send out an average of three separate registries.  There is a better way and we can deliver it.
Stefan, Metrics, Figure Shit Out3 previous companies, grew one startup from idea to enterprise scale, Multilingual (Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, English)BeforeWeDo.comResearch, Pitch VideoCTO (me) + 1 1/2 hustlers with publich health background.The easiest, fastest an convenient to get tested for STDs. BeforeWeDo enables you to do your responsible screening at home from the comfort of your couch. It makes it possible to get tested for those for who it is too awkward to go to a clinic or just don't have the time. The US STD market is a 10 billion USD industry and ripe for disruption with new technologies the FDA just approved 7 months ago. Join BeforeWeDo and help to make this loving world a healthier place!
Miguel CarriedoFounder/Coder/the big cheeseBusiness Development/salesPickreeAlpha development2 additional team membersSocial photo Collaboration platform
Jean-Pierre FusenigFounder, Project Management, MBA, Idea Factory, Outside the Box thinkingHuman, French, English, Creole, Some Spanish, Business Intelligence, Vision/Strategy/ExecutionSpace Messages.comConcept StageMeA site where space enthusiasts, science lovers, techies, nerds, socialites, UFO and Aliens believers, can come send messages into space to whomever they believe may be out there.. God, Aliens, ISS.. for the heck of it...and log on all day to view/rate/comment on what other messages other people are sending as well.
Geofferson Marcygeoff@adfluentmedia.comEmailCo-FounderOnline advertising, lead generation, affiliate marketingAdfluent Media www.adfluentmedia.comOur doors are open. We're in full business!2I work with startups who have secured funding and ready for aggressive growth. Our ad agency works on a CPA model (cost-per-lead, cost-per-sale, cost-per-install) and we specialize in B2C products, mobile, Facebook/iOS/Android apps and subscription commerce.
Eugene ChenProduct strategy, user experience research and design, co-foundermusic recording, jazz piano, photography, basic html/css, "T-shaped"-IdeationMe + You!Interested in open brainstorm to exploring ideas with feasible execution and solid business model. Most interested in exploiting iOS technologies. Open to anything, but areas of particular interest consider include apps for kids (parenting), location based services and bridging physical and digital worlds. Also personal passion in music and photography.
Antonia, customer acquisition, building marketplaces, strategy, raising venture funding, Enclosed (, pre-launch)In developmentJust me. Looking for partner(s). Enclosed is all about giving. Putting something fresh, beautiful, and just-a-little-bit-naughty, into unsuspecting women’s mail boxes. And that something is panties. For the recipient, she doesn’t just get wonderful panties that she would likely never see in shops, she gets a surprise in her mailbox, when she least expects it, for months to come.
Jason Celluramailto:jason@csportsventures.comEmailFounderBiz dev, finance, M&A, management, strategy, fundraisingIn developmentMe + 2 advisory board members (former Head of Technology at HotJobs prior to Yahoo! acquisition and Head of TMT Investment Banking at Harris Williams)Funded startup at the cross-section of of fantasy sports and sports betting. Looking for CTO and lead engineers to drive internal development
Logan SheddWritelogan@gmail.comEmailFounderBusiness Development/salesStadiaIdeaLogan SheddA CRM platform for non-professional sport teams and leagues.
Ben (in the works)Mechanical engineering, UX design, being passionate and excited to workCaminosOutsourcing MVPLooking for a hacker. The most simple and intuitive way to plan your next road trip. I'm adding the ability to easily enter in stop overs at each of your destinations when working with Google Maps. The design is clean - much like google maps. The user experience is natural with minimal inputs, redirects and little hassle to make changes. Added functionality for google places and hotel recommendations might be an option for future features.
Bojan Babicb@pngbx.comEmailwww.linkedin/in/bojanbabicFounderTech/Product devPNGBXHigh Fidelity MVPLooking for design/marketing personEffortless cloud based movie library
Tadish Durbintdurbin@gmx.,comEmailTechnical Architect/Swiss Army knifeClient Services, Technical Communications
Gini Graham Scottchangemakers@pacbell.netEmailwww.linkedin/in/changemakersproductionsFounderWriting, PromotionGlobal VisionsLow-Budget
Films on Social
Looking for a
co-founder with
The company will feature low-budget films dealing with social issues and
controversial, timely topics -- both entertainment feature films and documentaries.
The budget range with be about $30,000-50,000 with 2-3 week shoots with a view to feature sales to TV, cable, DVD-Blu-Ray, Internet, foreign sales, and other venues.
Tillmann Bielefeld | tielefeld.comtill@empuxa.comEmail and +1 415-691-9087Idea Developer, NetworkerCTO, Development, German, Spanish, Writingsnaptury.comMVP+Multiple Pivots3 devs at Looking for sales and customer validationSnaptury is a picture sharing application (web+iOS+Android) that can be white labelled for tourism / events / companies. It's currently based in Germany but we're open to expand it
Robin Maassrobin.maass@connvision.comEmail-Advisor, Investor, Product DevelopmentProduct Dev, Biz dev, Marketing, Design, international experience, managment, start up experience, German----
Kiran Dev, Biz dev, Marketingdemcina.comIn Development, Partial release (please check out the URL)Looking for a technically oriented business partner to help think through the exciting space of professional web videosCreating professional video content for the explosive market of online video - YT, local business promotional ads, is expensive and difficult today. This is a multi-billion space (think AdSense with videos, YT Channels). demCina, the people stage, is a cloud based studio platform enabling crowd/outsourcing with automated workflows to eliminate current complexities for target customers - be it independent film makers, YT channel producers or a small business looking to produce professional video content. The team includes experienced business developer and technical consultants. Business model is based on SAAS and tansactional fee model. Think combination of basecamp and Taskrabbit/eLance for video. We have a small part of the vision at Need better technical chops and a strong product manager to bring this vision together.
Eric Deweric@ericaroundtown.comEmailIdea Developer, NetworkerBiz Dev, mgmt, some codingweclicked.comIdea stage plus some dev workNeed tech personPriceline for local businesses using mobile app
Carolyn Robbinscreativesite@earthlink.netEmailwww.carolynrobbins.comfounder/designergraphic design, interior design, construction managementbureaudesk.orggraphics/art complete. looking for programmer for custom applicationsthe concept is well described in business plan form, the pages are complete and content written for first three months after launch. I'm looking for product sales partners and a developer of a custom site. I could also use money...oh yeah!The website I've designed is a combination blog and custom website allowing users to move objects on a virtual desk around a folder that takes up the primary room on the one page website. The blog format is contained in 'the folder' on the desk for posting design ideas in a continual daliy stream and outside the folder, a story is being told( on a note pad) by a fictitious character I speak for also. He is an inspector for a bureau hunting me down with evidence he's collected bent on keeping a normal standard of design upheld.
Jose Gomezjosicai@gmail.comEmailFounder, advisor, product development, 3 startup experiences, management, consulting, languages, international experience
Johnson TuanmuJTuanmu@gmail.comEmailFounder; Business Development; Business-Technical Transducer7 years w/ a start-up; Physics & Economics degree; Bridging business and technical; Tri-lingual (Chinese, English, French); Limited Programming Experience (C++, HTML, PHP, Javascript, amateur iOS developing); Marketing and customer serviceDouble Dog DareConception refinement and MVP buildingFor sure: Me, Potentially: 2 Others (1 PT software engineer & 1 ex-CEO of technical component corp)The news reports that the current unemployment rate as 7.9%, but did you know that it does not include those people who have given up on looking for a job, am underemployed, or those that cannot work due to economic reasons? When included, it means the current unemployment rate would be actually 19% right now, with up to 28% of all 26 years old and younger workers being unemployed, and the average unemployed duration being 41.6 weeks? This is translates to about a 43 million people workforce fallowing. Double Dog Dare is a service which combines the benefits of bartering, microfinance techniques, business consultation, establishment of workers' skills that results in assistance for the un(der)employed, while providing small/mid-businesses with a way to get things done without dipping into their strapped cash stash. Unlike other alternatives, we do not focus on establishing a secondary virtual economy, but modifying the current one. The team includes myself, a part-time mentor, and a poor software engineer that I bugged into helping me code some, and we make money by a freemium model of helping businesses become lean and mean and the workers find a new path. In essence, we are part yelp for workers, part groupon for projects, and just a dash of brand new ideas. Our vision is to help the world economy find its way again.
Randy Solomondrrandy@comcast.netEmailFounderPhysician, some developmental skills, Microsoft Access EMRsGamelan Medical MessagingIdea/concept stageMe + partner. Looking for web design and tech developmentSecure on-line messaging system to allow independent physicians plus other healthcare providers coordinate care and collaborate on a case - even when as the team members are changing. Everyone can have the same data. This product is platform independent - ie. it works outside of an EMR, so is available to everyone.
Philippe Furlanphilippe@healthygr.amEmail, Tech, Poster BoyHealthyGramPrototype, Seed fundingmyself, looking for biz co-founderYes, there is a solution for Diabetes and Obesity, it's not a pill, it's a Photo Social App
Tuomas Kytomaatuomas@easyinviter.comEmailCo-Founder, CEOProduct develpment, biz dev, product managementEasyInviterIdea/concept, looking for seed funding and CTOTwo founders, looking for hands on CTOEasyInviter is a social cloud service that allows you to invite your friends to a night out at a restaurant and helps you in scheduling the best time wrt. to people’s availability and restaurant promotional offers. Sold as a B2B white label service for restaurant chains.
Roger Hooksroger@theflowonline.comEmailCo-Founder, CEOGraphic Design, MarketingTheFlowOnlineBetaMyself and PartnerMusic Genre Specific Social and Business Network. The Facebook, LinkedIn, and Source Magazine of Hip Hop.
Mateusz Kiebleszmateuszkieblesz@gmail.comEmailFounder, sole Techoperations, benrise.comPrototype, Seed fundingMyself looking for another co-founderGlobal educational path recomendation system. Khanacademy for internet content. Something which sooner or later distrupt global education market.
Jane BolandJane@GetPublicized.comEmailGetPublicized or Jane Boland
Founder PR, MARKETING, BUSINESS GetPublicized PrototypeMe, outsourced developersConnecting startups and journalists to make the news. Self service PR that works.
Rene Colorado & Allen Saakyan
EmailFounder & PresidentTCG
Christian, Marketing, Product DesignStandbyLookoutBuilding a Team. Finishing Minimally Viable Product. Then Funding.Acquaintances contracting but looking for dedicated co-founders Expanding safety location-tracking applications from the huge and growing market of families into the untapped market of young adults. Creating an application that improves on the insufficient "Text me when you get home safe" practice currently used by young adults.The leader in the family applications for safety market has over 30 million users, I strive to be the leader in the brand new market of young adults applications for safety.
Ken, uix, advertising, finance, coding, proper analysisSales, product design, sourcing, manufacturing
Rob - Vision, Business Development, Finance, Funding, Operations, Product evaluation, impact analysis, business admin, marketing, hustlerDesignFit ( Creation/Network Building/CoFounder-CTO Finding. Seed accepted but not needed yet.Me, outsourced development, looking for a hacker/CTOCustomized fitness plans, tracking, accountability, and professional guidance for your life, your goals, and your schedule. No routine is one-size-fits-all when it comes to your fitness. Lets build you a custom team of professionals to design a fitter you.
Oliver / Co-Founder, Business Development, Marketing, Sales, PartneringProduct development, project management, e-commerce, supplier management, Medical knowledge, knowledge of the healthcare systems worldwide, regulatory & IP knowledgeMyHerbalPharmacyIdeation, prototyping, team formationMe, potentially some others. Looking for CTOOnline product recommendation engine in the online pharmacy market
Hamza Essaoui & Yassine,, Development, SalesProduct developmentKombee.netBetaJust us for nowProperty management made simple
Gil Michlingilmichlin@gmail.comEmail
Edwin Merinoedwin.merino@gmail.comEmail Administration, People person ;)Consumer based application created to encourage the act of sharing
Neeraj Bezalwarneeraj.bezalwar@gmail.comEmail Dev, Business networklangmartbetaMe + tech co founder + outsourced team already in place in IndiaLangmart is web based marketplace that allows Translation buyers to submit content(documents/websites/multimedia) for translation and get the community of professional translators to bid on and execute the job. The concept is similar to other outsourcing sites like Odesk, but in addition we also provide the translation technology and workflow framework to track, execute, measure and invoice the translation effort on a project.
Charles Mochicharlesmochi@gmail.comEmail InvestorBusiness developmentbetaMe + CTO + outsourced developers. Looking for COO or CEOI'm looking for members first, who never give up until we create next Apple.
Randal and Project Mgmt/Product DevNytemoods Illuminated Canopy Systemsbootstrapped early startupJust MeOff-grid outdoor canopy lighting products for Resorts, Restaurants/Cafes, Homeowners, Lowcost Turnkey Disaster Relief Power and Lighting Systems
Youngsuk Leebrightstone.lee@gmail.comEmail development, MarketingEvernamecardunder development for prototypeMe + Tech Co-founder(Mobile App + Server side) in Korea-based location. want to find co-founder in USA in business development and investmentbusiness card or name card-based SNS and searching directory service for public business cards.
Everybody can make a kind of cards for business card for his or her business with powerful editing tool, publicize those. And then other users of this app can search the cards for the business,  contact their owners by given contact information on the card, chat and post and comments on the card. This a kind of business card browser with the functions of self-creation and SNS like web browser with self web publishing and creation tool.
Robert YearlseyRobert@collusionapp.comEmailWww.collusionapp.comCEOTechnologistCollusionBetaMake the ipad a useful productivity tool
Nic Melionesnic.meliones@gmail.comEmail Developmentpurchace, SwaggerHackerbuilt prototype, now building betaMe, technical cofounder, frontend dev/designeroptimized shopping platform for teenagers
Maddie Sudasfmaddie@gmail.comEmail Architect & Developer, Product ManagementIn my headUse games to help behavioural changes in personal and business realms.
Kyle Sleeperkrsleeper@gmail.comEmail, Ideation, Graphic DesignI'm Sorry, SwaggerHacker1) graphical wireframe done, #2 early dev#1 -- ultimate mobile2real-life apology platform, #2 - Merging hip-hop and technology cultures to combat disparity in the necessity for math/science education in our country and the desire to become proficient in math and science.
Terence Kwanterencekwan@gmail.comEmailTech CTOConceptI have couple ideas in mind and look for like mind people to develop it. 1) classified ad area . 2) clickbank for offline world
Marcos Memmrcosm18@gmail.comEmailInvestor/ hands-on any biz capacity/ Have K to investLooking to invest in startups or in already existing business looking for partners
Sheree Founder or Co-FounderCompany operations, marketing, sales and biz devWomen At The TablesExploratoryI have been looking for ways that I can support the advancement of women as leaders and initially thought a group/media resource was needed. However, this seems to be a hot topic and a new women's group or website seems to show up everyday. So I am exploring whether or not there is a service offering I can provide to other women's groups (such as program or curriculum development) or interested in partnering with someone on his/her startup idea.
Lauren Meyerslmeyers@perkslocal.comEmail, programming, operations, financehttp://PerksLocal.comLaunchedneed sales and marketing helpPerksLocal enables businesses to attract profitable local customer and provide employees with exclusive discounts on stuff to do, eat, see, and buy. PerksLocal uses the collective-buying power of local employees to negotiate corporate discounts and rates for businesses of all sizes.
Sheana Ahlqvistsheana.ahlqvist@gmail.comEmailahlqvist.weebly.comStatistical analyses, diversity consulting, branding, public speakingLooking to pair with technical folks who need to develop a brandI'm interested in joining a start-up in a non-coding role where I can contribute to brand development or take on other roles as the dynamics of the company evolve. I'm sociable, bright, and have extensive public speaking experience.
Gwendaline Mazzaragmazzara@yahoo.comemailTBD-- have ideas or looking to join a team who doesSales, BizDev, Prod Dev,financeTBDconcept stageLooking for tech people and co-founderEarly stage ideas that I'm looking to flesh out in legal sector and rentals sector.
James 3 yrs mgmt consulting experience; exp. in biz dev, strat, operations, execution, finance, marketingTBD TBD - interested in social impact (sustainability, education, collab consumption)TBDTBD
Peter + Years Tech Mgmt Const. Experience in Energy Sector, Retail, Legal, Construction, Telco/Media, etc.(Biz Dev, Prod/Project Mgmt, Solution Design, Analyst, Auotmation) Educational background: Automation Engineering in College and Hybrid B-Comm/Comp Sci Degree (Major Applications Dev. Minor Law)TBDPassionate about Social and Environmental Causes. All about using technology to support a future where global human potential is free and enabled to create and provide to the world in ways that are intrensically human. Necesssity will be provided for by technology. Looking. Many of my own and looking for others. Lofty Vission. Looking to become part of or create step 1. 9/15/2013