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Adapted from Meyer, D. Z., & Avery, L. M. (2008). Excel as a Qualitative Data Analysis Tool. Field Methods, 21(1), 91-112.doi:10.1177/1525822X08323985
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15718:47.0 - 19:09.6The question is to talk about your research here, and then compare it with school work and how you found information before.
15819:09.6 - 20:37.5Okay, so I think the main differences between here and back home is access to resources, because here you can, everybody has Internet. It's not the case back home. At least in Brooklyn, we have a good public library system. It's not perfect, but it's useful. And you can access that, and you can access the Internet in the library even if you don't have a library at home. In Columbia. There's one public library in the entire city where I lived. Just one. And every school has a library. But they were limited, but those were my only access to library school, and the one public library. And the one public library, it's very nice. It has a lot of things, it's very well kept. To contextualize, it's in a very bad area. So you don't want to go to the library, because you might get robbed. So, that was a factor there. We would go in school groups, so the school bus would drive us in, or a parent. But it was an event. It wasn't like I'm going to the library to find out information like you can here. Yeah, I think that's it.
Public Library
15920:37.4 - 22:14.7Here research for homework, it depends. For me it varies from professor to professor. For example I can say this term, I have two courses. The professor he demands that to actually do the homework from the textbook, only from the textbook. So in such cases we don't need to do references, for example Googling or look up other books from here (the library). Because the only source is our textbook. But there are cases where we do look for different books, and do Google for finishing an assignment. The most scary part for me is here. I am always scared about the plagiarism, because back home I never had any idea, what is this. Because we were never taught about anything. Back home there is no issue about plagiarize, you can always go copy. You don't even need to give credit. But here you can get an F, you can be, it's a very serious issue. So initially it was a very panicking issue for me. Now that I'm used to it, I know what to do and what not to do.FayF25
16022:14.6 - 22:30.1How about your assignments, were they similar, like group projects? Where did you go?
16122:30.1 - 23:31.4As I told you, I've never been to public libraries, not even in back home. As she said, we only had one public library in the whole city. It was very well equipped. I've been back there once, with my friends when I was a kid. Everybody wants to go there, like what is out there. So not for day to day research. It's not that convenient. For example in school, the library doesn't have any computers. so you can only look up for books, not do the whole complete research there. It's kind of inconvenient. You can only take out the books, and you go home and do the actual research there, not in the library. FayF25
Public Library
16223:31.3 - 23:32.8I'd like to add something when you're done.
16323:32.7 - 23:36.3You can, feel free.FayF25
16423:36.2 - 24:50.5In the library in Colombia, you can't take out the books. And another thing I wanted to add, I just thought of it, sorry I get inspired. One thing we used in Colombia a lot, even college students did. I didn't go to Colombia for college, but my sisters did, was I feel now that I think about it it's like a community library. Because people have encyclopedias at home, so my parents have a lot (emphatic) of books. So we don't have access to public libraries. So people are in the habit of buying books and encyclopedias and dictionaries. So we had a lot of things. And if you didn't have something, you knew somebody who had something. So you go to your friends house. Or your mom knows like you know I have a friend who's a doctor, she has to have anatomy books. So why don't you go there do homework there. There is a community setting for like this resources, that are not public or provided by the government. But because the culture is so community oriented, every body talks to each other, oh I know this person let me see if I can lend you the book. And people don't want to lend you the book, so you go to their house and do homework there.
16524:50.4 - 24:59.7Yes. We have that too.FayF25
16624:59.7 - 25:40.0I'm glad she mentioned this. Because I forgot everything about it. So I went to high school in the 80s, and I need to say this some of the things that I'm saying may not be happening now. But I have a son in high school back home. When we were growing up we had encyclopedias, and then my dad was a teacher when I was younger so he made sure we had all the books at home that we needed. We would use the one public library on the island, after school. Some of the books were reference books, so you couldn't go home with it. Which were the important books. So it was good that everyone had a private library at home. We did, we had a special area for it.MarthaF39
16725:40.0 - 25:40.4We had a room full of books. FayF25
16825:40.4 - 25:43.0Like wall to wall.
16925:42.1 - 25:45.3Dust collecting on it.
17025:45.2 - 25:53.4Yeah, wall to wall.. And my father, basically he was a professor in English, he had a lot (emphatic) of books. FayF25
17125:53.4 - 26:02.7So Britannica. Big things in those days. MarthaF39
17226:02.6 - 26:02.7I brought some of these (shows print encyclopedias) just to see if you might recognize them.
17326:03.9 - 26:04.8We do have those. FayF25
17426:04.8 - 26:05.7You have all the volumes.
17526:05.7 - 26:12.7And then we had a globe. And an Atlas.MarthaF39
17626:12.6 - 26:16.6Everybody has an Atlas.
17726:16.6 - 26:50.6Even in high school right now, they have to have an Atlas as textbooks. So we have to purchase our own textbooks for our kids. There equipped with all these things, but the schools have their own libraries. And right now, three years ago the public library closed. Amazon, I don't know Amazon. So there's a lot of people back home they order the books on Amazon.MarthaF39
17826:50.5 - 26:50.6Is that true for all of you?
17926:51.3 - 26:51.6No, we never use Amazon. FayF25
18026:51.5 - 26:56.1No, not in Colombia. People never buy online. It's very unsafe. It never makes it home.
18126:56.0 - 26:56.9Yes.You cannot buy from Amazon back home.FayF25
18226:56.8 - 27:04.0Who pays for the textbooks or the books?
18327:04.0 - 27:05.0My father.FayF25
18427:04.9 - 28:02.2Parents do, and it also depends on the level of education of your parents, as she was saying. So my parents are, one is an educator and the other one is a lawyer. And my family is Presbyterian, so we had a lot of books on religion that my mom just purchased. Or they were given by the church. A lot of books on education, a lot of encyclopedias. I don't know if this thing still exists, but when I was growing up there was this thing called the Reader's Circle. Circulo des Lectores, I don't know if you heard about that? It's like you buy books by catalog. That's how you get the encyclopedias. So this person comes around with a catalog, and you order it right? So I want these two volumes next week. This person, brings them and you pay for it. The person comes around with the magazine.
18528:02.1 - 28:06.0And they bring you books, and what do you want to order for next week?
18628:05.9 - 28:06.0Yeah, that's how we buy our books.FayF25
18728:06.8 - 28:22.6You buy Avon here, you buy books. (Fay is agreeing) and my mother would be like, and the more you buy you get discounts. It's like Avon. You get discounts, you get prices, so my mom is like if we buy all of this, then we get this other encyclopedia.
18828:22.5 - 28:23.2Or a free globe.FayF25
18928:23.2 - 28:32.7Or a free dictionary in English for English or Spanish. That was the system of buying books. The Readers Circle.
19028:32.6 - 28:41.8Yeah, I mean my dad came home with seven books, and he says no that guy came to my office and say hey.FayF25
19128:41.7 - 29:28.2Back home, I work with customs, so when the ship with cargo. I notice that a lot of charity organizations in the US, especially New York, and other global cities. They would ship books, that the other libraries are throwing out. They would ship it back home and donate them to schools. So I think a lot of students rely on these books. And even Amazon. We get a lot of orders on Amazon. Because I check the stuff. And that's what we rely on to do research. So we get a lot of books from the US. MarthaF39
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