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JJ Bennett-P15-5007PESalesNo
Federal and 70th ave
Cat 330DE-105image.jpgimage.jpg9/29/20155Drove to machine to diagnose o hyd oil leak found bad hose on swing motor removed hose drove to Wagner had new made drove back to machine installed hose80Yes
Don-P15-5008PESalesNoShopCat 627GS-100AXF00613118419/29/20151 HrRemoved apron and apron link from machine.CodyNoneNoneNo
JJ Bennett-P15-5009PESalesNoLasalleCat 621gS-83image.jpgimage.jpg9/29/20155
Drove to machine to diagnos brakes hanging up found brakes working properly found bad spray head and all drain vales need replaced (NEW JOB FOR DRAIN VALVES P15-5089)
Anthony-P15-5012PESalesNoGoldenCat d400eThe-712yr5951740010/1/12152.5
Ttfm. T/s parking brake not holding. Found needs to be adjusted. Adjust. Found pads worn and about out of adjustment. Test brake works good now. Luop.
Inspect water pump cracked and motor leaking oil. Luop. Reseal hose fitting on pump. Found trans filter hose leaking
Don-P15-5015PESalesNoShopCat D6TD53LAY00927502110/6/20155HrFound one bad track link on right side. Removed trackpads and MasterLink. Pressed out bad link assembly. Cleaned up track links.NoneNo
Don-P15-5015PESalesNoShopCat D6TD53LAY00927502110/7/20159 Hr
On right track pressed in new link assemble. Installed all track pads that were removed and adjusted track. Removed from belly pan as lower radiator hose as were leaking.
Drain coolant system and removed both lower radiator hose. Installed new lower radiator hoses. Installed new upper radiator hose . Filled cooling system.
Don-P15-5015PESalesNoShopCat D6TD53LAY00927502110/8/20154HrAdded 4 gallons of antifreeze to get it down to 40° minus. Cleaned out belly pan and installed with all new mounting bolts.4gaiions green
co interact antifreeze
Don-P15-5015PESalesNoShopCat D6TD53LAY00927502110/12/20154 hr
Removed muffler assemble as was rusted out . Installed new muffler assemble. Found coolant bleed hose leaking ,replaced coolant bleed hose. Check operation was good.
Don-P15-5016PESalesNoShopCat 345CLE122PESales581210/1/20156 Hr
Trouble shout AC for not cooling. Found evaporator plugged door motor linkage out until time and one door motor not mounted. After cleaning evaporator ,retiming doors remounting
door motors found AC system over charged. Lowered charge and AC compresser stop kicking on and off. Operation was good. Assemble cab.
Anthony-P15-5017PESalesNoGoldenCat 627gS-88Cex22086469/30/20153
Found apron link and arm bushings all worn out and very loose. Apron arm was hitting lift cylinders. Unpinned arm and link and removed. Removed all bearings and inspect bores.
Anthony-P15-5017PESalesNoGoldenCat 627gS-88Cex220864610/1/20155Ttfm. Press in all new bearings in cylinder, link, and arm. Install arm, link and shimmed. Install all new pins. Trg30Yes
Del Parker-P15-5018PESalesNoDaconoCAT D6D51WHF0388649610/2/20152Ttfm- replace batteries. Clean cables. Replace bad jumper cable.None
2-4DXHD Batteries.
1-Angle end jumper cable.
Del Parker-P15-5019PESalesNoLasalleCAT627FS701DL0502390410/1/20152Ttfm- Blow out rear rad. Check out for rear charging light on. Atlernator not charging. Order parts.NoneYES
JJ Bennett-P15-5019PESalesNoLasalleCat 627FS-701dl50210/5/20152Rear engine not starting found bad ground test ran all good60Yes
JJ Bennett-P15-5019PESalesNoLasalleCat 672FS-701dl05025Replaced starter on rear engine inspected ring gear on engine ok
Found bad starter relay order parts
JJ Bennett-P15-5020PESalesNoLasalleCat 623GS-82image.jpgimage.jpg10/6/20154Drove to machine replaced hyd hose from pump to hard line on neck replaced wiring harness on neck for cushin hitch90Yes
Del Parker-P15-5023PESalesNoLasalleCAT621GS83ALP03501809810/1/20153.5Ttfm- repair problem on front brakes.lube front brake cams and adjusters. Get right side adjuster to work. Adjust brakes.JJYes
JJ Bennett-P15-5023PESalesNoLaSalleCat 621G water wagonimage.jpgimage.jpg10/1/20152Helped del adjust brakes40Yes
JJ Bennett-P15-5023PESalesNoLasalleCat 621G water wagonS-83Apl03501810610/6/20152Drove to machine to diagnose brakes sticking lubed s cam all ok50Yes
JJ Bennett-P15-5025PESalesYesLasalleCat 627FS-68image.jpgimage.jpg10/5/20158Drove to machine to diagnose rear trans not going in to gear found bad wire over neck repaired wire found broke wire in dash on rear engine test ran all ok50Yes
Don-P15-5026PESalesNoShopCat D8TD50KPZ02887445310/6/20154 hrBlue out engine radiator aftercooler AC condenser and cooler with air as were all plugged. Check dozer blade drip problem found in specs.NoneNoneNoneYes
Jack-P15-5026PESalesnoShopCat D8TD50KPZ02887445310/6/20153Helped Don blow out engine, radiator, aftercooler and AC condenser and cooler with air. Check dozer blade drip problem found in specs.Yes
JJ Bennett-P15-5027PESalesNoFtcollins/wellintonCat 623HS-98image.jpgimage.jpg10/6/20155Drove to machine to diagnose dpf not regenerating properly found bad sencer ordered parts160No
JJ Bennett-P15-5029PESalesNoGreeleyCat 623GS-89image.jpgimage.jpg10–7-156
Jack informed me that there was a ruptured hydraulic on s-89 I drove on i-25 from the shop to hy 34 east to 131 ave in Greeley drove north on 131 ave to machine removed
11/16 wrench from tool box removed 4 7/16 bolts from clamp on hydraulic control valve removed hose from valve used same 11/16 wrench to remove 4 7/16 bolts from clamp on
hydraulic pump removed hose placed hose in to back of service truck Drove to Wagner machinery via hy 34 had hose made drove back to machine via hy 34 got out of truck peed
by right right rear tire of machine buttoned coveralls removed 11/16 wrench from tool box remove new hose from back of truck installed new seals on to hose ends placed hose on
hydraulic control valve installed clamp and 4 7/16 bolts placed hose on to hydraulic pump installed clamp and 4 7/16 bolts BJ filled machine with hydraulic oil I started machine to
check fore leaks there was no leaks machine is repaired drove to shop on 131 south to hy 34 West to i25 south
Anthony-P15-5030PESalesNo115 and chanbersCat 950hE-1043jw26641158210/7/20152
Ttfm. Found hose in oscillation rubbing. Re position hose and moved guarding to protect hose. Test operate and check brakes for chattering. Found only chatters some times.
Need to add friction modifier
Don-P15-5033PESalesNoShopIR SD116DXR3718696727110/9/20155 HrCleaned drum and shell kit with compaction feet. Installed shell kit and tightened. Inspected machine needed serviced operation good.JackYes
JJ Bennett-P15-5036PESalesNoLasalleCat 627FS-701dl0050210/7/20153
Drove to machine on hy 85 north to wcr 394 east to wcr 33 south drove south east into job stopped truck set parking brake got out of truck talked to Forman he had operator park
scrapper I talked to operator he complained that seat was bouncing bad I removed skirt from seat with a large flat screw driver I observed that the end of the shock was broken off
so I repalced the skirt of the seat returned the screw driver to my tool box informed Forman that I would return on 10-8-15 to make needed repairs drove to shop on wcr 33 north to
wcr 394 east to hy 85 south to wcr 6 east north into pes yard
JJ Bennett-P15-5036PESalesNoLasalleCat 627FS-70image.jpgimage.jpg10/8/20154
Drove to machine remove 3/4" 3/8" drive swivel impact socket removed 3/8" impact gun from tool box used removed 4 1/2" bolts from seat bace used crane on service truck
to remove old seat moved hardware from old seat ot new seat used crane to install new seat into s-70 used 3/8" impact gun to tighten bolt in seat bace loaded old seat into service
truck placed tools back in tool box on service truck drove back to shop on hy 85
Anthony-P15-5037PESalesNoShopCat 330dlE-90Nbd52110/9/20151Removed guards. Replaced serpentine belt. Trg0No
Don-P15-5039PESalesNoShopCat 613CS948JJ02505678510/8/20151 HrInspect machine for rental. Found AC system low added 2 pounds of our 134 Freon. Found main control valve leaking out spools . Ordered part..None2 pd R134 freeze onNo
Don-P15-5039PESalesNoShopCat 613CS948LJ02505678510/9/20154 hr
Resealed spools on hydraulic control valve. Found water pump drive belt lose. Removed Engine good and tightened water pump belt and fan belts. Installed hood assembly
and checked operation was good.
JJ Bennett-P15-5040PESalesNoLasalleCat 627FS-70image.jpgimage.jpg10/9/20155Drove to machine diagnosed oil on hood found engine oil cooler bad removed oil cooler50No
JJ Bennett-P15-5040PESalesNoLasllaCat 627FS-70image.jpgimage.jpg10/13/20154Ran machine till it reached operating temperature drained soap and water refilled with red antifreeze 15 gal from pes stock50Yes
JJ Bennett-P15-5040PESalesNoLasalleCat 627Fimage.jpgimage.jpg10/13/20156Drove to machine installed new oil cooler on front engine filled with water and soap told customer to run machines rest of day50No
Don-P15-5044PESalesNoShopCat 627GS102CEX004341259010/12/20156 hr
Found front horizontal pin was backing out. Jack up Front of machine and free pin . Found pin retaining bolt were broken off. Removed hyd hoses under hitch and removed pin.
Installed new pin assemble with new retainers and bolts. Resealed hyd hoses and installed. Note. Pin that was removed was in good shap.
Don-P15-5045PESalesNoShopCat 621G WaterwagonS83APL0035018198 Hr10/13/20156 Hr
Travel to and from machine. Found load cylinder leaking. Separated hitch and removed rod assembly from load cylinder . Resealed rod assembly with all new seals and rod
assembly. Installed rod assembly with new seals and assemble hitch .checked operation was good.
JJ Bennett-P15-5045PESalesNoLasalleCat 621GS-83APL003501819810/13/20157Drove to machine Helped don resealed load cylinder50Yes
Don-P15-5047PESalesNoGreeleyCat 623 GS-97DBC004928949 Hr10/13/20153 hr
Travel to and machine. Trouble shout air system for rear brakes not releasing . Found rear quick releasing value was leaking. Revsealed value and check operating , was good.
Ordered new value.
Don-P15-5054PE SalesnoshopCat 627FS801DL00655109410/15/20152Inspected Machine where needed repairs. Adjusted brakes. Brakes are in good shape. Ordered parts. Don is cool. none.
Anthony-P15-5107PESalesNoShopHitachi zx350E-116920082828711/3/20156
Turn blades on shear. Replace 2 blades. Secured. T/s a/c Inop. Found compressor bad. Look up parts. Had in stock. Evacuate system. Replaced a/c compressor. Adjust belt.
Recharge system with 4lbs r-134a. Trg.
Don-P15-5154PESalesNoShopKomatsu PC300E1148878882948/17/20153Hr
Removed right final cover and found brake hose leaking. Removed swivel guards and removed hose from machine. Made up a new hose and installed. Will put the covers
back on tomorrow.
Chuck-P15-5154PESalesnoshoppc300E-114A8878882548/18/20151leak checked repairs accomplished from previous day. good repair. wiped down remnant oils and closed panels and svcd hyd to full. released for rent.yes
Del Parker-P15-5158PESalesNo64th YorkCAT330DE110B6H057765839/22/20153.5Ttfm- inspect grease lines on boom. Several lines leaking. Order parts. Inspect oil leak on left boom cyl. Clean up seal and reinstall into cyl.NoneNo
Del Parker15-310Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergTerex TA40938A77714664267/28/20151.5Ttfm- blowout cab air filters. Charge AC.None2 lbs. freon R134A10Yes
Del Parker15-315Dirt doctorsNoPes shopCat d4009532yr00827241107/9/20158Finish disassembly of torque converter & inspect parts & order partsNoneNone0No
Del Parker15-315Dirt doctorsYesWattenbergCat d4009532yr00827241107/10/20153Ttfm-degrease frame & digout belly pan for transNoneNone25No
Del Parker15-315Dirt doctorsYesWattenbergCat D4009532yr00827241107/14/20152.5Ttfm.Disassemble right front suspension and remove pivot pin and bearing.NoneNone10No
Don15-315Dirt DoctorsNoShopCat D400E9532YR008277/14/20153hrClean part of torque converter. Started assembling torque converterDell0No
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCatD4009532YR00827241107/22/20153Ttfm.Work on front suspension.drill out broken bolt in suspension pin.cannot get broken bolt out.None10No
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCatD4009532YR00827241107/23/20155.5Ttfm-work on front suspension. Torch cut out broken bolt in suspension pin. Tap out threads.clean up parts and assemble suspension.None10No
Don15-315Dirt DoctorsNoShopCat D400E9532YR008277/24/20154 hrCleaned out Torque converter housing.install new seals on lock up clutch piston. install piston into housing. Installed new disc and plates and lock up clutch.None0No
Don15-315Dirt DoctorsNoShopCat D400E9532yr008277/27/20156 hr
Installed new impeller and torque converter . Installed new stater and new one way clutch assembly. Installed Impellerand stater in Torque. Converter housing. Installed all
new bearings races and seals. Installed new bearings and seals and torque converter support housing
Don15-315Dirty DoctorsNoShopCat. D400E9532YR008277/28/201510 HR
Cleaned tour converter housing. Install torque converter into housing with new output shaft seals and yolk. Replaced all seals bearings and races in retarder. Assembled
retarder and installed onto torque converter. Disassembled and cleaned retarder control valve. Assembled and installed retarder control valve with all new seals and diaphragm.
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCATD4009532YR00827241107/30/20159Ttfm. Install rebuilt torque converter. Start hooking up hoses and lines.None25No
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCATD4009532YR00827241107/31/20154.5Ttfm- install brackets. Hook up hoses. Install some new hoses. Replace ujoints in driveshafts.None15No
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCATD4009532YR00827241108/3/20157.5Ttfm- Install hydraulic pumps. Hook up hoses and lines. Remove more damaged hoses. Order parts. Clean parts.None15No
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCatD4009532YR00827241108/4/20157Ttfm-Install rebuilt transmission with rear mounts. Block up front mount. Hook up hoses. Help Nick get Cat140 running.None15No
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCatD4009532YR00827241108/5/20159Ttfm- Work on trans. Fining install on upper trans mount. Install new hoses and hook up other hoses.None15No
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCATD4009532YR00827241108/10/201510Ttfm-work on trans job. Install hydraulic tank. Hook up lines and hoses. Found bad trans temp sensor. Order parts.None25No
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCATD4009532YR00827241108/11/201510Ttfm-work on trans job. Install steering pump and steel lines. Hook up hoses and trans wiring. Found bad spots in harness. Will repair later.None25No
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCATD4009532YR0827241108/12/201511
Ttfm. Repair wiring for trans. Tie up wiring and hoses. Fill up trans oil and hydraulic oils. Start machine and check for leaks. OK. Install hood and Pannels. Install drive shafts.
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCAT D4009532YR0827241108/14/201510
Ttfm- replace gas strut on transmission door. Remove blocking from front suspension. Set ride height for front suspension. Test drive-trans will not shift past 2nd gear. Use laptop to check for codes. None found. Use test lights on trans Ecm to find problem. Retarder not letting trans shift. Check wiring and sensors. Order parts.
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCAT D4009532YR0827241108/18/20159
Ttfm- install new retarder sensor. Test run. Trans still not shifting correct. Recheck wiring at new sensor. OK now. Disconnect harnes from ecm and trace more wiring. Jumper connectors and retest wiring.
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCAT D4009532YR0827241108/19/20156.5
Ttfm- Check and recheck wiring and connections for retarder wiring.found bad relays. Order parts. Check differential lock. Sensor and wiring OK. Check pressures for actuator too low to shift lock. Reset pressures to specs. Test diff lock OK.
Don15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCat D400E9532YR00827231128/19/20158Hr
Travel to and from machine. Worked with Dale troubleshooting transmission electronic system for not shifting gears. Found bad relay under dashboard. Troubleshot differential lock for not working. Found low pressure to shift solenoid. Adjusted relief valve to bring pressure up to 250 psi. Checked operation good
Del Parker15-315Dirt DoctorsYesWattenbergCATD4009532YR0827241138/20/20156.5Ttfm- Repair wiring and replace relays for retarder circuit . Test run OK. Install pannels.NoneYes
Anthony15-330JazconNoShopCat 950gAxx13459/28/20158
T/s knockouts inop. Check sensors- no power. Fuse good. No power to detects. Check harness. Read through wiring schematic. Found found kick out on/off switch plug
(this machine is not able to be turned off) jumper wire had came out. Install and secured into place. Read through schematic for t/s of trams filter light on randomly. Test ran.
Light on. Removed all harness bypass wires and reconnect everything factory. Reconnect switch. Ran jumper wire from trans ECM to dash monitor. Test ran 1 hour. Light came
on last 10 minutes. ??? Not sure ??? Going to lose my mind???
Anthony15-330JazconNoShopCat 950gAxx1345158939/30/20153
Connect manual transmission pressure gauges and test run machine. Monitor gauges. Connect laptop and read through service magazines. Found code for trans temp sensors
have been on and off consistently for a while. Luop. Call Wyoming cat and discuss whether the trans temp sensor could effect the trans filter light coming on
Anthony15-330JazconNoShopCat 950gAxx13451589310/5/20151.5Removed and replaced trans sump temp sensor and tc temp sensor. Found 3rd temp sensor for trans on machine Luop.0No
Anthony15-330JazconNoShopCat 950gAxx134510/9/20152Reassemble cab. Install belly pan. Test ran good0Yes
JJ Bennett15-334Dirt doctorsYesWattenburgCat 627g941Cex052841837/7/20152Replaced fuel lines on neckDel20Yes
Del Parker15-338Dirt doctorsYesWattenbergCat 950G924image.jpgimage.jpg7/14/20153.5
Ttfm Remove center driveshaft and disassemble relpace retainer. Assemble driveshaft and instal. Grease driveshaft. .Instal engine coolant temperature sensor.
Check coolant level ok.
Don15-347Dominant DirtWorksNoShopDynapac CA152PD6422074121728/7/20152Charge the battery as was dead. Troubleshot machine for not moving. Found hydraulic pump so Seloid low on voltage . Found all of control panel low on voltage.NoneNo
Don15-347Dominant DirtWorksNoShopDynamac CA152pd6422074121728/10/20154 HrTroubleshot hydraulic system for not moving forward or reverse. Found loss of pressure when moving forward or reverse. Found servo seals are out of travel pump.NoneNoneNo
JJ Bennett15-349PESalesNoLongmontSkytrak7/22/20153Drove to Ritchie brothers to change right rear wheel seal on sky track disassembled and found a bad wheel bearing ordered parts30No
JJ Bennett15-349PESalesNoLongmontSkytrak80437/23/20155Assemble right rear final report and replaced wheel bearings and wheel seal test ran all OKBoston20No
JJ Bennett15-349PESalesNoSkytrak80427/24/20155Resealed right front and right rear steering cylindersgoing to change the seal on dropbox had wrong partsBJ20Yes
JJ Bennett15-350PESalesYesMorrisonCat D9TRJS1567/27/201511Cut wear iron out and prepped machine welded wear iron on push armsDerrick70No
JJ Bennett15-350PESalesYesMorrisonD9TRJS01567/29/20152Installed new cb radio in dozer60Yes
JJ Bennett15-359PESalesYesHazelteenCatapillar D 3005MG00342151647/7/20153Removed and installed right window
Removed left window & waiting for parts.
JJ Bennett15-359PESalesYesHazelteenD3009475mg0342151657/14/20152Install the left windowYes
Del Parker15-366PESalesYesWattenbergTerexTa40963A8251021103667/13/20153Repair front lights. Repair wiring for 4 way flashers.Replace switch & work on wiring for rear wiper.NoneNone10No
Del Parker15-366PESalesYesWattenbergTerex Ta 27963A8251021103667/14/20152Ttfm.Try to install new fan belts not successful. Wrong parts.reorder parts.NoneNone10No
Del Parker15-366PESalesYesWattenbergTerex TA27963A825021103667/21/20153Tfm-drop down belly pans and remove fan guards.replane fan belts.None10No
Del Parker15-366PESalesYesWattenbergTerexTA27963A8251021103667/22/20153Ttfm.Install fan guards. Test run ok.put up belly pans. Install wiper blades.None10Yes
JJ Bennett15-368PESalesYesWittenbergTatu disk7/7/20153Replaced cleaner bars on the wheel disc gangNo20Yes
Anthony15-370Dirt DoctorsYesMorrisonCat 330bl6dr030517/13/20158
Ttfm. Position machine. Removed right track pads and loosened tracks. Reinstall master pin and secure. Install track pads and adjust tracks. Removed left track pads.
Used track press to split tracks behind master pin. Had to head and beat to get pin out. Used torch to remove master link. Assemble new link.
Inspect boom cyl for bad lower bushing. Luop
Anthony15-370Dirt Doctors YesMorrisonCat 330bl6dr3051163437/15/20159
Ttfm. Install new master link. Press in new track pin. Reconnect tracks and press in new master pin and secured. Install track pads with new hardware. Adjust tracks.
Removed left lower boom pin. Disconnect hoses. Swing cylinder out of frame and lower to clear cab. Cut out bearing and press in new bearing. Install new seals and pin.
Connect lines. Replace lower pier arm and blade. Trg
JJ Bennett15-372PESalesYesHazelteenCat 815 Fimage.jpgimage.jpg7/14/20152Welded foot on the left rear wheel of 81540Yes
Del Parker15-377PESalesYesWattenbergTerex TA40938A77714663907/22/20151Ttfm.Replace wiper blades.None10No
Del Parker15-378PESalesYesWattenbergCat740976AXM1976100187/21/20152Ttfm. Check a/c. Try to charge a/c fund hole in compressor line.order parts.None10No
Del Parker15-378PESalesYesWattenbergCAT740976AXM1976100977/31/20154.5Ttfm- replace A/C hose. Pull vacume on system. Test run and charge system with freon. Blow out radiator and coolers. Replace cigarette lighter.None5 Lbs. Freon R134a10No
Del Parker15-378PESalesYesWattenbergCat740976Axm1976101318/5/20151Ttfm-check a/c. Charge a/c.None2lbs freon 134a.10Yes
JJ Bennett15-386JazconNo120th + ChambersCat 430Dimage.jpgimage.jpg7/8/20157
Drove to chambers and 120 removed rear axle from Backhoe hauled rear axle to PES shop disassembled left side rear axle housing found left final assembly broken
allowing axle to walk out ordered parts
Del Parker15-386JazconNo120th chambersCat4306image.jpgimage.jpg7/9/20153.5Ttfm help JJ remove rear diffJJNone40No
JJ Bennett15-386JazconNo
120th and chambers
430Dimage.jpgimage.jpg7/10/20155Assembled rear diff with new wheel seal wheel bearingThe new final Carrier0No
JJ Bennett15-386JazconNo
120th and chambers
Cat 430 Dimage.jpgimage.jpg7/13/20154Drov to 120th ant chambers Installed rear axle and tires And test ran all okBoston66Yes
JJ Bennett15-388PESalesNoLoveland ColoradoCat 615Cimage.jpgimage.jpg7/9/20153Drove to Loveland to diagnose elevator problem found pressure low on elevator diagnosed suspension problem found cylinder mount looseNo76Yes
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