Welcome to reward calculator 4.1!


For tier 3 raids the titan layout is now automatically taken into calculation based on another sheet
that gets updates shortly after the new seed is available. You can toggle this off in the bottom of
"Titan spawns" tab.

You can now input custom average modification to your clans average damage based on the buff
of the raid, and it will be automatically taken into reward calculations. If you are going to use this
feature, you should input your "buffless" average and then modify the multipliers in
"Manual strategy" tab

1. Make a copy of the sheet

2. Choose the strategies your clan uses at the bottom of this tab, default is manual so tick the
boxes in the "Manual strategy" tab. Or you can choose one of the premade ones,
Terro (head, torso, 1 leg), Mohaca (skip torso) and Jukk (both legs or both arms) are included
in the premade strats.

3. Fill in your raid results in the "Results" tab as shown by the example. The avg will be
calculated automatically and last raids + last 3 raids avg will be available in the drop-down list.
(if you are coming from the old sheet just copy the results over)
Additionally you can use the sheet without results just by manually choosing AVG DMG.

The sheet uses the old format of raid data export. To convert the new export format to old one,
i recommend using the tool here:

4. Fill in the AVG DMG and number of expected players in the "Reward Stats" tab
and you will see the expected rewards / day for each of the raids. You can ignore raids based on
the cycle amount from the drop down list.

5. You can input your clans average daily ticket gain, current ticket amount, ticket collection time,
raid start time and the highest cleared raid. The sheet will calculate how much you will gain tickets
during the raid and will show the expected ticket amount and the raid ending time. It will also show
you how many ticket collections you will have during the raid and the possible waiting time to start
another raid. You can choose to take this waiting time in to consideration when calculating the
rewards, because sometime its more benefitial to wait for tickets for few hours than to do a longer

All times should be inputted in hours in 24h format, so for example 7:45PM / 19:45 should be
inputted as 19.75.

Results are given with the worst possible spawn since its random (one of each titan is guaranteed)
You can choose your own spawns under "Titan spawns" sheet and it will reflect on the total damage
needed. For tier 3 raids the spawns are updated automatically. You can toggle this off if you want from
the bottom of the titans spawns tab.

You can contact me at discord axxu#3305 for any questions and feedback :)
Titan attack strategy:Manual strategy (check manual strategy tab)
Strategy efficiency:100%
Last cycle time calculation:Default120minutes
(Default = First 30 attackers are expected to arrive in 4minute intervals and after that in 12minute intervals. 30 attackers = 2 hours, full 50 = 6 hours)
Use damage multiplier based on the raid buff:Yes (check manual strategy tab)