Eco_Evo Faculty Jobs 2015-2016
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7/7/77777/7/7777At the risk of duplicating effort and dividing the userbase, I tried making a new google spreadsheet. The main improvement over 2014-15 is that the first 3 columns are protected, so it should be harder to mess up (add new jobs with a linked google form). I'm a total hack so I can't guarantee its functionality! Please leave feedback so we can decide what to use.
Use this new page for ecology & evolution faculty jobs
This is great. A big thanks to the user that built this. I suspect people will migrate over relatively quickly. 2) Agreed. I like this layout. by protecting cells and displaying warning messages before sorting, etc., it should cut down on catastrophic events. 3) OK I added a lot of jobs to it, so let's start using it.
9/18/20159/18/2015University at Albany
Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases
Tenure Track
Assistant Professor

7/10/2015new wiki page for vacancies to be filled fall 2016 (Go to page for a critcal update in regard to editing the page)
It should cause less grief with editing! All you have to do is read the instructions.
9/14/20157/10/2015Warwick University, UK
Epidemiology. Posts in Maths & Life Sciences
Doesn't happen in UK
Assistant or Associate Professor
12th & 13th Oct 2015
4/13/20157/2/2015Clemson University (SC)Assistant Unit Leader (Wildlife), SC Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit5/15/2015RGEGS-12/Assistant Professor57/2/20151) This really belongs in the permanent non-academic or in the non-tenure track list. These folks don't get tenure. Also, the advertisement says GS 12, not GS 14. 2) BTW, these coop posts are horribly competitive. Just about every current phd who is qualified applies, then, lots of tenured profs. most go to peope with a ton of experience and very very long cvs in my experience. 3) Though it varies from unit to unit, for this particular position, the hire will have a full faculty appointment with the university (i.e., not adjunct/visiting), can directly advise graduate students, and teach graduate-level classes. So while not traditional TT, is more academically-focused compared to other federal research units based at universities (e.g. Forest Service research station scientists generally are only adjunct, and therfore can't directly supervise their grad students students, and aren't expected to teach). 4) In response to the OP, the posting reads weird, as it indicates the next level is GS 15, but you also see mention of GS 12 too. Odd 5) In research grade positions with USGS, every four years you go through a research grade evaluation (RGE). In the RGE, you are evaluated by your peers (i.e. other USGS scientists) and they decide your fate regarding GS level - increase, remain the same, or possibly even decrease, although decreasing a GS level is extremely rare. New research grade scientists typically start at GS-12 - I would think you would have to have at least four years experience as a tenure-track professor with a stellar publishing record to even be considered as a GS-13 hire. 6) all you got to do to decrease is not produce to the level that USGS expects you to produce.
5/12/20156/25/2015Eastern New Mexico Universitywildllife biology
ouf; screening underway
3 namestt?6/29/2015
4/30/20156/25/2015Chatham UniversityBiology A&P4/30/2015AL3not clearassistant professor211 phone interviewsafter 6-156/25/2015Position Filled. THey don't have traditional tenure. YOu are hired on a 1 yr contract, then 2 yr, 2yr, 2yr, then from then on 5 yr contracts with evaluations for renewal. Its kind of like mandatory post-tenure review every 5 years.
12/2/20146/19/2015Louisiana StateFisheries Ecology2/27/2015
3 namestenure trackAssistant Professor1Letters requested (4/13)There was a previous update for this stating that campus interview invitations had gone out. Now I see that update was deleted. What is going on? 2) It must have been deleted. the fourth, and final, interview wraps up early next week (June 23) and they hope to make a decision by the first week of July.
3/3/20156/18/2015University of ToledoEnvironmental Sciences/land-lake1/15/2015
letters will be requested for finalistsTenure TrackOpen (Assistant/Associate/Full) 3letters requested 2/6 to determine short listoccurring weeks of 3/16 and 3/23
offered in april, spousal interview late april, dual tt offers accepted early may1) deadline extended to 1/15/2015; added additional link stating deadline extension as it doesn't appear to show up on U of Toledo job page. 2) Job description for a specialist in land-lake interactions, specifically for the Great Lakes systems. 3) Don't wait to the last minute on this one. The application system was buggy and returned a lot of errors when I applied. 4) Same here. Finally got everything uploaded after several tries. 5) Similar experience. I finally emailed all documents to the SC who kindly said he would have HR try to upload them. Probably more frustrating for them than for me. 6) Were candidates notified that their letters were being requested or did they hear that from their references? 7) candidate notified by email x3 8) Has anyone heard if interviews are scheduled yet? 9) I heard the interviews happened over the past couple of weeks.
1/8/20156/15/2015University of California - DavisClimate Change Ecology6/28/2015
4 lettersttAssistant Professor6April-early MayYeah right reopened...
10/5/20146/8/2015Delaware State UniversityBiostatistician
3 letterstenure-track or tenuredAssistant Professor3week of 11/5
Offer almost certainly made by now
12/4/20146/1/2015University of WyomingSoil microbiology3/15/2015
3 namesttAssistant Professor4scheduled
1/22/20155/28/2015University of ArizonaAquatic ecology (riparian)12/19/2014
3-5 namesttAssistant Professor41) Job appears to be posted for the first time 8 days before the closing date? Odd. 2) Maybe they are thinking that most people apply right before the deadline anyway....and it's getting late in the game! 3) Letters requested 5 Feb 2015 4) x3 5)Phone interviews week of 3/9/2015 - told that 6 made it to this stage 6) Did invites go out? 7) yes 8) Rejection email 5/28 9) Pretty sure this is an inside hire or something weird. 10) Maybe it got canceled due to the massive budget cuts.
5/3/20155/25/2015PAPUA NEW GUINEA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY 3 vacancies (1) Remote Sensing and GIS, (2) Forest Management/Forest Economics, and (3) any aspect of Tropical Forestry 5/30/2015
11/10/20145/25/2015Mississippi StateCommunity ecologyk3 letterst trackAssistant Professor3Scheduled for 1st week of Jan.Scheduled for mid to late FebruaryOffered/Accepted1) rejection letter via email on 12/4/2014, 2) Did anyone get an interview? 3) no rejection yet, but heard nothing from them yet 4) same here as of 12/5 x3 4)rejection letter via email 12/04/2014 5) contacted for phone interview 12/17/2014 x4 6) offer made
3/2/20155/24/2015Lake Erie College of Osteopathic medicinephysiology
5/24/2015LSU-health sciences centerphysiology
2/26/20155/22/2015Montana State UniversityFreshwater Ecology2/16/2015
3 namestenure trackAssistant Professor10Week of 3/23Invited week of 3/30 for campus interviews in AprilOffered1) Rejection email 5/22
5/21/20155/21/2015University of Louisiana monroephysiologyclosedttasst prof1notified review of appd hsd begun
5/21/20155/21/2015Lake Superior State University
Conservation/Natural Resources Management
?ttAssistant Professor2
12/8/20145/20/2015St. Mary's University (NS)
Vertebrate Biology & Freshwater Ecology,-1I/-1/-1/0/3/MB1411108536
3 namestenure trackAssistant Professor31) Has anybody heard anything about this position? 2) nadda 3) Does anyone know how this search is going? (01 December 2014) 4) Deadline is March 15, 2015. Spoke with a faculty member who I know and they said the HR department released the advertisement earlier than the department wanted. With such a late deadline I can't see how the search will take place before the end of the academic year. Awfully late for a July 1, 2015 start date. 5) So the two job ads were the same position posted twice with different dates? 6) Yea, I emailed the search chair and she indicated reviews would not start until March 15 7) rejection letter feb 18th 4 again) How can a rejection letter have been received BEFORE the end of the application period?!?! I've just gotten word that the interviews are wrapping up and it's only March 20th!!! 7) Interviews for a DIFFERENT position at St. Mary's have wrapped up. Review of candidates for this position has just started. 8) Well, applications for THIS position were due 5 weeks ago (as of 4/22/15). And, there has been nothing but crickets. Anyone heard anything? 4) Nothing yet. I plan to phone my contact next week for an update. 4) SC meeting soon and July 1 is still the intended start date. 8) I heard the SC met sometime around April 27 or 28. We are two weeks out from that; surely the short list has been created by now. Since I haven't been contacted, I think the writing is on the wall for me on this one. :-(  *** May 20 - short list was approved by Dean last week, and interview offers have been sent.  If you have not received an interview offer, you can consider yourself rejected. ***
5/17/20155/17/2015Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Marine Physiological Ecology
4 namesttassistant professorStart date spring or summer 2016. 2) I added this to the 2015-2016 list.
5/17/20155/17/2015Kent State University - Salem (OH)
Cell/Physiology/Organismal focus for plants or vertebrates
3 lettersttassistant professor
1/23/20155/15/2015St. Edward's University (TX)
3 namestenure trackassistant professor31) Anyone have any insight on this position? How firm are they on invert focus? 2) Any updates? 3) Got a phone interview invitation 4) congrats! 5) Anyone heard anything post-phone interview? 6) Post-phone interview... no contact from St. Ed's (1/12/15) 7) Me neither. Not sure if they're just slow or have moved on without those of us frequenting this wiki. I remember the SC saying that they expect to do campus interviews in Jan, though. 8) Same here, during the phone interview they said campus interviews would be Jan/Feb., but no word yet. 9) It's March. Did they interview anybody? 10) I have heard nothing since the phone interview last fall 11) #7 here. Sounds like none of us have heard anything since the phone interviews. Anyone tried to contact the SC to see what's going on? 12) Rejection email 4/24/15, search canceled. 13) Hmmm, I was one of the phone-interviewees, but never received any rejection email as of 5/6/15. 14) Try contacting the SC if you want confirmation/rejection. 15) Now it's a 1-year VAP position (posted 5/15/15)
5/13/20155/13/2015Mercy College (NY)Biology
3 namesttassociate professor.1) They had a position posted back in October. Anyone know if that search failed or if this is a new position? The college has two positions listed on its website, one that opened on May 1 and one on May 7. The former is called "assistant professor" and the latter "associate professor."
5/13/20155/13/2015Glenville State College (WV)Biology, botany, ecologyouf
unknownttassistant professor
5/11/20155/11/2015William Penn University (IA)Biology, ecologyOUF
3 letters?Assistant professor
1/13/20155/11/2015West Virginia UniversityWildlife Ecology 2/21/2015
4 namesTenure TrackAssistant Professor111) This position was just re-posted to the Texas A&M job board on 1/20 with a close date of 2/21/2015 2) I second the deleted post that there appears to be some major incompetence associated with this search 3) e-mail from chair to see if I was still interested in the position x4. 4) Out of curiosity, are the people contacted by the chair ornithologists? I fit this position pretty well with the exception of the ornithology bit, so I'm really curious about who is on the shortlist. 5) Is this actually indication of a short list? 6) From the email it was unclear whether this was a short list but it was individually addressed so was likely not sent to everyone - I suspect they are putting together a "long list" at this stage; in response to 4 - I've worked with both mammals and birds 7) wow, still nothing? 8) haha, I was just thinking, "wow, I haven't heard anything on this for close to a month" 3/24 9)They seem to be in no hurry, which is a little suspicious. They did call my references on 3/16 so I expected them to move on this position. 10) They contacted my references too and I'm hoping they get things worked out before interviewing would mean missing three days of fieldwork to interview with the few people that might be around campus over the summer. 11) anyone hear anything? I got an e-mail on 30 April asking if I was still interested then NOTHING- again. weird. 12) this has 'stay away' written all over it (13) I know someone in wildlife/fisheries who is very happy with the dept 11) do they know anything about the reason why this posting has dragged on for 5 months now? I seem to get contacted every 2 weeks to a month, just after I have decided to cross it off the list, then NOTHING (14) heard through the grapevine that this was filled but I haven't been contacted outright to tell me directly
12/2/20145/11/2015University of New HampshireBioinformatics1/20/2015
3 namesTTAssistant Professor2Interviews scheduled on 3/19 for April and Mayletters requested; 4 interviews will be completed by 5/15 - decision by 6/5
2/18/20155/8/2015UC San DiegoQuantitative Evolution
3-5 lettert-trackAssistant Professor8Interviews in Feb 2015Offer made (3/9/15). Accepted (5/08/15)1) I heard that phone interviews have been scheduled. Can anyone confirm? 2) Not true, but interviews will be offered soon 3) received rejection letter from HR 10 March 2015 x5 4) has anyone else not received a rejection letter? just wondering if the lack of a rejection letter might mean that I at least made the long list? i realize that it's silly, but even making the long list at such a fantastic place would thrill me.
11/7/20145/8/2015Temple UniversityGenomics
tenure-track or tenuredAssistant Professor or higher6Letters requested 11/19campus visit invitation 4 decemberaccepted1) Wow, that's a popular position! 2) 150 applications seems a bit low given that the Wiki users alone are 32 of those 150. Is that 150 number from an inside source? Where did it come from? (3) it's an inside source. 4) Well, there you have it, then. The number of Wiki users applying for jobs is really high. Glad to have so many folks here, as it will increase our chances of finding out more about jobs we applied for in a more timely manner. 5) interviews appear to be scheduled for early Jan ( 6) Was just this one person contacted? Anyone else get a phone interview? Good luck! 7)***Did Dartmouth and Temple get Scrambled here??*** 8) Temple wishes. 9) rejected, email 1/16/2015 (x3) -- paraphrasing: "we received a lot of great applications, but unfortunately yours was not one of them." 9) Did anyone else on the long list NOT get a rejection? I'm confused why mine hasn't shown up given interviews.
3/26/20155/7/2015College of Coastal GeorgiaEcology?
?ttAssistant professorReposted on HEJ 5/7
2/11/20155/6/2015Columbia University
Population Biology / Genetics
list of referencestenure trackAssistant Professor7/~140Scheduled for February 2015Offer made (3/5/2015). Declined (04/22/2015)1) email 11/12 saying made long list - letters requested (although auto requests sent by website already) 2) Candidate got email stating long list was made or reference writer? 3) This is the most confusing update ever. 4) long list ~15 people 5) Candidate received interview notification 12/05
10/15/20145/6/2015Univ of MinnesotaComp Bio / Genome Bio
3 namest trackAssistant/Associate Professor3Dec 11 -- 15Contacted (12/16)1) Letters requested 10/30; 2) Skype interview scheduled for Dec 11 - 15 (email on 12/08); 3) Camputs interview invitation received on 12/16; 4) Email from search committee chair -- two offers made (04/15/2015); 5) Email from search committee chair -- one offer accepted, one declined (04/22/2015)
2/1/20155/1/2015Blackburn College (IL)Field Biology/Ecology2/20/20153 lettersttassistant23/23/2015; email to those on itWeek of 3/30accepted1) Thought this was on here, but I cannot find it visually and "Find" is not working for me.
12/22/20144/30/2015Iowa State University Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal BiologyPlant or microbial ecology
3 letterstenure trackAssistant Professor42/17/2015 - email from SC2/17/2015 - email from SC x3Offered and accepted
12/6/20144/30/2015University of Montana Western
Biology (Botany & Ecology)
3 namestenure trackassistant professor32/3/2015accepted1) search committee is still reviewing applications (1/15) 2) OP: did you receive this update from search committee? Had you been shortlisted previously? 3) OP here--I inquired with the search committee chair. Doesn't seem like any lists, long or short, have been made 2) thanks! 4) did you get invited for a phone interview on 2/3 or had it on 2/3? 5) rejection email received 4/30 6) they had an inside candidate that looks perfect.
12/22/20144/28/2015Iowa State UniversityGenetics
3 lettersttAssistant ProfessorPhone interviews scheduled (2/9 - 2/13)Interviews scheduled (week of March 9th)Almost certainly offered at this point
11/14/20144/27/2015Eastern Kentucky UniversityCommunity Ecology3/2/2015
3 namesttassistant professor1position filled 4/27/15 (rejection email from Human Resources)1) position not found on EKU HR website 2) Start date appears to have been August 2014? 3) Posted again on ECOLOG, I suspect the 2014 start date is a typo. Job found on website, use job code 0616576 4) They had a similar position posted a couple of years ago. I don't recognise the SC name this time around, so it may be a different position, or a repost. 4.2) Just found my old application. Same job, same search chair. 5) they said they filled it, but then again, they ahve said they filled it, what, 3-4 years in a row? I think they are having budget issues filling it, or at least they did previously. 6) Rejection email 4/27/15. I had a contact in the department (not on the SC) and the impression I got was that they are also one of the many underfunded state schools with low pay (because low cost of living), high teaching loads, and additiohal MS level research expectations.7) High teaching loads with expectations for research and pubs that are not realistic. Plus, associate profs are making 54k and asst. profs start around 44k. I know it is low cost of living, but that is poverty level! 8) hate to admit it, but I would take that salary,
9/29/20144/27/2015Ohio UniversityQuantitative Plant Biology
3 namesTenure-trackAssistant Professor6(1) Scheduled for January (note: this update was posted on Sunday 11/23)1) Did they contact the candidates yet? The update says 11/23 which was a Sunday. 2) Emails do go out and get delived on a Sunday. 3) Failed search
4/25/20154/25/2015University of Guam
wildlife ecology and conservation OR eukaryotic microbiology
and cell physiology
does not say
3 names
tenure track / 3 year contract to begin for off island
Assist / Asso
1/20/20154/25/2015Cal state -San Marcos3 positions: Animal Physiology, Evolutionary Biology, and Systems Biology11/15/20145 positions: Animal Physiology, Evolutionary Biology, and Systems Biology3 letterstenure trackAssistant Professor3EvolBio Phone interview request 1/8 (declined due to job offer elsewhere) 2. Skype-type interview invitation 8 Jan4(?) Interviews scheduled for 3/16 through 3/27 <-- (which positions?)1) I was contacted on 1/8/14 for a video conference interview for the Evolutionary Biologist position in early Feburary. I'm not sure how many others they're interviewing. 2) Has anyone heard anything about the other positions (animal physiology, systems biology)? 3) I have a Skype-type interview this week for animal physiology position. I don't know how many people they are interviewing. 4) any on-campus interviews scheduled yet? 5) I interviewed on campus for the animal physiology position and know they have now finished interviews for that position. I believe they are still interviewing for the evolutionary biologist position. 6) great - thanks for the update! (7) Are there on-campus interviews scheduled for Evol Biol? I was told we should hear about on-campus interviews around 3/6, but still no news either way 8) same here. 9) Any one know what position they're interviewing right now? (in the on campus interview column it says they are doing interview 3/16-3/27 but doesn't say what postion these interviews are for) 10) #5 here again, I believe they were interviewing for the evolutionary biologist position 3/16-3/27 and that is the last of the interviews for the 3 positions (last I heard). 11) Bummer. I thought they'd notify us either way. Thanks for the update! 12) #11, agreed. great communication CSUSM! :\ 13) Any update on offers? 14) received an email on 4/24 saying that the animal phys position has been filled. 13) email saying evol biologist positon filled
12/11/20144/25/2015Roger Williams UniversityMarine EcologyOUF;jsessionid=10A4D6B0F0F72792B2D9CCD705E80355?JOBID=55934
3 namestt
assistant professor
~902/6 and 2/93/15 - 3/251) Contacted 2/1 for a phone interview 2) phone interview 2/6 3) Interviews completed 4) offered 5) hired
9/17/20144/24/2015University of Central FloridaEntomology1/5/2015
3 namestenure trackAssistant Professor103late March to mid-April1) Rejection email 4/24/15.
3/10/20154/23/2015Washington State University, Vancouver campusMicrobial Ecology
3 lettersttAssistant Professor3see comments1) has anyone heard anything? 2) No as of 30 Dec x 3 3) Updated CV with SC & HR, was told I'm no longer being considered for position. 4) I believe they are interviewing based on seminar website 5) what is the seminar website URL? 5) Offer made? I still haven't heard of an offer made 3-10-15, but know one candidate who hasn't heardf 6) any news? 7) an offer was made, still negotiating last I heard
12/17/20144/22/2015Cal Poly Pomona
Quantitative Vertebrate Ecology
3-5 namestenure track3Email on 24 Jan for Skype interviews in following weekLate Feb to Mid Marchaccepted1) Anyone know how many applied for this?
12/3/20144/22/2015Monmouth UniversityConservation Biology (Marine/Environmental)
2 letterstenure trackAssistant Professor21/14/2015end of feboffer declined 5/7 ; offer accepted 5-221) Was told shortlist for next round of interviews would be made by 1/23/14. 2) Didn't make campus interview. 3) Did a phone interview on 1/14 but never received any type of notification after that. Did people who did phone interviews recieve any confirmation of yes or no of the next round? 4) 2 again, got an email that I didn't make it to campus interview on 1/30.  5) Did a full on campus interview a couple of months ago, has anyone  heard anything? 6) i did a full, too, and haven't heard a thing. 4/22/15
11/10/20144/21/2015University of Montana
Integrative Vertebrate Biology
3 names tenure trackAssistant/Associate Professor1011Any updates? Shortlist made over a month ago. Is there no movement since then, or did the 2 wiki users on the short list miss out on the short-short list? 2) Has anyone been invited for campus interviews yet? 3) It appears somone deleted a lot of comments re. this position 4) Too bad and not a good sign as that is usually done from the inside 5) well, we can't have that, now can we. Arise from the ashes, true thoughts on this position! [1) Here we go is this different than the mammalian biology position advertised last year and never filled? 2) Herps, birds and fish aren't mammals.... 3) Cast the widest net faculty fishing....sounds like they don't know what they want. 4) It is the mammalian biologist position that went unfilled although two offers were made (inside source). 5) Any news folks? 6) I picture the SC sitting in a room for the past month trying to decide how they define an Integrative Biologist. 7) Yes & no, there was an additional faculty retirement, so this would have been the mammal position redux, but they're now casting a wider net. With any luck, they'll manage to hire two people! 8) Or maybe they'll pay one person two salaries and get them out of the 8th percentile of salaries for PhD granting universities. 9) Its both mammalian and avian positions they want filled. Phone interviews happened in Dec. 10) What a lousy position announcement - no where does it indicate two positions. How are potential applications supposed to figure out is separate mammalian and avian positions? 11) It makes the "you just weren't the best fit" argument a lot easier for them when nobody (including them) knows what they're looking for. 12) Unless they actually do know what they're looking for ...right? 13) Wrong. They are talent fishing, but can't attract top talent given the Missoula scenery tax. That is why, in part, the last two offers made for this position were declined (inside source). 14) and there is disagreement between what biological sciences and the wildlif bio program want out of this position, good luck satisfying duel masters. 15) How many failed searches (or delayed failed searches = when someone accepts and then leaves 2 years later) does Montana need before they realize they aren't the most attractive option and there are a lot of applicants outside the top 0.1% who would love to work there. They would save enough money on searches to offer a slightly more reasonable salary.] 16) I wonder who got the offer in John Krakauer's favorite town 17) I heard through the grapevine that they had someone in mind for the position and invited them to apply, then offered this person the position. Not sure if they accepted.
11/10/20144/20/2015Iowa State University
Ecology/Evolutionary biology
3 names (auto contact)tenure trackAssistant Professor11/10812/1 - 12/19 (notified 11/21)
offered and accepted
1) 5 campus interviews 2) Two weeks after the deadline? That's awfully quick for campus interviews to be scheduled. And no phone interviews? OP) They have multiple searches happening so are trying to complete interviews for this search in the fall semester 4) rejection by snail mail, 1/17/15 x4
8/9/20144/20/2015Iowa State UniversityPopulation Biology
3 letterstenure trackAssistant Professor4offered and acceptedThis position is listed twice. See updates for the job listed as "Ecology/Evolutionary biology" for most recent info
1/7/20154/17/2015University of Nevada RenoAnimal Physiology
3 namesttassistant professoremailed 2/3 for letters and phone interview x3On campus interviews in March/Apriloffered 4/17vertebrates 2) Notified for on-campus interview - not yet scheduled 3) Interviews completed Mar 27.
12/16/20144/17/2015University of Wisconsin River FallsRestoration ecology/env. sci.
3 namesttAssistant Professor1Apparently re-opened?1) Rejection received on 2/13/2015 2) x2 3) Fresh listing for this same (?) position appeared April 17: 4) Not sure I would trust the status of any search at a UW school right now with the budget situation in Wisconsin. It's that brutal. 5) Illinois and Missouri are worse!
12/15/20144/17/2015University of DaytonEcology
3 names (auto contact)
tenure trackAssistant Professor10/151Email sent on 12/30 states short list of 15 made x3
Scheduled week of Jan 26 x2
Set for Feb/March (x3)
offer made (3/13/15) - declined
Declined (4/8/15)
1. Date extended to 12/5/14 2. phone interviews expected to be scheduled in January, 3. I got the same message 4. Me, too. I guess everyone did! (but I'm Catholic, Ha!) 5) #4, that makes 2 of us!! HA HA! ;) 5) I didn't get an email regarding short list, so I assume I'm not on it? 6) I think it is technically a long list. It was asking candidates on that list of 15 to make sure that their letters had been sent. It wasn't a presonalized email and seemed to be to everyone. But I don't know if those who did get all letters were sent the email. They noted that they will schedule phone interviews in Jan and campus interviews will follow in Feb. 7) About a week or less before that time, one of my references had contacted me with a note that he missed the reference request. I am pretty sure I told him that oftentiems the automated reference requests get spammed out. So, it is very possible that everyone was notified in response to my comment. I know I did not get the above email, but it was sent to you guys literally within a day or so after my correspondence. 8) emailed today by search chair asking if I'm still interesed in the position. What is this all about? If I applied I'm interested! x3 9) #8, they always do this because you might hae accepted a different position. Myself, I'ld jump at Dayton if offered. BUt, I was not! :( 10) Got an email noting that it might be a week or more until phone intereviews are scheduled (email said it was addressed to 14 candidates). Long process but appreciate the updates. Not every search chair/committee does this! 11) Are the two campus interviews here an error? I thought they were just doing phone interviews next week. The chair has been very communicative abotu that. 12) Hmmm don't see campus interviews scheduled. I know that i have a phone interview this week.13) Received official rejection email 1/27/2015 14) same here, claiming it was an amazing field of 161 applicants. 15) x6 16)x7 Moved additional comments to venting
10/27/20144/16/2015Ohio State UniversityWildlife Ecology and Management letterstenure trackAssistant/Associate Professor6/ ~60
Chair called 12/22Invited for capus interview to be held in JanuaryAccepted – 4/161) Was told shortlist for next round of interviews would be made by 1/23/14. 2) Didn't make campus interview. 3) Did a phone interview on 1/14 but never received any type of notification after that. Did people who did phone interviews recieve any confirmation of yes or no of the next round? 4) 2 again, got an email that I didn't make it to campus interview on 1/30.  5) Did a full on campus interview a couple of months ago, has anyone  heard anything? 6) i did a full, too, and haven't heard a thing. 4/22/15
4/15/20154/15/2015Free University of AmsterdamEcology and Evolution4/23/2015 namesttAssistant Professor1) Very fast application window!
12/8/20144/15/2015Clemson University (SC)Forest Ecology
3 contactst trackassistant professor21) Anyone able to get their application through the online system? 2) email submission was requested in the job ad 3) SC stepped down and was recently replaced, short list candidates to be contacted shortly (2/6). 4) No rejection emails sent, but presumably campus interviews already offered? 5) Campus interviews completed, offers made to 2 of the 4 campus interview candidates, one of which was an internal hire.
10/10/20144/15/2015Yale UniversityMicrobial Sciences
3 lettersTenure-trackOpen rank6--scheduled (contacted 12/8) x21) Invited for camputs interview 12/8; 2) Interviews scheduled for Jan - Feb (12/15) 3) Email from search committee chair -- offer made do another candidate (04/15/2015)
4/15/2015Jacksonville State UniversityDepartment Head biologyTTassoc/fullemail asking if still interested 4-15
4/14/20154/14/2015Bemidji State University (MN)Environmental Studies5/12/2015
3 namesttassistant professorAbility to teach several of the following: Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology, Water Science, Soils, Natural Resource Management, Sustainability, Industrial Ecology, general education courses
2/23/20154/14/2015University of Maine
Forest Wildlife Management
4 namesttassistant professor14/6/20151) Made the short list last week, was told today (4/14/2015) that I didn't make it to the next stage. Le sigh. Phone interviews set to start this Friday.
2/7/20154/13/2015Penn StatePlant Insect Interactionsuntil filled
3 namesttAssistant/Associate Professor2/~67
3/4/2015 short list made (x2)
late April/May1) supposedly ~13 people made short list, and 4-5 people (not me) were contacted for interviews during the last week in March 2) rejection email 4/14 X2 3) rejection email 05/04
12/22/20144/13/2015New HampshireForest Ecosystem Health (climate change)1/20/20155 namesttAssistant Professor4letters requested 2/13/153 on-campus interviews - completed as of 4/14Part of cluster hire 1.) Did you receive an email that letters were being requested? 2) yes email was sent out stating letters were being requested 3.) Thank you for the update! 4.) Any updates on this job - requests for letters went out 1.5 months ago so it seems like they should have a shortlist? 5.) Heard they aim to have a shortlist for interviews by approximately May 1 but am not sure if that includes phone/skype or directly to on-campus interviews.
11/16/20144/13/2015University of Montanafire ecology2/23/2015o5 namesttassistant / associate professor5any news on this one? 2) none, x 2 3) letters requested 19 March; phone interview candidates to be contacted by the end of the week. x 2 4) were you contacted directly for letters or did you hear this from your references? 5) I was contacted and asked to have letters sent. I haven't hear back about a phone interview though, so don't know if they haven't yet invited, or if I just didn't get one. 6) poster #4 again, thanks for the response. I wasn't contacted about letters, so guess I'm out of the running. good luck to you. 7) Skype interviews being scheduled for April 6 and 7. On-campus interviews will be late April. (8) Looks like 9-10 candidates for Skype interviews. (9) Three candidates invited for on-campus interviews, last week of April and first week of May.
11/17/20144/11/2015Colorado Mesa UniversityMammalian Biology
3 letterst trackAssistant Professor5Jan. 23- e-mail sent out about setting up 8 phone interviews- all candidates are visible on e-mail!offer made and accepted is what I heardSearch chair is Carrie McVean Waring 2) Has anyone heard about campus interviews?3) had a phone interview in late word
4/11/2015Florida Gulf Coast UniversityEcology (wildlife biology)
Assistant/Associate 21) had a phone interview in Feb, anyone hear of on-campus interviews?
11/14/20144/10/2015Utah State UniversityEcology
3 namesttassistant professor17/190+Letters requested (1/5/2015, email from letter writer) x3Scheduled for Late Feb through Marchoffered in negotiation; other position offered and declined 1) Letters requested 01/05/15 (x5) 2) Notified of On-site interview by phone 6 Feb x2 3) Notified via email on 8 Feb for on-site interview
4/10/2015University of Central FloridaGeospatial
3 namestenure-earningAssistant Professor11/22/201502/23-03/02/2015Offered1) To not confused with the Entomology position, I changed this area to geospacial. 2) Phone interviews occurying from Jan 26-29. 3) They have at least ruled out some people for campus interviews. Guess how I know. :( 3) Official or unoffical info?
11/10/20144/9/2015West Virginia University
Wildlife Ecology - Research Asst. Prof
4 namesnon-tenuredResearch Asst. Prof2Invited 4/9/2015 (declined)1) This position was just re-posted to the Texas A&M job board on 1/20 with a close date of 2/21/2015 2) heard anything yet? 3/27; 3) Campus interview offered (4/9/2015--Declined, other job offer in hand) 4) Has this been offered/accepted?
10/16/20144/8/2015Stanford, CA
Biology/Evolutionary Biology
3 lettersTenure TrackAssistant Professor20/>250Invited for February (12/7/2014)1) no one's heard anything? maybe this went to more senior people who don't use the wiki? 2) what's a wiki? 3) agreed, seems there should be a short list by now. 4) not sure a list exists yet 4) I've heard rumors of a sr. person getting an interview but no idea if it's same search or different mechanism. 5) short list expected by early December. MAYBE by Thanksgiving, but unlikely. 6) thanks for the update! 7) Thanks!!! 8) What update did this get on 12/2? 8) Someone said thanks, hilarious that this is an update. 9) Rejection letter received on 12/16 (x4), 10) Has this been offered/accepted?
4/7/20154/7/2015Jacksonville State Universitycomparative anatomy4/5/20153ttassistant prof1
2/3/20154/7/2015University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science - Horn Point Lab
Ocean / Estuarine Science, but see ad
3 namestenure trackAssistant Professor1Letters requested 2/4 (x2)THis really belongs in the permanent non-academic or in the non-tenure track list. These folks don't get tenure. Also, the advertisement says GS 12, not GS 14. 2) BTW, these coop posts are horribly competitive. Just about every current phd who is qualified applies, then, lots of tenured profs. most go to peope with a ton of experience and very very long cvs in my experience. Interviews are completed.
1/28/20154/6/2015George Mason University (VA)
Freshwater Aquatic Invertebrate Ecology
3 namesttAssistant Professor2phone interview 2/25/151) anything yet? 2) nada 3) according to their website they had a faculty meeting today (Mar 3 2015) 4) Interviews scheduled according to their website (finally!)
11/21/20144/6/2015University of Maine - Orono
Mammalogy/Mammalian Health
4 namesttassistant professor1Skype Interviews (March 30- April1)
moved to discussion; 3/24 email "We have decided at this time to cancel this search due to a number of factors unrelated to the quality of the pool of candidates" 2) As noted in the discussion about this place late last year, there were quite a few red flags here, so someone dodged a bullet. Did anyone on the Wiki get an interview? How did the place seem? Any more details on why the search was ended? --> I'm not sure if there was an error on this wiki or something was pasted and ended up in the wrong place, but this (mammalogy at UMaine) search was NOT ended, and I don't think these comments apply? An offer has been made and is in negotiations.
10/4/20144/3/2015Lindenwood University (MO)
3 letters
university does not offer tenure
Assistant Professor1invited 3/13, but already accepted another position4/20/20151) non-tenure track institution; on the record, the faculty all love it (but privately I'm sure they wished they had tenure and its protections)
4/1/20154/1/2015University of Missouri Soil ecology and ecosystem sustainability?
3 names?research assistant professor
12/11/20144/1/2015U.C. DavisOrganism-Environment Interactions11/21/2014
3 lettersttAssistant Professor612/16 (email)x3late Feb/early MarchAny updates? Shortlist made over a month ago. Is there no movement since then, or did the 2 wiki users on the short list miss out on the short-short list? 2) Has anyone been invited for campus interviews yet? 3) I was short-listed but have not heard back since then. (1/24 update - I made short list too, and Chair informed me that Jan 12 the search committee approved the interview list, but the faculty still had to approve, then the Dean before anyone gets contacted) 4) It's Feb 9...has anyone been contacted to schedule an interview? 5) Yes, I was contacted on Feb 6 and invited to interview 6) Last candidate interviewed 3/16-17. Search committee met on 3/20. No word yet on offers. 7) 4/1 - does anyone know if an offer has been made yet? 8) I'm pretty sure it has. I was at a conference this weekend where one of the speakers was announced as starting as an Asst Prof at UC-Davis in the fall...her focus lined up perfectly with the job description 9) Yea, I heard a rumor on who it had been offered to - only a rumor but it was a woman which matches with 8 10) I'm really curious who got this position. I went to all 5 talks and they were excellent. 4 of the 5 candidates were women, so this doesn't narrow the options much.
10/10/20144/1/2015Northeastern University (MA)
Ecological/Evolutionary Genomics (Marine)
3 namest trackAssistant Professor2Interviews scheduled on approximately 12/12/141) 3/31/2015- Rejection letter received (x2).
3/31/20153/31/2015Northwest Florida State CollegeMattie M. Kelly Distinguished Chair in Environmental Sciences3/20/20153Distinguished chair
3/31/20153/31/2015Iowa State UniversityVeterinary Anatomy3/30/2015namesttassistant/associate/full professor1
3/31/20153/31/2015Clemson University (SC)Forest Resource Mgmt5/1/2015
3 namesttassistant/associate
1/17/20153/31/2015Iowa State University
Wildlife biology (extension) post#9644
2/27/20153 namestenure trackassistant professor1I separated out these two vacancies because it looks like someone might assume they are both the same vacancy! :)
3/29/20153/29/2015University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyAnatomy and Physiology3/23/20153ttassistant1I swore this was already up here. This is on the west campus (what was Pan America)
3/29/20153/29/2015University of Texas Rio Grande Valleyenvironmental toxicology3/23/20153ttassistant1I swore this was already up here. This is on the east campus (what was UT Brownsville)
2/18/20153/29/2015University of Connecticut
Forest Landscape Ecology
5 letters (!!)ttassistant/associate professor5mid May1) Has anyone been able to apply for this? The job doesn't seem to exist in their faculty openings and I only get errors when I try to link to it from the ad. 2) try emailing the contact in the link to see what's up. OP) Figured it out. The job is not listed by number in the university system, but it can be found through the links to jobs in each college in the same window. 3) Has this position been advertised with an earlier deadline than 4/10?
1/17/20153/29/2015Iowa State University
Wildlife Biology (w/camp) post#9188
3 namestenure trackAssistant Professor21) Hope they update this soon with a little less emphasis on how nice Ames, Iowa is and a little more information about how to apply. 2) Ames is terrible. 3) job ad has been updated with instructions on how to apply 4) anyone have a clue about the summer camp thing? 4) I was a 4H camp counselor 17 years ago. I finally found my fit!! 5) Letters requested 3/02 6) Anybody know if this moved forward?/
3/28/20153/28/2015New Mexico State University
Weed Management/Brush Specialist
?ttassistant professor/specialist rank
11/5/20143/28/2015Michigan TechNatural Resource Management2/15/2015
3 contactsttassistant/associate professor2 1) lots of research assistant professors and similar titles on the department website. anybody know if this is an inside deal? 2) Not an inside deal - at least as far as someone on the inside can tell. 3) Any movement here? 4) Campus Interviews occurring
3/27/20153/27/2015Gannon UniversityAquatic BiologyOUF
3 namesttAsst/Assoc/Full2Hey, a job for the women. They must have 5-6 assistant professors and all are women! I guess this school is balancing for others that are male biased.
2) Any news on this?
2/26/20153/27/2015Oregon State UniversityFire Ecology
3 namesttAssistant Professor5/40+letters requested 2/13/15 x 2; due Feb. 25th what's the update on this? 2) Update = due date for letters; seems like they should be moving on at this point...anyone know? 3) heard recently that interviews will be offered for mid-spring term. this search is a wreck. (3) Offered for mid spring, but offered *when *? "...a wreck" b/c...? Internal BS, presumably? 4) yeah, internal BS. i don't know what the hold up is. the SC made a short list at least a month ago. The department is hiring multiple positions this semester. It might just be logistics of coordinating multiple searchs within the department. 5) reject notice sent 3/27 6) I think the top 3 should hear about interviews right away. 7) Anyone heard about interviews ("Top 3")? 8) Top three have been invited for on campus interviews
12/23/20143/26/2015Purdue University (IN)
Forestry & Natural Resources/
Environmental of Ecological
3 lettersttAssistant/Associate
12/19/20151) Three candidates interviewing on campus this week (March 23-27)
9/28/20143/26/2015AntiochBiology and Envir Science (vert zoology preferred)
3 namestt assistant professor2Mid Febearly-mid marchPosition filled (got rejection call)Does anyone know what happened with the (presumably) identical search last year? 2) I applied so they cancelled the search? :) 3) Last year they hired a visiting prof for this position. This posting is permanent, so I understand (mostly conjecture; you're welcome).
3/26/2015Boise State University
Human-Environment Systems
they have contacted references to ask for letters
yesAssistant / associate professor1MarchJanuaryIt seems that some on-campus interviews have already occured. I had a phone interview in the middle of March and haven't heard anything back yet. One of my references said he was contacted for a letter.
3/25/20153/25/2015Oregon State UniversitySoil Science4/20/2015
3 namesttassistant professor1
3/24/20153/24/2015Bob Jones University (SCplant biology?
??professor1) Saw this and thought it was a joke. Wow. I wonder what they teach you at the BJU summer institute of teaching science.... 2) 2) Yeah, so unlike Pepperdine, this school requires that biology faculty be young-earth Creationists; specifically: "a firm belief in a recent six-day creation." ( And so Bob Jones appologized for advocating stoning gays, but not for banning inter-racial dating????
3/9/20153/24/2015Jackson State UniversityMarine Biology/Fisheriesuntil filled
3 lettersttasst or assoc professor
3/6/20153/24/2015Univ Tennesse at MartinBiologyuntil filled
3 lettersttasst professor
2/3/20153/24/2015UMASS Amherst
Population/Statistical Ecology
3 namestenure-track
Assistant professor
Letters requested late Feb for 'very short' list. 3-4 interviews anticipated.
1) Any word? 2)Rejection letter 3/4 x10 3) I know the wiki says 10 applied and 10 rejections, but out of curiosity does anybody know what happened with this one? 4) First candidate's talk title is on the department website for next week.
11/25/20143/24/2015University of TennesseeEcology
3 namestenure trackAssistant Professor25/270Letters Requested (22 Nov 2014); expected by early Jan.scheduledoffered; negotiating(1) requested letters 11/14 x 11 (2) rejection 1/22/15, interview requests should be going out. 3) was that rejection by email or snail mail? 4) haven't heard anything, rejection or interview request as of 1/27/15 x9 (5) rejection was by personal email from UT faculty. Short list has been made, and interviews should be getting scheduled. 6) Received e-mail that interviews are occurring, but I was on an "alternate list" x3 (7) Received formal rejection email 1/30/15 (x7) 8) 270 applicants? That's the most on this list! 9) yep on the interview they confirmed that they got ~270; crazy right! 10) any news here??
11/13/20143/24/2015Pace University (NY)Ecology (molecular)
3 namesttAssistant Professor3Invited for Skype interview 1/22 x31) Any word on campus invites following phone interviews? 2) Invited for Skype interview on 3/20. Guess they didn't like my Skype interview in January.
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