LoL Counter-Picks Mi7R0 version Draven patch Updated 19.06.2012
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Ahri Kassadin LeblancVeigarFast burst, constant ccBoots 3 pots, Dorans rings, (Rod of ages if doing well)Skillshot heavy hero, just put on your skillshot dodging pants and don't get baited by her ulti
AkaliGaren Lee SinRenektonStealth Detection non-target CC/DamageOracles, Sight Ward,Maw of Malmortius & MRIf her Q already up on you, Don't approach her. // If she is low health hiding in her shroud remember she can jump to nearby champions & minions cut her off. // She gains a ult stack on all kills & Assists.
AlistarJanna VayneSorakaCho Gath True DamageWards, Early Boots , Banshe's veil & MRWatch out for lvl 1 gank, watch out for that infamous "bush to cliff knockback-knockup combo"
AmumuJannaTristanaLee sinAlistar Knockback, steal his BluesForce of Nature, Quiksilver Sash,Banshee's veil, Movement speed & MR Blue Dependent early without mana items so try steal he's 1st/2nd blue arround 7:05-7:15 minutes into the game. // If he's running directly to the middle of champions he's most lilely going to ult, CC, get out or knock him away!
AniviaKassadinLeblancCassiopeiaFizzSilence, Dodging SkillsEarly Boots, Banshe's veil & MRRun towards her to the side instead of away, when she tryes to land her Q, makes it a lot harder to land and time. // 95% of cases don't tower dive her. gives easy opportunity to stun. kite and kill you. // Steal "her" blue at 7:05
AnnieMorganaKassadin LeblancBrand Higher range StunsBanshe's veil, & MRMany annies Flashes in and drops her whole combo on you at level 6, dont let it happen. stay max xp range or go back before 6 for full health. and watch out for her Stun-buff its above 2 there is a potentional of stun on next combo
AsheCaitlynGraves VayneSivir Burst Damage,Champs able to kite/dish out massive DPSEarly Boots, Stack Dorans blades,Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Ashe's arrow on medium-far range can easily turn you're "Free kill" into you dying. dodge it!
BlitzcrankSivir CaitlynAlistarAmumuWard the bush in lane that he's hiding,Spell shield,Dodging SkillsEasly Boots/'Banshee's VeilGet banshe's Veil!! And don't put yourself into a bad spot in team fights before initiation so that they get a free kill on you, if they do your team will most certainly loost the fight.
BrandMorganaKassadin Ahri Cassiopea LeblancSilence/Stun and BurstEarly Boots, Stack Doran rings/Rod of Ages, Banshe's veil & MRStay behind minions so he can't land hes skill shot stun, // skillshot only stuns when your burning from one of hes spells // Dont stand clumped up in fights or hes ult will tear you apart.
CaitlynTristanaKog'mawAhri AkaliXerath Gap closers,lane control Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Avoid traps if she's in range to shoot you. // Dodge her Harass, its easy look for the animation. // And save your team m8s (use flash if neccesary!) from her ult! // She can jump walls with her Net
CassiopeiaZiggs Kassadin GalioFizzDodging skills,burstEarly Boots, Banshe's veil & MRDodge her Snake trap(not purple) if she's close to you. if she hits you, either beg to god she dont have ult up and nuke her, or run! IF you exspect ult, turn away for a second so it doesn't stun!(think medusa)
Cho'GathRumbleWarwick Irelia Niddale Nasus%Life based damageEarly boots,Bloodrazor Banshe's Veil,Maw of Malmortius & MR.Dont fight Cho'gath with less than 300/475/650+0.7AP hp, Feast has as low as 35 second cooldown and its true-damage!
CorkiCaitlynUrgot Sivir High health targets & Cap closersStack Dorans,Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Pretty squishy easily bursted down, will usually use his escape skill towards his teamates so don't get baited
DariusKennen Yorick Early harrasCloth armor and 5 potsMake sure you keep your distance as much as possible.. If he has full stacks on his passive he can ult you at 50% hp
Dr. MundoTristanaMiss fortuneIgnite & Healing reductionExecutioner's calling, Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Stay behind minions to avoid as many cleavers as possible and use your ranged spells to harass him whenever possible.
DravenVarusCaitlynTristanaTaricGap Closers, Range, DisablesBoots + 3 pots, Rushing level 2 boots has it's advantages vs this champ depending on your own compDraven does a lot of damage with his twirly blade bull shit... it's your job to not let him dance and punch him in the face like a man when he goes to catch his baton. On a more serious note... I would like to once again note the importance of not allowing his steroid to refresh especially in trades.
EvelynnLee sinTwisted fateKog Maw AkaliStealth DetectionOracles, Sight wardsIf you don't know by now, WARDS
EzrealGraves Miss fortuneCaitlyn Sivir AnnieStay behind your creepsDorans,Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor
FiddlesticksJanna Alistar Gragas TristanaGap closer,DisruptsWards, QSS,Banshe's veil & MRWarding fiddles ult spots, and countering his blue, since he is blue dependent, and remember his ganks are usually timed to his ult cd
Fiora Yorick AkaliJax Malphite Healing Reduction and Epic BurstEarly Frozen Heart, Wriggles/Ninja TabiIf you have a champ with decent mobility just bait her into using her E, dodge her then run in for some dps and dip out.
FizzRyze SionGangplankPhanteon Hard Pushers/SnaresMerc Treads,ChaliceGet to know the distance of his trick.
GalioUdyrXin zhaoGarenNasusPhanteonHard CCBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRHis flash ult is dangerous
GangplankRumbleUdyrRiven Phanteon Outlaning, Aggressive, Easy to evade ganksCloth +5 pots, Wriggles, Ninja Tabi, Atma's Impaler, Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart
GarenYorick Kennen Niddale Gankplank TeemoTrue dmg, HP% dmg,Anyone who can kite, and has ranged dpsThornmail, Omen, Frozen heart Armor & if neccesary 3-5 speed boots
GragasRyze Kassadin Vladimir TalonMobility, Stuns, Epic Burst Boots and 3 pots,Banshe's veil & MR
GravesCaitlynSivirCorki Ranged/Spammable AbilitiesStack Dorans
HecarimOlafJannaHealing Reduction/Epic BurstCloth + 5 pots
HeimerdingerCassiopeaKarthusLeblancMalzaharCaitlynLong rangeEarly Boots,Banshe's veil & MRChasing Heimer with his turrets around, even with ally creeps is dangerous because his ult will mow down the creeps before you know it and will be hitting you
IreliaOlafUdyrRumbleVolibearHealing reduction & High health targetsThornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Ask for early ganks, shut her down early so you can get ahead
JannaSonaGap-closerBoots,Banshe's veilChampions with channeling, beware
Jarvan IVUdyrVladimirGood Sustain/HarassCloth +5 pots, Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Flash or use an ability to get out of his ult
JaxKennen VladimirSwain Ranged AP CCAegis,Guardian Angel,Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor
KarmaVladimir Supports that grant greater sustainZhonyas Hourglass & MR
KarthusVeigarKassadin SorakaXerath Healing, Spell shields & Zhonya's HourglassBoots+3 pots, Dorans/RoA,Banshe's veil & MRBanshee makes Karthas angry
KassadinGangplankGalioPantheonLong Duration Hard CC(Silence!) Wit's End/Abyssal Scepter,Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRKass is a really good ganker from mid and can burst quite quickly, be wary
KatarinaKassadinKennen LeblancAnnieHard CCStack Dorans/Early MR,Banshe's veil & MRExhaust lowers ult damage
KayleSorakaLeblancEpic BurstAegis/GA,Banshe's veil & MR
KennenJanna GalioTristanaAlistar knockbacks,Good CCBoots +3 pots,Quick Silver Sash, Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRHis bread and butter is his ult which probably follows after a flash, good warding and positioning is key
Kog'MawGraves TristanaLeblancGap closer/KiterStack Dorans,Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Hes pretty squishy so try to burst him down fast before he can get any damage off
LeBlancMorganaKassadin SorakaGalio Silence,Spellshield, Able to survive epic burst- Weak late-gameStack Dorans, Early MR Banshe's veil
Lee SinUdyrTrundle Better ban him,SustainCloth + 5 pots, boots asap,Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Dodge his Q
LeonaJanna SivirAlistarSustainBoots +3 pots,Banshe's veil & MR
LuluSorakaJanna Silence/Better Shield/More SustainEarly boots
LuxMorganaKassadin Ahri Spell Shields/Long range/High mobilityBoots +3 pots, Stack Dorans,Banshe's veil & MRDodge skillshots/lazerbeam
MalphiteYorick AP and %hp based dmgMerc Treads, Armor,Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRHe's there for his ult, watch for it
MalzaharKassadin GangplankLeblancstop or disable ulti, dont get Visions on youBoots +3 pots, Dorans if you can kite,Quick Silver Sash, Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRExhaust lowers ult damage, quicksilver if hes "doin' dirt"
MaokaiUdyrLee SinTrundle knockback from ultiBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRTry baiting him to grab you while your team is there
Master YiUdyrTeemoHard CC, dodgeThornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor
Miss FortuneCaitlynGraves Corki Strong Ranged Harass & Gap closersThornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor No escapability except slow and summoner
MordekaiserCassiopeaRyzeMalzahar Harass->Hard cc burst-down & kitingQuick Silver Sash, Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MR
MorganaMordekaiser Phanteon Poke/force Morgana out of fight / KnockbackQuick Silver Sash, Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRDodge those skillshots, expect shields
NasusGangplankRiven RenektonGaren Early game farm denyThornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Nasus relies heavily on farming up his Q use that to your advantage
NautilusUdyrJanna High Mobility/Lockdown ResistantMerc Treads
NidaleeAkaliHealing reduction & CCMaw of Malmortius & MRDon't chase a nid as they like to say
NocturneLee sinSkarner Flash-y abilitysThornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Warding the places he will ult from, figure out the distance and ward accordingly
NunuLee SinJannaSorakaInterupts, Healing reduction and cleanse. Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRExhaust lowers ult damage
OlafKennen Yorick Vladimir Terrain Containment, AS reduction & high health targets.Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor
OriannaAhri LeblancDodge ball! any mobile champEarly Boots, Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MR
PantheonShenRumble YorickThornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Same as all the other globals, if you are low it will come and kill you
PoppyOlafRenektonChampions with an exceptional early gameBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MR
RammusTrundle Alistar Lifesteal, True dmgBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRUse your escape summoner wisely, if done properly you can easily kite a rammus gank.
RenektonGangplankKennen PokeThornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Renekton isn't much of an auto attacker, his main damage comes from his abilities... just make sure if he's going in on you to make an effective trade
RivenKennen UdyrOlafCho Gath Garen Mobile Champs with CCThornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Strong laner play safe
RumbleKennen Riven RenektonWait until he overheats/Hard CCBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRTight spots are rumbles best friends, so don't be in one
RyzeLeblanc Cassiopea Brand Xerath Silence effectsBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRTry not the be in range of his snare unless need be
Sejuani UdyrTrundle Mobility/CCEarly Merc Treads, MR
ShacoLee sinRammus Mordekaiser Stealth Detection & wall jumpersOracle, Vision ward, Ward the spots he usually decieves from
ShenWarwick Kennen YorickCho Gath TeemoBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRRemember that guy that was gonna die but then shen ults and the tables turn? yea, gotta learn from it
Shyvana OlafSustain in lane and CCBoots + 3 pots , Cloth + 5 pots lane
SingedVayne TeemoGragas SlowsBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius, MS items & MREarly gank from your jungler help, just ask for one, a little lead on singed will do loads
SionZiggs RyzeCassiopeiaVladimir Burst DamageBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRMost Sion's are AP mid and will get boots of mobility, care for his ganks that will come after hes pushed the lane
SivirMiss FortuneCorkiCaitlyn Kog Maw Tristana Hard CC/Slow/ArmorThornmail, Ninja tabi, Omen, Frozen heart & Armor You really only have to worry about her skilshot
SkarnerMorganaMobility/Ranged HarassBanshe's veil & MRBeing out of position = food for Skarner
SonaAlistarMiss fortuneSorakaTristanaBlitzkrankGap closer assassinsBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius& MRHer main usage is ult, so care
SorakaMiss FortuneTristanaHeal ReductionBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRJust expect getting silenced or cc her down
SwainCassiopeaMiss fortuneGalioAkali Heal ReductionExecutioner's Calling, Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRExhaust lowers the ult damage->Heal
TalonLee sinGangplankRenektonCho Gath Early game harass, Stealth detection and any CC. Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Don't get caught by yourself with a Talon MIA
TaricJanna Soraka AlistarSilence/Interrupt Banshe's veil & MRTaric stun is usually followed up by another cc from another hero, play your lanes safe
TeemoKennen Rumble Vladimir Oracle, magic resist/deny map controlThornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen, Frozen heart & Armor There are mushrooms everywhere....
TristanaSivir Miss fortuneCaitlyn Gap closer assassinsThornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen, Frozen heart & Armor She CAN burst you down be wary, shes in the back one second, the next she blast you in the face up front
TrundleAnyone who can Kite.Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Try not to get in tight spots where his pillar is just godly
TryndamereTeemo MalphiteNunu Slows, Hard CC, Tauns Thornmail & heavy DoTsThornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Always keep in mind his ult, try to time it if you can (will get ult cd's later), but don't forget about the other 4 heroes
Twisted FateKassadin Nocturne Sion Xerath Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRThe Quilted Quicker Picker Upper, TF he WILL come for the cleanups, be wary
TwitchLee sinTwisted fateNocturne Maokai Stealth detection & him beeing focus fired.Oracle, Vision ward, Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Pink wards, hes really squishy and can be caught off guard with the ward, just try to make sure no one sees you putting it down
UdyrTrundle Anivia Janna Slows,Q when he wants to lasthitThornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen, Frozen heart & Armor
UrgotSorakaSivir Constant harass & getting close quicklyThornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen, Frozen heart & Armor As long as you can dodge his Noxian Corrosive Charge he is quite ineffective, Late game as a squishy champ, make sure you in the back of team fights to avoid his dreaded Ultimate
VarusBlitzcrankSivir TristanaKog MawMobile championsQuick Silver SashHaving a spell shield is a great way to reduce incoming damage
VayneCaitlynGraves Gap closer assassinsThornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen, Frozen heart & Armor Try to catch her out of position, chase only when its advantageous
VeigarMorgana Kassadin GangplankRyze LeblancCleanse of any kind & beeing under farmed.Quick Silver Sash, Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MR
Viktor Kassadin LeblancLane Sustain, Hard PushersStack dorans
VladimirYorick Swain Fiddlesticks MalzaharHealing Reduction, epic burst damageExecutioner's Calling, Banshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MRChanneling spells work even when he is pool'd
VolibearFizz Garen Healing Reduction, MobilityBoots + 3 potsYou only need one Executioner's Calling on your team, but that item counters Volibear with ease
WarwickKennen Lee SinOlafHealing ReductionQuick Silver Sash, Executioners Calling, Maw of Malmortius & MRCC when he ults
WukongLee SinRumble Riven Pink wards , CC, High SustainThornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen & Armor
XerathKassadinLeblancTalon Gap closer assassinsBanshe's veil, Maw of Malmortius & MR
Xin ZhaoTeemo Blind/slows/Taunt shuts downThornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen, Frozen heart & Armor
YorickTrundle Cho Gath TryndamereRenekton NasusGap closer bruisers with high sustain.Thornmail, Ninja tabi, Randiuns Omen , Frozen heart & ArmorRun into bushes his minions won't follow
Ziggs Ahri Kassadin Vladimir LeblancSustain/KiteBoots + 3 pots