AzLA Program Schedule 2013
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Date/TimeSession ActivitiesExhibit HallWassaja 110Wassaja 109Wassaja 108Wassaja 107Conf. 106Conf. 105Conf. 104Conf. 102 - 103Conf. 101Yo'w Hospitality Suite
Wednesday, Nov 13 Preconferences
8:00am-4:30pmRegistration Open
9:00am-NoonMorning Preconference SessionsCANCELED:

How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Summer Reading (and How You Can Change Everything About It so You Can Love It Again) (Manfredi/Eckert) (CYA)
Idea Circus 25 (Ball/Henley/Savage/ Villegas) (LSD)Basic Cataloging with RDA (AM) (Mendes) (TTS)CANCELED:

Moving Professional Workshops Online: Making Face Time Virtual (Underhill/ Smith/Moore/Kang/ Mickelsen) (ILT)
1:30-4:30Afternoon Preconference Sessions100% Success! A practical approach to leading from the middle to effect positive community & organizational change (Davey/Matthias-Loghry) (LSD)State Librarian Meeting with County Librarians (1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)Basic Cataloging with RDA (PM) (Mendes) (TTS)CANCELED:

Fast-Track to Becoming a Third Place (Adult-Services Style) (DeHaan) (LOMA)

Hitting the Books: The Basics of Readers' Advisory (Charles/Hamilton-Selway/Mosley) (US)
My Career, My AzLA (Stillwell) (LOMA)
Thursday, Nov 14Session ActivitiesExhibit HallWassaja 110Wassaja 109Wassaja 108Wassaja 107Conf. 106Conf. 105Conf. 104Conf. 102 - 103Conf. 101Yo'w Hospitality Suite
6:30-7:30 amBreathe & Flow: Gentle Yoga to Start Your DayBreathe & Flow: Gentle Yoga to Start Your Day (Matson)
7:30-4:50pmRegistration Open
7:30-8:15Continental Breakfast with ExhibitorsContinental Breakfast
8:15-10:00Opening Keynote/ Business MeetingOpening Keynote/ Business MeetingOpening Keynote/ Business MeetingOpening Keynote/ Business MeetingOpening Keynote/ Business Meeting
10:00-10:30Poster Sessions1. 40th Anniversary of Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA): A Milestone to the Past and Future (He) (LOMA)
2. Reaching into the Community: Using Multi-Media to Break Down Barriers (Foxx-Lupo/Genovese) (US)
3. Using ClimateQUAL to Enhance Your Organizational Climate in the Digital Age (Situ/Neal) (LSD)
4. How is natural light fully integrated within the built environment (Marotta) (US)
5. Removing the Mystery: Promoting Your Unique Collection with Twitter (O'Neill) (LOMA)
6. If There's no Library, why do we Need a Librarian? : Marketing and Delivering Library Services without an On-Campus Library (Faulk) (LOMA)
10:30-11:30Concurrent SessionsBest Practices for the Guide on the Side Tutorial Creation Software (Wallace) (ILT)The Nosey Librarian: Online Resources You May Wish You Never Knew About (Villegas) (ILT)Read to Succeed! A Library Tutoring Program for At-Risk First Graders (Sagar/Becker/Britt) (CYA)Creating an Advocacy Plan for Your Library (Schirano/Tuttle/ Beck) (LOMA)Information Explosion: Survey of professional-focused e-resources for libraries (Shreve) (TTS)Let's Talk Food (Douma/Niethammer) (Author) (LOMA)Yes, You Can Help People with Legal Questions! (Fisher/Howe/ Apodaca) (US)Are you Experienced? Internships, Expectations, and Getting a Foot in the Door (Mason) (LSD)
11:30-1:00pmLunch Storytelling Institute Luncheon Highlight: Why Stories Matter in the 21st Century (Warren)
1:10-2:10Divisions/Interest Groups MeetingsDiverse Populations Interest Group/Annual Meeting of the Services to Diverse Populations Interest Group (Foxx-Lupo/Aguirre-Clinch) (US)International Interest Group Meeting/ Let's Get Global: Serving our Libraries' International Users (DeBarbieri) (LOMA)Teacher Library Division MeetingSpecial Libraries Division MeetingPublic Library Division Meeting (Brown)(TTS)College and University Division Meeting/CULD Business Meeting (LSD)MarcEdit Brief Overview (TSIG Business Meeting) (Pelletier/Burk) (TTS)Native American Libraries Interest Group Meeting / NALIG Business Meeting
2:10-2:30Visit Exhibit Hall
2:30-3:30Concurrent SessionsOpening Minds to Open Access: Best Practices at Arizona State University Libraries (Humphreys/ Pannabecker) (ILT)The Embedded Librarian (Brown/Damaso/ Henley/Kolaczynski) (LSD)Google+ Hangout: communication through low-cost video conferencing (Salthouse/Messer) (TTS)Blitz: 2:30 - 2:45: eResources Training: Short and Sweet (Reisman) (TTS) 2:50 - 3:05: ELF Reading & Reference (Maestas) (TTS) 3:10 - 3:25: Must-have Apps: a Library User's Toolkit (Wilson) (TTS)Blitz: 2:30 - 2:45: Social Media Dashboards for Optimizing Your Online Presence (Mead) (US) 2:50 - 3:05: E PRIVACY (Reckard) (US) 3:10-3:25: Planning Grant Support Services in Academic Libraries: A Collaborative Framework in the Digital Age (Situ/Saleh) (US)Reach for the Skype: Using Technology to Connect Young Readers and Authors (Kendall/Kendall/Broiles/Keller/Kennedy) (CYA)Creative Community Connections: Tempe Public Library's Outreach Model (Escalante/Kaufman) (LOMA)Building a Robust Librarian Career in an eSociety (Shreve/ Mailander) (LSD)
3:30-3:50Visit Exhibit Hall
3:50-4:50Concurrent SessionsA World of Pure Imagination: Running a Digital Library (Soard/Green/ Covelli) (TTS)What Is Digital Literacy and Why Should I Care? (Villegas) (ILT)E-government and Libraries (Stanton) (US)21st Century E-Training: Course Based Online Instruction for Library Employees (See/Teetor) (LSD)The Effects of Targeted, Connectivism-Based Information Literacy Instruction on Latino Students Information Literacy Skills and Library Usage (Walsh) (ILT)Looking Forward/Reaching Back (Gunn/Miller/Hayes) (Author) (LOMA) (US)When Your Book Displays Aren't Pulling in the Crowds, Maybe Some Pirates, Droids, or Occasional Zombies Can Help (Jimenez/Donner/ Graham) (CYA)Extraordinary Opportunities: A Roundtable Discussion for Sharing Information About the Common Core (Parker-Rock) (ILT)
5:00-7:00 pmEvening Reception Co-sponsored by SIRLS
Friday Nov 15Session ActivitiesExhibit HallWassaja 110Wassaja 109Wassaja 108Wassaja 107Conf. 106Conf. 105Conf. 104Conf. 102 - 103Conf. 101Yo'w Hospitality Suite
6:30-7:30am Breathe & Flow: Gentle Yoga to Start Your Day`Breathe & Flow: Gentle Yoga to Start Your Day (Matson)
7:30am-3:30pmRegistration Open
7:30-8:45AzLA Service Awards BreakfastAzLA Service Awards BreakfastAzLA Service Awards Breakfast
8:00-8:50Continental Breakfast with ExhibitorsContinental Breakfast
8:50-9:50Concurrent SessionseLectrify, eNgage, and eXcite with Online Collaboration (Rock/McGuire) (ILT)Arizona Case Law: Basic Legal Research for Non-Law Librarians (Rader) (ILT)eXcellence in eReference (Shreve/Wildermuth/ Lausten) (US)When Arizona Reads, Arizona Thrives: Building Literacy Through Summer Reading (Henley/Clark/ Wennersten) (CYA)Turning Virtual Into Reality: How to Enhance Community Programming With Digital Resources (Burk/Prouty/Maney/ Bunker/Kortmeier) (US)Death Clouds on Mt. Baldy, Tucson’s Lost Tragedy (Hufault) (Author) (CYA)Using EBSCO Discovery Service To Enhance Your Print and Electronic Resources (Rojano)Managing Multiple School Libraries, the New Normal? (Westrick/ Gironda) (LSD)
9:50-10:20Posters1. With the impending zombie apocalypse, how do you connect with patrons in an eSociety? (Shreve/Mailander) (TTS/US)
2. Survey Says & Discovering the Professional Development Needs of AzLA Member (Blakiston/Rick) (LSD)
3. Two Universities, One Library: Access Through A Single Portal (Cole) (US)
4. Finding Consumer Health Info: Resources & Strategies to Alleviate the Pain (Pardon) (LSD)
5. Transformation of the AzLA Web Page, 2013 (Harp/Porter) (US)
6. Thinking green while promoting health literacy: using a refurbished computer as motivation to attend a health information computer class (Aguinaga/Birr/ Nakagawa) (LOMA)
10:20-11:20Concurrent SessionsToo Old for Storytime, Too Young for the Teen Scene: Libraries as a Gathering Place for In-Betweens (Matson/Valentine) (CYA)Thinking in ERROR: Making Electronic Resources Cool Again (Caldwell/Strong/ Berry/Walter) (LOMA)Decision Making in an eWorld (Stone/Guerra) (LSD)Taking It to the Streets: Bringing the Library to the Community (MacFarlane) (LOMA)The Embedded Librarian: One Model of Librarianship (Mohr/Miller/Givins) (ILT)Sonoran Desert Tales - Children's Author Panel (Storad/ Flood)The Knowledge River ExperienceReflections from eStudents in the eSociety (Zepeda/Tupponce/ Apodaca/Eries) (TTS)From Being Helped to Being Hired: How Librarians Can Serve Job-Seekers (Cophenhaver) (ILT)
11:30-1:00pmLunch on Your Own and Author Awards LuncheonAuthor Awards Luncheon
1:00-2:00Concurrent Sessions6 Essential Apps for a Connected Librarian (Alascia) (TTS)Can I Help You Now? How About Now? Providing Roaming Reference without Becoming a Stalker Librarian (Ringness/ Sandberg) (US)Help Me Help You: Libraries, Archives, and Partnership in the Digital Age (Dunham/Preisler/ Tsosie) (LOMA)Bringing eSociety into Undergraduate and Graduate Education: A Fishbowl Discussion with UA SIRLS (Brooks/Kneale/ Mathieson/Martin)Simple User Research Methods: The First Step to Improving Your Website (Blakiston/Bidwell/ Hawes) (US)Author Award Panel: Judy Goddard and Grand Canyon Award Winners (Porfirio/Brande/Buyea/La Rochelle) (author)EUREKA! How ASU, Economic Development Offices, & Arizona Libraries Are Teaming Up to Help Inventors and Entrepreneurs Through the Alexandria Network (Beck/Hanna/Cook) (LSD)eReading: Training & Programming Best Practices (Wilson) (US)
2:00-2:20Visit Exhibit Hall
2:20-3:20Concurrent SessionsShut Up About the eSociety Already (Griffin/Summers/ Franssen) (US)Rethinking LibGuides: Maximizing the Homepage Based on Page View Statistics (Thomas) (ILT)Blitz: 2:20 - 2:35: Super Cool Biz: Uncovering Japan's Ethnographic Collections (C. Miller) (TTS) 2:40 - 2:55: If It's Not Broken, Why Fix It? (Almader-Douglas) (LOMA) 3:00 - 3:15: Where are you Leading Me? What Youth-Led and Adult-Supported Really Looks Like. Lessons from the PCPL Learning Labs Grant (Nichols) (CYA)Make Mine Mobile: Developing a Mobile Library Website from Scratch (McKennon/ Mak/Hanson/ Ringness/Sandberg/Pozniak) (TTS)Doing It Socially (Alascia) (TTS)Tech Tools and Apps for the Reference Desk (Kabashi) (TTS)Blitz: 2:20 - 2:35: The Little Eraser That Could: An engaging story about eliminating those low level (and annoying!) behaviors you see in your library! (S. Miller) (LSD) 2:40 - 2:55: A Health Literacy Initiative in Your Library (Mills/Connor) (US) 3:00 - 3:15: Using Consensus to Make Big Hairy Decisions (Elliott/Cuillier) (LSD)Sustainable Libraries (Burk) (LSD)
3:20-3:40Visit Exhibit Hall
3:40-5:00Closing Panel & Legislation UpdateClosing Panel & Legislation UpdateClosing Panel & Legislation UpdateClosing Panel & Legislation UpdateClosing Panel & Legislation Update
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