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TimestampWhat does 'Digital' mean to you?What is 'Digital Art'?What is a computer?
What is your relation to digital art?
2/26/2018 10:03:00discrete datadiscreteart made with a computercomputers
machine that carries out an algorithmic set of orders, based on discrete data
procrastinator of a phd
2/26/2018 10:07:09Not much different from "discrete".discrete
Art where digital technology is central. It doesn't have to be programming. Photoshopping can be digital art. Definitions like this don't usually have bright edges.
A programmable device. But it's wrong to say that computer art or digital art has to be about programming. It's ok for an artist to be a user of software programmed by someone else.
Electronic musician, programmer, researcher.
2/26/2018 10:09:59Anything done with a computer.computersArt done with a computer.computersAn electronic device for storing and processing data.
I am an algorithmic artist. I design algorithms that create images on a computer screen. Randomness is incorporated into the algorithms to create variations in the images. I see this as an extension of the traditional print-making process.
2/26/2018 10:20:08
Broadly: 'Made of many identical units'. Not restricted to electronic things (a tile mosaic is 'digital' in this broad sense).
Artwork made with/of things made of many identical units. (Not a value-based definition.)
A physical system for performing computation. Related to but different from an algorithm (a way to perform a computation).
Digital artist, researcher, writer.
2/26/2018 10:30:16Based on the integers to the base 2.binary
Art that could not easily be made except using a computer. Obviously the word "digital" in this context means "computer. "
A Turing machine, if it had infinite memory. In other words, a machine that is capable of carrying out any algorithm provided it has enough memory. Human beings obviously are computers but are usually not included in this definition because many think that people are more than computers.
I am an electroacoustic composer and, by these definitions, a digital artist. I also write music software and write essays and reviews in the field of computer music.
2/26/2018 10:45:18Anything made up of zeros and ones.binaryArt created in digital mediumbinaryA machine that makes man's job easy.Digital artist.
2/26/2018 10:53:32discrete, not analogdiscrete
An ancient term, used by early civilizations to distinguish art made with computers from other art. Now a vacuous term since computers are used in so many fundamentally different ways in so many different art forms.
The thing through which I work, play, compose, draw, communicate, learn, submit to surveillance, and entertain myself (among other things).
My relation to *art* is as an artist, researcher, musician, teacher, philanthropist, consumer. My relationship to digital art is analogous to my relationship to water-dependent things.
2/26/2018 12:24:29Done with computers (incl. smartphones)computersYou must experience it through a computing devicecomputersA thing that runs programsdigital art amateur
2/26/2018 12:33:11
Anything that can be stored and reproduced using numbers- usually on a computer but not necessarily. Could include things like sheet music or knitting patterns.
discreteArt that can be stored, generated or manipulated using digital methods. discrete
A device (or person) that manipulates digital data according to a set of rules.
Married to a digital artist!
2/26/2018 12:33:59Created by a computer, electronic, not analogue!computers
Art created using a computer, either through code, or more traditional drawing techniques in a software package
An electronic device that processes information according to a program
Educationalist, occasional digital artist
2/26/2018 12:38:56
Uses computers or digital control in the widest sense (eg, mechanical punchcard looms are in)
computersArt, made with or using digital means (see above)computersThese days, a microprocessor of some sort
I make art-bots-things of various sorts, usually with microprocessors in
2/26/2018 12:45:22Primarily rendered with the aid of computerscomputersPrimarily rendered with the aid of or entirely by computerscomputersA processing device that transforms data
Digital Philanderer (dabble in music, art, etc.)
2/26/2018 12:45:24Machines and numbersdiscreteThe exploration of the unknownA tool that enables use to explore the unknown Digital Artist
2/26/2018 12:51:41Boolean logicbinaryArt that uses some sort of digital based technology or thinkingbinaryThe meta-machine. A finite state machine.
electronic musician, researcher
2/26/2018 12:52:18Ones and zerosdiscrete logicArt that involves algorithm, calculation and/or computer processing discrete logicA toolDigital artist
2/26/2018 12:53:32
"Of or relating to computational technology." Sometimes used to indicate an opposition to analogue (technology/electronics); more often than not used to signal "we're doing something with computers here!!!1" (see: grant funding, art commissions).
Frequently, not very good. Usually: art involving screens. Sometimes: art involving non-screen technology. Ideally: art made with digital technology for reasons beyond process, ie, it could _only_ be made digitally, perhaps because it interrogates the digital or because the digital is a part of its topic (see: net art).
These days... most things? An electronic device that can execute stored programs written by humans (or non-humans) to perform tasks (which may or may not have utility). So: a laptop or desktop computer, but also a phone, a smartwatch, most 'connected domestic objects', perhaps even a microcontroller. Increasingly, being on and of the network/internet is critical to being perceived as a computer - not necessarily the ability to perform computation, but to be part of the big computational network.
technologist, artist, artistic collaborator, engineer, musician.
2/26/2018 12:58:18Anything that's computable by countingdiscreteAnything that's computed by counting while reflecting an ideadiscreteAdvanced calculator
digital artist, electronic musician, researcher, theorist..
2/26/2018 12:59:410 & 1'sbinaryart made out of 0 & 1'sbinarywhat 0 & 1's run onparticipant in 0 & 1's
2/26/2018 13:07:57Something with discrete values calculated by computerdiscreteAny art that couldn't be produced without a 'conventional' computercomputers
(in this context) an electronic device that perfoms calculations following the von Neumann (i.e. Princeton) architecture
electronic musician / researcher
2/26/2018 13:15:28DiscretiondiscreteFaddish use of new(ish) technologycomputersCalculating machine made by humans.Musician.
2/26/2018 13:17:44
Anything that can be modelled with digital circuits, i.e. represented in ones and zeroes.
binaryArtistic expression which features digital devices in some way.binary
Something that computes (i.e. performs logical functions) and anything else you can bootstrap with that.
I am a programmer, musician, DJ and enthusiastic consumer.
2/26/2018 13:28:39Computer basedcomputersCreative use of digital technology computersA machine that can be programmed
Musician collaborating with electronic artists
2/26/2018 13:28:47Computer basedcomputersCreative use of digital technology computersA machine that can be programmed
Musician collaborating with electronic artists
2/26/2018 13:45:32discrete unitsdiscreteart made with discrete unitsdiscretea turing complete system for turing complete users
artist, musician, researcher
2/26/2018 13:48:39
Data that is stored in a compressed and infinitely changeable and easy duplicatable form and can be reused and produced by other digital data
Producing or changing aforementioned data to be infused with meaning that is important to the artist and hopefully also insightful to an audience and to society
Something that makes the production and deliberate changing of digital data possible and therefore also needs to be a holder of digital data
digital artist, electronic musician, coder, explorer of the digital frontier
2/26/2018 14:12:40consisting of or using discrete abstract symbols.discreteArtwork produced or presented largely using a computer.computers
A programmable device capable of operating on discrete abstract symbols.
Artist, Engineer, Teacher
2/26/2018 14:27:16Something that can be expressed as digitsdiscreteArt that is digital either conceptually or materiallydiscreteA digital deviceArtist
2/26/2018 14:27:54Something that involves a computer / microchip / processorcomputersArt that uses digital technologycomputersA binary-based computational machine
Digital artist / electronic musician / graphic designer
2/26/2018 14:36:49Binary, ones and zeros, measurable incrementsdiscrete
Art made using technology, where the medium has a relationship with the work - ie digital photography is not necessarily digital art
computersA means of powering digital processesDigital artist
2/26/2018 15:06:35
Depends on context. Everything from hands to discrete to commercial tech.
I tend to avoid "What is (x) art" questions as pointless. First, whatever definition you come up with someone will provide an exception. Second, I don't trust the motivations for needing one in the first place.
Something that computes. Could be a laptop, could be a person, could be a biological cell, could be something we have yet to recognize or understand.
Artist, maker, coder, researcher (prof)
2/26/2018 15:08:05
A switch with an exclusive 'on' or 'off' state, 1 or 0. Many bits together form the basis of a vast array of different artefacts: photos, music, websites somewhat like a unifying abstract substance. The substrate becomes invisible when we interact with the artefact in perception, in the same way as in the cinema we perceive real movement rather than a series of still images.
Any art created or produced in connection with a digital backing. This should not be considered a static and strict category rather a broad, flexible and accommodating one. The category of digital art can always be subdivided if it is deemed to be of value. Becoming bogged down in ontological argument risks blinding us to the more important question of whether or not a work is any good. After Duchamp there is little point in asking whether or not the urinal is art rather is it any good as a work of art and what does it tell us about art and its institutions?
An interface to a digital substrate, a tool which enables us to symbolically manipulate digital products without having to write 0s and 1s. A machine which sits at the boundary of the material and the digital (although I'd rather not oppose these, the digital ultimately has a physical manifestation) and transfers energy from one to the other in an act or performance of processing.
A technologist (?) working with generative systems and machine learning. Possibly a computer artist.
2/26/2018 15:54:39Anything which is not physical is digital. metaphysical
Art which is inherently non-physical and which typically requires a computer (or other digital means) to access or create it.
metaphysicalCurrently, a tool; soon, a gateway.
New-media artist, transhumanist, consumer.
2/26/2018 16:39:02Not analog - some sort of chip-based activity. computers
For me personally something where code is prominent in the creative process - or some sort of specialist software that shapes the outcome and aesthetic.
Something with a chip running a process - but in conversation around this sort of thing I'd make the distinction with other technology by saying a computer runs a screen and/or operating system. Things like Arduino are borderline computery to me, and using these kinds of devices, the absence of a screen, brings digital art to life for me.
2/26/2018 17:05:45
Related to "processes" and means of "processing"- computations and computers in the most general sense
computersArt created with the abovecomputersA digital processing toolElectronic Musician
2/26/2018 17:09:27THE LENGUAGE OF A COMPUTERcomputers
I'm a Hypermedia Designer...explorer and experimental mind. Cheers and love Alex.
2/26/2018 17:10:26Something that primarily uses digital, not analog, circuitry.not analogueArt that requires the use of digital circuitry.computers
(1) A digital device that can store and execute instructions using data to and from storage.
Artist and theorist
2/26/2018 17:10:43That can be described using any kind of symbolic algorithm.algorithmsArt that uses computational methods algorithms
An object that can compute symbolic algorithms in any way
teacher, digital artist, electronic musician,
2/26/2018 17:16:29ComputerisedcomputersArt generated on a computercomputersA CPU with some IO and storageHobbyist
2/26/2018 17:30:29fingersfingersfinger paintingfingerssomeone who adds things upannoying orange :) xx
2/26/2018 17:58:03Made up of numerical data.discreteArt created using digital technology.discreteA digital device.Software Artist.
2/26/2018 18:14:351s and 0sbinaryArt made from 1s and 0sbinary
Eat yrself fitter (sorry) it's a way for people to interact with 1s and 0s without necessarily thinking about them. And a bunch of other stuff too!!
I make it but I try not to think about it :-)
2/26/2018 18:23:16Relating to computerscomputersArt made with computerscomputers
A counting machine that can only count up to one (at the time if writing)
I occasionally make music using computer code
2/26/2018 18:45:59
In the contemporary sense anything that uses some form of contemporary computation/computers. But also anything that refers back to 'digits' and original analogue forms of those digital processes.
As above, using those means or processes to make art or something that reflects on the above - with any means.
Something that computes, either digital or analogue using digital processes. It can also be a person.
reflecting artist
2/26/2018 19:01:33
Digital as in the digital side of analogue to digital converter - adc - which points to technology based on binary representation of information.
binaryUmbrella term for all art that uses digital technology. I would include photoshop computers
Laptop desktop, that are increasingly smaller and larger. Microprocessors. Microscontrollers etc. Not a human anymore.
Electronic musician/reasearcher
2/26/2018 19:01:43Zeros and ones binaryUsing zeros and ones as a formative device for making art binary
An device capable of performing calculations on symbolic objects (humans, analog or digital computers , quantum computers )
Creator and historian
2/26/2018 19:02:55Consisting of Zeros and OnesbinaryWork created from zeros and onesbinaryFiling cabinet and typewriter combinedEnjoy it
2/26/2018 19:20:16the product of discrete processesdiscreteArtistic expression created through digital meansdiscrete
a digital device with a cpu, gpu, ram, hard drive, and probably an OS
artist working with code
2/26/2018 19:20:42A quantity stored as an electronic binary valuebinaryArt facilitated by digital computation of some sortbinaryA device that calculates, usually by electronic means
Musician, audio engineer
2/26/2018 19:29:16
Using some machine or process that involves a representation of a physical phenomena or information using numbers as reference
discreteUsing mostly digital devices to express an emotioncomputers
A machine that can manipulate and process digital information
Software Engineer and digital artist
2/26/2018 20:11:47
That something is represented by quantified symbols, usually (but not necessarily) stored in a medium accesed through electronics. The term is however much misunderstood and used as a synonym to "electronic". A book is also digital. Musical notation is digital. So the word has become meaningless. You say I should not think too much, but I have already - see here:
Another meaningless term, since the term is actually not about things being digital, but being electronic, or done with computation in some way. Digital technologies is an integrated part of our lives these days, and art should/could/is about life and its conditions, and hence it is only natural that art involves technologies, as tool, medium and as integrated with the ideation in itself.
A machine or a person who can perform a computation, following a set scheme, usually called a program.
Electronic musician, artist, researcher, developer of technologies and theories for art and music.
2/26/2018 20:29:37Anything storeable on a conventional computercomputersArt created with the help of a computercomputersA cpu, memory plus stuffConsumer
2/26/2018 20:49:46
An environment where data is stored and manipulated in binary form using some kind of computer as well as artifacts from these processes.
binaryWhatever art is made where digital technology plays an integral part.binary
A device for manipulating binary representations of data.
Composer, electronic musician, maker of digital musical instruments
2/26/2018 21:03:27
an ontological ordering of experience, based primarily on the elimination of noise
marketingmarketing terminologymarketingit's 2018 and nobody knows anymore
artist, researcher, all of the above
2/26/2018 21:16:08Related to computing with machines/devices in any waycomputers
Interactive or generated art, or just something made or performed using machines/devices having a computing power
Anything what is able to calculate and operates bits (or quantums) of data
Electronic musicial
2/26/2018 22:03:34binaryMade from a fundamentally binary sourcebinaryA fundamentally binary soure
I love it, make it, and am annoyed by the volume present
2/26/2018 22:28:03Technologies using code of some kindalgorithmsCreative activity or product made using coded technological means of some sortalgorithms
Any device, organic or man-made, that can parse programmed instructions resulting in new insights or product.
Creative producer, digital publisher, journalist, academic
2/26/2018 22:31:55Part technical term, part vague zeitgeisty jargonmarketing
Something that seeks to respond to whatever it is in the current condition that is apparenty digital
Part processor of algorithms, part entanglment of social relations
People accuse me of doing it
2/26/2018 22:38:21A numeric system base 2 but mostly related with computers. binaryComputer art or art where the computer is an essential part of it. computersA programable logic machine.
Electronic artist and livecoder
2/26/2018 23:10:29funnily enough, the stuff you don't do with your fingersabstractAll the stuff you do when you aren't fingerpaintinga difference engine
I'm married to one of that lot
2/27/2018 0:05:16
At some point, data and function are reduced to zeros and ones, that is the environment is digitized.
binaryArt made on a computer or through digital means (digital camera, etc)computers
A machine that carries out operations in a digitized environment.
2/27/2018 1:38:48Discrete and can be represented by binary numbersdiscreteArt that makes use of computers in any waycomputersA universal symbolic machine
Software artist and computing researcher
2/27/2018 1:59:02One or zerobinaryArt with a computer of some kind computersA machine that makes many yes and no decisions Wife, lover, confidant
2/27/2018 2:06:09Something that involves electronic processingcomputersArt that can only be made with a computercomputersA calculator of numbersCreative technologist
2/27/2018 2:37:55
an electronic processor which converts signals into a stream of binary logic statements, usually at a much faster rate than humans can
I'm not sure there is such a thing. I'd say there is art which makes use of digital technology, in some cases to a greater extent than others, but it's just another tool.
paraphrasing Wikipedia: an electronic device which can be instructed to carry out arithmetic or logical operations automatically
digital sound processing
2/27/2018 2:56:50using computing in some way or other non-analogue technologiescomputersart (in the broad sense of any creative output) made using digital tools. computers
a machine that combines human input with software (written by humans) to generate some output.
digital artist/electronic musician/researcher
2/27/2018 5:13:04Related to fingers (from Latin digitus) fingersArt that entails a relationship with computers and electronicscomputersa human-to-electronic-components interface
composer, researcher, lecturer
2/27/2018 6:02:22
Systems based on discrete numbers (even if they are approximating continuous values)
discreteArt made using computerscomputers
An electronic device that has Inputs, Outputs, Processing and Storage
Audience, hobbyist, teacher
2/27/2018 6:41:40An electronic system using binary notationbinaryArt made with a digital systembinaryA collection of open and closed switchesPioneer
2/27/2018 7:16:10From discrete numbers, as opposed to 'analog'.discreteArt created from discrete numbers.discrete
A machine arranged to perform calculations (digital or analog).
I am a patron of the arts, including digital
2/27/2018 8:56:24
Binary circuts. Any system using a logical language without emotion
binaryAn attempt to capture logic.. process... systems..algorithms
Universal tool. Not worth mentioning and can't be avoided.
Artist / architect
2/27/2018 10:06:57
it's an adjective (not a noun). it means computed/computer-driven/coded/based on a process or protcol using digits (zeroes and ones)
art is whatever the artist declares to be art. if they made it with the use of computers and the work exists (i.e. is manifest/distributed) through computers/networks then it could be called digital art. but art that results from our living in a computer age, that draws attention to or critiques the digital conditions of life is also often called digital art. prior terms for art such as new media, intermedia, electronic, networked-based imply some of the other characteristic behaviours of art that not all so-called digital art has - such as interactivity, responsiveness, social-engagement or liveness.
any machine that processes an input into an output via electronic switches and/or binary coding
2/27/2018 10:19:59Electronic, computerised computersSomething created on a computer or displayed using a computercomputers
A Turing complete machine? Any form of electronic device based on micro electronics? A device used for calculations.
Consumer. Occasional electronic musician.
2/27/2018 10:47:52softwarecomputersModified reality either through photoshopped images or actual augmented realitycomputersa machine that can calculate complex tasksDigital artist
2/27/2018 10:48:10processor relatedcomputersis an aesthetic proper of computerscomputersit's an electronic calculatorelectronic musician
2/27/2018 10:49:37
Post-analog? Computable, machine-readable, easy to reproduce/circulate using electronic means – therefore, infinitely mutable and malleable
I do like Christiane Paul's definition. Paraphrasing (maybe not totally correctly): Art that is conceived, produced, circulated (and maybe even accessed/perceived) using only digital tools. Additionally, I'd say art that makes use, meaningfully, of computational and/or algorithmic logic, aesthetics, or technology.
Device to interpret and execute algorithmic instructions and information. Commonly electronic but not necessarily so.
Research-practitioner. Creative coding/physical computing + media theory
2/27/2018 11:00:30Zeros and ones. Anyhting that is not analogbinaryAny art that uses technology of some sortcomputers
Any device that when you insert input, calculates something and then produces an output
I studied Media Technology. I like art (including digital) and I met a lot of artists (digital or non digital)
2/27/2018 11:04:07
Something belongs to the programing and computing. From Digit that means not created with analogic tools instead using a computing hardware.
An artist can choose what tools will to use to express his/her art. If an artist choose software to create art (music, 3D, graphics, etc) it is called Digital Art. In the other hand if an artist as a Photographer or drawer, use software to enhance an actual piece of art created by analogyc proccess could or could not be called digital art. I guess it is matter of how much of this "enhance" aplly to the piece.
It is a piece of hardware electronics capable to proccess millons of binary data in order to end with a result pre-programed. In the actual world computers are everywhere and we use it for many dairy task, sometimes unnoticed. For me computer is a door to new wolrds of possibilities and vital part of my job. A fantastic tool.
Graphic Designer, 25 years in advertising and big format printing.
2/27/2018 11:05:59
Not Analog, A state of something that is expressed in digits, there is no state in between these digits. Simplified it is either on or off.
Any art that is produced via digital means.
Something expressed in digits often includes a computer.
A computer is a device that is well suited to represent things in a digital way.
Any entity that can compute said digits. Let's not forget that computer used to be a job.
digital artist, digital media teacher at ArtEZ Arnhem Graphic Design
2/27/2018 11:07:21A boot stamping on a human face - forever.angryWhen I hear the phrase 'Digital Art' I reach for my revolver.angry
The noise of one thousand Chinese men singing in the bottom of a dark mine shaft.
It could be described as a chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table.
2/27/2018 11:11:01
Quantised information. Opposite of analogue. Data which can be described by a series of finite numbers
Art that is created using digital machines (i.e. computers) and that either reflect upon their nature or expresses digital characteristics in a significant way. (So for example music which is made using digital emulators of analogue instruments might not be considered digital art)
A machine which can perform arithmetic calculations and store data in memory.
I make digital art and digital music
2/27/2018 11:15:54Boxes not wavesdiscreteAn unhelpful and pointless termWhat is a screwdriver? Not sure anymore
2/27/2018 11:26:44
The representation of data in the digital domain, usually involving a processor (computer).
computersArt which uses digital resources (usually via a computer or other processor)computers
A digital data processor, with the possibility of accessing its functions for a user.
Digital artist/electronic musician/researcher
2/27/2018 11:59:29Discretized from the analogdiscreteNot analogdiscreteA machine that does what it's told
Listener, watcher and electronic musician
2/27/2018 12:10:43
the opposite of analog, something not tangible, something bound to a computer (or computer-like thing), often also bound to screen based things. a procedure that happens without any physical / mechanical / analog techniques
a piece of artwork, physical or screen based, that is procured with digital media. could also be a website maybe, digital photography, interactive systems, etc
a machine that can run code / programs and is used as a tool to conduct work or interact with human or digital systems
I'm a researcher in electronic textiles, and am interested in how digital media can be used to enhance human interaction. not so much an enthusiast of exploring human-computer-interaction....
2/27/2018 12:23:54computers are involvedcomputers
a type of art that curators and collectors don't like, that tends not to get reviewed in the art press.
a machine for producing digitalcomplex
2/27/2018 13:37:121s and 0s ma d00dbinary
Art created either using digital tools, in digital media, or concerned directly with themes of digital culture
A collection of hardware and software that come together to operate as a machine capable of performing complex tasks
digital artist, electronic musician
2/27/2018 14:46:26screen-based, computationalcomputersscreen-based + rule-based artcomputersa machine that has an operating systemeducator
2/27/2018 14:52:37comprised of either some form of computation or binary notationbinaryArt within the above statementbinary
mechanical, electrical, human, etc that can do the computing
educator and practitioner of digital art
2/27/2018 15:34:45Created with/presented by a computercomputers
Something created with or presented by a computer that doesn't necessarily serve a function but expresses some creative idea
computersAn electronic device that carries out instructions
Researcher and electronic musician
2/27/2018 18:25:09
It depends on the context. Digital vs analog is about how information is encoded. Generally though people associate the term digital with computing-related technologies
computersArt that has been created either wholly or with the assistance of a computer. computers
An electronic device that uses a microprocessor to execute instructions
Digital artist, creative coder
2/27/2018 18:36:26anything where electrical signals are used to carry datadata
any art that in presentation (not creation) is digital (i know there are plenty of counter examples, but if had to pick a short definition, this would be it)
I love analog computers, so any machine/mechanism that automates a computation
PhD student in CS with a focus on computer music
2/27/2018 18:56:23
Anything that is based on numeric representation of non numerical entities.
Art that uses above mentioned principle.A machine that petrifies human ideas of culture.
Electronic musician, theorist.
2/27/2018 19:55:16Fingers, Combination of discrete elements, Marketing jargon.Product of art workers that takes advantage of a digital medium.A machine that only does exactly what you tell it to.It's complicated.
2/27/2018 20:12:42
Digital without a sense of communitarianism is like a fish riding a bicycle.
Digital art is a cotton wool tiger riding a paper tractor caught briefly, yet eternally, within a single raindrop.
A computer is a Harvey Nicks chick with throwaway morals and a trustfund appetite.
I have no relation to digital art; I am digital art. Je suis le nuage - et après moi, le déluge.
2/27/2018 20:34:40Anything that is built on binary codebinaryA creative response using a digital interface binary
An electronic device with memory and processing power
Sound artist
2/27/2018 21:16:31
Digital is opposite to analog. Like the physical wave model and quanta model, phenomenon sometimes share both wave and quanta (particle-like) properties.
discreteI skip this one for now
For the time being, a computer is a non-biological computing machine. Humans are biological computing machines, therefore not computer. Eventually, when computers become biological, we could define a computer as being a man-made computing machine. But if humans start building humans using science, my definition won't hold.
I create computer Art with the software I write, I am an AI software developer.
2/27/2018 21:28:50
devices and circuits that operate based on digital signals, i. e. information is encoded in strings of 0 and 1, with a defined resolution. the term 'binary' is certainly very intimately linked to my understanding of 'digital'. it's not a necessity though - for me other digital encodings of data are possible.
for me, digital is also intimiately linked to electronic circuits. the other big chunk in there would be all the analog circuitry, where information is encoded in different ways. that may be another discussion on eu-gene, though :)
i would mostly stick with philip galanter's definition - art that that makes use of digital tools. i do however think, that these digital tool(s) must be visible or feelable in some way. if you look at andreas gursky's photography - his pictures would simply not be there without digital tools (his hasselblads, his image editing software), every single of his pictures is heavily photoshopped and does not exist the way it's seen. BUT: it still looks like a photograph, so to me he's a photographer, maybe some sort of painter in a wider sense of the term. from my perspective he is not doing digital art.
call me popculture, but the first thing that pops to my mind as digital art is the demoscene and the intros to software cracks from the days when software piracy was still cool.
it's a machine that takes strings of 1 and 0 and converts them to other strings of 1 and 0 is in a highly controlled manner that is defined by an operator. this can be done with hydraulics, dominoes and a variety of other ways, but doing so electronically has proven to be most efficient.
i'll see how my definition widens as soon as ibm gets their quantum computers going.
i'm a wood scientist and i work a lot with computers. i do a some ceramics and wood carving as a hobby, but my relation to art - and particularly digital art - is anywhere between hobby and nonexistent.
2/27/2018 21:39:13composed using or stored in some way as binary codebinary
anything created for the sake of itself in which a digital tool fundamentally shapes the aesthetic of the product
an electronic device capable of carrying out computational tasks
2/27/2018 21:48:44
a device, or object that uses bits to encode underlying information (not necessarily electronic)
discreteanything that is intended to be art, that fulfils the above definition of digitaldiscreteA digital device used for computing.
Digital artist, researcher, theorist
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