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ORTimestampAshland, OregonByron Bradley Carrier541-482-3432byron@earthlyreligion.comPNWD and Northern CaliforniaFixing our Fall in Eden - in Praise of Genesis One; Gurus who Influenced Me; Why and How to Meditate; Updating Unitarian Universalist Theology; Universalism - Then and Now; Deism in America - Paine, Jefferson, Emerson and Parker; True Facts and Fake Presidents; My Family's Story and Climate Change - From Oil to Sunlight; Elon Musk's "Massively Transformative Purpose" - Cars, Mars and Us; Sex? Positive!I am available to conduct Rites of Passage and other Ceremonial events. Weddings, Memorials, etc. Byron (Brad) Carrier was ordained in 1972 and fellowshipped with the UUA in 1985. After a career start in Funeral Directing and Embalming, he went on to study Psychology, Philosophy, and Religion. He attended Meadville/Lombard Theological School when it was at the University of Chicago in 1969-1971 and 1985, graduating with a M. Div. He has served as a Campus Minister in Urbana, Illinois, a preacher at Red Hill Universalist Church in North Carolina, as Extension Minister for the Ashland RVUUF, and he helped found the UUs of Grants Pass where he is now Emeritus. He has visited India to meet gurus, built dry-stack rock retaining walls, taught at SOU, run a radio show (KSKQ) in Ashland, and is interested in the interplay of religion, psychological states, social trends, and emerging technologies, especially as relate to global warming and other environmental challenges. He lives in Ashland, Oregon. Most of the sermons posted at his website were delivered to the Unitarian Universalists of Grants Pass. Joymongers - Singing for Those Who Think They Can't and for Those Who Like to; Meditation - Why and How Explained, Shared, and Practiced; Dream Sharing - Messages from the Unconscious; Worship - Preparing and Presenting Public Ceremonies - Authentically Enjoyed; Further Explorations in Conjunction with the Sermon ThemeCounseling is available. 50 years experience. Most of the entries at my website came from sermons delivered at the Grants Pass UU Fellowship. Recent entries come from my recent radio show ( and various blog posts.
AK8/5/2016 16:45:40Glacier View, near Palmer Rev. Beatrice Hitchcock907-841-0738beatricemchitchcock@gmail.comPalmer, Wasilla, Anchorage"The God I Don't Believe In" YesNineteen years in UU ministry, 34 year Alaska resident.DreamWork
8/12/2016 16:42:52Portland areaKate McGraw503.421.2242kate@spiritmindassociates.comSouth to Eugene, West to the coast, East to Hood River, North to Olympia or soWhat does dementia make you think of?
Volunteer tomatoes and other gifts of summer.
Thank you for your service: a Memorial Day sermon.
Are we all mystics?
YesI am a Board Certified chaplain and a certified Spiritual Director. I have a specialty in geriatrics and a special interest in working with people who have dementia and their families. My theology grounds in the belief that there is an energy that flows through and animates all of life. I use somewhat traditional religious language (i.e. God, prayer, Holy) to name, describe and interact with this energy. "Recovering from Religion" a workshop for LGBTQ persons who have been wounded by their religious pasts
"Welcoming the Crone" a workshop for women at midlife and later, exploring the history and power of women's eldering
"Writing letters to God" introducing a spiritual practice of letter-writing/journaling that supports an intimate sense of relationship with the Holy in one's own life
"Spiritual memoir" introduces a writing practice of telling stories from one's own life and exploring unrealized lessons and/or experiences of the Holy
Spiritual Direction web site:
I can offer consulting regarding spiritual care with people who have dementia.
OR8/12/2016 17:17:09PortlandJudy Welles717/386-9508jcwelles@uuma.orgNorthwest Oregon to southwest Washington. Willing to travel anywhere in the District if travel costs are reimbursed.Five Questions That Could Change Your Life
The Four Rules of Life
Faith Lives in Honest Doubt
Ambiguous Loss (best given in a congregation with a minister, for pastoral follow-up)
No14 years as co-minister of a brand new congregation in Pennsylvania, retired in 2011 to Portland. Life-long UU. Knitter, climate change activist, grandmother of 9.
OR8/12/2016 17:31:56The Portland areaKate Lore503-706-6482katelore@gmail.comNorthern and Coastal Oregon, SW and Coastal Washington1) Letting Go: The Pathway to Inner Peace; 2) Embracing the Emerging Future, 3) Beauty in a Broken World; 4) Active Hope: How to Face This Mess Without Going CrazyNoUnitarian Universalist minister, community organizer, public speaker, lover of books, politics, the arts and nature. Love Will Lead the Way; How to Be a Loving Activist, How Dialogs Can Transform Us and Our Communities; Leading from the Future As It Emerges
OR8/13/2016 15:09:20PortlandAmy Beltaine503-877-2692abeltaine@gmail.comANY. I travel with a travel trailer and will happily travel anywhere in 10 hours driving time if you can provide a parking spot for overnight camping. It's what I do!Optical Delusion of Separateness, No Time Not To Love, Sixth Source, See my catalog at listentoheartsong.orgYesCollaborating with divine love to find and live your heart's song. I am a credentialed Spiritual Director (ISDN/Namaste) and Certified Transitions Specialist (IMN) See more, hear samples, at abeltaine.orgHoly Laughter, Altaring Spaces, Faithful Conversations, Cauldron of Transformation. See catalog at abeltaine.orgI offer 'brief Spiritual Accompaniment' while on campus and distance appointments after a visit. Learn more from the catalog at
OR8/15/2016 10:31:44Albany, ORLeslie Chartier541.740.9001mudslingingpyro@gmail.comWithin 2-3 hours driving rangeLove your enemies; Give to everyone who begs from you; Reclaiming SabbathYesGraduated from Marylhurst University with MDiv (2013); candidate status
OR8/16/2016 2:53:09Milwaukie, near PortlandKate Rohde503-659-2799krohde@uuma.orgAny place within 3 hours of Portland (or further with overnight accommodation)The Generosity of the Poor, Dangerous Innocence, Are We Still Searching for the Granfalloon?, Crazy,YesI grew up in Oregon but served churches all over the US for 34 years before returning here to retire last year. I won several national awards for preaching over my career. I am minister emerita of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester (PA) where I served for seventeen years. I have had a particular interest in issues of Civil Rights, Women's rights, and issues involving Mexico and Central America. I have a background in family systems and studied with Edwin Friedmann so I would be happy to do workshops on those issues. I am also able to provide training or teaching on various topics for lay led groups. I preach on diverse topics so if you need something for a particular occasion, I am generally happy for the challenge. I have led many Board Retreats. I spent more than a year working with a mid-size church to develop modified policy governance in consultation with Dan Hotchkiss and could help on governance issues. I have extensive experience as an after pastor, including extensive studying.
OR8/16/2016 10:48:16PortlandConnie Yost503-385-2135cyost@uuma.orgAnyDare to Struggle, Plan B, The Thing with Feathers, Sick and TiredYesThe Rev. Connie Yost is the founder and coordinator of Friends Stay Warm, a nonprofit which supports low-wage workers in the Portland area. Connie’s ministry has entailed contemplation and action – she has founded three nonprofit social justice ministries, served as a hospice and hospital chaplain and is an advocate for the poor. She is affiliated with First Unitarian Church, Portland, Oregon.
Making Your Ministry Dream a Reality
How to be a healing presence (pastoral ministry for lay persons)
Navigating long term care for residents and their loved ones
Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life
Business Plans for Church and Nonprofit Projects
Introduction to Spiritual Direction and six traditional spiritual practices tailored for UUs
Lessons in Poverty
I am available to preach, teach, or consult with you on your social justice and pastoral ministries. I am a trained spiritual director and UUMA mentor, available via phone, video conference or in person. I am available to facilitate spiritual retreats.
OR8/21/2016 20:26:25CorvallisHeather Lynn Hanson (Rev.)971-302-1428rev94hlsinger@gmail.comLive in Corvallis, will travel Oregon & SW Wash.Five Smooth Stones (Foundational assumptions of UUism)
It's Not the Same River, You Know (coping with change)
Yeses, Nos and Placebos (how we respond to new ideas)
Disillusionment and Discernment (making choices that truly matter)
YesRaised in the Pacific NW, Heather Lynn's first career was teaching school. After her sons grew up, she earned a MDiv. degree, and became a UU minister, with focus on ministry transitions around the USA. Now retired, she still enjoys meeting with UUs around the PNWD.Jumpstarting the Interim Process
OR8/21/2016 20:28:36EugeneKimberly Wootan603-819-9629kwministries5@gmail.com5 hours"Transponders: what signals are we receiving and sending out?", " "Healing Friendships: allies of our own choosing", "Pokemon Go: How do we sustain community"YesKIMBERLY WOOTAN is from Boston MA area. She has worked in the Unitarian Universalist denomination for the past 20 years as a Religious Educator. She move to Oregon to do her ministerial intern at Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene. Currently she is doing her CPE at River Bend Hospital. She enjoys hiking, gardening and traveling around the country visiting her large extended family.
"Death and Dying: Practical steps for end of life planning", "Tibetan Buddhism for Unitarian Universalist", "Transforming Religious Education: Where are we headed"I was a Lifespan Religious Educator for 21 years, I would be happy to consult about how to build and for minister manage programs
WA7/29/2016 14:49:13Everett, near SeattleRev. Amanda Aikman425-750-0711revaikman@gmail.comWestern Washington, southern BC, occasionally Eastern WA or the Portland area."Habitable Alien Worlds"
"Were the Founding Fathers Christian?"
"How to Survive a Difficult Conversation"
YesRetired from parish ministry in June, 2016 after two decades of serving churches in the Pacific Northwest, most recently South Fraser Unitarian Congregation in Surrey, BC. I'm a produced playwright, a writing coach, and a spiritual director. Have won over a dozen national sermon contests."Embracing Your Call"
"Memoir-Writing from the Heart"
"Full-Spectrum Joyfulness"
You can check my availability on the calendar on my website, I am a playwright and have a selection of very short plays around UU themes that can be made into an adult education event or incorporated into worship services. I love doing spiritual direction /companioning and am happy to do this long-distance via skype or phone. Details are on my website.
WA8/12/2016 16:06:09Everett, near SeattleCarmen TenEyck-McDowell(425) 765-9064rev.carmen.mcdowell@gmail.comgreater Seattle areaLove Song for Democracy, Deep Resilience, What Makes a Meaningful LifeYesThe Rev. Carmen TenEyck-McDowell has served congregations in Wenatchee, Vashon Island, and Marysville, and is currently a part-time chaplain at Seattle Children's Hospital.
WA8/12/2016 16:19:25Bainbridge Island, near SeattleBarry Andrews206-451-4509Revbma@mac.comWestern Washington, Bellingham to Portland"Surely Joy Is the Condition of Life," "Intimations of Immortality," "Emerson's Stroke of Insight," "God and the 'What' of UU Spirituality"NoMinister Emeritus, UU Congregation at Shelter Rock, L.I., currently living on Bainbridge Is. Served churches in Spokane, San Diego and New York. Author/editor of several books on Emerson, Thoreau & Margaret Fuller. D.Min. Degree from Meadville Theological School. Merrill Fellow at Harvard. Transcendentalist Spirituality, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David ThoreauMy website:
WA8/13/2016 8:12:09Central Washington (Yakima)Rev. Ken Jones509-714-9861revkbj86@yahoo.comWashington and Northern OregonTales from the Center of the Earth; Before the Numinous Stars; The Most Precious Thing Offered; Forgiveness: The Mirror of the Heart.YesI currently serve the Unitarian Universalist Church of Yakima half time, and spend the rest of my time exploring the Northwest, serving my community through a number of different organizations, fixing up my old house and enjoying my daughter. I graduated from Starr King in 2000 and previously served Tahoma UU Congregation in Tacoma before taking a couple year hiatus to live off the land and off the grid. Nonviolent Living in a Violent World; Where Would Gandhi Shop?I presented at Eliot Institute in the winter of 2014, based largely on my experiences living off grid and attempted to re-connect to the natural world. I'd love opportunities to adapt this workshop in other settings.
WA8/15/2016 8:42:31Port Townsend, Olympic PeninsulaRev. Florence Caplow3604809636fcaplow@uuma.orgSeattle area, Tacoma area, Marysville area, Kitsap, islands, Bellingham Riding the Big Waves of Your Life; Oneness and Diversity; Freedom in a Female Form: Women's Wisdom; Resilience.YesFlorence is a minister at Quimper UU, a Soto Zen priest, former conservation biologist, and writer. Her most recent book is The Hidden Lamp: Stories From Twenty Five Centuries of Awakened Women. She is on the board of the UU Buddhist Fellowship and is most interested in the intersection of activism and contemplative practices.What Practices Can Support Our Work for Justice?; Zen Koans As a Path to Freedom; Awakening Joy; Introduction to Meditation.Available for writing and editing projects.
WA8/15/2016 14:47:03East WenatcheeLaura Shennum509-881-9658revlaurashennum@gmail.com2-3 hoursHave Humanists Lost Their Place In Unitarianism?, The Dance of Courage & Fear, A Sense of EntitlementYesFull Time Settled Minister at Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship since 2012Religious Education Start-up or Energizing, Healthy Communications
WA8/16/2016 8:10:04I live in Seattle but am willing to travel.Rev. Dr. Karen B. Taliesin206-280-3559ktaliesin@outlook.comWithin 2-3 hours driving range from Seattle.Forged by Fire; All Shall be Well; Diving into the Deep: Finding Strength and Restoring Hope; Life and Death in Giraffe Zone: Suffering, Faith, and Hope at Children's Hospital; Cultivating a Forgiving Heart
YesRev. Dr. Karen B. Taliesin has been a Chaplain at Seattle Children’s Hospital since 2002 and is Minister Affiliated at East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue, Washington. For more than 28 years, the Reverend Taliesin has worked with dying and bereft patients and families with an emphasis on hospital staff care. She consults and teaches in the areas of spiritual care, grief and bereavement, compassion fatigue, trauma stewardship, resiliency, meditation and mindfulness.
WA8/20/2016 11:06:17Sequim, near SeattleDon Vaughn-Foerster360=551=8375donwvf@gmail.comStates of Washington, Oregon, and IdahoThe Geography of This Time, First Conscience; On Saying Religious Words that Mean Something; The Magic Rabbit YesI am a retired UU minister, living in Sequim, WA after doing transition (interim) ministry since 2001. Before that, I was , minister for 13 years in the Houston TX area; for 7 years in Kansas City MO; for 3 years in Baltimore MD; 6 years in Wichita KS; and 3 years in Medfield MA. I have been active in civil liberties (ACLU Board member in two states), civil rights (beginning in 1965), interfaith relations (throughout 50 years of ministry), editor of a religious journal (Human Quest, 4-5 years). I am married, have 5 children and 2 step children, and have officiated at a wedding ceremony for a grand-daughter to another woman. I was the founding president of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Wichita KS and the founding, and long-time, president of The AIDS Coalition of Montgomery County, Texas. Social ethics and democratic principles have always been of major interest to me.
What Makes a Fellowship: Some Whys and Hows; The Difficulties of Not Being a HumanistI'm finally to the place where I need a walking stick quite a bit. It slows me a little but does not stop me.
WA8/25/2016 11:18:26SW Washington near PortlandSlim Moon360-666-6153slim@musicfordataports.comOregon and Washington, possibly IdahoBlessed are the Meek - UUs and Humility
Addiction and Grace
Standing on their Shoulders: Women Universalist Lay Leaders in History
YesM.Div from Meadville Lombard 2016. Currently a Learning Fellow at Church of the Larger Fellowship. Founded and ran the independent record label Kill Rock Stars, which is still run by Slim's wife. 18 years clean and sober with a personal theology influenced by 12 Step as well as UU tradition.Addiction and Grace (recovery in general, not focused on 12 Step).
Escalating Inequality/Class Matters
Interrupting Microaggressions with Love
The 12 Steps as a Spiritual Practice
Very successful entrepreneurial experience, especially about marketing and working with artist. Interested in entrepreneurial ministry. Currently specializing in video and podcast ministry at CLF.
WA8/26/2016 20:38:29Seattle areaAlex Holt864-508-6836revalexholt@gmail.comAnywhere within a 200+ mile range"The sources of our faith," "What if we were #1," "The God Problem"NoAccredited Interim Minister and member of addictions ministry program. Long time Zen student. Current bio at (contact me for password)How to face addiction with mindfulness
WA8/30/2016 10:17:57Whidbey Island and EllensburgRev. Bill Graves360-661-7289wcgraves@whidbey.comOpen to State of WA"Everything is Holy Now", "Evolution of a Lawyer", "The Moral Arc of the Universe" NoI am a retired lawyer who was ordained as a UU Minister in 2010. As a lay leader I have served as president of East Shore Unitarian in Bellevue, Woodinville UU and UU Congregation of Whidbey Island. I have served as minister to Skagit Valley UU (intern), Tahoma UU, and am currently part-time minister of Kittitas Valley UU.
WA9/1/2016 16:58:54Vancouver, WARev. Mark Gallagher(360) 694-4143revmarkgallagher@gmail.comGenerally, within 2 hours of Portland. Sometimes further, in conjunction with my travel plans or a travel stipend.I have hundreds of past sermons to draw from, in the areas of:
* Natural theology/Evolutionary perspective
* Inner life & Spirituality
* Living in the World: social relations, ethics & morals
* Religious, Cultural, and Social issues.
Some are tied to particular music, and so would be contingent on the availability of that music in the congregation -- to be arranged well in advance, of course.
No* 23 years in UU parish ministry (21 in Vancouver, WA)
* Many years of Buddhist study and practice
* Currently pursuing independent teaching and preaching ministry
By special arrangement, I can offer an in-depth program I call the Realization Intensive -- a retreat plus 14 sessions.
WA10/18/2016 14:07:53Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland)Doak M Mansfield601.498.0906minister@communityuu.orgOpenTestimony of a Heart Transplant Recipient', 'Community in a Post-Modern, Post-Religious Culture', 'Relational Spirituality' YesServed congregations in Southeast, Midwest, and now PNW in a forty year ministry. Heart Transplant 6/21/2010. Hospital and US Army Reserve chaplain. Extemporaneous speaker inspired by ideas that matter that seeks to invite others to wonder and imagine. Preacher, poet, progressive, and pilgrim... UU History, Overview of UU Theological/Spiritual Evolution, Styles of Ministry, Enquiry Class for New Comers, Sunday Service Theory and Creation
WA1/2/2017 11:29:33Olympia, near SeattleSilvia Behrend360-943-9591drsbehrend@gmail.comwithin 2 hours of OlympiaCarving a life
For such a time as this
The analyst and the artist I have a private counseling practice and am faculty at the Assisi InstituteCarving a Life
The Divine and Hidden Feminine
Exile to Freedom
WA1/2/2017 19:18:01Bainbridge Island, near SeattleJessica Star Rockers206-890-2872jessicastarrockers@gmail.comAm willing to travel throughout the entire PNWDAspiring to Be a White Accomplice
When Reason Dreams: a Humanist Re-imagines the Holy
A Process of God
Entering the Mystery: Praying as a UU
YesI am the intern minister at Shoreline UU Church, just north of Seattle, and am a student at Meadville Lombard Theological School. I have a previous Master's in Creative Nonfiction and Literary Editing and Design. More info, and preaching videos, are available at my website. http://jessicastarrockers.comThe Art of Compassionate Listening
Social Justice as Spiritual Practice
Writing the Spiritual Journey
I am available to offer spiritual companioning to people who are in recovery from addiction.
WA3/13/2017 21:37:03SeattleCrystal
Puget Sound areas including King, Pierce, Kitsap, Snohomish, Thurston, Mason, Skagit, and eastern Jefferson and Clallam Counties
The Twilight Zone
Responsible Gratitude
Still, Small Voice
We Have Work To Do
Soon-to-be graduate from Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry, I begin my UUA internship in September and hope to see the Ministerial Fellowship Committee next year. I am seeking ordination into parish ministry and absolutely love worship and preaching. My time away from school and church is filled with kayaking, biking, board games with friends, jigsaw puzzles, writing, and creating art.
Available April 23, May 7, May 28, June 4, July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and August 6, 13, 20. Will happily negotiate to provide Time For All Ages if requested.
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