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n/a5/12/2020Portland/NY/PortugalAmy Beltaine503-877-2692abeltaine@uuma.orgANY. I travel with a travel trailer and will happily travel anywhere in 10 hours driving time if you can provide a parking spot. It's what I do! (Mostly available for in-person in USA in Summer.)I work on Zoom with clients, groups, and teach seminary classes on Zoom and Moodle. I create youtube videos. my former career was IT consultant to faculty. I am available for live and pre-recorded services throughout the english speaking UU&U&U world.Optical Delusion of Separateness, No Time Not To Love, Sixth Source, It's Magic, Borderlands... See my catalog at amybeltaine.infoYesHelping those who crave a world of love and justice, whose wells of nourishment run dry, and who wish to break open instead of break down. Revive your spiritual verve. Earth-Relating/Deities-Honoring ritual, teaching, and preaching. I am a credentialed Spiritual Director/Supervisor (Diveristy as Gift/SDI/Namaste) and Faculty member at Cherry Hill Seminary. See more, hear samples, at amybeltaine.infoHoly Laughter, Altaring Spaces, Inanna Journey, Cauldron of Transformation. See details at offer 'brief Spiritual Accompaniment' while on campus and distance appointments after a visit. Learn more from the catalog at
OR5/21/2020Portland, ORTracy Springberry509-638-5316tspringberry@uuma.org3 hour driveI am very familiar with Zoom and can also provide videoMy Faith in Creativity; Change and the Climate; The Power of Science’s Creation Story; The Hero’s Journey and Our Own Transformation; My Stroke of Insight; The Commanding Presence of Fear; The Possibilities of a New Storyyes
OR3/15/2020Albany, ORLeslie Chartier541.740.9001revchartier@gmail.comWithin 2-3 hours driving from Albany, ORYesGraduated from Marylhurst University with MDiv (2013); ordained by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis July 2017
OR5/13/20PortlandConnie Yost503-385-2135cyost@uuma.orgAnyI can provide a video or preach on zoomHope in a Dark Time; The Many Layers of Confinement; Love is the Answer; The New Unsettling Force; Fully AliveYesThe Rev. Connie Yost is President of Farm Worker Ministry Northwest and serves on the board of the National Farm Worker Ministry.  She is the founder and coordinator of Friends Stay Warm, a nonprofit which supports low-wage and immigrant workers and detainees in the Northwest. Connie’s ministry has entailed contemplation and action – she has founded three nonprofit social justice ministries, served as a hospice and hospital chaplain and is an advocate for the poor. She is affiliated with West Hills UU Fellowship, Portland, Oregon.
The Soul of Aging
How to be a healing presence (pastoral ministry for lay persons)
Navigating long term care for residents and their loved ones
Business Plans for Church and Nonprofit Projects
Introduction to Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Practices for UUs
Escalating Inequality & Poverty
Writing for Healing
I am available to preach, teach, or consult with you on your social justice and pastoral ministries. I am a trained spiritual director and UUMA mentor, available via phone, video conference or in person. I am available to facilitate spiritual retreats.
WA7/29/2016Everett, near SeattleRev. Amanda Aikman425-750-0711revaikman@gmail.comWestern Washington, southern BC, occasionally Eastern WA or the Portland area."Habitable Alien Worlds"
"Were the Founding Fathers Christian?"
"How to Survive a Difficult Conversation"
YesRetired from parish ministry in June, 2016 after two decades of serving churches in the Pacific Northwest, most recently South Fraser Unitarian Congregation in Surrey, BC. I'm a produced playwright, a writing coach, and a spiritual director. Have won over a dozen national sermon contests. Currently (2020) serving as Temporary Minister at Shoreline UU Church."Embracing Your Call"
"Memoir-Writing from the Heart"
"Full-Spectrum Joyfulness"
I am a playwright and have a selection of very short plays around UU themes that can be made into an adult education event or incorporated into worship services. I love doing spiritual direction /companioning and am happy to do this long-distance via skype or phone. Details are on my website,
WA5/13/2020Central Washington (Yakima)Rev. Ken Jones509-759-2852revkbj86@yahoo.comWA and OR eventually. Online services in the interim. Tales from the Center of the Earth; Before the Numinous Stars; The Most Precious Thing Offered; Forgiveness: The Mirror of the Heart.YesI currently serve Kittitas Valley UU Congregation quarter time, and recently completed my 10th year serving the UU Church of Yakima. I also work in non profit administration, currently with two groups -- a community food bank and a group working to build a tiny house village for homeless persons. When I'm not busy with that, I spend the rest of my time exploring the Northwest outdoors and enjoying my daughter. I graduated from Starr King in 2000 and previously served Tahoma UU Congregation in Tacoma before taking a couple year hiatus to live off the land and off the grid. Nonviolent Living in a Violent World; Where Would Gandhi Shop?I presented at Eliot Institute in the winter of 2014, based largely on my experiences living off grid and attempted to re-connect to the natural world. I'd love opportunities to adapt this workshop in other settings.
8/12/2016Portland areaKate McGraw503.421.2242kmcgraw@uuma.orgSouth to Eugene, West to the coast, East to Hood River, North to Olympia or soWhat does dementia make you think of?
Volunteer tomatoes and other gifts of summer.
Thank you for your service: a Memorial Day sermon.
Are we all mystics?
YesI am a Board Certified chaplain and a certified Spiritual Director. I have a specialty in geriatrics and a special interest in working with people who have dementia and their families. My theology grounds in the belief that there is an energy that flows through and animates all of life. I use somewhat traditional religious language (i.e. God, prayer, Holy) to name, describe and interact with this energy. "Recovering from Religion" a workshop for LGBTQ persons who have been wounded by their religious pasts
"Welcoming the Crone" a workshop for women at midlife and later, exploring the history and power of women's eldering
"Writing letters to God" introducing a spiritual practice of letter-writing/journaling that supports an intimate sense of relationship with the Holy in one's own life
"Spiritual memoir" introduces a writing practice of telling stories from one's own life and exploring unrealized lessons and/or experiences of the Holy
Spiritual Direction web site:
I can offer consulting regarding spiritual care with people who have dementia.
WA9/16/2019SeattleJoe Rettenmaier206-290-7049jrettenmaier@me.comWithin 120 mile radius of SeattleThe Lessons We Leave
At the End of the Rainbow
Sharing Revelations
Bus Driver Holiday
YesJoe has called Seattle and the Salish Sea home since 1988. His practice of ministry aims to dismantle systemic racism and white fragility, develop authentic multiculturalism within our congregations, inspire climate justice, and reinvigorate LGBTQIA beloved communities.
WA9/17/2019SeattleJustin Almeida2068508469justin.almeida@uuchurch.orgSeattle & surrounding citiesA theology of trauma, The spiritual resistance of Pride, Our prophetic calling, Black Lives Matter: bending the
Everett, WA (slightly north of Seattle)
Tom Bozeman7812432247therevtombozeman@gmail.comfrom Olympia, WA to Comox, BCHappy to do online preaching"How Rare It Is, How Lovely" and "Returning Home" are a couple that folks have particularly appreciatedYesOur guest preacher this morning is the Rev. Tom Bozeman, who's currently the minister at the Evergreen Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Marysville. As a third-generation UU, Pastor Tom loves having a job in which he gets to give back to this movement that has done so much for him and his family."Graceful Leadership"One of my key strengths is group facilitation - and I'm happy to offer that.
WA5/12/2020Bellingham, WARev. Dr. Barbara Wells ten Hove2064510312revbabs10@gmail.comMostly between Vancouver and Seattle but will occasionally venture further afield.Have experience doing online servicesGod is Not God's Name; Radiant Twilight; Where the Awesome Meets the Familiar; The Spiritual Strength of Failure.NoBarbara has served in the UU ministry since 1985, primarily in the Pacific Northwest where she recently retired (and became Minister Emerita) of Cedars UU Church on Bainbridge Island, WA (with husband Jaco). She has taught worship skills to many and loves to share her love of ritual, music and spiritually rich worship services with others.Creating Quality Worship in Congregations.Can provide support to ministers and committed lay leaders looking to deepen their worship life or strengthen their preaching skills.
WA5/15/20Seattle, WARev. Jennifer DeBusk Alviar206-437-2416revalviar@gmail.comSeattle and surrounding cities. Generally a 2 hour travel timeframe. Online services available without geographical boundaries via Zoom.I have recorded sermons on YouTube and have preached via Zoom. "For the Beauty of the Earth," "Living on the Edge of Ecological Renewal," "Listening to Water's Wisdom," "Navigating the Soul of Human Nature & the Natural World," "Experiencing the Sacred in Everyday Life"YesRev. Jennifer DeBusk Alviar is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister whose unique call is to expand the welcome table of hospitality, inclusion and liberation. To this end, she cultivates positive relationships with community organizations and diverse faith traditions actively engaged in the healing work of bridge-building and social change. Rev. Alviar received her Master of Divinity degree at Starr King School for Ministry in Berkeley, California. She currently lives with her family on the traditional land of the Duwamish people known as Seattle, Washington.
I am happy to offer a workshop around eco-theology. I have two eco-theology based sermons that are illustrated from my travels around wilderness and soul. One includes a canoe trip down the Missouri River in Montana. This sermon is titled, "Listening to Water's Wisdom." My other sermon is a pilgrimage in Iona, Scotland grounded in the Celtic spiritual tradition. This sermon is titled, "Living on the Edge of Ecological Renewal."
WA5/20/2020Pt. Townsend, WARev. Bruce Bode360-301-3964bruceabode@gmail.comWestern Washington, Olympic Peninsula, sometimes beyondHave done one live-Zoom and one pre-recorded service"Deeper Than Our Separateness," "The Heart of Religion: Love Beyond Belief," "Roots of Prejudice," "Something Judges Us, Something Accepts Us," "Do You Like Your Life?" "Backdoor Solutions"NoBruce A. Bode is a Minister Emeritus at the Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (QUUF) in Port Townsend, Washington, from which he retired in 2018 as the Senior Minister after serving the congregation for fourteen years (2004-2018). Before coming to Port Townsend, Rev. Bode was the Interim Minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, Texas (2002-2004) and the Hope Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma (2001-2002). Prior to that, he served for twenty-two years (1978-2001) as an Associate Minister at the Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a large, independent, religiously liberal congregation. Archived print versions of Bruce’s sermons from 2004-2014 and both print and audio versions of his sermons from 2014-2018 can be found on the QUUF website at:
WA12/31/2018Bainbridge Island, near SeattleBarry Andrews206-451-4509Revbma@mac.comWestern Washington, Bellingham to Portland"Surely Joy Is the Condition of Life," "Intimations of Immortality," "Emerson's Stroke of Insight," "God and the 'What' of UU Spirituality," "The Bloom of the Present Moment," "Transcendentalism and the Cultivation of the Soul," "What Does Humanism Mean Today?"NoMinister Emeritus, UU Congregation at Shelter Rock, L.I., currently living on Bainbridge Is. Served churches in Spokane, San Diego and New York. Author, Transcendentalism and the Cultivation of the Soul, U. Mass. Pr., 2017. D.Min. Degree from Meadville Theological School. Merrill Fellow at Harvard. Transcendentalist Spirituality, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau; UU history and theology; Stoicism, Taoism and other schools of perennial wisdom.My website: As a religious educator, I have delivered lectures, led classes and offered workshops on a variety of topics for adult audiences.
OR5/20/2020Corvallis, ORJesse Ford541-740-9953jford@ses.sksm.eduOnline: ANY. In person: within 3 hours drive, or if longer will travel via public transportation if/as lodging can be provided. Can do Zoom service; can supply pre-recorded worship elements (sermon, reading, meditation) with sufficient lead time"Spiritual Practice in times of Adversity"' "The Flaming Chalice" Weddings in ORJesse Ford is a Candidate for UU Ministry and recently obtained the M.Div from Starr King School for the Ministry. Jesse is grounded in earth justice ministry with a focus on developing equanimity and expanding/deepening relationships as essential tools for community resilience. For the past 30+ years Jesse and family have lived with deepest gratitude on the traditional lands of the Apinefu band of Kalapuya people. I am retired faculty (Dept. Fisheries/Wildllife, Oregon State University) with a PhD and 40+ years as a professional ecologist. I dwell in the complex interfaces among ecology, spirit, and justice.
WA6/1/2020Seattle, WAVictoria Poling360-643-1922vpoling@gmail.comOnline, Bellingham to Olympia, OlyPen, WenatcheeCan pre-record sermons or preach on Zoom"Not all Who Wander are Lost", "Where is the Star?", "We are the Rememberers"Victoria Poling is a Ministerial Aspirant and has recently completed her Master of Divinity at Seattle University. She has chaplaincy experience in assisted living, hospice, and palliative care. Her ministry of prophetic healing includes guest preaching, spiritual direction, outdoor rite of passage journeys, bereavement support, and spiritual deepening workshops for sustaining long-term justice advocacy.
WA12/20/2018Bainbridge Island, near SeattleRev. Deanna Vandiver504-821-9284devandiver@gmail.comI am willing to travel throughout the PNWDSpiritual Courage, Spiritual Inventory, Revelation is Ever Unfolding, The Power to Choose Differently, When Our Heart is in a Holy Place, ...YesOrdained in 2012 by the three congregations of the Greater New Orleans UU cluster, in Final Fellowship since 2015. Executive Director and then Co-Director of the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal 2012-2018. Organizer and Minister.Spiritually-grounded anti-oppression workshops, specifically anti-racist and collective liberation centered. Collaborative worship facilitation. Shared Leadership for Shared Liberation. CARAOM member (Committee for Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, and Multiculturalism for the Unitarian Univesalist Ministers' Association) committed to holding healing space for identities-based UU organizations and gatherings. I write at
OR9/17/2019 12:36:49PortlandMira Mickiewicz15103647657
Currently flexible in scheduling and willing to travel anywhere, with travel stipend for places more than about 2 hours away. Listening to the Earth, The Body Political, Skeletons in the Closet, Ancestors of Blood and SpiritYesRev. Mira graduated from Starr King School for the Ministry in May 2018 and was ordained by First Unitarian Portland in June of 2019. Mira answered the call to ministry while she was teaching outdoor education and engaged in direct action organizing for racial and economic justice in Oakland, CA, and her ministry builds on this work to nurture love, community, and spirituality.