runireland week 15
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123rd JanRest3m 28'05 rain mild windy easy 1st half downhill at 10mm 120hr then tough uphill 8'50mm 160hr felt good all the way 4m 37'39 cool gale winds from south fast out down hill and slow back uphill 2m split 16'50/20'50 tired at start but felt good at end8k 41'50 cold very windy from south time trial 1k splits 1st 1.8k downhill with wind, next 3.6k uphill against wind last 2.6k up and down with wind hr 160-170 for most felt good at endRest outside of hamstrings tight8m 80'50 freezing light wind steady 10'10mm felt easy hr ave 1373m 25'47 cool raining slight wind from south splits 9'15/8'30/8 felt good hr up to 160 near end2322105%
230th JanRest4m 35'57 cold rain breezy warm up 1m then 2m@160hr then 1m cool with fast 400m at end tired during fast bit but ok at end5m 48'57 very cold and breeze from north warm up 1.5m downhill then 4x500m uphill@165hr jog down@128hr 1m cool down tired on hills 2 and 3 but ok at end4m 38'40 treadmill easy steady 9'40mm pace hr 132-142 felt good all the wayRest10m 99'43 cool breezy light rain lsr watched garmin carefully for steady 10mm varied from 9'30-10'30 ave hr 139 felt good the whole way3m 24'28 mild breezy light rain fast from start splits 8'45/8'00/7'43 hr 150-165 at end back sore at start felt good all the way2625104%
36th FebRest3m 26'40 cold slight breeze warmup 1m@10mm then 1m@8mm, 0.5m@10mm, 0.5m@7'30mm tough up hills but ok at end hr165 at fast bits5m 44'54 cold very windy warm up 1m@10mm then 3m@8'00/7'40'/8'40 then cool down 1m@10'30 hr 150-170 during fast section tired at end of uphill fast bit but ok at end of cool down3m 29'02 treadmill easy 2k@10mm hr 130 2k@9mm hr 140 800m@10mm felt easy all the wayRest13m 130'15 cold windy heavy rain 1st 7m steady 10mm pace 25 paces for 10 secs 9 hills felt good all the way drink and bar at 6.5m ave hr 136 3m 30'01 mild calm steady 10mm hr 120-130 ave 124 legs heavy at start but ok at end2727100%
413th FebRest6m 55'31 mild windy from north warmup 1.9m@10mm 2.3m@8mm/165hr cooldown 1.8m@10mm felt good except up the hills on the cooldown5m 49'30 mild windy from north warmup 1.4m@10mm then 4x.33m hills@8'30mm/167hr cooldown 1.2m@10'30mm tired on hills 3 & 4 but ok at end4m 40'15 mild windy steady 10mm hr 120-140 uphills felt good easy pace all the way4m 39'58 treadmill 10mm pace all the way hr 122-135 tired10k 56'18 cool windy Altidore-Kilpeddar Trail big hills 1-2 & 5-6 walked twice ave hr 158 max 173 tough and tired all day after4.75m 44'05 mild breezy various paces 9'00/9'45/9'25/9'25/8'40 last 0.75m legs sore before hand from yesterday run but felt good during run ave hr 135, max 155 at fast bit3030100%
520th FebRest calves and quads sore from Saturday4m 40'22 cool very windy from south steady 10'05mm hr 12 downhill 140 uphill ave 130 easy felt good all the way5m 47'21 cool strong winds heavy rain fartlek for 3m in middle vary distance 100m-500m vary speed 6mm-8mm hr 150-170 on fast bits ave hr 146 1m warmup 1m cooldown weather brutal felt ok at end8k TT 39'59 warm breezy from south steady 5m/km splits 5'00/4'49/5'10/4'58/5'03/4'57/4'59/4'58 hr 140-170 ave 158 tough pushed hard watching garmin every minute felt tired at endRest15m 146'02 cool breezy from south lsr splits 6@10, 4@9'50, 2@9'30, 1@9'20, 1@9'10, 1@9'00 ave hr 138 felt great all the way pushed hard for last 3m home made juice 200ml@6 & 9 7.5m splits 74'45/71'173m 26'30 mild breezy from south no garmin phone read 9'00/9'00/8'30 fast coming home legs felt good no issues after lsr yesterday3232100%
627th FebRest6`m 55'26 mild breezy from south 1m intervals with 1m recovery splits 10'00/8'30/10'00/7'50/10'20/8'45 ave hr 143 max 155 on fast bits legs heavy at start but ok at end5m 44'32 mild breezy from south 6x0.4m very fast 6'30 pace hr 165 rests of 0.2-0.4m hr back to 130 warm and cool 0.5m 1st 4 fine 5 tough uphill 6 ok very tired at end6m 59'19 mild windy from south steady 10mm for 5m then 9'20mm for last 1m ave hr 131 lowest 111 going down hill at main street legs heavy for most but ok at end during faster bitRest6m 58'00 cool windy steady 9'40 pace no garmin felt good after short night sleep12m 119'54 very cold and breezy from north lsr steady 10mm ave hr 130 even 112 downhills at start easy all the way no drinks or food felt hungry last mile3535100%
75th MarRest5m 48'45 freezing light breeze easy 1st half quicker 2nd uphill splits 25'30/23'15 ave hr 134 lowest 109 down main st high 160 near end tired at start but fine at end5m 44'10 mild strong winds from south rain 10m warmup then 3x1m@5k pace actually 7'30/8'00/7'30 downhill/uphill/flat hr 155/170/170 with 0.5m recovery very tired at end of 2nd and 3rd quick bits but ok at end4m 39'05 tread splits 10/10/9/10 steady easy felt good all the way no garmin for hrRest3m 26'16 warm sunny windy from south 2m@9'30 then 1m@7'16 which was 0.4m@6'30mm, 0.2m@10mm, 0.4m@6'30mm hr 171 at fast bits felt good all the way18m 176'14 mild windy from south 6 hill sprints each 150m@6'30mm hr 170 mostly steady 10mm ave hr 141 200ml homemade energy drink@8.5m/12.5m gel @12.5m felt good until 16m then tired3535100%
812th MarRest6m 59'40 cool slight breeze steady easy 10mm hr ave 136 low 116 high 156 legs very heavy for 4m but ok at end6m 53'10 cool slight wind 1m@10mm 1.5m@7'20 downhill hr 155 2m@10'30mm easy 1.5m@7'30 uphill hr 170 tough near end ut ok when finished ave hr 1466m 59'56 cool breezy easy steady 10mm ave hr ave 133 low 111 high 150 felt good all the way4m 37'04 cool windy from south 1m intervals splits 9/10/8'15/9'50 hr ave 135 quick downhill felt good all the way13m 119'03 cold windy from north started slow finished fast half splits 61'30/57'33 mile splits 10/9/10/9/10/9/9/10/8'45/8'45/9/8'20/8'13 200ml homemade juice@8.5m ave hr 143 felt good most of the way but tired near end during fast bitRest3535100%
919th MarRest hr 47 in bed this morning5m 45'21 cool windy from south 1m warm then 3m@8'30mm then 1m cool ave hr 139 tough uphill on last 1m section but ok at end6m 59'55 cool light breeze from south steady 10mm all the way ave hr 133 low 111 felt good6m 52'10 mild windy from north warmup 1m@10mm then 3x1m@7mm with 1m@10'30mm breaks ave hr 146 max 171 on hills of fast bits very tired at end of fast bits but ok at endRest20m 197'39 cold@start warm@end windy from north out faster 10m splits 97'30/100'09 1st 10 splits 2x8'55 2x9'50 2x9'40 2x9'30 2x9'50 then 10x10mm 200ml juice and bar@10.5&16 felt good to 14m then tired rest of way ave hr 142 but high 150's last 4 miles3m 28'00 warm and calm no hr monitor 2m downhill at marathon pace then 1m easy at track legs heavy after yesterday4040100%
1026th MarRest6m 53'50 cold light breeze 1m@10'20 3.3m@8'10 1.7m@9'40 hr ave 146 max 165 felt good all the way8k 38'29 TT cool breezy from north tried 4'50/km and went fast all the way ave hr 159 splits 4'49/4'49/4'51/4'47/4'51/4'48/4'47/4'45 felt hard esp on hillsbut watched garmin carefully very tired at end but ok5m 49'00 cool breezy from north no garmin ran easy steady splits 25/24 legs heavy 1st half but ok 2nd half5m 44'48 cool calm 1m warm/cool@10mm then 3x0.6m@7mm with 0.6m recovery@10mm ave hr 142 and max 168 on hills felt tired early on so did shorter intervals ok at end9m 4 hours walk/run Lugnaquilla climb 3000 feet mostly easy walk but ran up last half mile and down last 2 miles felt great all the way quads slightly sore at end6m 57'37 cool windy from north steady easy pace watched hr to keep under 140 quads and glutes sore from yesterday ave hr 134 felt ok 3630120%
112nd AprRest6m 51'00 cool breezy no garmin 1m easy 2m faster splits 9/8/8/10/8/8 felt good all the way quads a little sore at end but ok6m 53'08 cold sleet galeforce winds from north brutal weather and hard to run against did 2x1m fast then 1x0.6m fast splits 10/7'30/10'30/6'50/10'10/4'00/4'08 hr 165 at end of fast bits ave 148 but high for 1st 0.75m which is unusual??? very tired at end5m 49'33 cold very windy from north easy 10mm pace hr ave 125 but very high 170 for 1st 10 mins into wind then settled on turn with wind felt easy all the way20m 195'06 cool breezy from north steady 10mm with 8 hill sprints 4x250m 4x150m 6.55m splits 63/65/63 2nd and 3rd bits included walks for food/drink homemade drink 200ml and bar at 9m 200ml drink at 15m quad and hamstring sore 12-15m but ok at end tired 16-20m but ok at end no hr monitor 85kgRest legs felt good no soreness but tired all dayRest & travel to Scotland374093%
129th Apr3m 28'06 cool breezy in Scotland cross country splits 9'30/9'30/9'06 felt good all the way6m 52'30 cool heavy rain breezy in Scotland cross country 1m warmup then 4m @ 8'15 pace 1m cool down felt good all the way4m 36'00 cool calm scotland cross country 4x0.5m intervals @ 7'30 pace with 0.5m recovery very tired all the way so stopped 2m early4m 34'34 treadmill clonmel park hotel 1km warm then 1km intervals@7mm pace hr 160 with 1km recovery hr 135 and 400m cool down 6m 52'38 cool breezy Clonmel started at marathon pace and got quicker for few miles then slower last mile splits 9'10/9'10/8'30/8'30/8'20/8'50 felt great all the way even uphill coming backRest in Clonmel13.1m 109'45 cold slight breeze 0-6@8'50mm 6-13.1@8'06mm 6.55m splits 57'30/52'15 100ml homemade juice at 6.55m tough last 2m legs tired but ok at end ave hr 146 0-6 hr 138 6-13 hr 1563635103%
1316th AprRest5m 44'52 cold and windy 1m warmup and cool with 3m@8'20mm pace hr 130 on 1m downhill, 145 on 1m flat, 165 on 1m uphill ave hr 142 legs felt heavy at start but ok at end6m 59'35 cold raining gale force winds from north miles 1, 5 and 6 were very tough into wind steady 10mm hr 118 downhill 140 uphill 127 ave felt tired and hungry?? All the way6m 52'09 cool light breeze from north 2x1m and 1x0.7m intervals @ 7mm with 10mm recovery felt very tired from start and cut last interval short hr 160-170 at end very tiredRest20m 197'54 cool breezy did 10mm steady most of the way felt good near end so did last 2m quicker 200ml lucozade sport @ 10.5/16m bar @ 16m splits 9'50x3/10x4/9'50/10/9'50/10x3/9'50x3/10'10/10/9'45/9'09 10m splits 99'10/98'44 felt good all the way no hr monitor but happy esp after tiredness all week3m 28'44 mild breezy steady easy pace around 10mm with a few quick bits down hills legs heavy at start but ok at end left quad a little sore4040100%
1423rd AprRest6m 51'59 mild breezy 1m warm up and cooldown with 4m@8mm pace hr 160 uphills 145 downhills and 150 ave felt good all the way4m 46'06 mild rain gale force wind from north imra bray head 270m elev up over 1.8m steep hr 160 most of the way very enjoyable but tough weather brutal6m 56'56 mild rain gale force wind from north 1st 3m with wind splits 10/10/9'40/9'20/8'30/9'26 calves sore at start but only quads sore at end hr high 160 for 1st 13mins watch this???8k 37'51 tt warm windy from north 2nd half tough different route due to rush hour traffic at 4.30pm also did 1st 4km too fast ave splits 4'44/km splits 4'34/4'34/4'37/4'42/4'48/4'45/4'54/4'53 left calf sore at end ave hr 161 max 170 near end of hills very tiredRest legs sore from tt and bray head7m 64'30 treadmill 1m warmup at 10mm then 6m at 9'05mm marathon pace hr 140-150 steady increase felt good all the way283874%
1530th AprRest5m 43'24 mild raining very windy from north 1m warmup then 3m @ 8'08 pace then 1m @9'00 pace uphill into wind ave hr 145 max 165 felt good at end5m 43'35 mild breezy 1m warmup hr 120 then 3x1m fast splits 7'00/6'50/7'30 downhill/downhill/uphill max hr 150/160/166 recovery jog/walk for 0.5m each hr 140/120 felt good all the way4m 34'25 mild breezy from north 1m warmup then 3 diff intervals 1m@6'50, 1/2m@6'40, 1/4m@6'30 with 10mm recovery hr max 170 at end of each interval tired at endRest8m 70'04 cool windy from north 1m warmup 1m@7'15 1.7m easy 1.7m@7'50 1.3m easy 1.3m@7'30 hr ave 144 max 170 felt good all the way but outside of left knee sore on uphills 86kg on house scales3m 26'51 mild light wind late evening run 1/2m warmup then steady 8'50mm all the way felt easy and hr 135 but left knee slightly sore and hr high for 1st 8mins felt good at marathon pace2525100%