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CabinShipDeckClassAreaBed NearQuiet?Balcony ViewBalcony SizeWind a Problem?Soot a Problem?Problems/Comments
1002Solstice10C3StarboardBalcony Exceptionally quiet. This cabin is next to the bridge with only one cabin adjacent, no interior cabins in front of it. Occasionally heard electronic whistle which we assumed was for navigational purposes.We had an excellent view of the bridge and spoke to the Captain and staff on occasion (there is a door which they can open). Some privacy issues if you leave curtains open. View is great straight out and to the right, and you can see through the bridgeNormalNo, this cabin is in the front of the ship where it can be windy; however, the closeness of the bridge provided a barrier. We had breeze but not strong winds.N/ACloset door was difficult to open and maintenance tried to fix, but it never got easy. Was glad we chose this cabin but having done it once, would select another in the future. My husband is former Navy, and he really enjoyed watching the Captain park the ship. It is a long way from the stairs and elevators which enhance the quietness but may be an issue for some. FloatSomeMore
1002Eclipse10C3StarboardBalconyNoisy. Right next door to the bridge and an access hallway which slammed all night. Right over bow thruster which will wake you in the morning every time you dock. Work area on deck below with banging and slamming most nights. This was the noisiest cabin I have ever had on Celebrity.Good view aft. Forward view nearly 100% blocked by bridge wing.NormalNo. N/AYou are literally on the same level as the bridge and can look in and watch (and they can see into your cabin!). Interesting to watch the Captain dock the ship but too many negatives to make it worthwhile. Would NOT book again. wattsde
1004Equinox10C3StarboardBathQuietFoward view blocked a little by the bridge extensionNormalNoN/ALong walk to the elevators - travellink
1005Equinox10C3PortBathAs the third cabin back from the bridge it had very little traffic in the hallway, aside from some officers and crew headed to and from the bridge. The noise of other people's vacuum toilet flushes could be heard, but this is common on ships.See comments.NormalNo. However, when you open or close the sliding glass door while the ship is moving the wind creates a loud, eerie howl for the brief moment just before or after securing the handle.N/AI was worried about the privacy of our balcony being so close to the bridge wing, but it turned out not to be such a problem. When the port side was adjacent to a pier, we could watch the captain control the ship when docking and departing. Often the wing was empty of officers and if they were there they would politely ignore us. If we sat close to the righthand balcony partition (the one closest to the bridge) we were out of view of the bridge. Also, the bridge didn't obstruct the views too badly and you could see through its windows It was a great cabin and a lot of thought was put into its design to maximize space. Lots of storage in the bathroom. Being located forward made it very convenient to go to the fitness center and the Aqua Spa Cafe. Half Hitch
100710C2PortBalconyVery quiet. NRNormalNoNoOnly four cabins from Bridge. Officers would wave daily. grumphy
1008Solstice10C2Starboard, midshipBathPerfectly silentExcellent view forward all the way to the bridge, but because just forward of the hump, could not see the aft section of the ship. This didn't matter one bit. Huge - 3 times the normal balconyNoNoThis was the nicest room ever; everything was just perfect. Location was perfect -- next to the library and midship elevators. Celebrity does a great job of cordoning off the hallways from the public areas, such as the library. We never heard any noise from hallway or neighboring cabins. CruiseRaider
1009Solstice10C3PortBath Stand at the rail, you can look into the port bridge wing and vice-versa. The bridge wing only slightly obstructs the view forward.NormalNoN/AVerandah equipped with recliner chairs, footstools, and full sized table suitable for meals. Had full privacy when seated, you can be seen when near the rail. Cabin has trundle bed under couch to accomodate a 3rd passenger. Snorkel2Much
1010Solstice10C3StarboardBalconyNo noise.Great; unob-structed.NormalNoN/ABigAl94
1012Equinox10C3StarboardBathVery quiet, very little trafficGood views aft, out, and down, forward blocked somewhat by bridgeNormalNoNoNo noise, a bit of a walk to dining venues, but helped to work off calories. Would book again. Philnpen
1012Silhouette10C3Starboard, all the way forwardBathVery quietNice view of the ship bridge wing; unobstructed.NormalNoNo6 cabins from the bridge; no motion at all. It's a long walk to the elevators, etc. but that makes for a nice exercise. I-Cruiser
1014Solstice10C2StarboardBalconyVery quiet, no noise problems at allA view of the Bridge Wing. Interesting to watch the Captain take the ship out when he is on the Wing.NormalNo, except for when in inclement weather of course. N/ANone, it was very good. We were impressed with the cabin and the amenities -- pete coach
1014Solstice10C2StarboardBalconyNoise in early
mornings - doors
slam, toilets, etc.
Good View. Bridge
Wings can be seen
NormalNoN/ABeautiful ship and good food - alwaystravelsf
1016Solstice10C2StarboardBathNot connecting, normally no noise issues.No obstructions. allowing a good view of proceedings on the starboard bridge wingNormalNoNoboeckli
1020Reflection10C2StarboardBathVery quiet, with no rooms across the hall and nothing above but other staterooms. No obstructions at all, and a great view of the starboard end of the bridge, where we watched the captain and the pilot at work.Normal. Two lounge chairs with footstools and a table. NoN/AIt's a decent walk to the forward elevator lobby and a good walk to the midship elevators. We didn't mind this--we love to walk--but someone else might want a cabin closer to an elevator. Liy Feghoot
1020Silhouette10C3StarboardBathNot connecting; the closet door rattled.Unobstructed viewNormalNoN/ALovely cabin. Closet doors rattled in rolling waves; we propped a sneaker from the inside of the closet against the door and that took care of the problem - AnnArborGirl
1020Solstice10C2StarboardBathVery QuietClear View - no overhang above8' wide by
NoN/AAfter reading tips on CC boards, guessed correctly that cabins with sleeper couch have bed away from balcony. However, the closet, located on wall bordering bathroom, was too small for heavy packers like us, and very hard to access on left side because of intrusion of bed's headboard. DW was constantly banging her arm trying to get in. joeinsb
1021Equinox10C2PortBalconyQuietNo obstructionsNormalNoN/AFoncai
1022Solstice10C2 AccessibleStarboard forwardBathNo unusual noise, though accessible AQ cabin is directly above.NRStandard accessible balcony was very comfortable.NRNRThis cabin is the farthest from the elevator of the accessibles on this floor.Going Coastal
102310C2PortBathVery quiet... only noise we ever heard was from outside when the balcony door was open.Great view outward and down. No Obstruction at all.NormalNoN/ABalcony divider between 1023 and 1025 did rattle one day. Folded up piece of paper in the lock minimized noise. yak
1025Silhouette10C2PortBalconyQuiet cabin except on sea days when balcony divider between 1025 and 1023 rattled?UnobstructedNormalNoN/AThe main lights and bathroom lights went out first night but came back on after an hour. they went off the next day and the electritian took several hours to fix them; no further problems - neeps
1026Equinox10C3, AccessibleStarboardCenterQuietUnobstructed, excellent viewWider than usual due to width of roomNoNoAccessible rooms are 1.5x the width of a regular room, making them approximately the same size as a Sky Suite. Couch is smaller than in a regular room (pulls out to a twin-sized bed) and situated in the corner near the balcony (size and placement make it somewhat useless). TV is directly across from the bed (a HUGE plus IMO, as we prefer to watch TV in bed rather than on the couch). There is less storage in this room due to the lack of a cabinet over the bed, but we found the closet and drawers adequate. Nightstands are larger than in regular rooms, which was nice. Bathroom was large, but shower has a curtain and no lip on the floor, so water had a tendency to go everywhere (easily avoided by placing a towel barrier on the floor). Alsmez
1026Solstice10C3 AccessibleStarboardBath, but plenty of space between bed and bath wallQuiet, not connectingNo obstructions, very private, sometimes you can see bridge activity in daylight, which was funOversized, since accessible cabins are 1.5x width of normal CC cabinsNoN/AWe loved it. Our wheelchair-using traveler found the cabin and esp. the bathroom easier to navigate than those on the M and C Class ships we've cruised. His able-bodied spouse (me) loved the storage above the bathroom sink and the many hooks for towels, washcloths, robes, etc. Pictures in Post #713 GRBlizz
102710C2PortBathQuietNo obstructionsNo obstructionsNoN/AI'm 6 ft 2 about 235 lbs and I was with my mother and sister, for 2 people it would have been perfect, for 3 it was cramped moving around. We would have rather have gotten a mini-suite. Kellix
StarboardBathYes, however in bathroom we heard voices and coughing coming through vents or drains.NRBalcony was large (handicapped cabin is wider.)NRNRCabin was nice however mobility impaired may find bathroom arrangements are not as good as on Millenium class ships. As on all of the other 11 ships we have sailed on it doesn't accomplish anything to communicate special cabin needs ahead of time. I believe that they are so rushed to change over for new boarders that they intentionally ignore any non-standard request. 3NT
1028Eclipse10C3 HandicapStarboardBathQuiet, not connectingGreat view.Oversized with wheelchair ramp.NoN/AClose to elevators. Very roomy cabin, automatic door, large cupboard, large bathroom and shower. portofrome
1028Solstice10C3 HandicapNear the elevatorsBathOur room had no ship noise but we enjoyed the waves gentle hitting the side of the ship. Two nights we slept with the sliding glass door open. The gentle waves gave us the most relaxing and peaceful night sleep. Could not have asked for a better view. Was larger than a normal balcony because it was an accessible balcony. There was a slight ramp at the sliding glass door for ease of getting to the balcony. Once on the balcony, I had no trouble turning completely around in my wheelchair. There was no real wind problem or noiseNoCelebrity Cruise line gave us the best information on line before booking our cruise with them pertaining to accessibility on the ship. Our accessible state room and bathroom was plenty large enough for both my husband and I to get ready and not feel cramped. Our state room door automatically opened when we inserted our sea pass in the key slot and every public bathroom on the ship had an automatic push button door opener as well. We were very impressed with every detail we were given to insure people in a wheelchair could have the time of their life on a cruise ship. This was a great first impression. ncsblj6430
1032Solstice10InsideStarboardN/AVery quietN/AN/AN/AN/AVery quiet, was concerned with location next to crew elevators (especially last night for luggage) and room attendant locker right outside the door but it was actually really good. Would book it again. islanders07
103410C2StarboardBathVery quietExcellent view; no obstructionsNormalNoN/AEasy access to forward lifts -DonkeyB
1034Reflection10C2StarboardBathQuietNo obstructionNRNRNROur cabin was right near the elevators - we heard absolutely no noise. I would definitely book this cabin again! mtt168
1034Solstice10C2Starboard forwardBathYes. Although close to lifts this had no impact on noise levelsExcellent.StandardNoNoVery convenient for lifts - MadamX
103610C2StarboardBalconyVery quiet.Had an unobstructed view in about all directions. This balcony was in the area that "juts" out just forward of the forward stair case. 1036 is the fourth balcony forward in that area.NormalThere were wind speeds of nearly 50mph on this cruise. So, wind was kind of an issue every-where. How-ever, even with the excessive wind, the balcony seemed calmN/AWe liked the general location of the room. Very conveniently located to the forward stair case and elevator. It was a little far from the Main Dining Room, but the exercise was great. All in all, I would highly recommend this room. custom300
1036Silhouette10C3ForwardBalconyQuietUnobstructedNormal (but actually seemed larger than our friends who were in a C1NoNoWe loved this cabin & location! Being forward - the sound of the waves crashing against the ship at night were awesome. The view in every direction was great. The location right off the forward elevators was very convenient & just two flights up to the pool/solarium/aqua spa cafe. This was our favorite balcony out of the 3 we have stayed in on the S-class ships. Bhughey
103810C1StarboardBathQuietUnobstructedNoNoN/ACelebrity claims this cabin will accommodate four people. We were 2 adults and one 13 yr old and it was fine for three, but no way can it hold four. - samka
104010C1StarboardBalconyMostly Quiet -could hear snoring from the
next cabin.
No ObstructionNormalNoN/AStateroom attendant Jose was fantastic - simonstingray
1040Silhouette10C3Forward StarboardBalconyQuietUnobstructed, no issuesStandardNoNoAlthough right next to the forward stairs and elevators we had no problem with noise, in fact quite enjoyed the easy access to stairs/lifts for popping to get a morning coffee to bring back to the room. Great room. caro24
1041Silhouette10InsideForwardBathVery quietN/AN/AN/AN/AShort walk away from Forward elevators. Very quiet. nekzaadvakil
1043Silhouette10InsideForwardBathVery quietN/AN/AN/AN/AShort walk away from Forward elevators. Very quiet. nekzaadvakil
104410C2StarboardBalconyQuietA bit of the black deckwashing scaffolding is visible if you look up. This was not a problem for us, especially given the generous size of the balcony.OversizedSee comments. N/AWe had a night of very intense wind (part of a weather system that caused a change in our itinerary), and the bottom part of the deckwashing scaffolding made a clanging sound now and then as pieces of it hit together. It wasn't a problem for us, and under normal weather conditions there was no clangingThis is a lovely cabin and we spent lots of time on the balcony. We appreciated the generous size, and it is very private, because it is on the slanted part of the ship. If you are a bit shy about eating breakfast outside in your bathrobe, this is the cabin for you! musicmom3
1044Equinox10C2StarboardBalconyQuietUnobstructedOversizedNoNoGreat cabin, veranda and location. SuperStanley501
1044Reflection10C2Front hump, starboardBalconyQuietUnobstructedOversizedNoNoGreat location near forward elevators. First time on hump which faces slighly rearward. Would recommend without reservation.chisoxfan
1046Solstice10C1StarboardBathVery QuietGreat view; private.OversizedNoN/AGreat cabin - great room steward, Jose! piscescruiser
104810C1StarboardBalconyQuietObstructed by window washer high on left sideNormalNoNo
1052Eclipse10C2Starboard, very close to forward elevatorsBalconyVery quietForward view slightly hampered by hump (3 cabins away)Regular, Balcony has an overhang 2 decks aboveIndirectly (see comments)N/AIt was quite windy and this resulted in sticky salty balcony railing and furniture each morning. HarR
1058Equinox10C1StarboardBathContinuous noise from toilets flushing.Great view, the posts were not an issue even though this was a concern for us.NormalNoN/AGood cabin without any problems.
1059Solstice10C2PortBathQuietGreat View -
NormalSee comments. N/AIt was very windy during our cruise (12/14/08), but the only time it became evident was if you had the balcony and stateroom door open (or not closed all the way) at the same time. It made for quite a wind tunnel! This is a 4 person room with the trundle. When you have it out, it is impossible to get to the balcony without stepping on the bed. They need to get rid of this configuration and just have the pull down bed instead. It makes the room too small and going to and from the balcony quite a chore. Someone is going to seriously hurt themselves.- firemanbob's wife
1061Solstice10C2 PortBalconyQuietGood View - No
1062Silhouette10C2Midship StarboardDouble bed near bathroom; room had sofabed for 3rd person- near balconyVery quiet; no noise issues.NRNormalNoNoVery pleased with lack of noise and the location; would not hesitate to book again if the price was right. tacbets21
1063Equinox10C2PortBathQuietNo obstructionsNormalNoN/ANo problems - close to forward elevators - Foncai
1063Solstice10C1PortBathVery quietNo obstructionsNormalNoNoThis room is located just off the forward elevators. A previous poster mentioned the long walk to the MDR, which is true. However, we thought having a short walk to the theater was a big plus. kathynorth
1063Solstice10C1PortBathQuietGreat, no obstructionsNormalYes, only due to weatherN/ACloset doors didn't slide open easily. Great location close to the front elevators and very quiet - highseasbabe
1065Silhouette10C1Forward port sideBalconyNormally but screaming kids in next cabin forced us to moveExcellent with unobstructed view from Bridge to SternStandardNoNoCabin Bulkheads seem quite thin and closing the door of the cabin next to us reverberated throughout. We had the pleasure of an out of control child next door from 06:00 every day, so eventually moved to 1146. As space is a premium we managed to move coffee table to under desk area to allow us to use sofa and still get passed. Very quiet area close to forward lifts and good exercise to walk to dining rooms aft! mikealpine
1066Solstice10C1StarboardBathNot connecting. Usually quiet, though we could hear the phone ring and occassional con-versation from neighboring 1068. 1066 is across the hall from an extremely frequently used Crew Access door to an interior stairwell. Early mornings you con-stantly heard it slam shut as room service and other personnel went about. Enough to wake you if you're a light sleeper.No obstructionsNormalNever N/AOn Sky Deck, and ONLY Sky Deck, only every other balcony could be fully 'opened' to share deck space. There are large supporting beams running up from every other Sky Deck balcony to Deck 12, 2 floors above. As a result, the balcony partitions are set into the 'V' portions of these beams, so only a small 'V' shaped section of the balcony divider can be opened/removed. You would have to crawl over the large supporting beams and through the 'V' to access the neighboring balcony. These beams were present between cabins 1066 and 1068, but NOT present between 1066 and 1064, which had a normal balcony divider. Had I known this, I would have booked 66/64 instead of 66/68. Cabin Stewardess Helen was one of the best we've ever had - Crystal, Seabourn, Celebrity included. We found the bathroom storage spaces to be plentiful, but too small and/or oddly shaped to be very useful. Standard (non-Aqua Class) shower was excellent. - BurgerBits
106710C2PortBathVery QuietNo obstructions, great view! I enjoyed watching the deck below of people, I think of deck 5. I could see the bridge from the cabin too. Wonderful location and view!
NormalNoN/AGreat location! I would recommend this balcony to anyone. It was right by the elevators and stairs. Cruiseawaywithme
1069Solstice10CCPortBalconySmall amount of noise from neighborsGood View - No
NormalNoN/ARoom is near elevators but there was no noise at all from them - debordo
107010C1StarboardBathVery quiet.Unobstructed viewNormalNoNoGood cabin mid ship; would recommend it. -- basil 100
1070Eclipse10C1MidshipBathVery quiet.Great view in all directions.NormalNoNoGreat central location on the ship and very quiet at all times of the day and night, would aim for this location on future cruises! Tonyhodgson71
1070Equinox10C1StarboardBathMostly. It shares entry doors with 1068. Then slightly forward is a main crew door. In AM you may notice it if you are a light sleeper. Ear plugs worked for me, DH wasn't bothered.Midship no obstructions. Could see life-boats way below but not an issue.NormalNoN/AGood Cabin overall, I would take it again. Very stable location due to being midship. Equidistant either way to forward or main elevators Seahorse44
1071Eclipse10C1PortBathQuiet, not connectedNo obstructions, good view of bridge.NormalNoN/AStewards on this cruise always seemed to be hovering or opening door to get into room, even as early as 8.30am, unless do not disturb sign was put up. Not really big enough for four people and our teens complained sofa bed was uncomfortable, which is very unusual for them. Even though this cabin is approx 20sq ft bigger than our Brilliance one last year there just seemed to be less room to manouvre.
Wouldn't bother paying for Concierge Class again unless I wanted a specific location, some of the perks just don't exist or you have to ask daily by filling in a form for what you have paid for i.e. Canapes. Smoothies were yuckie. rool
1071Silhouette10C1PortBathEven though this cabin is right by the front elevators, noise was not a problemGood NormalNoNoVery convenient location, definitely would recommend..mystic51
1073Eclipse10C3Forward/PortBalconyOverall fine. Since it is close to elevators you could hear at times the ping of the elevator. Not a big issue.Nice view out and when you looked down you were above the open deck on 6. So no lifeboats roofs to look at directly below.Normal (2 chairs, 2 stools, table)Yes. We had strong winds for a few days and the balcony divider between 1073 & 1075 was banging. Even though it was locked and in place there is a gap that allowed it to rattle. NoVery close to elevators. As you open the door you can see the elevator banks. Very handy to be close to stairs and elevators. cruiseccl
1073Eclipse10C1Port (hump)BalconyNRBalcony View - GoodNormalNoNoVery little storage in any of these cabins, we thought the cabins with the beds near the bath seemed to have more room but this is just an impression as they are all the same size. Wardrobes are not quite full depth of normal robes and getting to your clothes in the wardrobes is a problem whichever way the room is laid out!!! Lyn Mc
1073Solstice10C1PortBalconyQuietNo Obstructions - Great ViewsNormalNoN/AGreat location, near stairs and elevator. Noticed on this Mediterranean cruise that port side rarely faced dock while in ports of call. scottish
1074Solstice10C1StarboardBathQuiet, non-connectingStandard viewNormalNoN/Aeddiethekub
1075Silhouette10C2Port, forwardBath We had VERY noisy neighbors (in 1077) and there is a door to the right side of the cabin belonging to a crew closet. See below. Beautiful - could see everything forward and aft including the bridge Largest balcony without being a suiteNoNoThis was not a connecting cabin and I swear our neighbors were deaf because they had their TV so loud and then would yell at each other over it. These inconsiderate people even had housekeeping come at 2:30am and vaccuum up what the front desk told me was a broken glass. I was woken up the first 3 nights by them. I have never had this problem on any other Celebrity cruise. It is probably no fault of the cabin but if you have loud neighbors you WILL hear them even though it is not connecting. Come to think of it I heard banging from all sides (up, down, and to the right too). The door to the right of the cabin I don't think was too much of a problem as most noise came from 1077, but we just heard noise all around in this cabin. I was annoyed since we try to get away from this on vacation -- we deal with it at home in our apartment. Also I noticed a LOT of salt on the balcony. This is probably due to the fact that she did a transatlantic before our cruise and we were the first leaving from Ft. Lauderdale for the season, but very salty. Also I noticed that because we were close to the crew closet, the rolling stateroom attendant cart was often times left in front of our door. This was annoying to me, but maybe not to others. I liked the location, layout, and balcony of this cabin, but the noise was very annoying to me. CruisingtheWaves
1075Solstice10C1PortBathQuietCannot see forward, not a problem Oversized, hugeNoN/AGreat cabin, close to forward elevators. teajak
107510C1PortBathVery QuietOutstanding ViewNoN/A
1076Eclipse10C2StarboardBalconyVery quietUnobstructed RegularNoNoNo issues - great location. cruise kipie
1077Eclipse10C2PortBalconyVery quietOn rear angle of hump, no forward view. Window washing basket parked in front of 1547/1549 on deck 11 and also in view from 1077, not a major obstruction but visible.OversizedNoNoClose to forward elevators/stairs. Close to library. Quite a bit of movement (and squeaking) in heavy seas. Piggeldy
1077Equinox10 C1PortBalconyWell located near forward elevators. Good view outwards and also towards aft - no forward view. Over hang above deck 11 re-stricted afternoon sun. Deck 12 support beam not an issue.Oversized for class with angled extension, sufficient room for 4 people to sit comfortably.No - sheltered from side wind. N/AAs concierge class, balcony had foot rests provided. Roygg
1077Eclipse10C1PortBalconyNot connecting; no noise issues at all. Cabin is on the backside of the forward bump. As a result, you have a great view out and aft, but not forward. This was not a problem for us. There are no obstructionsOversized by about 30-40%. This cabin is adjacent to 1075 which has the huge balcony, but the extra room is nice.NoN/AGreat cabin just off the forward elevators. There was no noise or any other issues. Would definitely book again. ILVet65
1081Reflection10C2Near forward elevatorsBalconyQuietOKOkNoNodaydreamer16
1081Solstice10C1PortBalconyQuietNo ObstructionsNormalNoN/AClose to forward elevators. patchit
1082Equinox10C1StarboardBathQuietExcellentNormal and adequateNoNoVery pleased, booked the same cabin for next year. brucedodge
108410C1StarboardN/ANot connecting -very quiet- crew door on one side (no noise)N/AN/AN/AN/ALoved it - very central location, no noise, great room steward - NLCAPER
1084Solstice10InsideStarboardN/ANo (see comments)N/AN/AN/AN/AThe cabin had a staff service area on one side. Starting at about 4am there was a ton of noise - clanging, moving stuff around, hammering, etc. etc. It woke us up almost every night. Very difficult to sleep at night! Dersar
1084Solstice10InsideStarboardN/ANO. The cabin had a staff service area on one side. Starting at about 4am
there was a ton of noise - clanging, moving stuff around, hammering,
etc. etc. It woke us up almost every night. Very difficult to sleep at
N/AN/AN/AN/ACabin had two chairs instead of couch. More square than other cabins we saw. Good layout.. I thought I had done a search when we booked this cruise and did not see any posts on this cabin. Just sailed on 3/4/2013 and it was Horrible. I sleep with ear plugs and hubby removes his 2 hearing aids at night. Never got to sleep past 4:30am even after complaining. It is very loud banging and clanging as they drive their carts over the door threshold into the service area. DO NOT BOOK THIS CABIN. chris7360
1086Solstice10C1StarboardBalconyQuietGreat view to right. At the start of the humpNormalNoN/ANice location, near elevator banks. Cruiseaholic u.k.
1087Equinox10C2Port, mid-forwaardBathVery quietExcellentNormalNoNoEnjoyed location - midway between elevators. Easy access to spa/theater/Sky Lounge forward, or mid-ship lounges. Balcony larger than Concierge on M-class. - noticed and appreciated the difference. Storage adequate for 2 "over packers" for 14 nights. Would book this cabin again. sealover155
1089Equinox10C2Port, midshipBalconySome noise heardGood viewNormalNoNoWe occasionally heard noise never lasted any more than a few seconds at a time, nothing to worry about. There is a ships company access door across the hall from Cabin 1085 which I think is where the noise came from. As you enter the room, the bed and the bathroom are on the left hand side wall. Good Location easy to get both sets of elevators (Forward and Aft) PENNST66
1090Solstice10C1StarboardBathQuietGreat ViewNormalNRNRLike beds at bath; easier to get into closet than next to closet. Great location mid ship; next to elevators. Cruiseaholic UK
1095Solstice10C1PortBathQuiet; not connectingNo obstructed view- lifeboats belowNormal NoNAGreat cabin- love the reclining chairs and foot stools ; night light in bathroom - Jeanine&Jim
1099Solstice10C1PortBathQuietVery good.StandardNoNoWe had pleanty of storage, bathroom was just big enough, room was between midship elevators and front elevators - Jerrysnj
1100Solstice10CSStarboardBathVery quiet, minor trim creak in living room but far less noise then other cabins we've been and nothing that would be a problem Wonderful unobstructed view forward, great view of bridge wing and could see forward to the bow. If you lean over balcony rail you can also see aft Suite is the first on forward hump angle furthest outside of hump. Balcony is huge maybe 15' deep x 20' and 10' deep on angle side. Had table with 4 chairs (2 more then STD) and 2 loungers with small table (1 extra lounger then STD) on balcony when we arrivedSee CommentsN/ASome minor buffeting when encountering strong headwinds but somewhat normal under those conditions. Had the opening balcony partition to the CS suite next to us break the locking latch during strong winds but it was repaired within an hour. Under normal wind conditions no problems at all. 52" flat panel TV in living room DOA on first day due to Apple controller located under left side of cabinet. This was replaced the first evening of cruise. It was easy to knock the handset off the phone located near the toilet in bathroom when using it. Balcony handrail, table and chairs were in need of sanding and refinishing of wood surfaces. Great suite and more then enough room and storage for two people. We loved the location on the hump near mid-ship elevators and just outside library. The view from the large balcony was incredible on the forward angle of hump. We don't normally book suites but got a good deal on this one and it may have spoiled us. Link to photos in Post 1066. XCruiser
1102Equinox10C2StarboardBalconyVery quiet cabin.Good view.Normal with foot restsNoN/ACabin close to everything. (Library, stairs, & elevators) - denims
1106Equinox10C1StarboardBalconyNo noise Very good, no obstructionsSlightly larger on one side because of being on the side of the hump. Chairs had footstools,No worse than anywhere on the ship, same with movement.No If we have a choice on another cruise, then would prefer bed next to the wardrobe/bathroom end, as it seems to make more room in the sitting area, then the coffee table wouldn't be in the way when moving between bed and bathroom. Close to elevators and the library, down to MDR and public lounges, shops and up to the Ocean View buffet resturant and pool and sun decks. We always walked down the four flights of stairs back to our cabin. Sometimes even walked up. Cabin stewards were OK. supered1
1106Silhouette10C2StarboardBalconyBasically a quiet room but late one night music from the TV was so loud we had to call guest relations to come and turn it off…no one in the room.NROn hump with slightly larger balcony with 2 lounge chairs, table and foot stools.NoNoGreat location near library and elevators. Limited storage with 3 drawers and over the bed bins. No drawers in night tbles, only shelves. Large bath with plenty of storage. NJ Gal
1108Eclipse10C1StarboardBalconyQuietGreat view3 x larger than normal but had a deep overhang – wasn’t much sun on this short trip so don’t know how much shade this would give when in sunnier climatesNot really NoAs others have said very little storage -Lyn Mc
110810C1StarboardBathQuietOn hump, fantastic viewOversized, at least twice as deepNoN/AWould prefer bed by balcony, viewed cabins set up that way, seemed easier to get into closet. Cabins need more drawer space. -- cruisekitty
111010CSStarboardBathQuiet; never heard neighbors. Some creaking noise in rough watersGreat view with no obstructions. Balcony glass was clear (No Celebrity X). Angled balcony but still had privacy from other balconies. LargeNoN/AGreat location close to elevators but very quiet. Wubulous 1
1110Solstice10CSStarboardBathVery quiet, minor trim creak in living room but far less noise then other cabins we've been and nothing that would be a problemWonderful unobstructed view forward, great view of bridge wing and could see forward to the bow. If you lean over balcony rail you can also see aftSuite is the first on forward hump angle furthest outside of hump. Balcony is huge maybe 15' deep x 20' and 10' deep on angle side. Had table with 4 chairs (2 more then STD) and 2 loungers with small table (1 extra lounger then STD) on balcony when we arrivedSee Comments 52" flat panel TV in living room DOA on first day due to Apple controller located under left side of cabinet. This was replaced the first evening of cruise. It was easy to knock the handset off the phone located near the toilet in bathroom when using it. Balcony handrail, table and chairs were in need of sanding and refinishing of wood surfaces. Some minor buffeting when encountering strong headwinds but somewhat normal under those conditions. Had the opening balcony partition to the CS suite next to us break the locking latch during strong winds but it was repaired within an hour. Under normal wind conditions no problems at all. Great suite and more then enough room and storage for two people. We loved the location on the hump near mid-ship elevators and just outside library. The view from the large balcony was incredible on the forward angle of hump. We don't normally book suites but got a good deal on this one and it may have spoiled us - XCruiser
1112Equinox10CSStarboardBathVery quietUnrestrictedLarge enough for a table w/ 2 chairs, a lounger, and a chaise; really nice.NoNoCelebrity Suite very nice and would highly recommend. Rain shower was awesome. Lots of storage. Sitting room was comfortable for us and our two teenage sons to relax in. I had wondered if the adjoining CS balcony might be better (larger plus being on the ‘angle’ of the hump looking forward) but our view was equally great and was much more private than being on the angle of the hump, so we preferred - 5020 trip.
1112Solstice10CSStarboardN/AVery QuietGreat View-UnobstructedNormalNoN/ACreaky a bit when the ship was being tossed about. A lovely suite --highly recommended. Convenient location (close to elevators -right across hall to library), felt very private, was quiet. Spacious -- nice "L" shaped sofa in living area - plenty of room to stretch out. Comfortable deck furniture. topsailgirl
1114Equinox10CSStarboardBathMostly quiet - some creaking noise from the day room when the ship was in moderate seasAwesome. Large enough for a lounge and table and two chairs.NoneNoneCabin is located on the hump right across from the library and aft elevators. No noise from these two areas what so ever. Swinden
1114Reflection10C2Midship, right before the humpBalconyQuietNRNice size, not suiteNoNoWe loved this cabin. Great location. We could go through the library to get to elevators and stairs. It has a passthrough to the room on the right but the door is up front near the room door and we never heard any activity. cfodonna
1114Solstice10CSStarboardBedroom between bath and sitting room then balconyVery quiet even though near elevators; occasional squeaking when traveling fastExcellent unobstructed viewNormalNoN/ABathroom with tub was very nice. Trooperal
1118Reflection10C2MidshipBalconyQuietNo issuesSlightly larger, as it leads to the humpNoNoNo problems at all. Great location, near elevators. Quiet. redjetz
1120Equinox10C2StarboardBalconyVery quiet. Lovely, no ob-structions. Could look at back of ship, but balcony overall was private and could not be seen from other balconies.Largest NoN/AIt was quiet, balcony was great, great location. This is a terrific cabin. I have balcony photos which I will send upon request. susanp
1120Eclipse10C2Starboard mid-ship BalconyVery quietWonderfulHuge, at least twice as large as normal & on an angle facing aftNoNoI thought it was a little crowded between the couch & closet, making it difficult to get to our hanging clothes. Loved the balcony! Great cabin, location is convenient to everything. We actually booked it again for our next cruise! 3girlsmom
1120Silhouette10C2StarboardBalconyVery quiet. I thought we would hear people in the hallways going back to their rooms. Great out and to the aftHUGE, Hump cabin with an oversized balcony. NoN/AGreat balcony, Have this cabin booked on our next cruise. Loved that it was so close to the elevators. There was at least once a day that while we were waiting for the elevator that we realized we forgot something in the room and it was such a breeze running back to the room. Aunu
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