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Abran Khalidindividualabrankhalid@gmail.comJoin SENSORICAI live in MontrealI am an electrical engineering student taking a break from studies.I strongly believe in democratization of capital and thus am interested in the funding aspect of projects.Use the lab under the FabLab ruleNot interested in working on my own project as yet although I have a few ideas that need validation before more work can be carried out on them.Tibi send email
Adrian Toader-Williamsindividualbio14c@gmail.comPossible collaborationa mix of all of the above perhapsOther...Tibi contacted Adrian, he is Romanian, tibi's contact from ResearchGate, another social network mostly used by Europeans
Alain Woutersindividualalainwouters@hotmail.comOtherYou asked for a PROPOSAL to replace "Marketing"... ?

I suggest "Fullfilling" or "Fullfillment".
As in: 'I work in the Fullfillment-department'
(ultimately, marketing aims at satisfying needs).

Best wishes & open to meaningful & fullfilling collaboration.
Alain Wouters
Brussels, Belgium
Tibi took this into consideration and thanked the guy by sending an emial.
Alejandro Imassorganizationalex@agrome.comPossible collaborationHi,

We are a tiny little Agri-Tech startup in Toronto and find that we share many common values with Sensorica.
We want to open source and collaborate with like-minded organizations but not sure exactly how...
We focus on urban agriculture and renewable energy from or as by-products of agriculture, and our goal is to create simple, inexpensive and open agricultural products that can be hacked and serviced by our users, using free and open source hardware and software and 3D printing.
Looking for mentoring in finding a path to open source our technology in a way to help and collaborate with others but without giving away our tech to competitors either.
I think you guys have somewhat figured out a model to do just that (that balances profit with commons) and we'd like to learn from you and perhaps collaborate somehow.
This is a good time for us to reach out since we are finishing the design and prototype of our first concrete product and we'd like to have our open source and IP strategy very clear before commercialization.
We think Sensorica is an excellent model to follow but honestly a little scared on our open sourcing and intellectual property strategy.
I am reaching out in the hopes you can share a bit more insight and help us craft our strategy in this regard.
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product , ManufacturingTibi contacted her.
Alexindividualo0o.moro.o0o@gmail.comPossible collaborationI have programming experience and would like to help develop code for the project. More specifically I think I can help write code for the arduino module.Adding a new feature to an existing product , OtherTibi sent email/invitation for a first Skype talk
alex briggsorganizationajhbriggs@gmail.comPossible collaborationI am building a methane digester and need a sensor/control system for it.

I know Tibi from years ago when i lived in Montreal and would love to collaborate, i admire your business model

I don't think the thing I need is all that complicated, but if i can pay someone in the short term to build it for me and have it work well i would much appreciate the saved time from figuring it out myself

It will need to read temperature, pH, alkalinity, and volatile acids and,

be capable of PID control over:
- a thermosiphon/hot water heater,
-buffer-chemical additions
-a regularly metered feedstock addition
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line Tibi contacted him
alex briggsindividualajhbriggs@gmail.comPossible collaborationI have developed a design for a methane composter that I think would both utilize sensorica's speciality as well as contributing greatly to the VOICE industrial ecology project

In need of more development is also a woodgas fuel cell, which I

I have a mechanical engineering degree from McGill university and decentralized energy and economy is my passion and focus, and I can present a compelling argument for why a woodgas fuel cell is the best practice energy source for the montreal (and wider eastern N.A.) bioregion

I've also been an activist for years and know of similar projects and networks across New England and New York

I'm also currently headed to MN and ND to the Indigenous Pipeline action camps out there, where i also have built personal relationships; and I would be very interested in trying to connect you-all with those dots

wishing well,
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's productsNot in MontrealTibi contacted her.
Alex Gagnonindividualgagnon.alex@gmail.comPossible collaborationHi. I first heard about SENSORICA a little over a year ago through The Next Edge Group on Facebook. I spent some time on the website reading up on the model of the value network and so on. I didn't think I could contribute in any way, but as time goes on, I realize I might be able to help somehow, even if only in a small way at first.

I have been learning to program as well as greatly improving my math skills. I cannot yet help on the programming and/or engineering side, but I do understand the science enough that I might be able to spread the word about SENSORICA and be able to vulgarize some of the technical aspects to a more mainstream audience.

My goal in the long-term is to become an engineer. I want to work in wireless communications. That's why I asked Tiberius on Facebook if there were learning opportunities. I'm still not sure how best I can be of service. I live on the South Shore of Montréal, about 40 minutes away by bus. I'd be willing to come visit at some point. Let me know if there are events open to the public where I could learn more about SENSORICA.
Communication and Marketing, OtherTibi replied
Alexanderindividualalxresearch@gmail.comPossible collaborationA Ph.D student, a molecular and systems biologist
Research on the development of early diagnostic biomarker devices for cardiovascular disease
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's productsTibi send email
Alexander Krylovindividualakrylov08@gmail.comPossible collaborationExploring and developing new applications, Developing a prototype, Manufacturing

Je vous contacte parce que j'ai vue sur votre site et votre chaîne youtube que vous travailler avec des imprimante 3d régulièrement.

Je suis dans le centre ville de Montreal a une quinzaine de minute de votre entreprise sur la rue cathcart.

J'ai aussi des machine 3D a ma disposition et je cherche a me départir d'une B9creator v1.1 avec le dernier update de installer la machine a très peux d'usure bien entretenue très propre toujours garder emballer quand il n'es pas utiliser

800heure +/-
1 cerveau moteur de rechange neuf
1 stepper moteur de rechange neuf
1 lampe de rechange neuf
3 bac de résine
et quelque pot de résine
Avec le dernier update qui la rend 10x plus rapide et le le système de roulement a bille linéaire.

Je ne demande pas nécessairement de l'argent pour la machine mais une échange peu être que vous avez une machine a extrusion que vous utiliser moins
j'aimerai changer de technologie et j'ai déjà une nouvelle machine de Fomlabs a résine

en conclusion j'aimerai vous proposer une échange ou si vous avez une offre monétaire peu importe.

Merci Beaucoup de votre patience

I live in MontrealJe suis un bijoutier qui travaille aussi avec l'imprimerie 3d
J'ai 11 and d'expérience dans le domaine
Tibi replied
Alexis Alonsoindividualalonfastus@gmail.comPossible collaborationMechanical engineering skillsExploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product Tibi contacted him.
Amanda Sorianoindividualhumanityamandas@gmail.comfollow up - accessibility inquiryHey,

Just following up as I didn't hear back from you, sorry to email you again. I noticed your page links to Unfortunately, that site isn't very accessible for the sight impaired. Would you consider adding a link to a more accessible version like which is WCAG 2.0 compatible?

Also, if you ever want to see how accessible a page is, I recommend It is really helpful.


Amanda S
OtherNot important [Tibi]
Amy Kirschnerorganizationamy.kirschner@gmail.comPossible collaborationSigning up as an observer! Keep up the good work!Communication and Marketing, Distribution, OtherNot in Montreal
Andi Setionoorganizationandisetiono@gmail.comGeneral inquiry about our sensorwe are doing research about weight sensor based on microbending of fiber optic. we are looking at the suitable kind of fiber to be used. we hope sensorica can help us... thank you.

Best Regards
Andi Setionoorganizationandisetiono@gmail.comGeneral inquiry about our sensorwe are doing research about weight sensor based on microbending of fiber optic. we are looking for the suitable kind of fiber to be used. we hope sensorica can help us... thank you.

Best Regards
Tibi sent message
Andréanne Dumont Houdeindividualandreannedumonthoude@gmail.comJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateI live in MontrealHi,
I am a part time ecology student and have previously studied psychology and geology. I have a great interest in urban agriculture, open source technology networks and community based projects. I would love to be involved and contribute in that sector.
Tibi contacted him.
ANDRESindividualatelier67@hotmail.comJoin SENSORICAI live in Montrealhi,, i live close by and i would like to become a member.. could you send me the details of membership to my email.( also i leave my blog so you can see some of my works.. cheers Andres.
Use the lab under the TechShop rulei already did,, see my blog to know a little bit more about myself.
Tibi send email
Andres Delgadoindividualdelgadito605@gmail.comJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateNot in MontrealA person looking for open value networks.Tibi sent message.
Andreu Gual Falcóorganizationag@citymart.comOtherI am writing to invite Sensorica to participate in the Cities Open Challenge by Ferrovial, a new call run by with Ferrovial Servicios and 7 Spanish Cities.
Ferrovial has announced an international call to invite organizations to propose their innovative solutions for seven different cities in Spain. La Coruña, Logroño, Malaga, Santander, Seville, Valencia, Vitoria.

On the basis of my research for this call, I believe that your organization’s work in the citizen participation field could be a good solution for this challenge; Engaging citizens in service delivery in cities.

The Cities Open Challenge by Ferrovial is a programme to open up city administration and services to businesses and entrepreneurs from all around the world delivering solutions that can transform and improve public services, create a more inclusive city, accelerate innovation and leverage public spending more effectively to deliver better services.

We hope you will get in touch as we think this could be a great business opportunity for your organization.

Kind regards,

Andreu is an online marketplace for cities, helping them to discover innovative solutions to meet their problems by providing a complete global catalogue of proven solutions.
Tibi contacted him.
Andreworganizationandrew@automicrofarm.comPossible collaborationI founded AutoMicroFarm; we're developing an open-source aquaponics system. I am really interested in the lab-on-a-chip sensor product as a way to monitor ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and other chemicals in the water.Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line Tibi gave "read" access to SENSORICA database and to the mailing list. 
Andy E. Williamsorganizationawilliams@nobeahfoundation.orgPossible collaborationHi,

As I believe we're working towards similar objectives I wanted to inquire about partnership opportunities. A quick summary of our approach is below: You're invited to join the conversation, and look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Andy Williams
Executive Director, Nobeah Foundation

Caring through innovation
OtherRadu sent email
angela collaborationProcess & experience designer, creative leadership facilitator ....
Check out my ministry of Possibility blog to explain my new world stuff at

Also I want to suggest another word instead of 'marketing' ie 'inspiring'

Hope to meet or talk with you guys sometime. What country are you in?
I am in Sydney Australia
All the best
Other...Tibi sent email.
Angela MurrellindividualAngela@lifeundercooked.comPossible collaborationQuick synopsis of what led to me contact you...

- watched a new economy
- went to your site on my phone
- had to switch to desktop mode
- noticed digital presentation of sensorica as a brand and it's offerings could be greatly improved upon with a better website
- realized that I can provide that service
- realized I have a project I am still fleshing out but in the future may want to do an interview featuring sensoricas founder Tiberius.

I am starting a project called life undercooked where I will interview average people for their rare stories (or rare people for their average stories). The aim is to be explicit about the value we put into what others share with us online and attempting to disrupt the scrolling behavior of high content consumers, urging them to reevaluate the quality and benefit of listening to someone's defining or unique moments.

I care less about my project (since it's still an infant) and more about giving sensorica the marketing help it needs to reach mobile/digital audiences better. If that sounds interesting, let's chat!

Communication and MarketingTibi contacted her.
Angelito de la Calzadaindividualangelito@delacalzada.namePossible collaborationMy background has been in IT software startups for 7 years (10+ yrs in IT). I started out as a coder and moved on to Implementation Officer, Services Manager, Business Analyst, and with my last contract hands-on work at all levels with a software start-up. Other skills include copyediting/writing. I am also an acquaintance of one of your members Jonathan Olesik, whom had suggested your organization to me. Help with administration and logistics, Communication and Marketing
Anita Parmarorganizationanita.parmar@mcgill.caPossible collaborationHi! I'm the Associate Director of a new space for purely exploratory endeavours at McGill University. I saw your company in the documentary A New Economy, and would love to talk more because we share many ideals (open source development + collaborative governance, in particular). Our website is:

Hope to hear from you! Would be great to give you a tour of our space.

OtherTibi contacted her.
Anthony BrasherOpt-In Governanceanthonydunn97202@gmail.comPossible collaborationThis message was moved by Tibi here and developing new applications, Other...This message was moved by Tibi here
Anthony Yuenindividualanthonyyuen1992@hotmail.comGeneral inquiry about SENSORICAHello Sensorica,

I learned about your organization at ecoHackMTL and wanted to visit. Is there a time I can visit during the weekends? I did not see any regular hours on the website. I'm particularly interested in the Garden Manager project I saw at the hackathon.

Anthony Yuen
Not in MontrealI am a University of Waterloo Computer Science student currently doing an internship in Montreal for the Fall 2014 semester. I am also an automation engineer at the UW Aquaponics team. I take an interest in technology and environmentalism.Use the lab under the TechShop ruleI don't plan to use the lab; I just want to make a visit.
In any case, I'm more of a hacker than a maker.
We are in contact
Anurag collaborationExploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , OtherTibi send email, also copied Bob and Lynn
Aron Pihtjõeindividualaron.pihtjoe@gmail.comPossible collaborationI love all the new technologies and see a pretty solid marketplace for good kickstarter products. I would like to participate with all my time and heart to help people find out better ways to distribute, market and enrich their products. Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Adding a new feature to an existing product , Help with administration and logistics, Communication and Marketing, Distribution, OtherTibi sent email
arshi chadhaindividualarshi_chdh@hotmail.comJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateNot in Montreali live in indiaTibi contacted him.
Arthur Schmittindividualarthur@ninjaflex.comPossible collaborationHello,
I saw Tiberus' TED talk and I found it really amazing. I understand you have build a tool to measure how much value is created by each contributor in a project, but I could only find your wiki explaining the Open Value Network.
I am working on a crowdsourcing website for opensource solutions, and I would be really interested in knowing if you have more information about it and if it is already possible to have access to this service.
Are you already assigning your projects' ressources through this system?
In case it's not already available I think I might be able to help with funding and sourcing more help to develop it, and eventually more of your projects.
I'll be looking forward to know more about you :)
Best regards,
PS: You can contact me to my email:
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product , ManufacturingTibi contacted him and copied Yasir, Francois and Jonathan, since this is a local contact with a local initiative.
Aurélien Cabanillasindividualaurelien_cabanillas@yahoo.frPossible collaborationHello ! Here are my skills :
- language : English and French (French citizen)
- programming : C, C++, C# all ok
My specialty is Artificial Intelligence (Master degree).
But I have difficulty understanding how your system works precisely. Maybe I'd be more comfortable starting with simple tasks like translation. I have a fair experience in translating between French and English for different websites (wikipedia,
I have experience in using trello.
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product , Help with administration and logistics, Communication and MarketingTibi contacted him
Ayo Olanrewajuorganizationayo.olan@gmail.comPossible collaborationHi everyone,
I am a PhD student at McGill University in Professor David Juncker's lab. I visited Sensorica with a colleague almost 3 years ago and received some help with your 3D printer.
I would like to invite you to give a lightning (10-min) talk at an upcoming Mozilla Science event (some initial details available here:
Warm regards,
Ayo Olanrewaju | Biomedical Engineering PhD Candidate | McGill University |*** Summary ***
What: Montréal Open & Reproducible Science Meetup, OPEN SCIENCE SHOW + TELL
The Mozilla Science Lab is coming to Montreal and pairing up with a student group at McGill committed to Open Research to bring the open science community together in Montreal! We'll welcome members of Mozilla's Open Leaders. Some more info on other people and projects involved:
When:Friday March 10, 2017
Where:Notman House, 51 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC (map)
Communication and MarketingTibi contacted him.
Bart Borekindividualbartromo@gmail.comPossible collaborationGreetings,

My name is Bart Borek. I am interested in contributing to Sensorica. I believe that I can make myself useful by exploring and developing new applications for products, or expanding Sensorica's product line.

I have recently received my Ph.D. in Physiology (bioinformatics option) at McGill University in the lab of Alvin Shrier and Leon Glass and I am looking to continue in biological research. During my graduate studies I developed a method to engineer cardiac cell culture that exhibit robust dominant pacemaker wave dynamics. The behaviour of this experimental preparation is sensitive (and insensitive) to certain perturbations, such as ion-channel blocking drugs. Some of these have initiated complex reentrant waves in the dominant pacemaker preparation. This preparation (and one other in our lab) can thus be viewed as a biosensor for drugs relevant to the initiation of cardiac arrhythmias (although there are many caveats to making any clinical claims from it). I have documented some of this work in my doctoral thesis and in a manuscript which should appear in the September issue of Chaos (which I am happy to share if you are interested). I am very interested in sharing and developing this type of system and potentially adding it to Sensorica's product line.

I have also been learning more about the force/displacement sensors developed by Sensorica and would be interested in contributing to these projects. I believe I can contribute to the testing and development of these products.

In terms of testing in a physiological setting, I would be interested in using these products to measure contractile force in cardiac cell culture (like the one described above). I remember you saying that Sensorica have an ongoing collaboration with the lab of Philippe Comtois, and think that I could potentially work with them on these types of tests. I know that my past supervisors have not worked well with the Comtois group, but I personally have a lot of respect for Philippe and his student, James Duverger, and would be happy to work with them now that I am no longer under doctoral supervision. Is this a viable option from your perspective? If so, then I would be glad to contact Philippe with a message similar to this one.

In terms of testing and development in a theoretical or computational setting, I can offer my expertise in coding (C/C++, Matlab, R, some LabVIEW, Mathematica, Maple, and others which are likely less relevant) and mathematical analysis (especially in dynamical systems and some statistics) to assist with ongoing and future projects. In case it may be of use, I also have wet lab experience in biochemical techniques, dissection, cell culture, electronics, machining, and micro/macroscopic imaging. I am also happy to learn more and contribute to office work, web infrastructure and funding.

Please email me at if you think there is potential for working together, or if you have any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you.Thanks for your time and consideration.


Bart Borek
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product I live in Montreal
Benoit Debaqueorganizationbenoit.debaque@espace-lab.orgGeneral inquiry about SENSORICABonjour,
je serai intéressé à en apprendre plus sur votre modèle d'affaire et vos ambitions.

Nous sommes

Au plaisir de vous parler,
Benoit Debaque
Not in MontrealNous sommes un FabLab (MIT) dans la ville de Québec.Tibi contacted him
Bernand-Mantelorganizationmbm@share.coopPossible collaborationWe develop a open source cooperative platform and are looking for a community governance
Help with administration and logistics, Communication and Marketing, DistributionTibi sent email
Bernard Decockindividualdecockbernard@skynet.beOtherOn behalf of the software. For image-processing-purposes, OpenCV is a good open-source framework for image-processing and is very fast (C++-code)
Betty Limindividualcrowdpowers@gmail.comRequest to interview Tiberius BrastaviceanuDear Tiberius Greetings from Singapore. (I FBed you last week) I am working on a book about the future of money in the shift to the Age of We (essentially about social movements) and would like to request a Skype interview. About Age of We: Backgrounder to book As an empath, I need people to be happy and I have long observed that too many people globally are not aware of alternatives for a happier and more trusting world. All in, I anticipate interviewing about 20 people for the book. I see this as my gift to the world but may also do a crowdfunding campaign to benefit people. Social movements will likely include Cooperatives, Commons, Community currencies, Gift economy, P2P, Platform coops, Time banking So far, I have interviewed Enric Duran, Michel Bauwens, John Restakis, Michael Linton, Matthew Slater, Chong Kee Tan, Chris Agnos and Kate Macdonald. Upcoming interviews will be with Arthur Brook, Stephanie Rearick, La Scuola Open Source and others I'm in the process of scheduling. If agreeable, I'll send you the interview questions (will need your email address, please). I will transcribe our chat and email that back to you. You're free to adjust that as I'll work on the manuscript based on the final agreed upon transcript. Target release is Christmastime but that will depend on progress and how things evolve. I hope this resonates and I very much look forward to hearing back from you but if I do not hear back from you by Jun 25, I shall assume you’re not interested. All the bestest with everything you’re doing. Warm regards. Betty Lim; CrowdPowers Pte Ltd; (A "For us" maximizing branding social venture); M 65 8128 2266; E; W “Each of us has the perfect gift to give the world. It’s what we were born with ... if we are able to each give what’s so uniquely ours - won’t we be able to create magic for and with each other?”
OtherNot in MontrealTibi sent email
Bill Hertzbergindividualwilliam@inventionranch.comPossible collaborationDo you have plans for a second IMPACT CONFERENCE? If so, when?OtherTibi contacted her.
Billy Carmenorganizationbilly@wizind.comOffers of products or servicesNot in Montrealwizind.comWe own the patent and tooling to produce the Surgical Instrument Detector seen at

We'd like to discuss a partnership with Sensrica.
Tibi contacted him.
Bing Huangindividualbing@iname.comPossible collaborationBackground in chemical engineering and software development.

Interested in biomedical electronics and application of microcontrollers.
OtherTibi contacted him
Bob Haugenindividualbob.haugen@gmail.comPossible collaborationHelp with tools for economic analysis of value networks, as requested on your Dashboard.
OtherNot in MontrealTibi sent email
Brad Dudenhofferindividualurbanace@gmail.comPossible collaborationHello. This message is for Tiberius Brastaviceanu in response to the call for collaborators for 3D printing microfluidic devices.
My name is Brad Dudenhoffer. I am a research chemist, am one of the developers of the Public Lab cellphone spectrometer (the latest version can be seen at, have constructed two 3d printers (one FDM and one UV laser polymerization), and am also an avid open science supporter.
I have some limited experience with small scale lab-on-a-chip design but am unable to discuss the specifics as that work was completed for my current employer.
I am currently redesigning the cellphone spectrometer to make it much smaller and more accessory friendly. I would love to be able to add a lab-on-a-chip holder which can be read by the device. I am also interested in developing new technologies which could make expensive tests and equipment obsolete.
I look forward to your response and seeing how this project develops.
Thank you for your time,
Brad Dudenhoffer
Expanding our product line Tibi replied and copied SENSORICA
Brandy Hornindividualkycryptoinvestor@gmail.comPossible collaborationI know all Microsoft software programs, Word, Excel, etc., like the back of my hand, as well as all of Goggle's software. I've worked on dozens of POS programs. I also have 15+ years of experience in accounting. I can do all taxes; sales tax, quarterlies, yearly, IFTA taxes, etc., and payroll. I was an owner and CFO/Operations Manager of a transportation corporation and did all bookkeeping, accounting, including the massive amount of paperwork required by the FMCSA and the DOT to comply with their regulations. I know how to audit logs, determine exact speed, best fuel milage, etc. I bid on new contracts, with approval of all owners, I dispatched the loads, fulfilled all contracts without ever missing or being late on any loads, and basically I was the face of the company. I'm a people person, so I also enjoy Marketing. Anything dealing with distribution and logistics, I am an expert at. I've worked online in Marketing, Alt Coins, and Bitcoins since 2012. I'm currently trading with FGC in Hong Kong, but, that doesn't fill perhaps one hour per day, and it's driving me crazy sorting through all the junk and scams online for work. I want to make a difference.
I multi-task well, and like to work. If I could work 7 days a week I would, simply because I enjoy working, especially on new, innovative projects, with the potential to change everything for the better. I enjoy collaborating with others and expanding on ideas from other team members. I also work well independently.
I am a backer and a firm believer in the Blockchain, Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. We have a chance, right here and now, to change the entire world! There has never been a time in history that an average person (the working poor and my favorite term used by the rich and politicians the "Middle Class"; which does not exist anymore) can use merely pennies and within a month or two, profit hundreds, even thousands, of dollars!
This is our chance to make a better world for everyone. We have a new Global Economy, ushered in by the spread of the Internet, and it is up to us, every single average user, to be sure we don't mess it up this time. We need to learn from mistakes made in the past; every person, from every corner of the globe should have a voice, too many regulations and fees discourage people, don't be greedy, there's plenty enough money for everyone to start actually living life, instead of, literally, working themselves to death, create JOBS so people can have their dignities back, teach people that don't know the new technology. From what I just said right there, I can think of a dozen new technological projects off the top of my head, to help accomplish these goals. Yes, I am passionate about this, but it's only because I can see how much better we can make peoples' lives.
I would love to help with this project and believe I would be an asset on your team. I studied four years of French and the more I read it, the more it comes back to me. I do hope to hear back from you and appreciate your time.
Brandy Horn, KYCryptoInvestor,, +1 (606) 975-3555
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product , Help with administration and logistics, Communication and Marketing, Distribution, OtherTibi contacted him.
Brent Shambaughindividualbrent.shambaugh@gmail.comGeneral inquiry about our organizationHello Sensoricans,
I am very interested in your project and would like to know where I could find out more or plug in. Thanks, Brent
Tibi answered, see mailing list
Brian Powellindividualbepowell75@yahoo.comPossible collaborationI would like information about and help in setting up an OVN called i1P2P (Impact-First Peer-to-Peer). i1P2P's vision is to provide the world's 500 million smallholder farmers with the resources they want, when and where they want them, in a format they can use. It is a P2P lending site for micro-loans (average $230), market linkages, information sharing and anything else smallholder farmers need. In addition to the OVN business model, I also need help developing and implementing an algorithm to distribute 100% of metadata revenue generated by this site to the end users (farmers) in the form of phone credit to offset their cost of using the platform. The revenue distributed to members of the OVN will come from a $1 fee charged to lenders to make a loan. The initial market will be Myanmar, where smartphones have adequate market penetration and the World Bank estimates micro-credit demand at $1 billion and supply at $238 million. Please let me know if you would like to help, or know someone else that might, or where I can go for more information. Just so you know, I don’t code and have virtually zero tech skills in general, so please use little words.

OtherTibi sent email
Brian Powellindividualbepowell75@yahoo.comJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateNot in MontrealI am currently living in Yangon, Myanmar. My house is in Graysville, Tennessee, but I'm only there in July each year. I am developing a business plan to achieve the following MTP:

Provide the world's 500 million smallholder farmers with the resources they need to double their farm's net income and increase the world's usable food supply by 50% through P2P lending, trading and information sharing via a worldwide community of people interacting on an open value network's mobile app platform which fairly and profitably rewards its members for their contribution to improving the future of humanity.
Tibi sent email
Bruyantorganizationnicolas.bruyant@lncmi.cnrs.frPossible collaborationHi,
I'm very interested in your XYZ piezo positioner.
My application is micro-Photo-Luminescence
under high magnetic field and low temperature.
I'm very interested in your open hardware strategy,
I'm the instrumentation team leader of the french high magnetic field laboratory.
I use Labview and Python for instrumentation,
In my team, i can also involve in the collaboration of an optics technician and an eletronics engineer.
In the lab we habe a mechanical workshop with CNC and a good knowledge of small pastic parts machining.
I'll try to understand you needs and you value system and i hope we could find some time to talk a bit soon.
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, OtherTibi contacted him back*1_Nicolas_Bruyant_*1_*1_*1_*1_*2_*1_Y_*1_*1_*1_false_1_R_*1_*51_*1_*51_true_*1_fr%3A0_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2&pvs=ps&trk=pp_profile_name_link
Bryan Hugillorganizationbryan@raitongorganicsfarm.comPossible collaborationExploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Communication and Marketing, DistributionTibi sent message.
Camille O'Byrneorganizationcamille.obyrne@cetab.orgPossible collaborationHi,

We at CETAB+ work with organic market gardeners: our agronomists provide them with technical advice and lead research projects on their farms. We have identified an important issue that could be adressed through the developpement of a decision-aiding tool. Market gardeners often find it difficult to know when and how to irrigate. Your optical soil moisture sensor could be a part of the solution. Would you be interested in working on it with us?
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's productsTibi sent email
CANTINindividualcantinfrederic@gmail.comPossible collaborationHi,
I've got a 7 years experienced in designing analog microchip, and then 5 years in designing prototypes of microfuel cells and energy harvesting systems using micro batteries.
Moreover, I am involved in a Arduino based project in Montreal's fablab and I really start to enjoy collaborative work and free licence projects.
So I'd like to know if I can be of some help in your structure.
Frederic CANTIN 438 989 5324
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product We've met at the lab already
Carlo Roosenindividualmail@carloroosen.nlPossible collaborationHi there, I am very excited reading about your organization. I would like to contribute in helping the 'open enterprise' format become successful. I am an enterpreneur / webdeveloper with a background in Industrial Engeneering.

Regards, Carlo
Communication and Marketing, OtherTibi sent email.
carlos martinezorganizationcarlos.martinez@innovation-teamworks.comPossible collaborationFounded Innovation Teamworks LLC with very much the same vision of Sensorica. We are presently only two engineers working on Innovation Teamworks. Low cost Sun tracker for Solar Panels is fully operational and available (open source). Presently working on a. Robotic hand for which participation could be of great value.
Additional RFID project and NVIDIA GPU based robotics.
Please please provide guidance and information on how to contribute.
Innovation Teamworks is located in El Paso TX border city to Ciudad Juarez Mexico with access to manufacturing plants.

Carlos Martinez
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , ManufacturingNot in MontrealTibi contacted her.
Carmoorganizationcarmo@myminifactory.comPossible collaborationCarmo here from MyMiniFactory. I notice you're sharing your designs on Thingiverse and I really love them. I was wondering if you shared them on any other platforms and if you had considered sharing them with our 3D printing community? We have 10s of thousands of users that I'm sure would love your work - no pressure, I just wanted to ask. Let me know when you get a chance!

Have a good day!
OtherTibi replied
Carolyn Suggateorganizationcarolyn.suggate@gmail.comPossible collaborationWe are working on a collaborative project in organic sector, in Agriculture and Investment. Interested in a platform cooperative ... Michel Bauers passed your details on.

OtherTibi sent email
Carrie Nortonindividualcarrienorton@gmail.commodel replication/borrowing in another communityHi-I'm inspired by what I learned from the New Economy documentary. I'm setting up an entrepreneurial network in a community in California's Central Valley to foster and model a regenerative economy through entrepreneurship. I'm trying to capture the most forward looking models for value creation and asset building, and I'm inspired by your model. I'm not sure what pieces might be transposed, so that's what I'm eager to discuss. Thanks in advance. CarrieOtherTibi contacted her
Catalin Cotunaindividualcatalincotuna@yahoo.comPossible collaborationHello
My name is Catalin Cotuna I am from Romania, I work in a cogeneration plant from Barlad jud. Vaslui, I have a degree of Electrical engineering, and I have computer skills- programing . I hope I coud help.
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product , Manufacturing, Help with administration and logistics, Communication and Marketing, DistributionTibi sent email
Ceeebassindividualvesperknight@gmail.comJoin SENSORICAI live in MontrealaaaUse the lab under the FabLab ruleaaaLai's friend, Tibi sent email
Cetin Cetinkayaindividualpharmacoustics@gmail.comJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateNot in MontrealI am a professor of mechanical engineering at Clarkson University. We are about two hours away from Montreal. I like the vision of Sensorica. I am interested in getting involved more applied projects (than my research projects). See the link below for more info about me
Tibi contacted him
Chalu Kimindividualchalu@egenius.comPossible collaborationI started an open source service company in New York. I got involved developers and clients and love the work. I like to get involved in this work again.Help with administration and logistics, Communication and MarketingTibi contacted him.
Charleen Kotiugaorganizationcharleen.kotiuga@gmail.comPossible collaborationHi ! I am the farm manager at Monad, an urban farm in Montreal that produces microgreens and sprouts. We're looking to automate our system, and I was told about you guys from JAM (Justice Alimentaire Montreal). I see from your website that you build custom agricultural monitoring systems, and think that we could join forces to make a marketable automated microgreens system. Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's productsTibi sent email
Charles Eubanksorganizationcharles.eubanks@twodventures.comJoin as affiliate/ possible collaborationI apply design thinking methods to complicated problems in order to un-suck things, services, experiences, etc.

I am currently working on a project to use sensing technologies to try to facilitate reuse of certain products and items, by reducing information asymmetries for potential down-stream users.
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product , Help with administration and logistics, Communication and Marketing, OtherNot in MontrealTibi contacted him.
Chas Murilloorganizationcsmurill@mtu.eduPossible collaborationI am part of Michigan Tech's Open Source Hardware Enterprise. My project is called Green Home. I wanted to create an open source hydroponics system and create a device to control the system as well as collect data on different plants for a kit. I am leading this project as a senior design capstone project and would be interested in collaborating with you as part of my project.Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Adding a new feature to an existing product , OtherTibi sent email.
Chiali Tsaiindividualinfo@chialitsai.comJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateI live in MontrealI'm a designer, mainly focus on user experience, but also as full-stack and motion designer. I want to participate in sensorica so I can expend my skills onto interesting projects.Tibi contacted him
Chris Herbertorganizationsiliconhalton.comGeneral inquiry about SENSORICAI'm one of the cofounders of Silicon Halton and would like to explore how our orgs can work together. I learned about Sensorica via the documentary: A New Economy.

My mobile is 905.616.8537 and you can use this email address:
Not in MontrealBig fan of building communities that have positive impact on change and the lives of others and one's self.Tibi contacted her.
Chris Troutnerindividualchris.troutner@gmail.comJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateNot in MontrealI'm a website developer and JavaScript expert. I'd like to wrap my head around the whole OVN idea by jumping in with both feet. I'd love to help Sensorica with their website and any needed UI projects to make Sensorica and the OVN software easier to use and more approachable.

You can view my professional portfolio at
Tibi send email
Christophe PAROTindividualcannecy@free.frJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateNot in MontrealI have been working 5 years on a photovoltaic car shelter company in France; I teach agronomy in an agricultural school untill september 1st 2016. I would like to develop 2 new projects with Sensorica.
I am volunteering for the Duniter project, an opensource software to produce free currency.
tibi asked for a gmail
Chuck Seegert PhDindividuallimitcycling_redstorm@yahoo.comGeneral inquiry about SENSORICAHello Sensorica team, I saw a show last night on Netflix title: "A New Economy" and you were featured prominently. After watching and learning a little about your mission I wanted to contact you and get more information with the intention of possible collaboration, or membership.

A little about myself: I am a PhD Biomedical Engineer with specialty in the materials engineering of polymers. After graduation I entered industry and worked for ~15 years in product development of medical devices. In the course of my duties I led projects and teams launching over 100 products domestically and in the European theater. Before I broke with the corporate world I was a divisional level manager for 3 depts. or engineers.

I have extensive experience in all aspects of product development, including design for manufacture, as one role I held allowed me to design manufacturing lines and eventually launch them in either Mexico, or China.

The reasons I chose to leave industry are similar to the philosophies that the Sensorica team espoused in the movie. One of my goals has always been to develop products or ideas that are meaningful and useful, but not always driven by economics, or the profit margin.

Crowd funding and grant funding is an interest of mine and I have been looking for like minded people to work with.

You can check out my profile on Linked in here:

You may also Google Chuck Seegert PhD and get results.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Not in MontrealAs I mentioned in the previous page, I am PhD level Biomedical Engineer with significant experience (>15 yrs) performing product development. I have launched over 100 products in the medical device space and would like to find people who share similar views to work with.

Since I left industry I have been working as a telecommuter to make a living. Part of that was writing articles for MedDevice Online.

Tibi contacted him.
claude saint-jarreindividualstjh@videotron.caGeneral inquiry about our products and servicesBonjour. Suis intéressé à wikicar, wiki house, shareable city. ( il y en a ici?) J'ai communiqué avec Michel Bauwens. Je suis en réorientation, ai 65 ans, maîtrise en service social. Suis positif, aime Buckminster Fulller, Gunter Pauli de l'économie bleue. Demeure a`Boucherville, aime la participation citoyenne, la politique de quartier.I live in Montrealje l'ai déjà faitTibi is on it...
CLIFFORD FURCALLindividualCFurcall@gmail.comPossible collaborationI have nearly 40 yrs experience as a new product design engineer, specializing in power supplies, batteries, chargers and inverters. I have been looking for a collaborative group for some time. Small problem - I live in New York on Long Island (but I grew up outside Montreal) and visit regularly. Any opportunities for remote collaboration? Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line Not in MontrealTibi contacted him
Clifton Hartsuffindividualhartsuff1@gmail.comGeneral inquiry about our organizationI would like to join Sensorica and contribute to the VAS. Tibi contacted him, see sensorica gemenral email and search for name.
Colin Brosseauindividualcolin@erzatz.infoJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateI live in MontrealHi,

I'm a physicist and a specialist in optical spectroscopy and optic system designing. I'm in charge of an research lab at Universite de Montreal where I maintain lasers, spectrometers, detectors, etc. I'd like to contribute by designing scientific instruments using photonics. Do you think there this kind of device could be nice for Sensorica?


Colin Brosseau
Tibi sent email
Cory Hornerindividualcory.horner@gmail.comJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateNot in MontrealI'm very interested in what you are doing and hope to help it thrive. I've been scheming on alternative co-operative business models for years and am hoping to learn from your experiences and build on them.

I'm 36, and live in Victoria BC. I was educated as an electrical engineer, but ended up as a software developer (GIS, then mostly web backends). While I do plan to get back into hardware, my current focus is organizational: infrastructure development, logistics, and growth.

I'm employed full time, so don't expect a lot from me right now -- but I am trying to transition to part time so I can invest serious time in my projects.

Tibi contacted him.
Dan Rodgersindividualdanrodgers@wsu.eduGeneral inquiry about our products and servicesI'm in the market for a system to quantify isometric force transduction of single muscle fibers and found your Mosquito system. I'm a bit confused with the website, however, and I'm not sure if you even sell the system or if it even exists. Do you sell these systems or do you help people build their own? If the former, can I get a price quote and some more product information? Francois took this, he sent email, Tibi is also following the case
Daniel McLellanindividualdaniel.mclellan@gmail.comPossible collaborationI am interested in observing your community in the hopes of gleaning knowledge.Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Manufacturing, Help with administration and logisticsTibi replied
Daniele Kielmanowiczorganizationdaniele.kielmanowicz@lgi-consulting.comInterview requestDear Sensorica friends,

I’m writing to you on behalf of the European project FoTRRIS, which aims to foster a transition of the existing Research & Innovation (R&I) system to a Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) system. FoTRRIS’s objective is to offer efficient and effective methods for researchers, citizens, businesses and policy-makers to solve ‘glocal’ challenges in a collaborative RRI (CO-RRI) way.

We are currently exploring different way of valorisation and funding CO-RRI projects. Given your experience with Sensorica, I would like to know if someone from your team would accept to participate in a short phone-interview in the following weeks before Christmas.

Please let me know if you would like to contribute to FoTRRIS project. And don’t hesitate to let me know in case of questions.

Kind regards,

Communication and Marketing, OtherTibi contacted her.
Danielle Lanyardindividualdanielle@bigdeepdigital.comPossible collaborationGood afternoon and happy eclipse day!

My name is Danielle Lanyard. I'm writing to you to introduce myself to you, because I am working on a new research and action travel trip to document Commons-based and Peer to Peer projects. This project grew out of a conversation with Michel Bauwens, the founder of the Peer to Peer Foundation, the core partner with which I'm doing this work. The plan is to identify thriving Commons & Peer to Peer orgs and document them by traveling to these places throughout 2018 and using peer to peer methods to both support these ventures and to resource my travel to them. Then, I will write a book about it, and this world beyond capitalism that can work for us all. Once I can contact with folks like you and formulate win win relationships and synergies, I can formalize the itinerary and launch a website for the project.

Each chapter of the book will profile a different organization, and I hope to include Sensorica in this group. Please let me know how I may connect with your organization to discuss this further.

Thank you kindly,

OtherTibi contacted him.
Dannielle Dysonindividualdannielledyson@gmail.comVerdun projectI have a personal and professional interest in Makerspace/FabLab culture. I spearheaded the founding of Montreal Maker Faire, and currently work developing coding workshops for kids at Kids Code Jeunesse.Help with administration and logisticsTibi contacted him
Danny Spitzbergindividualdanny@peakagency.coJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateNot in MontrealI'm a sociologist who lived in Montreal for many years (my apartment façade was featured in an STM ad campaign : ). Now, I live in Oakland, California and work with the P2P Foundation building a platform for community spaces to make it easy for people to participate, by making their activities and projects visible in a real-time and interactive collage.Tibi sent email
DavidorganizationECGfinancial@gmail.comPossible collaborationNew product recent patent moving toward prototypeExpanding our product line Tibi contacted him.
David Drysdaleorganizationeditor@whatify.orgMediaOur online magazine is Whatify (Innovation; Collaboration; Change) and we're interested in any articles you may wish to contribute about your organisation and product/service. You can email me for further info if interested.
Best regards
Tibi contacted the guy
David Handindividualsqykly@gmail.comJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateNot in MontrealI was introduced to Sensorica by the documentary "A New Economy" just yesterday and I knew immediately that I wanted to get on board. I am sure you are hearing a lot of this, but the origins of the company and its mission resonated deeply with me, as I was also rocked by the impact of the 2008 events during my first job out of university. To be totally honest and straightforward, I dropped out of what I am eager to call the last-gen economy at that time, shaken by its inhumanity and instability, so I am not going to be supporting my viability as a part of Sensorica with a long corporate resume. Rather, what I can tell you is that I have spent that period doing two things: supporting family members with extraordinary needs with my time, and pursuing the mastery of my present trade, computer software development, with a passion. I wrote my "hello world" in BASIC on an Apple II in 1996, and I have never stopped expanding my technical repertoire since. You can sample some of my work and expertise on my stackexchange profile ( (and feel free to use any code you come across) - I am fluent in JavaScript/ES7 and related technologies like Node.js and HTML5, as well as various forms of C, assembly languages, and Basic. I have certified capability in python, and have used ruby informally. I would be extremely pleased to use any of these skills to contribute to Sensorica; I am particularly interested in blockchain technology development and the economically high-impact projects, but I have a diverse background including the hard sciences (a BS in biochemistry, a summer at a behavioral neuroscience lab, and a year at an analytical chemistry lab) and reverse engineering, which may make me useful in other arms of the company. The most important fact is that my interests and ambitions align perfectly with Sensorica's, so I am just asking to be pointed at a project that needs these abilities, and I will put everything I know into it. Thanks for the consideration, and a most sincere cheers on creating the next-gen economy.Tibi contacted her.
David Whiddonindividualwedgetaileagle@yahoo.comPossible collaborationHello, I'm David, from Australia. I am a 3D artist and an enthusiast of all things that fly. I design, build and fly my ow RC planes and I have a couple of multirotors, I fly line of sight and FPV (First Person View).

I'd like to offer my assistance with your drone projects. And potentially work on 3d printed planes.

Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's productsTibi sent email.
Delton Chenindividualdelton.b.chen@gmail.comPossible collaborationHello,
I am very interested to learn more about opportunities for paid equity-based outreach worl for Sensorica.
I heard about this opportunity from The Citizens Media collective.

Thank you,
Communication and MarketingTibi send email
Denis Castillouxindividualinfo@deniscastilloux.comPossible collaborationLe message est pour Kevin, suite au Meetup de vendredi dernier, j'aimerais beaucoup continuez la discussion à propos des café internet, j'ai aussi quelque questions pour "Tibi", Donc quand le temps vous sembleras favorable, J'aimerais qu'on puisse se rencontré.

Merci et A+

Denis Castilloux
OtherI live in Montrealwe are in contact
Dhenainorganizationdhenains@gmail.comPossible collaborationHello,
I am the publishing director of the Web portal which analyses the integration of communities in enterprises.
For our readers (30 000), we are writing a book about communities, which will be available in bookshops.
The first part of this book consists of case studies, with interviews explaining sharply the issues about placing a community in one's value chain and business model.
I have discovered your enterprise and the way your members get involved in a community. I think it could be interesting for you to be included in the guidebook, to increase your visibility.
Since we want to avoid to waste your time, we can send you a questionnaire.
Would you accept to share your experience ?
I am at your disposal,
Edouard Dhenain
Publishing director
Les Nouvelles Organisations
+33 6 08 23 68 86
Communication and MarketingTibi sent email
Diana Mecaindividualdiana.meca@mail.mcgill.caPossible collaborationI am a third year electrical engineering student at McGill, particularly interested in energy efficiency and systems. I strongly identify with your mission statement and values, and would love to participate in the development or expansion of Sensorica.

My question would be: are there any orientation/presentation sessions for people who are interested in the company but are unsure of where to begin?

Expanding our product line , ManufacturingI live in MontrealTibi sent email.
Diogo Friggoorganizationdiogofriggobr@gmail.comPossible collaborationI'm an undergradute in engineering from Brazil at UFRGS ( I work as an intern at my university's Technologic Academic Centre where we work with free and open hardware to build products like board printers, 3D printers, arduino-based devices. We feel that your approach to building scientific instruments and what it means to science itself and economics is in much agreement to what we think ourselves. Said that, we'd like to reproduce an instrument of sensorica as a sort of proof that an open project, well documented, can be assembled from anywhere by completely outsiders. We also would be interested in contributing to existing projects and perhaps in the future adopt your entire business model. If this is something that you guys would be interested please contact me.Manufacturing, OtherTibi sent email and created account
Dominic Bellinoindividualdjbellino@fastmail.fmGeneral inquiry about our sensorWould it be possible to learn more about your sensor? I am with a small start up company (no web site yet), and also work with another (small) medical device company (Konigsberg Instruments, Pasadena, CA).

We are primarily interested in force and pressure sensing technology, for a variety of medical applications (I've been involved with medical force and pressure sensing applications for more than 20 years. (Konigsberg more than 30 years.)

Well, it depends for the most part on what the sensor can do...I don't think I fully understand what it can measure (but it looks very impressive)...very impressive. (wrote that 2x on purpose. ).For exploring and developing new applications, For developing a prototype, For manufacturing , For distribution of the sensor, Other (fill the space below)
Dominic Bellinoindividualdjbellino@fastmail.fmGeneral inquiry about our sensorForgot to provide my contact info...
Sorry to do this twice...
For exploring and developing new applications, For developing a prototype, For manufacturing , For distribution of the sensor, Other (fill the space below)First message from Dominic Bellinom now member of SENSORICA
Doug Prestonindividualdgprstn@outlook.comJoin SENSORICA as an affiliateNot in MontrealWeb and IoT Application Programmer
3D Printing Enthusiast
Tibi contacted him.
Dr Lonny James Ericksonorganizationlonny_erickson@yahoo.comPossible collaborationHello, I attented the innovtech conference on April 11-12 in Québec City and had the opportunity to meet Mr. Tiberius Brastaviceanu and attend his presentation. I specialize in knowledge transfer, health technology analysis and economic evaluation (including Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis). I would like to apply your model to health related innovations and applications.

Please explain the process to begin to contribute online, as I mentioned to Tiberius I would like to eventually visit your Montreal office, ideally for a seminar, and further discuss opportunities in person after I have had a chance to explore your site in more detail and learn more about your company and approach.

Lonny James Erickson, PhD,ATP,DSSC
ERICKSON Consulting
Montréal, Québec
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product , Help with administration and logistics, Communication and Marketing, Distribution, OtherTibi sent email.
Dr Lonny James Ericksonorganizationlonny_erickson@yahoo.commtg with Tiberius @ 3485 St Laurent. perhaps Fridayopen value health applications. Lonny 438 765 6301 or Erickson consulting, lonny james erickson on linked in. ciao
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's productsTibi knows him, sent him a message.
Dr.Sathiskumar Jothiindividual collaborationMore detail information about my research and profile could be found in the below link
Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product , Manufacturing, Communication and MarketingTibi send email
Draftindividualdraftwhole@gmail.comPossible collaborationHi !
Lynn Foster told me to contact you so I do so ! I speak french but as your website is in english, I will write in English here.
I met Lynn and Bob in the Open App Ecosystem loomio's group. Project I'm working on for 4 months now very actively. I always tried to connect people to one another to make them work together instead of fighting each other and optimise their way of working together.
The project I'm currently working on is a sort of platform which will enable anyone to create his own platform thanks to already existing open source applications. The goal of this "platform" is to make the information circulates (what are people in my organization working on, what do they need, what decisions are being taken, ...).
I'd like to meet you to learn about your organisational structure and see if we could work together (if you have needs in term of web application for example we could see what we can do).
What do you say ?
Help with administration and logisticsTibi contacted him.
Drew Sowersbyorganizationds1088@txstate.eduPossible collaborationHas Sensorica considered bringing on bioengineers and molecular biologists for collaborations. I have a couple in my network that may be interested.Other...Tibi contacted hum
Drew Sowersbyindividualds1088@gmail.comGeneral inquiry about our products and servicesGovernance in the decentralized world is being evolved right is hard...I want to see if I can help.

Also, there is potential for future collaborations depending on the full nature of what is being offered by this group
Not in MontrealM.S. Biochemistry - Molecular Biologist
with over 15 years laboratory experience
Crypto enthusiast looking to implement
Champion of human-centric TEAL organizations
Tibi contacted him
Edwin collaborationHi, I can contribute with my experience in electronics and programming. Now I am very interested in the software development and I could improve in this area while might help you in your projects.Exploring and developing new applications for SENSORICA's products, Expanding our product line , Adding a new feature to an existing product Tibi sent email.
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