Current Leadership Opportunities
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Program`AudienceLevelRegistration CostICFL LSTA CE Grant-Eligible*Outcomes/SkillsFormatDescriptionNotes
Go Lead Idaho$VariesIn-personPromote various training and workshop opportunities, promote leadership opportunities; spring leadership training series
College of Southern Idaho (SCI) Small Busienss Development Center (SBDC) Idaho$VariesIn-person2 hour Workshops; resource links
ILA Spring Conference levelsVaries$In-person
LLAMA Webinars$ - $$yesVariesOnlineOnline webinars on a large range of topics that can be done anywhere with a good internet connection; If you register and cannot attend, you will automatically receive a link to the recorded version for later viewing. LLAMA member: $49; Non-LLAMA member $59; LLAMA group rate (5 or more people at one site) $199; Non-LLAMA group rate (5 or more people at one site) $239
College of Western Idaho (CWI) Leadership Courses and supervisorsBasic$$yesleadership, team buildingOnlineOnline 6 week Courses
Idaho NonProfit Center, supervisors, directors, advocates, trusteesBasic to Intermediate$$Advocacy & Public Policy, Board Development & Governance, Collaboration & Strategic Alliances, Ethics, Evaluation & Outcomes Measurement, Finance & Administration, Fundraising & Income Generation + grant Opportunities, Human Resource Management, Legal & Risk Management Issues, Libraries & Periodicals, Marketing, Public Relations & Media, Organizational Assessment & Development, Strategic Planning & Business Planning, Technology, Volunteer ManagementBlendedconferences, regional forums, webinars, online articles, tools, tips, best practices
LJ Lead the Change library staff members and stakeholders – directors, managers and supervisors; trustees; and staff at every level across all departments in public, academic and school (K-12) institutionsBasic$$yesBlendedan interactive one-day workshop in various locations throughout the USA; resources available online
ILA Annual Conference levelsVaries$$yesIn-person
LLAMA Mentorship Program
ALA and LLAMA membersBasic to Intermediate$$$yesexplore your leadership potential; demonstrate leadership in your current position; acquire the skills, attitudes and relationships that you will need to move into leadership rolesBlendedApply by mid-February for a 10-month term beginning at the ALA annual conference. You must attend an orientation meeting at ALA to meet your mentor in person or be able to participate in a virtual orientation at a time to be determined; pairs librarians who are currently in leadership positions with librarians who are interested in becoming leaders. The program runs from the ALA Annual Convention in June - April 30 of the following year.
ALA Emerging Leader Program library professional of any age with fewer than 5 years of experience working at a professional or paraprofessional level in a libraryBasic$$$yesproblem-solving, group work, network with peers, inside look into ALA structure, opportunity to serve the profession in a leadership capacityBlendedThe EL program kicks off with a day-long session during the ALA Midwinter Meeting. Afterward, it grows and develops in an online learning and networking environment for six months. The program culminates with a poster session presentation to display the results of the project planning work ; of each group at the ALA Annual Conference. Must able to attend both ALA conferences and commit to serve on an ALA, Division, Chapter, or Round Table committee, task force or workgroup, or your state or local library organization upon completion of program. May include financial support from a sponsor of at least $1,000 ($500 per conference) for each Emerging Leader
International City/County Management Assoc (ICMA) and supervisorsBasic$$$
As a result of participating in the PLA Leadership Academy, applicants will:
In-personEffective Supervisory Skills: text book, guide and course
ISU Leadership Studies$$$yesBlendedthree 3-credit courses
Leadership Pocatello, Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce$$$$Learn about local business, government, industry; civic engagementIn-person25 to 30 participants, 2- year program; year 1: one full day class each month to learn about the community, the class puts on an event each year called Leadership Presents, complete a community volunteer project; year 2: getting involved in the community as "Diplomats", get points toward graduation for attending events and participating in Chamber involved in committees
PNLA Leads
Library Staff, Pacific NorthwestVaries$$$$yesTo date, over 160 individuals have gone back to their libraries, library systems, and communities equipped with leadership and management skills to help guide their libraries in this time of tremendous and constant change. If you are an emerging leader serving in any capacity in a library in the Pacific Northwest and have a desire to network with other leaders and increase your skills, this Institute is for you.In-person
PLNA LEADS Institute least five years work in any library setting; PNLA member or member of state affiliateBasic$$$$yesDevelop self knowledge; positioning yourself for leadership; identifying critical issues; visioning; conflict management; change management, organizational politics; empowering employeesIn-personLast Institute was October 2013. No information is posted about future Institutes. Registration includes: lodging, meals, institute materials and activities. Attendees pay own transportation costs.
Leadership Nampa, Nampa Chamber of Commerce areaBasic$$$$Develop personal leadership profile, learn about community, topics include Economic Development, Agri-Business, Education, City Government; working with others on a community service projectIn-personin-depth exposure to a variety of issues that impact the citizens of our community; Interact with community leaders, hands-on
Norwich University"aspiring and rising leaders"Intermediate$$$$Leadership fundamentals; leadership style; leading change, communication, organizational behavior, developing an learning organizationOnline18 mon program, 36 credits; 6 six-credit courses; culminates in a required one-week residency in Norwich VT
PLA Boot Camp public library staff involved in the creation and implementation of the library’s strategic plan and service delivery, including, but not exclusive to: directors, managers, supervisors, department heads, and program coordinators.Intermediate$$$$yesLearn to create a library environment that supports risk and innovation, Understand and respond to ongoing changes in the external environment, Develop goals and objectives that reflect local service priorities, Identify and select effective activities that respond to service priorities, Identify current staff workload and skills and determine the requirements to accomplish your selected activities, Allocate collection, technology, and facilities resources to support library activitiesOnline4 half-day workshops
Lewis and Clark College - Educational Leadership interested in Educational AdministrationIntermediate$$$$yes
Understand the nature of effective leadership in public libraries and the context in which that leadership will be needed in the coming years;
In-personAdministrator license courses, 18 semester hours; at your own pace with part-time classes (evening, weekend, and summer classes); approximately 2 years; in-person classes on campus and at off-site locations
University of Idaho (UI) Adult and Organizational Learning and Leadership Graduate Program and supervisorsBasic to Advanced$$$$yes
Build personal leadership awareness and effectiveness;
BlendedProfessional Certificate, Masters or Doctorate; in person and online
BSU Shared Leadership Program, team leaders, team members, and individuals wanting to enhance their project management skillsBasic$$$$yes
Understand the opportunities for and challenges of civic engagement, including skills for effective community partnerships;
In-personIn-Person Courses at Boise State Meridian Center
Leadership Boise, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce AreaBasic$$$$$Enhance and develop knowledge and understanding of our community, Motivate and encourage participants to assume leadership roles in the community, Provide an opportunity for participants to meet and exchange ideas with each other and with current community leadersIn-personup to 54 participants, 2-year program, must be willing to commit one day of each month to the program: attending required sessions the first year and planning Leadership Boise and Leadership Boise Academy sessions in year two. The second year of the program is the most time-intensive due to planning meetings for upcoming sessions.
ARL Leadership and Career Development Program (LCDP) Career librarians in traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic minotiry groups; limited to ARL members?Advanced$$$$$yesInfluencing public policies; Reshaping scholarly communication; Transforming research libraries, including the roles of staff, and shifting collections and servicesBlended18-month program to prepare mid-career librarians to take on increasingly demanding leadership roles in ARL libraries; includes: three institutes; a career-coaching relationship with an ARL library director or senior staff member; training on identifying, developing, and conducting a research project during the fellowship; online discussions and webinars related to the ARL strategic directions; and a closing event and poster session held during American Library Association annual meeting
ARL Leadership Fellows Program to ARL member libraries?Basic$$$$$yesexecutive leadership program designed and sponsored by ARL member libraries that offers an opportunity for development of future senior-level leaders in large research libraries and archives; Goal: ARL Succession PlanningBlendeddevelopment of future senior-level leaders in large research libraries and archives; engage the major challenges and pressures currently facing research libraries, better understand the dynamics and politics of campus life, create a network of colleagues, explore the use of innovative and entrepreneurial techniques, develop a clearer understanding of what it takes to be a successful research library director
ALA Leadership Institute least 5 years of post-MLS library work experienceFor those "ready to assume a higher administrative or managerial role"$$$$$ yesLeading in turbulent times; Interpersonal competence; Power and influence; The art of convening groups; Creating a culture of inclusion, innovation, and transformationIn-person4-day institute led by ALA president in mid-August. Watch for the 2015 application deadline. Cost includes travel and lodging.
ACRL/Harvard Advanced Leadersip Institute for Senior Academic Libraries and university librarians with leadership and/or management responsibilities; Library deans and directors, those in positions like associate dean, associate university librarian or assistant library dean; Other campus administrators with responsibilities that routinely affect important library-related functionsAdvanced$$$$$; $3,100 plus lodging & airfareyesHow well positioned is your organization to meet current and future challenges? How effective is your own leadership?In-personIntensive 5 day institute; requires advanced preparation in the form of reading and a case study; includes daily readings and homework in the evenings
Ron Price & Associates - Resources and supervisorsBasicFreeLeadership, Team Building, Brand Strategy, Strategic Planning, Succession PlanningOnlineBlog posts, video clips, articles
Toastmasters Resources who give public or persuasive presentationsBasicFreePublic speaking; Leadership essentials: developing a clear mission, demonstrate values in sync with mission and team’s goals, planning and goal-setting, delegating authority, team building, giving constructive timely feedback, coaching, motivating people, encourage participation, facilitate communication and provide an environment where team success is more likely, resolving conflictOnline
Articles, videos, podcasts, magazine
University of Idaho Leadership Academy of Idaho employees with a minimum of 3 years of serviceBasicFreeLearn about multiple approaches to leadership in higher education, Recognize the need for leadership in various university activities, Identify a personal leadership style or leadership philosophy, Examine the political dynamics of higher education institutions and the critical role of strategic planningIn-person2 Intensive one-day retreat and meetings once per month in spring and fall; meetings can be attended virtually
WebJunction - Training and Resources courses and WebinarsSee Competency Index for the Library Field 2014
Chronicle of Higher Education: On Leadership video series
FreeSeries explores various aspects of campus leadership with top executives and other movers and shakers across academe.OnlineSelf-Paced videos
EdX levelsFreeMOOCs on all topicsOnline
ICFL Board TrainingLibrary board membersBasicFreeBlended
ICFL Webinars levelsVariesFreeOnline
Dale Carnegie courses & training, guidebooks; Knowledge center w/ videos & podcasts; white papers & articles
Harwood Institute
managers and supervisorsAdvancedVariesyes
Form a long term, sustainable mentoring network with colleagues and other experienced leaders; and
Blendedbooks and essays, free half-hour seminars, intensive 3-day "lab"
Boise Young Professionals
Know how to apply the above in the context of their particular library and community.
PLA Leadership Academy
This career-changing event for public librarians is designed to empower participants with the knowledge necessary to be innovative and successful leaders of change.
As a result of participating in the PLA Leadership Academy, applicants will:
Understand the nature of effective leadership in public libraries and the context in which that leadership will be needed in the coming years;
Build personal leadership awareness and effectiveness;
Understand the opportunities for and challenges of civic engagement, including skills for effective community partnerships;
Form a long term, sustainable mentoring network with colleagues and other experienced leaders; and
Know how to apply the above in the context of their particular library and community.
In-personthree and a half days
Professional Leadership and Networking (PLaNT) Twin Falls Falls, Magic Valley area.Increase your business profile, Improve your public speaking skills, Learn new approaches to selling, Keep up-to-date with local business conditions, Find individuals to “bounce ideas off”, Become comfortable with networkingIn-personmeet once a week to network, share leads and learn new business practices
LiLead Fellows Program
school district library supervisors
The Lilead Fellows Program is an advanced and intensive professional development program designed to empower, enable, and equip school district library supervisors to think differently and creatively about their library programs and to be effective and inspirational leaders for change in their districts.
Our Lady of the Lake University Online: Modern Team Building Activities for the Workplace people considering an advanced degreeAdvanced
Cost Scale Key:
$ = Under $100
$$ = $100 - $200
$$$ = $201 - $500
$$$$ = $501 - $1,000
$$$$$ = Above $1,000
This is for registration only- this cost does not include the travel/lodging costs that may incur.
*Some restrictions may apply to ICfL CE LSTA Grants.